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Full text of "Churchwardens' Accounts of St. Mary the Great, Cambridge, from 1504 to 1635"

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FBOH 1504 TO 1635 







Cambrfbgt : 



MUCH of the early history of Cambridge has centred in 
the church and parish of Great St Mary. The church- 
wardens' book, which is here printed and is the earliest now in 
the keeping of the parish authorities, is therefore a document 
of great importance to students of local histoiy. The Council 
of the Antiquarian Society agreed to publish it if transcribed, 
and after a very long interval it now appears. 

Copious extracts were printed by the late Mr Sandars and 
Canon Venables in their " Historical and Architectural Notes 
on the Church," published by the Society in 1869, and the MS. 
was largely used by the late Mr Charles Henry Cooper in his 
invaluable " Annals of the Borough," but the book touches on 
so many subjects of interest that the full transcript will justify 
its appearance. 

It may be stated here that this is the first of a series of 
parish account books which extend to the present time. The 
Vicar and parishioners take much interest in these and other 
documents in the church chest and preserve them with all 
care. The thanks of the Society and transcriber are due to 
them for allowing the volume to be removed for the purpose of 
transcription, and for the facilities they have given for reference 
to it many times in the course of the work. 

Professor Skeat and the Rev. Edmund Gough de Salis Wood 
have been good enough to give their help in the glossary, and 
Mr William Henry St John Hope, Assistant Secretary to the 
Society of Antiquaries, has also put his stores of knowledge on 
such subjects at the disposal of the editor. The Rev. Henry 
Paine Stokes, LL.D., Vicar of St Paul's, Cambridge, kindly 
solved the last difficulty in the glossary by furnishing the 



explanation of the position of the Shraggerey in Cambridge in 
time to include it in the index. 

The correctness of the copy is vouched for by the fact that 
it has been compared with the original by llr Alfred Rogers, 
of the University Library, both in MS. and in proof, a pre- 
caution the more necessary as the accounts of each year are 
mostly in different hands and were entered evidently by the 
churchwardens themselves, whose writing was of all qualities, 
but generally bad. The staff of the University Press have 
also shewn themselves as capable as ever of dealing with the 
difficulties caused possibly by similar qualities in the hand- 
writing of the editor. 

Members of bis household have also encouraged the editor 
in a long task by transcribing important portions of the MS. 
themselves, and to them and their memories he offers his 
tribute of gratitude. 

The editor hopes to issue subsequently some notes on the 
book, but is anxious not to delay the appearance of a work 
which may be useful to students in so many different directions, 
and these will appear therefore as a separate tractate. 



Ebrata viii 

Tbanscbift 2 — 476 

Globsart 476 — 484 

Index 485 — 5d8 



18 line 10 visitanmt should be viidiaverat. 

15 „ 2 delete the braokets. 

16 „ 28 IhesuB should be Ihos. 

20 „ 3 Mondeyn should be Moudeyn. 

29 ,, 10 Consent should be Consent. 

49 ti 1^7 xiiij should be zxiiij. 

62 ,, 15 selyng should be seryng. 

77 , , 4 and 6 Jemeus should be Jemens. 

150 ,, 23 4<i should be 4>. 

217 ,, 6 Goodman should be Qoodwtn. 

243 ,, 30 vancolier should be vaucolier. 

245 ,, 8 yancoUier should be vauoollier. 

282 ,, 10 Deitt earmentes should be one word. 

290 „ 9 pam should be Foley. 

363 „ 32 Home should be Home. 

367 „ 14 Copper should be Coppen. 

380 „ 12 Milton should be Mitton. 

387 „ 4 Mytten should be Mytton. 

439 „ 1 1631—2 should be 1630—1. 

440 „ 1 same correction. 
444 ,, 31 Ball should be HaU. 

523 ooL 2, line 6 strike out first comma. 

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C. A. 8, Octavo Series, No, XXXV. 

* • • • • ■ 

The book commencea with 12 preliminary pages blank except the last 
on which ajre some remarks in a much later hand as to the date of the 
first entry. 

1 a] these vndar is appoynted to Res[ur]vey the parish Land : wAtch 
Mr sedgwick^ is to have in lease : 

Mr Cranne Mr Peapes 

Mr woolf Mr Adane 

Mr Preist Mr Dodson. 

1 b] Memorandum that yt ys agreed by a general! cottsent that euery 
one that shalbe at the visitactbn Supper shall paye vj^ a peace viz euery- 
man & his wife xij^ & the reste of the Charges, yf yt shall amont vnto 
more to be borne of the Churche stock. 

william ward [Entry in a later hand] 

Thomas Grimeston The above was written about the 

John Poley. year 1699 or 1600, Dr Ward 

Dr Qrimeston & Mr Poley may 
be seen to have been in office 
abottt that time. They were 
Members of the University but 
Parishioners and residents in the 

1 Mr Joshua Sedgwick pays his first half year's rent to the parish in 1633, 
his tenancy having began apparently at Michaelmas 1632. 

2 a] The Jewels goodes & Catell6« appertejnyng to Sejnt Mary 
Chirche next to the Merket of Cambrigge Remaynyng in the kepyng of 

Chirche wardeyns of the said Chirche to 
them delyuered the z day of aprill the x\j**^ jere of the Reigne of kyng 
harry the vij*** as articulerly flFoloweth. 

Altars sanoti Andree 

in cuatodia W plum.^ 

Tni>rimis a Chaleys witA the patent parcel! gilte pondr* xij vnc' be- 
longyng to seint Andrewes Aut^ in custocUa Johannis Stronge. 

Item a Missale prynted of the Gifte of John Buttiler alias Barbour in 
Cuatodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a vestament with the Stole & phanoun albe & Amice of Dor- 
nykkes of the gifte of Thomas pomell in custodia Wille^mi pliimme. 

Item a vestament of Cloth of Baudekyn the grounde whighte wttA 
Stole & phanoun & Amice & albe in cuaiodta Johannis Stronga 

Item a vestamenent of grene Bawdekyn with all thapparell vt supra 
in caaiodia dicti Johannis Stronge. 

Item a Corporas wi'tA a Case of Blakke Worsted in cus^oc^ui dtcti 
Johannis Stronge. 

Item a vestament of Sateyn of Brigges with all thapparell vt supra in 
cuatodia W. plumm.^ 

r ea auyd the pn'missyB p(y m e 
Bob^H w m Halomo pWnoipalo w 
Ko s pitii oanori Pauli xvj"fl die 
Apr t lio An n o dooimo nono Hon - 
rioi Bcptimi. 

[Fo. 2 b blank.] 

^ This name oomes up to the extreme edge of the paper and may have been 


4 1504 

3 a] Altars aancti laurencij. 

Inpnmis a vestament of white sateyn witA all thappareU of the gifte 
of John Botiler alias Beahour, 

Item a vestament of violett sateyn of brigges with all thapparelL 

It^m a vestament of Cloth of bawdekyn the grounde white witA 

Item two auter Clothej of lynnyn Clothe of the gifte of Richard 

Item a vestament of Ray veluet with thapparell. 

Item a vestament of blakke worsted with Crownes of golde in the 

Item a Messe booke. 

Item a chaleyse with ij daysys in y« fotte pond' xiij unc'. 

Item an aut^ Clothe of lynnyn steyned Rede with a ffironnte of the 
same werke. 

Item an hangyng of an autar of the Martirdome of seint Stephyn 
& seint lawrence steyned of the gift of Maist^ Hefiewell (sic). 

Resseywyd the seyd premissis be me John Manfeld clerke the x** day 
of Aprell the xix ^eere of kyng harry the vij. 

[Fo. 3 b blank.] 

4 a] Altare heate Marie Virginis. 

Inpnmis a vestament of blew sarsenet with a Crosse of Rede wit^oute 
stole & phanoun wttA albe in cxmtodia Rober^i Coope Johanni« Nele. 

Item a vestament of white Bustian olde with all thapparell vt infra in 
cxistodia dicti John Nele. 

Item a vestament of Blewe Worsted witA a Crosse of Rede witA all 
thapparell vt supra in Cxiatodia dicri Johannis. 

Item a vestament of white Chamelet wttA all thapparell of the gifte of 
Thomas Jakenet in cus^oc^ia Roberti Coope Johannis Nele and an iwite r 
Clothe with a ffpyngo of the oaid white Chamlct in Cuotorfw magiotri 
HofFowoll (oio) RoboHi Coope. 

It^m a blewe sarcenet ffronnte wttA a firynge in cxiatodia Johannis 

Item a Chaleyse with a patent parcel gilte in cjiaiodia Roborti Coop e 
Johannis Nolo pond' xiij unc'. . 

Item a Cote of Tawney Damaske purfulled wttA ffelewet appcrteynyng 
to our lady in Custodia Nele. 

Item a Reed Sateyn Coote in custodia [Magistri hesseweU] Roberti 
Coope with two payer of hedes of blakke geat apperteynyng to her sonne in 
cuaiodia Nele. 

1504 5 

Item two aut^r clothes of lynn3m Clothe of the gifte of Richard 
hUderstoD in cnatodia Nele. 

Item a Coote of Rede sateyn purfilled with Qrene Damaske in cuatoduts 
Magiatri hoonowoU Johannis Nele. 

Item a Coote for her sonn of the same sateyn purfilled with blakke 
veluet with spangillef of Qolde in custodia [magtctn hessewell] Johannis 

Item a ffit>nutelett of Cipris Gamisshed with Riband in cuatodia Nele. 

Item a fironnte for the aut«r of white Chamelett lyned with bokeram 
in cuatodia Robert! Coope hooogwrf/i 

Item a Masse booke and a Ohaloyo prynted in cvaiodia Rob^i Coope. 

[Fo. 4 b blank.] 

in Cvuatodia Johannis Thirleby 
modb in custodia Johannis 

5 a] Altars sancte Trinitatis. 

Inprimis a vestament of Rede sateyn wtt^ a Qrene Crosse wt'tA all 
tbapparell of the gifte of Thomas Jakenett. 

It«fn a vestament of white ffiistian with a Crosse of Rede worsted with 
all tbapparell. 

Item an olde vestament of borde alisaundre with all tbapparell with a 
Corporas & a Case of Silke with Cressaunte^. 


Bona in cuatodia Roberti Coope nuper in cuatodia Waltm [5 b 
hattlyf vt infra patet deliberata post mortem eiusdem Waltm vt ai&quitur. 

Inpnmis a vestament of Ray veluet 1 p , , 

Item a nother vestament of Ray veluet/ 

Item a vestament of Rede in cus^oe^ia Johannis Maufeld Clerici branchyd 
wttA grene & rosys of gold. 

Item a vestament of white 

Item a nother vestament of white 

Item a vestament of blake worsted branchyd with gold 

It^m a vestament of blew worsted 

Item a nother vestament of white damaske wttA a crosse of red felvett. 

Item a Crysmatorie siluer parcell gilte in cuatodia Johannis Manfeld 

It«9n a Boke called a Manuell in cuatodia Johannis Manfeld Clmci. 

Item a Chales & a Masse booke pertin' altart beate Marie in cuatodia 
Rob^rti Coope. 

Item a Chales & a Masse boke pertin' alt' Altan' the Maseboke is in 
the chirche & the Chaleis is in the Kepyng of RobM Coope. 

Coope ha6et. 


Item an arow for seint Edmund 

Item a Crose Staffe for seint Nicholas in CuRtodia 
mAffistri asshewell 

Item a Crowne of laton for seint Kat^yn 
Item a seint Kat^rjn whele 

in cuBtodta 

Item ij Mases for seint Edmund \. Johannis 

Item vj yemes perteynyng to the shryvyng stole fori Nele. 

Item a pece of waynescoote p^rteynyng to the Canape 
for seint Nicholas with Teyntour hook6« 

Item iij smale Crowns for seint Kat^yn ; 

6 a] Alta Altar' 

in Custodia Waltm hattley. 

Inpnmis a sewte of vestamentes of Clothe of Tissue of the gifte of 
Thomas Jakenet in the kepyng of Maistre} asshewell moc^o in cuatodia 
Uoberti Coope. 

Item a sewte of vestamentes of white Damaske in cuatodia Rob^i 
Coope [Rtigoms Chapman]. 

Item a Coope of white damaske vfith a Orpherey of Rede veluet of the 
gifte of John Erliche thelder in custoc^ta [Htigonis Chapman] ^Roberti 

Item a Coope of Rede baudekyn witA dekyn & Subdekyn of the same 
in cuBtodia Johannis Helgay sen'. 

Item twoo Coops of blew Chamelett of the gift of John hessewell 
in cuBtodia Magistrt asshewell. 

Item twoo leyctot^m Clothe^ of the same Chamelet of ^ said gifte in 
cuatodia Magistn asshewell in cus^o^ia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a Coope of blakke worsted vrith sterrej wttA a Chisible Deakyn & 
Subdeakyn of the same in cuatodia Kenrici Kale. 

Item a blake Coope witA floweret of golde of blake worsted & a vesta- 
ment of the same in Ecclexia. 

Item a vestament of Ray veluet with a grene Crosse of Sateyn in 

Item a vestament of Ray veluet with a Crosse of Rede & Rosej of 
golde in Ecclesia. 

Item an olde Coope of Ray veluet in Ecclena. 

Item an olde vestament of Rede for Jhesus Messe in Eccle^ia. 

Item a vestament of grene Damaske witA a Crosse of Rede of the gifte 
of John Buttiler sAias Barbour in Ecclexia. 

Item a hangyng of an auter wttA a fironnte of blewe veluet wttA 
fflowers of golde of the gift of Thomas Jakenett in cuatodia magistri 
Johannis Stronge asshewell. 

1504 7 

Item a pawle of blew silke with byrd^s & braunchis in cvatodta Mixgistrt 

Item two olde pawles of grene siVkes with hjrdes wrought in the same 
in custodUa hugonis Chaptnan mado in cusiodia Johann\a Stronge. 

Item a pawle of blake veluet wttA a Crosae of Rede velvet of the gifte 
of Thomas Pomell in ouatodia Joha^mis Thirleby modo in Cuatodta Roberti 

6 b] Plus de Alia Altan 

in Cvuatodia Waltari Hattley. 

Item two Curteyns of blew Sercenet in cuBtodia ^agittri asshewell in 
CQStodia Robtfrti Coope. 

Item an olde Clothe of blewe Tartot«me witA flowers* peynted vpon the 
same in cxiBtodia VLagutri hessewell. 

Item v pelowes wherof oon of Tissue another of Rede clothe of golde & 
two other olde of Rede silke & oon of Rede Clothe of Bawdekyn [iiij®' 
in cus^oc^ia ^ugonU Chapman et v**^ in cwstodia Nele] in c\jiatodia 
Johannis Strong. 

Item fower Corporac^ wttA iiij Case} wherof oon of Rede Clothe of 
golde & another of Nedillwerke wi'tA tharmys of the passion a nothfr wttA 
a lybardef hede of golde & the iiij^ of blew silke wttA byrde* & braunchis 
[in coatodia Htiganie Chapman] in cuatodta Johannis Stronge. 

Item vj olde albs for Children with parures of blew Chamelett in 

Item a Clothe of white steyned with armis of the passion with a ffit>nnte 
& two Ciurteyns perteynyng to the same lAagistri Helgey. 

Item a vayle for lenton of white Clothe in cuatodia WiUelmi plumme 
modo in Ecclena. 

Item an olde Cotidian hangyng for the alter steyned with two Curteyns 

6 a ffix>nnte of the same in Eocletia. 

Item an olde Clothe of silke to her in the Crysmatorye to the ffownte. 

Item another Clothe of Syndale for the Crismatorye of the gifte of 
Maiatre} hessewell in cvtatodia Moffietri asshewelL 

Item Y olde Alter Clothe} with an altar Clothe of Dyap^ of the gifte of 
Maistj'^ hesshewell in Ecclen'a. 

Item two alter Clothe} of lynnyn Cloth of the gift of Richard hilderston 
in Eocl«»ia. 

Item viij auter Clothe} of the saide gifte in cuatodia WilleZmi Plumme. 

7 a] in cus^ia Walteri hattley. 

Item twoo olde TowellM of Diaper for hoselyng in eccle«ia. 

Item three olde Towelled for the aut^ ende of lynnyn Clothe in 

Item a Towell for hoselyng of lynnyn Clothe wrought with blakke silke 
in thendef of the gifte of Rob^ Stele & his wif in ecclMia. 

8 1504 

Item a £&onnie steyned with the Besurrexcion in the Midde« of lynnyn 

Item twoo Ourtyns of the same with angelles steyned vpon them. 

Item a Clothe of Tappestry werk for Chirchyng of wife* lyned with 
Canuas in EccWa. 

Item a pair of Crewettes of peauter in Eccla«ia. 

Item two new surplice of the gifte of Mai8tr«3 Gkxlfrey. 

Item a surplice made by Maist^r Pikerell whan he was\ 
Chirche wardeyn 

Item a Surplice made by John Erliche whan he was )■ in Ecclena. 
Chirche wardeyn 

Item two Surplices of the gifte of Mai'g^ry Reymond 

Item an olde surplice & a Smoke surplioe of the gifte of Maistr<!3 

Item Resceyued by thande« of M' Chapman the xzij day of ffebruarii 
the xxj yer of the reigne of kyng Harry the vij"» of the Gifte of Maistcres 
agues asshewell as foloweth 

Inpn'mis a sute of vestamentes of blakke veluet wttA whight Rosej 
thenipon in cuBtodia JohaTinis Stronge. 

Item a Chaleise pondr' xvj vnces to be vsed at seint lawrence Miter in 
ciiBtoiia Johannis Stronge. 

Item I angus (sic) dei of syluer & gilte with a lasse in cxmtodia Roberti 

Item a Coler of Copir Golde with Countcrfet perle of the gifte of 
Thomas Jakenett for our lady in cus^oc^ia Roberti Coope. 

Item a Corporas Case of blue Tyssue in cuatodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a paxbrede of siluer & gifte (sic) of the gifte of Mistres asshewell 
pondr' vnces in cimtodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item two Cruette« of siluer & gilte of the said gifte in custodia dicti 
Johannis Stronge. 

7 b] herafter foloweth the booke« in cuatodia Waltm Hattley. 

Inpnmis two olde Mi8sale3 of vylem with Coote« 
Item a great olde Missale witA Grayl^ noted in the same 
Item two olde grayl«3 cou^red with Cotes 
Item two smale olde greylej 
Item a pistill booke 

Item twoo great antiphaners bownden witA bolyon} 
Item a new antiphoner breuiate of the gifte of Maist«re3 

Item three olde smale antiphoner« 

Item V preoession^is olde 

Item two Emanuellet 

Item a Psalter olde wttA venites atte ende 

Item an olde Phalter with Dirigies in thende 

Item an olde legent deuided in two parties. j 


1504 9 

8 a] The Jewell64 in cu&todia waltm hattlej. 

Inprtmis a Crosse of silu^ & gilte wttA Mary & John in cxxatodia 
Thirleby modo in cuatodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a staffe of Copir & gilte to the same in custodia [Magtstri 
asshewell] Johan^zis Stronge. 

Item a Crosse Clothe to the said Crosse of Rede silke vfith thassump- 
ctbn steyned in cu&todia [Moffistri asshewell] Johannis Stronge. 

Item an olde Crosse of Copir with a staffe of Copir to the same & a 
Crosse Clothe of grene silke in Ecclena. 

Item a Crysmatorie of silu^ paroell gilte in Eccl^na. 

Item a Chaleise double gilte w«tA a Crucifix ypon the ffoot & a spone 
of 8ilu«r & gilte to the said Chaleise in cnstodia wilWmi plume modo 
in cQBtodia Roberti Coope. 

Item an olde Chaleise parcell gilte broken in EccWia infra. 

Item a pix aliiour a Mounstre of siluer & gilte in custodia Johannis 
Thirleby modo in cuBtodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a pax enamelled siluer & gilte of the gifte of Maist^r hessewell in 
custodia Moffistri asshewell. 

Ite^n a pier of Cniette* of Siluer of the gift of the said M' hessewell in 
custodia Moffi^tri asshewell. 

Item a sonne of silu^r for the Sacrement in custodia Willdmi Plumme 
modo in custodia Roberti Coope. 

Item a pax of Silu^r paroell gilte in custodia Will^^mi Plume modo in 
custodia dtcd Coope. 

It«in a paier of Candelstikke^ of silu^ parcell gilte in custodia WilXelmi 
Plume in custodia modo dicti Roberti Coope. 

Item a payer of Senoers of silu«r paroell gilte in custodia Willdmi 
Plume modo in custodia dicti Robert! Coope. 

Item two shipps of silu^ parcell gilte with two spons of siluer to the 
same in custodia Wilielmi Plume modo in custodia Rob«rti Coope. 

Item a Relique Called a box of silu^ with the oyle of seint Nicholas 
in custodia Will^Zmi Plume in cus^oc^ia Rob^i Coope. 

Item another litill box of siluar with a bon of seint lawrence in custodia 
willdmi plume modo in Custodia Roberti Coope. 

Item an olde Crosse of Tymbir with silu^ plate vpon it in custodia 
willdmi plume modo in custodia Rob^i Coope. 

Item a lytill olde Crosse of Copir & gilte in custodia wilk/mi plume 
modo in cus^oc^ia Roberti Coope. 

Item two bede« of siluer & gilte with a lase of silkke witA two Knepps 
& Tassell^s of silke to the same in cus^oo^ia Johannis Thirleby modo in 
custodia Johannis Stronge. 

Item a pix of laton with a Clothe of Chaungeable Sarcenet in eccle«ia. 

It^nt a Clothe of olde silke for the said pix in eccl<»ia. 

10 1504 

8 b] Adhuc plus de Jocalibtu in custodia waltm hattley. 

Item two great stondarde^ of laton stondyng before the alter. 

It^m vj smale Candelstikket of laton in eoc^«ria. 

Item a payer of olde Sencers of laton with a shippe of laton. 

Item a ffier panne of yem in ecclena. 

Item a paler of organs in eccl«ria. 

Item twoo olde pax bred«« of Tymbir peynted in eockfia. 

It^m an olde basyn of laton enhamelled in eccl«ria. 

It^m a Crysmatori off tyn in the kepjmg of the chantre prest. 

9 a] Adhuc JocalibtM in Custodia Johannis Thirleby in iiij^ pixid' modo 

in caatodia Johcmnis Stronge. 

Inpnmis a shoo of siluer for the ymage of our lady wVtA v pece« of 
aWxxer & a peoe of a peny weying a lb & two vnc^ & j quarter in a box. 

Item twoo dedes a Relesse & an Obligacton consemyng the Tenement in 
the pety Cure geven to the Chaunt^ry by MaiBt6re3 Charles. 

Item an indentur cons6m3mg the almes hou8e3 in the Chirche yerd 
with a bill indented annexed to the same. 

Item A parcell of the Mounstre for to sett in the hoste with two 
Cristall stones set in siluer in a box wttA a Claspe of a booke of silu^r. 

Item xiiij dedef Chartouns & Muniment^s consemyng the lande< in 
Cambriggeffslde & Chestirton of the gifbe of Maistere3 Charles. 

Item an ymage of our lady & her son of Copir & gilte with a Cristall 

Item a Color of Qold for to hang abowght owre ladiis nekke off ix lynkes 
in the Coler of the delyu^ of doctor Jubbys the whych mast* potycary 
had recey vyd when the chapell of owre lady was takyn downe. 

Item an howche of syluer and gilte wit^ xj branches & iiij stones & 
V perlif delyu«red to M' Cheke. 

9 b] In Cista & Custodia Johamiis Nele. 

Inpn'mis a Couerlight of Tapstre werke. 
Item a Couerlight of Grene. 
Item twoo Towellw of Diap«r. 
Item X ffirontletu for auters single. 
Item an olde fkrUmr Clothe. 

Item thre lynnyn Clothe3 steyned with Crosse} for lente. 
Item a Clothe for the Roode lofbe steyned with Moyse}. 
Item an olde ffronnte of bustyan. 

Item a Cappe of blakke veluet with fyue perlettis for our ladyes sonn. 
Item a Curteyn of white with gilte Rosis steyned of lynnyn Clothe. 
Item vj lente Clothe} of lynnyn. 

Item j fironnte for seint laurenoe alt^ for lente steyned of lynnyn 

Item an hangyng for the said alter of the same. 



[? 2 leaves eat out here bat one aocordinR to tlie folios.] 

10 a] Bookes Bemaynyng in the kepyng of John Thirleby modo in Eoclena. 

Inprtmis a Masse booke olde longyng to Trinite alter. 
Item a nother Masse booke olde with certeyn Nounnente« of the 
Chirche wreten in thende. 

Item two olde portosis wreten in parchemyn. 
Item an olde primer belongyng to Trinite Ohapell with a Cheyne. 
Item a pruner belongyng to otac lady Chapell with a Cheyne. 
Item A Great Masse booke. 

[Fol. 10 b blank.] 

11a] Bona Jocalia pertinentia summo altart b^ote Marie Yirginis 

iuxto forum ville Canta6r^^. 

Imprtmis A Crosse of siluer with Mary & John '^ 
siluer witA a staffe copir & gilte witA the Crosse 

It«in a Mounstrattnce of silu<^ & gilte 

Item twoo Candellstikktftf of syluer 

Item two Sencers of syluer 

Item two paxbrede« of siluer & gylte & enamyled 

Item two Shipps & two spones of syluer 

Item twoo Cruette« of syluer 

Item two yj Chaleysej wttA twoo v patentee with 
a spone of syluer & gylt 

Item a sonne for the sacrement siluer & gilte 

Item a Cryssematory with a grene Ray silke 

Item a Reliquike of siluer wttA seint Nycolas oyle 

It^m a Crucifix with a botell of syluer 

Item the vice of the Mounstraunce of siluer 

Item twoo shoes of syluer for oiir lady 

Item iij Cristall stones set in siluer 

Item a pynne for a booke a Chape & a peoe for 
the pax all of syluer 

Item a sute of vestementes of Clothe of Tyssue 
with iij Coops of the same 

Item a sute of damaske with iiij Coopes of the 

Item a sute of blakke veluett with whighte Rosis 
with iij Coops to the same 

Item the hole hangyng of blew feluet 

Item V Corporase Case3 whereof ij of clothe of 
Tyssue two of Rede veluet & oon of blue veluet 

in custodia ixiagiatri 
Roberti hobbys hee 
parcell^ modo sunt 
in cvi^todia Ricanfi 
Clerke Gardiani 
dtcte Ecclerie sibi 
deliberat' secundo 
die Januarij an/io 
regni reffia Kenrid 
septimi xxiij^ 


1508 & 1511 

Item iij Corporaae Cloths in three of the said 

Item y pelowes whereof ij of Tyssue & ij lyoed 
wttA blake veluet & the v^ of Reede djaper 

Item twoo blew Curtjnes of Sercenet oon for 
seint Nicholas & thodir for seint Edmund 

Item ij westementtetf wttA all thjngM belongyng thereto, oon off Beede 
wellwett and a nodyyr off Blew Saten with a chalesse parcelly gylto off 
the gyfte of keteryn koke the chalesse ponderynge zix vnc', delyueryd by 
the handti off John Bury. 

It^n ij alt^ clothys of Robert Copys Gyfb. 


Jocalia "pertinentia beate Marie virgini. 

Inprunis a Color of golde witA ix lynkya 

Item a girdill of perle siluar & gilte sett wttA perle 

Item Agnus dei syluar and gilte wttA a peny 
siluer and gilte 

Item a Crowne siluer & gilte sett with zxiz 
perles thereyn 

Item a fiillet with Conterfett perle & stone 

It^m a Coote of Rede sateyn pt/rfilled with 
blakke velute with a bokel of siluer & a Coote for 
our lady son of Rede sateyn 

Item a lynnyn bagge seled with an Egle theryn 
certeyn thinge* belongyng to our lady 

Item a pawle of blakke veluet 

Item an auter Clothe of white Chamelet lyned 
with blakke bokeram 

Item two pawlys of grene with pecokke< 

Item two leyctoitm clothes of blewe chamelet 

Item two Coops of blew Chamelet 

Item a vestement of white Clamelet damaske 
WttA a Crosse of Rede veluet 

Item a sewte of vestemente« of blakke worsted 
of Requiem 

Item two obligacyons in the whych thomas Ciurle wylliam syndyrton & 
thomas fflyntt er Bound in. 


in cuBtodia m&gistri 
Androe Manfeld 

Memorandum quod 
omnia ista Jocalia 
deliberata fvLemnt 
Johanni Ray Gar- 
diano in preaentia 
hugouis Chapman 
Johannis Bury 

Andree Manfeld 
willelmi Nelson 
henriei hawlehed 
Alain welle« Johan- 
nia Marsshe Johan- 
nis Thirleby & alt- 
arum zxviij die 
Deoembris anno 
xxiij® h. vij. 

Bona Ecclene in Cuatodia Wille/mt plumme. 

Inpnmis a vestement of Domykke< | 
Item a vestement of sateyn of brygget > 
Item viij auter Clothes ) 

1511 13 

Bona Ecclefie in custodia Johannia Thirlely. 

all whiche is delyucred vnto william 
Elton & John Morsshe Chirche 
wardejns in the presence of Robert 
Smyth wax chandeler williom fflory 
& John Nele in the house of the 
said William Elton the xxiiij^ day of 
Septembre anno aecundo regni regis 
Henrtci octavi eodem die archidia- 
contM Eliensif visitauerit in Eccle«ia 
J Sancte TrimkUis Cantebr*. 

luprimis a vestement of Reede 

I tema vestement of white ffusteau 

Item a vestement of boorde alis- 

Item iij auter Clothes with Crosse^ 
of blakke nat halowed 

Item a Corporas witA a Case 

12 a] Bona dicto Ecclesie in CuBiodia Roberti Coope. 

Inprtmis \j Massebooktv oon of the gifte of John Barbour & thodir of ' 
the gifte of Maist^res Cooke 

Item a vestement of white Chamelet 

Item a great Masse booke 

Item a wreten Massebooke & a wreten portose 

Item [blank line here]. 

Bona dicte Eccleae in Cuatodia Johannis Stronge. 

Inprtmis iij boxes witA Evidence whereof thoon box oonsemeth the 
landev in Cambrigge and thodir box the allmes house) and the thirde boxe 
the Chaontery house in the pety Cure and theryn a silke lasse -with tasse} 
Rede wttA twoo bede« siluer & gilte belongyng to the pix. 

Item a Claspe for a booke syluer. 

Bona dicte Eccleae in Cuetodia Johannis Nele. 

Imprunis a peynted auter Clothed for the high auter. 

Item a Coueryng of Tappestry werke for the herst. 

Item a grene Couerlyght for the said herst. 

Item twoo Towelles of dyaper. 

Item twoo auter Clothes whereof oon for seint lawrence auter & thoodir 
for seint andrewes auter. 

Item a sewte of white vestemente* with oon aube & two amices. 

Item xi ffronntw for the auter& 

Item an avUer Clothe of blew tartot^m. 

Item a Coote of Tawny damaske for our lady. 

Item a Ooote for her son wttA xxii^ in money & vij new grote« & ij ob' 
& two broches of syluer & a kircher of sypres witA syluer crosses^ 

Item an olde blew Tartoum Clothe. 

Item a peynted auter Clothe witA seint laurence & seint Stephen. 

Item a nother auter Clothe ste3med witA seint andrewe. 

Item a nother auter Clothe steyned wttA our lady of piete. 

14 1511 & 1513 

Item a Crowne for seiat Edmund of laton. 
Item the ymage of Jhtvus for the Resurrecczon. 

Item a pajr off corall Bedys wttA xz^ gawdys syluer & gylte and a 
knope sett with gold & peyrll. 

12 b] Mem : y* I Morley haue receyuyd a challys of Wylyaw elton 
chyrche Wardon wttA a vymekyll in y« paten. 

Mem ! that I B i iekard Wcllemo fc p r t'ncipalle of pawlyo In hatho Foooyuyd 
a chales holle gylt e the day aft er ee int d eo nia e th e ij**" j er e of th e reyn e 

Mem: that I Richerd Wellemont pnncypalle of pawlys In Cambryg 
hathe resay wyd of andrcwe pomelle & Thomas Marschalle a Chales hoUe 
glytte bereynge In the foote ij Rosys wythe a lamb In y« patent the i)^ 
day of May the second jere of ye reynge of Kynge Henry the viij****. 

Mem: that I Thomas forstor principall of seint Mary Hostell in 
Cambrighe have Receyvyd of androwe pomell and Thomas marschall on 
Chalesse parcell gilte havyng in the paten a vaniakill & in the fotte be ij 
peche brokyn the iij day of may the secund jere of the reighne of Kyng 
herry the viij*. 

Memn — yfc on Thursday n e xt a ftyr crMt e nm esa o day andr e w pomel l 
acGoraptyde S or hy s offys of Chyrch ward e nchyp an w o honrioi Ootaui 4*^ 
a nd a compt e ol e r e ly m a id e h e owth cl e rely to th e pory s h in mon e y . 

In \wimw thro powndo aviij ' ob^ — It < im aij^ * yt ho owyr rokkynyd ffor 
the gold Smyth. 

Item xxj* iiij * ^ ffor money Gadyrd e in th e chy r ch . 

Item vij toone & ij ffootte of ffree Ston lentt by hym to M' larke pec' 
vij toon & ij ffoott & v ffoott & a halff off clypsham ston by Thomas 

Item V ffote & a halff off clypsham Ston. 

Md y* y« said thursday and 3ere Thomas Marshall Chyrch Warden 
with the said andrew pomell hath maide hys fiidl accomptte for hys resate 
and ther remane in hys hande* in money xxz^ii^" & vij<^ vncfc ho oayth 
romano in the hando g off androw pomell ae it appoiyth bo ffor aaj" iiij** 
vucie he sayth he hath paid to W. Burdon mason xx" & ideo respectuatt^r 
and to M' Chapmane iij* iiij*^ & ideo respectuatt^r exoneratur a summa 
predict per compott^m ultimo per eum foc^ttm. 

Jacalia pertinencia ecclene beate marie luxta forum in custodia andree 
pomell moc^o in cvistodia Richardi Lycflfeld yconomi eccle«ie predtcto & 
per euTidem Audream deliberat' pro anno dommi millenmo ccccc™<* 
xiii"^ moo^o in custodia alani Welles pro &nno domtni Mille«imo D xii^"^<^ 

13 a] et deliberata per Richardum lychfeld. 

In prtmis a crosse of siluer & gylt with mary & John siluer & gylt wi'tA 
a staffe of coper & gylt with the crosse cloth the Crosse pondr' 2 fyve score 
unc* xviij vnc' dim' vnc\ 

1513 15 

It^m a monster of silu^r & gylt (witA a vjoe of silu^ & gylt to set in 
the sacrament) pondr* Ixix vnc' dim' vnc' stars weztt. 

It^m vij chalysse. 

Item ij candillstykkjB of siluer parcel gilt quorum unum pond' iij** viij^™'" 
& dim' & alterum pond' iij*' vij unc'. 

Item ij Sensers of siluere quorum ynum pond' zliij vnc' & iij quarter & 
aAterum pond' xliiij vnc' & quart'. 

It«» ij Shyppjs of siluere with ij lytill sponjs of siluer & pond' xviij 
vnc' & dim'. 

Item ij Ewers of silu^ pond' x vnci!« & dim' et a quarter. 

Item ij paxis the on full gylt the other paroell gylt with a vyce of syluer 
and pond' xxx** vnc'. 

Item a crismatory of siluer with ij clothis on of rede sylke the other of 
grene sylke. 

Item a sonne of siluer for the sacrament pond' iij vnc* & a quarter. 

Item iz Corporase kassys vij with kerchys. 

-Item ij ohoyo of s ylu er bolongyng to o u r lady with Item oon oryota H 
stonys set in syluer poTid' iiij unc' and the assumpctbn of our lady in oopere. 

Item a litill box huoche theryn ij payer Corall bedes & an owche for 
seint Nicholas. 

Item a sypyrs kyrche belongyng to the crosc. 

Item a monstere of syluere with sant Nycholaus oyle with a oFUoy^x of 
eepef^ wtt^ a box of syluer with sant laurance bone wttA a crose of syluer 
pond' ij unc' & dim' & dim' qtiart'. 

Item a colore of golde with ix lynke« pond' a vnc' & dim' vnc' et dim' 

Item a crowne of syluer & gylt with xxix perlys pond' vj unc' quar^ & 
dim' quorf . 

Item a gyrdyll sett with perle with a bukkyll & pendant of syluer & 
gylt pond' ix vnc' & dim' unc'. 

Item an agntw dei syluer & gylt pond' a unce & a quarter. 

Item a crzecifyxe of cooper with a cristalL 

Item a fyllet with cowntyrfett perle & stone pond' ij vnc* & a quarter. 

Item a cote of Bed sateno purfyllyd wttA blak velvett' with a bokyll of 
siluer & [caret] a coyn of syluer and a cotte for hir sone of red satene 
wttA ij gold ryng ie with ij otonnya in thorn & on oaoh of siluer gilt with a 
lytcU peyoe of perle bcdee soldo for the rode lofte. 

Item A bagge selyde with dyuerys luelse pertenying to our lady pond' 
j quart' & dim' vnc'. 

Ifem ij bodyo of oyluer & gylto & a daspe of a boke of siluere de^ti^ered 
by Jhon Stronge. 

Item ij Broken pecu off syluer off a chalace fote & iij crtstallte stons 
sett in syluer pond' ij vnc* & dim'. 

Item oon obligactbne off xxiij" in the whych Thomas curie Willtam 
Syndyrton & thomcts fiflyntt er Bownden to the chyrch wardance off sent 

16 1517 to 1519 

marye chyrch afforsaide wher off andrew pomell hath resavyd v" & 
accomptyde vfiih the paryssh ffor the same & soo remanyt & nott paid xv^ 
ut pate/ in eisdem obligacM)nibtt« ct idem RichardtM lychfeid deliberauit 
predtctos duas obiigactbnes thome marshail secum gardiano modo in 
custodm aiani welle« sibi deiib<;rat' per thomam manhaXL 

lte7n a nother obligacyoii for Chyrche belfoimder of bery. 
13 b] Item a box wttA xvij Euydenfis concemyng cambrig feld. 

Item in the kepyng of the said aleyn a longe Ime in Eccle^ium & 
cerfceyn Nayles that were lefte of the Nayles of the Chirche doore now 
delyiiered to Robert Goodhaie. 

Mg th a t all thi ee Ju e llw & im - y Itefiidim'yerde of whight branch- 
plom e nto s in thi s lof s p e oifi e d ar e 

dolyuo f' od to John Thirloby in the 
pwoonoo of Mr John Krlych e m^ 
John B a y & oth e r the lij*'^ d a y o f 
Mayo the vi}^ yoro of tho roigno of 
the roigno of King Henry tho viij* ^ 

ed & ij pecM are delyuered to Richard 

y Item delyuey^d to the same xj 
bottonnis sylke smal and great on 
the feste of seynt Marke An^io xvij 
Jtegni Regis H. vi\j. 

W* that all thise Juelle« & implemented in this lef specified are delyuered 
to Robert Goodhaie Chirchewerden of the Chirche of seint Mary next the 
Market of Cambrigge the Sonday the viij day of June in the viijth yere of 
the Reigne of kyng henr' the viij^** & certeyn parcellij of the same pondered 
as appereth byfor in this lef ther and than present M' hugh Chapman 
M' John £rliche M' wilU'am Nelson M' John Ray M' John Clerk aleyn 
vreMis Robert Smyth wexchaundeler witA other moo. 

Item A chalesse wtt^ a paten pond' xi vnc' & dim' unc' & quart' "with a 
lambe in )9* paten & a Crucifixe in the fote of the chalysse. 

Item A chalesse with a paten pond' xv vnc' & dim' et ct^m tribtM 
kDoppys in pede & a ymage of ot^r ladye in the paten & Jhe«us on the 
other syde of the paten & a Crucifyxe in the foote of the chalysse. 

Item a Chalysse wit/i a paten pond' xxi vnc' & dim' wi'tA a vemacle in 
the paten & a scripture with calicem salutaris etc. & a ymage of cryste in 
the foote of the chalysse & Ihems in euery square. 

Item A broken Chalesse pond' xij vnc' & dim'. 

M™ y* Robert Goodhaie Chirchewarden hath dyliueryd all such Joelle« 
& implemented & wrytyngw in thys lefe specyfyed to Robert Smythe 
Chyrchwarden for y« yere to cumme y« xxiiij day of May y« ix**» yere of y* 
reynge of kyng henry y« viij"» in present of M' Hugh Chapman M' halhed 
M' Butte M' Gierke bedell M' Ray with other moo of y« parysshe. 

M™ that the xvi**> day of Maye in the Tenyth jer of the reigne of 
king henry the viij**» Robert Smyth wexchaundeler & William fflory haue 
delyuered vnto M' John Ray & M' John Clerk Chirchewardeyn for the 
yerre to Cume all suche Juelle« jmplcmentex & wrightynge« conteyned & 
specified in thise lef in the presence of M' Hugh Chapman M' henry 
hallehed M' W Butte M' William Nelson with other mo of the parisshe. 

1513 17 

14 a] Mem^ y^ on Sonday next aftyr the fTeste of sentt Michaell 
archangell anno henrici octaui quinto henry halhede & wyllyam Nelaon hath 
acoomptide with the parysch ffor the money gadyrd in the chyrch ffix>m 
the feste off Estyr laste paBte to the said sonday and there remanyd in 
ther hande« than iij" whych thei delyueryd and paid than to Richard 
lychfeld oon off the chyrch wardance In the piiesenoe off li' Heugh 
Chapman M' Ray M' Skalys witJi odyr moo and the said Richarde hath 
discharge hym hy hys Compte off the said iij^. 

Cantebr^ia. CompiUtis Ricarii lychefeld & Thome Marshall Qardi- 
anorum & bonorum Custodvm £ccl6«ie porochialis bdate Marie Virginia 
iuxta fforum ville Gantebr' de omnibtM & singulis RecepctbnibiM Reddi- 
iuum & firman^m ac aliorum proficuum proveniencium dtcto Ecclejie a 
festo annuRciaciontiB b^ate Marie virginis anno regni regis henrici Octaui 
quarto vaque idem festum annuTtciacionis beate Marie virginis anno regni 
regis henrici Ck^taui suprodic/i quinto vic^liit^ per vnum annum integrum 
facV et Reddif vicesimo septimo die Mensis Marcij anno quinto supra- 
dic^o coram parochianis d^s^e porochie. 

Receyt«8 of Richard lychefeld. 

ffirste the sayd Richard chargeth hymsilf with money by him 
resceyued of Robert smyth John Marshe & Edmxmd fSory 
by them collected & gadered vppon plough Monday ... xs 

Item Resceyued of andrewe pomell of money by hym collected Ixxviij** 

Item Resceyued of Mai8tre3 Nelson for a lytill stou ii\j** 

Item Resceyued of henry hawlehed for to pay for ston xij** 

Item Resceyued of the quarrey Man ij" 

Item Resceyued of M^^ hawlehed & M' Nelson of money by them 

gaciery u ••• ... ... ... •.« ... •., ••• ijx 

Item Resceyued of M' Scalys x* 

Item of [blank] ffoxton of hynton xij fudder lyme in partie 
of payment of an Obligacion made by Thomas Curie & 
other price of the sayd lyme xxx" 

14 b] Summa totalis liecepte vt pa^^ infra viij" xij" iiij^. 

Idem Ricardtw lychefeld Comput' petit allocan' 

ffyrste payed to Thomas Broun waterman for iij Mi Brykke« ... xvj" 

Item payed for wyne^ for the Sacrament ij^ 

Item payed for naylys for the Chirche doore ij<i 

Item payed to John Nele for his labour for trymyng of the same viij<^ 
Item payed to ij laborers for beryng of Tymbir from the veste- 
mentmakers and for makyng clene of the logge for the 

ffremasons iiij^ 

1 MS. lyne. 
CA.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 2 



t^m payed to John Nele for slekking of Ijme 

t^m payed to Dey of Barnewell for iiij lodes of sond 

tern payed to Richard wryght Glasyer for mendyng of the 

Chirche wyndowes that were broken 

t^m payed for a Baskett to putte in the broken glasse 

t^n payed to John Reysebek smyth for a stone sawe 

tern payed to John Nele for makyng c[l]ene of the guylde balle 

whan the glasyer was ther 

tern payed for wasshyng of the siirpleyses 

tern payed to John Nele for skowryng of the great Candel- 

oujriUk&o ••• ■•• ,,, a.. «.( ,a« ,,, ... 

tern payed for prykke« for the Churche Wyndowes 

tern payed to John Nele for his laboure aboute the same 

tern payed to a blak ffiryer in Estir holidais for to plcy atte 

V^rglvjr XlO aaa aaa ««* ..a ••• ••• ••• 

tern payed to John lambe for karying of vj lode« durte from the 

V^UlX\/Uv ••• aa> ••• ■•• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

tern payed to Dey of Barnewell for vij lode« of sond 

tern for an hamper for the plate 

tern payed to John Nele for a day & a halfe 

Summa zxzj* ix.\ 
6 a] Item payed to a laborer for brekyng of olde Morter iij 

Uca Y VO ••■ ••• aa* ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• 

tem payed to Badcok of Barnewell for xj lode« of sand 
tem payed for Resen & wax for semmout for the Masons 
tem payed to a laborer for to breke olde Morter iiij dayes 

tem payed to Dey of Barnewell for viij lodes of sand 

tern payed to John Kyllyngworth for iiij fiiidder of lyme 

tem payed to a laborer for ij dayes & a half 

tem payed to John Nele for iiij dayes 

tem payed to John Nele for iij 

tem payed to a laborer for iij dayes 

tem payed for lyne delyuered to the Masons 

tem payed for a Tubbe for the Masons 

tem payed for naylys for the same Tubbe 

tem payed for a key for the vestrye doore 

tem payed for naylys for the hanbarowe 

tem payed for Carrying of iiij Tunne ston 

tem for ladyng of the same ston a 

tem payed to John Nele for mendyng of the hanbarrowe 

tem payed for j" of wax 

tem payed for iju Rosen 

tem payed for nayles for the skeffold 

tem payed to halle of hynton for iij fudder of lyme 














uj» vnj^ 










vij" vj 




tern payed to laborers for lyeng oute of the yestrie Rofe 

t«in payed to Badcok of Bamewell for v loda sand 

tCTn payed for dakyng of lyme 

tem payed to Willwltn 

tern payed to Badcok of Bamewell for iiij lodes of sand 

t«m payed for Dayles for the skaffolde of the porche 

6 b] Summa xlii« ij<* 

tern payed for Rosen & wax for sement 

t«in payed for nayles for the [blank] 

tcm payed for pavyngston iij lod«« from seynt Johns 

tern payed to a laborer for ladyng of the ston 

tern payed to Badcok of Bamewell for iij lode* of sand 

tern payed to the sayd Badcok of Bamewell for iij lodM of sand 

ttfm payed for a skopett for the masons 

tern payed for naylis for the porche stage 

tern payed for a skeppe for the masons 

t«m payed for naylys for the skaffold 

tern payed to a quarre Man for ij ton of ston ... 
tern payed [blank] 

t<;m payed to Nele for makyng of the Sent 
t^m payed for [blank] 

tem payed for ly ne for the masons 

tcm payed to Royte the kerpender 

tem payed to John Kele Eeruer for makyng of the Chirche 

^OIw ■■• ••• .a, c ,,, ,,, ,,^ 

tem payed to Royte the Carpent^ 

tcm payed for nayles for the porche & the vestrie 

tem payed for C nayles 

tem payed for C nayles 

tem payed for dim* C nayles 

tem payed for nayles for the Tower 

tem payed for C nayles for the plomer 

tem payed to ij laborers for makyng clene of the Chirche yerde 

and the vestrie for iij dayes 

tem payed to Badcok of Bamewell for a lode sand 

Summa Iiij" j<* oV 

6 a] Item payed for a lokke for the fonte 

tem payed for C nayles for the newe Chirche dore 

tem payed for nayles for the Cherche dore dim' C 

tem payed for nayles for the same 

tem payed to John Keale Joynoar 

tem payed to the same John Keale Joynour ... 
tem payed [blank] 

• • • • J 








• « ■ > _a 



■■ • • 'A 

XVJ» VllJ** 

•■ " 'A 

VJ» VllJ* 


• • 'A 

• • 'A 

• • 'A 


• • • « J 



v<* ob 

* "A 


■•• 'A 

uj« uy* 

• • A^ • • • • J 



20 1513 

It«m payed for nayles for the same ob 

It«m payed to Mondeyn smytb x" v^ 

It«m payed for a lokke for the Bevestry doore and g keyes ... ij* 

Summa xxx» iij^ ob. 
Summa totalis alloc' vij" xvij" yj*^. 

£t sic idem RicAarc^us lichefeld debet Eccl^e pr^tcto ... xiiij" x<^ 

quos idem Rickardus deliberauit & soluit Alano Well^ Gardiano 
£ccl6«ie ^edicte pro amio futuro. 

16 b] Resceyte« of ThomAs Marshall 

fiyrste Resceyued vppon plough Monday xij» 

It«m Resceyued of William syndirton for Thomas Curie plomer xxvj" viij<* 

It«m Resceyued of Thomas Curie Plomer vj» viij* 

It^m Resceyued of M' puregold xl* 

Item Resceyued of William syndirton for Thomas Curie plomer x" 

Item Resceyued of M' hawlehed & of M' Nelson xxiiij* 

Item Resceyued of M' Nelson and M^^ hawlehed x* 

It^m Resceyued of M' Nelson and M' hawlehed xx' 

Item Resceyued for an C Brykke vj** 

Item Resceyued of Garrarde Godfrey for ij bolle« of Morter ... ij** 
Item the said Thomas is abo charged with tharrerages of his 

accompte of the laste yere xj" iij^ 

Summa totolis viiji> xv^. 
vnde petit cdlocari vt sequitur postea. 


17 a] Idem Thomas Marshall comput' petit allocari 

ffyrste payed to William £lton for mendyng of the Blewe veste- 

EUvU u ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• ■•• «| 

tem payed to lambe for Carrying of iij M* Brykke ij* vj* 

tem payed to a Man & his wyf for euery lode takyng downe & 

for couchyng y t in the chirche X lode« x** 

tem payed for bordyng of the Glasyer & his seruauute ... ij" 

tem payed for Woode vnto hym iij** 

tem payed for ij shovyllea for the worke* vj** 

tern payed for certey hopys sette vppon the vessell of y® 

v/nircne ••« »■■ ••• ••• ••• ... ••■ .•• '*' J 

tem payed for ij skeppys for the Cherche iij* 

tem payed for a white Rente of the allmesse houses xij* 

tem payed to lambe for vj M*^ Brykke carying from Seynt 

Johns CoUegge iiij" 

Item payed to Borden the Mason for the Chirche xx* 

1513 21 

tern payed for ij [blank] for the Chirche x<* 

tern payed to the quarrey Man for ston v* 

tern payed for yj M^Brykke atte v* the Mt xxx* 

tern payed unto Rotte the Carpenter in the presens of M' 

Erlyche and Richard Gierke zl* 

tern payed to the quarrey Man for ston the whiche I toke vnto 

Richard lychefeld zxiiij" 

t«m payed to a laborer for to helpe the Carpenter iiij^ 

tern payed to an othe[r] laborer for to helpe them ij^ 

tern payed to ij laborers for half a day iiij* 

tern payed to Selby the Mason for Borden x" 

tern payed for ij Tunne of ston the whiche I hadde of Maister 

MMMmtUS ••• »•• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^^J 

tern payed for carying of the same ston from the Gollegge ... xij*' 

tern payed for woode for the plomer for soderyng of the 

7 b] Turret ... ... ij<* 

tern payed for woode for the plomer for soderyng of the Gutters 

oi bue ves bne ... ••■ .«. ... ••• ... ... ij 

tern payed for Carying of xi C lede^ from the Chirche to the 

plomers and from the plomers to the Chirche viij^ 

tem payed for M*^ Jakkenette» drrige ij» i<* 

tem payed for mendyng of the best Copys xiij" x^* 

tern payed for sylken poyntet for the same Copys iiij<> 

tem for wasshyng of serteyn Surplesys and awter Clothis and 

ix amyssys for other Clothis with them for the yer ... iij" 

tem payed for settyug on of the albys of them iiij^ 

tem payed to ij laborers for havyng vp the leade on the 

VvDuklO ••• ... ... ... ... ••> ••• *«• J 

Sumrna totalis viij" xvij» iij^. 

Et sic debetur eidem Thome Marshall ^') 

quos Alanno welled soluit sibi pre manihus f ^ 

Recept^ Alani welle« de gardianis & aliis in fine died Com- 
pod vt sequitur 
In piimis Recept' de Thoma Marshall "Richardo lychefeld 

super determinactbnem Compod sui vt pa^e^ infra ... xiiij" xj<* 

Et simtliter Reoept' de Stephano £farand Clerico de pecuniis 

oollectM super plough Monday vij" viij'* 

Item Recept' de prefato "Richardo lychefeld nuper gardiano de 

pecuniis Collectis hec summa sequent' vacat quia parcella 

predu?^ xiiij- xj* vj" yj** ob 

Et simiQter Recept' vnam pixidem eiedem pecuniis coUectis ad 

edificactbnem eccleeie in eadem pixide existent' xxx' ix<* 

Bwiima totcUts liij* iiij^. 

22 1513 

18 a] Idem Alanus soluit & deliberauit Thome Marshall nup^r 

gardiano pro surplus' Compod soi ut potet infra xvi* 

Summa xvi* 
£t sic remanet in manibtw dictt Alani dare in Clara pecunia xzxvij' iiij<^ 

Dettis owyng to the sayd Chirche 

ffirste of John Ray thelder for his buriell in the sayd Chirche vj" viij*' 

It«m in thande« of M' Robert hobbys — vj^ of yerly Rente for 
the pale in the Chirche yerde for iiij yeres due and Renne 
in the feste of Estir that shalbe in anno domtni M^ dim' 

« •• • • ■ — 

aXLII ■•• ••• ■•• ••• •■• «•• ••• ••• '•A 

Item in thande« of John Munden smyth vt ^^atet per billam 

huic folio confut' & annex* ij* 

Item in thande« of John liartyn for ij yere* rente of the Chirche 

Chambir payhable atte Candilmesse laste paste xx* 

Item for Rente of vij acre) & a Rode of land whiche Elizabeth 

Godfrey wedowe gaf & bequethed 
Item for the Rente or ferme for ij yers of ij acre; of Medowe in 

Chestirton goven by the sayd Elizabeth ij'iiij'* 

It e m of h e nry hawleh e d for a fod er of lymo & ij lood e j sand and 

iiij Brykkw 
Item of the kynge« halle for CCC Brykke« delyuered by Thomas 
Marshall in the yer presedent 

billa recepcionees reoept' de Thoma Curie plomer 

ffirste resceyued of the said Thomas in money xliij' iiij^ 

Item for xj C leade shotyng xj' 

Item for ij Men laboryng ij dayes vppon the Chirche ij» 

18 b] Item for iij dayes worke of ij Men in the Torette« ... iijs 
Item for vij pounde« Sowder occupyeng the same tyme for the 

same Torettes ij'iiij'^ 

Bumma iij" xx*. 

19 a] The exspence« of the obbyte of thomas Jakenet Eepyt by thy 
Chyrche wardeyns of sent mary cbyrche next the markett of Cambrygge 
in the fast of Senytt thomas the appostell yerely for euer as foloweth 

In prtmis for the ofiferyng of the sayd cherchewardeyns ... ij^* 

Item to the parysshe prest iiij** 

Item to the chawntry prwte iiij^ 

Item to other iij prtistes eueryche iij^ Bumma ix*^ 

Item to euery of the sayd churche wardens ij«* for thyer labore 

Item to the parysshe clarke for hys labor iiij^ 

so that the sayd persones be present atte sayd dyrge & masse 

Summa ij* jd. 



19 b] Memoraridum that I Thomas firigg p^isncypall off Pawlis In has 
jeeceived In y^ name off me & my hall company a chales of Robert smythe 
& William Flory Chyrche Wardens y*« jer present Wyttnes y^ my awne 

lILemorandum That I Thomas Arthur Piyncypall of Seynt Mary 
Hostel! In the name of me & all my eompanye have Beceyvyd a chales of 
Robert Smyth & Wylliam florys Chyrchwardens y** yere pf^gsent Wyttnes 
thys my proper hande. 

[FoL 20 a blank.] 

20 b] Hereafter folowyth diners Summys of mony Beceyvet by John 

Marche & Robert goodale of euery Mannys goodwyll euery Sonday 

gaderyt by the Roller the fyrst ys the ix day of July the vj yere of Kyng 

hary the viij that weere b^;anne to gadyr & so gaderet tyll the xxiiij day 

of december. 

In primia Reoeyvyd the ix day of July . 

Item Roceyvyd the xyj day of July 

Item Reoeyvyd the xxiiij day of July 

It«m Reoeyvyd the xxx day of July 

Item Reoeyvyd the vj day of August 

Item Reoeyvyd the xiij day of August 

Item Receyvyd the xx day of August 

Item Reoeyvyd the xxvij day of August , 

Item Reoeyvyd the iij day of September . 

Item Reoeyvyd the x day of September . 

Item Receyvyd the xvij day of September 

Item Receyvyd the xxiiij day of September 

Item Receyvyd the fyrst day of October . . 

Item Receyvyd the viij day of October .. 

Item Receyvyd the xv day of October 

Item Receyvyd the xxij day of October 

Item Reoeyvyd the xxix day of October .. 

Item Reoeyvyd the v day of november 

Item Receyvyd the xij day of november . . 

Item Receyvyd the xix day of november .. 

Item Receyvyd the xxyj day of november 

Item Receyvyd the iij day of december .. 

Item Receyvyd the x day of december 

Item Receyvyd the xvij day of december .. 

Item Reoeyvyd the xxiiij day of december 

Item Reoeyvyd of John nelle for iij sparred & the 


olde he of the 

yj« j* ob 
vj* ix** 


VllJ* UJ«> 

vij* ij^ 


vj* ix* 
vij" mj" 


vij" v<* 

VJ" VllJ* 

vj* viij«i 

vj" ij* 

V" viij** 

V" v^ 


Item Receyvyd of Master bery bery 

21 a] Hereaftyr folowyth dyuers summys of mony payd by John Marche 


24 1515 

& Eobart goodale to MasonB carpyntors & laborers & for stone & yeme 
wyrke & for the almys howse & for all necessary expence« a bowght the 
porche & the vestry of the cherche of owr lady frome the ix day of July the 
j yere of King hary the viij tyll the xxiiij day of deoemb^r 

n pn'mys to badcoke of bamewyll for Sond ij lodes viij*' 

tern to Mastyr Ray for stone iiij tone & xj fote xxvij" iiij** 

tern to ij carpentors dim' a day to playne the bord6« of the 

L'x/fv/U V ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ««• ••• *1 *t 

tern payd to thomos Curie for lede to the almys howse ... vj" 

t«m payd for Sonde ij lode« to badcoke viij^ 

t«m payd to Selby Mason xvj" 

t«m payd to Selby Mason xiiij* 

tern for lede nayle ij C viij** 

tern to John Nele j day wyrke iiij* 

tcm for lede nayle ij C viij** 

tern to iiij laborrart« for caryyng of a grave stone in to the 

cuercu ... ••« ■•• ... .«• ••• .«• *•* j 
tem payde to thoTTios dyar for caryyng of led frome the 

plommyr ••• ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* 

tem to ij carpentors for trysyng up on the lede and puttyng 

the Rope in the Crane viij** 

tem payde for takyng do wne of the crane viij** 

tem for led nayle j C iiij** 

tem payd to thomos Curie plomer for hys seruonte* wag6« ... vj" viij** 

tem payd to andrew Mason for v days & hys laborrar v days v» 

tem to badcoke for Sonde j lode iiij** 

tem to John nele j day wyrke iiij* 

tem pay to the Slatyr for hys wyrke of the almys howse ... xiiij* 
tem payde to M' Crakynthorpe for borde j M & ij fote ... xxxj" viij** 

tem to boxton carpentar for Metyng of the borde iiijd 

tem for caryyng of the borde vj** 

tem to bodyll & Rodrome Masons for eche of them ij days 

abowe of the vestrey ij" 

tem for Sond ij lode« to badcok viij** 

tem a laborrar iij** 

tem to John Nele j day wy[r]ke iiij** 

tem to ij labor for beryng a webe of lede to the cherche for 

tne spowveo ... ... ... ... •«• ... ... ij 

tem to the Slatyr for hys wyrke of the almys howse ... ... iiij* x** 

tem to the paver for viij fot pawyng x* 

tem to algar for vij days & ij seruante« vij days & for Rede 

dim' C & makyng of the flassins xi" vj<* 

tem to bodyll & sade Masons for letyng in of the flassins 

Iti the porche & the stabyUts in the vestrey xvj* 

tem to boxton for Makyng of the wendows in the vestry ... iiij" viiij** 

1515 25 

Item pftjd to Mondyn Smjthe for yeme wyrke to the wendows 

m uU6 WeoLrV *•• «•• «•• .a. •«« ••• ••■ v^ J 

Item pftjd to Jamya Masons for liakyng the cherche thros- 

o\MX\MC9 ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ^ 

Item payd to Wy%am abjngton for weyr ij li. dim. for the 

wes w6 wynQow ••* ••• ■•• .*• ••• •■> .»• x v^ 

Ite97» to the Smythe for nayle iiij li. to the spowttes of the 

\t50LmCj aaa »■■ aaa •■a aaa ••• aaa aaa ▼■lij 

Item payd Redyng of the hey wendows & Remevyng the stone 

io the cherchecherde ... xv* 

It«» payd for caryyng of dong howght of cherchecherde ... xiij^ ob 

[FoL 21 b blank.] 

22 a] porochia beate Marie iux^a forum ville Cantabrigias 

Computus alani welle< & Thome hoggekyn Qardianorum & bonorum 
Custodtim Eccle«ie ^edicte fadus iij^ die Mensis Maij anno regni regis 
henrici octaui sexto 

The Resoeyte* of the said Alayn 

ffirst Resceyyed of RicAanf lichefeld & Thomas Marshall Chirche 
wardeyns in the yer precedent for the surplusage vpon the 
foote of ther accompte due & owing & Remayning to the 

Chirche xxxvij" iiij** 

Item Resceyyed of Maister hobbs for a certeyn pale made vpon 
the grounde belongyng to the Chirche yerd aforesaid vpon 
theet syde of the same next to the Tenement late in the 

tenure of M' hessewell ij* 

Item of the sale of the tymbir of the logge of the belle frame in 

the Chirche yerd whan the belle« were taken downe ... ij" j** 

Item of the sale of Segge of the same logge iiij*' 

Item of andrew pomell for dim. C brykke iiij*' 

Item for the buryell of M' Wise wtVAin the Chirche vj* viij^ 

Item for dim' C brikke that I the said aleyn hadde iiij*' 

Item of andrew pomell for a qtwtrter of brykke ij* 

Item of the same for y smale stons vj** 

Itemofalger vj« viij** 

Item of John Marty for the ferme of the Chaumbir ouer the 

Almous hose v« 

Item of the ferme of a certeyn medow in Chesterton goven to 
the said Chirche by Maisteres Gk)ddefrey this yer letten 

* Vr ..a ••• ... ... ... aaa ... <a. 11 111] 

Item for the bmryell of Calo firemeson withm the Chirche ... vj" viij*" 

Item of Garrard for Ix brikke^ iiij* 

Item of John harryson for torchis viij** 

Summa Ixxj* v**. 

26 1515 

The paymente* of the said Aleyn for the said Chirche 

ffirst to Richard lychefeld Thresorer of Cambrigge for the oute 

Rent of the house in the Chirche yerd xij* 

Item to Nele for scoryng of the stondardes viij<* 

It^m to John lambe Carter to Cary dust oute of the chirche 

Y vXvL ••• ••• ••• ■«« ••• ••• ••• ••• -A II 

22 b] Item for the beflkette« mendyng iiij*' 

Item for Im« werk of the glasse wyndow made by Nicholus 

Speryng stacioner iiij** 

Item to the good wif Marsshe for were j* ob 

Item for ij pecM tymber for the hangyng of the bellee in the 

Bu6pill ••• ••• ••• ••« ••• ••• ••■ ••• 3 ^^J 

Item for Caryage of the same Tymbir from the fayer etc. ... v* 

Item for wasshing of xj surplices viij^ 

Item to a Mason to Make holys in the stepill for to hang the 

(JvllCrO ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •■■ ••• ■•* J 

Item to the Carpenter to hang the said belle« xx" 

Itewi for iij Rops to the belle* iiij" 

Item to the smyth in the pety Cury for the I me werk of the 

LKSJlii&o ••• ■■• ••• ■■• ••• •«• ■•• ... nil 11 

Item to Nele for his laboi^r viij** 

Item to the smyth for a belle Claper \*yj^ 

Item for making of the bawdryk of the great belle xij<* 

Item for mendyug of the lokke of the Revestry vj«* 

Item to John watteson Carpenter werking in the stepill etc. ... xx^ 

Item to the smyth in the pety Cure for ij li. nayles iiij** 

Item for iiij C Segge for the Stepill v* 

Item for ij C S^ge for the same viij<i 

Item for a dogge of Ime & nayles occupied in the stepill . . . xiiij<* 

Item for the Cariage of the foresaid iiij C segge xvj* 

Item to laborers werking in the said stepill xvj^ 

Item for ij faggettee to sowdir in the said stepill \j^ 

Item for C yj*^ nayle occupied in the said stepill iij<J 

Item for iiij C dim' nayles to the wyndowes of the Revestry ... xiij^ ob 

Item for twine wasshing of the surplicea x<^ 

Item for thexspence* of Thobbite of Thomas Jakenet ij" j^ 

Item for wasshing of v surplice* & oon Rochet iiij** 

Item for Coste* goying to the visitacton at ditton iiij* 

Summa Ixix* xi* 

23 a] The Resceyte* of Thomas hoggekyn 

ffirst resoeyved of the gifte of agues Shepherd iiij" j* 

Item of John Martyn for the ferme of the Chambir ouer the 

Almoushouse in the Chirche yerd xxv« 



Item of alger for a litill dogge of Ime and a peoe of an olde 

BMbLIO •■• ••• ••• •■■ ••• ••• >•• ••« 

Summa xxix* iij^ 


The paymente* of the said Thomas hoggekyn 
ffirst iiij C lathe nayle spent within the Tenement in the Chirche 

J" oru ••• ,.a •■• ••• 

It«m for the Carryage of ij loade Gley 
Item for ij M* lath nayle 
Item for iij C ijd nayle 
Item for a C of iijd nayle 
Item for ij C latthe3 
Item for mo latth^ ... 
Item for carying of lyme & sande oute of the Chirche yerde in 

to ^e Chirche ... 
Item to haue in to the Chirche the Slatte in Chirche yerd 

Item for wesshing of iiij awhs & for iij awhs 

Item for iiij awhs for Children & \j awt«r Cloths 
Item for iiij awbs for Children & iiij hande towelle* 

It^m payd to a slatte 

Item for wasshing of iij awter Cloths & oon towell 

Bwmma zxiz* j^ oh. 
And so the said Chirche wardeyns owe vnto the said Chirche 

KjiSFLj dC ... ... ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• 

whiche xxj* is delyu^ to Qarrard Goddefrey oon of the Chirche 
wardeyns for the jere to Come therof to yeld a due 
23 h] Dettes due to the said Chirche & Remayng (sic) on payd as 
apperith in the foote of thaccompt of Richard lichefeld and Thomas 
Marshall her^ hyfore in this hooke and in the hill of Aleyn welW vpon 
this aooompt 
M*" hogh Chapman 

■ ffirot in the hill of alayn woIIct this jcsre aooomptaunto for xv 


xix'' ob 


« a • • J 



• • • • J 




poo cg Tymbif soldo to M^ hugh Chapman fe f- 
Itom to tho oamo for a ij footo otono 

Ite m to the oamo for iij pooe e Tymbip 
It e m for a otono wt't^ an hole m — 

I te m for iiij bushello g lyme ... 








olde dett«« appereth in the foresaid acoompte of Thomas Marchall 

& "Richard lychefeld 

M' John Ray 

Item for the buryell of olde M' Ray within the Chirche ... vj" viij^* 

Item in the ha,nde$ of his £xecutour3 for a legace to the said 

Chirche as apperith in his wille & testament x> 

28 1515 to 1516 

h^ Summsk soluitKr Mr Raje ut ^cUet inte 
John liouden 

Item in the handec of John Mouden Smyth for the Rest of olde 

Ime to him aolde vt ^patet infra ij* 

M' henry hallehed soluit roberto goodale iij* iiij*' 

Item in thande g of M** hawlohod for ft fodif lymo & ij loodo j 

aando & iiij briklM > vt p< rf tf< in Oompo<o liohofold infm - 
Masters of the king^ halle 

Item in thand«s of the Mcuter of the King6« Halle to them 
delyu«red by Thomas Marshall OCC brikke« 
Olyuer Scalys 

M.em^ora7idum that Olyuer Scalys oweth for the buryell for 

ij of his Children wiVAt'n the said Chirche xiij" iiij<^ 

John Charleys 

Item Memorandum that there Resteth in the handef of John 
Charleys & other Executour} of Maistress Qoddefrey of 
a legace given to the said Chirche xc* 

24 a] parochia beate Marie Vii^inis iux^a forum viUe Cantebr* 

villa Cantebr' Compotus Qerrardi Qoddefrey & Johannis Thirleby 

Gardianorum & bonorum Custodum Eccle«ie parochte predu;^ ibidem 

factiM die lune in septimana pasche anno re^t regie h. octaui septimo. 

Elecab officiartorum eiusdem parochiss.] Garrardus Qoddefrey vnus 

Gardianon^m predtc^orum Eligit in Elecctonem Magistrum Robertum 

Hobbys Johannes Thirleby alter Gardianonifii Eligit Magietrum alanum 

welled Quiquidem duo Eligen^nt sibi sex videlioet Magistrum Hugonem 

Chapman Magistrum Johannem Erliche Magistrum Henrteum halleehed 

"biagistrum willeZmum Nelson Robertum Smyth wexchaundeler & wille/- 

mum fflory Quiquidem Goto Eligerunt Officiario^ ut sequitt^. 

T /» • i-i J- . fRofcertum Goodehalle 

In omcto Gardianorum pro anno sequent i^t- i > ri 

[riicDolaum Speryng 

In officio Gardianorvm luminttm sepulcn' Chrieti JJohannem Martyn 

£t Crucifixi Chrieti pro eodem Anno [Robertum Cobbe 

T /« . ^ J. , . ^r- TL rRicarrfam Cotton 

In officio Gardianorum lummum Misse Jhe«u { , * i 

[Johann^rm bowes 


The said aocomptaunte* yelde accompte of money by them 
Receyued of alleyn welie* and Thomas hoggekyn Chirche- 
wardeyns in the yer precedent for the Surplusage due to 
the said Chirche vpon their accompte as apperith in the 
foote of the same xxij<* ob 

Item resceyved of M' hobbys for the Rent of the pale in the 

Chirche yerd ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* 

1515 to 1516 29 

It«fn for the ferme of Chesterton Medow hoc &nno nil quia 

non fiiit conduct' 
lieni for the ferme of the lond in Cambrigge field nil quia 

non fuit conduct' 

It«m for the sale of olde slatte xij^ 

lt«n for Ragge ston soldo to M' Nelson iij** 

Item for a pece Tymbir solde to M' Erliche vj^* 

Item of John howes for wast of torchis atte burj'ell of M' 

xyonsenii •«• ... ••• «•■ .,« ... ... ••• iij 

Item of the same for the buryell of the same M*^ Consent within 

the Chirche vj* viij'' 

Item of M' William Nelson for the buryell of his wif wi^Ain 

the Chirche vj" viij** 

Item for a litiU f&e ston solde to M' Bigge principall of powls 

XnUe •■• ,.a ■■• ,.a ••• ... *a* ... * 'J 

Item of John Martjn for the ferme of the Chambers ouer the 
Almouse house in the Chirche yerd for the yer ended 
at Candellmesse last past x" 

Item of Robert Smyth wexchat^ndeler & willutm fflory wardeyns 
of the sepulcre & Roode lighten for v yers Kescey te« of the 

same in a grose siunme xliij"iij<' 

The stokke of wex of the said ij lighten ponderyng 

verte plus in dorso 

24 b] Item resceyued of Thom(a)s Barbot^r for a pece of an 

oldefreston viij^ 

Item resoeyved of CoUecctons for xvij sondays as apperith by a 

OyU a.. aaa ••• •■•' ••• ■•• ••• ••• CJ VllJ OD 

Bumma totali* Becepte viij" xvj" ij<* 

The paymentw of the said Chirchewardeyns 

first payed for a laddir occupied by Nele in the said Chirche ... vij^ 
Item to petir pekke & Thomas yoman Thresorers of the Towne 
of Cambrigge for the outerent of the Almouse houses 

in Cimitorio xij** 

Item for thexpences of the dirrige of Thomas Jaconet ij" iij^ 

Item for Colys occupied in the Chirche vpon Cristemese even ij^ 

Item for two belles Roopis bought by Nele xvj^ 

Item for the amendy ng of the looke of the Revestry doore ... ij^ 

Item for the scoryng of the great scandelstikkes viij^ 

Item for wasshing of SurpUces awbs auter Clothis Towelled 
& other thinge« belongyng to the Chirche for the hole 

yerM" Garrard ij» 

Item for twoo heirs for ij Aulters in the Chirche ij" viij** 

Item for Souldryng two lyons vpon the great Candelstikkes ... vj<^ 

Item for iiij yerdes lynnyn for a surplice for Nele xz^ 

30 1516 to 1520 

item for the hiere of a Man to ryde to london for a glasier that 
shiild haue glased the Chirche wjndowes etc. for hia 

laboi6r3 in that behalf iiij« 

Item to John Bodell jSremasou for pjnnyng of the Bevestry ... xij** 

Item payed for a new Claper for the great belle x» x<* 

Item for ij baldrikke« for the belle* xx** 

Item for the amending of the two Clapers of the other ij belle« jul^ 
item to John Nele for the amending of the whele of the 

oauncxM Deiie «>i ... «.. ••• ... ... ... x 

Sttmma Malis Alloc* iLxxiij". 

£t sic remanet £ccle«ie in Clara i^cunia vij" iij* ij<* 

QuoB deliberat' est prefatts Goodhale & Speryng Gardianis pro Anno 

^em4}ra7uium that the olde dett^ apperith in the last acoompt 

And ouer & beside* those dette< delyuered to Olyuer Scalys by the 
commaundement of M' Erliche xxv foot fre stou 

25 a] Thaccompt & lieconyng of Thomas Curie 

Memorondttm that the xvi"> day of May in the viij"* yer of the reigne 
of King Henry the viij^** In the Chirche of Seint Mary atte aulter of 
domes daye in the South Ille accompte & a Reconyng was hadde & made 
bytwen Thomas Curie plomer on that oon parte And the parochianers etc. 
on that other parte vpon the demaunde of an obligacton of xx Marc' 
eudoced with coudicibn for the payment of x" due by the said Thomas 
Curie Wherof he asketh to be allowed first for xviij C leade & dim' & xx" 
at vj' C Summa cxij* Item for xxv" soulder viij* iiij'* Itewi for werman- 
ship of CCC lede for the pypys iij"* Summa to^oli* alloc' vj" iij* iiij** 
wherof payed to the said Thomas by thande* of Robert Goodhale 
vjB yiijd j^^ gQ Bjeat due by the said Thomas the day & yer abouesaid 
vix)n the foresaid obligacion ouer aboue & besides an olde Reconyng 
of Ix" demaunded of the said Thomas iiij*^ iij" iiij<^ Thise being witnesse 
M^^ Hugh Chapman M' John Erliche aleyn welle* Robert Goodhale 
Garrard Goddefrey John Thirleby and other moo Et vlterius Idem 
Thomas Curie debet pro Costagi* super sect' versus ipsum Capt' super 
predic^aw obligacione?^ Coram Maiore etc. xvij^. 

25 b] Parochia beate Marie virginis iuxto forum ville Canta&ri>^ 

Eleccib ibtc^em facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regie 
hejirici viij xj® 

Magister Johan^tes Ray vnus Gardianon^m. Eligit in Elecctbnem Magis- 
trum Willol7»Mm Butte 

Magister Johannes Clerk alter Gardianorum Eligit in Elecctonem 
Magistrum Robertum Hobbys 

1517 to 1520 31 

Quiquidem duo Eligeruiit sibi sex videlicet Ricardma. Clerk Garrardum 
Qodde&ey Ricaro^uin lychefeld Rohertvan Gkx)dehale Johannem Thompson 
& Johannem Thirleby Quiquidem octo Eligerunt officianiox sequentea pro 
aono fiituro 

T m • i-1 J- -D ^ ' ^Mao^s^rum petrum Cheke 

In omctum Gardianort^m £ocle«ie <[^ ^ , rT .i , < i 

(Robertum Smyth wexchaundeler 

In officium Gardianon^m himini^Tii jJohannem harryson 

Sepulori ChrisH & Crucifix! (Johannem kyrkeby 

T «. . J. ,,. ,, rWilWmum habyngton 

In omc»i£m gardianort^^n Misse Jhe«u s^. , ... 

IRicamum wither 

In officio Auditorum Compoti gardia-) „ . -rrr-n • t> .. 

., ..Tu -Tj PTu •! aiagutrum Wilielmum Butte 
norum sciltoet Johannis Ray & JohannisV --^^ . , i „ , , . 

p. , i Magistruin henncum halleheld 

Magtstrum Rob^um hobbys 

Uoffistrum Ricarxium Gierke 

Et in officui cu8tod\ 

Clauorum any^ice Kayes 

Ciste yocate le Chant^rie 

'hlLagistrum Whightacr Capellauum Cantc^rie 

X t, x^ • n X Gardianos Eccl^sie \ quili&et \sU>Tam ad ha- 

hutche m qua Remane;it},^ . ^ _ , _. f u j ^ * j- 

Cartan A: F ^'H | M^agistrum Rob^rtumV bendam et custodten- 


26 a] Parochia beate Mane vii^nis iuxto forum ville Cantebn^ 

Compofus Roberti Goodhale & Nicho^i Si)eryng Gardianorum & bono- 
rum custodttm Ecclene pr^ict^ ihidem facttM die lune in septimana pasche 
anno tegni reffis henrici viij octauo 

EleccK) OfficiarioruTiu Rob«rtus Goodhale vnus Gardianorum pre- 
dictoruM Eligit in Eleoctbnem MagigiruM hugonem Chapman Nicho^us 
Speryng alt«r Gardianorttm eligit Mttgistrum will«^fR«m Butte Quiquidem 
duo Eligerunt sibi sex vide^u;et 'M.agristrum henrtci^m hallehed M.affistrum 
wilWrnt^m Nelson Garrardum Goddefrey Magistrum Johannem Ray 
^offigtrum petrum Clekke & alanum wellys quiquidem octo Eligerunt 
in officio Gardianoruni Eccl»ie predicie pro anno future scilic^ 

IEt in officio Garduz-\ 
norum lumint<m I Johannem Martyn et 
Crucifixi et Sepulcri [ Robertum Cobbe 
Ckristi J 

T?i. • 1X1 • i^ _j- nf Tt_ fRicarcftmi Cotton ) 

Et in omcM) Gardiauorum Misse Ihegu •[ . , ^^ V 

(Johannem Howesj 

^lAagutmm Johannem Clerk^ 

«. . IE • A j-A r\ ^•' X- I Maflfw^rttw Johan?iem Ray 

Et m officio Auditoru7/i Compo^i istius < ^ , , , 

]Edwardum hey nee 

fohannem Thirleby 

32 1518 to 1519 

Parochia beate Marie Virginia iuxto fonim ville Cantabriffie 
Eleccio ibidem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno reffni regis 
henrid viij ix® 

Eleccio Officiartortcm. Bob^rtus Smyth Wezchat^ndeler vniis Gardia- 
norum Eligit in £leocion«m Johannem Marshe Wille^mus fflory alt«r 
Qardianorum Eligit Johannem Tompson Quiquidem duo Eligenmt sibi 
sex videiioet Magtstrum Cristoforum Jolly doctorem "ilLagigtrum hngon^in 
Chapman 'ULagiBtrum henricum hallehed fA.agistrum Robertum hobbys 
Ricarefum lichefeld et Garrardum Godfrey Quiquidem Octo Eligenmt 
in Officiis vt sequitur pro anno sequent^ 

In Officium Gardianon^m (Moffistrum Johannem Ray 
Ecclene pr^dict^ \M.agtstruin Johannem Clerk 

In officium Gardianorutn luminum Crucifixi et J Johannem Martyn 
Sepulcri Cristi iWill^/mum Currottr 

T r\a- • /^ J- »*• 11- (Johannem howes 

In Omcmm Gardianorum Misse lhe«u UrT'^^ , i^ i . 

IWiUcwnwm habynton 

i^agistrum wille^mnm Butte 

Et in Offici^o Auditorttm Compo^i istiua <Maffistrum Ricare^tfm Clerk 

[Magigtrum Petrum Cheke 

26 b] Parochia beate Marie iuxta forum Ville Cauta^r^te 

Compo^is Roberti Smyth wexchaundeler et Wille^fni fflory Gardia- 
non^m et bonomm Custodum Eccle«ie predicte ihideai fact' die domintca 
xvj die mensis Maii anno regni regie henrtct octaui decimo 

Summa totolt> B^ecepte Clare pecunie vt patebit postea vlt'] 
xxxij" vj<* 

Remanent* insolut' p^ Magistrum Johannem Ray et alio^l 
vt sequent' patebit / xliiij* xj<* 

Summa totalis alloco^tonis vt similiter patebit postea ... xiij* vj<^ 

Et sic predicts Gardiani debent Ecclene Clare pecunie xxxj* v^ 

Debita Rem' insoluta vt pa/6< sequent' 

ffirst of M' John Ray for his brother buryell with[in] the 

Chirche vj* viij* 

Item for the buryell of M' Joly wttAin the Chirche vj» viij<* 

Item for the wast of iiij torches atte buryell of M' J. Erliche ... ij" 

Item of John Martyn for the ferme of the Cambir ouer the 
almousehouse in the Chirche yerd for the yer ended at 

Candelmease anTio ix regni regis henrid viij x* 

Item for the buryell of Maisteres Hobbys within the Chirche .,. vj* viij<* 
Item of the same for the Rent of the Pale within the Chirche 

y ePLie •.. ••• ... ... ... •.. •.. ... vi 

St^mma hmtts pagine xxxij* vj<^ 

1518 33 

£t Eem' in xn&mbus Magistri hugonis Chapman sibi ddiberat' 
per Boherinm Qoodhale nuper Gardinam (sic) in pretencia 
multorum vltra xij<^ ob dat' in Begard' laboratoribtM pro 
factura Muri in Cimitorio ix**ij»viij* 

27 a] Yetere debit' que debentw Ecclene 

ffirst for the buryell of olde M' Raye wttAin the Chirche ... vj* viij<* 
Item in thande« of his Executours for a legace to the Chirche) Ten 

as it apperith in his wiUe & testament / poundas 

Item in thand6« of John Munden smjth for the Best of olde 

Ime to him solde vt potef infra ij* Rem' 

Item in thandef of the Mastera of the king68 halle to them^^CCC brik- 

deljuered by Thomas Marshall J kes Rem' 

It^nt the said Oliver oweth zxv foot^ firee ston to hym de-] xxvfoote« 
lyu«red by Garrard Goddefirey & John Thirleby by the J- fire ston 

commaundeme;it of M' Erliche & other j payed 

Item ther resteth in thhande« of John Charles and other 
executour; of Maisteres Godfrey for a legace by her goven 

to the Chirche xl» Rem* 

Item ther was accompte & Reconyng made bitwix the paro- 
chianers etc. and Thomas Curie in the tyme of Garrard 
Godfrey & John Thirleby atte whiche accompte the said 
Thomas Curie ought to the Cliirche of the Rest of an 
obligacion iiij^ iij' ii\j<^ ou€r & besides Ix" Cleymed of him vpon 
an olde reconyng of whiche iiij^ i\j" iiij*' Rob^ Goodhale hath 
reaceyued xl* and the same Thomas oweth to the Chirche 
for lede resoey ved of the said Robert Goodhale Chirche wardeyn 
C dim' and so the said Thomas owith vpon the said obli- 
gacibn Ouer & hoajdes Ix' vpon an olde rekenyng and also xvij^ 
for the Coster of the Cot^rt byfor M' Maier vpon a sute 
ageynst hym taken vpon the said obligacibn xliij" iiij^ & C dim' lede 
Memorandum Jy^ is agreed byfor doctor Butt M' Halhed Robert Smyth 
wexchoundeler |^ xxx^ daye of Januarii Anno domini milleeimo ccccc xviij^ 
that the forwrytten xliij" iiij** shalbe payd by William Synderton & 
thomos fBynt at thes dayes folowyng acUicet xiij* iiij^ at thanuTiciation 
of our lady next folowyng & xiij" iiij<^ at Mydsomer next folowyng & 
xvj" viij^ at Michaelmasse next folowyng 

27 b] Reoepta per Johannem Raye & Johannem Clerk gardianos eccleste 
non^^te mane anno dovatni Millenmo cococ°^ xviij^ 

In primis M' Ray hath receyvyd of Robert Smyth wexchaun- 
delar & William ffloiye chyrchmasters the laste 3er of the 
mony lefte in theyr handef xxxj" v<* 

C. A. S. Octavo Senes. No. XXXV. 3 



vj» viij* 



vj« VllJ 



uj- mj< 

• • ••! 



tern receyvyd of M' Raye for hys brother rychard Ray buryall 

in the chyrch ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• 

tern receyvyd of Martyn for ij yen» rent of the chaumbre in 

the chyrchjard ... ... ... ••• 

tern receyvyd of Mtstres Nelaon for the buryall of her husband 


tern receyvyd of J>« same woman for viij torches of the whych 

iiij war Mistres Jolye & iiij M"^ hobby s at vj* a torche 
tern receyvyd of wedow Vrton for the buryall of her husband 

in p^ chyrch porch 
tern receyvyd of Synderton & flSynte in party of payment of a 

more st^m fibr Curie the plummer at oi^r ladye day Jy® 

anuTicia wion ... ... ... ••• ... •*. ••• 

tern receyvyd of Cobbe for a lytell stonne 

tem receyvyd of agnes goodale & anne hasyll of our lady 

lygth besyde« x" payd for y* lygth & xxv**. waxe left in the 

ly i(vn ... •*. •■• •.. '•.. *•• ••* ... 

ieni B^eceym/d of Mistrea Sabyn 'hiiaires butt Ulistres halhed & 

oper wyfys of money gatherd by the9n on hockmondaye ... 

Memorandum that Johan Smyth and agnes garrett gatherers of our 

lady lygth the jer laste paste hauy;ig delyuerd to them but ijli. of waxe & 

xiiij'* in yll money encresyd the lygth to xxij+*. of waxe & xviij" in money 

he whych si^m of money was delyu^rd to M' halhed & M' Stephyn 

fiarand toward the buyldyng of our lady tabernacle 

tem 'Received of firauncis va^ihom berbruar for a )er rente of a 

acre of land ended at ester 

tem Received of M" Sabyn for the Buryall of M"^ Jolye wttAin 

the chyrche 

tem Received of M"^ Chapman ix" ij» iiij** the whych he had 

receyvyd of Robert goodale & Nicholas Spieryncke chyrch- 

wardens of >• gatherynge« of J>® paryshe 

tem Received of Mistres Raye & M' John Raye exequittours to 

)9« testament of Mr Jhon Raye father to p^ sayd 3ong 

M' Jhon Raye & wyfe to p^ sayd Mistree Raye of a legace 

gyvyn to J)" chyrche 

tem Received of Synderton for Curie the plummer in partye of 

payment of a mor st^m 

n pnwiis Jhon Clerke hath receyvyd of the bequeste of M' 

ffolsserf som tyme pnncipall of saincte marye hostell 
tem Received of p^ same man to p* mendyng of a chalesse 
Memoranc^m that ther remayneth in the hande« of kateryn 

hawes in halfpenys of the gatheryng on howhmonday 
"Memorandum that is lente to M' Raye xxx brycke« 


vj" viij* 


ix" ij» uij 




vj" VllJ 

• • "^ • • • • J 

• • . . .J 

t The real name was Forster. 

1518 35 

'hiemarandum also |>at M' Butt hath promysed to paye vj* viij<^ 
for flynte whych fflynte shuld paye for thomos Curie the 
plummer by a oerten obligatton with a more siiin soluittir 
ut ^patet folio 2? aequenti M' Johanni Raye 
Bumma reoeptortMit in hoc latere p^r moffistram Raye ... xxyj^^ xvj<^ 

Sttfmna receptoru m in hoc latere per Johannem Gierke ... xx* 

28 a] Soluttones facte per predictos gardianos 

n pTMitis to l^ tresorars of Cambryge for a hole 3ere rent at 

mychaellmasRe for the almease bowses in )^^ chyrch3ard ... xij^ 

tern in reward to Richard Smyth for his labour in ccmveyyng 

vp the tabernacle iiij** 

ietn to all other helpars of the same thyng in brede & ale 

Ov UVA^ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••« ••• • • m 'A V V 

t«m for a rope to the ly tell sanctiM bell iiij^ 

tern for constitution of a proctour in )?« suytt bytwyxte |i* 

paryssh & M' Qoldsmyth for the l^;ace of M' pomell ... iiij^ 

tem for o£feryng at M' Godfrey diryge masse ij^ 

tern at M' Jacknett dirige kept by ffi chyrchwardens In prmis 

to ^" parysh preste iiij** 

tern to I?" chauntery preste iiij^ 

iem to iij othar preste« iij^ a peoe is^ 

tern to )9* paryshe clerke ij^ 

tern to !>• chyrchwardens ech of them ij** iiij** 

tern to ^ ofieryng at the masse ij^ 

tern for a 4-i of broddys for the bellstocke ij^ 

tern for mendyng of the staple to }>* same bell ij^ 

tem for a forlocke to the same bell j*^ 

tern for a dogg of yron to our lady tabernacle pond' ij*' & dim' v^ 
tern for ij curten roddys to \>^ same tabernacle pond' xxvj^^ 

wherofe xx" was of the smyth at ij* }>« -fr & vj" old yron 

the workmanshype at a j* 41^ iij' x<* 

tew payed to y^ glasyer ouer & above x" payd by ^ Vniuer- 

sitie promysyd to hym by !>• parysh vj* viij<* 

iem payd to |^ same glasyer for mendyng of iij holys in 

I?" glasse of |}* clerestorye ij* 

ten* payd to J>« parysh clerke for charcolys on crtstmasse daye ij* 
tern payd to Jhon thyrlbye for a obligation ooncemyng the 

glasyer for glasyng ii\j* 

tem payd to Dyar for a loode of sand to laye the stones in the 

cnyicn ••« ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^^j 

iem payd to Neele for helpyng of the glasyer & of ofier 

posyueHBe •.• •>. •■• ••• «•« •.. *•• * j 
iem payd to Smyth for layyng of stones on M' Nelson & 

byneth also ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• uj 


36 1518 

Item payd to Boston the carpentar for mendjng of the stayers 

in )9« lofte ou0r the almeshowses vj* 

Item payd for nayles to the mendyng of the same stayers ... ij* 

lUwi payd for tuckyng gyrdellw j* ob 

Item payd to Neale for scowryng of the great candelstyckM ... viij* 

Item payd for amysse strynge^ & for the canopye ... ij* 

Item payd for to Nunne & Bell in party of payment of )>e 

roode lofte Ixvi'viij* 

Item payd to )»« same men also for the same roode lofte ... ziij" 

Item payd to \jI^ same men also for the same roode loffce ... xvj" 

In yrimis Jhon Gierke for fyve lodys of sond to ^« pavyng of |»* 

chyrchjard att iiij<* xx<* 

Item to Eldar for pauyng in ]^ chyrchjard cowteynyng i» length 

xiij 3sade8 & ij jardex in bredeyth at ij** the jard iiij* 

Item payd to smyth for makyTig clene of the clerestory in y^ 

CDyrcn ... •.. ... ... •.. ... ,,, ... vij 

Item payd for wasshyng of surplice* awbs awter clothes towelled 

& o\>er thynges belongyng to ]f chyrch for a ij hole 3esres ... iiij* 

to Edward Haynes & the somnere for the cause of sute of the 

legacye of M' pomell 

Item payd to M' Shaxton for a busshell of lyme whan \>^ glasyer 

set up alen welltf* wyndow ij* 

Soluttones p^r M' Raye 

Item payd to Jamys Nycholson glasyer oucr & above vj** payd 
to hym by Alen Welle* for a glasse wyndow for remouywg 

of a wyndow & memiyng of holes in ^ glasse vj» viij** 

Item payd for yron to }>' same wyndow & workmanshype 
Item payd to Edward haynes & p* somnere for the sute of the 

legacie of M' pomell agaynst M^ Barbour alio* goldsmythe xvj<^ 

Item payd to Neale for helpyng of the glasyer whan he sett up 

J>' wyndow iij<* 

Item payd for the offeryng at M' Godfrey dirige Masse ... ij^' 

Ite^A payd to biixton for mendyng of the greate bell xx* 

Item payd to the treseraurs of Cambryge for a hole 3er rent at 
Mychaelmasse daye for the Almesse bowses in the chyrch- 

3<w£\lv ... ... ... ... ••. ... .a. ... XIJ 

Summa solutorum in hoc latere per Magistrum Raye xxxiij^ xvij" viij<> 
Summa solutorum in hoc latere per Joha^mem Gierke 

28 b] expoeita per Mr Raye 

In jpremis at M' Jackenet dirige kept by \>* chyrchwardens 

in primis to |?« parysh preyste iiij** 

Itewi to !?• chaunterye preste iiij* 

Item to iij other prestee ix* 



Item to ^* parysh clerke ... 

Item to ech of }>• chyrchwardenfi ij^ 

Item for the offoiyDg 

Item for charecoUe* on cnistmasae daye 

Item for a parch«ment akjn to make the gatheryng roll 

Item for zij lytell bairys of yron to the wyndow in the south 

D V XA »■• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •«• •»• 

Item for mendyng of the fyar panne in the vestiye 

Item for mendyng of the chyrch dore Keye & the locke 

Summa iiij' z^ 

• • • • • 



29 a] 

Receptiones p^r MoffUtrnm Johannem Raye 

In pnmis for the buryall of the goodman Marsh in the chyrch 
porche of his exequtours 

Item Reeeived of M' Butt for flyntt the whych the sayd fflynt 
owte to saincte Marye parysshe for thomos Curie plum- 
mere by a certayn obligation wyth a more sum as ap- 
peryth by a certeyn obligation &C. 

Item Received of Jhon henryson for the rent of the solar ouer 
the almeshowses in the chyrchsard for a hole jere ended at 
thantenciatton of our lady 

[Fol. 29 b blank.] 

30 a] Item Recevyd the xxij day of aprill 

Item Recevyd the zxix day aprill ... 
Item Recevyd the vj day of may ... 
Item Recevyd the ziiij day of may 
Item Recevyd the xzij,^ day of may 
Item Recevyd the zxviiij^ day of may 
Item Recevyd the iij^ day of June 
Item Recevyd the x*^ day of June 
Item Recevyd the xvij day of June 
Item Recevyd the xxiiij^ day of June 
Item Recevyd the fiyrst day of July 
Item Recevyd the viij**** day of July 
Item Rece\'yd the xv day of July ... 
Item Recevyd the xxij'y day of July 
Item Recevyd the xxix^i^ day of July 
Item Recevyd the v day of augus ... 
Item Recevyd the xij*^ day of augus 
Item Recevyd the xix day of augus 
Item Recevyd the xxvj^ now day of avgus 
Item Recevyd the iij day September 
Item Recevyd the xvj day off September 
Item ffor ij wekes 

UJ» lllj* 

vj» viijd 

yj" ob 

VllJ* UJ** 


VJ« VllJ* 

vij" v^ 

vij» ix^ ob 

nij* xjd 


vj" ix* 

UIJ" Vljd 


VJ» Uljd 

luy X* 

lUJ* VllJ* 
V" vj<* 

•■• •• 'A 


y« yjd 




vj* vij* ob 

mj« J* 
vj» iij* 

V" iij* 
iiij* \'^ 

vj" ij* ob 

Item ffor Reoevyd the zxiij day off September 

Item Recevyd the xxiz day off September 

Item Reoevyd the xiiij day off October 

Item Recevyd the xxij day off October 

Item Reoevyd the xxviij day off October 

Item Reoevyd the v day off november 

Item Recevyd the xij day off november 

Item Receyvd the xviij day off november 

Item Recevyd the xxv day off november 

Item Recevyd the iij day off desember 

Item Recevyd the ix day off desember 

Item Recevyd the xvj day off desember 

30 b] Peter Cheke Robert smyth 

Item Recevyd the xxiij day off desember 

Item Recevyd the xxx day off desember 

Item Recevyd the vij day off Janvaryvs 

Item Receuyd the xiiij day off Janvaryus 

Item Receuyd the xxj day off Janvaryus 

Item Receuyd the xxviij day of Janvaryus 

Item Receuyd the V day of februaryus 

Item Receuyd the xij day of februaryus 

Item Receuyd the xix day of februaryus 

Item Receuyd the xxvj day of februaryus 

Item Receuyd the v day of marches 

Item Receuyd the xij day of marches 

Item Receuyd the xxx day of marches 

Item "Received the xxxon day of marches 

SimifTia xiiij" 

Receyuyd yn other parceUe« 
for olde segge ... ... ... ... ... ... 

for haye off Master cheeke 

for y« Rent off y* chambere ouer y« almeysse howssys 

Item off Master clarcke for Money remaynynge yn hys handdev 

Summa xxij» j** 

Summa off all y*" hoole receytte« xv" ij" j* 

where off leyd outt for chargys off y« churche as aperyth by 
hard by master clerck & M' Raye to y* summe liij' vij<* and so 
xij" viij* vjd delyuerd vnto Roberd goodale & gerrard godfrey 

31 a] Thise be the names of them dwellyng iu the parisshe of Seynt 
Mary whiche haue goven money to the Stolyng of the Chirche & gatherd 
by Richard Clerk 

In pn'mis M' hugh Chapman x" paid to Whyte 

OliuerScalys ii" vj«* 



vj« ij* 

v* mj* 

v« iiij^ 

yt yd 

V* X** ob 

V* UIJ" 

V" v^ 

vj" ij** 

v" ij** 




ix' ix<* 

y" compt 



heny hawlehed 

• • ■ 


John Erlyche 

t • • 


WiUtam Elton 

• •• 


John Manfeld 

• • • 

aleyn welles ... 

• • • 

ij* vj^ 

John Mantfihe 

• • • 

Robert Qoodhale 

• •• 


Robert Sm jth 

• • > 

Richard lychefeld 

• • • 

ij* vj«> 

Nicholas Speryng 

■ • • 

ij* vj** 

Uichard Gerk 

• • • 


willtam Nelson 

• •• 


John Martyn 

• • ■ 

• •• 

M' andrewe Manfeld 


paid to 


John Bury ... 

• « • 


WiUunn fflory 

• • • 


Johannes Stronge 

■ • • 

• • v^ • • • •ja 

Johannes Wynter 

• • • 

• • ■ * ■ 


John Woodale 

• •• 


Wedow Dawlyng 

• » • 

• •• mm 

Thomas Marohall 

• •• 

t • a^ • ■ ■ ■ J 

Bumma Iviij' x^ preter xv* soluf carpenter per M' Chapman & Manfeld 

Also be it remembred that hugh Chapman hath payed vnto the 
Carpenter oner & aboue z* aforenamed xv* wherof he asked alowaunce 

Memorandum y^ on thursday next aftyr crutenmesse day anno Henrici 
octaui 4^ Richerd clerke have oomptyde yrith the chyrch wardamice 
In fiiil compte & he hath paid iiij* & so he is dischargyd clerely 

31 b] Thise parcellis folowyng be 

» gathered for the Stolen 

in the 

Body of 

the Chirche by William Elton & John Marshe 

In primis Oliuer Scalys 


M' William pykerall 


M' Robert Hobbys 


M' Syluen Clyston 


John Manfeld 


Aleyn Welle« 

ij' vj** 

Johannes Marshe 

ij* vjd 

Robert Goodhale 

. . • 

Robert Smyth 

ij» vj«> 

RicAamt lychefeld 


John Tompson 

9 m^ • • « •» 

Nicholas Speryng 

ij' vj<* 

John Ray 


Andrewe pomell 




John holder ... 
John hatley ... 
Hugh wjther 
John Benyght 
John Toche ... 
Thomas Swerdbrake 
Wedow kyng . . . 
John Martyn 
Nicholas Barbour 
John Bury ... 
William fflory 
John Stronge 
John Wynter 
Agnes Serle ... 
John kyrkeby 
Edmund fflory 
Bichard wyther 
Thomas Marchall 
Garard Godfrey 
Thomas hoggekyn 
Robert Stele ... 
-William Bagge 


Si^mma iiij" viij* 

32 a] Robert Wylliamson 
John preston Mason 
Richard alane former 
Robert Cobbe Mason 
Robert Robynson Mason 
John laceter Mason 
Edward Skynner 
John hawes ... 
John Colet ... 
Hugh wyther 
John Nele & John kale 
Johanne Readyng wedow 
Isabelle Burton wedow 
Isabelle Tompson ... 
John Grene peynter 
Margaret hasylden wedow 

John Dryver 

wedow peytevyn & her ffelow 

wedow Manfeld 

Thomas Benton 

Robert Gymer & Knappyng Mason 

. •• 


ij» vj* 

• •■ 


• • • •ja 


IJ' VllJ* 

•• •« 

* •« 

ij* vj«> 


ij" vjd 


• • • as 








• • • m^ 


« • • • J 




ij* vj* 


• • • •jm 


> ■ • ■ ■ 

1518 to 1519 


^vOUO^v oFCucT •<• «•• ••■ ••• ••• 

Item resavyd by W. Elton for a stoon of M' Bury 

Summa xvij* xi* 




yLemorandum that on Shere thurday last past William Elton & John 
Marshe Chyrche wardeyns of Seynt Mary Chyrch haue grant & payed to 
William whyte for the Myddylstalle« in the said Chirche ifor the full 
contentacion of the parysshe parte of payment for the said Stalles zxx* 
It«m payd to hym than for reparocion made in the Bofie of y^ said 
Chirche iij' iiij*' and iij' iiij^ for Reward It^m paid moroudr to ihomas 
marshall chyrchwarden xxyj* viij In full oontentacion of the said wiUiam 
elton "'Ittfm paid to the forsaid thomas marshall by John march in his full 
cownt iij* iij*^ 

[Fol. 32 b blank.] 

[Fol. 33 a, b bUnk.] 

34 a] Her after folowth diu^rse summes of money gadred by M' Jhon 
Raye & Jhon Gierke of mennys goode wyll eu^y sonday by a c«rteyn Roll 
the fyrste daye of gatheryng beying the ij**' daye of Januarii the x*** 3erc of 
\fi r^ne of kyng henrie the viij*** & thys money to disposyd for a roodelofte 
& glasyng of the sayd chyrch 

In primis receyvyd the ij^« daye of Januarij 
\iem B^eceived the ix^ daye of Januarij . . . 
Item IBieceived the xvj^ daye of Januarij ... 
Item Received the xxiij^ daye of Januarij 
Item Received the xxx^ daye of Januarij ,.. 
Item Received the yj^ daye of ifebruarij ... 
Item Received the xiij^ daye of ffebruarij 
Item Received the xx^ daye of ffebruarij ... 
Item Received the xxvij^ daye of ffebruarij 
Item Received the vj^ daye of Marche ... 
Item Received the xiij^ daye of Marche ... 
Item Received the xx^ daye of Marche ... 
Item Received the xxvij^ daye of Marche 
Item Received the iij<^ daye of apnle 
Item Received the x^ daye of apnle 
Item Received the xvij^ daye of apnle ... 
Item Received the xxiiii^ daye of apnle ... 
Item Received the fyrste daye of Maij 
Item Received the viij^ daye of Maij 
Item Received the xv^ daye of Maij 
Item Received the xxij^ daye of Maij 
It^m Received the xxix^ daye of Maij 
Item Received the v^ daye of Junij 

ix» ix** 

V" ix<* 

• •_ •• • • 

V1J« vu^^ 

vj* vij'* 


vij« xj^ 

vij* vj^ ob 

* *A * • ■ ^ 

vij" ijd ob 

vij" x^ ob 

vij« ijd ob 

V' x** ob 

vij» ix** ob 

vj" x<* ob 


vlj" xj** 

vij* xj* ob 

vj* \^ ob 


V* viij*^ 

viij* ix* 


vj* vij** ob 



Item Baceived 
Item Bsceived 
Item Bsceived 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Ite7n Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 
Item Received 

the xij**> daye of Junij 

the xix**> daye of Junij 

the xxvj** daye of Junij 

the iij^* daye of Julij 

the I*** daye of Julij 

the xvij**» daye of Julij 

the xxiiij** daye of Julij 

the laste daye of Julij 

the vij*^ daye of auguste 

the xiiij"* daye of auguste 

the xxj^ daye of auguste 

the XX viiij^ daye of auguste 
the iiij**» daye of Septemher 
the xj**» daye of September 
the xviij**» daye of September 
the xxv** daye of September 

the ij^* daye of October 

the ix*** daye of October 

the xvj*** daye of October 

the xxiij daye of October 

the XXX** daye of October 

the vj**» daye of Nouember 

jprobatur Svmma lateris xvj" ix" j** ob 

34 b] Item Received the xiij**» daye of Nouember 
Item Received the xx^ daye of Nouember 
Item Received the xxvij** daye of Nouember 
Item Received the iiij**» daye of December 

Item Received the xj^ daye of December 

Item Received the xviij*** daye of December 
Item Received the xxv" daye of December 
Item Received the fyrste daye of Januarij 

Item Received the viij**> daye of Januarij 

Item Received the xv**» daye of Januarij 

Item Received the xxij^ daye of Januarij 

Item Received the xxix^ daye of Januarij 

Item Received the v**» daye of ffebruarij 

Item Received the xij^ daye of fiebruarij 

Item Received the xix^*' daye of ffebruarij 
Item Received the xxvi" daye of ffebruarij 

Item Received the iiij*^ daye of March 

Item Received the xj^ daye of March 

Itetn ReoetVeG^ the xviij^ daye of March 

Item Received the xxv^* daye of March 

Item Received the fyrste daye of Apn'U 


vij* iij^ ob 

YJ" vij^ 

vj« viij<> 

xj« xj« 

V}' ix<* 

yj* iiij** ob 


vij« iij* ob 

v}« j* ob 

vj" ix^ ob 


Vllj* IX^ 

vj* ix** ob 

•• •_ 


vj* xj** ob 


vj" vj* 

xj" vij^ ob 

V iiij** ob 

yj" iij** ob 

• •• ' 'A 

V1J» IJ* 

vj' v^ ob 
yj» iiij* ob 

Vllj* Vllj* 

vj« vij* ob 

VUJ" J* 

vij' ob 

V1J» IJ* 

yj« vj<» 



vij* x** ob 


Vlj* VUJ* 

*m "'A 



•^ ■ • • • j| 

yj' uij^ 

vj» ix<* ob 
vij* vij** ob 

1519 to 1522 43 

Item Received the viij*** daye of ApnH viij« v* ob 

Item Received tiie x\^ dsye o{ ApnU vj* viij*^ 

TprobcUur viij" iij" vij* ob 

36 a] Electtb officiariorum 

'Magitier Cheke Yni<< Gardianon^m predictorttm elegit in electtonem 
M.agi8trum Bichardum Gierke Magister Rohertus Smyth alW Gardianon^m 
elegit Johannem Tompson qui duo elegerunt Magistrum Butt & ^agtstrum 
halhed Magisirum Raye Joha^nem Gierke NichoZaum Speryng & Thomam 
Marshall qui octo elegerunt in o&icium Gardiauorum pro anno sequente 
GJerardum Godfrey & Robertum gudale et in gardianos luminis crucifixi 
Johannem heniyson & Johannem Kyrckbye & in gardianos Misse Ihe«u 
Willdmum Bellyngham & Simonem Hyde 

35 b] Eccldfia beate marie Virginia iuxta forum ville Gantebrt^rte 


Gompo^us Garrardi Godfrey & Johannis Thirleby loco & vice Roberti 
Goodhale defuncti gardianon^m & bouorum custodu^n £ccle«ie pr^dict^ 
ibidem factt» die lune in septimana Pasche Anno regyii regis hennict viij 
tA\;io decimo 

Eleocu) Officiaiiorum 

Garrardus Godfrey vnus Gardianorum pr^ictorum elegit in elecctonem 
"M-agistrum Johannem Raye & Johannes Thirleby Eligit Magistrum 
Ricardum Glark Quiquidem duo Eligerunt sibi sex videlicet Robertum 
Smyth wexchatmdeler Petrum Gheke Johannem Manfeld Ricarcf?im 
lychefeld Johannem Tomson & Thomam hogekyn Quiquidem octo Eli- 
gerunt officiariof vt sequitur 

T ta ' n ^' A a fNicho^attm Speryng 

In omcio Gardianort^m pro Anno sequente -(„. ^ 

ISimonem Trewe 

In officio Gardianon«mluminumSepulcriC7Am^t J ^ ^ T' ^^ yn n 

[Georgium Norman 

In officio GardianoTttm Grucifixi Ghris^' \^ ^^ 

[Qeorgium Norman 

In officio Gardianonm Misse Jhe*u Ghmii P''^''^'^^ Reynham 

(Kicam?^m Myddylton 

Magieter BAcardus Glark 
VLagister Johannes Ray 
Magister Rob^us Smyth 
M<tgisier petrus Gheke 


The said aooomptaunt6« yeld accompte of money by them 
Resceyued of Robert Smyth & petir Ghekke Ghirche 
wardeyns in the yer pr^ydent for surplusage of ther 
aooompt xij" viij« vj** 

Auditore« Gompo' 



Item resoeyued of M' Willunu Sabyn & alioe his wif late tho 
wif of M' John Erliche alderman of the Towne of Cam- 
brigge in party of payment of his legacies govyn to the 
saiu vynircno ••• ••• •>■ ••• ••• ••• ••• 

tern resoeyued of John harryson & John Kyrkeby Maisters 
of the sepulcr^ light this yer past 

tern of Maistr^s Margaret Nelson Executrix &c. of William 
Nelson in party of payment of his legacies to the Chirche 

•UUxVSSttlU ■•• ••• ••• •«• ••« ••• ••• 

tern resceyued for the buryell of M' John Clerk BediU witAin 
btie v^nircne ... ... ... ••• ... ... ... 

tern resceyued for the buryell of Robert Goodhale wtt^in the 

vylAlX\/UO «•• «•• ••« ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

tern resceyued of the wif of the same Goodhale for his l^acie 

to the reparacton of the Chirche walle 

tern resceyued of John Martyn for the buryell of M' Dent 

vicar of hulle within the Chirche aforesaid 

tern of the same for torches & other thingex aboute the hirste 
tffm Receyued of M' hobbys Executour &c of M' Scalys for his 

legacie to the Chirche 

tern of the same M' hobbys for the buryell of his wif witAan 

bUe v/uircne ... ... «.. ,.. .., •.. •.. 

tern resceyued of John harryson for the ferme of iij quarters of 

a yer of the Chirche Chambir 

tern resoeyued of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londef 

belongyng to the Chirche 

36 a] Ad hue de ResoepctonibtM xxxvj 

tern resoeyued of the wif of Robert Stele for his buryell wttAin 
the Chiche (sic) & for torchis & other thinge« 

tern received of Robert Cobbe late wardeyn of the sepulcre 
light for a rest of money due by hym to the same light ... 

Summa xx" ix" iiiij** 



xxvj* viij* 

vj» viij^ 

•• • • 'A 

yf viij* 

*m '"A 


VJ» VllJ* 

vij« vj<i 

• • ■ • _ 


vij" mj^ 

■ * * * A ■ * * J 

Resceyte« of the Collecc^ons euery sonday 

Dominica prima resceyued 

DofTttnica 2^ wttA xiij" iiij** govyn by M' Hailed for his Ces 

kXMJvvUo ... ••• ••■ ... ... ••* ••• •• 

J^(/7rl>vniGa o •«. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

xJomxxiicsi 4 ••• ... ••• ••• ••« ••• •.• .. 

Domthica quinta 

Domtnica yj** 

Dowwnica vij"** 

Dominica viij* 

J^OTlti'IUvft IX ••• •«« ••• ••• ••• ••• «•« •• 

• • • a^ • ■ • ^ 

XX" vj*^ 
iiij" ix** 

V* 1UJ«* 

vij" X** 

iiij* vij* ob 




yj" ix^ 



Domtnica x ... 

•■ ••■ ■«• 

v« viij* 

Dommica xj ... 

■•• ••• ••• 


Dofiunica xij ... 

»■• ••• ••« 


Dommica xiij 

k • ■ • • • • • 


ThmimcA xiiij 

k*« ••• •■• 

V* viij* 

Dominica xv ... 

• « • • • « •,• • 


Dofiunica xvj 

•■ ■•• ••« 


Dominica xvij 

■•• «•• ••• 


Dominica xviij 

■•• ••• ••• 

UIJ* V" 

Dommica xix... 

••■ ••• •■■ 

«... • « J 


Dom»nica xx* 

»•• ••• «•• 

111/ 1J<" 

Domtnica xxj 

••• ■•■ •«• 


Domtnica xxij^ 

••« ••• ■•• 

V* viij'* 

Domuiica xxiij* 

••• ••■ ••« 

uij» mj* 

Dominica x xiiij 

• «• •«■ •■• 


Dommica xxv*» 

■■• ••• ••• 


Dominica xxvj*» 

■• ••• ••• 


Dommica zxvij 

•• •«• ■•• 


Dommica xxviij* 

!•• ••• ••• 

V" viij<* 

Dominica xxix 

• •• ■■• ••• 



i viij" xv^ ob 

36 b] Dominica XXX™* 

!■• ••• ••• 


Dominica xxxj 

• ■ ••• ••• 


Dommica xxxij 

••• • • • 

•■• ••• •■• 

v« viij<* 

Dommica xxxiij 

*•• •-• >•• 

• • • • • * * * J 

mj» uij" 

Dommica xxxiiij^ 

• • ■ • • • 

*•■ ••• ••• 


Dominica xxxv 

• • ■ ■ • • 

• •• ••• ■•• 

v« vj<* 

Dommica xxxvj 

«• ••• ••■ 


Dommica xxxvy 

• * • ■ • ■ 

••• ••• ••■ 

iuj» v« 

Dominica xxxviij 

• • « • • • 

• •• •«• ••■ 

v» ix** 

Dominica xxxix 

• • ••■ ••• 


Dominica xl™* 

• ■ ■ • • ■ 

• •• ••• ••• 

mj» ix** 

Dommica xli ... 

»•• ••• ••• 

• • • ■— •-! 


Dominica xlii 

• •• • • • 

■ •• ••• ••• 


Dommica xiiij 

• • ••• ••« 

vj* \iij*' 

Dominica xliiij 

■ • ••• •■• 


DcHiunica xlv ... 

• • • • • • 

■ ■* ••■ ••• 


Dominica xlvj 

• • • • • • 

• •• ••• ■■• 


Dominica xlvij 

• ■• ••• ••• 

v» iij* 

Dommica xl\4ij 

• •« • • • 

»•• •■■ •■• 

v« mj« 

Dominica xlix 

»•• ••• ■•• 


Dominica 1"* 

• • • • • • 

!•• ••• ••• 


Dominica li ... 

• • • • • • 1 

!•• «■• «•• 


Dominica lij^ 

■ • «•• ■•• 




Dominica liij 
Dominica liiij 
Dommicalv ... 
Dominica Ivj ... 

• « • • • • 

Sumiaa vij" 
Summa totalis Reoe^te xzxy^ xj« ix<* ob 

v» ix* 
V" iiij* 

37 a] Allocations & paymente^ 

ffirst payed by thande« of Robert Goodhale towardes the makyng 
of the Bode lofbe 

Item payed atte a nother tyme for & towardes the makyng of 
the same Roodelofbe as it apperith by acquietaunce« therof 
made that is to witte by thand^ of Robert Qoodhale xl" 
& by thande^ of Garrard Qoddefrey viij^ summa 

Item payed for a Oytacion for M' Goldesmyth alias Barbour ... 

Item paied to oon Charlys laborer to Byde to Weldon for fre 
ston for the Chirche waller for hemest money 

Item to the same for his Mete & drinke liij dayes &C. 

Item to the same for his labour for iiij dayes 

Item to a brikke leyer for makyng of the Chirche walle iij 

UttYUo vUlU ..• ... ••* ••• ... ••• ... 

Item to his seruitour for iij dayes & dim^ & for makyng clone 
of the Chirche yerd 

Item for the Carryage of a loode brikke & ij loode« same for the 
same Chirche walle 

Item for carryage of iiij free stones from Jhe«us grene to the 
Chirche yerd for the said walle 

Item for CCC brikke« for the same Chirche walle 

Item to Nele & other for an hutche govyn to the Chirche by 
Mais^res Cooke to bryng it from Bichard hawkyns to the 
saiu v./nipcne ... •.. ... ... ••• ... ••• 

Item payed to Muston Baylif of weldon for fre stone xxiiij die 
febrttarii Anno xiij° for iij Tonne & dim' 

Item for the Carryage of the same from Jhe«us Grene to the 
Chirche yerd 

Item payed for the dirrygies of M' Thomas Jaoonett vt in 
annis precedentt&?M 

Item allowed to John harryson for certeyn border nayled & 
fixed wit/iin the Chambir belongyng to the Chirche in the 
payme^it of his fferme 

Item payed to the plomer for mendyng of a gutter of lede be- 
longyng to the said Chambir 

Item payed to a pavyer for pavyng of our ladyes Chapell wit^n 
the said Chirche 















. .. • 


ij' yj* 

IJ" vuj<» 


1522 47 

It«m payed for tyle & workemanship necc«««arie for the same 

vyIl&U6Ll ••• •.. ■•• a.. ••• ••• ••« «•• llj VIIJ 

Item payed for mendyng of a lokke in the Revestiy iiij^ 

Item payed for x^ pavyng tyles for the Chapell aforesaid ... v<* 

Item payed for makyng of an aulter yfithtn our lady Chapell 

for a Man & oon laborer for ij dayes U' ij^ 

Item for ym werk for the same aulter x^ 

Item to the plomer for mendyng of c^rteyn holys in the 

Revestry door vij** 

Item to the same for mendyng of the Chirche leader for sowdir 

& werkemanship xxj^ 

Item payed for a belle rope for the lityll belle xiij' 

Item payed for a loode lyme ocupied for the pavyment in our 

lady Chapell y' iiij** 

Item payed to the tresorers for the oute Rent of the Chirche 

nouses «•• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •«• ••• ^iJ 

Item payed to a Glasyer for mendyng of certeyn glasse wyn- 

dowes wttAi'n the Chirche ij' iiij** 

37 b] Plus de allocacionibtM et eolucionihus 

Item payed for ij surplices new made for the said Chirche ... , xj" j<* 
Item payed to John Glasse waterman for bryngyng of iij ton 
dim' of fire ston from weldon to Jhesus grene mith his 

K6ie .•■ ... •*. ••• .*« ... .•• ••• * 

)xij footer 
fre ston 
govyn by 
M' Hobbys 
Item \viyed for the wasshing of the surplices & amendyng of 
them & for aubbys & other the Chirche ger wasshing all 
this yer v*z to the wif of M' Garrard (xij*) & to the wif 

of Thirlcby (viij'^) xx* 

Item payed for a fodir of lyme occupied vpon the repamcibns 

of the Chu'che wall6 ij" vj** 

.•••II •_ •••J 
xxmj" vj» nj" 

Item payed for an hamper for to put in the Chirche Juellw ... viij<* 

Summa xxiiij" vj" v^ 
Sumxna totalis Beoepte xxxv" xj" ix** ob 
Summa onmi^w aXLoccUionum xxiiij^ vj» v^ 
Et sic ho^nt surplusagium xj** v« v* 

whiche xj" v« v^ is deljrucred to Nicholas Speryng & Simon Trewe Chirche- 
wardeyns for the yer to cum by Garrard Goodfrey & John Thirleby 
Chirche wardeyns in the yer presydent 

48 1522 

Mwwwawi^ w w thftt I Ryohftpd Hyhopd p w noopftll oflf oftnot Mary 
Hootyll hayth Rooawyd off niooloo sporyng & oymond toow a obaly & 
qvitoh I promya to Rcatoyr att thof callyng fo r by thayp my hand 
wryttyng tho xxv day off May the imj }or off the Boyn of Kyng Honry 
tho viij 

Memorandum that John harryson & John Kyrkeby, late wardeyns of 
the sepulcTd & Rodde lightes haue delyu^red vnto the forenamed Nicholas 
81)eryng & Sjrmond Trewe Chirche wardeyns xx* 

Et sic in Clara pecunia xij" v« iiij** 

38 a] Dettes due to the Chirche by c^rteyn persons as folowith 
first Maiflto f H» Margarot Noloon for tho root of hor huobondoj 

byqWOOt... rr? 7T-. —, rrr rr, rrr ;.. MWJ ^ v i>|^ 

Item of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londe« in his 

uOuU# 6 ••• ••■ •■• ••■ ••• ••• ••« ••• 

Item Thomas Marschall owith for the ferme of a certeyn pale 
in the Chirche yerd for the yer past 

Item the aenxaunte of willtam habyngton called lorkyn gayf & 
beqwethed to the buyldyng and makyng of the Roode 

XOX I/O ••■ ••• •«• ••• ••• ••■ «•• ••• aJL VI V IJJ 

Item for the ferme of a cMeyn Medow in Chesterton ffeld 

Item for the ferme of the Chambirs oner the almouse housel quere pro 

late in the tenure of John harryson now vn leton J Tenente 

Item restith in thande« of John Charlys and other Executoiin 

of Maisteres Gkxlfrey for a legaoe by her goven to the 

V^UlXvUO ••• ••• ••• •<• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^-^ 

Item William Synderton & Thomas fflynte owe for the Rest of 
an olde Reconyng for Thomas Curie of xliij' iiij^ wherof 
ther is payed atte two seuerall tymes at oon tyme by 
thandeg of Synderton & fflynte as apperith in thaccompte 
of M' Raye xiij* iiij^ and another tyme by thandes of 
Doctor Butte vj* viij^ & atte another tyme xv* And so Rest 

Item the said Thomas Curie owith ypon an olde reconyng ouer 

& besydef the simime aforesaid Ix* 

Item William Synderton aocordyng to the Testament^ j Chapell 
of Robert Coope ought to make a Chapell byfore I j Chaleys 
seint Geoige And also he hath in his hande« Ipro eodem xlvi* viij*^ 
a Cuppe of Syluer for a Chaleys of the bequest I in manibiM gardia- 
of the said Coope J norum 

It e m for tho buryoll of My John Ray tholdor y/ t thin tho Chirche 

Romanot —. —. —, rr^ —. —, m ▼)« viij* * 

Ite97i in thandetf of the Maisters of the Kinge« Halle to theml CCC 
delyuered by Thomas Marschall / brikkes 

Item Thexecutot^rj of Thomas pomell late of Cambrigge draper 
owe for a l^ace made by the said Thomas to the Chirche 

• • •_ • • • • J 

vuj» mj* 
leade de- 

by good- 

1623 49 

of Seint Mary next the market in Cambridge as apperith 

in his testameDt xxiiij" 

Item thexecut(mn of M' John Erliche owe for a I^ace made by 
the said John to the said Chirche ou^r & aboue xx* therof 

LKbYf^l ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• «| 

Item thexecutot/r) of M' Joyly owe for a l^ace also made 
to the said Chirche 

'Memorandum that John Harryson & John Kyrkeby late Wardeyns of 

the Sepulcrtf light haue delyudred to William Habyngton & George 


Norman nowe Wardeyns of the same light xij viij" of wex belongyng 
to the said light 

Memorandum that the same late Wardeyns haue delyiiered vnto the 
said now Wardeyns xj" wex belongyng to the Rode light 

38 b] Compo/as Simonis Trewe & Nicho^ai Speryng focttM v}^ die aprilis 

Anno xiiij regnt regis H. viij 

Here after folowyth dyuyrs summis of mony gatheryd by nycolas 
Speryng and Symon trew of menys good wyll euery sonday by a sartayn 
Bolle as her after appry th 

tern In pnk?nw "Received the ij**»« sonday after ester daye ... iiij" vij*' 

tem Reoeti^ the iij^« daye yj"j<*ob 

tern Reoetveef the iiij^^ daye v'j** 

tem Reoett^ the v^'^ daye vj« iiij** 

tew Reoetwrf of garrard godfraye & John thiirlby xj" v« v^ 

tem ReoetVec? of syndyrton xx" iiij'* 

tem Rece»v0c? of Mastrys nelson xxvj" viij** 

tern Vieceived of harryson and John ciirby for the sepiilcur 

*v^>& •■• ••• •■• ■•• ••• ••• ••• ••• JLJk 

tem Receitw)? the vj*'*« daye v«iij** 

tem Reoen^ the vij^" daye v*x** 

tem Beoenmi the viij*^ daye iiij'ix** 

tem EeoetVec^ the ix*^ daye v» ij** 

tem ReceiMa? the x*'^' daye v« v<* 

tem Receivecf the xj^« daye v'iiij'' 

tem Beeeii^ the xij^« daye ij* ^g** 

tem Reoeiwc? the xiij^iM daye v« viij** 

tem Reoetvec? the xiiij^>^ daye v« iiij** 

tem Recent the xv^ daye v» y** 

tem Recetvecf the xvj^ daye iiij" ij* 

tem Receti^ the xvij^" daye iiij* iiij** 

tern Recm«0G? the xviij^* daye yj" x** 

tem Recent the xix^« daye iiij* viij** 

tem R«0e»vetf the xx^ daye iij»ix** 

tern Receti^ the xxj*^* daye iij"j** 

C. J. S. Octavo SeHet. No. XXXV, 4 



iem Beoeived the xx\y^ d&je 

tern "Received the Txii}^^ dAje 

tern Received ihe xxiii)*^ d&ye 

tem Received the xiv^^ dAje 

tern Received the xjyj^^ d&je 

tern Received the xxviy^ daye 

39 a] Item R^^'t^ the xxviij^" daye 

tern Received the xxix*^ da,ye 

tern Received the xxx^^ 

tern Received the VLX}**^ d&je 

tetn Received the xxxi}^^ dAye 

tern Received the xxxii}^* d&ye 

tern Received the xxxiiii^^ d&ye 

tem Received the zxxy*^ dnye 

tern Received for the wastyng & bumyng of the torcbys for 

awnceii a styiL ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• 

tern Received for brekyng of the grownde in the church for the 

good wyfe Cotton ... 
tem Received for brekyng of the grownde in the church for the 

gooQ wyi Suy II ... ■(, ••* ••• ••• ••• ••■ 

tem Received of M' Hobbra for ij yerys Rent of the palle 

in the church yard ... ... ... ... 

tem Received for the lyme that left of the workmanschc[) 

in saynt Andrwys chappyll 

te7n Received of flyntte the saddlare in parte payment of 

a mor st^m •»• ... ... ... ... »•. ... 

Sum of this Resayte xxiiij" v» v^ ob 

39 b] payd to John Raynnam for makyng of the chyrch wall 
wych contaynyth iiij score fote & vij that is iij'' a fote .. 

Item payd for wyer (sic) to the aacurinent 

Item payd for schet of parchment 

Item for a lyne to the sancebell 

Item to charier for iij dayes warke on the bartylment of the 

vULUvUv •«• ••• ••• ••• «■• ■•• ••• ••• 

Item payd to nell for mendyng the canape stanys 

Item payd to edward hayn^ for makyng of the proxy 

Tt^m payd for lyme & sonde 

Item payd to the tressorys 

Item payd for a kaye to the chancell dore 

Item payd to nycole« golsmyth for ij ownsce of syhiwr 

Item payd for hys bysynes 

Item payd for oole« to the dark on crystmese daye 

Item payd for a bele Rope 

Ite97i payd for a yem to the sen8iu*e 

* * * *M * * * J 

nij* vnj" 
V" vj** 

nij« xj** 
vj» ij** 

nij' vnj<* 

_ • • • •-■ 

y uij** 


* * * 1 






■ • • • jt 

xxj' ix** 





• • • • I 


1523 51 

Item ^jd for ij haljvr&tur Btjkes iij* 

It^m payd for M' Jakynet«ff obbyte ij"jd 

Item payd for Rayssyng & lajnyg of the ston enturyng into 

saynt Andrwys chapyll vj** 

Ittfin pajd for ij C pauyng ston \'« iiijd 

Item payd for a quarter & vj pauyng stones j^ 

It07n payd for a foder of lyme iij" 

Ittfm payd for y lode of sonde xx** 

It^m payd grype for the workmanschepe vj" viij** 

Item payd for wassyng of the surplese & mendyng & for 

wasscyng of the awtter clothys witA other thinge« longyng 

to the chiirche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xx*' 

Item payd to John cappare for scorying of the gret cansttykke« viij** 
I have payd of the Bum of Resayte afor wryttyu as it here 

aperyth iij" xiiij" ix** ob 

and so du to the church xx"x"viij** 

40 a] Due to the Chirche as apperith vpon the foote of this 

acoompte whiche is delyu^red xx^'x'viij*' 

To John Martyn and John Thomson Chirche wardeyns for 

theyertoCum xx"x*viij** 

Item ther is delyuered to the same Chirche wardeyns all the 

Juellfis Reliques evidenc<» and other thinge« as articulerly 

apperith byfore in thise booke folio xiij 

Ther and than present M' Robert Sm^'th Maier of the Towne of 
Cambrigge M' John Ray M' Petir Cheke John Kyrkeby Robert wiset 
John Kale John Alcetir John Thirleby & other moo 

DettM also owing to the Chirche ouer and beside the surame aforesaid 
first of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn \ondes in his tenure for 
It^m the seruat^nte of william abyngton called Lorkyn gaif & 

bequethed to the buyldyng and makyng of the Roode lofte xxvj* viij<^ 
Item the Chambirs ouer the almouse houses hoc Anno ml 

quia in manibia gardianorum 

Item John Charles and other of Executotcrj of Maisteres Qod- 

frey owe for a legace by her goven to the Chirche ... xl" 

Item willuvm Synderton & Thomas fflynte owe of the Rest 

of an obligacibn ouer & besides iij" iiij^ payd &c v* 

Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde Reconyng ouer & besides the 

summe aforesaid ... ... ... ••• ... ... xl' 

Thexecutourj of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym made 

to the same Chirche by estymacibn xxiiij" 

Item the Executowrj of M' John Erliche owe for a legace 

by hym made to the same Chirche ouer Si aboue xx' therof 

pay cci ... ••• ••• ... ••• •• •*. ••• J 


52 1523 

Item thexecutcmn of M' J0I7 owe for a legace by hym made to 
the same Chirche 

]tem John hanyson and John Kyrkeby late wardeyns of the 
Sepulcre light haue delyu^red vnto John Martyn and John 
Thomson new Chirche wardeyns chosen for the yer to 

Cum in money ij' iiij** 

And so ther« is in the said Chirche wardeyns hande« xx^* xiij" and 

also they haue viij^ founde in the box 

Also the said John harryson and John Kyrkeby 1 vij" wex payed 

l^omysse to delyu^re to thuse of the Chirche late wardeyns \ to the sepulcre 

of the Sepulcr6 light J lighte 

40 b] Electio gardianon^rn Anno QhrUti 1523 Nycholaa Speryng Elegit 
^agigtrtan "B/ohertum Smythe & Simon Trew elegit WilWrnum Butte (\ui 
duo elegerunt Maffiitnim Raye Ma^trum Cheke Magistrum hacumblyn 
'Siagistrum gerardum godfrey Rob^rti^m Robynson & Johanaiem Kyrbe k 
hii octo elegerunt 

In officium gardianon/m pro Anno sequente Johannem Marten Johor^i- 
nem Thomson 

In officio gardianon^m luminum sepulcri christi georgr?<m Norman 
WilltfZmum Habyngton 

In officio Misse Jh^fii Johannem Reynum Rycare^i^m Medylton Johan- 
nem Thyrleby 

Auditores compoti 'M.agutrum Robertum Smyth 'SiagiiUnim Joha?inem 
Rey Magistrum Cheke Johannem Thyrleby 

Her after folowethe oerten sumTTies receyved by vs y« for wrtton 
Chyrche wardens 

In prmts Teoeived of y« old wardenex xx" xiij" viij** 

Item of Maistres Sabyns xx« 

Item of godmachester wieff for torches xvj** 

Item of y« goodman Mandefeld vj» viij** 

Item of y« gatheryng in y« chyrche iiij sondays xvj" vj*> 

Item of M' Hobbys for whyte rente vj** 

Item for olde tymber soldo iiij* iiij** 

Item for Certen olde Juelle^ sold be y« Connsent of y« sobyre 

Men of y« paryshe liiij« 

Si^mma totolu recepie xxv^* xvij" 

41 a] Her after folowethe certen sumTiies payde be vs y* seyd Chyche 

In pn'mM for ij locked & a bande of yrone to y« huche iij" 

Item for nayles to y* rode lofte ij'ij** 

Item a jherde of bokeram for copes vj*^ 

Item for rybon sylke & threde xij'* 

Item to y* mender of y* copes & another peice in threde ... ix^ 

Itew for rybou iij** 



tern for bokaram & threde 

tern to y« mender of y* cope« for hys labor 

teni for bordyng of y^ weetmen maker 

tern for pynnyng of j« beme 

t^m for ij boshelef of Ijme 

iem for a hay If hu^zderyd of iiij peuy nayll 
tern payd to hogokyn for rydyng to so land 

t^TO for y« vysitation 

tern to y« smyth for hyem wark 

t^m for naylef 

tem for holowyng of y^ ymc^esse of mari & Jhon 
tern for serchy ng of y« roff of y« chyrche 
ttfiii to y« tresawreres 

iem to nvn & bell 


tem payd to nvn 

iem at y^ last pament to nvn 

iem at another tyme 

tem for kepyng of Jakenet6s dii*ge 

St^mma hvdtu pagine xziiij^ iij" vj*^ 



•• • • 

»)• vj* 

ij* ob 

VllJ" UIJ** 


XIX" xiij» mj 

.. xxiij* mj^ 

.. XXVUJ" IJ* 

• • *^ • • • • * 

.. viij« mj<» 
• •• • • J 


• •• • "A 

1J« VllJ** 


■ • • • J 

lb] Ittff/i to Jhon vynam 

tem to kell for y« translatyng of y« lytyll westry & mendyug of 

y* wysse to y^ sacerment 

t^m for nayleji ... ... ... ••• ••• ... ••. 

t«m to Habyngton for whyppecorde 

t^m for mendyng of y* olde sensoref 

tem to thyrlebe for makyug indentewrs for y* cha^^ber in 

y" cherche yjhard 

t«7ii for byndyng of a proeyssyonary 

t^m for cole« on crystmas day 

iem for y« steppe tofor y« alter 

te/» for a glasse wyndow mendyng 

tem for ij dogkes of hyeron to y^ rode lofte 

tem in y* losse of y« eyll money 

tem for wasshing of the Surplice« & other thiuge< belongyug to 

vDe v^nircne ••■ ••• •.. •■• ••• •*• ••• 

iem for scoryng of the Candellstykke« to John Cay 

t<^7t for mendyng of a Candelstik 

Summa hmtu pagine xiiij* xj^ 
Qumma totalis alloc* xxiiij>* xviij» v<* ob 
£< sic predict! Computante« debent xviy* vj<* ob 

42 a] Ecclefia beate marie virginis iuxto) . . . „ 

"* ° >Anno XV re^nt re^ Hennei viij 



* * * I 






54 1524 

Eloccib Of^ciariorum • 

^Isti octo Elegeruut Officiant sequeu/es 

JohanneB Thomson Eligtt MagistrumWiUelmum 
Butte Johannes Martyn Eligit Hagistrum 
Bjohertum Smyth wexchaundeler 

Isti duo Eligerunt sibi sex viz. 

"Magistrum Johannem Rayi 

Garrardum Goddefrey 

Nicho^ttm Speryng 

Johannem Manfeld 

Simonem True 

Johannem Thirleby 

T /vfl! • i-i J- T^ , • (^amsirum Jaoobum haciunbleyn 

In Officio Gardianon^m Eccldne i-, ^ , 

(Johannem howes 

T /^ic • i^ J- 1 • CI 1 • (WiWeljnum habyngton 

lu Omcio Gardianorum luminum Sepulcn i,^ xt 

*^ (Georgiu?n Norman 

T i^-i 11 X 1 -Ej- Ti- r Johannem Bams 
In Collector Misse Ihe^ -^ , , « ., 

(Johannem Smyth 

Auditor^f Compo^i Johannis Thomson & Johannis Martyn Gardia- 
norum in anno pr^cedent^ 

Magistrum Rob^rtum Smyth 

Mctffistrum Johannem Ray 

Simonem True 

Johamiem Thirleby 

Due to the Chirche as apperith in the foote of this accompto xviij* vj** 
whiche is delyu^red To M^ Jamys hacumbleyn & John howes Chirche 
wardeyns for the yer to cum xviij* \j<^ compo^i^ in proxiVno Compoto 

(howes he[ ]) 
It^m ther is dQlyxiered to the same Chirchewardeyns All the Juell6« 
Reliques evidences and other thinges as apperith byfore in this booke 
folio xiij 

Ther and than present M' William Butte M' Robert Smyth M' John 
Ray Simond True George Norman John Thirleby & other moo 

42 b] Dette« also due & owyng to the said Cliirche oner and besides the 

same aforewreton 

ffirst of John Jenyn for the ferme of certeyn londes in his 

tenure for iij yers atte fest of halowmesse next 

Item the seniante of willeam habyngton called lorkyn gaif 

& beqwethed to the Chirche towardes the Rode lofte ... xxvj" viij** 
IteTn the ferme of the Almouse houses Chambirs hoc anno 

nt^ quia in manibzM Gardianon^m non conducti 

Item John Charles and other Executovr) of Maisteres Godfrey 

owe for a legace by her goven to the Chirche xl" 

Ite?n William Synderton & Thomas flQynte owe for the Rest of 

an obligacion for Curie vt pato^ in ultimo Compoto prece- 

ueii wv •■• ••• «■■ ••• ■.• •*• ••■ ... ' 

1524 56 

Item Thomoa Curie owith vpon an olde Reconyng ouer & besides 

the said summ xl" desperatte 

Thexecutoto^ of Thomas Pomell owe for a legaoe by hym 

made to the same Chirche by estymacibn zziiij^' 

Thexecuiour} of M' John Erliche owe for a legace by hym made 

ouer & beside this yer payed by M3 Sabyn Ix" 

It^jn thexecutottrj of Maist^res Joly ow for a legaoe by hym 
made to the some Chirche 

Memorandum of ferme hold^x 

nii-ij-Avx -TIT f3 pro iij anriis in festo omniuvi 

flirst londes m the tenm*^ of John Jenyn 4 t, ;^ , 

'' [ SanctorMW prox' 

Item for a pale in the Chirche yerde belongyng to the houses 

late of M'. asshewell by the yer vj** yerly 

Item the ferme of the Chambers ouer the almouse houses in 

the Chirche yerd leton to Raf Bicardyke by Indenture ... viij" ycrly 

It^n cfrteyn Medowe in Chesterton feld of the gifte of M3 

Goddefrey by the yer 3 pro iij anms 

43 a] Audito Compo^o wille^mi habyngton & Georgii Norman 
Gardianorum lummum Crucifixi & Sepulcri pro ]^hus annis 
finite in festo pasche instant' a,nni viz anno regni regis 
henreb' octaui xv^ Computate« computandis allocati>que 
allocandu vt i^aiet p«r librum visum & examinatt&m lidem 
Computante^ hodent in manibiM suis ad usum Ecclene ... xxij" xj^ 

Here after ffolowyth Certyn Summys of monye gatheryde By Jamys 

hacumblen & John hawys of mennys good wylles Euery Sonday as 
hereafter apperyth 

tern Receti^ of Goodman haws xxxv" 

tern l^£ceived ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xv' 

n pn'mys the iij® day of AppriUs that is lowe sonday v» iiij** 

tern Received the x** day of Aprilis the ij sonday v» iij** ob 

tern Bsceived the xvij® day of Aprilid the iij sonday iiy' \^ 

tern Received the xxiiij<* day of Aprilis the iiij sonday ... vj* ij^' 

tern Received the furste day of may the v sonday iiij' ix'* 

tern Received the viij** day of may the vj sonday iiij* iiij** 

tem Received the xv" day of may the vij sonday v" iiij** 

tern Received the xxij** day of may the viij sonday iij" j** 

tern Received the xxix^ day of may the ix sonday iiij' ix^ 

tcm Received the v" day of Ivnivs the x sonday iij" vij** 

tern Received the xij^ day of Ivnivs the xj sonday v* 

tern Reseuyd of the precedensse of the kynge« halle for viij 

fifowtte of stone iy* 



It^m ^Bjdceieiid the xix day of Ivnivs the xij Souday 

Iterm Received of goodman spiring for j bushell a RefuHse lyme 

Item Solid C quart' & xiiij" of olde ledde 

Item Received of Johannis thomBon & Johannis martyn 

Item reaceived for the Rent of the pale 

Summa iiij** iij* iiij^ ob 

[Fol. 43 b blank.] 

44 a] The paymente« of the said Chirchewardeyns 

ffirat payed for a Chette of parchemen for ower Rowelle to kaddur 
by in the cheirche ... ... ,,. 

liefn for v yarde« & iij quartera for the cowjie & \>° haltk 
quarter of whytte dammaske at v" viij** y* jarde & for 
i vnce of golde at iij* viij** y« unc« 

tern for vij yarde* of grene bokeram at vj*' Jj® yard 

XieTfi tor J pece a lere ••• ... «.. ... •*• ... 

tern for ij eWes of Canvas at iiij^ ob J)® ell 

t«w for Seryng CandyllM 

tern for v \xxces of Sylke & iij skenys a blacke Sylke vj^ at xij 

w^ V Xl\/v ••• ••• ••« ••• ••• ••• ••« ••• 

te»i for whytte threyde 

tern payed vnto the Brothers for viij wekes & iij days workyn 

01 XfixQ v^owppe ••• a.. ••• «., ... •.. •■• 

tern for iij vnce» & a quarteryn of ftbnys golde at iij" viij** [>« 

VXl(y%S ••• ... •*. ••* •*. ... ... ... 

tern for iij vnc« of fiyssemeu rebyn at xij<* )>« vnce 

ttfwi for vysitation 

tein payed M' Thomas Chakenett for his obbytt 

tern for a roppe for the lyttill bell 

t^m a roppe for the grett bell 

t6m payed for mendyug of a lectorTi 

tern payed for mendyng of syett^ 

iieTn in naiys •*• ••• •«. *,. ... •*. ... 

tern payed for byndyng of the legentt booke 

tern Solid C qiiart' & xiiij li of olde loddo — 

iij* vj 



xviij* vj** 

m • •• J 


xxxvj" xj* 
nj« vj« 




yB YJd 


xxuj* UJ** 

xj» xjd 

• • •■ 




1 1 1 



t<wi payed vnto the tresory 

tem for halfife a ell of brestell for meudyng of Surplic«« 

tern for wasshing of the Surplices & mendyng of them and 

wasshyng of the altur clowte« 

Item payed to John alcetyr capper for scoryng of the Candyl- 

o v I K WF ... ... ... ... ••• ... ... ••• 

Swrnma iiij** xv" viij** ob 

44 b] Ecclesia aancte Triuitatz^ anno xvj Teg7ii regis heurici viij 
Eleccio ibidem facta die Dommca in albis anno suprodicto 


• • • • J 



* • 'J 


1525 67 

VLagister Jacobus hacumbleyn Gardianus £Gcl<»ie in anno ^yrecedente 
digit llagigtrum Petrum Cheke Johannes Howes altcrr Gardiauus Eligit 
Magisirum ^uxirdum Gierke Isti duo elig&turU sibi sex videlicet Mom^tw- 
trum Robertum Smyth Gairardiuu Goddefrey BAGordum lichefeld Simonem 
True Nicho^aum Speiyng & Wilk/mum Bellyngham Isti octo prenominati 

In Officio Gardianorum Eocleae pro anno (Kicardum Gotton et 
sequent \Johannem Barnard 

In Officio Gardianorum luminum Septdcri \^ , /-. 

^ (Jaoobum Cragge 

T /ME • /-< 11 X »#• TL fadrianum Johnson et 

in Umcto Collectorum pro Missa Ihem -{o- i-jji 

'^ (Simonem hidde 

f'SLagistrum Robertum Smyth 
M.affUtruni Petrum Gheke 
Simonem True & 
Johannem Thirlebye 
Audi to compoto predtctontm Jacobi Hacum-v 
bleyn & Johannis howewes Gardianort^m £c- 
clesie predicts in anno precedents viz. a die 
Dominica in albis anno regrd regis henrici 
viij xv^ vsque eundem diem dominicam anno 
regni regis henrici viij xyj<* omnibtM computatis 
computandis alloco^isqt^ allocandis vt patet isto 
anno precedents in Gompoto suo 

Audito compoto yviUelmi habyngton & Georgii^ 
Norman Gardinarum luminum Grucifixi & sepulcri 
finito die dominica in albis anno regni regis henrici 
octaui iv}° suprodictis omnibtM computatis com- 
putandis alloca^isque allocandis vt po/e^ in quo- 
dam libro ipsorum Gomputancium viso & exami- 
nato ijdem oomputantes debent Glare £ccle«ie 

UTIRJIU/ Wvf *•• ••• ••• ••• a »m •■• 

Howes predict' viij* iiij** Et sic Remanet Ecclewe in Clara 
iic(/Uuia ••• •■• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• XX rtii^ jl 

quoB deliberat' est Hicaro^ Gotton & Johanni Barnard 
Gardianis pro anno sequence vna cum xij*^ Recept' de Jacobo 
hacumbleyn pro vno paruo Goclear* aigent' perdito Et sic in 
mauibtMsuis xxxv* x*^ 

45 a] Item ther is deleyuered to the said Richard Gotton & 
John Barnard Ghirche wardeyns for the yer to cum All 
the Juelles Reliques evydences and other thinges as ap- 
perith byfore in this booke tilio xiij 

Ther and than present M' Robert Smyth M*^ Petir Gheke John 
Howes M' Jamys hacumbleyn Simon Trew william habyng- 
ton Georgi& Norman Richard Myddylton and other moo 

debefur eisdem Gomput' 
xij* iiij* inde solut' per 
^ohan7iem Jeuyn iiij* £t 
sic debe^ur eis viij* iiij** 
solut* & quiet' 

xliij" ij** vnde soluitMr 
^prefatij Jacobo & Jo- 

58 1526 

ij" sol' in amio 

Dott«s due & owyng to the said Chirche 

fllrst John Jeuyn owith for a jer ferme ended atte fest of 
seint Michell Tharchaungell next commy ng for c«rtey n 
lande« govyn by M" Charleys to the said Chirche 

lte7n the Beniavute of william habynton called \ xxvj* viij<^ sol' in ij arch- 
lorkyn gaif & beqwethed towardas the Roode j- aungelu in le Bode 
Lofte ... ... ... ... ... ...j lofte 

Memorandum of the ferme of the Almouse house in the Chirche yerdc 
Item John Charles and other executours of M" Goddefrey owe 

for a legace by her goven to the Chirche xl" 

Item Willtam Synderton and Thomas fflynte owe for the Rest 

of au obligacibn for Curie v« 

Item Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde Reconyng oner & be- 

syde^ the said Summe xl* desperat 

Thexecutottrs of Thomas Pomell owe for a legace by h^^ni made 

to the Chirche by estymactbn xxiiij" 

Item thexecutoiirs of M' John Erliche owe for a legace by\ iij" in mani- 

hym made ouer & besyde« Ix" Remaynyng in thande^ >bi£« M.^ Robert 

of M' Robert Smyth jSmyth 

It6'?/i thexecutowrs of M' Cristofer Joly ow for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche 

Memorandum of ferme holder 
tfirst for certeyn londes in the tenure of John Jenyn vt ^tet 

BUI /rXv ... •«. ... .a. ... *•• ... ... 

Item for the ferme of the pale in the tenure of wilU'am hassyll 
Item for the ferme of the Chambers ouer the Almouses howses 

by the yer in the tenure of Raf Bycardyke viij* 

Item for the ferme of certeyn Medowe in Cheste/'tou fielde of 

the gyft of M" Goddefrey 

45 b] Eleccio Officiarjarwrn anno xvijo re^ni re^ Hennci viij* vt sequiti£/* 
1^ "Rn rH [ ^^6 chosyn Mayster Smythe & mayster cheke 

And they twayne haue Chosyn other vj vnto them 

M' Clarke 

M' acomplaynt 

goodman garrat 

M' bayly hawya 

goodman trew 

Roger Chanlar 

Thes viij haue Chosyn the Chyrche wardyns 

Chyrche waixlyns M' baly hasyll & the goodman trew 

And for y^ sepullker lyght the olde Msaters that were afore in the yer 
presedent awdyters M' Smythe M' Clarke M' Cheke M' acomplaynt and 
Jhon thyrlebe 

1526 59 

and for gatheryng of JhosK^ mas they y^ were afore in the jer 

46 a] £ccle«ia b^ate Marie virginis iuxta forum ville Cantebrt^t^ anno 

reffni regis henrici viij xvij<» 

Thaccompt of Richard Cotton & John Barnard Chirche WardeynH 

of the Chirche aforesaid then made The sonday called dominicA in albis 

the yer aboue said 

ffirst the said accomptamit«8 charge their silff6« with money 
by them Resceyued as in the footo of Thaccompte in the 
yer presedent mors pleynly doth apper xxxv* x** 

Item of money by them Resceyued of Michell of 
Chesterton for the ferme of ij acre; Medow in Chesterton 
aforesaid the buttes whereof abuttith and apperith in the 
first lef of this booke for ij yers ij' 

Item of money by them Resceyued of John Jenyn for the ferme 
of certeyn londes in Cambridge felde goven to the said 
Chirche by M" Charles ij* 

liern of money by them Resceyued for the buryell of M" Alice 

Ray wiMin the said Chirche yj'viij'* 

Item of money by them Resceyued for the biuryell of the wyf of 

John Manfeld thelder within the said Chirche vj"» vdij* 

Item of money by them Resceyued for the buryell of John 

Kyrkeby wi^Ain the said Chirche vj» viij* 

Ite//i Resceyued of willtam hassyll for a pale sett vpon the 

chirche grouude atte the Est ende of the Chirche yerde ... iiij<^ 

Summa totalis Bsoepte vt patet supra lix* iiij* (sic) 

Vnde petunt allocari 

first payed for mendyng of the leade in the body of the Chirche 

w»tA nayles xiij* 

Item to John Thirleby for makyng of certeyn dede« concemyng 
the bargay ne and sale of certeyn lender solde to M' Whighte- 
acre Choimtery priste within the said Chirche and for 
certeyn Indenturs concemyng the amortesyng of the same 
lander lyimg & beyng in steple Mordon & Qilden Mourdon 
& twoo tymes Rydyng thedir etc vj» viij** 

Item for mendyng of the Surplice* within the said chirche ... ix'^ 

lieni for wasshing of the said Surpluce« & aulter clothes ... ij" 

46 b] Item £>ayed for thexspence« of M' Sadeler deputie to 
M' Whighteacre Rydyng to hym to Norwiche towarde« his 

v^osueo ... •«. ... ••• ... tf *•• •*• xvnj 

Item payed to Kele for a skynne ledir to amende the organs ... ix* 

Item payed for the dirrigees of M' Jaconett y" ij"* 

Item payed for pavyng ageinst the Chirche yerde xxvij yerde* iiij" vj** 

60 1526 

limn for iij loode« sande to the same xij^ 

Item to John Capper for scoryng of the great Caiidelstikkes &c. viij* 

Item to the Thresorers of Cambrigge for the Rent of the 
Almous houses buylded v'pon the south sjde of the Chirche 

J' vl vl ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• «•• J 

Ite;;;t for Colys vixm Cristemesse Even occupied vfithm the said 

>^UUa/UC ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• J 

Item payed for whight QirdillM for prist«8 v^ 

Summa totalis aUoco^umts xxij* viy^ 

And so the said accomptaunte^ owe Clerlj to the said Chirche 
xxxvj* iz^ whiche is delyuered to williom hassyll & Symoud 
Trewe Chirche Wardeyns for the yer to Cum xxxvj« ix* 

Ite//i ther is delyuered & solde vnto the said Chirche Wardeyn 
viij ynces dim' quarter broken syluere price the vnoe iij* iiij** 
summa xxvij'j* 

lieni delyuered to the same Chirche Wardeyns in Redy money ix* ij** 

47 a] I>ette« due & owyng vnto the said Chirche 

Memorandum of the ferme of the almesse houses in the Cliirche 

Item John Charles & other Executour} of M" Godfrey owe for 

a l^ace by her goven to the said Chirche xl* 

Item William Synderton & Thomas fiiynte owe for the Best of 

an Obligactbn for Curie v* 

Item Thomas Curie owith vpon an olde Keconyug ouer & be- 

sy des the foresaid summe xl* desperat 

Item Thexecutours of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche by estimacibn xxiiij^^ 

Item Thexecutours of M' John Erliche owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche ouer & besydes Ix* for them 

l>ayed by thandee of M' Robert Smyth for the guyldyng 

of the Triuite in the Rode lofbe & ouer & besydes xl* also 

l>ayed by thande^ of M' Cheke for the same 

Item Thexecutoitrs of M' CVistofer Joly owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche 

Item Bowen Breuens owith for the buryell of his Modir wt^Ain 

the Chirche vj» viij** 

Memorandum of the ferme holder 

liefn for the ferme of certeyn lender in the tenur of John 
Jenyn in Cambrigge felde to be ended for the yer at seynt 
Michell Tharchaungell next commy ng 

Item for the ferme of the Chambers ouer the almouse house3 

leton by the yer for viy« 

whiche viij* Raf Bycard Dyke hath payed for ij yers her ended 

1527 61 

in reparactbns as apperith by a bill and ther is owyng 
vnto hym xv^ wbiche sbalbe to bym allowed in his 
payment of the next yer ferme 

Item for the ferme of o^rteyn Medow in Chestirton fFelde of the 
gifle of M" Godfrey 

Item ther Remayneth in thandes of M' Robert Smyth of olde 
torchis endtff as apperith by a bill of his owne hande 
Remayn3mg in a lynnyn bagge xliiij*^ 

47 b] Eccleria b^ote marie virginis iiixto forum ville Cantebr?]^ 
viij die Aprillu anno regni regis Henrict octavi xvij^ & anno domtm 

flfirst a Crosse of siluer & guylte vrith Mary & John pond' fyv'e 

scor xviij unces & dim' 
Item a staff Copir & guylte & a Crosse Clothe of Rede sarcenet 
Item a Monstr' sylutfr & guylte mth a vice sylucr & guylte to) Ixix vnc«f 

sett in the sacrement pond' J dim' scare 

It^m vij Chaleysys wttA patent6« pond' 

Item ij Candelstikk6« of sylu^ paroell guylte wherof oon pond' 

iij^ viij vnces dim' And thodir pond' iij pounder vij vnces 


48 a] Symon trew & wyllyam hassyll chyrchwardenys in the yer off 
the Rayng of ower souerayn lord & Kyng henry the viij"» xviij*** yere 
Item payd for takyng down of the Sege & the tymbyr of the 

Oi\AS\j\ XL •■• ••• ••• «•• ••• ••• ••• ,aa ^ Vj 

Item payd for mendyng of the wendowys in the chwrch and in 

the Revestry for the glassyng ix" 

It«m payd for iij C of Sege v« yj'* 

Item payd for the carryage of iij lode Sege ix** 

Item payd for the chenys of the lattyn sensers xij<> 

Item I payd to labowrers for iiij dayis worke ij» viij'* 

Item payd to the Master workman for iiij dayya work ij» 

Item I payd to smyth for iiij lode of clay xvj** 

Item w payd for a bell Rope x** 

Item I payd to the tressores for the Rent of the halmeaehowses 

byledyd vpon the south syde of the chvrch yerd xij* 

It«» w payd for xij yardes of gamyschyng lass vij^ 

It«» I payd for kepyng of M' Jacnettys hoby te ij" ij* 

Item I payd to a carpentvr for mendyng of the whell of the bell ij<> 

Item I payd for the ^ysytacyon viij<* 

Item I payd the plomyr for viij^ of sowdyr ij*viij<> 

Item I payd hym for ij dayis work xij<> 

Item I payd hys seruant for ij dayis work viij* 

Item for coUys ... ... ... ... ... iij<i 

Item for carryng away menvr fro the steppyllys end ij* 

62 1627 

tem I payd to nycolas golBmyth for settyng the Rynng of the 

syluyrsensvr ijd 

tem I payd to the smyth for a stapyll and a loke on the 

"•jJJUiyH ••• ••• ••• mmt ••• ••• ••• «•• Vj 

t«m I payd for yofd gren bokcrom vj<* 

tem I payd for qi^erter gryn satyn a bryggis vi}^ 

tem I payd to John cappar for scorryng of y gret cansttykkys viij** 
tem I payd for wayssching of the syrpplesys & the awttyr 

CIO wulB ••• ••« ••• (•• ••• ••• ••• ,,, XZ 

tem w payd for a nownce dim' of gamyssyng Rebond xviij** 

ttfTii w payd for quarter canvas j^ 

t«w w payd for yard of canvas iij** ob 

t«w w payd for qwarter of fyn gren thred iiij** 

tem w payd for gray thred & selyng candyll j** ob 

t6m w payd for dim' ell of canvas ij«* 

tem w payd for dim* qt«irter of Red thred ij<i ob 

twi w for ell of bokcrom vj<* 

tem w payd for a knote of blak thred j^ 

tem w payd for a nownce dim' of gamyssyng Rebond xviij** 

tem w payd for iij quarters of yelow bokcrom iij** ob 

48 b] It< w » sold thom as gvrry C iij quartW B of ae g e the pf I 'oe 

for th e c a ry a g e of y^ C r« m rn rr; m ^ 

tem w payd for dim' yard & the nayll of worsted ij» iiij** 

t«m w payd for gray thred j<* ob 

tem w payd to the broydderer for his labovr ^j" viij** 

tem for w ass yng of th e s yrpl ess y s & the awtyr olothoo m »x** 

tem I delyuuryd to the chwrchwarddens of the money that I 

Received of the old chwrchwarddens xxvj" viij** 

or the payment of the organe^ 

tem I Resayvyd for the old Sege that was of the stepyll ... xvij** 

[t«M> w R c a a yvy d for t h e b o myng o f i ii j torchy s at old Man feldys 

oery aii ■ » » ■ > » »»» »»» n« ■ n m xvj^ 

tem I Resayuyd of Raf bykkyrdyk for the Rent of the halmesse- 

iiowBse ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• «ca Vj IX 

tem I "Received of cokman for the bomyng of iiij torchis ... xvj** 

tem I Received for the sege of that be lefte of the stepyll it 
was C iij quarters to com to iij" vij* so moch I hav 

Resay wyd for it ... ... ... 

tem w Received of John hawys for the beryall of John manffeld vj* viij<* 
tem w Received for the bomyng of the torchis at his beryall ... xvj<* 

49 a] Eoclena beate Mariel Die lune in Septima pasche anno reffni 
virginis iiixto forum J regis henrici viij<> decimo octauo 

Eleccio OI!iciaru>rum Inprimis Simon Trew & willeZmus hasyU Gktrdiani 
in anno precedents Eligerunt in £leccu>nem petrum Cheke & Ricardum 

1527 68 

Clerk Isti duo Eligerunt sibi sex viz Rob^um Smyth Jacobum hacumbleyn 

GaiTardum Godfrey Johannem howes Ricardtmi lychefeld & JofaanTiem 

Thirlebye Isti sex Eligerunt officiano« subscripto^ videlicet 

T i« • /^ J- -B 1 . fwille^mwm abyngton & 

In omcto Gardianoru/n EccleAe -[ ^ ^^ 

(Qeorgium Norman 

In officio Gardianorum luminis jRicardum Myddylton & 

Crucifixi & aancti Sepiilcri \jacobum Cragge 

T «j- • ^r- Ti- fNichote«m Elton & 
In gardianis Misse Ihem < . . 

(Adranum Johnson 

('M.agutrum Ricardum Clerk 
^ixgtstrum Petrum Cheke 
'M.offistrum Rob^rtum Smyth 
'i&.affUtrufn Jaoobum hacumbleyn 
John Thyrleby 

49 b] yiemorandum delyueryd to Willuim habyngton & george 

norma?! at the cummyng in at ther offiyoe in money xxviij* xj<^ ob 
'iAemorandum y^ I wyllutm abyngton and gorge norman haue 

Reesauyd the xxvj day off Maye In the xix yere off kyng 

harry the viij*** ffor the Beryaulle off waters sovne of Reche iiij" 

ande ffor the Bomyng of iiij torchys xvj'* 

Ressauyd ffor the bomyng off iiij torchys for M' Sadler ... xvj*" 

Bessauyd off Mychell off ChestMon for ij acres off medow ffor to 

yers Rentt ij" 

Reaoeuyd off M' Bayly Bykkyrdyc ffor the Rentt off almesse 

U.\fyj alSmSmi «•■ ■•« ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• » IJJ 

Resauyd off John Jenyn ande ffrancys Berebrewer ffor the 
Rentt off vj acres off erabyll londe ffor ij yers endyng att 

mykelmas laste paste iiij* 

Item off mony Resceyued ffor the biireyll of M"^ cotton ... vj» \nij^ 

ande ffor the bemynge off iiij torchys ffor the same M' cotton xvj<> 
Item Resceuyd off Bayly hassyll ffor a palle stondyng In the 

chyrche yerde ffor to yere Rentt viij^ 

ffor the bewryaulle off the good wyff Marche v* iiij** 

ffor the bewryaulle off Master Clarke vj» viij<* 

ande ffor the bemyng off iiij torchys to the same M' Clarke ... xvj^ 

50 a] WyUiam Abyngton & goi^e Norman chyrche wardens in the yere 
off the Rayne off owere Souerayne lorde kynge henry the viij***« xix yere 
Item payde ffor a Belrope for the grett Belle wayeng xii li ... xv^ 

Item payde ffor a Bawdryc ffor the theide Belle xiij^ 

Item payde ffor hangyng off the Sance Belle & ffor nayllex ... vj<* ob 

Item payde ffor nayllex ffor the grett BeUe j^ ob 

Item payde ffor ij long pecys off tymber flrom styrbrygge ffayer v** 

Item payde to the tresserrys ffor the wytt Rent off the Almese 

*A V Wf CKTw *•• *ta •*• ••• ••• ■•• ••• «•• J 

64 1528 

Item payde for a new handell makyng for the orga3ma to keylle ij^ 

Item payd for charcolW on krystmas euyn j* 

Item payd for the obbytt off Master Jaconet ij» j^ 

Item payd for ij lyttell pans to poutt othe in the sylver sencers zj<^ 

Item payd for a behrope for the therde bell weyeng x" & dim' ... xxj** 

Item payde for mendyng off a challyB to nyoolas goldesmythe ... viij** 

Ande a qwarton off cylver off the vnce x* 

Item payde ffor a quartt off Suett wyne to the orgyn makyr ffor 

ysse laoer ... ... •*• ... ,,, ... ... nij 

Item payde ffor the expencys off Bothe the wyssetacyons ... ij" vj* 
Item payde ffor wassyng off the syrplecys & auter clothys awbys 

(X vowy iiCo ... ... ... ,,. ... ... ... 11 

Item payde ffor mendyng off aubys & syrplecys ande markyng 

off the auter clothe vj^ 

Item payde ffor halowyng off ij challys ande to auter clothys ... xij'* 

Item payde to Jhon kapper ffor sconryng off the canstekkys ... viij'* 
Item payde for tymber for the stepell for ix" fotte ande xiiij 

fotte pryce the fotte ij* qua^ ande iiij'' ob* att anile payde 

off the same xxxiij" viij*^ 

so there ysse howeng of the same t jmbre iij" ob 

Sum9na Ij" vij** 
[Fol. 50 b blank.] 

51 a] Ecclena beate mariel Die lime in septimana pasche anno regni 
virginis iuxta fonim J Regis henrici octaiii decimo nono 

Electio officiarior?/m In pn'mis wylleZmt« abyngton & georgius norman 

gardiani in anno precedente elegerunt in electioTiem petnim cheke & 

robertum smythe isti duo elegerunt sibi sex thomam wendy Johannem 

hawes Jacobum hacumbleyn Johannem bemardnicolaum Speiynkwille/mum 

hasyll isti sex eligert^nt officiano« s?^bscripto« vide^tce^ 

- ^ . J. , . fRicardum Midilton & 

In officio gardianor?«m ecclene s^ . , 

° (henncum osbiime 

In officio gardianorum hxminia Jhenricum veysy & 

chicifixi & Bancti sepulcri [wille^mum belly»gga7>i 

T J. . . Ti. f Johannem smythe 
In gardianis misse Ihem i^, '^ 

(thomam currer 

(Moffistrum wendy 
'Siaaistrum smythe 
Magistrum cheke 
sILagistrum hacumbleyn 
John thirleby 

51 b] Audito Compoto 

Infranomtnaton^m willelmi habyngton & Georgii Norman Gar- 
dianorum Ecclexie beorte Marie infrascripte in anno presidenti 

1528 65 

viz a die Donunica in albis a,nno vegni regis hoDrici octaui 
xviij** V8q«« eundem diem domtnicam in albis anno regni 
regis henrici octaui zix^ Omnibus Computatu Gomputand» 
allocatuqu^ allocandw vt pate^ in Compo^o suo anno proz' 
presedent^ hotent surplus' ad vsum Ecclesie xx* ob 

Audito Compote 

Ricarofi Myddylton & Jaoobi Ci'agge Qardianorum lumint^yn 
Crucifixi & Sepulcri anno predicto OmnibtM ComputatLs 
Computandu Allocatuqti^ allocandu iidem Computantes 
ho^nt Surplus' ad vsum £ccle«ie pr^du^e xlj* vj<* 

And so ther Remayneth to the Chirche in redy money kj" vj<^ ob 
whlche Is delyu<;red vnto henry Osboume & Richard 
Myddylton Chirche Wardeyns for the yer to Cume ... Ixj'vj^ob 

It«m the stokke of wex belongyng to the Sepulcre light wt^^Ain 
the said chirche ys 

It«m the stokke of wez belongyng to the Roode light within the 
Baiu v^uircue ys •*. •«• ..• •.» ... ... •*. 

Detttf^ due & owyng vnto the said chirche 

Thexecutoi^s of M" Goddefrey owe for a legacce by her goven 

to the said Chirche xl' 

Item William Synderton & Thomas fflynt owe for the Rest of 

an obligactbn for Curie v» 

Item the said Thomas Curie owith \'pon an olde reconyng ou^r 

& besydea the said V* xl* 

Item thexecutoi^rs of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym 

made to the said Chirche by estymacton xxiiij^ 

Item the executotOB of M' John Erliche owe for a l^ace by 
hym made to the said Chirche ouer & hesydes Ix* by them 
payed by thande« of M' Robert smyth for the guyldyng of 
the Trinite in the Rode lofte and ouer & besyde« xl* for 
them payed to the same by M' Cheke 

Item thexecutot^rs of M' Cristofer Joly owe for a legace by hym 
made to the said Chirche 

Item Baldewyn Brenens owith for the buryell of. his Modir 

wt^Ain the Chirche yj'viij'' 

Memorandum of the fferme holder 
Item the ferme of certeyn londe« in Cambrigge felde in the 

tenure of John Jenyn 

Item the ferme of the Chambirs ouer the almouse houses in the 

Chirche yerdea viij'yerly 

Item the ferme of certeyn Medow in Chesterton £felde 

Item ther remayneth in thandes of M' Robert smyth of olde 

Torches endes as apperith by a biU of his owne hande in 

the lynnyn bagge pond' xlii\j libr' 

C. A, S. Octavo SeHes. No. XXXV. 5 

66 1529 

Ricardus midilton oessaiiit ab officio & fecit oompotum & dedit will^^mo 
habyngton electo in idem officium. xxvj* viij<^ (qui remanebant in manihus 
8uis omnibtM oomputatis & tradidit eidem WiWelmo) omnia bona ecclesie 
que habuit 

Anno 1529 


52 al Eccle^ia beate Man€) ^, . .i . , i. . j- i i.- 

...•'. . ... I EleccM) ibiti^tfm facta die lune m septi 

vjrgims ixuLta forum villeV , • • i • • .. • « 

P f A«' • 1 P^*^"® anno regm regis hennci octaiu xx® 

Henricus Ossebot^me & wille/mua habyngton Qardiani Ecclesie pr^tcte 
in anno precedents Eiigenint in Eleccionem 'M.agistroa Thomam wendey & 
Robcrtum Sm^-th Isti duo Eiigenint sibi sex viz ^agistros Petrum Cheke 
Joha/^Tiem howes Jacobum hawkcumblen Johan^iem Gaiinte wille^mum 
hassyll & Johannem Thyrleby Isti octo eiigenint Officiano« sequent 

Eleccio In offioto Gardianorum pro Anno JHenricum Ossebot^rne & 

sequente \henricum Veysy 

T«»./^,. 1.. 1- rwilW?/ittm Bellyngham & 

In Officio Gardianorttm lumtnis aancti sepulcn {. „ T j 

'^ [neuncum Ryngested 

T 1X1 • r>i J- "fcr- TV fwilleZmMm Counrer 

In omoo Garoianorttm Misse Ine«u -{ .„ » 

[y^meCmum pratte 

Auditore* Compoti predic^orMm Gar-1 ^iagistrum Thomam wendey 
dianorum qui fuerz^n^ in anno ^edicto f 'M.agietrum Robertum smyth 

Magietrum Petnim Cheke 
Magistrum Johannem Gaunte 
JohanTtem Thyrlebye 
fl^rst Resceuyd of henry OssebourTie vx)on loue Sonday the iiij day of 
Aprill oon of the Chyrche Wardyns 

Memorandum henry Oaaehoume Chyrche Wardyn yer paste 
Resceuyd the same yer of Renter due to the Chyrche & 

Gatherynge* in the Chyrche ix" xx* 

The same henry hathe leyd owte for Reparacions for the 

Chyrche & thynge* nescessarey to the said Chyrche viij" xv» vj^ ob 

and BO the said henry payed in Redey money vj»j**ob 

Memorandum willuzm habyngton Chyrche wardyn in yer paste 

haue Resceuyd of the Chyrche money the yer paste ... xxix" ij** 
the said William ley owte for the Chyrche the same yer . . . xxix" iiij** 
of the wiche he haue Resceuyd ij^ 

52 b] Memorandum henry Veysy & william Belyngham The 
Mastered of the Sepulcer for the yer paste Rescevyd the 

same yer for certen Dyrgges & thynges xxx» iij** 

the whech money ys delyuered to the Chyrche Wardynge^ henry 

OHsebore & henry veysy 

1518 67 

An WO DoOTMw' 1529 y« xx*^ daye of marche 

Memorandum harry veysy beeng Cherch warden haue Reseuyd 

of y« Cherches mowny xviij" iiij* 

Beeeuyd ffor y« Rede y* wasse in y« Cherche vij" 

Reseuyd of owlde M" Jakenet in monny to y« Repracyons of y« 

v^nercne ... ••• ••• ••• ... ..• •■• •.. vj viij 

Reseuyd for a olde peece of tymber viij<* 

Reseuyd of M" Cheke for y* brekyng of y« grownde in y* 

vynercuO ••• ••« ... ... ... ... ... ••• vj viij 

Rac^«0(i motir of symonde trewe 

deceived of brown y« brewer for Rede & Raff Rope iij* ix* 

summa xliij" j** 

53 a] anno domini 1529 y* xx^ day of marche 

Memorandum Payde for djnercG Repracyons beeng Cherche- 

warden as hereafter shall pessyffy 

Payd to John long y* pavyer ftbr xxxvj'' yarde* payvyeng at 

jd ob y« yarde iiij" vj** 

Payd to smythe y« Carter for vj lode* of sonde ij» 

Payd to iij laboraes for haueeng hupe stonnys to y« stepell ether 

of theme v dayes warke xx^ a man v* 

Payd ffor a baskett ij^ 

Payd ffor V lode* sonde xx^ 

Payd mow to Jhon longe y« pavyer for payvyng of xliig*^ 

yarde» at j** ob y« yarde v* vj<* 

Payd ffor meTidyng of a key & other Repracyon longgyng to y* 

loke of y« Cheidore x* 

Payd ffor tomas Jakenettfi* dorge kepyd by y« Cherchewardens ij" j^ 

Payd in exspence* at y® sene at Barnwell x** 

To be alowed ffor wassyng of y« Cherche sorplezis syne I haue 

bene Cherche warden 

Payd to y® treserys xij<* 

at pefitycoste ffor y* waasyng of iij sorpelys & a towell vj<* ob 

at y® somsyon of ovfur lady ffor y® wassyng of iij sorples & a 

nauter Clothe a towell ... ^ vij* 

At mykellmas for y« wassyng of iij sorplis vj^ 

At Crystomes for y* wassyng of iij sorples Rochet & a towell vij* 

at owur lady day in lent & at esteru ffor y® wassyng of v sorples 

a Rochet & vj towell xiiy<* 

Payd ffor y« mendyng of ij sorplys ij* 

Sttwma xxiiij* vij* (sic) 
dev xiiij* ix** 

Dewe to y® Cherche xviij" vj* 


68 1530 & 1531 

53 b] £ccle«ia heate Mariel Elecctb ibuiem tenia die lune in septimaDa 
Virginia iuxta forum J pasche anno regni regis henrici viij xxj** 

Eleccib hsxmcus OsseboMrue & henricus veysy Gardiani Eccl««ie 

\}redicte in anno pr^sedente £ligeru9»/ in Eleccibnem aacundum autiqtcam 
Consuetudinem ij hoviines viz, 'M.agtatros Robertum smyth & Jacobum 
hacumbleyn Quiquidem duo Eligerunt aibi sex vtz. M.agistrum Johannem 
Gaunte Magistrum JohanTiem veysy "hiagistrum wiUelmum hassyll 'Sictgis- 
trum henricum walker wilWmum habyngton & Nicho^t^m Speryng Isti 
octo Eligerunt officiant sequent^ 

In officio Gardianorum henricum veysy & y^iXLelmum. Bellyiigham 

In officio Gardianorum luminis eancM Crucifixi Johannem hoby & 
Johannem Smyth 

In officio Gardianonem Misae Jhe^u NichoZaum pryme & willeZmum 

Auditorex Compofi predictorum Gardianorum qui fiierun^ in anno 
pr^sedente viz. 

Johannes Gaunte 
Johannes veysy 
WilWmi^ hassyll 

Auditors Corapod assign' & Elect' pro Compo' 

h&DXuma Walker [ Henr* veysy & henr* Osseboume 

WilleZmiis habyngton I 

NichoZatis Speryng ' 

EccWia beate mariel Eleccio ibtcfem facta die lune in septimaua pasche 
Virginia iux/a forum J anno regni regis henrici viij xxij*° 

Elecctb henriciis veysy & wiUelimui Bellyngham Gardiani Ecclexie 

"predicte in anno pr^scdeuti Eligerunt in Elecct'onem secundum antiqtMrm 
consuetudinem ij homines vtz. Magistrum Robertum Smyth & M.agistrum 
Jacobum hacumbleyn Quiquidem ij Eligenmt sibi sex viz. Will^Zmum 
Hassyll Nichotowm Speryng Gerrardus Godefrey Henrici^m Osseboume 
Edwardum hoynes & wiUelfnum. habyngton Isti octo Eligerunt Officiarios 

In officio Gardianon^m pro anno sequent Magistrum Johannem Gaimte 
Mo^is^rum Johan7iem veysy 

In officio Gardianorum luminis Sancti Cruciiixi Johannem hoby & 
Nicho/aum Elton 

In officio Gardianorum Miase Ihesn NichoZaum pryme & wiWdmum 
pratte * 

Auditore8 Compoti henrect veysy & YfiUelmi Bellyngham in a,n7io 
pr^sedenti 'Magistrum Robertum Smyth Magistrum willeZmum hassyll 
Ma^is^rum Edwardum heynes NichoZaum Speryng Magistrum Jacobum 
hacumbleyn & Garrardus Goddefrey 

[Fol. 54 a blank.] 



54 b] 'M.emorandum that henry oebome beyng cherche warden hath 
raaewjd the xx**» day of Marche In the xxj*** yere of Kynge harry the viij*** 

of the cherche mony 

reaewyd for oUd whyght damaske.. 

reaewyd of Mychyll of chesterton .., 

reaewyd for rufle roppe 

reaewyd for glaase 

reeewyd for red to M' therlby 

reaewyd of M' hassell for the gamytt ower the Awmes hows 

reaewyd for the payll yn the cherche yarde 

Itrni resy wyd for a lode of cley 

reaewyd for eley 

reaewyd of M^ baly genyngas for lond yn the fellde 

reaewyd for a lode of ragge ... 

Reaewyd of Qcaaices berbre wer ifor londe 

xxxyj* viij* (aic) 


• • 'A 


• • • > J 

• ••• 

• *•••• 

' "m 


• • • mM 


M.emorandum that ther Reetyth due to the Chirche by M' 

Oaaeboume & M' veysy ™iij" 

Memcranchim Ros^uyd mour of the good man r3mgsted & of y^ 
good man Bellynghom gatherers of y^ aepulcar lyght oner 

& abowe all charge* zzviij' 

Bumm& totalis lij* 

55 a] 'hlemorandum I payd for dywers repracyons beyng cherch wordon 

as here aftar shall specyfy 

payd for grett lyne for the redar xv fodom pryce 

payd for naylls 

payd for viij buTiche of rodes for the redar 

Payd for a bawdryke for a bell 

payd for menndyng of a syllwar canstyke 

payd mito the redar by tymes 

payd for iij bancfae of rodes 

payd for a bawdryke for the lytle bell 

payd for a laborar iij days 

payd for ij laborars a day 

payd for strawe ••• ••• 

payd f or a bellrope 

payd for a lode of pawynge stone 

payd for oolles att crystmes 

payd for caryeng xvij lode of mener ij^ a lode ... 

payd for mendyng of the syllwar canstyke 

payd for skoryng the canstynkes to John cappar 

To be alowed for the wasshyng of the cherche surplessys sence I 

nawe bene euerche warden 
Item for waaschyng of iij surplessys & a towyll at whysontyd vj^ ob 

iij* jd ob 


• • • « J 


• • • • • J 
xij« vnj«* 


• • • • J 




• • • • J 


• • • a^ 




• • • ■ J 

• « « .1 

70 1530 

att the assumcyon of owur lady for wasshyng of iij surplessys 

& a awtter dotth and a towyll vij* 

att myhyllmys waashyng iij new surplessys vj* 

att crystmes wasshyng iiij surplessys & a rottchytt ix^ 

att owur lady day yn lentt iij surplessys & a towyll vj^ 

for mendyng ij surplessys ij^ 

att ester %vaa8hyng ij surplessys & ix awter olotthese vij* 

. • • •• • J 


Swmwia XXX" x* deve iiij* x* 

[Fol. 55 b blank.] 

56 a] Bona & Jocalia ^periinentia Eccld«ie parochialis Beate Marie virginis 

iuxta forum ville Cantebrt^e a vicesimo quinto die Mensis aprilis anno 

regni regu henrici ootaui vicesimo sect^ndo & anno domini Millenmo 

quingentesimo Tricesimo 

Item ij sensers of syluer oon of them pond' xl vncef & iij<^ qiiartera 

It«m thodir Senser ponndei^ xl vnc6« & j quarter 

It«n ij Ships of syluer with ij litiU spons of syluer pond' xviij vnoes dim' 

Item ij Ewers of syluer ponder* x vnce« dim' & j quarter 

Item ij paxis of syluer thoon guylte thodir parcell guylte with a vice of 

syluer pond' xxvij vnce» & dim' 
Item a Crismatory of syluer ponderyng xvj vnce« with ij clothes oon of 

Reede silke the other of grene sylke 
Item a sconce of syluer for the sacrement pondir* iij vnces j qt«arter 
Item xiiij corporasse Casys all Vftth kerchiffes 
Item Thassumpcton of o^r lady in Copir 
Item A Ciprisse Cherchif belongyng to the Crosse 
Item a litell Box hutche theryn ij payor Oorall hodes ponderyng x ync e s & 

d im' and a owcho for soynt Niooloo 
Item a Box of veluet therin A Color of goldo of ix lynkee & oon agn w e doi 

eeluer^ guylt e pond ^j vnce dim^ q ua rte r vnc e dim^ qua r t er 
Item a Monistre of syluer mth seynt Nicolas oyl e w ith a B e toU of S ylu er 

Ynth seint laurencea bon e wt^A a Crosse of sylu e r & a litell C r osse o f 

syluer wt^A a Crosse of Wood e theryn th e said Monist re p o nd' j v nce & 

j qw» r te r 
Item a Crowne of syluer & guylte with xxix perlys ponder' vj vnce« a 

quarter dim' quarter 
Item a gyrdill sett wt^ perle wt^A a bukkell & pendaunnt siluer & guylte 

ponder* ix vnces & a quarter 
Item a Crucifix of Coper wi^A a Cristall 

Item a fyUett wt^A countterfett peerll & a stone pond' ij vnce« j quarter star 
Item a Cotte of Rede sateyn piuifiled wi^A blake veluet 
Item A Bagge sealed theryn a greatt fylett sett wt^A conntrefet stone & 

perle & in the same bagg e iij pece< of syluer t hat wer oon a Chal is 

fote allflo Agnu& dei wiVA a Cristall & iiij Cristall stons & a Ryng e o f 

bothe gylte 

1530 71 

-^ OPDO goldo & twoo bakkylW of syluw -A-gayUa- It«m ij--peG«» of a 
Ojowno oylucf & guylto j of y« bukkylle* Remaynyth of y« cott styll 
Item a Cotte of rede sateyn purfilled with blake veluett tinsilled latte 
yppon our lady sonne nowe for seint Qeorge therupon An borte -of 
Syluer and harte of Coiintrefett golde sett vfith perle Item a seint 
Jamys sbelle sett in syluer Item A ryng of Coper Item A peny a 
two pens guylte Item ij pens guylte seint Johns bedde in syluer 
Item a lytell 

56 b] bokyll of syluer Item an agnus dei Coper Item ij pens syluer 

Item xiij galy balpens 
Item V Cbalys oauyng j lokytho a paten iij of them be duble gylte 
Item the firste Chalesse with a paten pondeiyng xxij \nces &' 

a quarter 
Item the secundc Chaloooo wiihowto a paton pond e ryng xj 

vncfj & dim^ a qiia r ter 
Item the thirde Chalesse with a paten parcell Gylte ponderyng xix ynce« 
Item the iiij Chalesse with a patent ponderyng zij vnce« 
Item the v Chalesse with a patent ponderyng xij vnces & a quarter 
Item the vj Chalesse with a patent all gylt ponderyng xxj vnce« & dim' 
Item a Crosse of seluer and Gylte with mary & John of syluer & gylte with 

a staffe of Coper & Gylte with the clothe the Crosse ponder* fy ve score 

ynoes xviij vnces dim' vnce 
Item a monster of sylluer & Gylte with a vice of syluer & gylte to sett in 

the sacrement pondr* Ixix vnce« dim' vnce stars veytt 
Item ij Candillstykke* of syluer parcell gylte the whiche pondr* bothe v 

score vnces & ix 
Item a payre of hedes of siluer all gilt hauyng vj pater nosters & Iv Aue 

Item iij Kerchies for Corporasys of the gift of kateryn baker 
^femorandvm y^ I h a rry vey s y h a u e Re ae uyd in mon e y of 

yg Ohoroh rwr m m —, —, m —, "HtVJ* 

Kccd v ed for lode rr. —. —. nr; —. —, —. 3t**^'* 

Rew ft wrf of M'^ latymor ffor iiij torch es — m r« — —. viij^ 

dec e ived of baly gynnynge e vr-. ~. vt-. .-.-; — . t^ xij^ 

IX e e e i ve d of mycholl of Chesterton 77: —. -.-, ~. xij** 

Bf ece iwd of M" Jonoon ffor y" hallmes howsaen —. —. viij* 

Ue ee ived of baly haaell ffo r y pale in y * ' Ch e rche Obarde n; nij^ 

Jieeeived o f baly oasbo r ne ffo r aton e rr, rr: ..7— — ;t. viij** 

Received of simonde trewe for a lod e of pibill stonis — 77-. —. xiij^ 

R ece i ve d ffor y^ torches Icwdyng — rr, —. —, ttt -,-, *^ 

R ec eived ffor a lode of lyme mor e than I bowght yt flor rr: rrj^* 

67 a] Anno 1530 y« xx*^ day of may 

MemoraTidum y* I harry veysy haue Reseuyd In monny of y« 

Cherche goode«... xxvj" 



tern Beaeuyd of baly ossbome ffor lede 

tern Beseuyd off M' latymer ffor iiij torchjrs bomynge 
tern Reseuyd of baly gynnynges ffor londe in y« ff^lde 
tem Eeseuyd of mychell of Chesterton ffor londe in y® fielde ... 
tern Reseuyd of M" Jhonson ffor y« Chamber ouer y® Cherche 
cuarcie ••• (•* ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• •.« 

tern Reseuyd of Maister hazell fibr y« payll in y* Cherche charde 

tern Reseuyd of bayly oasbome ffor stone 

tern Reseuyd of Maister trewe ffor a lode of pybill 

tem Reseuyd of hyme more ffor d* C of payvyng stone 
tern Reseuyd of harry Ryngstede ffor iiij torchys leTidyng 

t«m Reseuyd ffor lyme 

tem Reseuyd of Maister hazell ffor ij stonnys 

tern receyued in Rome money gadered in the parisshe 

SiifTima zliiij* ij^ 

• • • • j| 










Her hys wrytten wate I have lede fforthe of y* said monuy beeng 
Cherchwarden in anno 1530 y^ xx^ day of may 

payd flfor a Rope for y« Chanchell bell x** 

payd to Kelly ffor myndyng of y« py»ne of y* Canstyke 

payd to y® sofferynggam ffor haloeing of ij Corpris & ij awter 

wlv wXiy ••• ••• («» ••• act ••• ••• ••• 

payd to garet & to nycolas speryng for ij Cherchbokes 

payd in exspencetf at y® sene 

It«m payd ffor gyrdelyng ffor awbys 

payd to y« tresurys 

payd for X louge nailW to mende wt'M y^ bell 

payd to myll6« y^ smythe for mendyng of y^ Cherch loke 

payd for xliiij^ li makyng of olde ende* of torches 

payd for ij newe torches to M' smythe con*** xlv li at iij<^ y« li... 
payd for tomas Jakenet«« dyige k3rpyd by y^ Cherche wardens 
payd to a wessmentmaker for y^ moTidyng of v of y^' best Copys 

payd for iiij sylke poynte« 

payd to Jhon Capper for scorry ng of y« Ca^istykes 

waschyd agenste y* somsyon of owur lady iiij sorplys & agenste 

Crystmes other iiij & agenste esterae vj & x other peces 


Summa xxx" j^ deve xiiij" j'^ 

57 b] Item payed for Rome ffiurthyng« 

Item for Char Coolys 

Bumma omnium AUocacibnum 

Et sic remanet in manibt^ Henrici veysy 

Et in manibu« bellingam 

Qumma totalis Recept' 

Summa omniiim Allocattonum 

« ■ ■ « J 




■ • • • J 



• • • • • "J 




■ • • *• 


• • • •• 


• • • • a 


xxxj* x** ob 

xiiij* iij«* ob 


xlvj" ij** 

xxxj* x** ob 

1531 & 1532 73 

lism payed to the wif of william bellingam for wasshing of sur- 

plessjs albys and auter clothys xij^ 

It^m receyved of Nicholas Elton and John Haby Kepers of 

the Roode and Sepulchre li^tei ouer and above all Charges xxij" xj^' ob 

A.nd so is delyuered to M' John Gaunt and M' John veysy 

Cherchewardens for the yere to come in Clere money ... iij** ij» 

58 a] The monday in Ester Wek in Anno Christi 1531 

Reseyuyd by me John veysy Chyrgche warden ffor y* )ere 

folowyng in money of y* chyrgche goodys ixxj* 

Receyvyd of wylliam hasyll for ij yers rent viij** 

Resuyd of y« goodman martyn ffor brekyng of y^ chyrgch 

teiOYr #M1 •.. •*• ... ... ••• ••• •*• •.* VJ \ llj 

ReBeived mor of hym ffor iiij torchys at y® beryall and as many 

at y* thyrty day ij* viij* 

Bjeeeived of y« good man wylltam pratt ffor vj torchys ij» 

Bestftmc? of baly genyn ffor lond ij' 

Beaeived in Rome fEardjngges ij* viij<^ ob 

Bjeaeived of M' newton y* gyfte of M" worley to owr chyrgche vj* viij* 
Reeeived of misteres Johnson ffor y^ Chambyr ou^r y^ almesse 

nOWBjro ««• .•• ••• ... ••• ••• •.. ... V Lll 

ResCTwrf of M' withhed ffor iiij torchys xvj** 

Si*mma iij^ iij* \iij^ ob 

Receyvyd by M' Jhon Qaunt chjrrch wardon Anno 1532 

Rece^^yd in mony at hys ovying xxxj" 

Receyvyd for d. Rutlands grave vj*viij'* 

Receyvyd for iiij torchys xvj«* 

Receyvyd for the rent for the chyrch house viij* 

Receyvyd of gonnyngM ij* 

Receyvyd of wylliam haby wgton for hys grave vj* viij** 

Receyvyd for vij torches ij*iiij* 

Receyvyd for M' aco97ibpley7ite« grave vj* viij<* 

Receyvyd for V torches xx** 

Stemma iij** vj* iiij** 

payd to M' Qavnt for thes thynges folovyng 

payd for mendyng of vestmentea yj* 

payd for JacnettM dirge ij'ij^ 

payd for y* rent of the almas house to y^ tresurvs jij^ 

paydfor j loke&akaye to thestepuldore vj^ 

payd for mendyng of the here iiij^ 

payd for Jacnets diige ij* ij<^ 

payd for mendyng of the syrples viij** 

payd for the washytig of the chyrch gere iij" 


1532 & 1534 

payd for scoryng of the stondderde 

Summa xvj" vj** 
Remaynyth xlix* x^ 
Reoey«d of the seyd M' Gavnt xlix" x* 

58 b] Layed owt by me John veysy flfor Sent mary Chyrgch 

In pnmis ffor venys gold to Maisteres Raye 

ffor makyng iij stapylle« & ffor makyng new y* yron affore owr 

lOAXj ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •>• ••• 

ffor led spent vppon y« Chyrgche & y* Vestre and ffor y« 
exchawnge of led ... ... ... ••• 

A bryk layer & hys man a day vppon y* veetre 

ffor bord xxvj ffott ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• 

ffor nayll«« and led nayll 

payed to y« plumer ffor workmanschyp & soder spent vppon y® 
roffe of y* body of y* chyrgche & y« spowtt6« & y* vestre 

IUOTMa JrUg ••• ... ... •*. ... ... ... 

payed to y« tresorers ffor y* almesse howsys 

payed to y® Carpenters ffor mendyng stolle* and ffor Settyng of 

studdys to hold vp y® stepyll roffe 

nor nay 1100 ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• •■• 

ffor bord & asch 

payed at y« visytacton ffor rome fiardy nge« 

Spent at y* Dynner ... 

ffor meTidyng ij syrplyssys 

To John Capper for scoryng ye stodars 

ffor waschyng y« chyrgch gere 

nor a uen rope ... ... ... ... «»• ,.. ... 

ffor mewdyng iiij syrplyasys 

y« parych Rewardyd y« new Clark 

Sumrask xxxix" ob 





• t « •_ 


• • ■ • J 



xxij^ ob 


• • • ■ J 


xhiij" v«* 

Remaynyth ... 

Rece3rvyd of the seyd M' veysy 

Received of Jhon hoby & nycolos Elton kepers of the rod lyte 

Summa totalis receptorum v" xviij* xj** 

Delyverd to M' Smyth & M' Qaunt Chyrch wardens of sentt 
Mary chyrch the xx day of Apnl Anno 1533 in the reigne 
of Kyng henry y« viij the xxiiij v" xviij* xj<* 

59 a] anno regni regis henrici octaui xxv^ 

Ecclefia beate manel Eleccto ibidem facta die lune in septimana 
virginis iuxto foruw J pasche anno regni regis henn'ci octaui xxv** 

'M.agister Robertus Smyth & Magtster Johannea Gaunte Gardiani 
£ccle«ie predicts in Anno precedentt Eligerunt ij videlicet ^agistroa 
Kenricum Walker & Wille^mt«m haasyll Isti duo Eligerunt sibi sex vide- 

1534 75 

Wcet Johawnem Gaunte Georgium Alyugton Simonem True henricum 
Osaebourue Garrardum Godfrey & henricum veysy Isti Octo eligerutU 

, . ] MaaiOrum Rob«rtum Smyth 
In ofl&cio GardianorwH Ecclewe pr«dicte| ^^^^^^ henricum Breton 

T ii. . -r. _j- 1 • • n •« -1 Nichofeus (sic) pryme 

In officio Gardianorwm luminis Crucifixi| ^^urwrn letche 

^ ^«» . r^ -I. %*• Ti- 1 Johannem Ruste 

In Officio Gardianorum Misae Jhemxy ^ ---.,, 

J Georgium Wilde 

. ,., ^ ,. ^ \ Magister Hemricus Walker doctor 

Auditors CompoA predictontm ] ^ ^ . . , . 
^ ,. -AX- I Geopgius Alyngton 

Garaianorum qm merunt m anno i ttt-,, 7 dr ii 

presedentc & aliorum Omcianorwwi | q. ,_, 

!1 , . ,.^ . Simon True 

Ecclene predicts viz. I ^ j /^ ji? 

'^ / Garrardus Godfrey 

Thaccompt of M' Robert smyth & Maister John Gaunte Chirche 

Wardeyns afore said made the monday in the Estir weke the yer aboue- 


In primis the said accomptauntex Chargyn their Sylffef with 

money by them Resceyued of the Chyrehe wardeynes 

in the yerc prcsydent for tharrerages of their accompte as in 

the fibote of the same mor pleynly apperith cxviij^ xj^ 

Item the said Accomptaunte« also chargyn their Sylffe« with 

money by theym Resceyued for the fferme of the Chambers 

ouer the allmouse houses in the southsyde of the Chirehe 

yerd of the foresaid Chirche viij' 

Item for the fferme of the pale in the Chirche yerd iiij^ 

St^mma toto^is Reeepte vna cum lix" v*^ ob "1 

recept' pro parte Magistri Johannis Gaunte vt supraj Ixvij" ix<* ob 

vnde petit 

petit allocari first for the pavyng of the Chirehe porehe for 

aloodeoflyme ij* iiij** 

Item payed to a Mason for iiij dayes & dim' ther werkyng ... ij" x*^ 

Item to a laborer for iiij dayes & dim' xxij** 

Item payed to Men to levell the Greunde for dim' day werk ... y^ 

Summa vij" v^ 

Memoranc^i^m M' Bretton gaif the Sande & I payed for the 

v/anage ••• ... ... ... ••• ••. •.. *•. J 

59 b] Item payed for mendyng of Copis & vestementes in the 
Chirche as articulerly folowith 

fyrst to a werkeman for vij dayes the day v* Bumma ij' xj** 

Item payed for Ryband & threde & other stuffe neceMarie &c. viij^ 

Item payed for mendyng of other vestmente^ & makyng of the 
aulter clothes & lynyng of the pulpet clothe for the 
werk man ix dayes le day v^ gumma iij* ix<^ 

76 1634 

It^m payed for Thredde & Sylke to the same zij<' 

Bumma viij* v** 

It^m payed for mendyng of aU our glaase wyndowes &c. ... iiij" 

Item for M' Jaconette^ dyrigies ij* y** 

Item to the Threaorers of Cambrigge for the oute rent of the 

alhnouse house vpon the south syde of the Chirche yerd xij^ 

Item payed for a great kay for the Chirche dor xij<^ 

Item for Scoryng of the Candelstykkes viij'* 

Item for ij Boops for the Belief ij" ij* 

Item for a Boope for the Smale belle viij^ 

Item for a Casse of Glasse xviij* 

Item for Mendyng of a presse in the Bevestre to the Carpenter iij<^ 

Item for boordef to the same vj** 

Item for makyng of a kay to a paddelokke & mendyng of a 

stokke lokke in the Bevestre as it doth appere x^ 

M" Johnsons howse 

Item payed to a Tyler for ii dayes werke xij<* 

Item to a laborer for ij dayes werk viij** 

Item payed for a loode of sande iiij** 

Item for tile & slatte viij«* 

Item for wasshing of the Chirche lynnyn xij** 

Item payed for iiij busshelles lyme yj** 

Bttmma parcell' pred* xxxv" v<* 
Summa toicUts alloc* Ij" iij*^ 

And so ther remaynyth due to the Chirche by the said Maister 

Gaunte xvj* yj* ob 

60 a] Pro parte 'Mtigutri Boberti Smyth 

ffirst the said Accomptamite Chargith hym sylf with half the 

Stoke of the last yer Bemaynyng in his handei lix* y^ ob 

Item resceyued of the Gcodwyf Bellynghoon for the buryell of 

her husbond wti^Ain the Chirche vj* viij^ 

Item Besceyued of the gyft of the same wyf to the Chirche ... iij* ii^*^ 

Item Beceyued in Bome money gadered in the parisshe ... ij* v<^ 
Item resceyued of M' aleyn of Benett parisshe for vj Torchis 

WCMBv ... ... ... ... ••* .■• ... •.. ij 

Item resceyued of M' Jenyn for fierme of the Chirche lande ... ij" 
Sumjaa totalis TLecepte pro parte Moffistri Boberti smyth Ixxv* x^ ob 

vnde petit 
Petit allocan* ffirst paied to Botheram f&emason for mendyng 

of the Chirche walle* & poy^ittyng of the same iiij" 

Item payed for CC brykke« for the same werke« xx^ 

Item payed to henry veysy ffor a Morter xij<* 

1534 77 

Item payed to Rotheram for amendyng & pavyng of the 

Chapell & for settyng vp of the holywatcr Stappe ... xvj* 
Item payed to Rychard Otte for a payer of Jemeus for our ladys 

Chapell door pondr* xijli & dim' price ij' 

Item payed to the Carpenter for the settyng of the Jemeus 

vpon the Chapell dor and nayles for the same iiij*^ 

Item payed for & at the vysytacton of my lord of Camiterbury 

ffor meat & diynoe at M' Qamite^ xx'^ 

Item payed to Rotheram the Maaon for makyng of the Chirche 

walle next to Nicholas Elton ij* 

Item payed to the said Rotheram for vj bushelled lymc ... zij<^ 

Item payed to Richard Smyth for ij loode« sande viij<^ 

Item payed to Symond Trew for yj bushelle« lyme xij** 

Item payed at the vysytactbn of the Archedeakon Coi^rt xxj^ q?earter 

Item payed for the mendyng of a Bascatte ij^ 

Item payed for mendyng of the Siirplice« viij* 

Item payed for the Mendyng of the surplices & Avbys ij* 

Item payed for the wasshyng of the surplices & avbys xij^ 

Summa totalis alloc' xxij* iij<* 

And so ther Remaynyth due to the Chirche for the parte 

of the said M' smy th liij« vij«* ob 

And so their is due by the said Acoomptaunte« Ixx* ij^ 

And also in thande« of Nicholas pryme wardeyn of - 
the sepulcre light xxyj* vj<* 

Sumnia iotcUis 

' " '%t 'm * " 'A 

luj" xvj" vmj" 

60 b] Dette< due & owyng vnto the said Chirche 

The ExecutotfTS of M" Goddefrey owe for a legace by her govyn 

to the Chirche ... ... ... ... ... • . . ... xl' 

Item William synderton & Thowos fflynte ow for the Rest 

vpon an obligacion Curlle« v* 

Item the said Crule (sic) owith vpon an olde reconyng ouer 

& aboue the said V ... ... ... ... ... ... xl" 

Item thexecutottrs of Thomas pomell owe for a legace by hym 

made etc by estymacibn xxiiij^ 

Item thexecutowrs of M' John Erlyche owe for a legace by hjm 
made etc. ouer & besydes Ix* payed by M' Robert smyth 
for the Geldyng of the geldywg of the Trynytie in the 
Roode lofte and ouer & besydes xl* payed to the same 
by M' Cheke 

Item the Executowrs of M' Cristofer Joly ow for a legace etc. 
vt pa^e< in TestameTi^o 

"blLemorandum of the fferme holder 
ffirst certeyn londei in Cambrigge ffelde« in the tenure of John 

78 1535 

Ittfin the Chambers ou^ the allmous houses 
It^m the Medowes in Chesterton fielder 

Ecclena beate Marie virginis iuxta forum 
Anno regni regis henrici octaui xxvj*® 

Eleccib ihidein. facta die lune in septtmaraa pasche anno regni regis 
henrici octaui ixyj*^ 

"M-ogister Robertus Smyth & M.agister henricus Breton Gardiani Ecclcrie 
predicte in Anno precedents Eligerunt Duo videlicet henricum Ossebottrne 
& Johannem pykerell 

Quiquidem Duo Eligerunt sibi Sex videlicet Johannem veysy Johannem 
Ruste hemdcum Ryngested wiUe^mwm Gryffyn arthurum letche wille^mwm 

Isti octo preuo7/ii7iati Eligerunt Ofiiciaru>« sequente^ 

In officio Gardianon^m Eccleeie predicte artherwrn leche & willetowm 

In officio Gardianort^ni luminis Crucifixi Johannem pykerell & wille^- 
mum Gryfiyn 

In officio Gardianort^m Misse Ihe«u Georgiwm wylde & Johannem 

Auditores Compori predictorttm Gardianortim qui fuerunt in anno 

Et aliort«m Officiarion^m Eccle«ie predicte 

M' Georgium Alyngton 
M' WilleZwiMm hassyll 
M' Johannem Gaunte 
M' Simonem Trewe 

61 a] Thaccompte of M' Roberd smythe & M' Henry Brytton wardens 
afore sayd made the Tvysday the vj day of apnll in the yere above sayd 

In|>rtmis the sayd accomptante« chargyn them selfe« with 
money by them reseyvyd of the chyrche wardeyns in 
the yere presydent for tharragee of ther accompte as in the 
fotte of the same more playnly doth appere 
Item the same accomptan^e« also chargyn them selfe« with 
mony by them reseyvyd from y« ferme of the chambers 
ouer the allmovse hovses in the sovth syde of the chyrche 
yerde of the foreseyd churche 
Item for the ferme of the pale in the church yerde 
Recey vyd vpon M' Smythe by a byll 
Inpn'mis payd vnto Jhon Thyrlbe for wryttyng of the counte iiij^ 

Item payd for a crosse staffe viy* 

Item payd at the vysytac/on for mette & dryncke ij' x«* 

Item payd to the tresurars for a chamber ouer the almas 

nousy s ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• >■• ^^v 







tern for the brede & drynke whan the questmen & chiirch- 

ward^na dyd mette 

tern pajd to the smythe for a kye & mendyng a locke 
tern payd to Otte for a payer of Jemevs for the qwere 

t«m payd for settyng of the Jemeus 

tern for kepy ^ig off M' Jacknett«« deryge 

tern payd for yj torchys waying vij score pound pnc« a li iij^ 
iem payd for to bye a crystal dely verd vnto M' brytton 
iem payd for mendyng of the surplys & auter clothes ... 
tern payd for the scoiyng of a grette caTidyllstyck 

tern payd for y" waasyTig of the lynnyn 

tern payd for y« cole* of the cry stmas day 

tern spent in whyne to hym y^ dyd hryng ij corporas of the 

gyfte of Dame Augnis brothers 

vj buasellef of lyme vnto M' trve 

Sum allovyd liiij* iij^ 

payd vnto hym for the allovans of thys in mony y* he dyd 
reserve in hys hand at the accompte« liij" vij^ ob in y^ yere 
above & so payd vnto hym the reste which ys vij«* ob 

61 b] Receyvyd vpon M' henry Brytton of the reseyte* y* do long vnto the 
sayd churche 

Inpnmis Receyvyd of the churche mony by y« handed of 

M^'hassell xvj* vj^ ob 

xxvj" vj^ 
xxvj' viij** 


• •■ 




ij* ij'' 






u 9 m • * 


Item, of the Masters of roode lyghte 

Item he had of the beqwest of M' aocombleynt 

Item receyvyd vpon M' gylson for y* chamber ouer almoshouses 
I te»i receyvyd of geny wges for lond 

Item receyvyd of M' hassyll for rent of a pale 

Item receyvyd of M' smythe 

Sum of the recey t iiij" v* ob 
The allouans 

Imprtmis vj yerdes of whyte damaske at vj* 

for makyng of the same cope lynyng & dressyng 

Si^m iiij" xij«* of byll alouyd 

and so receyvyd the reste wych was 

And recey vyd in Ely farthynges 

payd vnto the archdecans offycyall 

pttyu lor ^T asy ng ««. ••• ••• ••. ■.« ■». ••• 

So remaynyth ij^ 
M' smythe & al thyges alovyd 

ther remaynyth vnto the churche 

Memorandum mychell doth ow for iiij yeres rent for ij acars of 
medov ground ... 


iiij" ij** ob 

• . . • 


80 1536 

The receytes by the Masters of the supolkars lyght 

Nycolas pnme & Arther leche 

Inprtmis for the qwariereg68 xxiiij* 

recey vyd for the doregM xj» xj* 

receyvyd at eater of the hoslyjig pepole xij* xj* 

receyvyd of the drynkers of at the makyng of the lyght ... x* 

Sum xlix* ir* 

The alloiia7i8 of ther expences 

Inpn'mis for wax & the makyTig xxiij* v** 

It«m for the expenses at the makyng iij" vj<* 

It«m for Jhons cappers wagtftf ij* 

Swm xxviiij" xj** 

Soo remaynyth xx" yj^ whych payd the day & yere above wrytton 

62 a] Memorandum delyverd vnto wyllyam pratte & arthur leche churche 
wardens for the yere folovyng in mony xxiiij* 

Eccleda beate Marie virginis ivata forum 
Eleocto ibidem facta die lune in septima pasche anno regni regis 

henrici octaui xxvij 

wille^mtes pratte & arturus leche Gardiani Ecclexie ^edicte in anno 

precedente Eligerunt duo videlicet Moffistrum Robertum Smyth & Magii- 

irum^ henricum Breton 

Quiquidem duo Eligerunt sibi sex Magistrum wHlelmum hassyll Magts- 

trum wille/m?^m Sherrewoode Magistrum Johanriem Qaunte IXiQardum 

lychefeld Johannes Pykerell & Johannem Thyrleby 

Isti octo prenominati Eligerunt officiaruM sequente« 

In officio gardianorum Eccle«ie predicte pn? anno futuro Edwardum 
heynes & Johannem hoby 

In officio gardianor;/m luminis Crucifixi pro anno futuro Magistros 
Johannem Pykerell & Wille^mMm Qryflfjrn 

In officio gardianonem Misse Ihem pro anno futuro Georgwm NicoLsou 
& Robertum Martyn 

Auditores Compod predtc^on^m gardianorttm qui fuerunt in anno 
presedente & aliorum officiorum Eccle«ie predtc^e 

Magistrum Robertum Smyth Magistrum Wille^mum Sherrewoode 
Magistrum Johan^tem Gaunte & Magistrum henricum Breton 

62 b] Thaccompte of Arthur leache & william pratte Chirchewardeyns 
& kepers of the Goodee & Juelle« of the parisshe Chirche of Seint Mary 
next the Markett in Cambrigge of all Suche Resceyttee as they have 
Resceyved by Reason of ther said Office as also of all Suche paymentej as 
they have payed by the Reason of the Same ffrom the Twysday the 
vj day of aprill in the xxvj yer of the Reign of owr soueraign lord kyng 
henry the viij"» vnto the Tweysday the xxviij* day of Aprill in the 
xxviiij^ yer of the Reign of owr said soueraign lord kyng henry the viij^ 

1536 81 

made & yelden byfore M' Robert Smyth M' John Gaunte M' willtam 
Shrewood & M' henry Bretton audytotcrs assigned 
lopmuis the said arthur leache for his parte Chargith hym 
self of money by hym Kesoeyved of M' Robert Smyth 
Chlrche wardeyn in the yer president for tharrerage« of his 
acoompte Remaynyng in his handed xij" 

Resoeytef of ffermeholdex 

fl^rst Resceyved of John Jenyn flfor the fferme of the Chirche 

land lyng in house flFjrlde ij« 

Item Resceyved of M' Gylson for the fferme of the Chambot^rs 

oner the almouse howBses next the said Chirche viij" 

Item Resceyved of [blank] Mychell of Chesterton for iij yeres 

fferme of the Chirchelonde in Chesterton ffeld iij* 

Resoeyttes of Dyrryge« 

Item Reeceyved of John hoby for the buriall of John Thomson 

w«{Ain the Chirche vj'viij* 

Item for Torches abought his hirst xij<* 

Item Resceyved for the bmyall of henry veysy within the 

omrcne ••• ■.. ... ... ... ••• ••• ••• vj viij 

Item for Torches abought his heirst viij<> 

Item resceyved for Torches abought the heirst of Mystres 

allynsons Modir viij^ 

Item Resceyved of Nichollas Elton for Torches abought the 

heirst of his sone iiij^ 

Sum zli* 

63 a] Wherof the Said arthur for his parte askes to be allowed as 

hereafter ffolowyth 

Inprtmis payed for a peece of Tymber for the sepuloer ... x^ 

Item payed for Sawyng of the same Tymber ij** 

It«n payed to the yoyner for workyng of the Tymber in the 

Dcpuicer ••• ••• ••• ••• •••• ••• ••• ■•• ^* ^'j 

Item payed for Scoweryng of the stondardef viij^ 

Item payed for Gyrdelle« for the awbys iij*^ 

Item payed for wasshing of the Chirche Clothes xij^ 

Item payed for Mendyng of the Sirplessys & awbes viij<* 

Item payed to Two men for h£tlf a Day work To bord the 

stepiU to kepe oute byrde« ^^ 


Item payed for iiij & x vj<^ Naylle iiij^ ob 

Item payed for a Cruett ii\j^ 

Item payed for Stavyng of the Chirche ladyr xiiij*' 

Item payed fibr xxix^ yien & for workemanship of the same for 

the glasse wyndow iiij" iiij** 

C. A. 8. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 6 

82 1536 

It«n payed ffor workemanship of xv" yren iv* 

It«m payed for Mendyng of the Qlaase wyndowes v" iiij* 

It^m payed to the Glasyer iiij^ 

It^m payed for a day wark of a dawbyer v^ 

Item payed for a horde to mende a sette in the Chirche for 

Naylle« & workmanship of the same sette viij*' 

Item payed for M' Jaknett«« dyrrygge ij" ij** 

It«m payed for mendyng of the sylu^" senser iiij* 

It«m payed for mendyng of the Bawderyk of the lyttell belle j^ 

Item payed To Thomas Grene for payntyng the sepulcer ... xij* 

Item payed for mendyng the Crosse the Monster & the seynser v* vij^ 
Item Gyven in a Reward to a yonge man that shold have bene 

parisshe Clerk xij'^ 

Summsi xxii* vij<* ob 

Summa totalis Reeepte pro parte arthur latche xlj* 
Sttmma totalis AUoca^tbnts pro porte ip«iiis arthur xxix" vij<* ob 
Et sic in arreragtie & Reman' in mamh'us suis xj" iiij*^ ob 
Quos soluit & deliberauit pre manibus 

63 b] Resceyte^ for the parte of william prate 

Inpnmis the Said william pratte Chargith hym self for his 
parte of Money by hym Resceyved of M' henry Bretton 
Chirche Wardeyn in the yer president for tharreragee of 
his accompte Remaynyng in his handee xij" 

Item Resceyved for the salle of a broken challeys & broken 

syluer to the sumwie of ... Ixiij* vj* 

Item resceyved of M*" John Gamite of the Chirche Money 

remaynyng in his handee xviij" 

Item resceyved of the wyffee that Gadir for our lady lyght in 

the yer president xxxvij" iij* 

Item resceyved of arthur leache of the Chauntery Mony to 
Mak vp the Summe vj" xiij* x^ payed to Roger younge 
Glasyer for makyng the glasse wyudowe in the west 
Ende of the said Chirche of Seint Mary xv* ij'* 

Summa vij" v* xj* 

Wherof the said WiUtam pratte askes to be allowed as ffolowyth 
fiyrst Of Mony by hym payed to Roger younge Glaysyer for 

Glasyng of the West Wyndowe at the Stepyll Ende ... vj" xiij* x** 

Item payed for mendyng of the Stepy 11 v* viij** 

Item payed for a plate for the bellee iiij^ 

Item payed for two beUe roppys xvij<> 

Item payed to the Thesaureres of Cambrigge for the owte rent 

of the Almouse howsses next the Chirche yerd xi j^ 

1537 83 

It«m payed for Mendjng of sirplice« & awbys belongyng to the 

said Chirche viij^ 

It^m payed for wasshingef of the same zij<i 

ItCTi payed to the Carpentered ffor takyng downe a peace of 

Tymber oute of y« Stepyll iiij* 

Summa vij^ iiij' iij<* 

Summa totalis B.ecepte pro parte will^^i pratte vij^ v* xj^ 
Stamina totalis sXiocationis pro parte ip«ius wille^mi vij" iiij* iij^ 
£t sic in arreragiis Et Rem' in manibus suis xx^ 
Quos soluit pre manibu« 

64 a] Thaccompt of M' John pykerell & william QryfP^ 
wardeyns of the Sepulcre lyght 

In pn'mis they Chargyn ther sylflfe* vfith Besceyte* for Dyrry- 

gies this yer as apperith by a bill seen & Examyned ... xiiij" z^ 

It^m they also haue Eesceyued for qttarterage^ of the parochia- 
ners for the Roode lyght as also apperith by a byll seen & 
ezamyned xxiiij* vij<* ob 

Item they also haue Reeceyued of the people that were hosylled 

atte Ester as also apperith by a byU sen & Ezamyned ... ziij" viij^ 
Sttmma totolt^ Reoe;?te Iiij* j^ ob 

vnde petunt allooari 

Item payed for xxzy^ wex for the sepulcre & the Roode lyghte« 

price of a li vij* ob Bv/irvaia xxj" x** ob 

Item payed for the makyng of the sayd Wex v« 

Item payed for a Dyner at the makyng of the said wex ... ij» iij^ ob 

Item payed to John Capper ffor settyng yp the hyrst & kepyng 

of the Sepulcre lyght ij« 

Si^mma totalis alloca^'onis xxxj" ij<^ 

Et sic in arreragiis Et remanet in manibiie suis xzij" 

Quos soluerunt pre manibt» 

Summa to^alie Reoe^Tte tam pro Gardianis Eccle«ie q?^am pro Gardianis 
luminis sancti Sepulcri xxxV ob vnde deduct?^ 

pro Reparactbne veteris ffenystre xv" 

Et sic Remanet Ecclene in Clara pecunia xx* 

"Received iiij^ pro le pale vna cum iiij** Rec' de Ma^fro hassyll 

Deliberatitm est Edwardo heynes et Johanni hoby] 
Gardianis Eoclene pro Anno fiituro 

And also resceyued of arthur leatche iij" viij** 

Remaynyng of the money of the Glasse wyndow at the steple 
ende Whitche iij" viij** is delyuej-ed to the said John hoby 

64 b] Eccle«ia beate Mane iuxto forum ville Cantebrt^ 

Eleceio ibidem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno re^t re^ 
henrici viij' xxviij® Edwardus haynes & Johannes hoby Gardiani in anno 


I xx» 

84 1537 

pr^cedente Eligemnt duo viz. Mtigistros wiUeltman Sherewoode & Johannem 
Ruate MagistTosi wille^^nMiu hassyll & Johannem veysy Isti duo Eligemnt 
sibi sex viz. Simonem True axmiffenim: Rohertxim Bmyth 'hloffistrum 
wiHAmum haasjll ^offistrum Johannem Gaunte Magistrum henncum 
Bretton }lagistrum Johannem hatche Isti Octo Eligerunt Offidanoj 
sequentetf videlicet 

In Officio Gardianorum WiUelmum Sherrewoode & Johannem Ruste 
In Officio Gardianoi^m luminis Crucifix! Johannem Rjrkeby & Greor- 
gium wilde 

In Officio Gardianorum Misse Iheni Johannem wytton Thomam 

Auditoree Compod Gardianon^m predu^omm & aliorum officianorum 

'Master simon True Armiger 
Magitter Robertus Smyth 
VLagister wille^mua hassyll 
lActgister Johannes Gaunte 
'MagiUer Johannes veysy 
'M.agister henrunee Breton 

Thaocompte of John hoby & of Edward heynes Chyrche wardeynes & 
kepers of the goode« & Juelles of the parisshe Chirche of seint Mary next 
the Market in Cambrigge Of all suche Resceytee as they haue resceyued 
by Reason of their said Office as also of all suche paymentes as they haue 
payed by Reason of the same office ffirom the Monday in the Estir weke in 
the xxviij*** yer of the reygne of our soueraign lord kyng henry the viij*^ 
vnto the Monday in the same weke in the xxix^ yer of the Reigne of oure 
said soueraign lord kyng henry the viij^ made & yolden byfore symond 
True Esquyer M' Robert smyth M' William hassyll M' John Gaunte 
M' John veysy & M' henry Breton Auditours assigned 

Resceytee for the parte of John hoby 

Inprimis the said John hoby for his parte Chargith hym sylf 
of money by hym Resceyued of arthur latche & william 
pratte Chirche wardeyns in the yer presedent for tharrer- 
age« of ther aocompte therof to hym delyuered xiij* viij<* 

Item Resoeyved for the Incumbe of a Seate in the Chirche 

of the Materasse maker in the pety Ciure xvj'^ 

65 a] Item Resceyved of M' willtom hassyll for the Rent of 

the pale in the Chirche yerd iiij<i 

Item Resoeyved of John Jenyn ffi>r the fferme of vj acre« lond 

lyng in the howe ffelde ij" 

Bumma to^altr Becepte xvij* iiij^ 

vnde petit allocori 

Inprimis paide for thexspenceiff in the Dyrige of M' Jakenette ij" ij<^ 

537 85 

tern payed for a belle Ruope pondr' ziiij^^ & dim' for the great 

UCUw ••■ ■•■ ••• ••* ••• ••« ••• ••• II ^^J 

t€m pajed for ij lokkes & iij Jemewes for the Oi^gannys ... xii^** 

tern payed for a staffe for the Belowes of the said Oi^gaunys ... iiij*' 

t«m payed for Mendyng of the senoers iij*' 

tern paied for a acomer to fetche in ffyer for the said sencer ... iz^ 

tern payed for Mendyng of the lectot^rus in the Chirche ... j^ 

tem payed for Coles ther occupied j** 

tern paied for a lyne for the vaile atte heigh aulter iiij^ 

t«m payed for a payer of TrestiUef & a Table to ley on 

Boke« in the revestry xviij«* 

t«m payed for scoryng of the great Candelstykkes viij*' 

t«m for Mendyng of the vice for the Resurrexctbn iiij^ 

tem for gamyshhing Ryband for oon of the Copis iiij^ 

t«m for sylke & threde iiij'^ 

tem for Mendyng of iij surplices & i^j aubys ... iij^ 

tem for wasshinges of the Chirche Clothes all the yere ... xij'^ 

tem for mendyng of Copis & vestemente« of the Chirche ... ij* 

tem payed for the wasshing of xiiij Corporassys vj^ 

Qumma to^al» SLUocationis xiiij' v^ 

And so remayneth in thandef of the said John hoby due 

to the Chirche ij'xj*' 

Ro8ceyta« for the parte of Edward heyues vt eequitur 
Inprimis the said Edward Chargith hym sylf for the parte of 
money by hym Resceyued of the said arthur latche & 
willunn pratte Chirche wardeyns in the yers presydent for 

tharrerage< of their accompte x* 

Item resceyued for the Rent of the aUmese howsys viij* 

Summa totolif B/ocepte pro parte dicti Edwardi xviij* vnde petit allocori 

fiyrste payed to John Thyrleby for wryghtyng of Thaccompte 

of the laste yer ... ... ... ... ••• ... ... x^^ 

It^m payed to the Thresaurers of Cambrigge for a quitte Rent 

yerly goyng owte of the aUmouses houses xij*' 

65 b] Item payed for the dyner of the Chirche Reves & In- 

querers at the k3mge« vysytacton xx<* 

Item for wasshinge of the Chirche Clothes xi[)<i 

Item for dyggjmg & Carrying of pavyng stone to pave the stret 

on the Chirche syde towarde* the goodman Sperynges ... i^<i 

Item for a loode of GraveU iiij^ 

Item for pavyng of the same strette vj^^ 

Si^mma totalis aMooatioma pro parte died Edwardi v" ix^ 

And so remayneth in thandes of the said Edward due to 
the Chirche xij'iiy'' 







•• 'A 






And in thandej of the said John hoby ij* xj* 

Sumina Remaneus in manibiM ipsorum Gkirdianorum xv* ij*' 

Quos delyberauerunt pre mauibtM Johanni Rust & wilWmo sherre- 
wood &c 

Thaccompt of John pykerell & of william Gryffyn wardeyns of the 
sepulcre light in the yer abouesaid made byfor the said auditours 
Inprimis they Charge ther silffe* with Resceyte for Dyrygies flfor 

the dirige of henr* veysy viij* 

It<;m resceyued at the king0« dirige ... ij" viij** 

Item for M' Jakenette« dirigies 

Item for Bellyngham dirriges 

Item for M' Manfelde* dirrigies 

Item for M' Erliche dirrigies 

Item for M' Crosses dirrigies 

Item for the dirrigies of M' asshewell 

Item for the dirrigies of M' Charles 

Item for the dirrigies of M' helgaye 

Item for the dirrigies of william habyngton 

Item for the dirrigies of M' Cooke 

Item for the dirrigies of M' Clerk 

Item for the dirrigies of [blank] 

Item for the dirrigies of M' Andrew 

Summa recepte pro exequiis x" vj'^ 

66 a] Resceytef of quarterage* 

Inprimis Resceyued for the first quarter 

Item in the secounde quarter 

Item in the thirde quarter 

Item in the iiij***» quarter 

Item at Estir terme ... ... ••• ... 

Summa xxxviij" ix<* 

Sumixia totolis Reee^te predie^t JohaTinis pykerell & wille^mi 
vjtjryiiy^i ■*. >•• ••• >•• •*• *•• •■* ■•• 


petunt allocari lupnmis payed for xxxj li wex euery li : v** ob 

OcwU17/C Cv ... *•. ••. ••« ••■ ... ... ... 

Item payed for the makyng therof 

Item payed for their Dyner 

Item to John Alcetir Caper for his wage« 

Item for his Meate & drynke x^ 

Bumma totalis alloco^iemis xxiij* vij^ 

And so remayneth in thande« of the said John & william due to the 
Chirche xxv* viij^ 

And also in the hande« of the foresaid Chirche wardeyns xv* ij<^ 


• •• 

• • •« * ' A 

xnj" ij'» 

xlix« iij** 


1539 87 

Whitche to gedir accompted amountith to xl" x*' 

And whitche xl* x*' is delyudred to John Rust And William sherrewood 
Chirche wardeyns for the yer to Cum videlicet to eythor of them xx" v^ 
£ccl««ia beate Marie virginis iuxto foraum (sic) 

Eleccio ihidsm facta die lune in septimana pasche anno Tdffni regis 
henrici viij xxix® Magistrt Wille/mua sherewood & Johannes Ruste Gardiani 
in anno precedents Eligerunt duo videiic^ Nicho^um speryng & henricum 
Osseboume Isti duo Eligerunt vj videlicd; Johannem hatcher Johannem 
pykerell Garrardufn Godfrey Johannem hoby WiUelmum Qrytfyn & 
Johannem Thyrleby Isti octo prenominatt Eligerunt officiario* sequentes 

In officio Gardianorum pro anno sequent Magistrum Thomam wendy 
& Maffistrum Robertum smyth 

In officio Gardianorunt. luminis Crucifixi Willelmum Speryng& henncum 

In officio Gardianorum Misse Ihe«u Simonem Morley & Thomam 

Auditors Compoti Gardianorum prediciorum & aliorum Officianbrum 

Magutrum wiMelmum hassyll Magistrum Johannem Gaunte wiHelmum 
pykeroll Mo^^Arumsimonem True Magistrum Johannem hatcher Magistrtem 
henricum Osseboume 

[Fol. 66 b blank.] 

67 a] Eleccio ibic^m facta die lune in septimana pasche anno r^ni 
henrici viij xxx® Thomoi wendy & Robertus smythe Gaidiani in anno 
precedents Eligerunt duo videlio<?t WiWelmum sherewod & henricum 
Osboume Isti duo Eligerunt vj videlicet arthurum leche & Johannem 
Rust Garrardum Godffirey & Johannem holdby henricum Ryngsted & 
Nicho^aum Elton Isti octo prenominati EligeruTit officiaruM sequences 

In officio Gardianorum pro anno sequence Magistrum Johannem hacher 
& willd^mum Gryfiyn 

In officio Gardianorum luminis Crucifixi wills^mum speryng & laursntium 

In officio Gardianorum Misse Ihe«u Robsrtum dykynson & andream 

Auditors Compod Gardianorum ^edictorum & aliorum officiariorum 

Mo^iftrum hassyll Magistrum Gaimt Magistrum sherewod Gerrard 
Godfrey JohanTiem Rust vnUelmum pratt 

67 b] Thaccompte of William Sherwood & John Rust Chyrche Wardeyns 
& Kepers of the goodes & Juelle« of the paryshe Chyrche of Seynt Mary 
next the Markett in Cambrygge of aU syche Reseytes reseyued by reason 
of ther sayd ofi^ce as also of all syche payments* as they haue payed by 
reason of the same offyce from the Monday in the Ester Weke in the 
xxix**» yere of our sousrayne lord kyng henry the viij*** vnto the Monday 
in the same weke in the xxix*^ yere of the Reygn of our sayd sousrayng 

88 1538 

lord kyng henry the viij**» made & yolden byfore M' haasyU M' True 

John Gaunt John hacher henry Osboume & william pykereU Auditors 

In primis the sayd william sherewood & Jhon Rust Charge 
theym eelffes of Money by theym resauyd of John Hoby & 
Edward Heynes chyrche wardeyus in the yere presydeut 

fibr tharreragef of ther accompte xL* x^ 

Item resayued of M' Ray for a payer of bedes gyuen by hys 

motner ••• ••• •*. ... ... ... ... ... xx' 

lifftn of the yong men in money y^ they had at theyr may 

game vj*viij^ 

Item of Master Bretten ffor the Chambers ouer the Almous 

UOvUSbCB •.• ••« ••• ••• ... ... ... ... *'^U 

Item of M' hasyll for hys pale standyng in the Chyrche yerd iiij^ 
Item of bochera wyff for ij Torchys at the buryall of hyr 

husbond viij^ 

Itetn of Raynes of Chesterton fifor ij yeres Rent of i^ acres 

Medowe in Chesterton ffeld ij* viy* 

Item of John Genynges for vj acres lande in hows field ... ij* 

Item of wylliam Gylbert ffbr ij Torchys iiij* 

Summa iii^j" xviij*^ vnde petuT^t aUocari 

In primis payed to the Thesaurers fibr the Whytrent of the 

almous houses xij^ 

Item to Wytacars for a nymnaU xij* 

Item ffbr a bawtrell for one of the belle* xiiij^ 

Item fibr M' Jakenette« dyrge ij» ij^ 

Item payd to M' hynd fibr hys Counsale in the Chauntrye londs v* 

Item to a yonge man that Cam to be our Gierke viij^ 

Item to Margarett wyld ffor mendyng the Syrplycys xijf 

Item fibr new Chethe ffor the sayd surplyce« iij^ 

Item ffor wasshyng of the Cliyrche clothys all the yere xij** 

Itewi fibr Colles j^ 

Item to Mr Thyrleby for wrytyng the last Count xij*^ 

68 a] Item payed for scoryng the great Candellstyke* ... viij<^ 
Item to John Gyer for Makyng a poly to drawe vp the vele 

byfore the rode vj** 

Item ffor thred for the albys ob 

Item for Mendyng the sensers vj<* 

Item ffor the dynner at the vysytacibn more then was gathered 

of Ely fierthynge« x** ob 

Item paid to leonard Johnson for Makyng of ij seate« in the 

Chyrche y* horde & the Tymber xiij" iiij<* 

Item fibr vnder pynnyng of one of them vnth morter & stone ... ij^ 

1539 89 

Item payed ffor ij C & halff of boord to Make the tteaXes in the 

v^u&peil ■•• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ■•• ••• ••• UL X 

It09fi for Y planked for the same aeates v* 

Item fifor caryeng of theym to the Chyrche ii^j*' 

Item for thyn horde to make Creese punellM viij*^ 

Item for naylee ffor the same seatM yj** ob 

Item to Rycherd Bateman ffor sawyng of olde Tymber & the 

pianjctfo ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• mxj * uj 

Item to the Joyner ffor woorkmanshyp xxy"iiij^ 

Sianma i^li x^' iz^ ob 
And 80 remayneth in the hand6« of the said william & John viij* vi^j*' ob 

Thaccompt of John Kyrkeby & Qeorge wylde wardeyns of the sepulcre 
lyght in the yere abouesayd made byfore the auditors 

In prtmis ffor the kynges dyrge ij'viij*' 

Item ffor the dyrges of M' Manffeld M' Elyche M' Croese 
M' Asshewell M' Gierke M' helgaye M' Charlys M' harryes 

M' Coke M' androwe & Mystrys bretten vj' viij<* 

Item resayued the %rst quarter ffor the rode lyght v* 

Item the second quarter v'ij^' 

Item the iij** quarter v* iiij* 

Item the last quarter y* jl^ 

Item ffor the hoeeU zij* iiij*> 

Bumnui zliij* vnde petunt allocari 

68 b] In prtmis payed to M' Rust ffor xxxi li wex & the 

makyng all the yere xviij" vij* 

Item at dyner at the makyng of the wex xyj*^ 

Item to John Capper for wachyng the sepulcre & hys meate ... ij" x^ 

Item for holye ij^ 

Item for pynnes spent abought the sepulcre ob 

Item [blank] st^mma totalis alloca^totiis xxiij* 

and so ther Remayneth in the handes of the said John & 

Qeorge xxj"iiij<* 

and in the handee of the foresayd Chyrche wardeyns ... vi\j" viij^ ob 

wyche to gether acGompted amountythe to xxx" ob 

& ys delyuerd to M' Thomas wendy & M>^ Robert smythe 
Chyrche Wardeyns ffor the yere to Come videlicet to eyther 
of theym xv' 

Ecclesia beate Marie viiginis iuxto forum 
Elecctb ibuiem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regis 
henrici v-iij xxx® 'Moffister Thomas wendy & ^agister Robertus smythe 
gaidiaui in anno preoedente EligeruTi^ duo videlicet vnUelmum sherwood & 
henricum Osboma Isti duo Eligerun^ vj videlicet Johannem Rust & 
arthurum leche Gerrardum Codfrey & JohanTiem hoby Henricum Ryngsted 
& Nico^aum Elton Isti Octo prenomiTiatt Eligerun^ officiahoe sequence* 

90 1539 

In officio Qardianorz^m pro anno sequent Johannem haccher & will- 
elmum Gryffyn 

In officio Gardianorum luminis Crucifixi Wmdmuxn speryng & lauren- 
tiuTn howes 

In officio GardianorttTn Misse Ihesn Andream wiUuunsou & Robertufn 

Auditore< Compo^i Gardianort^m predict! (sic) & aliort^m officiariorum 

^agistrum hasyll ) Johannem GauTitl Gerrardum Godfrey 
Magistrum sherewoodj Johannem Rust j Will^mum pratt 

69 a] IhMus 

The accompte of M' Thomas wendy & M' Robert smythe Chyrche 
wardeyns & kepers of y« good^ & Juelle« of the paryssh Chyrch of 
Seynt Marye next the Merkett in Cambrygge of all syche reseytes 
Resayued by reason of theyr sayed offyoe as also of all syche paymentes 
as they haue payed by Reason of the same offyoe from the Monday in the 
Ester weke in the xxix^^ yere of the Reygn of our soueraygn lord kyng 
henry the viij**» vnto the Mo?iday in the same weke in the xxx** yere 
of the Reygn of our sayd soueraygn lord kyng henry the viij*** Made 
& yolden byfore M' hasyll willtam sherewode John Gaunt John Rust 
Garrard Godfrey & william pratt audytors 

In primis the sayd M' Thomas wendy & M' "Robert smythe 
Charge theym selffe* of Money by theym Resayued of 
william sherewod & John Rust Chyrche wardeyns in y* 

yere presydent ffor the arreragc« of theyr accompte . . . xxx" ob 

Item ffor Ely fferthynge* xxj<* 

Item of the goodwyff pyerson for y" wast of iiij Torchys . . . xvj<i 

Item of goodweyff Mershall ffor hyr sonnes buryall vj" viij<* 

Item of M' Genynge« for land in bowse feld ij" 

Item of M' hasyll for hys pale iiij** 

Item for the Medow at Chesterton xvj<* 

Item of M' sherewod for the Chamber ouer the almous howsys viij** 

lte?» of Rycherd Bowman for the wast ij Torchys viij<i 

Item of M' Rust for the buryall of Mother Dawlyng vj« viij<* 

Swmma Iviij" vij*i (sic) vnde petunt allocari 

In prtmis payed for the dynner at the vysytacion xiiij<* 

Item payed for a boke Callyd the regyster vj<* 

Item ffor Ely fferthynge* x<* ob 

Item to the Thesaurers for the whyte rent of the Almys hows xij<* 

Item to henry plomer & hys man ffor workyng on the Chyrche xij<^ 

Item ffor soder viij^* to the same worke ij' viij<* 

Item for Charcole to the same worke ij<> 

69 b] Item ffor wasshyng the Chyrch gyere ij« 

Item ffor Mendyng of surplyce* iiij<* 

1539 91 

Item ffor yi^ Jakeneites dyrge y* ij* 

It«m flfor a loke ffor the vestrye iiij* 

It^TO ffor a spere y* y« yonge men lost xij<* 

It^m to Roger yonge the glasyer iij« ix** 

Item for a new Comen eeale v'j'' 

Item ffor a bell rope ij' ij* 

Item ffor scoryng the great Candell sty kkc» viij** 

Item ffor halflF the byble ij* vj* 

Item to M' hynd fifor hys peynes in drawyng the Indentures 

bytwyxt Guvyll hall & vs iij« ix* 

Item flFor Copyeng out of the Indenture viij^ 

Item flfor the Wrytyng of y« last Count xij** 

Summa xxxij" ix** 
And so ther Remaynethe in the handes of the sayd M' Thomas 

Wendy & M' Robert Smyth xxv" x** 

Thaccompt of William Speryng & laurens howes gardianes of the 

sepulcre lyght in the yere abouesayd Made byfore the audytors 

In pnmis ffor the kynges dyrge ij* viij<* 

yjd yjd yjd yj* 

Item for M^^ Jakenettes dyrge M' Erlyche M' Halber Mother 

viJid yjd 

Dawlyng M' Erlyche & M' Gierke iij* ij** 

Item flfor the dyrge* of M' Crosse M' harryes M' Androwe 

M' helgay M' Coke & M' pykerell iij* iiij** 

Item in Mydsomer quarter iiij" iiij^ 

Item at Myhelmos quarter iiij" iiij*i 

Item at Crystmos quarter v* vj<* 

Item at the last quarter v" vj<* 

Item ffor the hosell xj" viij^ 

Summa xl* vj^ vnde petunt allocari 

70 a] In pnmis payed to M' Rust ffor Ivj li wex & the 

Makyng aU the yere xxviij- viij<> 

Item spent at the dyner when y« wex was made ij« viij<> 

Item fior holye ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Ite}/i to the sexteyn for wachyng the sepulcre ij" 

Item ffor Meate & drynke x^ 

Summa xxxiiij* iiij^ 

& 80 ther remaynethe in the handed of y* sayd william & laurens vj" ij^ 

and in the hande« of the foresayd Ch}Tche wardeyns xxv« x'* 

wyche together accompted amouuteth to xxxij* 

and ys delyuerd to John hacher & wylUam Gryflfyn Chyrche 

wardeyns ffor the yere to come videlicet to ey ther of theym xvj* 
and- th e y mu s t R esa yu e of M' Robert Smyth e ffor ow - ladyes 



70 b] £ccl6«ia beate marie iuxta forum ville CaxiUtbrigie 

Eleccto ilno^m facta die lune in septimana pasche anno Regni henrici 
octaui xz2J^ Johannes hatcher et vnHdmua gryfiyn gardiani auno preoc- 
dente eligerunt duo viz, wiWelmum Sherwood et Johannem Rust isti duo 
eligerunt vj viz. vfiUelmum pratt et henricum Ryngsted Johannem hobye 
et arthurum letche mUelmum speryng et Nico^um elton Isti octc 
eligeruT^t officiarios sequentes 

In officio gardianorttm eccleae magistrum ynJlelmum hasyU 

magistrum Johannem erlyche 
In officio gardianorum lucis sepulcri ynJldmuTn Qylbert et 

Bob^t^m martyn 
In officio gardianorum misse Ihexu Joha^^nem Rytchemonde 

et thomam bellyngham 
In custodes clauium siste cantarie cum gardianis wiUe^mt^m sherwood 
ecclesie et Johannem Rust 

Auditores compoti gardianorum predic^orum 

^.agister Thomas wendyel Willc^mws Sherwood! willeZmMS pratt \ 

'Magister Roberttw Smythj et Johannes Rust j et ynUelmus allynsonj 

71a] The accompte of John hatcher & william gry%n chyrche wardeyns 

of seynt marys parysshe next the markytt in Cambryge of the moneye by 

them Reseyuyd and charges by them susteynyd from easter in the xxx^ 

yere of y« Reygn of kyng henry the viij*"* vntyll eastcr in the xxxj*** yere of 

y« sayd kyng 

Inpn'mis y" sayd John & wylltam charge them selfes of money 
by them Reseyuyd of M' thomas wendye & M' Robdf-t 
smyth chyrche wardeyns in the yere pr^ydent for the 
arrerage« of ther accompte 

Item for tharreragM of John hobys accompte of the chauntyre 
xonuvo «•• ••• ••• •••. ••• ••• ••• 

Item for the buryall of M' gawnte in the chyrche 

Item for the buryall of Garrett godfreye there 

Item for the buryall of John Thyrlebye there 

Item for the buryall of Qeorge nycholson there 

Item for the buryall of Edwarde haynes there 

Item of M' sherwood for y« ferme of the chambre ouer the 
almesse howsen 

Item of M' hasy 11 for hys payle in the chyrche yarde ... 

Item for halfe the byble 

Item of John Qennynges for the ferme off the chyrche loud 

Item of maystres Gylson for iiy torches 

Item for Ely farthyngee 

Item of M' Robert smythe for our ladys wax 

Summa v" x» j** 


ix* iiij<* 
vj« viij<i 
vj» viijd 
yjB viij** 

VJ" VllJ** 

vj« viij<i 

• • • mjm 







I b] AllocacioDS wher of y^ dezyer allowaunc« 

npn'miii for a keye & mendyng of the loke of the fonte 
tern payd for wrytyng of the last yeres Counte 

t«m payd for halfe the gret byble 

t«m payd for M' Jacknettev obyte 

Um payd for a rope to the sancttu belle 

ttfm payd for wasshyng 

tern payd for mendyng of the same lynnen 

for pauynge of the grownde at the pompe 

tern payd for ston to M' osbome & the caryage of y« same 

tern payd for thre lode« of sande 

tam payd for lyme ... 
tarn payd for ston ... 
tain payd to the pavers .•• 

t«m payd to the laborer 

tern payd for mendyng of the Caskytt 

tern payd for skoryng of the great standard^x 

tern payd to y« clarke for mendyng of y« copes 
ttfin for Ely farthyngM ... ... ... 

tam for the dynner 
t^n to the saurers . . . 

tern for mendyng of the chyrche wall & a post 

tern for wasshyng of the surplessys 

t/»n for mendyng of the same 

tern for a horse hyer 

Stamina xzzj* j^ 

& so Remaynethe in theyr handes iij" xix* 


"m ' 'A 




nij« iuj« 


• * 'A 


• • • ■ J 





• •• 'A 

72 a] The aocompt of wiUtoma speryng & Lawrens hawes Mcutera of y" 
Roode lyght of the sepulcer lyght wy the in the panysshe aforesayde 

In pnmis the sayd ^Mtera Charge theym selfife^ with qiMzrtreges as 

Item for mydsomer qi^rt^ 
Item for myhellmas quarter 
Item for Christmas quarter 
Item for Easter qtiorter 
Item for Qoddef boorde 


for Exequyes as foUowe 

Inpruuis for the kyngee dyige 

Item for John Gaunter ij dyrges 

Item for John Thyrlebyes dyige< , 



• .. ... 

yjO VJ» Vllj" 

Item for the djTgc^ of M' Erlyche, M' Crosse, M' asshewell, 

• • • •— 


• ■ • • — 
•^ • • •.-1 

vj» viy* 


• 'm 


94 1540 

M' helgaye, M' coke, M' harryes, M' Jakenet, M' Gierke, 

Mother dawlyTtg, M' manfelde 

It«m for the dyrgetf of Garrett Gkxlfraye ij* 

Item for the dyrges of Qeorge Nycolflon xiiij* 

It«m for Qodfreye Charles dyrge viij** 

Ittfm for the dyrge« of Edwarde heynes xiiij<' 

Summa xlviij** ■ 

AUocacions wher of they dezyer allowaunoe 
Inpnmis for money payed to M' Rust as apperythe by hys 

I 11 »— ""A 

L'VUO ••• ••• ••• •<• ••« ••■ ••• ••* JLJLJLl "aJ 

Item for theyr dyner at the makyng of the wex iij* iiij^ 

It«m for holy ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

Item to John Capper for watchyng of y* sepulker & settyng up 

& takyng downe of the same ij' 

It^m for hys meat & drynke z^ 

Summa xxxvij" viij** And so Remayneth x» viij<* 

72 b] All thynges accomptyd theare Remayneth In the hand^s 

of John hatcher and willunn gryffyn iij** xix" 

and In the handed of the sayd william & lawrens x' viij<* 

which summes to gyther accomptyd amounte to .,, iiij" ix" viij** 

and ys delivered to M' willtam hasyU & M' John Erlyche 
chyrche wardeyns for the yere to come vtz. to eyther 
of them ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xliiij* x^ 

Memorandum y* at y" feste of seynct Jhon y* baptist the xxxij*^ yere 
of kyng henri the viij*** a peyar of silver bede« and ij other peyar of 
Corall gavdyd with siluer ware solde by y* chirchwardens to Jame« 
goldsmyth of Seynct benett parich in presence of M' Robert Smythe 
be y* consent of most parte of y" parochianers 

Item the colar or baudryk of golde havyuge ix lynk^s enameled of 
golde with y® vch for seynct Nicolas & lityll Monstre or Relick of Seynct 
Nicolas oyll ys taken fro y* custody of y* chirchwardens to be sold at 
sterbrige feyar be agrement & consent also of y® parochianors 

73 a] Ecclena b«ate Marie iuxto forum ville Cantebn^te 

Eleccib ibidem facta die lune in septimana pasche Anno Regni henrici 
octaui xxxij^ WilU/mi w h as yll & Johaww ea Erlych e Gardiani Auno 
p r goodonto 

JohanTies hatcher & will^^mt^ Gryffyn Gardiani anno precedents 
eligerunt duo viz wille^mt^m hasyll & Johannem Erlyche isti duo eligeruTit 
vj viz Johannem veysy & Johannem hatcher henricum osboum & 
Johannem hoby Robertt^m dykynson & arthurum leche Isti octo eligerunt 
officiarioB sequentes 

1541 95 

In officio Gardianonim Ecclfisie Mc^strum wille^mi^m hasyll & 

Ma^trum. Johannem veysy 
In officio Qardianorum lucis sepulcri wiWelmum dawnser & 

wiU^^mum Monaey 
In officio Gardianorum misse Jheni Andream smTthe & 

Bogerum Thomborrough 
Auditores compoti Gardianonim ^eddctorum 
Mag. Thomas wendy &1 wiHelrmts sherwood 1 Johannea Rust &1 
Mo^. Rob«rtiis smythe j & Johannes hatcher/ henricus osboumj 

73 b] Thaocompt off M' willzam hasyll & John Erliche chyrche wardeyns 
off the pansshe chyrche ther as well off all suche Receyttf« by theym 
Receyved by the Reason of theyr sayd o£fyce as also off all suche 
payment69 as they haue payed fi&om the Mondaye in ester weke the xxxj^ 
yere of the Reygn of kyng henry the viij**» vnto the sayd Mundaye in the 
same weke then next ensuyng 

Inprimis the sayd acountauntes charche theym selves with the 

arrerages of the last yere iiij** ix« viij<* 

Itgm Resceyved of James Goldsmythe of seynt benett parissh 
ffor a pay«r of sylver bede« & for the sylver gaude« off ij 
payer of Corall bede« weyng v ownce« j qtuirter ij<* weytt at 

iiij" the ownce xxj" ij<* 

It«n ffor vij ownceir off Corall xiiij* 

ItCT:! ffor the baidryke off Golde weyeng oon ownce & j quarter & 

dim' quarter at xxxij" the ownce xliiij* viij<* 

lUm ffor seynt Nicholas owche with the little Monster con- 
teynyng S. NichoZo* oyle weyng oon ownce & dim' at 

iij» viij^ the ownce v*x^ 

Item off M' hasyll ffor the pale ayenst hys howse iiij<> 

Item ffor the buriall of John Erliche wyff witAin the chyrche yj» viij** 

Item ffor wast off torchys at hyr buryaU & at his doughters ... ij* 

Item ffor the wast of ij torchys at the buxyall of ser hardwar vj<^ 

Item for the buryall of M' sperynge« wyff vrithiu the chyrche ... vj* viij<* 

Item ffor the wast off ffoure torchys xij^ 

Item off M' sherwood ffor the Rent of the chamber over the 

almos bowses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij' 

Item off John Jenynge* ffor the fferme off the chyrche lond ... ij» 

Item Off Thomas parys ffor the Medowe in Chesterton ffelde ... xiiij** 

Item ffor the wast off ij torches at the buryall of a sherman ... vj<^ 

74 a] AUocacions wherof they dezyer Alowaunce 

Inprunis to Laurens hawes ffor wrytyng of the last accompte xij^ 

Item to a pryst ffor notyng & wrytyng vppon the bare plotter 
in dyvers antyphoners & other booker by the space off vj 
weke« at ij* iiijl^ a weke with ij^ in Ernest gyvcn & ffor 
byce & other colors xiij** xv* iij<* 



Item ffbr the charge of M' Jaknett obyte 

It«m fifor coloryng & mendyng off the surpless^x wttA newe 
clothe ffounde ... ••• ... ... ... ... 

Item ffor wasshyng off the chyrche stuffe all thys yere 

It«m to Roger yonge Glasyer ffor mendyng the default^ff & 
holes in the wyndowes Round abowte the chyrche as well 
the wyndowes by nethe as in the clerestorw aboue & 
byndyng & sowderyng theym by a bargeyn made agrett 
witA j<* for ffor cooles 

rt«m ffor ij belle Ropes 

Item for ij cheynes ffor the latten sensers 

Item to the Thesaurers for the Rent of y* almos bowses 

Item to the glasyer for takyng down off the Bysshopp of 
Roomes hedde ... 

Item ffor cooles in the Revestry 

It«m ffor diW an ownoe off vestment Rybben 

Item ffor colored thred 

Item ffor skoryng off the candylstykes 

Item to the porisshe clarke ffor hys dylygens & labour had with 
the preest wrytyng & notyng the booker & aynes hys 
deportur wrytyng notyng & amendyng many leves in the 
cnyrcue dookcd ..• ... ... ••• ... .*« ... 

Thaocompt off wiUtam Gilbert & Robert Martyn Masters of the 
Roode lyght & of the sepulcre light witAin the pansshe 

Inpnmis the sayd Mastem charge theym aeWee with quartroges 
as ffoUoweth viz. ffor the iiij quartreges 

Item att Qoddef borde ••• ... ••• ... ••• 

Item gathered at the dynner ... 

74 b] ffor Exequyes as ffollowe 

Inpnmis ffor the kynges dyrge ,. 

Item Mystres thyrlebye ffor ij standerdes 

Item for Mother Marshall ffor ij standerdes 

Item ffor John gaunte« yerday 

Item ffor Mother Marshalled moneth daye ffor ij pryckettes ... 

Item ffor M' Manfeldex dyrge ' 

Item ffor M' Jackenettes dii^e 

Item ffor godfipey Charles dyrge 

Item ffor garrett godfreys dyrge 

Item fior M' erliche dyrge 

Item ffor M' crosse dyige 

Item ffor M' asshewell dyrge 

Item ffor M' pykerellef dyrge 

Item ffor Mother dawlynges dyrge 



• .• 







Mj' j* 
iij» J^ 







• • • • •J 

y' vnj«* 













It^m ffor Edward heynes dyrg 

Item ffor the buryall off Annys erliche 
Item ffor Myatree ei'liche Monethe daye . . 

Item ffor M' helgayes dyrge 

Item ffor M' oookes dyrgtf 

Item ffor M' harrys dyrgtf 

Item ffor M' clarkes dyrge 

Item flfor Maystres speryngw dyrge 

And for hyr Monethe daye 

It«m ffor fiather MarshaUes buryall 

& ffor hys Monethe daye , 

It«m ffor Andrew spicers dyrge 

Item ffor M' erlitche wyves buryall 


Item in exspences ffor wax 

Item ffor the sextyns wage< 

Item ffor nayles & pynues 

Item ffor the dynner 









XXV" ix<* 




mj« xjd 

75 a] The Juellee & goode« belongyng to the sayd churche nowe in 
the handee off the sayd chyrche wardeyns 

In the hande« off M*" william hasyll 

Inpnmis fiyve chalesys 

Item xiij corporas casys with kerchyffes 

Item a title crowne of sylver with ston & perle 

Item ij of our ladys cootev of red & grene satten & ij ly tie cootes 

Item aeynt savyors cote of red velvett purfled with blacke velvett 

Item a lytle velvett box with ij lytle capper of velvett 

Item a cypresse ffor the crosse & ij Canapees ffor the sacrament 

In the hand off M' John veysy 

Inpnmis a crosse off syluer & gylt with Mary & John wit/i a staffe 

off copper & gylte wttA the clothe 
Item ij sylver candylstyke^ parcell gylt 
Item ij sensors off sylver 
Item a Monster clene gylt 
Item ij shyppef with ij spones 
Item ij paxys & the soon of syluer & gylte 
Item ij crewete* of syluer poroell gylt 
Item the crismatorye off sylver 
All tbynges acoomptyd there Remaynethe in Redy money 

belongyng to the churche the swm of viij" xiij" vij*! 

whiche ys delyverd to M' wTlliam hasyll & M' John veysye 

VIZ. to oyther of theym iiij" vj" ix** ob 

C.A,S. Octavo Seriei, No, XXXV. 7 

98 1542 

75 b] "Ecclesia. heate Marie inxta forum ville Cantebriffie 

Eleccio ibidem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno Regni Regi^ 
Henrici octaui xzxiij^* 

Mctgister Willeliavs Hasyll) Gardiani Magistrum Thomam wendye 1 
"MLCtgister Johannes veysye j eligerunt MiXffutrum Robsrttfm smythe j 
Isti duo eligerunt sex vtiz. JohanTies Hatcher wiU^^mus Gryff^ 
Nicho^oud speryng Johannes Hobye Laurentius hawes & wille^mtes speryng 
Qui quidem octo Eligerunt in olficiariM pro Anno sequent^ 
In officio Gardianorum 

Waidmum pratte 1 In officio Gardianorwm Andream Smythe ) 
Henricum Ryngstedj Iucm sepulcri Nicholoum pylgrymej 

Auditores Compori Gardianon^m predu^orMm 

'Mofftstrum. Thomam wendye ) JohanTiem Erlychel Johannem Hacher 1 
Mo^^n^m Robtfrtt^m smythe j Johannem Rust j will«^mttm Gryfifyn j 

Thaccompt of M' Williiam Hasyll & M' John veysye chyrche wardeyns 
of seynt Marye parysshe next the Markett in Cambrige of the Money by 
theym Resoeyved & chargdf by theym susteyned ffirom Easter in the 
xxxij**> yere of the Reygn of Kyng Henry the viij**» vntyll the same ffeast 
then next ensuyng 
Inpnmis the sayd accomptaunt«« charge theym aelffe^ yrith the 

surplusage of the last aocompte viz viij" xiij' vij** 

76 a] It^m of M' wilh'am Hasyll for the pale at hys Ten^m^nt iiij*' 
Item of John Jenynge» for oon yeres Rent off the churche land 

endyng at Myhelmes last past ij* 

It^m of the Procters towardef a belle Rope •.. iiij^ 

Item of M' William hasyll for buryyng hys wyffe in the chyrche vj" viij** 

Item for the hyer of iij torches xij^ 

Item of Mr hacher for the Rent of the soUer ouer the allmose 

U w TV P^JP ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• a** V J'AI 

Item of James Ratclyff ffor seynt Georges light vj* 

Item of andrewe smythe for the buryall of hys wyff vj* viij<* 

Item of the same andrew ffor C li. wex xxiij* ii\j^ 

Item of M' sherwood ffor the hyer of vj torches ij* 

Item for the siu^lusage of the chuntry Rentes xxxj" ix^ 

Item of Thomas parrys of chesterton ffor the Medowe in 

Chesterton ffelde xiiij<i 

Summa xiij li. ij" x^ 

AUocacibns wherof they desyer allowans 

Inpruuis for the chaige« of M' Jackenettes obyte ... ... ij" j<^ 

Item ffor a belle Rope xxij^' 

Item to Robert Cave for makyng of the lede off the ffonte 

oftheLectron ij* x" 

Item spent at the vysytacibn iiij*^ 



Item payd to the Thesaurers ffor the almose howses 

Item ffor ColeB in the vestrye 

Item payd for soder ffor the churche 

Item payed to the plummer 



IJ' VllJ 




'"m ""at 

X11J« lUj" 

76 b] Item payed for newe clothe & mendyng the surplyses 

Item ffor waashyng the surplyses 

Item ffor scoryng the candlestyke« 
Item ffor wrytyng of the last aooompt 
Item fibr Caryeog a wey myer in the strete 

Item ffor mendyng of the orgens 

Svmma xxx* j<^ & so Remaynethe in thaccomptaunte« handed xj 11. xij* ix*^ 

Thacoompt of William Munsey & William Daimser Movers of the 
Roode lyght & of the sepulcre lyght witAin the porysshe afforesayd 
In primis the said Moe^ers charge theym seWes vrith quartreges 
as ffollowethe 

In prtmis at Mydsomer quarter 

Item at Myhelmes quarter 

Item at Crystmas quarter 

Item at Ester quarter 

Item at Qoddeff borde 

Item ffor the Ky nges dyige 

Item ffor M' Erlyches dyrge 

Item ffor M' pykerell 

Item M' John asshewell 

Item ffor M' Jackenett 

Item ffor M' thyrleby 

Item ffor M' gaunt 

Item ffor andrewe smythes Yfyffes ij dyrge« 
Item ffor M' Crosse 

77 a] Item ffor Mother dawlyng 

Item ffor Mystres Erlyche 

Item ffor ffiither MarshaU & hys wyffe ... 
Item ffor Mystres hasylles ij dyrge^ 

Item ffor Garrett Godfreys dyrge 

Item ffor M' Cooke 

Item fibr M' John helgaye 

Item fibr M' Clarke 

Item fibr M' John harrys 

Item ffor godfrey Charles 

Item ffor M' andrewe spyser 

Si^mma Is v^d 

AUocactbns wherof they desyer to be allowed 
Inprimis payd for xiiij^ wax putt to the sepulcre light 

\* iiij'* 
V" inj<» 

— • ■ ■ tj^ 

\* lUj" 
VJ" 111J*» 

XllJ* f 
IJ" Vlljd 





• • • • I 



* * * I 













100 1543 

It«m ffor iju wax for the wast off the ffoure standerde* fibr the 

noiG yQTG ... ... ... ... •.• ... ... xij 

Item ffor xxvj^ & iij quarters of wax putto the Roode lyght at 

the iiij quarters xiij" iiij'* 

It^m fibr the makyng of the sepulcre & Roode lyght«« v* 

It«m ffor the djnner at the makjng of the wax iiij* 

It^m to John Capper ffor holy ij** 

It«m for settyng vp the sepulcre & watchyng the same ... ij' 

Item ffor hys Meate & drynke x^ 

Summa xxxiij* iiij<i & so Remaynethe in the h&ndes of the sayd 
accomptaunte« xvij" iij<* 

77 b] The wiche xvij" iij*" And xj" xij* ix** in the hande« of M' willwrm 
hasyll & M' John veysy Makythe xij" x" & ys dely\'erd vnto williom pratt 
& henry Ryngsted newe chyrche wardeyns viz to eyther of theym vj" v* 

Summa xij^ x" 

Memorandum that there ys allowed vnto M' sherwood in parte of 
payment of Iiij* iiij<^ that he payed vnto M' whytakers ffor ij yeres Rent of 

the chauntrye Close xx" 

R e man e t do oompoto Qeopdianow tm luow s opulori xvj' v^ ob 
In the handes of william pratte 
Inpnmis v Chalesys yrith patentee 
Item xij oorporas casys vrith Kerchyffes 
Item a lytle crowne of syluer with perle & ston 
Item ij of otcr ladys Coottes of Redde & grene satten & ij lytle cootef 

& purflod wttA blftk volvott 
Item seynt savyors cote of Redde velvett & piuiled with blacke velvett 
Item A lytle velvett box witA ij velvett cappes 
Item A Cypresse anoumeyd with gold havyng xxxiiij lytle belle« of sylver 

& counterffett perle 
Item ij canapes y s in Mr ha s ylle handei 

78 a] In the Hande« off Henry Ryngsted 

Inpnmis A Crosse of sylver & gylt wttA Marye & John with a stafte 

off Copper & gylt with the clothe 
Item ij Sylver candyllstykoi parcell gylt 
Item ij sensors off sylver 
Item a Monster clone gylt 
Item ij shyppee wttA ij spones 
Item ij paxys & the soon of sylver & gylt 
Item ij Crewettee of sylver parcell gylt 
Item a Crysmatorye of sylver 

Electio ibuiem facta die lime in septimana pasche anno Regni Regie 
Henrici octavi trioesimo quarto 

WUle^mvs Pratt & Henricus Ryngsteede gardiani eligerunt duos 
MoffistTum wiWelmum Hasyll Magistrum Johannem Hatcher 

1543 101 

• ■ - - - • • 

Isti duo eligerunt sex vtz 'M.afftstrum RoherU&m ^mjihe Ibhayinem 
Erlyche Johannem Rust wiUdmum speryng wiJlelmum daunser & Johaii- 
fiem Kyrkbye Quiquidem octo eligerunt officiana« sequentes pro anno 

In o£Bcio gardianorum ecclene WiUd mu vck opopyng 4 6) mUelmum pratt & 1 

Lfturonti M m Hawoo J Henricum Ryngstedj 
In officio gardianorum luminum Jacobuwi Itafccljff andream smythe ) 

Nicho^um pylgrymj 

Auditores Oomputi gardianorum predictarum 

Magutrum Thomam wendye 1 Mcigutrum wUldmum Hasylll 
Magi$trum Roberttem smythej Johannem Hatcher j 

Johannem Erlychel 

Johannem Rust j 

78 b] Thaccompt of willuzm pratt & Henry Ryngsted Churche Wardens 

of seynt Marye parisshe next the Markett in Cambrige of the money 
by theym resceyved & charg^f by theym siisteyued firom the ffeast of 
Easter in the xxxiij**> yere of the Reygn of o?*r soueraygn lorde Kynge 
Henry the viij^ vntyll the same ffeast then next eusuyng & oon hole 
In pn'mis the sayd aocomptaunt^s charge thcymselff^s with the 

reseyte of the surplusage of the last accompte viz. . . . xij^* x* 

Item of M' William Hasyll for the pale at his tenement ... iiij*' 

Item of John Mimsey for a yeres rente of the chiux;he lande 

endyng at Myhelmas last past ij* 

Item of M' Hatcher for the soler over the almosse howses ... viij" 

Item of Thomas panys of Chesterton for the Medowe in 

Chesterton fielde xiiij*^ 

Item for the buryaU of Maystres Cycell vj" viij** 

Item for iiij torches th^n zvj*' 

Item of Thomas Canam for xliiij^ of tynne comyng of the olde 

orgayne pypes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xj' 

Summa recepcionis xiiij li vj^ 

AUocacions whereof they desyer allowans 

In primis for M' Jakenette^ obyte ij*j<* 

Item for mendyng of the clothe hangyng over the sacrament xij*^ 

Item to Thomas wiUyngton for a rope for the fore belle ... xviij*^ 

Item to smythe the pavyer xx^ 

Item to the thezaurers for whyte rent of the almose bowses ... xij^ 

Item for Coles to the vestrye j*' 

Item to the parisshe Clarke for mendyng the churche boke^ ... v* ij<^ 

Item for wasshyng the clothes belongyng to the churche ... ij* 

79 a] Item for carryage of seven lodetf of fylthe owt of the 

chiurche yarde after the fyer xiiy'^ 

« k 

• • • • • 

I • • • ^ 

• • • « 

X02 . , . .-. 1543 

' ' ftem for iiij new torcheB 

Item to the towne clarke for wrytyng the last aocompt 

Item for ocouryng of the ij standerdes 

Itcfm to John dowsey for mendyng of the here ij' 

St^wma 3UUCV* & so remaynethe in the Accomptaunte« hand«« xij^ v* yj^ 

Thaccompte of audrew smjthe & Nicholas pylgryme Meu^res of the 
lyght6« within the parisshe afibre sayd for oon hole yere 

In prtmis they resceyved in Mydsomer quarter 
It&m in Myhelmas quarter 
It&m in Cristmas quarter 

It^m in E^ter quarter 
It«m at goddes boorde 
Item for the Kynges dyi^e . , 
Item at M' Gaunter dyrge .. 
Item at M' Thyrlebyes dyrge 
Item at M' Jakenette« dyige 
Item at M' Manfeldex dyrge 
Item at M' Erlechys dyrge 
Item at Godfrey Charles dyrge 
Item at M' Crossys dyrge ... 
Item at mystres Hasylles dyrge 
Item at M' Clarke« dyrge ... 
Item at M' Erlyches dyrge 
Item at M' asshewellev dyrge 
Item at M' Helgayes dyrge 
Item at androwe smythes wyff dyrge 
Item at M' John Harryes dyrge 
Item at Androwe spycers dyi^ 
Item at M' Cookes dyrge ... 

79 b] Item at Mother dawlynge« dyrge 

Summa xlix* iiij** 

Allocactons whereof they desyer allowance 

In pnmis for xi^ of waxe putto the sepulcre lyght 

Item for iij" of waxe for the waste of the foure staudarde» 
for the hole yere ... ... .„ 

Item for xxviji' & dim' of waxe putto the Roode lyght at the 

• ■ • • j_ 

lllj (][UAIu6r8 ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ,«t ••• 

Item for ij^ & dim' of waxe to Ihe«us lyght 

Item for the dyner at the makyng of the waxe 

Item for makyng of all the lyghte« 

Item to the sexteyne for settyug vp of the sepulcre & watchyng 
uQo saiiie ... ... ... •.. a*. ... (,, 

Item for his Meate & drynke then 


• • •• 'A 

viy" vj<» 
xiij" vj** 


* • ".1 
















v» vj«* 


• • • • I 

XllJ* IX** 
1UJ» VJ«» 


1544 103 

Item for holye ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij^ 

Item for makjng of the vyoe of the sepulcre ziiij^ 

Sitmma xxxv* viij^ & so remaynethe in the handM of the sayd 

aooomptauntM xiij* viij<i 

The whyche xiij* viij* & xy** \* vj<* in the handed of willutm pratt & 
Henry Ryngsted Makythe zij^ xix* ij*' & is delyverd vnto willu^m pratt & 
Henry Ryngsted now churche wardens viz. to eyther of thcym vj" ix« vij* 

Memorandum that M' sherewood ys alowed x* and so remaynethe vnto 
him xxiij* iiij^ 

80 a] Ecclene beate Marie virginis iuxto forum ville Cantebn^ 

Elecctb ibidem focta die lune in septimana pasche anno Regni Henrici 

octavi dei gra^ anglie firancie & hihemie Regis fidei defenson« & in terra 

ecxlene anglicane & hib^mice supremi Capitis tricesimo quinto 

willtf^mus pratt & \ Gardiant eligerunt 'Maffutrum Thomam wendye ) 
Henricus Ryngsted) duos Wz. Mctgtsttum wille^mum Hasyllf 

Isti duo eligerunt sex viiz. Maffistrum Johannem Hatcher Magistruia 

Roberttem smythe JohanTiem Erlyche Johannem Rust wilk^mt^m Gryffjm 

& wilk^mum daunser Quiquidem octo eligerunt officiaru>« sequentes pro 

anno sequent^ 

In o£Bcio GcutlianonMn ecclerie wille^mtcm sperynke laurenttttm Hawes 
In officio GardianorMm luminum Jacobum Ratclyfie Cristoferum 


Auditores computi gardianortem 
Ma^^Ut^ Thomas wendye 1 Ma^teter "Roheriits smythel 
'Moffister Johannes Hatcher/ Magtster wilWmies Hasyllj 

Johannes £rlychel 
JohanTies Rust J 
Thaccompt of willtam pratt & Henry Ryngsted churchewardyns of 
seynt Marye porisshe next the Markett in Cambrige of the mony by 
theym reseyved & Charges by theym susteyned firom the fieast of Easter 
in the xxxiiij^ yere of the reygn of ot«r soueraygn lorde the Kynge that 
now ys vntyll the same ffisast then next ensuyng 
In prtmis the sayd accomptaunt«s charge theym sylfiev with 

the resceyte of the surplusage of the last accompt ... xij^* xix* ij<^ 

Item of M' Hasyll for the pale at his Tenemmt iiij*^ 

Item of John Mimsey for a yeres rent of the churche lande 

endyng at Myhelmas last past ij* 

80 b] Item of M' Doctor Hatcher for the soler over the 

almoee bowses vi^* 

Item of M' wryght & M' fiawke of the Kynges Hall for the 

byquest of M' doctor dussyng iy " vj« viij** 

Item of M' Hasyll for the buryall of his wyffe vj" viij<* 

Item of the same for iiij torchysse xvj"^ 

104 1544 

Item Nicholas Elton for the buryall of his wyffe yj" viij<* 

Item for iiij torches then xvj<* 

Item for iiij torches at the londyners buryall xvj<* 

Item for iiij torches at the buryall of M' Rankyo & hys wyfife ij" viij^ 
Item for parrys of Chesterton for the medowe in Chesterton 

ueiue ••• ••. t>« ••• ••• •■■ ••• ••• zuij 

Item for Ely farthynge« ix** 

Item for ij Syluer Claspes vj" viij«* 

Su9;ima recepctonis xviij" v» viij** 

Allocacions wherof they desyer allowans 

In pn'mis for M' Jakenettes obyte ij'j** 

Item*spente in necccMarye reparactbns ii/ iij** 

Item for ij new bellropes xxj<* 

Item for a pece of woode for a swepe for the thy rd liell ... ij** 

Item for vermelyon & byce to mende the churche boke< ... xij<* 

Item for wasshyng the church clothes ij« 

Item for xxiiij elle« of new clothe to make 8ui*ple8y8 xx« 

Item for makyng of the same surplyses \'j' 

Item to M' palley for a surplysse \* 

Item for mendyng of the best crosse iiij'* 

Item for settyng in of ij plate« in the i>axe j** 

Item spent at the reseyvyng of the v Marke geven by doctor 

uussyng *•• ••• •>. ■•• •«. ••• ••. •.. tl 

Item to the clarke vj* viij<* 

Item to the Thezaurers for the almose bowses xij** 

81 a] Item to the Town Clerke for wrytyng the last accompt xij<* 

Item for Scoryng the standarde* viij'* 

Summa oneris Ij* iiij^ & so remaynethe in thaccomptaunte« 

handes xv** xiiij" iiij<* 

Thaccompt of andrewe smythe & Nycho^ pylgryme Mcw^ers of the 
lyghte« wi^Ain the parisshe afiforesayd for oon hole yere 

In pn'mis they resceyvyd at Mydsomer quarter v" vj<* 

Item at Myhelmos quarter v" 

Item at Crystmas quarter v" 

Item at Easter quarter vj" 

Item at godde* boordc xiij* iiij** 

Item for the Kynge* dyrge ij* viij<* 

Item M' thyrlebyes dyrge viij«* 

Item M' Crossys dyrge vj<* 

Item M' Jakenette* dyrge yj<> 

Item at Godfrey Charles dyi^e vj<* 

Item at M' Erlyches dyrge vj<* 

Item at MMft"e« Hasylle* dyrge xx^ 

Item at M' asshewelle* dyrge vi^d 



Item at Mother dawljnge« dyrge 

Ittfm M' Helgayes dyrge 

Item M' Cooler dyrge 

Item M' Clarke* dyrge 

Item M' John harryes dyrge 

Item andrew spycera dyrge 

Item at Nycho^ Eltons wyffe« dyrge 
Item at M' Manfelde« dyrge 

Summ& xlvij" viij** 













81 b] Allocacions whereof they desyer allowaus 

In prunis for xij" of waxe putto the sepulcre lyght 

Item for iiij li of waxe for the wast of the ii\j standarde* for the 

uoiv y eiv «•• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• •»• 

Item for zxviij^ of waxe for th e wa s t e putto the roode lyght -of 

t h e iiij a tand a rdw at the fibure quarters 

Item for ij" of waxe to Jhe«us lyght 

Item for makyng of all the lyghte« 

Item to John Capper for settyng vp the sepulchre 
Item for the dynner at the makyng of the wexe 

Stfmma xxx\'* iiij*^ & so remaynethe in the hande« of the sayd 

aocomptaunte« xij* iiij*^ 

V* iiij** 

• • • • 


v* iiij** 

The whyche xij» iiy^ & xv" xiiy* iiij** in the handed of william pratt & 
Henry Ryngstedde makythe xvj** vj" viij** & is delyverd vnto the new 
chiuche wardens willuvm sperynke & laurence Hawes viz. to eyther of 
theym \'iij li iij" iiij** 

yiemorandum that M' Sherewoode ys alowede thys yere x* & so 
Remaynythe to hym xiij* iiij** 

Eccle^ia beate Marie virginis iuxta fon^m ville Cante6ri^ie 

Eleoctb 'Mdem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno Regni Regis 
Henrici octaui tricesimo sexto 

Willelmuaspeyryncke&l Gardiani eligerunt '^lagistncm willelmum Hasyll \ 
laurentius Hawes J duos viz. Ma^is^mn J ohannem Hatcher/ 

Isti duo Elegenint sex vtz. Ma^^n^m Robertu;/i smythe Johannem 
Erlyche Johannem Rust Wille/mwm GryflFj^ Henricum Ryngstede & 
arthurum leache Quiquidem Eligerunt ofiiciarioir sequentes pro anno 

In officio Gardianoru/?i ecclesie willelmum speyrynck) 

laurenttt^m Hawes J 
In officio Gardianorum Johan^iem Chase 

luminum Ricaro^t^m bowman 

In officio CoUectorum feod' aquebaiuli Rogerum Thomeborowe 

Johannem Howell 

106 1645 

Auditores Compoti 
Moffister willa^mtis Hasyll Johannes Erlyche 

M.agi8ter Thomas weudy Johannes Rust 

'M.a.gister Johamies Hatcher vriilelmuH Grjffyn 
VLagistet Robertus smythe Henricus Ryngstede 

82 a] Thaccompt of william S][>eyryucko & lauretis Hawes Chirche 

wardeyns of seynt Marye parisshe next the markett in Cambrige of the 

mouye & JuelW by theym Rescey vyd & charge* by theym susteyned ifrom 

the feast of Easter in the zxxv^ yere of the reygn of our soueraygn lorde 

kyng Henry the viij^ vntyll the same foast then next ensiiinge & oon hole 


In pri^mis the sayd accomptauntes charge theym selfie* yritk the 

surplusage of the last acoompt xvj" vj» viij** 

liem of M' william Hasyll for the pale at his tenement ... iiij^ 

Item of John Munsey for a yeres rent of the chirche laiide 

endyng at Myhelmos last ij* 

Item of laurence Hawes for the soller ouer the almoee houseys viij" 

Item of Thomas Parrys of Chesterton for the meadow in 

Chesterton ffelde xii^** 

Item of Henry veysy for his fathers byquest 

Item of the same for his fathers buryall 

Item of hym for his Awnte« buryall 

Item of hym for torches at bothe the sayd buryalle« 

Item of M' Robert Smythe for the buryall of hys wyffe 

Item for Ely farthingev 

Item of bartylmew lambert for halffe yeres rent of hys house .. 
Item of Robeft Marten ... ... ... ... 

Sum xix" xvj" vj<* 


vj« viy* 

my vuj** 

vj» viy" 



Item all thingev accompted for the maysters of the sepulcre lyght they 

brought in vj" 
Item more there remaynethe of the profyte* of the Chauntrye ^* ij*^ 
In thande« of william speyryncke a crosse of syluer & gylt y^tih marye & 

a staffe of copper & gylt with the clothe Item ij syluer candelstyckef 

paroell gylt 
Item ij senaers of syluer Item a monster dene gylte Item ij shipper yfiih 

\j spones 
Item in thandee of laurence Hawes v Chalesses with Patentee Item xij 

oorporas cases wit/i kerchiffee 
Item ij canapes Item a soon of syluer & gylt Item ij paxes & ij cruett«9 

of syluer parcell gylt Item a Crysmatorye of syluer 

82 b] allocacions wherof they desyer allowance 

In premis for m' Jakenettea obyte ij'j*^ 

1545 107 

Item for ij beDe ropes wayyng xig^ y'yj^ 

Item for lace & threde to amende the vestementM v* 

It^m for mendyng of the same xvj^ 

Item for iiij Inglysshe processioDers XYJ** 

Item for a Masse booke ij*viij^ 

Item to the Gierke for wrytyng ij Englysshe pnocessioners ... xvj'* 
Item for iiij skymies of parchement to make the same prooes- 

* * * 1 

oyoudo •«• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• vIaJ 

Item for caiyyng awaye of myer at the steple ende viij"* 

Item for mkyles to mende the Chirche dore ij*^ 

Item for the byndiDg of i\j processyoners xx** 

Item for wasshinge of the chirche clothes ij* 

Item for threde & mendyng of the same iiij** 

Item for scowryng the great candelstyckee viij*' 

Item for g lodes of Claye for the almose houseys viij** 

Item for vij lodes of gravell for the pavement next vnto the 

chirche yarde by the sayd almose houseys ij' iiij** 

Item to John longe for pavyng of syx score yardes & ij for the 

chirche & the chountiye xv< 

Item for his laborer for viij dayes there iiij' 

Item for a fudder of lyme iij' iiij** 

Item for sleckyng & caryyng in of the same ij^ 

Item for a lode of sande iiij^ 

Item for ij lodes of peble stoone ij' vj** 

Item for xj lodes of Ragge to James Ratclyfle xx" 

It^m for vij lodes of grauell ij'iiij** 

Item payd for a pece of tymber of viij foote for the gnmsyllyng 

of the almose housyes xvj*^ 

83 a] Item to iig carpenters for ij dayes wurke gnmselyng of 

the sayd almose houseys iiij* 

Item to browne & Nicho^ Amore for vj dayes wurke aboute 
the vnderpyimynge clayyng & whitinge the sayd almose 

uOUBeB •*• .f. *•• •■« ... ••• •«. ••. «l 

Item for nayles & byndyng there iiij** 

Item for a lode of Claye iiij** 

Item for caryage awaye of ig lodes of dust & fylthe there ... iij** 

Item to father Rotheram when he vewed the steple iiij** 

Item to John dowsey for vewyng the tymber at the blacke 

jxyers ... ... ••« ••• ... ••. a.. ■•• V 

Item spent at the vysytactbn xiiij** 

Item payd for stone at the blacke hjen to m' bedell xlviij" 

Item to the tresorers for the whyte rent of the almose houseys x^*^ 

Item for iiij torchys xviij* 

Item for the houseys xviij" 

108 1513. 1546 

It^in for wrytyng the last accompi xx** 

Item payd for Ely farthingatf x^ qua* 

SurnniA xxv" xiiij» \'iij<* thereof resceyvyd xx" xxxiij" & viij** and so 

remaynythe to the acoomptaunt«« v^ xij^ 

£ccl«ria beate marie Virginia iuxta fon^m ville CAutebriffie 
Eleccto ibidem facta die lune in septimana pasche anno regni regis 

henrici octaui xxxvij"** 

Willehnus speyryncke) gardiani eligerunt mo^^rt^m Thomam wendye 
laurentius Hawes j mo^^rttm Robertum smythe 

Qui quidem duo eligerunt sibi sex viz. magistrum Johan/eem Hatcher 

magistrum wiWelmtim Hasyll JohanTiem Erlyche Joha^nem Rust wille^mum 

Gryfiyn henricuiTi Ryngstede 

Qui quidem octo eligerunt officiarto« sequent«9 pro anno sequent^ 
In gaitiianos eccl6»ie mWelmum dawnser^ In gardiano« lucis sepulchri 

vriUebnum munseyV Johannem Chase 

) Ricardum bowman 

In auditores electores 
^iejnora7idum that m' Sherewood ys alowyd this yere x" & so 

remaynithe iij" iiij^ 

83 b] 'Memorandum that I steuen ffaraud chantrt pryst off seint marys 
the 3er off owr« lord a M CCCCC 13 The morowe aftyr new 5er hathe 
ressayvyd off Rycherd lycheffeld a chales off parsel gylt the wyche wayyt 
19 vnces 

Memorandum that I Rycherd wollemot p^ncypauUe of powlys In 
hathe reseyvyd of Rycherd lychefeld Chyrchewarden of Seint mary 
chyrche jn the market of Cambryg a cheles wythe the patent weying 
vij vnces & qwarter parcell gylt 

Memorandum I Roberd chyld princypalle off seynt Mary hostell haue 
reeved off Rychard lichfeld chyrchewarden off seynt Mary chyrch in the 
markett off Cambryg 1 chalys gylt vrith a crucyfyx & ij rosys off eche syd 
witA the paten A lytell brokyne 

Memorandum quod Ego Thomas Bygge« pnucipalis hospicii diui pauli 
recepi nomine totitM hospicii vnum calicem cum imagine crucifixi in 
l>ede & ItaB in patena de manibttir Magistri clarke & Magistti Raye 
gardinorum eccle«ie aancte mare ad forum 

84 a] Thaccompt of willuzm Speyrincke & laurence Hawes chirche- 
wardeyns of seint Marye parisshe next the merkett in Cambrige of the 
mony & IucIIm by theym resceiued and charges by them susteyned ffrom 
the feast of Easter in the yere of our lorde god M CCCCC XLV vntill the 
same feast then next ensuinge & oon hole 

In pn'mis the sayd accomptauntes charge them selves for the 

chambre over the almose houseys viij* 

Item of m' Hasill for his pale iiij^ 



It6in of John MuDsey for the chirche lande 

It«m of Thomas Parjs for the meadowe in Chesterton felde ... 

It«m for the houseys in the Shraggerey 

It«m for a monster siluer & gilte pondering Ixvj vncys after iiij* 

vUC V UvC •«• ... ••. •■• ... .•• ... .•• 

It^m for the bmiall of arthur leache 

Ittfm of the same for iiij torchys 

Ittfm for the foure torches at the buriall of willuzm Pratte 

It«m for vj bunchys of lathe 

Itdm for the bmiall of John Marten 

Item, for torches at the buriall of Richerd tye 

It«m for the buriall of Nicho^ speyryncke 

It^m for the buryall of alice Dykynson 

Iton for torchys the same tyme 

ItAn for iiij torchys at hir monethe daye 

ItAn of m' Meere for the stone at the blacke fryers 

Item for the reede of the steple 

Suiama xxviij" xiij* vj** 

84 b] AUocactons whereof they desier allowans 

In prtmis for the foote of the last accompt 

The charge* abowte the chircheyard walle 

n primis for ij M brickef 

tern ij M bricket 

t^m for the cariage of the same firom the great brigge 

tem to Two brycklayers for iiij dayes wurke aboute the same 

vv CUav ••• ••■ ••• ••• • • • ••• ••• ■•• 

ton to iij laborers for iiij dayes 

t«m to Wise of Hinton for ij fUdder of lyme ... 

ton for vj lodes of sande 

t«m to a laborer for oon daye wurke 

tern for a fodder of lyme ... 

t«m for iij lodes of sande 

teak to brycklayers for iij dayes wurke 

tern to iij laborers for iij dayes 

tdm for cariage of a fudder of lyme fIrom the late white tryera 
ton for vij lodes of sande ... ... ... ... ... 

ton for dim* M bricket 

ton for cariage of the same ifrom the great brigge 

iem to brickelayers for vj dayes wurke 

tern to iij laborers for vj dayes wurke 

tern for M bricktf# ... ... 

tdm for ij lodes of firee stone 

ton for ij post«s 

• • • m» 


vj" viij«» 



vj« viijd 

' "A 

vj" viij** 
vj« viij*» 



• • • • 


v" xij** 



1J« vj«> 



V)« VllJ'" 


• • •_ • • • • a 

UJ» U1J«» 


UJ« IX" 
llj" IX** 

• • • • J 

• •• • 


Vij» vjd 

vj" vj*» 


IJ' vnj«* 



It«m for wurkemanahip of the same 

It^m to ij laborers for ij dayes leveling the chirche yarde 


85 a] The charg«« of pavinge the lane next vnto the chirche yard walle 

In pn'mis for iij lodes of ragge 

It^m for cariage of the same Srom the brigge 

It^m for XY lodes of sande & gravell 

Item to the pavyer for pauing of Ixiiij jcLrde* after j^ qua* the 

jf oaxav ••• ••• ••• ••• •«• ••« «•• ••• 

The charges of paving at the steple ende 

In pnmis for iij lodes of great peble 

Item for iij lodes of peble 

Item for ij lodes of Ragge 

Item for vij lodes of Ragge 

Item for cariage of the same fi^m the great brigge 

Item for XXXV lodes of sande & gravell 

Item to the pavyers for paving there 

lihn for carying awaye of iiij lodes of rubbiashe 

Summa iij^ iiij* xj^ 

• • •• • ti 
iij» ix*" 



vj" vnj 

inj« vj*» 
iij* ix'* 

IJ* Vllj" 

viij* ix** 



The charge* abowte the steple & litill house at the steple ende 

In pn'mis for vj lodes of stone parte free stone 

Item for a fiiidder of lyme 

Item for iij lodes of sande 

Item to a mason & his man oon daye 

Item to ij masons & ij laborers 

Item for cowching ij graue stones 

Item to John dowsey carpenter for iiij dayes wurke of him & 

U U> EK/Ull ••• •■• ••• ••« ••• ««■ ««• ••• 

Item to John Clarke carpenter for v dayes wurke & dim' after 

VJ fa U(»y O aaa ••■ ••« •«« •■• ■•■ «•• 

Item to William Harbard carpenter for iiij dayes & diW 
arcer vj a ciaye •.« «.« ••• ... ».. ... ... 

86 b] Item to Ambrose the bricklayer for vj dayes wurke ... 

Item to his laborer for vj dayes 

Item to alexander bene for vj dayes wurke & dim' after vj*' a 
uay e •>• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••■ •*• 

Item to browne for v dayes wurke & dim' 

Item to Sande« for V dayes wurke 

Item to Thomas Morley for vij dayes wurke & dim' 

Item to Henty the carpenter for a dayes wurke & dim' 
Item to bene for carying of ii^ lodes of tymber to the chirche 
Item to the same for vj lodes of sande 


nj* ny*» 


iij* nij«* 
ij* ix^ 

IJ' llj** 
• • •_ 


ij* IIJ** 

y* UJ** 






ism to the same for cariage of iiij lodes of slate from the late 

austen firyers 

tern to the same for the cariage of xx^ lodes of slate finom the 

same piaoe ... •.. ,,, •.. ... ,«• ,,, 

iem for xiij spaires after ix** the peoe 

t«m to m' Meere for iiij pecys of great timber couteyning 

Ixiiij footM 

tern for vj M & dim' of slate after vj« iiij«* the M 

tern for a lode of lathes 

tern to pyerson for ij lodes of sande 

t^m to the same for the cariage of ij lodes of lyme flfrom the 

late white ffiryers 

tern to ambrose for v dayes wurke of him & his manoe 

t«m to browne for iiij dayes 

tern to John asandM for vj dayes wurice 

t«m to Thomas Morley for vj dayes wurke 

tem to the slater in parte of payment for slating the steple ... 

tern for a busshell & dim' of tyle pinnes 

tern for a C iiij<> nayles 

tern ij M lathe nayles 

tern for dim' M ij^ nayles 

86 a] Item more to the slater 

ttfm to wyse of hynton for v fudder of lyme 

tem for iij M lathe nayles 

t«m for dim' M ij^ nayles 

tem ij G iij<^ nayles 

t«m to Richerd Noke for M & dim' of slate 

tem to bene for caryinge of iiij lode of the same slate from 

botulphe churche 

t«m to a laborer for fochinge the same slate out of the 

LNvFsK/UciKV ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••* ••• 

tem to the slater ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

tern for ij sA. slate ... ••. ... ... ... ... ... 

t«m to bene for cariing the same slate at iiij lodes firom the 

late austen fryers 

t«m for M lathe nayles 

t«m for G iij^ nayles 

tern to wise for a fiudder of lyme 

ttfm for a lode of sande ... ••. 

tem to m' Meere for xviij slates 

tern to lange for cariage of the same slate from the white 

ffryers at V lodes ... 

tnn for a M lAthe nayles 

tern for dim' M ij** nayles 


m m •_ • • ■ •J» 

uj» nij* 


x» viij** 


• •"J 

• • • • 9 


IIIJ* xf 





xvj" viij<* 




**' 'A 


xiy« uij<* 


ly* iiy*^ 






t«m for C iiij*' naylea 

tern to the slater in ful payment for slatinge the steple 

tem to James Ratcliffe for M slates 

tem to brooke the caryar for iiij lodes cariage of the same 

slate ffix)m the austen fryers 

t«m for dim' busshell tyle pinnes 

tem to the slater for slating the lytill house 

tem to m' Meeres for yj busshellM of lyme 

tem to doctor hatcher for iij quarters of leade 

tem for viij roofe tyles 

tem f»r ij copies of sparres for the stages 

tem for ij boordes ... 

86 b] The charges wiMin the chirche 

n prtmis for a bawdryke 

tem for mending a locke to the steple dore 

tem for mending a bawdryke 

tem to longe the pavyer for couchinge v graue stones & 

mending faltes in the chirche 

tem to Sampson for cowching oon graue stone in the chapell 
tem to John dowsye for mendinge the lytyll belle whele & 

trycinge vp the same bell 

tem to Roger yonge for mending iij panes & stoppinge Ixxx 

holes in the glasse windowes aboute the chirche 

tem to Nicho/as Ott for a locke ij boltes & mending the hyuges 

of the quyer dore 

tem for wasshing sureplesis 

tem for scowringe the ij standardes 

tem for writing the last accomptes 

tem for m' Jacknettes obyte 

tem to the tresorers of the towne for the Almose houseys 
tem to the comen carte of the highe warde for the hole yere ... 
tem to the comen carte of the markett warde 

m m m 9 M 













vj« viij^i 

iiJ" nij«* 

The charges of pauing the cawsey wt'Min the chirche yarde 

tem to lange for xx^ lodes of sande 

tem to John longe for pauing the same 

tem to ij laborers iiij dayes feching stone out of the chirche & 

helping the pavyers 

Summa liiij" xj** 

Summa allocacibniis xxiz^ ix" j^ 
inde recepte xxviij" xiij" vj<* & so remaynithe to the aocomptauntee xv« vij** 

87 a] Thaooomptes of John Chase & Richerd bowman moe^res of the 
lightes wi^Ain the parisshe aforesaid for oon hole yere 



In pnmis they 'Received at mydBom^r quarter 

ItAn at my helmos quarter 

It«m at Criatmas quarter 

ItAn at easter quarter 

ItAn at goddef bourde 

Item at the kingM dirige 


Item at m' thuflobyoo dirige 

Item at m' Erliche dirige 

Item at m' asshewelle* dirge 

Item at m' Helgayes dirge 

Item at m' Jacknette« dirige 

Item at m' Cookes dirige 

Item at m' Harrys dirige 

Item at m' Andrewes dirige 

Item at godferye Charles dirge 

Item at mother daulinges dirige 

Item at m' veysyes dirige 

Item at mis^res smithes dirige 

Item at the burling of m' speyrinke 

Item at his monethe daye 

Item at the buriing of Arthure leche 

Item at his monethe daye 

Item at the buring of m' pratte 

Item at his monethe daye 

Item at the hurrying of xnistrea dyckynson 
Item at the monethe daye of John Marten 
Item at the monethe daye of Nicho/as Elton 
Item at thobite of m' Erliche Jun' 

Item at thobite of m' Clarke 

Item at thobite of m' Qylson 

Item at the buriall of John Kirkbye 

Item at his monethe daye 

Item at the monethe daye of mistris dyldnson 


V* iiij^ 

A • • • •*! 

V* lUJ** 

xj« vjd 


ij" viij 



'* 'A 





• • • J 



. ... 







• • • • J 


• • 'A 


• • • • 


• • 'A 


87 b] 

Allocactons whereof the desier allowance 

In prtmis to M' Rust for waxe & for making the waxe by the 

holeyere xxxvij* iiij<^ 

Item to his seruaunt for dressing the waxe 

Item to John Capper 

Item for Hollye 

Item for waashing the towelled 

Item for pynnes 

Item for our dynner at the making of the wax 




C.A.8. Octavo Seriet. No, XXXV, 


114 1547 

Summa iliiij" ix** & so there remaynithe to the parisshe viij" ix** whiche ys 

delyverd to the new chirchewardens 
WiUiam Daunser Memorandum that there ys deliv«ti into the custodye 
of willuzm dawnaer these juellex & parcelled of plate followinge 

In pWmiB a Crooso of ailu er & gilt e wtgh mary e & John 

It^m to silu0r candelsticke« parcell gilte 

I tgm to ij oonooro of oilucr 

Itgm ij shipptfg of ailuer with ij silu g r spon e s 

wilh'am Munaey And there ys in the custoyde of wilbara Miinsey these 
parcelles of plate & Jaell6« followinge 

In prunis v chalesses with patentee 

It^m xij corporas casys wt^h kerchiffe« 

It«m a soone of silu^r & gilte 

It«m ij paxys & ij cruott e g of siln er p qrcell gilte 

Item, a Orismatorye of silu^ 

Memorandum that m' Sherewood ys alowid this yere iij" iiij** 
in full satisffiux^bn of the liij* iiij*^ wAich he payd for the 
parisshe to m' Whitakers & so he ys now endettid vnto 
the parisshe in vj» viij** 

88 a] Ecclafia beote marie virginis iuxta forum ville Cejxiebrigie 

Eleccto Wyidem facta die lune in Septimana pasche Anno re^ni reg» 

Edwardi sexti Primo 

wilWmt^s Munsey \ gardiani eligerunt Magutrum Thomam Wendye \ 
wille^mt« dawnser J 'hUagistruva Robertuw Smithej 

Qui quidem duo eligerunt sibi sex vtz laagistTum Johannem Hatcher 

magutTurxi willd^mum Hasill yLagisttum Johannem Rust Johannem Erliche 

willfi^mt^m Qrifiyn & henricum Ringstede 

Qui quidem octo eligerunt officiano« sequentex pro anno sequent^ 
In gardianos wiU^Znmm daunser ) In gardiano« lucis Thomani Cannon \ 
eccl6«ie will^/nium Munsey j sepulcri regarum Classon j 

Thaccompt of willtam Munsey & william dawnser chirchewardens of 

seint marye parisshe next the markett in Cambrige of the mony & JuelW 

by theym resceyuid & charges by them susteyned ifrom the feast of Easter 

in the yere of owr lorde god M CCCCC xlvj vntill the same feast then next 

ensuing & oon hole yere 

In primis the said accomptauntes charge them selves wi\Ji 

mony to them payd by the TuasterB of the roode light ... viij" ix*^ 

It«m resoeiuid for ij silu^r cruettes & other parcell6« of broken 

plate by vs soldo by the consent of all the parisshe ... v" x" vj^ 

It«n for liij torchys at the buryall of goodwiffe sygar xvj«* 

It«n for the buriall of m' Taylir vj" viij** 

It«m for iiij torchys at the same buriall xvj** 

88 b] Item of Thomas Parrys for the meadow at chest«-ton ... xiiij«* 

It^m of John Munsey for the chirche lande ij" 

1547 115 

Item for torchis at two tymes vj» viij* 

Item for the soUer over the almose houses viij" 

Item of m' Hasill for his pale iiij'^ 

Summa vij" yj" ix'* 

Allocacions whereof they desier allowans 

In prtmis payd to the olde chirche wardeyns for the foote of 

their acoompte xv« vij** 

Item to the comen carter for his wage* y quarters zvj*^ 

Item to James Qoldsmithe for his advise in selling the plate ... iiij^ 

Item for mending the organs xviij<^ 

Item for mending the latten sensers ^iij*^ 

Item to the tresorers for the white rent of the almesse houseys xij^ 

Item spente at the visita<nbn ij" 

Item to ij carpenters for oon dayes wurke in making vp the 

storehouse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xiiij*' 

Item for \} hookp« & for mending the hynge« of the dore ... iij^ 

Item for C nayles for the same y^ 

Item for a locke a keye & a staple viij<^ 

Item for making vp the wyndowe of the store house "with stone iiij*^ 

Item to m' Meere for coping the chirchyarde walle xlvj* viij*^ 

89 a] Item to m' vioechaunceler for the streate iiij^ 

Item to John Capper for coles j"^ 

Item for a baskett for holybreade iiij^ 

Item to John Capper for scowring the standerde« viij** 

Item to m' Meere for amerciamenteff viij*^ 

Item for wasshing of clothes ij' 

Item for mending the awbes viij*^ 

Item for mending the surplesys xij*^ 

Item for writing the last accompt xx*' 

Item for keping m' Jacknett«« dirige i.i" ij*^ 

St^mma iiij*' xviij^ 

'biemorandum that m' Sherewoode owithe this yere for the 

psocau y aivie ... ... ... ... *.• ... *•• ''^ 

Thacoompt of John Chase & Richerd bowman moe^ers of the lightes 
within the parisshe aforesayd for oon hole yere 

In prtmis B,eceived at mydsomer quarter v* 

Item at myhelmos quarter 
Item at Cristmoe quarter . . . 
Item at Easter quarter 
Item at goddef bourde 
Item at the Kinge« dirige . . . 
Item at m' Ci-ossis dirige ... 



X' iij** 
.._ ••••,1 




Item at m' Erliche dirige ... 
Item at m' Asshewellef djrige 








• • 'A 
.... I 

* *. * * * 1 

• •_ • • • J 

IJ" VllJ'* 




89 b] Item at m' Helgayes dirige vj 

Item at m' Jacknette« dirige v} 

Item at m' Cooker dirige vj 

Item at m' Harrys dirige vj 

Item at m' Andrewes dirige vj 

Item at Godfrey Charles dirige 
Item at mother dawlingee dirige . 
Item at M' Thirlbyes dirige 
Item at M' Gylsons dirige 
Item at M' speyrincke« dirige 
Item at the Kiugee dirige ... 
Item at the vniversite dirige 
Item at m' Erliche dirige ... 
Item at mu^res dyckynsons dirige 
Item at Goodman Kyrbyes dirige 
Item at m' Taylers monethe daye 
Item at his buriall 

Summa I* xj<^ 

Allocactons whereof they desier allowans 

Item to m' Rust for waxe & for making the waxe by the hole 
j^*^ ••• ••• ••• ■•* ... ... ... .«• 

Item for our djrnner at the waxe makinge 

Item to John Capper 

Item to John Capper for holy & pynnes 

Bumma xlj» iij<^ & so remaynithe to the parisshe ix* viij^ 

'M.emorandum that all thinge« alowed there remaynithe in the chirche- 
wardens handee of the chirche mony iij" xiiij* xj*' & of the chauntrye 
money vj" xiij" ij* ob which in all dothe ampunte to the swm of 
x" viij" j** ob & ys deliuerd vnto the chirchewardens viz. to eyther of 
theym v" iiij* j** 

90 a] Thaccompt off wylltam dawncer & wylliam munsy chyrche wardens 
of y^ paryshe chyrche of seynt marys next the Markyt sted in cambryge 
of all suche goode« Revenues & proffytee by them 'Received & off suche 
charges by them susteyned firom the fest of ester in the fyrst yer of 
Kyng edward the vj*^ ontyll the same feast next ensuinge & on hole yere 


In primtf Received of Jeams Ratlyff for the chambers over the 

allmose howssys in the chyrche yard 
Item of M' hassyll for hys pale in y« chyrch yard 
Item of John muTisy for lond belongyng to y* chyrche ij» 

V* iiij** 

• • — • • • ] 



• • • « J 

1548 117 

Item of paryse of JestertoD for a medow belongynge to y« 

CIljrJrCD ■.. •.. ... •.« «•■ ••« a,, ... Alllj 

Item for a croHse of syluer porsell gylt sold to Henry Ryngsted 
by the assent of the parysheners the xiij day of October 
anno domiiii 1547 weynge iiij score vnctf« & idj at iiij* i^ y^ 
vncesom xxij" iiij* viy* 

Item for ij sensers with the shyi^es sold lykewyse by the seyd 

assent weinge v score vnc«9 & on at iiij' viij^ the vnce som xxiij^ xj* iiij*' 

ItefH Reoetiwci of y« laste yers accompt x"viij*j** 

Item Received for sartyn old ympylmente« of y« chyrche as 
l>aynted clothes lattyn candyllstyke^ wood ymages & 
tabamakylleff sold by the assent of y« paryshe Sum ... zxij" 

Som Ivij" xvij« j'' 

90 b] allocacebns werof they do desyre to be alowed 

Item payd to y* tressorers of y° towne for y^ ahuose howssys 

grownd by the yer xy^ 

Item payd for halff the byble vij" 

Itrtn payd for wyghtynge y« chyrche xx" iiij** 

Item payd for lyme & the caryage from wallden iij' ij** 

Item for a sak of oolles x** 

Item for shredef to Make syse xij** 

Item for washynge y« chyrche clothes ij" 

Item for expence« for y« chyrche wardens & other of y^ paryshe 

wen they Made sartyfycath for the chauntre vij" x** 

Item to a plomer for seder & meudyng part of y« led of y** 

cnyrcne «>. •.• ••« ... ... ... •.• ••• xxy x 

Item gyven to y« pore peple of the paryshe by y* assent of y« 

paryshe the money y* y* ympyhnente« wer sold for som ... xxij" 

Som iiij** viij* 

& so ther Bemaynethe to y* paryshe Iiij** ix» j** 

thys accompt Made the monday in ester wyke anno domtni 1548 for y<* 
yer befor past byfor the audytors of the paryshe aforseyd accordynge to 
the old costoms of y* paryshe 

91 a] Theleccebn of seyut Mary parysh next y* markyt in cambryge for 
the chyrch wardens acoordyng to the old costome vsyd the monday in 
ester wyke anno domuii 1548 

wylltam mwisy \ chyrche wardens hathe chossen (W John hatcher 
wylltam dawserej |M' Robart smythe 

& they have choiseTi onto them M' wylltam hassyll wylltam gryffyne 

henry Ryngsted Jeams Ratlyff thoma« caname John hobby 

thes viij^*> hathe choissen chyrche wardens for the yer foUowynge 

M' John Rust M' John erl^ge 

120 1560 

94 b] It^w i)ayd for ther exs^nces y* went to y® vysystacyon 

to hyston before y® byshoiw offyoers xx** 

Item for wryghtynge the invytory of our chyrch goode« & 

Jeweller to delyiier to the Kynge« Maiestes commyHsyuers xvij'i 
Item for met & drynke for theme y* mett together for y* 
weyinge of y« chyrch playte & vewynge y« other goode« of 
y« chyrch to put them in to y« invytory accordyng to y* 

kyng8 coffimawndement vj" 

Item for wasshynge y« clothes ij yers iiij* 

Item for ij pry mere bow3t at y« fyrst tyme of y« inglyse seruys xvj'' 

It«m for a booke of y* omylys xx»* 

Item for ij booke« of y^ seruys for y« comimyou viij" 

It«w for dim' y« paraffrycys of erasmy v« vj** 

Item for a Rope for y« bell called y« saunce bell x** 

95 a] Item for caryage of y« old tymber y* was of y« well in 

y* lane before M' hassylle« howse into y« storhowse . . . ij** 

Item iMivynge of xxij y&rdes and dim' ageynst y« chyrche in y* 

''M\/v ••■ ••• ••■ t«* ••• ••• •«• ••• JlJ La 

Item for ij loode« pavynge stone ij" iiij** 

Item for ij lood sonnd viij** 

Item for caryage of y« pavynge stone viij'* 

Item for Makynge of y® wall were seynt george stood in y« chyrch vj** 

Somma x" vj" xj** 

The Som of y« Receyte« ys iij score^* vij" iiij" x<* 

the charges layd owght x^ vj« xj^ 

so ther Remaynethe of Redy money Ivj" xvij" & xj'* 

thys seyd Ivj" xvij* xj** ys delyuerd to M' John blyethe & Mr John 
Rust chyrch wardens to ether of them xxxviij^^ ix" ther lakethe ether of 
them ob y* forthe of may anno of our lord m. d. 1. in y« presence of y* 
audytors of y* paryshe and ther ys delyuerd at tftiat day to y« seyd 
chyrche wardens y® playte & other omymentes of y^ chyrche as yt after 
dothe aper by parcelled to ether of them delyuerd 

96 b] y" fyrst of maye thes parcelled foUowyng be delyuerd to M' doctor 
blyethe now chyrche wardyn for y* yer of owr lord god M. ccccc & fyfty 

Item iij cop« of tyssew 

Item a vestment dekon and Subdekon of y^ same 

Ite77i iij cops of blak veluett 

Item vestment dekon & sob dekone of blak wosted 

Item vestment Red sattyn of bryge« 

Item hers cloth off blak veluett 

Item y* fronlett of blew veluett for y« hygh alter 

Item a canapy off sattyne of brygea 

Item ij alter clothes off dyaper 

1551 121 

Item a vestme off cran colered bawkyn 

Item a vestmcut of blew wosted 

Item a yestiQent of domyke« 

Itefn on cop off blew chamblott 

Itetn del^nierd ij canstylcM of syluer weyiiige accordyng to y« kyuges 

Item ij paxys on of parcyll gylt & on of clene gylt weyiuge lykwyse 
Item a creamy tory of parcell gylt weying lykwyse 
Item a son clen gylt weyinge lykewyse 
Rem' Received in redie mouie zxviij^ ix* i^er me Joauet/i blyth 

96 a] Item thes parcelled delyu^ to John Rust y« other chyrch wardyne 

y« day & yer aforseyd 
Item iij cops of wyght damaake 
Item vestment decone & subdecone of wyght damask 
Item a cope Red bawdkyne & a sewt of y* same 
Item vestment of Red veluett 
Item blew sattyn of bryge« 
Item hangyngs for y« hygh alter of blew velluett wyche hangyth over 

y« alter 
Item ij hangynges for y« allters on off wyght chamlett & on off wyght 

Item an alter clothe of playne clothe 
Item a vestment off blak damask 
Item a vestment of wyght chamblett 
Item on chamblett cop off blew 
Item a vestment crane colered bawkyne 
Item V challys weyinge accordynge to ye Kynge;« ynvytory 
Item xj corporas wttA clothes 
Item Received in Redy money xxviij^ ix" by me John Rust 

96 b] Seynt mary paryshe next y« markott in cay/ibryge 

Theleocibn off the chyrche wardens for y* paryshe aforseyd Made 

y« monday in ester wyke in y® fyft yer off Kynge edward the syxt 

accordyng to the old coetome off the paryshe 

M' John blyethel now chyrche wardens hathe chossyne ether off' theme 

& John Rust J on off y« paryshners 

whyche be Wyllyam Qry%nel they to have chossyne vj 

John chayse J 

M' hassyll M*^ smythe wvlliam mu/isy henry Ryngsted wylliam dawsser 

John Scarlett 

and thes viij"> hathe chossyne chyrche wardens for y« yer foUowynge 

chyrch wardens, crystoffer Russell & Jeams Rattlyff 

audytors. and audytors to her y« accompt for y« yer befor past 

M' smythe M' hassell M' vasy bayly atkysone wylliam gryffyne 

122 1551 

wylliam mvi/wy henry Ryngsted wyllMim dawMuer John Scarlett John 

97 a] anno domiui 1651 v*^ off apryll 

The accompt made by M' John blyethe & John Rust late chyrche 
wardens for y^ yere past ended at ester last past 

Receytea by the seyd chyrch wardens for y« seyd yere 
Item of Jeams Ratlyft" for y« Rent of y« chambers over the 

allmoshowsses viij" 

It^m of M' hasyll for Rent of hys pale iiij'* 

Item of John munsy for y« Rent of londe lyinge in howse fyld ij* 

Item oflf parys off Jest<?rton for y« Rent off a medow lyinge in 

Jestcrton fylde« • xiiij** 

Item off John scarlett for dm' yers Rent off a lytyll howse at 

y« west end of y« chyrche xvj* 

It^m off Joplyne for ij great candyllstyks of latten & other 

small caTidyllstykc* sold by the assent of y« parysheners . . . iij" vj" x<* 
Item off M' vasy for on off y* pece* off tywber that ley in y« 

cuapeu ••• ••• •(• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ij 

Itey/i off John Scarlett for alybaster xvj* 

It«w off crysteffer Russell for a deske vj** 

Item off M"^ erlyge* exsecuters for brekynge ye grownd in ye 

chyrche to bery y* seyd M' erlyge vj" viij** 

Item off John chase for lyke cause to bery hys wyfte vj" viiij* 

Item off y« exsecuters off Mts^res cheyke for lyk cause vj" viij* 

Item Received in Redy money oft" y* last yers accompt as yt 

dothe a pere by thys booke of y« last accompt Ivj" xviij" 

97 b] Item Receit;eci? for y« allter stans in y* chyrche ix" 

Item for tabenacles y* stod on y® allters ij" 

Somma iij score powndcs ij** xij" vj* 

Exspeuc^ & paymente« layd out by y^ seyd chyrche wardens weroff 
y«* desyre to be alowyd 

Item in primM pai'd to y« treserers off y* towne of ca7»bryge for 
y* Rent off y« allmosehowsses in the chyrch yard by ye 

Yvl%3 •*• •*• •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^al 

It<?m for the exspenc€« at y« vysytasyone kept by y« byshops 

offycers at long Stanton iiij" viij* 

Item payd to John sethe for a comunion booke for y« chyrche iij" viij** 

Ite?7i paid to seethe for a Salter & a homyly book iij" iiij* 

i It€m for ij salters more iij" iiij** 

[ Item to Roger young y« glassyer for mendyng the glase 

wyndows abow3t the chyrch xlvj" viij<* 

It«7i to Jeamis dwellyng in benet paryshe for payvynge y« 

1551 123 

chapellex were the allters stode & stopynge s^yne holies 

in y« walles vij" 

Item to M' merys for i boshyl lyme for y*^ seyd chapell ... ij' yj** 

Item to crystoflTer nychollsone for xvj boshyll lym for y« same iiij» 

98 a] Item to M' merys for pavyug stone & tylle* for y« same xij» j** 

Itwi to wylliam dawnser for pa\yng tyll for y« same vij" j<* 

Itam. for sound for y" same iiij'* 

It«i» paid to John capper for caryinge away y* mener in the 

chapell when Jeams had done viij'> 

Item for waashynge y« siuplyssys & y« alter clothes xvj«> 

Item for nayUes to nayle in border in y« belfire ij** 

Item for naylles to mend y« seated in y« chyrche when M' 

doctor busur was buryed ij** 

Item for a horde for to me?td doctor wendys seat ... . iij** 

Item for wryghtynge the accompt xxj^ 

Somma v" 

The somm^ oflf y« Receyte« iij score li & ij** xij" yj* 
Somma allocat' v^ 

so Rest dew to y* paryshe Ivij" xij" vj*^ 

Memorandum that all thinges alowed there remaynithe in the chirche- 
wardeins handed of the chirch monye Iviij" ij" vj** viz. to either of them 

98 b] Memorandum that all these Juelle« ornamented & goodes hereafter 
eusuinge be deliuerid into the custodie of James Ratcliffe and ChristofQr 
Russell churchwardens elected 

n pn'mis ij candeLsticke* of siluer wayiuge v^^ vnces & ij 

tem V chalesses y® one gilte witA the patin pond' xxiij vuce« 

tem y^ second chales gilte wayinge xxj ynce« 

tem the third chalesse gilte parcell wayinge xviij vnces 

tem y* fourthe chalesse parcell gilt wayinge xij vnce« 

tem y^ fifb chalesse parcell gilt wayinge xj vnce< 

tem ij paxes one parcell gylt & y* other gilte pond' xxvij vnce« 

tem y* soone of siluer & gilte wayiuge iij vnces & a quarter 

tem a crysmatorye of siluer parcell gilt pond' xvj vnces 

tem a sute of Tyssue & iij copes of the same 

tem one sute of white damaske wi'tA iij copes of the same 

tem one sute of Bawdkin with one cope 

tem one other sute of blacke worstede witA iij copys of blacke veluet 

tem a vestment of redde veluet 

tem a vestment of blewe sattin of bridges 

tem one other vestment of redde satten of bridges 

tem one horse clothe of blacke veluet 

tem a hangynge for the highe awter of blewe veluet & a fruntlet of the 
same to the foresaid awter 

124 1552 

Item a canapye of sattyn bridges 

Iteni ij hangyug6« for awters one of white chainlet & the other of white 

It^/i iij awter clothes ij of diaper & one of plaine 
Itetn a blacke vestment of damaske 
Item a vestment of grene damaske 
Ite^i a vestment of white fuschian 
Item a vestment of Cranecolored bawdkin 

99 a] Iteni another vestment af-blewe worsted 

Item a vestment of white chamlet 

Item a vestment of domix 

Item ij copis of blew chamlet 

Item one paire of organes 

Item iiij great belles & a sawnce bell 

Item ij antifyners ij grayles vj processioners and one legende 

Item vj smplesses with sieves 

Item vi^ corporers with clothes 

anno dommi 1552 

The accoumpt made by Jamys rattlefe & christofer nissell latte 
chorche wardene^ for y^ for the yerc past ended at estur last past 

Besaeyte« by the sayd chorche wardenes for the yere past aboue sayd 

Item of James rattlef for the rent of the chamber ower the 

allmys howssee viij» 

Item of M' hassyll for the rent of hys palle iiij** 

Item of John monsy for the rent of hys lond in howsse feld ... ij" 

Item of parrys of chastarton for the rent of hys meddowe lyeng 

in chestarton feld liiijd 

Item for the rent of a lytell howsse at the west End of the 

chorch for iij quartare« of yere ij' vj*i 

Item of Mtstres peckeryng for breckeng the grownd in the 

chorch vj' viij** 

99 b] Item of Mistres spensare for breckeng the grownd in the 

cnorcne ... .•* .•* ... •*. ... «•. ••• vi vui 
Item of Mr rust for doctor whyght grave in the chorch ... vj"» viij** 

Somtna xxxiiij" 

Expe^isces and paymentes laiyd owght by the chorche warden were of 
thay do desyere to be a lovyd agaye 

In prymys for a bellrop vj** 

Item for j bocke wych ys to be red Every souda iiij<* 

Item payd to M' mayer for the byball wych was strayned the 

X da of July iij" iiij*^ 

Item layd owght the xxij da of July for iiij lodes of grawell for 

the West end of the chorch xx** 

1552 125 

Iton for ij lodes of ragge & a halfe of M' aheiTOOwd at ij* iiij^ the 

lood the som jb ... ... ... ... ... ... v* x^ 

Itfln to John cappar for careng & choeseDg ston in the chorch iiij^ 

100 a] Item for ij lodes of sand by manffeld & for the carryeng 

of thys sand into the chorch xiiij*^ 

Itnn for j laborrar to serve long ij day & a halfe of ston & 

grawell at hand ... ... ... ... ... ... xz^ 

Item that long did pane at the west end & on the sowthe syd 

of the chorche zl yardes for the wycfie he hade eyther iij*' 

theyarde ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x** 

Item for drenck for the worckmen than worcken ij** 

Item for the carryeng of the ston aboue named frome the 

blackfryeres xij«* 

Item for owr mete & drenck at owr thres meteng for presentteng 

of de&utes & comblayeneng of theme which do absent 

themeseUfes v' 

Item repprcyon don of the allmys howsses that ys for claye 

straw splentes and byndeug & worcken ij' viij<^ 

Item for the mending of the hengell of the chat^nsell doore & 

for nayles & settheng on vj** 

Item the x da of dessember for x li. of savder for the ledes 

mendeng vj" viij** 

& fore the worckmansheppe of this he hade ij" 

Item for charcolles x** 

Item for j bord for the ledes & for talowe ix<* 

Item in candell for the chorch iij<^ 

Item for ij mattes for to cknell on att the communyon ... ij*' 

Item for the wasscheng of the surplesses & the allter clothes 

aganst Christmas xij<> 

100 b] Item payd to the laweyer ffor hys paines iij" iv^ 

Item for the mendeng of the allmys howsse wyndow that wasse 

DrocKe ••• ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... mj 

Item payd to the glaseyr of benet parrysh for mendeng the 

wyndowys xiiij^ 

Item for wryghtyng y* aocompt xij* 

Item payd to the tresurrurss for j yeres rent of the allmes 

howsses camber xij'^ 

Item for the wascheng of the surpleses & allter clothes aganst 

JSmSintU ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... J 

iij li. Y* vj^ 

Item that o e y wyll < gm ofogg bogano to ocme th e p a rre s h on s ymont & 
Jttde e da that that waooo the xxviij^ * da of Qotobor & ho oerv ed 

126 1553 

t e ll th e axvijth da of do Be omb e r th e wych e y s viiijtt> w e ok ee & a halfe 

aftftr ij ' wook 
It^m that fromo the xjLvijtf > da of d e i a « e rob e r to th e xattt da of Moroh y a 

xij w e oke e foF tho wyoho ho hade of ub ij ' iiij^ the w ee k that ys 

pa yd to Bo r wyllwm oragg on oatar owcn for hoe wocko o waggoo ^ij*-vij** 

payd to oe r wyllwm on oatar da for hya donor . . . —, rr; iiif* 

payd to ae r wylltam cragg -on-^fefae- xxiiij* ** da of ap re ll fo r hys 

WagOga* it;. •*; "Vii r.". . .. vn •"•'. TTi IJ ViJ 

It tf m for th e a w i ytheng —. rr, rr. rr. —. — ij« 

Item for ae r Wylltam Oraggewagg e a tt: rr: ... -rr; ijM^j^ 

101 a] Item the Beceyte* off y« Revenewa off y« chyrche for y« 

yer paau ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xzxiiij 

Item the expenc«4 off y« sayd paryshe for y* aayd yer p»ist 
iij li. yj** 80 dew to y* chyrche wardens xxvj" vj'* 

Item the sayd Chyrche wardens Receyvyd in y* yere paat in 
money Iviij pownds ij* vj<* 

Item ther ys alowyd to them for y« Rest of ther aocompt xxvj* vj<* and 
ther dothe Remayne in ther hande< crystofier Russell & Jeams 
Rattlyff alle thynge* accompted Ivj li. xvj" saue ij^ 

payd to the kynge of the swm above wryttyn xx" 

payd to the churche wardyns x" 

So althynge* befoore allowyd there remaynythe yn the handes of y« sayd 
chrystouer & James the swm of xxvj" xv" x** 

101 b] Anno dommi 1553 

The accoumpt made by Jamea rattlefe & christofer rusaell late 
Ohorchche wardenes for y® yere ended at estar last 

Reaeacytea by y*' afor named Chorch wardenes for y* yere past 
Item for y« rent of a chambar overe y* allemes howsses . . . viij" 

Item of M' hasell for y* rent of hes palle iiij«i 

Item of John monsy for y* rent of hea loud in hows felld ... ij' 

Item of parres of chestarton for y" rent of hea medow in 

cheatarton fold xiiij^' 

Item for y« rent of a lytell hows at y* west End of y« chorche 

of thomborawe iij" iiij** 

Item sowld ix fote off tember to the goodman baaaer for y* 

wjch 1 reaeived iij» 

thee aom ya xvij" x<* 

Item ther Remaynythe of the last yearea acowut yu monye xxvj^ xv* x<^ 

the ai*m of the reaayte & monye above wryttyn ya xxvij li. xiij" viij<* 

102 a] Expenses laeyd owght whereof thay doo deaeyere to by allowyd 
Jamya rattlefe and & rusaell 

Item-for exp e nc e at m eteaga for proeontm e nta y^ laat yore 

In primea for a roppe fore the aavnce belle viij^ 



It<m for y* mendeng of y* welle & for a newe claspe of leren & 

MtVA UcMSY UUK> •■• ••« ••• ••« •■• •■• «•« 

lieta for j denere for y* commischoneres at y* seeyght of y* plat 

& wescements dellyvereng 

^ Il»in payd at ookonton for ow * ^ vj dynei 

vj" viij 


at y* bdoD maoltGn 




i ll 

Itan for our siiparoa at home 

> It e m for otu r horoa moto & hoyo 

Iton for xzj footte of bord to nend equere & for naeyles & 
laeyng of y* same bord 

It«m for y« mendeng of y* ledes of y« chorche & for John 
capares daeys worck for charcoll & chasceng alle y^ ledes 
bred & drencke 

Item for iij commewnyon bocke* 

thus moche laeyd owght by James rattleffe & russell ... 

I t e m m or e in M'' mat hand e f or M'^ w hyghte ber r yall ... 

The sum of thys syde allowyd by the awdytors ys 

102 b] laeyd owght by me christofer russell 

Item to y* glaser of benet bareshe for y* mendeng of y* 

IvcuuOlwjr Cu ■•■ ••• ••* ••« ... ••• ••• 

Itc'm fore wassheng of y* surpleeses aganst chrestemes 

Item payd to y* tresureesses for y^ rent of y* almesse howsessen 

OUcUU L^wX%!xf ••• ■•• •■• ■■• «•• ••• ••■ 

Item -fe r y" wassheng of y" surplos & alter olothoe agaynat 


I. » 






iij * mj 

m VM^ 


• • _ • • • J 

ii« vinfl 

IJ* VllJ 



XV' iiij** 
xlv« iijd 

•_ • • 'J 

xxv« ix** 





• •« • 


Item for the wasshenge of the surplesses & allter clothoH atte 
medsomer thes yere and y^ last medsomar forgoten 

Item for y* wryteng thes ecompt 

Thes som laeyd owght by me christofer nissell ys 

Item for j byle roppe wayeng xvij li 

xj« VllJ* 

the sum of the whole expensys layd owght by the chyrche 

WcUvlYUcI j'i ••• ••• ••* ... ••• ..• 

the Stan of the monye commyng to the parrysche all thyngs 

aDowyd ys xxv li xvj" iij** 

allowyd for the preastes wagys vli xvj« iij** 

ao there Remaynythe to the parysche to be payd by the 
chyrche wardyns above wry ttyn 

... xxxvij" v^ 

103 a] Item for iij saulter bookes in ynglyse to seng or sey y* 
sauiies oi y^ se^uy s •.. .., ••• «•• ■•■ ••• 

Item for the exspencey of theme y^ went to sawstone to y« 
byshype vysytacyon 

Item for naylle« for to amend y« seate* in the chyrche 

XX li 


nij" mf 

• « • • 1 



1555. 1553 

• •• 

Item for ij border to make braket^f ffor y* seyd seated 

Item for a planke to Make y* fore bell qwyle & Makynge 

thereof to dosy y« carpynter 

Item for ij stapyls of yeme for y« thyrd bell 

Item for mendyng y« seated in y* chyrch to dosy y« carpynter . 
Item for a booke werin the omylys be devyded in to partes . 
It«m for a Rope for on other bell 

103 b] Item paid for xxix li of sodyr to mend the lede« of y^ 

chyrch euery li vj** somTna 

Item for fyryng to heat y* plomers yems 

Item for a bord to Reyae y« led were yt was lowe 

Item for on lood clay to Reyse y« lede next y« stypyll 

Item for nay lies for y« same led 

Item for vij dayes workmanshype of Jbhe plomer at vj 

• • • •_ 


■ • • ■ — 






y* day 

Item for vij dayes for hys man to helpe hyme ... 
Item for ther mete & drynke y« seyd vij dayes ... 
Item for expencef Rydynge to londone to delyver the playte by 

y« assent of y« poryshe 

Item for y« copy of y« seniys in inglys sett ow3t by note 

Item for wryghtynge & notyng part of yt to syng on bothe 

syde* of y« quyer 

Item for wryghtyng y« accompt 

xnij" vj** 

■ ■ • •» 


• • • • X 


iij« yf 
ij« ni)«» 

* ■ * *M 



iij« mjd 


104 a J Qreat S^ Maryes 

The election there made the mundaye in easter weke Anno Regine 

Eli g ftbotho marie Becundo 

Willuzm foxston ) ,. , j i- 1 i william muwsey 

„. ^ > cmrchwardens did chuse .„ . , *^ 

Simon watson j wiUiam daunser 

whiche two accordinge to y^ olde cnstome haue chosen to them vj viz 

Henry Ringstede John Rust william biirwell willzam Hasill Thomas 

bryden & Thomas Wulfe whiche eight haue chosen chirchwardeus for y* 

yere to come 

William foxston Simon watson 

Auditors of their account the hole election 

104 b] The eleccibn mad in y« yer off our lord God m. 563 for y* chyrche 
wardyns for y« yere to com crystoffer Russell & Jems Rattlyff late chyrch 
wardyns bathe chossyn accordynge to y® old costom Wylltam munsy & 
crystoffer Ryngsted & they have chossyne MJ hassell John Rust henry 
vasy wyUuim gryffyn wylltam dawsser John sothe 

and they have chossyn for chyrch wardyns for y* yer to com 

Rychard atkynson wylliam borwell 

[Fol. 105 a blank.] 

1554 129 

105 b] Anno 1554 anncj domi'ni 1554 

The electon made oft' y* chyrche wardens for Seynt mary paryshe next 
y* markytt aooordyng to y« old costom fynst the chyrche wardiens hathe 
chosyn ether of them on thatt ys to say M' doctor blyethe W^ John Rust 
they ij hathe chossene 'bi^ thomeu wcndy eequyer M' wylliam hasyll 
wylltam munsy wylliam dawnser John chayeso peter shers thes viij^ hathe 
chosyn for y« chyrch wardens for y" yer to com 

Rychard Atkyson wylliam borwell 

and for Mooters of y« sepuUter lyght & Rood lyght accordyng to y* old 
costom of y« parysh 

wyllidm grey peter shers 

adytors M' thoma« wendy esquyer M' doctor Blyethe M*^ wylham 
hasyU M' Robart smyth M' heniy vasy wylltam munse 

106 a] The acompt of Richard atkynsone & william borwell chyrche 
wardyus of aaynte marye parissche nexte the markett in Cambrege for the 
mony & Rentes & other thyng^ by them Resayued and charge* By them 
Sustayned from the feste of Ester in the yere of our god M ccocc liij 
vntyll the same feast then next ensuinge 

In primis for The Rent of the Chamber ower the allmes houses viij* 

Item of M' Hasyll for his palle iiij** 

Item of John monsey for y« chirche lande ij* 

Item of Thomas parresse for the meadowe in Chesterton felde xiiij^ 
Item Resayued of Sir Curbe cntr pryste for serten offerynges & 

cTQBomes & other thyngs vj* viij^ 

Item Resayued of M' Ruste for the ester boke whiche was in y« 

yere of our lord god M cccoc liij the Som of viij" vig* j<* 

Rent ungathered for the shop of the fletcher thar 

Item Resayed more of m' docter wendy for his ester boke ... vj* yiij<> 
Item Resayued of m^ hassyll for the ester boke whiche was 

in the yere of our lorde god M ccccc liiij the somm of ... ix" v« vij* 
Item Resayed of Crystower Russell late churche warden for the 

behouffe of the parrysche Somm of v" 

Summa xxiij" xviij" vj** 

Item Resejrvyd for tokyns xxvj" 

Sumnta xxv" iiij" vj^ 

106 b] Allocacibns wherof Thaye desyer allowans 

Item for bred & wyne for the fyrst hallfe yere ig' ij* 

Item for to bawdrekes for the belles at to tymes ij' xj*^ 

Item spent at the vesytashun at hynton ij" 

I tem the ouppor at ower oomyng hom e — rn rri rr^ ^ iij* vj'^ 

Item payd to W Ruste for to candyll stykes viij* 

C. A. S. Octavo Serie$, No. XXXV, 9 

30 1555 

tern payd mor to M' Rust for a vestment & the avbe & cope & 

JIJ UvlVCtl .•• ■•• ••• ... (*■ .«■ a«a »u» iiVlIJ 

tern payd to Simond wattson for a fayer mesae boke & a 

It^^wU V ••• ••• •■• •«• «aa •*• «•• ••• aIHJ 

tern for a bell Roppe y"» 

tern spente when wef made the byll of presentment of y« 

oueBuaii ■•• ••■ •■• ••• ai* t** •«• ••• J 

tern payd to doctor blythe for to auter clothes of blewe vellvett I" 

jayd to the treseryers for for y« allmess howsyes gnmde ... xij'* 

tem for a gyrdyll of fyu brode ynkell for the aube iij'^ 

tem payd to petter sheres for a manewwell v** 

tern payd more to hym for byndenge of the gi*ett legeut ... ij» viij** 

tcm for a corporas casse ij** 

tern to baly howell for iiij yardeg of hayer for the auter ... ij" iiij'* 

tcm to hym more for vij" candyll xiiij** 

ttfm for wasshyn of y* sorpelessis & aster clothes for y^ holle 

• • •_ • 'J 

y ere •*• ••• ..• ... ... ... •.. ... iii ij 

tem payd to pylkynton for oyll & creme iiij* 

tem for a cresmatory ij* vj* 

tem payd to M' yalle for his co7isell iij* iiy** 

07 a] more allocactbns wher of Thaye desyer alowans 

tem payd to y« prest fbr his wagis vij" liij* iiij<* 

tem payd for coUes for wechyne of y® Sepulker iij** 

or mendyug of the Crosse clothe iiij<* 

tem payd to M' leche of trenete hall for sarwyng of vs in Ester 

«yiije •** ... ... ... ... ... ••> ••• jljl V J \ iij 

Item for syngyn brede & wyne for y^ last hafib yere and at 

vO Ia3X ••« ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• • m • ••• V* mA 

and for the wrytynge of the acunte lij'* 

Bumma xvj" iiij" iiij** 

So remaynythe to the parrysche for the accownt above wryttyn 

thesimiof ix" ij'* 

The aocmpte of Rychard atkynson & willutm Burwell churchejvardens 
of saynt mary parische next the markett places in Cambrog for the 
mony & Rentte« & other Thynge« by them Resayued & chargys by them 

susstaynned from the fest of ester in the yere of our lord god M ccccx; liiij 
vntyll the same feast then next lusiiing 

In p/i;mis for the Rentt of y* chamber owe>' y* allmes bowses viij* 

Of M' hasyll for his palle iiij<* 

of John monsey for the churche lond ij» 

Of Thomas parres for the medow in chestertofi feld xiiy<* 

Resauyed at ester as yt apere by our ester booke x** x* vj* 

Resayued of Crystouer Russell dewe to our parysche v** 

1556 131 

Resayed of allyaander smythe bocher dew to the paryssche 

at to tyines iiij" 

Received of m' dancer & m' gryffyn for brekyn of y« ground in 

the churche Sum xiij" iiij* 

107 b] More Resayed of Thomas benyngam the clarke as y^ 
apere by his boke in ofiryns cresomes dorges & other 

thengs to the somm of xj[iiij» vj^' 

Recf»]^ of willM^m smythe for his oftryn xij<* 

Received for the oflryn crepyn to the crosse on good frydy 

& ester daye in the mornyng xj'* 

Beseived of benson for brekyng of the grownde for spensars 

^jUO ••• «a* aca ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 'J ' ^y 

Summa xxij" viij" v<* 

AllocacEons wher of thaye desyer allowans 

Inpnmis paid to m' leche for a weke after ester ij' vj'' 

paid to m' mane of y« new colleg for xxviij wekes servis at 

ij" viij«i y« weke Sum iij*» xiiij» viij** 

paid to sir hollond for a weke s^rvis iij* 

paid to sir hollond when m' dancer^x dyrge & messe was ... xij^ 
ixiid to sir hollond for vj wekes wagys foloyug at iij* a weke 

Sttmma ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij* 

paid to sir hollond for to monthes wagys foloyug wAtche was 

tyll the fyrst weke in lent xxiiij* 

(laid to sir hollond for vij wekes wagis wAiche was from y* 

fyrst weke in lent tyU low sondaye at iij* iiij<^ y« weke ... xxiij* iiij** 
paid to m>^ Kedmont for ely fardens wAiche was Rone longe 

onpayd Svm v" ii* iijv 

paid to Juge the glasher for mendyiig all the glasse wyndowes viij* 

paid for the crosse & the stafife xx" viij** 

paid to y« goodman Joplene for the pykes & y* ca^uicpe ... x* 

paid to moyne for a Crosse of Jarne to hange y*^ pyxe on ... iiij" 

paid for to pr€uheenere« & to Imnalls vj" 

potd to m' yalle for his counsell for m' wolfe v" 

paid to m' R^e for the same matter x* 

paid to m'^ chapeman for y« same matter v* 

[(Note in modem handwriting.) This I suppose to have been the 
Mayor as Thomas Wolfe was Mayor in this year. He was 1 believe 
the proprietor of the Tavern called Wolfe's Tavern. Had formerly been 
S^ Paul's hostel & latterly has been called Rose Taveni situate in Rose 
Crescent. It was partly in S^ Mary's & partly in S^ Michael's parish. 
T. S. 1829.] 

108 a] more allocaoons whereof thaye desyer allowans 

paid for payntyng of the Rode to bynglaye vj" viij* 




for v^ yarde« of canwes for the Rode 

for lathes to the Rode 

for traysshys & nails to y^ Rode 

for to spares to quartres & a poU 

patd to y« Carpenters for makyn of y* fram 

more for nalles at iij tymea 

for waschein of the chyrche Clothes for the hoUe yere 

paid for V candyllstykes for the Rode loffl» 

for thred to sowe the clothe of the Rode 

for frankynsens feched at vij tymes 

paid for mendyng of y' on ende of y^ allmos howses v/ith Claye 

paul to symond wattson for to prasesceneres 

for mendyng of a sorpeles & clothe to y ^ sam 

patd to pylkenton for oyll of creme 

paid to Raye the smythe for mendyng of a bell claper broken 

a sonder m y^ mydes 

a glasse to pute wyne in 

aiyiaa hon a t ow e r for our donnor & hor s e m e tt ... 

for our soper with y^ questmen when we cam home at nytte •.. 

for the hyer of to horsse thether 

to m' Redmond for ely fardyns 

our chai^gis at the makyn of y^ byll of presentment 

paid to the treseryers for our hallmes howsyes 

v^oiies a uossneii ■•• ,«• •*• ••• •.. ... ... 

for howselyn bred ... 

paid to m' Rynsted for syuggyn wyne for y« holl yei-e 

for synggyn brede for the holl yere 

for betyne candylls on ester ewen 

& for wryttyng of this a cownte 

Suiania xiij^ vj" j*^ 

108 b] more allocacu)n8 wherof thaye desyer allowans 

for waze to m' Rust as it a pere by his byll 

more to hym as foloythe a payer of senoers & a shepe prysse ... 

for a hallowater stoke wt^A sprynkyll 

a pakes wttA to cruettM 

Item for clothes for the sepidker gyven by m' Rust 

mor to m' Rust for the brynggyn home of ower coppes from 

JiJIvlvAKfU •.. ... ... ••■ ... ••• •*• ... 

for mendyng of to antefeneres and a grayll y^ m' Rust browght 
to the churche 

paed to m' hassyll for a procsy for m^ wollfes matter 

Resey ved of the sepulcar lyght 

ther remaynythe to the parrysche all thyngis allowyd of theare 

^VU\/WLIM3 ••« •«« .»* •«• ••• a«a ■«« 

nij« vnj* 





• • • •M 

• ■ « • J 

» • • • ■ • J 

ij' iiijd 

x^ qua 



XXV* iy** 

Vllj" VUJ* 

• • • •• •-! 

uj' viy* 

XV** xix« j<* 



xrkich ja payd ynto the handes of Jhon chase & wyWtam bosham now 

The Eleccyone made of the churche wardens for Saynt Mary porysche 
next the markett places a cordyng To the olde Custome fiyrHt the chyrche- 
wardods haue chosyn ether of them on y^ is to saye william danser & 
William mvnsey thaye too haue chosyn m^ Thomas Wendy esquyer 
m' henry vasy harry Rynsted on the on parti & on the other parti 
m' Robflkrde smythe m' willmm hasell & m' Thomas woolfie Thes viij 
haue chossyn for the churche wardens for the yere to come John chasso 
William Bossam 

And for the 'Mcuters of y« sepuloer lytt & Rood lytte a cordyng to the 
olde custome of y« paryche petter aheres & william graye 

100 a] awdytors m' doctor Blythe M' henry vasey wilh'am danser henrye 

Rynsted M' Robarde smythe m' william hassyll m' John Rust m' Thomas 


mor there remaynythe in the hemdes of the sayd churche wardyns besyde 

the Stan of above wryttyn xv**xix"j* 

Iton one oblygatyon of allexander smythe of vj 

It«m yn the hande« of chrystouer Russell x 

/Item one challys gylt wi^A a patteut weyng xxj^> dim' 

payer- of chaleis weyeng xviij vnces 
Item a coppe ;pareeH gylt w i th a ooucr 
dimidio & quarter 

-weyng 77-. rrr- —.—, xxj ^vnees ^ a quarter 

Itom one ofoobo of copper & gylt with the Imagyo of Mari & John 

li'^m t\w\t\ TwiTTiv^ nf Iflt^TTTt f*iftn<lTf11a^TrpiIrp<a ffti* ^Vift nvnrii fl l^fli* 
xvcxll XrOn ^piMjTJT tn hVvv Jr £> vnlJU Jr ilJO V Jr v AUO txft tnlt? UVgtl CwtvVl 

It0m-4j cruytt««-o^4ynBe 

It e m on e holywafeer stock ^rM a a prynkyll of tynne 

Item one paxo of copper & gylt 

It e m one shyppo of tynne 

Item one payor of ocnfloro of latty n 


In iAF liurwells 

It e m A lyt t yll paxe of ooppw 

ivBui II xvuvypuuutLm ui uuzviicixioiiu 

I tent a crysm atcHpy-eloth-eff ^Ik 
Item a towell off playn clothe iij 

yarde« dim' 
Item a small nak yae 
Item ft hf ffidbell 

Item iiij hanner clothes paynted 
Item one maaoe booko of pa r chem e nt & s ome paper 
Item on other ma aee book of Mr Ryn s t e d g yft 
Item iiij prooo ss yo negs-of ^pryatyng 
It e m ij Imnalli s pr yatyd 

It e m ft oorpogys eafl s o of damaoko w t tA a corpyry s clothe 

134 1556 

Itom a ooppopas o ftse of clothe of gowl d & Red v e lvet 
Item-a^erperys < ?a o o wrought with tawn)^ v e lu e tt & gol d 

109 b] It^m iij copes of clothe of t^HMeU- tysaew 

It^m one vestment & ij tunekylles of the same with one allie 

It g m one pyllow of clothe of tyooow 

Item one oopo of blow bawdkyn w t 'tA a vestm e nt of the f3 ftm e- & a s tol e -& 

awbo to the sa m e 

It g m ij croooo clothe s of gpono tiapoonott 

It«m one hangyng above the alter of blew velvytt 

It^m one frontlytt affore the alter of blew velvytt 

It«m one frontly tt of whyght chamlytt for y« pulpitt 

Item ij communion clothes one of dyaper & the other of playue clothe 

oanve s 
It < ?m one other alter clothe of playno olothc 

Item one hangyng abov e the alter off paynt e d cloth e ya the ch a p pelL&a 

iruui«iyi/b vO ouC oCnmro 

Item a frame to the Sepulcar wit/i clothes to the same 

Item one Stremer clothe of sent george l^nt John Meres 

Item one cope of redde sattyn wttA a ve s tment & alb e^4e- th e s am e wtt A ij 

tunyol os & albo e of the sam ensu to whereof want oae-Awbe 
Item xiij lattyn candylstyckes to y^ Roode Loft 
Item iiij surplessys for m e n a nd on e ohyld s s urpl es 
Item j e manu e ll to b e rri & ohri s ten wVtA a ll 
Item j pawlle to laye vppon y« here of black velvett 
Item j black s toUe 
Item j m esse bok e of J e su s 

Item a nothor mosse booko gyvon by Mr H e nry Byng s t e a d 
Item a wryghtynge betwyn gonwell hall & the paryshe sealed with ther 

comen scale & other deds off londe 
Item a lant e rno 

It e m ij towoUfl for the pry s tc hand s 
Item an old keverlett off tapssy werk 

Memorandum th a t wi l l i iaia grey e a nd p e ter s ho a ro s haue in thcro 
honde e of th e s om of mon e y a for esa yd of xv^ 19* j^ * kj* ij^ countable to vs 
the ohyrohw a rd e yns which whe c a n not y e t g e tt into (mr h a ndee all thiti 


mor ij towells of viij elles apease 

a vale for lent wt'tA a Rop e & ij stapoll e s 

ij hyo a tandeng oandolstyoke g in the chyroh of woode w f tA lat ten 


a cannapie of sylk for palm e S onday Tume iij leaves and look more 

110 a] anno 1566 the 6 daye aprills 

The election made of the chyrche wardeynes for Seynt mares Paresh 
next the market place in Cambridge acordinge to the owld custome fiyrst 

1556 135 

the Chyrch wardeynes hath Chosen eche of them one that ys to saye 
m' docter blyth and m' John Rust and they ij haue chosen m' heniie 
veysye m' willtam dawncer and william burwell m^ rust bathe chosen 
m' robart smyth m' willtam hasell and m' Thomas woolf. These viij 
haue chosen for the chyrche wardeynes the yeare to come 

John chase William bosome 
Chosen for the yeare to come for the rode lyght masters of the same 

willtam Oylbert Georg Jugg 

Audytores of this acompte ys M' Docter blyth M' henrie veysie 
William dauiioer william burwell m' Robart smyth m' william hasyll 
m' John Rust m^^ Thomas woolf 

in the hondes of the chyrche wardeynes fyvetene pounder nynetene 
shillings & one peny 

1 10 b] The acompth of John chase and william bosome chyrche wardeynes 
of Saint maris paressh next y^ market place in Cambridge for the monye 
& Renter and other things* by them ^^eived and charge* by them sus- 
teyned from the feste of Ester in the yeare of our lord God a thowsande 
fyve C fyvetie and fy ve vntyll that fest then next enswing 

In primif for the Rent of the chamber over the almesse howsen of 

CAriftop^or nycholson dew at ester 1556 viij" 

Received of John mimsie for the chyrch londe ij" 

Received of M' hasell for his pale iiij^ 

Receii^ of Thomas parres of chesterton the xxiiij^ daye 

December for a pease medow xiiij^ 

Rereii^ed of alexander smyth bocher the 14 daye february in 

partie of payment of a more soum dew to our chyrche ... xl" 

Received for &ur Ester booke this ester by vs B^ceived vt patet ix" xij" 
Received of Thomas belyngam for crysomes and other offer- 

ynges vt patet per sched* xj» viij<* 

Received the 2 July at the com??iencement offemge iij" iiij<^ 

deceived 21 July a offering called the corporation of the towne 

ofcambr' xviij<* ob 

Received of thomas Jackson fletcher for the shopp rent under 

the west ende of y* chyrche for a hole yeare dew at Ester iij" iiij** 

Received more in cryssomes and mony for ij more iij" 

Received in other offeringee for mariedgee ij' v^ 

i more for o u r es t e r -bo^m^^ gryffyth - ...- -»ti- *rT ¥*¥}•* 

Sum Receii^ 

Reeeii^ mor of overplusse of moe^er of y« rode lyght ij" v** ob 

mor Received for toun mony xiij" 

xxx" iij" X** 



Ilia] AUocacjones whereof they deeyre alowansea as foloweth 
In prtiDM payd to m' holland with other curettes for the hole 

Yt3oU\3 ••■ ••■ •«• ••• ■•• ••• ••• 

payd ij yrbstes at the offering called the corporation 

payd to ser wright his payins 

paid to bames for mendyng over the Rode and over the Alter 
in the chappell & for wassheng owt the scriptures 

patd for iiij skynnes larg parchement 

payd for a Rope for the gret bell 

payd to the plomier for xj^^ solder at vij^ the lb 

iij days woork vnto h»m 

payd for ij skynnes parchement 

payd for the makeng perfect our chyrche bookes & writeng the 

CttaUXO ••• ••• ••• >•• •«• ••• ••• 

payd for franckensons for the hole yeare 

payd for ij gyrdelles for ij albes 

paide at the visitacion for the quest menys dynn^rse and owr 

wttA horse meate ... ... ... ••. 

payd for owr suppers at our comeng home 

payd for elye farthingM 

payd at william grays for certeyne charges at the makenge our 

bylls presentment ... ... ... ... ... 

payd to wilham graye for wyne at the Receipte of the bull 

viij" nij* 


vj" v^ 

ij* vj^ 


• • '..1 


ij» iiijd 


111b] payd for mendyng the wheale of the lytle bell and the 
DaiciencKe ... ... ... •«• ... •*. ... 

payd to m' officyall and John chapman for the copie of thinge^f 
wAtch whe had in charg to provyde ageynst candelmas . 

payd to byssell for iiij lodes ragg at ij* 8^ the lode 

Sonde vj lode at viij** 

payd for a Rope for the lytle bell 

payd long the pavyor for xxxiiij*** yard«« pavenge at iij^ the 

YCU aJI ... ••• ... ••• ••• ... ••• .. 

payd to father capper caridg in of the stones which ware left 

payd for cariedg iiij lods stone 

payd the officer for his paynes dyuerse tymes for m' Russell .. 
payd for wassheng the Lynnen clothes all the hole yeare 
payd to Roger yonge for the mendyng of our glasse wyndowes 

payd for xij eUes lynnen cloth for the vale 

paid for paynteng the vale 

paid for makeing the same with rjn^es & tape 

payd to the tresiu^rs for the Rent of the Almos bowses 
payd symond watson for the chengeng of our presessioners .. 

■ • ■ ■ J 

X* viij** 

• ■ • •_ 


* * '..1 


viij* vj^ 


• 'm 



• • • V ^ 



112 a] Payd for a Rope and ij stapells for the vale 





payd for iiij yardes & a quarter lyoen clothe for to make iiij*»' 

banners ... 
payd for yj elles of cloth for a albe 
payd for one ell & quarter lynen cloth for our prystes honde« at 

boe alter ••• .,. ... ••. ... 

payd for makeng the albe and ij towells 

payd for iij j&rdes buckerome for y^ vestmente* 

payd for mendyng the vestmentM 

payd for xij ellee hoUand clothe for ij syrpleeys ... 
payd for the makeing ij syrplecM 

& mending owld syrplece< & clothe 

payd for xij elles for ij ester towelles 

payd for makeing the same 

payd for cakes bwnnes and beare at the mandie 

payd to m' Rust for a Cannapie of sylke to beare over the 

payd more to m' Rust for tapers burnt before the sacrament 

the hole yeare 

payd for a Lanteme for cmr chyrche 
payd for tallow candeUs the hole yeare ... 
payd for scoryng certeyne thinge« 
payd m' Ryngstede for wyne the hole yeare 
payd for syngeng bred&« the hole yeare ... 

payd for chere coles this est^r 

payd for wryteng this acompt«« 

Suva layd owght xvij" xvj" \iij'* ob 
Remayneth vnto the paryshe for this yere past al thinge« 

cUUWCU ... ... •#• ... ... . 

12 b] A frame for the Cannepye with iiij staves 
t^ m ij Cros se s t a v es 

J f firm g. lirfli 

twn a lytl e Antyf e m e r 

ij« vjd 

xiij** ob 

ij' vj*» 

• •• 



■ • — u m • m » 

IJ" 1UJ«» 




x» v^ 

• • • B JM 



vj" j'' ob 

• ■ • -1 



xij" vij" j<> ob 

tarn a gre e n v es tm e n vfith owte a n a wb e 

tem a pyllowe of cheker velvett 
torn a peynt e d Cloth e for the R o o d 

It g m whyght stool e 
t g m iij S aamedlM 

twn a gr ene ^rporas Owse 
tem a Awltercloth of grey Canvas 
tern iiij booker of pricksong iii Inglisshe 
AILm) delyueryd in to thandes of the Chyrchewardens an oblygacton of 



113 a] The election made of ester mondaye the yeare of <yur lord god 
anno 1557 by the chyrche wardeynes of seynt mares pareshe acording to 

138 1567 

the owld castome & that ys to saye the chyrche wardeynea hathe chosen 
eche of them one that ys to saye John chase hathe chosen m' muncy & 
wylliam bosome haue chosen m' Ryngstede and they twayne haue chosen 
to them iij a pec that ys m' Ryngsted hathe chosen m' docter walker 
m' vesy & m' biirwell m' muncy hathe chosen m' smythe m' rust & 
m' woolf and these viij have chosen Christover fletcher and John howel 
for the chyrche wardeynes for the yere to come 

for masters of the Rode lyght wylliam gylbart georg Jugg 
awdytores of this acompte^ master robart smyth master rust m' woolf 
master muncy m' doctor walker m' vesy m' ryngsted m' burwell 

113 b] The acompte^ of John chase and wylltam bosom chirche 
wardeynes of seynt marys parrissh next the market place for all y« mony 
and B^ntes and other thinge« by them "Received and charges by them sua- 
teyned from the fest of est^ b^'ntg an?io domtni 1556 vntyll that yeare 
next enseweinge 
In pnmis for y® rent of y« chamb^ over y« almos bowses of 

goodman nycholson viij* 

"Received of John money for the chyrche Lond ij" 

R^ezi^ of m** hasell for his pale iiij* 

Received of thomas Jackson for rent of his shop at the west 

end of y« chirche iij" iiij** 

ReceiV^ of thomas paris for y* chirche londe xiiij** 

Received for our ester book this yeare ix" viij" x*' 

Received of bellyngam for chirche goyinge* oflferinge* djriges 

buryalles as apereth by his byll vij" vij** 

Received of John saddelers offeringe ix^ 

Reccitwd at m' gryffithes and m" hasells buryall v** 

Recezv^d at the co7nmenceme7it offereng ij* V* 

Received of byrge* mannes offeringe & hew woodwardgj? ... xij** 

Received for y« corporation for y® towne xxiij** ob 

Received of m' gryffith & m" mowld for brekenge y« grownd in 

y« chyrche xiij" iiij** 

Receit;^ for crepeing y® crosse at ester iij** ob 

Received for by Jug tokens this yeare of y« master of y« rode lyght 

R6(?etV«d for m" hasells biuryall the grownd brekinge vj" viij** 

M' Monsy v" 4* Watson 4" 

m o ra for our 9f stw bo o k a s a p e ret he ix* iiij^ 

more crysomes the nomb^r of xj 

xj" xviij" j«» 

114 a] Allocationes whereof they desyre to be allowed as folowethe here- 
payd the the pryst his wages for the hole yeare as apereth by 

the byll of y^ portyculers vij'* xi ij" viij* 

payd to peter sheares the 12th of aprill for horse hyre ... ix** 

1557 139 

payd for iiij^ banner clothes paynting bothe 8yd«« lyke ... x* 
payd to Dy&ll for playeng of our orgeynea from the xij^ of 

maye to the iiij^ of June ij" 8* 

for seweing y^ bannars wttA buckerom ij*^ 

the xxij^ maye hiislying brede '. ij** 

the xxiiij^ of maye frankensens j^ 

the same daye huslyng bred«« ij^ 

the zxix^ of July a lock and barr of yron for the fant and 

orgeynes ij* iiij** 

payd for ely Rent«« vnto m' Momforth the 1 of October ... x*> q' 

mor to hym for my lord of elyes vysitation iij' iiij'' 

payd at the goodma^i gylbarde« for drynkeng at the gyveng vp 

C/Uv UVxUXI ... ••• .•• ••■ ••• ••• •.. "'\j 

imyd for border and mending of dy vers seatAi ix*' 

payd bankes man for a kaye iiij^ 

payd for a Larape vj" vj** 

payd for a whele for y« lytle bell xiiij** 

payd for holywater sprynkea vj'* 

the 6 of Janaerry frankensens j*^ 

payd the viij**» Januerry a Rope for y* greate bell xij+^ at iij** ib iij" 

payd for a beame and tymbar for our Lampe xvj<^ 

paynteing and gyldeinge the same xvj^ 

lyne for y* Lampe and a glass for y« Lampe v* 

ix" x« ij^J q' 

114 b] for the new halloweing or Reconcyleing of cmr chyrche 
for beying Interdycted for the buryall of m' buoer and the 
charg therevnto belongeing frankensens & swate parfiimes 

for the sacrament & herbes &c viij"* ob 

payd vnto the tresurers the 12 of febreary xij"* 

payd y* 20 of february for a locke & a kaye for y* high alter ... riij** 

payd for paveing in the syde chapell and morter xj<^ 

payd goodman brysly for parchement and wryteng one Leafe in 

oi gmyiv •«• ••• ... ••• a»a •«• ••• .*• J 

payd to John Dente for the Rode mary and John with the 

appendices and caryedge xlij* 

nayles abowt the Rode at dyvers tymes xj<> 

bred and drynke for y* laborers iij<> 

payd vnto yj men for helpeing to pull vp the rode xij<* 

payd to moynes for a bar of yron xiv*"** at iij<* lb iij" vj** 

coles for watcheing y« sepulcre iij^ 

payd m' howeU for candells and lampe oyle for y^ hole yeare ... xxiij<^ 

payd m' Ryngsted for wyne for y« hole yeare vj" viij** 

payd the copper smyth for y* solderying ij kaudelstyckes & 

mending a sencer xiiij<> 

140 1558 

payd for oyle and creame iiij^ 

payd for frankensens j* 

payd to m' Rust for wees for y^' hole yeare x" ij** ob 

payd for wassheing the chyrche y* hole yeare & mending sur- 

pieccA ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij iiij 

payd to goodman baxster for a proceesionall xxij*^ 

payd-M' Daunoor for Imago of o w r lady vppo f t the hygho alter 

payd in his ester book vt-. —. —. rr. —, viij * vj *^ 

payd for wryteing this acompth xij** 

115 a] payd for syngeng breade« for the hole yeare this 

35 iiiaye ... ..• ••• ... ••• ... ... ,,, '^ * J 

payd more this same daye to wtlliam pryme for iiij staves for 

palme sondaye x** 

payd M' Davncer alowed in his ester booke by me for y« 
last yere to xx^ & for this his ester book now alowed by 

mevj'viij** viij» iiij^ 

and m' chase yf you refuce it he will haue it ageyne by his promes 

uij" vnj» nj* 
xiij" xviij" x** 

Remayneth to the chirche al thinges alowed by the chyrche wardeynes 
aforsayd the some of ten powndex syx shillnge^ viij*^ ob 

wkich some ys delyuerd in to the honde« of John howell Christopher 
Aether chyrche wardins now chosen for y^ yere to come 

more delyuerd to them a obligacion wherin alexsander smyth & Robart 
semer Junior be bound to pay to the pareshe iiij*' 

more they haue to Beceive of Christopher Russell & Jemes Ratclyfe x* 

more william gylbart & georg Jug must paye in to the hande« of y* 
chyrche wardeynes for fote of there acompth for y^ yere past the some of 
xxvj" iiij^ 

more the sayd chyrche wardeynes have received all syche omamente« & 
Implemented of the chyrche as was delyuered m** chase & m' wyll?!am bosom 
as apereth before in the book & I m' chase and I wylltam l)osom dyscharged 

115 b] The Eleocion made vppon Eastern Mondaye in the year of our 
Lorde god a thousand v hundred ffyfbye and eyght accordyng to the Ould 
and auncyent Custom of the pan'she of great seynt maryes by the Chyrche 
wardens of the same parishe that is to saie the Chyrche wardens hath 
Chosen yche of them one that is to saie master mayer and Henrye Ryngsted 
and master mayor hath chosen m' Robert Smyth m' wollf and master 
Raye and master Rynsted hath Chosen Master veyseye master Rust and 
m' danser and They viij haue chosen Chrystofer fflecher and John Howell 
fTor the Chyrchewardens for this yere to Com 

And for masters of the Rood lyght wylliam Gylbert and Rychard 



Audytores for this succompies Master Mayor Master veysey Master 
Rust Master Raye M' Doctor walker Master wollf Mayster RyDgsted 
master Smyth Master Danser 

116 a] The accompt of John ho well and Chrystofer fflecher chyrche 
wardens of Seyut maryes parishe next the market place for all the mony 
and Renter and other thy nge« Recey uyd and allso chaTg6< by them Susteyned 
flfrom the feast of Eastor begynny?ig anno domim a thousand v fiyftye and vij 
vntye the yere next uisuyng viz 
n pn'mM Receyuyd by thande« of the ould cherchewardens 

in present monye x" vj" viij^ ob 

tern Reoeyuyd of Chrystofer Ryngsted of london for a Comvn- 
yon Cupp parcell gylt weyeng xxj vnces dim' at v» the vncc 

OUUXf ntir ••• •.« •«« ,,, ••• ••• ••• ••• 

tern Receyuyd of M' Russell 

tern Receyuyd of M' Rynsted for the buryall of his wife in the 

VyllVxvUV ••• «•• ••• ••• •*• •■• ••• 

tern Received of M' Raye for the buryall of his wyfie iu the 

VyXl YJTwUtS ••• •■■ ••• •■• ••• ••• •■« 

tern Received for the Buryall of M" Thurbye 

tern Received of Chrystofer Nycollson for Rent of the chamber 

ouer the Aulmes bowses 

tern Received for certen land in chesterton feld 

tern Received of the flecher for rent of his shopp 

t«m Received of Olyfer filynt for the rent of certen Land Lyeng 

1x1 uO vvB ice 1(1 ••• ••• ••• »*■ ••• «•• ■•• 

tem Received of master hasell for his pale 

tsm Received for maryages Buryalles and offeryng as aperith 

by a byll therof made 

t<nn Receyuec? of m** Money for a Crysom 

tern Received of Thomas Belyngham for a Chrysom of smal- 

nOOQov wfyuffo ••• «,« ,,, ••• ... ••• ... 

term Receimf of more for ij Chrysoms 

Sw3Et xx" vj ' iiij *^ ob 

yli vij« vj** 

vjn viij«* 

VJ* Vllj" 

• • •■ 


• • • • ■ 

11J» UIJ* 

xvij" viy* 

« • • « ■ 

• • • 'J 


16 b] Item Received flfor the Eastor book 

Summa Receiptee xxix li xiiij" xj^ ob q' 

t<?m Received for y« berriall of bui^gesse jm y« chyrche 

Bumma xxx" xix" ob q' 

Allocationes whereof the! desiar to be allowed as followeth 

tern payde for iiij®' yardef Canvas to Cover the bight altar ... 
pc»d for makyng of a keye to lokk in the vesterye presse 
tcm paid to Peter sheeres for byndyng of the antyfener and 

mendyng another book 

tern paid to Chrystofer Ryngsted of london for a payer of 

ix" vj" xj** 
vj" viij<» 

• • ••! 




chales weing xviij vnce^ dim' quar^ being doble gylt the 
vnc€ vj» viij* Swmwia 

tern paid to Long the pather for iij loead of Ragg 

t^m patd to Lane for Caryage of the same 

tern \xiid to Charles of the Castell for v loead of Ragg and the 
caryage of iij of them 

tern ixiid to Lane for caryeug of ij loead of Ragg from the 


VyC4K7 WXk ••• ■•■ ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

tern payd to Lane for xiiij*®" Loead of Sand 

t<nii paid to Lane for caiyag of xj Loeade of Rutsibes 

t^m paul to master howell for v Loed of py He ston 

t^m for the caryage to the workmen 

tcm paid to John Long the pather for vj** yerde« & xvj** at 

iij'^ the yard St^mma 

t<;m paid for wayshyng the Chyrche clothes for the hole yeare 
tern paid for mendyng the Surpleuis 

17 a] Item paid to m' Rust for wax to the highe Aulter for 

the holl yeare 

term paid to M' Ball for makyn an obligacon 

t^m paui to Str Clement for ij weeke« after eastor 

tern paid to Sir Clement at Mychelmos 

tern paid to m' hollond vn Sent Leonarde« daye 

tern paid more to m' hollond the xxviij^ daye of novembt^r 

tem payed the xxviij^ day of deoember 

tdm paid to m"^ hollond the viij"» daye of Januarye 
iem paid to m'^ hollond the xxij^ daye of Jaimarye ... 
tern paid to m' hollond the v**' daye of ftiebruarye 

tern paid to m' Atkynson for x weeke« i., 

or Ijent tyme for every weeke iiij" passell of the same 

tem payde for CoUes on Easter even 

tern for mendyng of a payer of Senser 

tern payd to master Rynsted for wyne for the holl year 

tem payde for Syngyn bread 

tem paid to wylliam algar the bedell 

tem paid to the Tresurrere« 

tern paid to James wyllyngton for ij bell ropes weyeug xxviij 

LMJUIJU ■*■ ••* •«■ ••• «•■ ••• ••• ••• 

tem paid for Swepyn the streetes and caryeng a waye of the 
xxiy fv ••* a*. ••* ••■ •*• *■• <•• .*• 

tem paid for a lampo glasse 

tem paid for a wyne Bottell 

tern paid for viij pound of Candell for the chyrche 

tem paid for firankjmsenc 

term paid for oyle for the lampe 

vj« viijd 



• • •_ ■ ■ "J 

nj" Yuj** 

... t • • « • 

xiij* nij* 

. . • • I 



V viij«i 



xnj* nij" 




vj* viij«i 

vj» viy* 



x» iiij** 




■ • • • J 







1559 143 

Ittfin pa&d for yncle ij* 

It«m paid for pynnes j* 

Item pa I'd for wryghting this book xij*^ 

lt <i m for offoryng e a at Dyiigw ,-,-, rn rr; w, —. Hf* 

117 b] Sumtna allocaciones xvij^ xj* 

wheroff remayneth in thandex of the Chirche wardens John Howell 
and Ohrystofer flecher of the accompt for the yei'e aflbrsaid Twelve pound 
Tenne Shyllynge« and heighte pens xij^ x' viij<* 

The Masters of y^ Boode lyght and y^ uepiUcckr lyght wylluem gylbert 
Joige Jiigge 

M** y« xviij of Aprill anno domini A m ccocc lviij^*> doth charge y«™ 
tselfes to paye to the chyrche wardens Jhon howell and crystofer 
fletcher for y* acoynte« of y'* yere past Summa of twentye syxe shyllyng«0 
fowre pense xxvj" iiij** 

Item more behynd due and vnpayde of a certen oblygacon viij^ to be 
payde by thand«» of Chrystofer Russell to the Chyrchewardeus aforesaid 

It«m more that ther remayneth in thandes of Alexander Smyth 
bocher in Redye monye iiij^ wiche is to be payde by thassent of the holl 
paryshe in forme ffollowing that is to saye at the feast of Chrystiuas next 
Comyng xx* and so forth yearlye at iche of the saide ffeaates xx" by ovin 
porcions till the sum of iiij'^ be fiillye Contentyd and i>ayde 

118 a] The Elexcton made vppon Easter mondaye in the yeare of our 
Lorde god m^ d flyfbye and ix^ accordyng to the ould and auucyent 
Custom of the parishe of great seynt Maryes by the Chyruhewardens of 
the same paroshe That is to saye the chyrchewardens hat chosen iche 
of them one that is to saie Master wollfe and Thomas Brydon and thos 
hath chosen Master hasyll M' Rust Master Raye M' danser ^^ Rynsted 
and master bosom and theye haue chosen Master Foxton and m' watson 
for Churchewardens for this year following 

And for masters of the Rood lyght Rychard Robynson Thomas Toolye 
Audytor^s for This accompte Master hasyll Master veyseye Master Rust 
Master Raye M' Doctor walker M' wolfie M' Rynsted M' Dansyr 

[Fol. 118 b blank.] 

119 a] The holl and ffull accompt of John howell and Chrystofer ffletcher 
Chyrchewardens of Seynt Marys parishe next the market for all Sums of 
raony by them Receyuyd and other thynge« And allso for all charg^x by 
them Susteynyd from the fieast of Eastor beynnyng &n7io 1558 vntyll the 
end of thoU yeare folio wyng endyd in anno 1559 viz 


In pn'mts Receyuyd of the ffot of our accompt at the daye of 

ourentrye xij^x'viij'* 

Receyuyd of master dancer for the buryall of mystres pyryng vj" viy* 




I t«in Beceyuyd of m' Russell iiy 

Recojuyd of Andrew Smyth for wax at the buryall of his 
na viier ••■ ••• ••• ••■ ... ,,. 

It^m for the buryall of his father 

Receyuyd for land in Chesterton felld 

Receyuyd of in' watsou for buryall of his wift' . . . 

Receyuyd of Goodwyifte Nycolson 

Receyuyd for viij Cresoms 

Receyuyd of the fletcher for Rent of the uhopp . . . 

Receyuyd of m' fflynt for land Rent 

Receyuyd of master hasy 11 

Receyuyd for the Eastor booke 

Receyuyd for oflferyng and buryalle* as apereth by a byll theixjf 

i i i «m o ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ « A V dj 

Sumnia vera xxviij" xvj" vj** 
Remaynyg in thandcg of m*" dootor walker for his oc ua tor book vii j*-i^ 

vj« viij** 


vj« vii/* 





•or t he Buryall of his wift' . . . —, rr, rr. —. r^-r 

n the hande« of m' wood for his Eastor booke 

19 b] Allowances wherof they desyar to be allowid 

n immiH payde to master danser for v^ pament tyle for the 

^J 14. wJl \? •*• ••• ••• •■• ••• «•■ ••• ••• 

tern i)ayd to long and bames for pavyng of the quere and 
Coveryng Bucers grave 

t&m payd for ij btM^e/^ lyme 

tern payde for Sandes chyld for xvij weeke« 

tern paid for ij Syrples CoUeryng and mendyug of the Resydue 
of the Sirplesis ... ... 

t(;ni paul for viij elles hollond 

tern paid for makyng of the Same Syrples for the pryst 

tern payd for to pry me for colis for wache wyth 

tern patd for wayshyng of the chyrche Clothis 

tern paid to m' Rust for waxe for the highe allter for the 

xiou y tsobr .•• •*• ... «•• ••• ••* ••• 

tem payd for ix pound Candell 

tern for fifrankynsens 

tcm for iij quarter of oyle for the lamjje 

tem for Colys at W3rtsontyd 

tern for a Keye for a Coberd 

tem for oyle and creme 

tem patd to the plt^mber for iij qt^rters leade & iiij" for the 

viriLciiYuyB *•. ••• ■•• .•• .*. ••• .•• 

tem patd for a booke called a grayle for the orgaynys 

tern for iiij weekes to pryme when we war destitute of a 

v^xorivo ••• ..• ••• ••■ •*• ... ••• *•• 

- vj " viijd 

• • •■ 



viij* vjd 

• • •« • • • • » 

"J" uij** 
X" viij'* 


* ■ * 1 


• • • • • J 


•• 'A 




• t • • • 



• ■ • • • ■ • • 

uj« nij'* 

• . . • 



tern paid to pryme for hyryng of hym 
tern for makyng cleen the street ... 
t«m to the almes folkef 







■ t • • 






• • • • J 

■ * * J 

x» iij* 

•••11 •••— •• 'A 

Vllj" XVllj" Vllj*" 

• • • • 

20 a] Itdm paid for Ely farthlDgM for ij yeare< 

t^m paul for our dynnyr at the vysytacion 

tern pertd for naylis 

t«ni for hyryng the Gierke 

ttfin paid to the TresiirerM 

tern pai'd for lyme for the chyrch howse 

tcm for Tyle pynny 

t^n paid to the Tyllor and his man for one dayes woorke 
tern paid to the smyth for nayleys for the Bell wheelis 
teni paul to vrilliam prym for Coolis at Christmas 

t«m paid for Sygynbread 

tern paid for oyle and Creame on good firydaye 

tern paid for byndyng of the booke for the orgayns ... 

tern payde for mawlsey for the hoU yeare 

t«m payde to the pryst for the holl year 

tern paid more for Eastome weeke 

t«m paid for wrightyng of the book 

Summa totalis xiiij** viij' j** 

And so reniayneth to the Chyrche from vs xiiij" viij" v* 
All the saide St«m of xiiij" viij* v^ and all other passelle^ and 
implemeut«« in this book conteynyd and namyd be delyuerd into thand«« 
of Wylliam foxton and Symond watson chyrchewardens by us before 

120 b] parochia b^ate Marie iux^a forum. Electio ihidem (aycta die Lune 
in ebdomada pasche 

Anno 1561 

Elegenmt eodem die in gardianos ecclesie jtredicte pro anno fiituro 

Henricum Clarke Thomam Bryden 

The hoU and full acoompt of m' foxten And m' watson Churche 
wardens of Seynt marys parhis for all Somes of money and other thyngis 
by them receuyd from the ffeast of Easter begyning anno 1559 vntyll 
Easter next ensuyng ' 

In primis Receuyd of M' howell & M' fletcher 

Item Receuyd for offeryngs and buryalls ... 

It^m for Rent of medow at Chesterton 

Receuyd of M' Russell of an oblygation 

Receuyd of M' gaskien for y« buryall of M*^ wood and hys wyfe 

& for hys tythos 

Receuyd of goodwyf nycolson for Rent^ for the chambres over 
the Allmes howsess 

xuij" vuj" 
xxiij^ ix^ 

• • • • a 


xix* iiy** 


C. A, S, Octavo Series. No, XXXV. 




• ••■] •••- 

xxiij' ii** 

• • • 


9 • m • Jt 


Receuyd of thomafi Jaxson for Rentt of hja shopp iij* iiij*^ 

Receuyd of Master flyntt ij» 

Receuyd of M>^ hasell for hys paell iiij«* 

Summa of y« resayte« aforcwrytten co^nmyihe to xix** v" xj** 

more Besayuyd of y« previe tythes And offerynge« for on holl 

J CfV ••• ••• ••• •>• ■•• ■•• ••• ••• 'UJ 2 J^U A 

yn An7io domini anno M ccccc Ix"* 

Summa totalis commythe to xxxj" xix» ix** 

whereof y 

(A half -sheet inserted here and above account re-entered as below.) 

[Fol. 120* a blank.] 

120* b] The hole and full accompt of M** foxton and M' watson Church- 
wardens of Seynt marys parhish for all Somes of money and other 
thyngex bye them Receuyd from the feast of £aster begynning anno 1559 
vntyll iEster next enesuyng 

In primis Receuyd of M' howell & m' fletcher 

Itejn Receuyd for offery nges and buryalls 

It6>m for Rent of medow at Chesterton 

It^in deceived of M' Russell of an oblygatton 

Receuyd of M' Gaskyen for buryall of M' woode & hys wyf and 

for hys tythes 

Receuyd of nycoLsons wyf for Rentt for the Chambres 

Receuyd of Thomas Jaxon for Rentt for hys shopp 

t^m Receuyd of M' flyntt 

tern Receuyd of M' hasell for hys pale 

ttf^n Receuyd for the iEster book 

Summ of y* resaytes Aboue wrytten comythe to 

21 a] These Somes haue ben layed forthe for the church from the 
east of Easter anno 1559 vntyll easter anno 1560 for the wyche they do 
desyre to be allowed 

n primtB the pristes wages for y« hoUe yere 

teni for comunyon bread for the hoUe yere 

tern for makyng the byll & delyuc/yng of hji; at y* visytation 

tern for a Supper for the quest men 

tefn to Jugg the glasyer for mendyng of the wyndoqfs 

tern to thomas Swyngge« for takyn downe the Altered 

tern payed to wylliam prymo for caryeng of forms for the 

visetoors and a table ••• ... ... ... ... 

iem to Jhon bell & wilU'am chapman for takyng downe of 

y^ vaoemacie ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

t<?m payd for Ely farthynge« 

tem to the treaserarcx 

iem payd to father Kyng and iij other that dyd help to hang 

VU V mJ^KM. «•• ••• «•• «•• «*■ ••« ••• #•• 

XIX* lUJ** 



X** viij* 
xxix" xiij" xj** 

vj" xiij* 

xxij** ob 



ij" vnj<> 

• • • mM 





lism^ for l e d that wa a laokypg by waot 


tern to Jhon bell for makyng the bell whelle 

t«m for naylles occupied thor 

t^m for mendyng of the yeron worke 

tewi for candells 

tern payed to yrUliaia DowBie and hys brother 

tem for naylls that tyme 

tem to the plumer for sowder and workmanshyp fSor the body 

ofthechurche ... 
iem for castyng of ij webbee of lede next the Bteple and for lede 

that was wast ... ... ... ... ••• ... ... 

t ^m for o astyng- of lode for th e Roofe of the cbansell . . . rrr 

tem for oooles to the plumer 

12" 4» 3d 








> • • • 




21b] Ittfin for naylles for the plummer 

tem for washyng of the churche clothes 

ttfiH for wyne for that yere 

tem for mendyng a locke and a keye for y" steple doore 

t«fn for a padlock for the poore mans Cheast 

tetn to M' wallis for y« comunyon table 

t«m for ij Comunyon bookes 

t«fn for viij Psalters 

t^n a byble bossid 

t^m a Paraprhasis ... 

tem the homelyes ... ... 

t«m the Register booke 

vCtn lor papcTT ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

tem to pryme the clearke for a quartered wages dew from 

easter to mydsomer 

tem we haue Reoeuyd of this 

tem payde to piyme that dyd Remayne dew vnto hym of ij 

qtiarteres in M' Howelle« & M' fietcher^f tyme 

It^m to father skynnor for hys paynes 

Summa totalis of y^ hoole commythe to xviij^ ij* \x^ 

y« resayt^ for y** yere oommithe to y* soome of xxix** xiij" xj* 
so rcmaynythe yn y hande« of y« ch3nfche wardens y* soome of 
for y*« yere 








• • • _ « • • •J^ 





• •• ' 'A 

X1J« VIJ* 


xj>* xj> ij«» 

122 a] The hoUe & fiille accownte of vnTliam foxtune & Symvnt watson 
cherche wardns of saynt marys paryche next the markett stede in 
cambryge for all soche somes off money by them deceived & all other 
thinge« by them hade or takyn ffrom the ffeast of Ester begynyng in 
anno domtm 1660 vnto Ester next insuyng 

i tem Ue ee itf e d o f th e eat er bowke . . ; --rr, —, — m — ■ — x^M»j* 


160 1562 

Itou of y* sam man a sartten whytt ston & free stone y^ wer 

iny«churche 7*viij« 

It ^m of hym allaoo for stoodo o 

Itgm receavid of M' burwell for vij li of waxse xx« & iiij* 

It«m of y sam man for a sartten bords creastes & other trashe l^M^ 

sowld to hym by y« oonsente of y« paryshoners x* iiij* 

It^n reoeavid of M' foxston at owr entryng of y* y* was y« 

chiirche money xJM4i|» 

Item receavid by y* easter bocke x** xvj" 

Item reoeavid for burryalls weadyngs chrystnyngs & churche 

goyngs as aperyth by y« churche boocke or regester kept for f>*^ 

y vcH) «•« •»» ,,, ««f «•• ••• ••• ••• vj "^*J 

Item receavid at mydssomer tyme at y* comenesement of thosse 

y* reoeavid y« comunyon W^ xviij«* 

Item of y* comenssers on ashe weadensdaye payd by M' baxster 14" 

Item receavyd of Robertt ossgothorpe for 6 half eynche bords 

••V ^ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ *^ 

Summa xxij" xvij" iiij** 

125 a] The Allowecashones whereof theye aske to be alowid • 
In pn'mis payd to y pr}'8te from easter to saynte Androwes 

daye after 4^ y« wicke 34 wickes 6" 16" 

Item to y« same priste from sante Androwes daye vntyll easter 

fibllowyng 1562 18 wickes sonndaye irf4>ef- lowo oonnday o 

every wicke 3« 4^ 3" 

Item for comunyon bread all y« yerre 12** 

Item candell in y« wyntter nyghtes in y« churche 12^ 

Item to Jugge for wyne at easter & all y* yerre as apperythe 

oy a tale ... ... ... ... ... ... .». 8* 8 

Item for eley farthyngs payd at y« vyssytashon 10* ob 

Item spente at willingham when we were wamyd y^ to y« 

vyssytashon for oiur dyuners 2« 2<' 

Item y* nyghte for owr suppers here in town 3» 4** 

Item payd for 4 horsses to willyngham for vs & y^ queaste men 

to Ryd on alter 8«* 2« 8* 

Item for on horsse for ye pryste to ryde on i:Mayd to Mr chaso 12* 

Item for y« tabell to sett over y* allter & y callendere to y« sam 20* 

Item for a boocke y^ wos sent to ws for y* pullyng down of y* 

^wW-KJI M,\JL U3 ••• ••• ••• ••■ •.• ••• ••• I 

Item for a bell Rope 2*4* 

Item for a l3me to y« sawnse bell 8* 

Item for y« Artyckells y* wer delyueryd us to enquyer of at y« 

vyssytashon ... ... ... ... ... ... ... l*ob 

Item to y* baskett macker for lattes to lattys y* greatt wyndowe 

at y* weast eand of y* churche 7' 



tern for lyne and nayles to j* same 

tern to his man for settyng vpe y* same lattys & on other to 

helpe hym 

tern for wymen to macke clean y* chm^he 

tern for fraynckynsenes to perfume y® churche 

tem to y* glaysher for meandyiig y* wyndowes 

25 b] Item a locke & key to y« bellfry dore 

tem a honndred of bords to meand y*' seates ytitk all 

tem for tymber to macke gyste to laye y® same bords on 

tem nayles for y* meandyng of y« seatts 

tem to carpyndors to mend y* seatts & to tacke down y* pisse 

y' y« Rood stood on 

tem to y* treassorers of y« town for y^ rente of y* AllmoAse 

llUWcKlUB •«• ■■• ••• »■• ••• ••• ■•■ *>• 

tem to chapman y* Joyner for removyng of 2 seatts & nayles 

MJ y^ ooMttO ••• ••• ■•■ ••• •*• •«• ••« 

tem for 4 carpyndores to tacke down y* Rood lofte 

tem for nayles to nay le on ^'^ bords to y* vowlte 

tem for y* clothes for y" too challeysses & y" mekynge of tbeui 
tem for washy ng of y« churche clothes all y* yerre 

Simima of alowancis xiij*^ xv*^ 








2* Id 

» 4* ob 





so y^ remaynythe to ye chyrche of y^ Acoynt for y*" yere ... ix" xvj" j** 

126 a] The Accownte of henry clarke & thomas bridoon churche wardenes 
in the yerre of owr lorde god 1562 and so eandid at easter lasite paste 
whicA is in y^ yerre of owr loitl god 1563 

In pn'mis for a sartteyn lond latt in the hands of oleaver flynt vj' 

Item of M' hassell for y® rente of a pale stondynge on ye 

churche grownd 4** 

Item Jhon goodwyne for y« rente of y« chambers over y« 

allmosse howsses 8<* 

Item of thomas Jacksson fleatcher for y* rente of a shoiie at y^ 

weaste eand of y« churche 3" 4** 

Item of goodman parrysse of cheasterton for a sartten meadowe 

belongynge to y" paryshe leynge in y^* meadowe & payethe 

yerrely ... 

Item reoeavid by the easter boocke 

Item of M' readman for 14 pillers after 2*^ 

Item of M' burwell for 14 pylleres & 5 stoodes 

Item of M' foxston for 9 stoodes & a greatte pisse of tymber 

wttA all y* reaste of tymber 

Item of thomas brydoon for 6 thyne hordes & on stood 

Item of willuim tomsson for 3 stoodes and one bord 

10" xvj» \i}d 
4" 2d 


152 1563 

Item of willwim p r ymc for 8 pyllor e a and 4 thyno bordoo tt-. s^ 

Item receavid from y' comenssers of ashe weadensdaye for 

y« vsaynge of owr paryshe churche & (layd to y« churche- 

wardenes yerrely by on of y* beadells or y* prockter ... 26" 4** 

Item M' howell for y« berreyall of daye wysbyshe in owr 

(■'Xiun./Uo ••• ... ... •»« ••• ••■ ••• ••• o 

Item of M" castell for y« grownd breackyuge vpe allso in ye 

churche to berrey here biisbond 6" 8<* 

Item of eadward ball for y^ berryall of ane ball hys wyffe in y^ 

CUUIX/DtS ... ... *•« ... ... ... ••• ••• >J * ^^J 

126 b] Item receavid of My sawnder bucher in parte of 
paymente of a more sume which he stondythe bownd in 

an obleygashon to y® paryshe 20* 

Item for an owld cheaste y* stood alofte on y* beallfirey ... 2" 8«* 

Item for hordes y* wer leaste on 3r« rood lofte 13*4** 

Item for a ston trowghe 2" 6^ 

Summa of y® resayts for y** yere comythe to xvij" vj" j** 

127 a] The allowckashenes where of the sayd henry & thomas askythe to 
be alowyd ffor 

lUm for a pryste sarvinge her from y* 29** of marche beyng 

easter daye 1562 vntyll y« ij of April! then beynge easter 

daye allsoe 1563 vrhich is 65 wickes after 3" 4** everye 

wicke wAtcA comes to 9** 3* 4'i 

Item for a pryste to healpe on easter daye to searve in y« 

comuynon tyme & at other tymes 16^ 

Item for commiyon bread on easter daye & other dayes all y« 

yerre bessydes 12** 

Item for wyne at Jugges as appeai7th by a tale for easter and 

all y« yerre longe 10" 8** 

Item for candell to y« quyer in y« wynter tyme 12** 

Item payd to y* treassorres of y* town for y* grownd y^ y* 

allmosse howsses stond on 12** 

Item payd at Qurtton at y* archedeackons yyssytacyon for 

elye farthyngs 10* ob 

Item for our dynners y^ same daye 3" 

Item for a great beall rope 2* 4** 

Item for meandynge of beare y^ longes to y*' churche 3^ 

Item for meandyng of y« locke & mackynge of a newe key to y*' 

churche dore ••. ... ... ... ... ... ... 2* 

I tem 2 ohalloa clothes & mackyng e of th e m tt, ~. ~. 2d*- 

Item for wasshyng of y* churche clothes all y^ yerre 6** 

Item for paper here in this boocke & to mack bothe y« easter 

boocks (Rest 14. 13) 6^ 

Summa of y« Allowancis comythe x** vij" ix** ob 

1564 153 

127 b] Tbe ^loooion mad o vppon Eaatom mond ft y e in y^ y e aro of our U>rd e 
God 1664 aoofdingo to tbo old Auuoi e iito ou a tom of y< pdrywbo of gro ftte 
S^ marJH by y< Cyrohw a dem of yf aa y e d pqr}^ a h a TluU > a to a we y^ 
ChufohowardoDa bath e oho aa n ooho of th ^ m ona Th a t i m t o aa ye John 
faowoll Qoof g o Juggo 

Auditoro fop y^ yonFO M"* baoyll M' muooyo M** ffoxoii M' dawn a or 

M' Bo t sum M' Sftundom 

hlemorandutn dewe to y« chyrche bye harrye clarke And thomas 
breden for y*' ij yeroH paste of y" eude of Acoynte to 
y« ch3rrche And to be delyuerdde to harry walker And 
Alexander Raye electyd for y« chyrchewardens y« yere 
to come y« soome of xvj" xij* vij* 

mpr e yw y«4» y^ h a nd s of Jorg e Jugg e of mon e y l e f lc of y* 

roode l ygbt (R e ceiv e d y* a eoond of a prill 1570) -,.^ - -,. xiiij" ij^ 

more Jn y« hands of rycherd robynson for dyrgis And y* roode 

^J O*-''' ••• •*• ••• •«• ••• ••• •*• •«• « A V 

of y* dette of Alisander smythe as Dothe Apere by A obligation 

UUpKYU ••• ••• ■•• ••• •■• ••• •■■ ••« jLl 

of baylie niasell as do a))ere bye a obligation xl' 

more Jn y* hands of baylie foxton & Symont Watson to resayiie 

of trynyte collydge for reparyng y^ chawnsell iij" vij" ix<* 

128 a] of burwell And peter harrison Masters of owr laydie 

gylde kept Jn grete sent maris And dewe to y« parriso ... xxvj* viij^ 
more layd \'p Jn a coofer Jn y« chyrche xiij candelstycks 

of latteu a Jnyitorie of y* g<K)d8 y* remayne Jn y' chyrche 

And Jn y^ ciistodie of John howoU And Jorge Jiigge 

chyrche wardens as hereafter foUowythe 
Item to M' Raye on of the Cliurche wardens jiayod by thomas 

biydon & harry Clarke for the fote of there accownte xvj" xij* vij^ 

by me thomas brydon 

128 b] The Acoynte of harry Walker And Alexander Raye chyrche 
wardens of y« parrise of grete sent marie Jn An?io B£gni Re^ne elisabethe 
sexto At ester for on hole yere 

Item resayuyd of h. clarke & breden xvj" xij* 0* 

Jn primis for londe y^ was Jn y« hands of Oliver fflynt can- 

taifUng vij akers vj" 

Of M' hasell for A pale sttmdyng iif y« chyrche growiule ••• iiij** 

Of Jhon goodwyn for y« rent of y« chambers ouer y* Almes 

UvlWZK? ..a ... •.• •.. ••• *•• ••• a*. Vlli 

of thomas Jacson for y* rent of hys shoppe at y* Weste cnde 

of y* chyrche iij' iiij** 

of gudman parris of chesterton for rent of s^rten medewe lyyng 

at Chesterton contotmn^ ij akers xiiij^ 

of y * bachelers of Aschewednisday e for ther offery ngs xx* 

154 1564 

of y*' ester booke for cyfferyugs x>* iiij* vj** 

of M" wulfe for y* brekyng of y« chappell growiidc where hyr 

husbande dothe lye vj» viij<* 

lor eiio lurvByugu ••• ••• ••• * ••• ••• ••• •■• z od 

of thoiuas bryden for hys wy fe berriall vj' 8* 

Summa of y« resayte xij" xvij* }•* 

to y^ treeereres for y® rent of y* almes bowse for a yere ... xij^ 

Summa xij^ 

Summa of y« resayts commythe to xxix" xviij* ^j** 

29" 9» 3* 

129 a] The alowances whereof y« sayde harry walker and Alexander 
Raye do axe alowance for y* sayde yere 

to Arter glasier for mendyng of y* chyrche wyndowes xiiij* 

to y« plomer for mendyng of y^ leeds and for soder to mende 

y ^Vtvrit ••• ••• ... ... ••• •«• ••• V ^''J 

for xxiiij pownde of leede besyds iij* 

for ij biischell of charke cooles xij*' 

to pryme to helpe hym viij*^ 

for iiij buschells of lyme to laye M' smythe grave stoone and 

other placis Jn y* chappell xx<* 

for carryyng of ye stoone from y® peese hylle and for serten to 

helpe to layde y^ xij** 

to longe for laying of the stoone Jn the chappell and other 

placis ajendyng vj» viij** 

At y* visitation owr dynners And horaemete y** and for y« 

hyer of a horse for dawnaer ... vj» 8** 

lor a Deii roope ••• ••• ... «•• •«• ... >•• iij 

for a bawdericke to hange y" bell ij* 

for a yarne pynne ij** 

for brede for y* commvnion tabell for on hole yere xvj<* 

for wyne to Jugge for on hole yere x* vj** 

forcaudells • iij* ij*^ 

for viij yerds of canvesse for y« roode to paynte iiij* iiij** 

for y« iJayntyng of xxiij yerds xx* 

to nasche y« paynter for whityng of y« chyrche and for chalke viij* 

for lyme to stoppe y« holes xij** 

to bctts y^ synggeman for mendyng y* orgaynes And niakyng 

newe pypes ••• «•. .»• «•• ••• ••• «•• xij 

129 b] Anno "Reg^ii Bsgine elisabethe sexto 

for lyme to amende y" chyrche walles viij htuhdls iij' iiij^ 

forsandetoyt iiij** 

for ij dayes wurke and a halfe of a mason and hys laborer at 

xvj** a daye iij* iiij** 

• •• 




• *• 


1565 155 

to Jemis wyllyngton gyuyn for goyng abowte y^ streets for 

zz weeks endyd y* last of marche xx*^ 

for a homilie booke payd to M' cvrett 
for a praer booke for y« tyme of plage 
for y* devQB of matrimonye Jn paper 
to a prest y^ dyd helpe at ester to serve 

to prime for waschyng of y* lynyn for y* chyrche for on hole 

* '• 

jTwEV ■•• ••• ••• ••• ••• «•• •«• ••• IJ 

to Jug g o for wyno for y^ hole yoro for xxj q ft oHea r^, rr; j* yj[^ 

to prime for makyng clene of y* strets and the ch3rrche yarde 

bye y* quarter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

payd to y* preste for a hole yeres wagis endyd of ester daye . . . xj** iij* vj^ 

for elye fiurtbyngs x<^ ob 

for paper to make a booke wttA ij*' 

payd to y* tressorers for y* rent of y^ Almes howse xij^ 

Memorandum payd to baylie howell and Jorge Jugge chyrche 
wardens for y* behoofe of y* chyrche y* summe of twelve 

pownds of mooney xij" xxij<> 

by me John howell 
wytnes thomas breden 

190 a] Tha oloction niado apon ostor monday in the yoaro of our Lo r do 
1565 aooording to tho oldo Auncicnt cimtoniG of the parochc of groat 
S * mario B That i s to aayo M*" howell & goojg Jugg ohuroh wardona hath 
c ho s en cythor of thorn one that is to a ayo M * " flotohor and M** Dawnoor 
& tho se Two hath oho t jon to them theise ffoUowiug M^ Moonoey maio r 
M'-haselt-^t* fibstoii-M' bttrwell M' peade & John ti o ol e y 

And thei have ohooon for tho Church wardciia Mr howell & goorg Jugg 
And- Audetof s to take tho aooompto of M^ Howell & Goorg Jugg 
M*^ Mottsey ^Maior- M^ h aasetl M'^ fl e tch er -M*^ burwell M* -foxton 
M' dawe^ M'' pcado & John pc>6ley 

yerte 1 foIiu9»t 

130 b] The Ellection made of Eastome mundaye Anno Regni YLegine 
Elyzabeth sexto according to the old awnchyente customo of the paryshe 
of great Sainte Maryes by the churchwardines of the sayd [laryshe That 
is to saye Harye Clarke, and Thomas Brydane Churchewardines the same 
yeare haue chosine yche of them one That is to saye to be Churchwardines. 

John Howell George Jugge Churchwardines 

The audytoryes chosen for the acoounte of Henry Walker Alexander 
Raye Churche wardynes the laste yeare 

Master Hasill Master Monnseye Master Foxon Master Daunser Master 
Saunderes Master Bosam 

The election made the mondayo in Ester weke Anno 1565 aocording 
to the auntient custome of great S^ maris parrishe by the Chirche wardens 



of the saide parrishe that is to saye John Howell & Oeorg Jugg Ohiirch- 
wanlena hath chosen ether of them one that is M'' fletcher & M' Dawncer 
And those two have chosen to them theise following M' Moousey maior, 
M' hassell, M' BurweU, M' fibxton, M' peade John pooley 

And thei have Chosen for Churchwardens John Howell & George Jugg 
for this yeare to com. 

The Auditors Chosen for thaocompt of John Howell & Georg Jugg 
Church wardens for the Last yeare 

M' Moo9tsey maior M' hassell M' fletcher M^" Burwell M' ffoxton 
M' Dawncer M' peade John pooley 

131 a] The election made the monday in ester weake anno 1566 acording 
to the aimcient Custome of gr^at Saint maries parisshe by the churche 
wardens of the saide parishe that is to saye John howell being churche 
warden hath chosen M' moonsey & george Jugg being likewise church 
warden hath chosen m' dawTioer & those two have chosen to them 
m' fletcher maior m' Hassell william foxton william burwell Thomas 
briden & Thomas Tooley and theise eyght have chosen for churchwardenes 
for the Yeare to come 

John howell & John Pooley 

The Auditoures chosen for the accompte of John howell & george Jugg 
chiu*chwardens fibr the Last yeare 

m' fletcher maior m' hassell m' moonsey m' foxton m' burwell Thomas 
briden m' Dawncer Thomas Toolie 

131 b] The acoompte of Jhon Howell, & George Jugge Churchewardens 
of y® Parryshe of Create Saincte Marys Anno Re^nt Regin» Elyzabethas 
septimo, & octavo at Easter for two whole years 

In prmiis reoeyved of M' Raye 

Item y« fyrste yeare for y* East^ booke 
Item y*' seoonde yeare for y« East«r booke 
Item for Chrysommes y* firste yeare 
Item for y* same y* seconde yeare •.. 

Item for lande of Goodman Parris bothe years . 
Item of m' Raye for y^ Parrishe lande ij yeare . 

Item of m' Russell 

Item of T. Longworthe for his ofieringe ... 
Item of T. Jackson for his shoppe bothe years . 

Item for m' Walkers grave 

Item of M' Stoks for y« masters of arte ... 
Item for y« Batchelers for y* firste yeare 
Item for Batchilers y* seconde yeare 

Item for m'** Haynes her grave 

It^m for mystris Bosommes grave 

Item of Goodman Goodwiue for his chamber ij yeare 

xij" xxiij** 

xM xj« vj** 

I** xvij' \^ 

nj" viij* 

• • . • . » 
ij» vnj«> 





VJ" VUJ*» 

'm • • 'A 

vj» vnj*> 
. «. • 

XXV" viij* 

xxvij* nij* 

'm * • 'A 

VJ" VM)^ 

'm '"A 

yf vnj<" 



* * * a * * * * JM 

MJ' 111)'' 

Item for M' Hasells pale bothe years viij** 

Summa xl" i* ij<* 

[Fol. 132 a blank.] 

132 b] The allowances wAich y^ sayde Jhon Howell & George Jugge do 
desyre ffor y« sayde ij years 

npruDftB for a loode of pavinne stone 

tern for ij bell roop^w 

tern for meudinge y" bells to a carpenter 

t«m for a baulde rybbe 

t^m for a littell board 

iem. for tymber to make a boxe for y* bell 

t«n to Jugge y* Glasyer for mendynge y« wyndows 

t«m for a dossyn of broms 

tern to y* Pltunber for a C and xvj" of leade 

tern for iiij" & an halfe & a quarter of soder 

iem for a busshell of Cools 

tern for iij busshell of lyme 

teni for seynge y^ strets mayde cleane to Willington 

t«m for a labourer to worke iij days in y* Churche 

tern to a labourer for castinge sande aboute y^ streate 

t«m to Oliver for iij loods of sande 

tern for a workman ij days in y" Churche 

tern to Pilkinton for whitinge y* Church porche 

tern for dressinge a Coope ... 

tern for iij lodde of gravell & carry inge a loode of durte 

t«m for a loode of sande 

tem for an hundred of nayls 

t«m for a booke of my Lorde of EUyes 

tern for quarters for y« seats 

tem for franckinsence 

tern for iij C & a quarter of borde to bottome y* seats 

tem y* carryage of y<> same 

tem for niakiuge y^ seats 

tem for a tubbe to carrye water 

tem for a Tyler & his nuw for whytiuge y" Churche 

tem for a oomme of lyme 

tem to a carpenter for mendynge y*^ roode lofte 

t«Tu to Raye for a Dogge of yron for y® same 

tem to y« smythe for nayles 

tem for boards ... ... 

tem for nayles 

tem for iiayles for y« leads 

To William *dowsyc (Item for hanginge vpp y® bells, and makinge 
4ii 5« x«t \ a whele to y« same & makinge to settells 



• • • • ■ 


xij" vj«* 


■ • • • a 



IJ' IllJ** 









. • « • 


11IJ» lUJ* 




• • • • • 



VJH ijd 



tem to beaiuonde for yron worke 

tenu to WiIliH7H Prime workinge with dowisye ij days 

33 a] Item for vj plancks 

tem for carryinge awaye durte aboute y* Churchyarde 

tem for iij boardes 

tem to y« Glasyer for mendinge y« windows 
tem whippecorde for y« clappe;* of y« bell 

tem a paper booke 

tem for a penne for y^ clapper 

tem for makinge cleane aud carryinge awaye durte aboute the 

Churchyarde to Autonye 

tem to on for helpinge y« Preiste at Easter 

tem for Syngingo breade 

tem to m' Linforde from Easter vntyll y* xvij*** of maye beynge 

» 1 wr cites ••• ••• •■• ■■• ••• 

tem from y« xvij** of maye vnto y« xv*** of June 

tem for viij" of candell 

tem for wasshingo y* Churche cloths all y« yeare 

tem reparations for y* almes housen 

tem to M*" Lyuforde for his Wages y« firste of Julye 

tem to y« Queus Almners sei*vaunte for not ringinge at y* 

Quens commiuge 

tem for vj busshells lyme to mende y^ Churche 

tem to Antonye for xx loods of sahde to laye yu and aboute y* 

Churche yarde when y® Quene was her 
tem to J* Glasyer for takinge downe, mendynge, and settynge 

ypp the Qlasse at y« same tyme 

tem to William Pryme for dressynge y* Churche 

tem at y« Visitation for Elye farthings 

tem oure dynners at Cotnham 

tem oure Supper when we came home 

tem to m' Linforde y* preiste 

tem to hym ... 

tem to hyme ... ... ... 

tem payde to William Prime for tendinge y* Batchelers 

tem for winnc all y^ yeare 

tem to M' Lynforde owr Preiste 

Here endeth y* accompte of y* fyrste yeare Summe 




• • ■ 9^ * * ' Jk 

Ulj* Vllj* 






Mj» nij* 

xxvj" viij* 

X11J» UIJ* 

• . . 





vij' nij** 


xliij' iiij* 

■■•■ » • ■ ■ J 

xhij" uij* 


xxxij** xiv' viij** ob 

The seconde year beginnethe 

In prtmis to m' Lynforde owr Preiste 

Item to hym 

16 li ij" j* ob 





33 b] It(mi to m' Lynforde our Preiste 

i«in to hym 

tern at y* visitation at ifoulbome for Eiye farthings 

tern oure dynner there 

tern oure Supper at our Comynge home 

t«n to William Pryme for tendinge y« batchilers 

t«ni for havinge m' Riissell before y* Vicechanoeler 

t^m to m" Lynforde 

t^m to S' Browne our Preiste 

t^m for winne all y« yeare 

t^m for Communion breade 

tern for brycke and mendinge y« Churche wauls 

tern for the Preistes deske 

tgm for uayles, lathes, & tyllpyncs 

t^m Communyon breade 


tern for nayles 

t«m for lynns to tye y« Ladders 

t^m Lynne to tye the stadge 


tern laths, & iiales 

ttfm lathes & tyll pyus 

tern a loodo of lyme 

t^m iij busshells of lyme 

ton a loode of sande 

Um for workinge in y« almisse housen, y« Church, & y« stepell 

tem slayte for y* Allmesse howsen 

tern for mendinge y« Churche porche, & y« quyer 

ttfm ij busshills of lyme 

tcm to y« Carter for fetchinge doctor Walkers stone 

t^m Con^munyon breade 

tern for vj" of Candell 

t«m for waashinge y« Churche Cloths 

tcm for an olde Cheste 

fema vj ruffe Tyles 

t«m to y« Treasurers 

t«u franckinsens & nayles 

t«m Communion breade 

tern a baull roope for y« seconde bell 

t«m for whipecopde 

t«m a baule Tooi)e for y« greate bell 

tem for pa^inge xxviij yards of lenghte at y« Church ende ... 

34 a] Item iij loode of pavinge stone 

tem iij loode of sande 


X* ob 






• • m m • M 

xij« nj« 

• • • 




• • ■ • m 



vj* viij* 







' 'm • • 'A 

IJ* rnr 




X* iij** 








• • • ■ ■ 


* " * 1 





tern to m' Polleye for iiij synginge books xftj" iiij^ 

t«m for Communion breade j 

tern to y* Treasurers xij^ 

tern Co9nmunion breade 

tern for making y« whele of y« littell bell 

bC/ ui lor navies ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• •«• 

t^m for pavinge over againste y* pumpe xij^ 

t«m pavinge stones 

tern for makinge y* Church yarde cleane 

t«m for besomes 

uvUi lor navies •■■ ••■ «■. ••* ••• ••• ••• 

t<?m for makinge ij stooles 

tern Commuuyon breade 

t«m for a bell roppe to yonge willingtoit 

t(?m ij buBshills of lyme 

tem for stons, & pavinge by y« Churche wall xij** 

Summa totalis for ij yeres Acoyut for bay lie howell gorge Jugge 
oommythe to thyrtie two powuds sixe shyllyugs vj** xxxij" vj» vj* 

So remaynythe of y** Aooynt Jn y" hands for y yeres eyght pownds 
thre shyllyngs viij** viij" iij" viij** 

more y* Jugge haue Jn hys hands y^ was left of y* preste wagis iij» iiij** 

134 b] The election made ou ester Moudaye beinge the 31 Marche 1567 in 
Anno B^ni Begine elizabeth nono according to y*^ auntient custome of 
the p^trishe of gnmzt Sainte Maries that is to saye John howell & John 
pooley churche wardens have chosen ether of them one John howell hath 
chosen m' fibxton & John pooley did chewse M>^ Burwell and those Two 
have chosen vnto them theise foUowinge, M' Raye maior M' Hazell 
M' ffletcher M' Dawncer M' Hollande & Thomas Briden And thei have 
chosen for churche wardens for this yeare to come M' Bawle & John 

Auditours for the accompt of the chiux^hwardens are theise men above 

'Memorandum y^ M^ BawU did refiise the office of a churchwarden 
In whose place was chosen John Howell 

135 a] The accompt of John howell & John pooley in anno 1567 Anno 
B^ni Kegtne Elizabeth nono 

In (Wmis Receaved for ix Chrysomes 

Bjeceived of m' Wolfe for y® buryall of his Mother 

Rcceit^ of hym also to y" vse of y« Churche by y« will of his 

A^A\/wUCX •«• ••• ••• ••• ••• ««• ••■ ••• 

Bjeceived of m*** Buttler for hir husbands burvall 

Bicceived of m*" Loue for y* buryall of his brother 

Received of m' Baxter for y" Batchilers 

" 'm 

vj" viij** 


vj" viij«* 
vj« viij«» 





• . • • • • • I 

• • • • a 


• • • • a 
■ • • avj v^ • • • • J 

Illlj" XVJ* Ulj** 

in y* year 

xxviij* vj** 






Beceived of Thomas Jacksonne for his shoppe . . . 

"Received of m' Hassell for his paalls 

U&ceived of y^ Goodman Gkxxlwin for his chamber 
Rjeceived of Goodman Parrishe of Chesterton 

Bece»90G? of M' Maior 

Resseived ffor the ester Booke last paste the Som of 

Som total of the Resights above writton 
More for the ffoott of the last accompt the yere past in Anno 

1506 the Som of viij" vij' 

Som of all the Ressights is xxiij" iij* iij'* 

[Fol. 185 b blank.] 

136 a] Expenses layde oute for y« Chnrche of greate S* maryes 
of y Lorde 1567 by John howell & John pooley church wardens 

InprimiiB for Ivij" of Soder after vj<* a pownde 

Item for thre schore & on pounde of leade 

Item payde for y« Plumer for three days vages 

Item payde to his man for worldnge wtth hym 

Item for iiij busshells of cooles 

Item for Woode ... ... ... ... ... 

Item for Rossell ... ... ... 

Item for Nayles 

Item for Nayles 

Item payde to y« Glasyer for mendynge y° Windows 

Item for a bell roppe 

Item payde to Goodman Chapman y^ Joyner for makinge 

Cv 1X3(3 WW •.• ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Item for mendynge y« Comwunyon Table 

Item iij quyers of fynne paper for y« Churche booke 

Item Woode & Cooles 

Item for x^ of leade 

Item payde to Wylliam Pryme for makinge cleane y« leads & 

Churche yarde 

Item payde to Bowlande Carpenter for mendinge y* bell whele 

Item for x>* of leade 

Item for Commmiyon breade 

Item for nayles 

Item for nayles ... 

Item for whippecorde for y • Clapp^ of y* Bell 

Item for ij books, y^ came from my Lorde of Chant^rburye ... 

Item for Communyon breade 

Item for Elye farthyngs ... 

Item for our dynner 

Item for Communyon breade 

Item payde to y« Glasyer ... 

C. A, S. Octavo Series. So. XXXV. 



• * * J 










* *M * * * ji 




tem payde to y* Qlasyer for oyle & ciillers 

tern for stoppinge a place which was broken in y*' Chuixihe ... 
tem giuen to Wylltam Pryme for wasaynge oute Images in y* 
w inciowes ••• ... .*• ••• 

tem for nayles 

tem for Communyon breade 
tem for Communyon breade 

tem for Communyon breade 

tem for carryinge oute dunge aboute y« Cburcbe 

tem for Communyon breade 

tem for Commimyon breade 

tem for CoTiimunyon breade 

tem payde to y* Treasurers 

tem for Communyon breade 

tem for Communyon breade at East«r . . . 
tem for nayles 

4. 2. 9^ 

36 b] Item for a payre of hyngiles 

tem for mendynge the Challis to J. Gouldsmythe 

tem to Wyllyam Pryme for y ® Batchilers 

tem to hjm for makinge cleane y^ leads &c 

tem to S' Wyseman for helpinge o?*r Preiste at £aster 

tem to ffather Reynolde & his fellowe for swepinge y* streate 

tem for Washinge y® Churche clothes 

tem for nayles 

tem for a payer of hyngiles 

tem for mendjTige y« seets 

t«m for viij" of candells 

t«m to y* Preiste for 1 Weeks viij" vj» 

tem for Communyon breade 

tem payde Gkxxlman dowsye for mendyng y^ seets 

tem for wynne for a whole yeare 

tem for wrightinge of this aocompte 

tem for a bell Rope 

Som total is xiij** xij« vij"* ob 

so remaynythe dewe of y« last yeres Acoynt And remayne In y« 
hands of y« newe chyrchewardens nyne pownds tenne 




■ * ■ ■ J 




















shillyngs viij 


ix" J* viij** 

137 a] The election made on Ester mondaye being the 20 of April! 1568 
according to the auntient Custome of the paroche of greate S^ maries, 
that is to Saye John howell & John pooley Churchwardens have chosen 
either of them one, John howell did chewse m' Christover fletcher & John 
pooley didd chewse m' Burwell & thei have chosen to them m' hasell, 
m' ffoxton m' Bayc m' doctor Warde, m*" Dawncer, & Thomas Briden and 

1568 163 

those eight have chosen for churchwardeDs for the yeare to come Philipp 
Scarlett aud Richarde fiylowe 

Auditoures to heare the acoompte of the churche Wardens are the 
whole election above written 

137 b] Anno 1568 18 maij 

Anno Reffni Begine Elizabeth decimo 

Memorandum that it is agreed vppon by the consent of the whole 
panshoners of great S^ Maries that whosoeuer is chosen to be church- 
warden shall not Refuse the saide office of a churchwarden appon paine 
of Tenne Shillings forfeiture to be emploied to the proffits & vse of the 
saide poroche of all suche as shall offende herin 

Also it is agreed apon by the consent of the saide parishoners that all 
churchwardens from time to time shall bringe in & make theire p^fecte 
& full aocompts of all suche things as by vertue of theire saide office thei 
have in chai^ And that this accompt be made by the saide Church- 
wardens apon the Sonday next after Ester (commonlie cawled lowe 
Sondaye) apon paine of ij* vj^ forfeiture to the saide paroche to be 
emploied as abovesaide 

It is also providen by a full consent of the parishe that all suche 
as shalbe appointed auditours to heare & Resseive the accompt of the 
churchwardens at the daye appointed, that neither thei nor anie of them 
shalbe absente from the saide accompt apon paine to forfeite to the saide 
paroche eu^ry one so ofiending Two shillings to be emploied in maner 
as aforsaii 

Theise Articles & orders above named are agreed apon by the whole 
parishoners with the consent of m' doctor Ithell Ordinari to my lorde 
Busshopp of Eley the yeare & daye abovewritten. In witnes herof the 
Churchwardens for time beinge have setto theire handes. By John howoll. 
John pooley 

ffor as mutche as I am Credibley Informed by the Churchewardens 
above named That all & synguler the parrissheners of y^ parrisshe above 
said have oondescoouded & agreed of & to the said Artycles before written 
conteyned in this scheduU of papyr I am content to put myne assent 
to the same In witnesse wherof I have subscribed my name par me 
Thomam Ithell 0[rdinaiy] 

138 a] The accownt of John howell & John pooley Chiirchwardens in the 
yeare of (yur lorde god 1667 wAich endid at Ester in anno 1568 anno Regnt 
Begine Elizabeth decimo 


In primis Resseived of m' Baxster for the Bachelers ... xxxviij* iiij^ 

Ittfm for Crisoms iiij*iiij<^ 

It^m of m' Raye for Londe vj« 

ItAn of m' hazel] for his pale iiij<> 


164 1568 

I t«m of William dowoey for his Chimney xij* 

It«n of John goodwin for a chamber viij* 

It«m of Thomas Jaxson for his shoppe iij' iiij^ 

Item of parris of Chesterton for meddowc xiiij^ 

Item of m' Raye for Broking y' grownde in y« churche for 

m' doctor whightgifts Kinswooman vj" viij** 

It«m of m' Ringsteade for ij graves made in the Churche thone 

for his father thother for his wiffe xiij" 4*^ 

Item Resseived of m' ffoxton for the canuapi clothe ... ... xiij' iiij^ 

And for a deacon of Red satten with garters xy* 

Item of m' Clarke for a deacon of Red Satten with garters 

embroidered ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xv" 

And for the vaile vsed in lent of linnen clothe vj" 

Ite^n of John edmondes for iij corpores cases of velvet & golde ij* iiij^ 

Item of John pooley for ij Crosse clothes iiij' 

And for the Sensors waing ij^ quarter x^ 

138 b] Ressights 

Item of Tomas Tooley for an olde vestment and a Cope of 

Ji^Qr vTvlJLXU ••• «•• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

And for the holie water stoppe of pewter or laye mettell with 

me opnnKie ••■ ... ••• ... •.. ... ... 

Item of m' Bmrwell for a vestment of Red Satten wit/i garters 
Item of m' Raye for a grene vestment of Satten of Briggs. 

And the pax of copper 

Item of M' Cutbert Stationer for all the Books at y^ time 

being wAich were in nufitbre 13 Small & great 

Item of m' howell for xv toppes for candlesticks of Latten vsed 

for the Roode lofte And the lampe waing all 50" with 

ij candlesticks of latten for the awter at 3<i 

Item soulde to one of London the crosse of Copper with Images 

of marl & John, a pax and a bell iiij" 

Item of one willtam a Singing man for the Image of our ladle 

wAich was taken of the blewe velvet alter clothe bi the 

comaundement of the archdeacon ... 
Item of goodman Briden for ij Crewetts ... 
Item of William prime for the Roode clothe 
Item of m' fletcher for the crosse staffe ... 
Item of m' howell for the crismatori of pewter 
Item of William waters for the Shipp 
Item of Thomas tooley for the crismatori cloth 

3" 6<> 

139 a] Item the ffoote of the Last yeares aocompt made at 

ester in anno 1567 Som ix" x" \'iij* 

vj« vilj*> 



. « • • 

x" vj"* 

Xij« yj'» 

■ ■ ■ • s 



* • * J 


• • • ■ • 


• • • • J 


1568 165 

Itcrm the eaUsr Booke for this present yeare 1568 x" xj* ix^ 

lt«m Hecdved of Thomas medcalfe & John edmondes collectors 

for the foote of theire accompt viij* iiij* 

Som of the whole Resseights wt^ suche ornaments of the 

church as hath bine Sowlde by the consent of the whole 

pcsrishoners wAich commeth all to the Some of xxx^ x* ij<^ 

The Allowances wherof the saide John Howell and John pooley do 
aske allowans for the forsau^ yeare 

Inprimis Comunion Breds j* 

It<nn for Lyme j* 

Item for a lode of pibble stone iij" viij* 

Item for Comunion Bred j** 

Item for a lode of pible ij* x** 

Item for a lode of pible ij* vj** 

Item for the carredg of a lode of them from the bridg ' iiij<^ 

Item for having them into y* church iij* 

Item for making cleane the churche side by m' Bosoms ... iiij^ 
Item to William prime for wasshing owte Images oute of the 

glass windowes iiij** 

Item for ij Stresses y*^ were taken by m' vicechaunseler & 

m' maior for lack of paving ij» 

12» e^ 

139 b] AllocacM)ns 

Item paide for |)avinge iij» 

Item for Saude ij lodes xvj^ 

Item for frankensens j^ 

Item for eley farthings x** ob 

Item for owre drinking at the visitasion xij^ 

Item for our Suppers at nigh t at Jugge* vj« iiij* 

Item for binding the churche booke viij** 

Item for Jemowes & nayles x^ 

Item for communion Bred j<^ 

Item p* candell ij^ ob 

Item for Bordes for the Seats xvj* 

Item for nayles ij^ 

Item for canves to line the pulpett clothe xx^ 

Item for Bords for the seats ij" iiij*^ 

Item for XX vj foote of plankes ij* iiij^ 

Item paid to a carpenter for mending the Seats & making 

a frame in y^ chaunsell iij" viij** 

Item for nayles ij^ 

Item a Brasse for the Bell xvj*^ 

Item for iij Stroppcs of Iron for the bell xviij** 

Item for Bords for the hearse xvj** 



• • • 

• • ■ 

t^m paid to y« Treasorers 

t^m candle j^ 

tern Two Iron pinnes & a Iron plate for the herse 

tern, for Inche borde to make a cover to the herHC 

tern for a Borde at thende of yt 

tern for making cleaue rownde abowght y^ Strete 

tern for nayles 

tern j^ candle 

34. 7 

40 a] Allocacions 

Urm paid for making of y* hearse cover 

t«m for tayTiter hooks 
t«m for pinnes 

tem'for candell j^ 

t«m for paving Tyles 

t«m for candell ju 

t^m for iiij Busshell of lyme 

ttfm for wookemanship 

tem for communion Bread at Christmas 

t^m a candlestick 

ttfm ij" of candell ... 

t«fm ij Bell Roopes 

t«m for whipcorde & nayles 

t«n paid to William dowcey & his man for ij dayes wooking 

abought the bell 

t«m for a goodgin for the bell to bl;mde 

t«m for nayles 

t^m to m' walles for making a seate 

tem to wiUtiam prime ffor wasshing the church clothes 

tem for di»i' C of quarters to a timber man 

t«m paid to the glasyer for mending the windowes 

t«m for communion breade 

t^m for Communion breads at ester 

tern for nayles 

t^m for making klene abought y*' church at eser 

tem for iiij Bushelles of Lyme 

tern to a bricklayer for mending y* churche wall with his man 

for Two Dayes 

tern for Brick 

40» 4d 

• • • 

• •• 

■ • • 

40 b] 

.t^m for lyme iiij Bushelles 
.tern for wine all the yeare 


• • • 

• • • 

• •• 

• • « 


i)^ ob 


• • ■ J 














• • • ■ J 


• •— ■ • 

• t • 


1568 167 

Item paid to willtam prime for y Batchelers ij* 

Item paid for mending of the bell whele xvj'' 

It«m for Communion Breadds j*" 

Item to the preaste for Attending y* bachelors xvj^ 

Item paid to the priest for wages for Iv weaks Som ix^ iij* ii\j*> 


Som Laide owte by vs John howell & John poolcy ... xiiij** viij* x^ ob 
So ther remayneth in y* foote of y* accompte of Ihon howell 

and lohn poolye xvj" xvj^ ob 

In y« presence of m' hasell m' ffletcher m' ffoxton m' damicer m' 
holland & m' bredon m' Burwell 

The whiche somme of xvj*^ xvj^ ob we philippe Scarlet and Rychard 
Philo churche wardens for y" yeare to come viz. 1568 haue receyuyd y« 
xix**> day of luly in y« presence of y* aforenamed wytnesses 

By me philip Scarlet 
By me Rychard philo 

141 a] M.emorandum that there Remayneth in the handes of the newe 

churchewardens vtz phiUip Scarlett & Richarde philowe as ffolloweth 

Inprimu Two Ghallcqco pftrcoll gilto with pattonfl poig & one 
Comtnimion cupp of sylver weinge & bowght wtth y« one 
of thei challys & was in our over plusse xliiij" 

It^m a Cope of cloth of Tissew 

Itgm Two OopoQ & Thro Tunoolos of Cloth of Tiooowo whioho bo outt or 

It^n a pawle of Blacke velvett 

Item a hanging of blewe velvet for the awlter 

Item a froontlett of blewe velvett 

It<im ft ouashon of oloth of Tiooow 

Item a cusshon of checkerde velvett 

Item ij ftlboo of linnon oloth 

Item a pulpett clothe of Red Satten with garters 

Item a pulpett cloth of whight Chamlett 

Item Two communion clothes one of diaper the other of plaine cloth 

Item a Stremer cloth of Silke which was delivered to John edmonds 

for doctor peme to ocupye at peter howse playes 
Item a great parchment Booke delivered to m' mousey 
Item a greate parchement Booke delivered to Jugg 
Item iij Surpleses 

Item Two Towelles of 8 elles a peace 
It e m o n ft¥Ftcr oloth of groyo oonvoo the olork hath it 
Item the Bible 
Item a nother new bible 

141 b] Item The paraphrases of erasmus 

168 1569 

It«m Three iij Comunion books 

It«m V sawlters 

Itom Two Booka of homcloo one homely bok 

Item viij prickBong Books in luglishe 

It^m the organs 

It<nn th e orphro e o s of blowo volvot of th e Red S a tten cop e wAa'ch w as 
m a de a pulp e t oloth of bl e wo velvott 

Item Serten writings in the hands of Riohord g yle william ward church- 

Bookes of privat prayers & Iniuntions ix 

142 a] The Eleccion made vpon Ester mundaie in the elevnthe year 
of the Rainge of ot^r Soveraynge Ladye quine Elyzabcathe in the yeare of 
our Lord anno dominie a thowsaund ffyve hunndrethe threscoro and nyne 
y« xjt*» daie of aprill accordynge to the oulde Ancient Gustome of y" 
parishe of Greate Sayncte maryes in Cambridge next the markett by the 
churche wardonnes of y® same parishe that ys to saye the Churche 
wardonnes hathe Chosene Eche of them one y^ ys to saye Richard fiylo 
hathe chosene for hime mF expoffer ffletcher and phylypp scarlett hathe 
chosene for hime m' william Burwell and m' fletcher hathe chosene 
to hime m' hasell m' munseye et m' foxton and m' BurweU hathe Chosene 
to hime m' dancer m' Bi^ydene & m' pooleye and they have chosen 
churchewardones for y* yeare to come 

Richard ffylo and philypp scarlett chirchwardons 

Awdytores to heare theyr account of y« Churche wardonnes are 
the whole Eleccion aboue wretten 

m*" ffletcher m' hassell m' munseye m' foxton 

m' Burwell m' dauncer m"^ Breyden m' Pooleye 

142 b] The Accownt of Philyp scarlet and Richard flfylo Churche 
wardonnes in the year of owr Lord God wAich Endyd at Ester in 
anno y* eleventhe yeare of y« Rainge of quine Elyssabeathe 


Innpnmis Received the foot of y« accompte for y® Last yeare 

made at Ester anno dominie 1568 the soumme of xvj" xvj** 

Item more of m' baxter for y« Batchelers beinge iiij" & vj xxviij" viij* 

Item of Thomajs flfletcher for y« Rent of his shopp iiij» 

Item of wUltam dowseye for y* Rent of his chymneye ... xij*^ 

Item of Goodman goodwyne for y« Rent of his chamber ... viij* 

Item of m' hasyll for y« Rent of his pale iiij* 

Item of m' Raye for y« Rent of his Lande vj» 

Item of goodmane parishe of chesterton for y« Rent of his 

medow xiiij** 

Item of m' foxton for brcakynge y* grownd in y« churche for his 

wyflfs grave vj» viij^* 

1669 169 

Item of m' butler for breakyuge y« churche for m™ buttlere ... vj" viij*^ 

Item Received of on Soutbin a broger for peces of y« copes ... xlv« 
Item of m' Raye for part of y« tymber wAtch was of y« Rood 

loft viij»j«»ob 

Item of m' foxton for y« fragmentes of ye Roodlofte vj» viij'* 

Item of m' poolye for iiij peceas of tymber of y* same v" vj** 

Item of m' foxton for y« Remnamit of y« Copes xxx* 

Item Received of goodman button for y* over plus of y« Cbalys xliiij* 

Item of William pryme for y® Cresoummes for y* boll yeare ... v* 
Item tbe Ester Boke for tbis present yeare anno dominie 1568 

in x^ X* X** 

10 •.• ••< ••> •.• .*• ..a ■■• •■• JK JK ^ 

Item Received of m' Henrye Clarke for bis Ester boke ... ij* vj<^ 

Item Received of m' Raye for bis Ester boke vj' viij<^ 

Som97ia is xxxvij** viij" j^ ob 

Item mors to R e c e iv e of m' Rayo ald e rm a n for his E s ter bok e 
Item moro to Roooiv e of m' Ring a t e d for his bow s 

143 a] The allowances whearof the saide philypp Scarlett and Richard 
%lo doe aske allowance for the fore saide yeare 


Imprimis paide to y« glasyer for mendynge the glasse w}'ndows iij* 4^ 

Item Layd owt for Communion bread ij"^ 

Item paide for mendynge a loke & maykynge a keye to goodman 

moynnes for y« Churche dore xvj«* 

Item for canvas to lyne y* Red satten pulpitt clothe xx^ 

Item Laide owt for communion bread j*^ 

Item Laide owt for a lode of Sande to y* pavinge over agenst y* 

LJvUJLM3 ••• ... ••• ••• •■• •«> ••• •.. VllJ 

Item for workemanship to pylginton of y« same & paving viij 

yardes be fore y« pompe xx<* 

Item paid more to him for y« pavinge of on yarde at y® Churche 

K^^ ■•• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■! 

Item paide to y® glasyer of a Rest that m' howell Left to paie 

for mendynge y« glas wyndows xiiij* 

Item paide to y^ glayser for settynge vp y" glasse and Re- 

paiering y« same & puttynge owt y* Imyges vij" 

Item for ij fette of new glas in y« same wyndows xij^ 

Item paide to y« Treesurera xij* 

Item paide to vrtUiam prime for Commxmion breade j^ 

It^m Laid owt for naylles & trashe iij^ 

It«m paide to vtiUiara. prime for communion Bread j^ 

Item paide to goodman brachar for makyng a pyp to the 

Churche doere keye vj«i 




12. 2. 6-0 

tern paide to william pryine for the batchelers 

tern paide to a plommer for mendyng y* ledee in y* churcLe 

tern for coles at that tyme to y* doinge of y* same 

tern paid for our dyniier at y* visytacion 

tern paid for Elye farthinges 

tern for takinge owt y« artycles 

tem to y« Somner for his dewtye 

tern for our super at nyght after y« visytacion ... 
tem for braketts to mende y* seats at Cristmas 

tem for naylls at that tyme 

tem paide to goodman dowsye for doinge y^ same 
tem paid to goodman dowsey & william Jonner for 

down y* Rod lofbe 
tem for makynge of a newe seate & stuf to y« same 

tem for nayls at that tyme 

tem paid to m' wallys for mendynge y* Seats ... 


43 b] 




• • • • JB 



* * *A 








viijM X" 
• *■ 




tem for naylls the same tyme 

tem paide at Goodman Juggs for wyne y' hole yeare 
tem (laide at m' howells for vj" caudell & nayls 

tem for Communion bread at Ester 

tem paide m' Slater for his wagys y^ hole yeare 
tem paide 'William Pryme for washinge y« churche clothes 
tem i^aide m** Slater for sainge s^rvis to y* batchelers 
tem paid goodman watters for makinge y^ pulpitt clothe 

The hoU soum of aUowaunces By vs philyp scarlott & Richard 

flfylo Comes To 

So Reymaynethe in the ffott of accownt of philyp scarlett and 

Richard fiylo chirch wardens xxv" v" vij* 

This accownt mad y* fiirst daio of maye anno 1569 in the presence of 
m' hasyll m' ffletcher m' ffoxton m' docter ward m' Burwell m' dancer 
m' Breyden 

By me philip Scarlet 
By me Richard fiylo 

xij" ij" vj«* ob 

144 a] 

Anno Dominni 1.5.6TiO vtz 1670 

The eleccton made vpon Ester monndaye in the xij^ year of y^ 
Raynge of our Souerayine Ladye Elizabeathe in y* year of our Lord anno 
domini a thowsaund fyve huudrethe thre score and tenne the xxvij^ daie 
of marche acoordynge to y** owld aimoeunt custome of y® parishe of 
Great Saynct maries in Cambridge next y« markett by y* Churche 
Wardonnee of y* same parishe that ys to saye the Churche Wardones 
bathe Chosene Ecehe of them on that ys to saye Rychard fiylo hathe 


1570 171 

Chossen for hime m*^ Cristoffer ffletcher and philipp scarlett bathe choHsen 
for hime John Chittbart and m' fflettcher hathe Chosseine to hime 
m' hasyll m' Kaye and M' Mounsyo and John cuttbart hathe choesen 
to hime m' daunoer m' poleye and william watters and this eyght have 
ChosHon Chirche Wardonnes for y« yeare to come 

John Edmondes 

Robert tatam 

"Memarandum that there ys fyve of the eyght agrede apon thi.s election 
\iz m' hazell m' Raye m' fletcher m' dawncer John pooley 

(Signed) Wylliam hasyll Alexander Raye cristofer fletcher WUyam 
Danser John pooley 

144 b] The account of Richard ffylo and philipp Scarlett Chirche 
wardonnes in y« year of our Lord anno dominie 1569 ended at ester 
in anno domini 15010 y^ zij^ year of y* Raynge of quine elizabeth 
Received the foot of y* accowmit for y^ Last yeare made at 

ester anno dominie 1569 in monye the soume of ... xxv" v* vij^ 

Received of m' baxter for y • battchelers xxxv* iiij** 

Received of Goodman parishe of Chesterton for y* Rent of 

y« medow in Chesterton fyld xiiij<* 

Received of goodman goodwin for y* Rent of y« chamber over 

y«Allmeshows viij* 

Received of Thomas Jhakeson for y* Rent of his shopp ... iiij* 

Received of m' Raye for y« Rent of y« laund wAi'ch he occupies vj» 

Received of m' hasyll for y« Rent of his pall iiij* 

Received of williaui dowsey for y« Rent of his chimneye ... xij** 

Received of My hell wolf for breakinge y^ churche for hes 

wyfes grave vj" viij** 

Received of Gk>odwyf Jugg for brekinge y^ churche for hir 

husbandes grave vj'viij* 

Received of m" hollond for brekinge y^ churche for hir 

husbaundes grave vj" viij** 

Received of wUliam prime for y« Crissomes for y« boll yeare ... v« iiij** 

Received of y« procters bi y« master of arts iij' iiij* 

4. 3. 1 Received for y^ Ester boke for this prossent yeare the some 

28.2.5 of x"xv«iiij* 

15" 4* 
Bum xl^' iij* j * 

lieoewed of goodwyffe morden for y« dett off here hoesbond 

georg Jugg ... ... ... ... ... ... ... X* 

Som xl" xv» 5* 
Item thare dothe Reymayne in y* haundes of philip Scarlett 
his part of y* churche monye wAich comes to y* Som 
of xiiij" xviij" y* 



Item more dothe Remayue in his baund on challis wiche he 

hathe pawnnd in y* vniversyeteye Chist weayinge xviij 

ounces quarter 
Item tharo is in y« hamides of Richard ffylo for his part of y® 

churche monye y*" Som of xiij*> xvj* vij«* 

It<fm more Laide owt by Richard flylo to m' slatter & for other 

nessaries by him synoe ester as dothe apear by a Byll ... xliiij* viij^ 
Soe Rest in his haundes 

m ' ^ Ryng s t e d his hows i s to paio w A * 'oh paide y e arly e xx^ 
mf abromo hatho to paio yow for y" tymo ho hatho bono in y^ pa r iuh 
Thom as bri s l e yo h a tho to awnswor yow for ij year es 
in the hands of M' hasyll an obligation of M' sanders & semers 

45 a] The allowaunces wharof the sayd Richard fi'ylo and philip 
Scarlett doe aske allowaunco for y« fore sayde yeare 
mpn'mis paid m' Slatter for his wages for y** holl yeare the 

Sommaof viij" vj» viij* 

tem paid to y*' Tresurers for y« Rent of y« Almes hows 

tem |)aid for a bell Rope to y« fore bell xyj 

tem paide to Artor glasyer for mendynge y« Glasse wyndows 

in dy vers places wheare y^ ware broke 

tem for Lyme and saund to mend y^ creast & y" chirch wall 

tem for bricke to mend y<> chirche wall wtth 

tem for workman shipe of them bothe wAtch was paid to 

on Thomas thatcher ... ... ... ..• 

tem patd to yfUliam prime for y** Losse of his daies worke ... 
tem paid to m' doctor Randall when we gave vp o«r byll 
tem paid for caringe a waye y« fylthe frome y« chirchewall ... 

tem paul for a ballrigg to y^' sermon bell 

tem patd to y" glasyer for new glasse as miche as came to xiig 

foot at vj^ ob y« foot 

tem ixiid to artor glasyer for new glasse & for mendynge 

y« owld glase in dyvers places 

tem paid wUliam prime for washinge y* Churiche clothes ... 
tem patd wt^tam prime for his dewtye for y^ battchelers 

tem patd for communion bread 

tem paid at m' howells for candell for y« holl yeare 

tem patd at y^ visytacion for elye farthinges 

tem at y" visytacion for ot^r breakfast 

tem at night for ot^r super at Jugges 

tem for the articles at y^ visytacion 

tem paid to y® somner for his dutie 

tem for Redeminge a stres for pavinge 

tem for an other forfit for y« churche yard 

tem for communion bread 

tem paid m' slatter for y® battcheleirs 

vj" viij* 


vij» vij** 




xix* ob 

• •■ 


• • • ■ « 




1571 173 

Item paid to a prist to healp of ester daie ij" 

Item pond for wyne for the holl ycare the some of xiiij" iiij*^ 

12. 0. 8 


& So Remayne in the handes of Rychard fylo & phyllype 

Scarlett to the use of the parroche Summa ... xxviij^ xiiij" ix^ 

Resejuyd of phyllyp skarlett by M' howell in parte payment 

offhysaccownt xvj* 

146 b] The accownt of Richard ffylo for all syche Churche goodes and 
monye as dyd Reymayne in his haimd by virtue of his office of church- 
wardenshipp delivered into y^ haundes of Jhon howill & Thomas Breyden 
y« xxx" daye of Jeneuarye 1670 
ffirst in y« haundes of Richard ffylo for y« ffoote of his accownnt 

The some of xiij" xvj* vij^ 


Imprimis paid to goodman moynes for mendyng a Locke ... xij^ 

Item for cominion Bread and for brame viij^ 

Item paid m' slatter for a qt^r<^« wagis xl* 

Item paid to wt2^tam prime for communion bread vj^^ 

Item for mendynge y« bear and hearsse xij^^ 

Item paid to m' Ridge for elye f&rthinges x*^ ob 

Item paid to y« Tressuerers for Rent xij* 

♦Item paid M' Slatter for his wagis iiijw 

Item paido more for y® chargis of y« sute as dothe a peare by a 

bvll 1v« \\^ 
Item paide more to M' fflettcher for that he Layd owt for 

m' abreye his ester boke xij** 

Som of y« allocaciones comes to ix" xv* 

So Reymaynethe in y« haundes of Richard ffylo The somel ^ 
of iiijw XV iiijd ] ^ 

Delyvered in to y^ haunde of Jhon howell and Thomas Breyden 
y« 9 of ffebreuarye for y* glasyer as dothe a pear by 
a Byll the Som of xlvj" ix** 

Item paid to Jhon sayer plomer for mendynge* y^ Leades & 

for sowder as dothe a peare by a Byll xlj'rj* 

* The lines between the asterisks are written on a slip of paper which was 
pasted into the book and covered the fonr following entries: 

Item paid to [blank] for j^ chargis of y snt zlj* x^ 

Item paid more to m' Slatter for wagis iiij" 

Item paid more to m*" Baye for chargis of y* snt x* 

Item paid more to M*" ffletoher for ohargis of y^ sat ij' 

174 1571 

Item Thor Romftyn e th e in th e h a nda of Ryoh a rd fylowe of thi a 

Aovnto the a om of m ^n m m r« ,. . iij^ vj* iij*^ 

Aact-aHa o M' Cry e tou e r flooher h&uB m a de prom ea a t th e 
makyngo of this aounto to payo th e a om of fyv e & ffi afty^ 
s hyllyng a ijd a a s u e rety 

146 a] The accownt of Jhon howell & thomas bryden beinge appoyntyd 
in stede of the churchewardens for the yere of owre lorde 1570 

It«n ReseiVerf of phylyp skarlett xvj" 

Reatftv^ of M' baxter for the batchilars xxxvj" vj** 

Res«t;erf of M' fletcher for Rychard fylo xlvj" ix* 

Resell^ for the esster boke x" xvij<^ 

Res^'veo? of M' Raye for ther lande vj" 

Bjeseived of Jhon goodwyn for hys Chamber viij" 

Res^iVec? of goodman parris for lande xiiij^ 

Ream'ec? of thomas fletcher iiij" 

Received of My haayU iiij* 

Res6i^t;ed of wyllunu dowse xij<* 

Summa xvj" xiiij** 

the sayd Jhon howell & thomas brydon do Charge them selues 
further with the mony that Rychard fylo payed to 

iu. sia w6r ••• •.. ••• ■•• ••• ••• ■■• VJ 

Bumma totalis xxij" xiiij<^ 

the alowans whereof the foresayd Jhon howell & thomas Require 
to be alowyd 

In primys payed to the prest for the hole yere at 3" 4* a weke ix" iij" iiij** 

Itam for a shouell iij** 

Item for nayles jd 

Item for sande viij** 

Item to broke for Carriinge the dunge abowght the Churche ... xvj^ 

146 b] Item for xvj busshells lyme iiij* 

Item for bryke viy** 

Item to semer for brede j^ 

Item paid to barrakar & hys man xij' 

Item pat'd to semer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

Item for wasahynge viij^ 

Item for brede ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j** 

Item for brede iiij^^ 

Item patd to M' slater for saiynge aeruyse to the bacchylars ... xv^ 

Item for bromes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij*^ 

Item for owr dyner at the vysitacion ij» 

Item for the bellrope ij" vj<* 

Item for frankynsens j^ 

Item for nayles ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ 

1571 175 

Item for bromea ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ 

Item paid to broke for Corriinge erthe x^' 

Item paid to Sander for makynge Clene the streta viij^ 

It^m for brede ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j^ ob 

It«m for viijM Candyll zx^ 

Iton for wyne the hole yere x* 

Ittfm paid to M' slater that I "Reaeived of phylyp skarlett ... xvj" 

It«m paid to M' slater for the Rest of hys wages the last yere xlvij" iiij<^ 

Item paid to the glasier for mendynge the wyndowes xlvij" ix^ 

St^mma xyj" xv" j^ ob 
So th e p o rrocb e do ow e unto th e for e n a myd Jhon how e ll 

& thofiMM brj^don r« r«« rn wT^ m giiij' xj^ ob 

147 a] The A c ont e of Jhon How e ll & mych ae ll wolff e 

So there Remayne in the hands of Jhon howell & thomas brydon 

to the vse of the parroche Sitmma v" vj" 

the whyche v" vj" ys delyuerd to Jhon howell & MyheU wolfe Church- 
wardens for the yere to Cumme next 

[Fol. 147 b blank.] 

148 a] The eleccion made vpon ester mvnday in the xiij^ yere of the 
Rainge of our soveraynge ladyo quyne Elyzabeathe & in the yere of our 
lord god 1571 beynge the xvj**" daye of aprell acordynge to the olde 
avncient custome of the parishe of grette saynte maryes in Cambridge 
next the markett by the lawfull depevtes of & in stede of the curche 
wardens pute in and alowyeid to do & execute the sayd offece of churche- 
wardenshepe by m' doctor Ithell chanoeler to the lord byschupe of Eley 
and thowse too lavfulle deputeys beynge attoryseid as before John 
howyell & thomas bryden haue chosyen yche of them on that is to 
saye John howell bathe chosyen m' foxton mayor of the towne of 
Cambridge & Thomas bryden bathe chossyn William burwell & m*^ foxton 
hathe chosen to hym for his parte acordynge to the custom 

M' William hassell M' allycsander Raye and Rychard atkynson 
And William burwell hathe chossyn to hyme 
M' Davnser the elder John poley poticarey 

& John s h e r ee s t as hon er the said John shores being forth off the 
& wiUiam bossam towne was in his rome chosen w. bosam 

And these ayght haue chossen churche wardens for the yere to come 

John howell & myhell woUfe 
& avdytors to be acordynge to the old costom 

by me w"* foxton willyam danser 

by me wylliam hasyll willam burwell 

Alexander Raye william bosome 

[mark] Richard atkinson John pooley 

[Fol. 148 b blank.] 

176 1572 

149 a] The election vppon Ester mondaye in an«o 1572 the vij** of 
aprell aoordyng to the oweld anciant costom of the perrish of great Sant 
marys in Cambrydg next the marckit croaae by the cherch wardenes 
of the sam perrishe that ys to saye the cherch wardenee hathe chosen 
etch of them on that ys to saye m' howell hathe chosen for hym m' henry 
Clark & mychaell wolff hath chosen Thomas brydene m' clark hath 
chosen to hym m' hasell m' Raye & m' foxton Thomas bryden hath 
chosen to hym m*^ burwell Jhon polye m' bosum & thes eyght haue 
chosen Ohorch wardenes for the year to com Jhon Edmondes & Thomas 
mannynge & awdytores to be acordynge to owld costom 

149 b] The acownt of Jhon howell & mychaell wolff for all sutch Cherch 
goodes and monye as dyd Bemane in ther handes by vertue of ther 
officis of cherch wardenship the xiij^ of aprell an^io 1572 

Item for the footte of y* accout for the last yeare v" vj" 

Item Reseued of m' Raye for his Rent yj" 

of m' hasell iiij*^ 

of Thomas Jacson «.. iiij* 

of goodman dowsye xij<* 

of goodman goodwyn viij" 

of mrs monsye for brekyn of the cherch for hyr husbondes 

gInUo •■• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• (»■ .«. vj V llj 

of goodman parns of chestertun xiiij*' 

Recieued of mrs monsye for the laste yeares ester booke ... v" 

Recieiied of the moMt^rs of art at mydsumer iiij' vj*^ 

Recieued for the buryeall of Rychard clark v" 

Recieued of M' baxter for y« battcheleres iij" xij** 

Recieued for the ester booke x" ix" 

Summa xx^* xvij" viij* 

The allowances wher of the sayed Jhon howell & mychaell wolfe doe 
aske for the foresayd yeare this vrhich foUowethe 
It^m for lyme ... ... ,,. ... ... ... ... iijf^ 

for mendynge of cherch wall iij** 

lor wnjumB •>. ••• ... ••• ..• .«• •>. ... j 

for iiij lodes of Sand ij* 

for iiij lodes of pauyng stones ... xiij" liij* 

150 a] Item iiij lodes of grauell ij' viij** 

payed to the paver viij" 

payed the loksmythe for mendynge of the loke & for nayles for 

y« cherch dore x* 

for communyon bred ob 

for a lode of claye & strawe xiij* 

to ij clayeres for work xvj«* 

for splent byndynge ij<> 

for a bontch of lathe xvj** 



• •• • ■ • 

I • • ••• 

••• ••• 

• •• • • • 

for bromes 

for the byshipee booke 
for a byll at the vysytasion 

for my horae hyer 

for my dynuer 

payed for iiij horae hyer the next vysitation 

for the quest menes dyneres and oweres wttA the mynnister ... 

payed more for a byll 

for ower horae met ... ... ... ... ... ... 

for £]ye farthynges ... ... ... ... ... ... •— 

payed to the treHureres 

payed to thomas barber for a byll delivered to the Queues Com- 

7?t ySlOIlOlnBo •■• ••« ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••« 

Commimion bread 

"rviuwju ... ... ... ■•• ... ... ... ... 

Oyle for the belles 

for Ryngeres for the Queues grace 

geue to m' haacU for the challis 

urvuieis ••• ... •■• ••• ... ... ... ... 

Communion bred 

(^f\/UJI^3o «•• ••• •«• ••• •«• ••« ••• ••• 

for swepyng of the chorch wyndoes 

Communion bread ... 



ij» vj* 

• a • • J 


• • • • J 







■ • * ■ J 










150 b] payed to m' slater 

payed to m' hammond ... ... ... ... ... ... 

payeci vo m snawe ... ... ... ••• ... ... •*. 

for glasynge of the cherch 

Communion bread 

a bushell of lyme 

lor a oeu xvope ... ... ... ••« ••• ••• ... 

payed for pauynge Rychard clarkes graue & swepynge of the 

OUvKV«U ... ... ••• ••« ... ... ... ••. 

for stopynge holes whear the Roodlofb lay e 

for viij" of Candles 

payed the glasyar for mendyng the cherch the xxj^ of January 
payed to corbett the xiij^ of martch for wryghtyne the cherch 

paper & partchme^it for a cherch boock 

Communion bread 

payed to semer of the batcheleres monnye 

communion bread 

perfumes for y« cherch when y« consell was here 

payed m' shaw from Christmas tell ower ladye daye in lentt ... 

for caryenge of vj loode of moke from y® cherch 

communion bread 




ij« vj* 

• ■ • • s 


• • • • « • • 





• • S^ • fl 


xliij" iiij** 


C. A, S. Octavo Seriet, No. XXXV. 


178 1573 

for washynge the cherch Clothei} all y** yeare xij* 

fraucunoense j* 

payed for a communiofi table viij* 

payed for wynue all the holle yeare x» iiij* 

for commiiuyon bread j'' 

for communion bread ou wytsiin sondaye j*^ 

Summa xv^ sij* 

no ther Remaynethe in the handes of Jhon howell & mychaell wolf 
the some of fyve pondes fyve shilling viij<* for the vae of the perysh 
which Home of v" v* viij* ys delyuered in to the handes of Jhon odmoudes 
& thomas mannynge cherwardenes for the year to come 

151 a] The accownt of John Edmonds & Thomas mannynge of all soche 

moue & Rents as they have Receyved to the vse of y« churche by vertu of 
ther o%ce 
luprimis Receyved of m' howell & myhell wolfe mone left 

of ther accownt for the last yere as aperethe by our hands 

in y« other leffe v** v» viij<* 

It^m Receyved of m' baxter for y^ bachelers 4* a pece som ... xxxix* 

item of M' hasell for Rente of his pale iiij* 

Item of goodman thomson for Rent of a lytell ground wetAowt 

his eves droppe in y« churche yard by yere Rent vj*^ 

Ittfwi of m' goodwyn for y« chamber over y« almoshowsen ... viij* 

Item of Thomas Jacson for y« shoppe in y« west end iiij' 

Item of goodman pares for Rent of medow in Chesterton ... xiiij* 

It^m of m' Ray for Rent of laud in hose feld vj* 

Item of m' Raye for y" buriall of his dawghter in y« churche ... vj» viij** 

It^wi for y* buriall of goodwyf medcawfe in y« churche ... vj" viij<* 

Iteju for y*' biuiall of m"* whithed in y« churche vj" viij<* 

Item of goodman dowsye for a pece of grown xij** 

Itetn Receyved of Richard fyloo that Remayned in his hand 

after his acownt as apperethe by y^ boke vj" viij** 

Item Receyved of the Ester booke x" xv" viij** 

som xx" viij** 

151 b] Charges layd owte by John Edmonds & Thomas mannynge for 
Rei>aracions y* cm*ates wages & other nessessarics belongyuge to y« 
churche as folowethe 
Impn'mis |)ayd to m' shawe his quarters wages due to him 

from otfr lady day in lent to mydsomer xliij" iiij* 

Item for bromes iij* 

Item for nayles ij<* ob 

Item layd owte for ely farthinges x** ob 

Item for horse hier to y« visitaciou xx** 

Item for our dyners at y« visitaciou viij** 

Itetn for a byll at y^ visitacion vj<* 




• •• 

tern for gevynge vpe of our by 11 . . . 

tern for our supers 


tern geven to y« Ringers for y« quene 

tern f(xrhted 

tern for candels 

tern payd to m' shawe for his quarters wages due to him from 

mydsomer to myhelmas 1572 

iem pay to ai' shawe & m' ware for ther quarters wages due 

to them from myhelmas to crismas 

tern payd to wylyam dowsye for mendynge y* aarmon bell 9" 4^ 

& to y« amithe for mendy^tge ij yrons for the same bell 7^ 

tern payd to the tresiirers for y^ almes howsen 

tern payd to semer our clarke of the bachelers monye 

tern for iij^ of candels 

tem i>ayd to symson for a booke ... 
iem for mendynge of a Keye 
tem for a payr of hingels & a staple 
tem for laynge iij grave stones ... 

tem for x pavynge tyles & ij boehell lyme 

tem for writynge the names of y^ pareshe & paper 

t<;m for franccomsens 

tetn payd to m' ware for his quarters wages due to him from 

crismas to ladye day ... 


• •• •- 'A 

lljj. yjd 




xlvj* viij** 


iij" xj* 


uj» mj« 


• • • J 




• • • • • 

iiU iiiid 

xhij« inj 




•■ • •• 'A 

xj" nijd 

.« • 



XX" Ulj" 

52 a] Item for washinge the church lynen 

tem commvnyon bred 

tem to m' burwell for wyne y« hole yere 

tem to y« glayser for mendynge y" wyndos 

tem geven to semer for mendynge setes 

Som of charges ys x" xvij* v** 

Som of y« Recepts for this yearc past beinge in an»io 1572 
Rest Remayninge in y^ Chiunch wardens haiKls viz John 

£dmondes & Thomas Manninge the som of ix" x" vij^ 

This accompt was taken the 6 of aprill 1573 before the auditours viz 
w™ foxton henry dark thomas brydon w™ Bosom John pooley 

152 b] The Electyon made vppon Ester monday in the xv^ yer of 
y* Raynge of our soverayn lady £lyzabeth et ceiera the xxiij^ of marche 
1572 by the churche wardens of great saynt maryes pareshe in Cambrige 
aooordynge to the owld & awncient costom of the same pareshe the 
churche wardons have chosen eche of them one manne that is to saye 
John Edmonds hathe chosen m' doctor ward & Thomas mannynge bathe 
m' henry Clarke & m' doctor ward hathe chosen to him m' bivwell 
m' dawucer m' poolye & m' clarke hathe chosen to him m' hasell m' Raye 


180 1573 

& m' howell & thes eyght have choueii for the yer to com to be churche 
warddoties John Edmonds & Thomas maiiynge & the aforsayd eyght to 
be awdytor» of the accownte acordynge to the custom of y* pareshe 

153 a] The accownte of John Edmonds & Thomas mannynge of all suche 
Bents & mony as they have Beceyved to the vse of y« Churche by the 
vertue of ther offyce in the secownd yere of ther churchewardon shippe 
Inpn'mis Remaynge in our hands of our last yers acownt 

Item Receyved of wyllyam sparoo for a white stone 

Item Receyved of m' procter for y^ masters of arts comense- 

ment beiuge in nvmber Ix & iiij at j** a peoe 

Iteni for m" hasels buriall in the chapell 

Item for m' dawnsers buriall in the churche 

It«^/i Receyved of m' baxter fur the bachelers comensement 

beinge in nvmber vij score at iiij** a pece 

lieni of m' hasell for Rent of his yard taken owte of the chorch- 

yard grownd enclosed yriih a pale in y' east end 

Item Receyved of goodman dowsye for the yers Rent of his 

lytell yard taken owt of j^ churche yard grownd enclosed 

wit/i a pale on the northe east end of the chiurche yard ... 
Item Receyved of goodman Thomson for his yeers Rent of a 

lytell j^iece of grownd taken owte of the sowthe sydo of the 

churche yard & enclosed to his howse with a wale 
Item Receyved of goodman Jacson for his yers Rent of the 

lytell shoppe in the west end of the churche iiij* 

Item Receyved of goodman goodwyn for his yers Rent of the 

chamber over the almes howsen viij* 

Item Receyved of goodman pares of chesterton for his yers* 

Rent of ij acres of medoo lyinge in chesterton felds ... xiiij^ 

lte?/i Receyved of m' Raye for his yers Rent of vij acres of 

erable land lyinge in howse feld \'j* 

213** 18» ll'* Item Receyved of the ester booke x" iiij" vij«* 

24" 3» 6d 

153 b] Charges layd owte by John Edmonds & Thomas mannynge for 
Reparacions curates wages & other ness&ssaries belonginge to the churche 
as folowethe 

Item i)ayd to m' ware for his hole yers wages viij" xiij" 4* 

Item layd owt for charges of sute agaynst m' watson iiij" 

Ite»i i)ayd to the plummer for soder & worckmanshipe . . . xij" 

Ite97i for iij boshell of coles xij** 

Item dim' a li of Rosell & lathe j** ob 

Item m' vicechancelor & m*" mayre becawse the churche yard 

was not cleane acordynge to ther mynds ^laid vj** 

Item a booke at the vysitacion vj** 


1 vijd 



. ••• "J 


• • • J 



• ■ ■ • 





1574 181 

Item for hore hier to the visitacion &. horse mete iij* j*^ 

Itan for owr d jners ther XYJ** 

Item for owr suppers at nyght v* 

Item for the elj farthinges x** ob 

Item for candells xxj<^ 

Item for exibytynge vppe of ot«r byll to y« chawnselor iiij" x** 

Item for lainge Rubyshe & gravell in y* churche yard iiij^ 

Item for makinge clone the strete abowt the churche ij' x^ 

Item for ij bell Ropes iiij' ij*^ 

Item payd to the glasor for uendynge the glasse wyTidos ... xij" 

Item for lym & sand for the glaser viij'' 

Item payd to goodman bames for mendynge y^ churche wale iiij* 

Item for iiij lode of pavynge ston & cariage of them xvj* 

Item for wasshinge the churche lynen the hole yere ij* 

Item for (laper for ester booke & bylls j^ 

Item for perfiimes & francunsence for the churche viij** 

Item for besomes and oyle x^ ob 

Item for hingels & nayles xiij^ ob 

Item payd to y« Joner for mendynge of sete dores xiiij** 

Item geven to y^ Ringers for the queues yer day xij*^ 

154 a] Item payd for the Rent of the almeshowsen xij^ 

Item jiayd for bred & wyne the hole yere xiiij" ix** 

13" 12* Item more for wyne xij** 

The some of the receites the yeare past namely 1573 as apjierith xxiiij^ iij" vj<> 
Laid out the said yeare as apperith by the churchwardons 

then being Jhon Edmonds and Thoma« Mannyng ... xiij" xij* 

And so remaineth to the churche .. x" xj" vj<^ 

Alexander Raye 
William Ward 
William Burwell 
John Howell 

Item received more the day of the accompte of willtam Jhonson ij" 

Iteiii of Jhon warren vj^ 

Item of george goldsmith iiij^ 

So there remainethe in ale x" xiiij* ii ij<* 

154 b] The Election mad vpon Ester mondaye in the xvj^ yer of the 
Rayne of quen Elyzabetho & the xij^ of aprill 1574 by the churche 
wardens of grate sayn maries in Cambridge acordyng to the owld costom 
of the sam itareshe The churche wardons have chose eche of them one 
maime thatt is to say John Edmonds hathe chosen m' burwell & Thomas 
mannynge hathe chosen m' Raye & m' Raye hathe to him m' howell 
m' smithe & John goodwyn & M' burwell hathe chosen to him m' bridon 
m' poolye & m' Wolfe & this viij have chosen chiuche wardons for the 

182 1675 

yere to come m' wylljam fozton & m' doctor warde aud the aforsad viij to 
be awdytors of ther aocownte 

155 a] The election made on Eater Monday in the xvij yeare of the 
Raigne of quene Elizabeth and the iiij^ of Aprill anno do^ntni 1575° 
acoordyng to the old Custome of the parrishe of great Sainte maryes in 
Cambridge next the market Crosse by the churchwardens of the same 
parrishe that is to say the Churchwardens hathe chosen ech of them one, 
namelye will/am foxon hath chosen Master howell Master ward hath 
chosen Master burwell M*^ howell hath chosen M*" fletcher M' ball & 
M*^ leonard And M' burwell hath chosen M' pooley M' breden & M' wulfe 
And they eight haue chosen Churchwardens for the yeare to come 
M' baxter And Mr gooddyn 

Auditors to the same Aocompte 

M' fletcher W Burwell 

M' howell M' pooleye 

M' leonard M' Breden 

Mr ball M^ wulfe 

The fift day of Aprill 1575 The Churchwardens did chuse vnto them 
these six persons following to be seasors of all such persons as have louds 
or tithes within the parishe According to the statute made in that behalfe 
anno Regni Bagine Elizahethe octavo namely M' foxon did chuse M** 
leonard Mr Mannynge and M' Medcalfe M' Ward did chuse M' burwell 
M' bosome and M' pooleye 

Overseyers for mending the hey ways lawrance Williamson 


155 b] Memorandum that the fift day of Aprill anno domini 1575 it was 
agreed by the more part of the parishe that every parishoner for the time 
being shold be sessid both to pay the curates wages quarterlye and also 
for the reparations and maintenance of the church And for the same 
aessement were apointed and chosen sessors M' fletcher M' foxon M' howell 
Doctor ward M' burwell M' pooleye 

156 a] The Acownt m' doctor ward & m' ffoxton for all soche monye & 
Bents as the have ^Received to the vse off the chorche by vertue off ther 
ofiys the whyche acownt they haue yelded vnto the awdytors apoynted 
acordyn vnto the costome oft* ther parryche x oft' aprill 1575 

Item "ELeceived off John edmonds & thomas manyng that was 
dew vnto the chorche vpone there acownt as perythe in 
thys boke the some off x" xiiij* iiij<* 

'Rseeived off m' baxster for the oomensers y^ dyd comense one 

asche weddeviaeday ... • xliij* iiij<* 

lieoeived off m' Raye for the Bent off the londe vj" 

"Received off m' goodwyne for the Bente off y« chamber over y« 

almee howses ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viij* 

Beoeiwc^ off m' bossame for hys palle iiij<> 

1575 183 
Receiifed off thomaH Jaxsone for Rent off y« shope at y* church 

d'UtS .», ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ■•• iJ 

Received off wedow dowse for y« Rent off y« grownd wherone y* 

chymnye standeth xij* 

Received off goodman Thomuoiie for the Rent off grownd 

wherone he haue bylded v}^ 

Received off goodman parryche off cheaterton for aertayue 

medow lying witA in the ffylds off chesterton xiiij^ 

Received off m" Hatome ffor the brekyng off the grownd in the 

church to bewrye here hoebond vj" viij** 

Received at ester as aperythe by the bouke the some x^ v* ij^ 

Sum^na Roceptarum xxiiij" x* vj^ 

166 b] The charges layd owt by m' doctor ward & m' willani foxton ffor 
all soche Reprasyons y^ curates wagys & other uesasarya as a])ertaynethe 
vnto y* churche wheroff they aske alowanse 

tern payd to y* curatt for hys yers wagys viij" xiij* iiij** 

t«m payd to y* darke for candell iip vij<* ob 

t<fm payd to y* glasyer for v fotte off new glase & niendyng y* 

holies in the wyndows viij" 

t«in iiayd to m' stame for makyng off a ded off ane estatte off 

y« churche lond ij« 

tem payd to a masone for ij dayes workes off hyme & hys 

mane to stope owt the l)atts in sundrye plasys off j^ 

cncrcn •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••* •■• iij luj^ 

t^m payd for iiij bushells off lyme y* same tyme xvj^' 

ton for sand to y* same iij^ 

t«m ffor hare & lathe nayeles y^ same tyme iij** 

t^m (wyd to semer for comvnyone bred & frankenaens & 

browmes frome whytsontyd to hallowmas vj*' 

tern payd to y* tresiu^eis for the Rent off the almes hoveses ... xij^ 
tern iiayd to a masone for mendyng of y* cherch wallo & for 

lyme & sand to y* same ij' viij'* 

tern payd to m' Rydge for ellye farthyngs x^ ob 

tern payd to y« plomber for xvj" & a halfe off sowder ... xj" 

tern payd to hyme for a daye work & a halfe xvj<^ 

tem payd for colles for hyme y« seme tyme vy* 

t«m payd for carying awaye off viij loods off myer frome the 

end off y« cherch ij' viij'* 

tem payd to m' gallant for a quyttans consemyng the estatut 

for vermyne & for y* dyscharge off y« same x" 

ietn payd for wyne & comvnyon bred at ester xiij" iiij** 

t«m payd for washyng for this yer ij" 

t^m payd for briks to mend the cherch walle iiij^ 

tern for iiij tomed pynes to Joyne y« stones together iiij** 

184 1576 

It«m payd to semer for helpyng the plomer vj^ 

[t6m payd to semer for Rynggyne the aemiond bell for y* laste 

yer&forthys iiij" 

It«m payd for one homyley agaeynst Rebellyon iiij** 

Item for led y* was ocupyed by the plomer j* 

Item for paper for y* ester bouke j** 

Summa alloeationum xij^ viij^ 

Stfmma B/boeptarum xxiiij^ x* vj^ 

So remaneth to the next churchwardens xij^* ix* x*^ 

157 a] The fall Aocompt made on lowe sondaye anno dommi 1575 
according to the old custome there remaiueth to the parrishe xij^ ix" x<^ 
the which some is deliverid to the new churchwardons the day above 
written in the presence of the Auditors apointed for the same whose 
names follow 

William Burwell, by me John Howell John pooley John Goodwin 
Ecclena beata marie iuxto forum. Eleccio gardiauorum eccl^^ie pedicle 
ibidem facta die lune in ebdomada posche Anno Regni 'Regine Elizabethe 

Johannes Baxster vnt^ bedellorum Academie Cant' ac vwu gardian- 
orwn ecclene predicte elegit vuum videlicet Yfillelmum Burwell Johannes 
Goodwin \mu aV gardianor^m elegit ma^^nnn willelmum ffoxton vntini 
alderman* ville Caxitabrigie Qui quidem duo eligerunt sibi Sex videlicet 
jnoffistrum Cristoferum ffletcher vnnm aP alderm' dicto ville Edwardum 
Hall Johannem Howell Johannem poolye vfillelmum Bosom & michaelem 
wulfe Qui quidem octo eligertin^ in gardianoe ecoleeie ^edicte pro hoc 
anno venturo videlicet Leonardum Tayler Johannem Mosse 

[Fol. 157 b blank.] 

158 a] The Acount of m' baxter & Jhon Goodwin for all shiche money 
& Rentes as thay have Resaived To the Ewes of the chorche by vertew of 
thar offise the whiche acownt thai have y elided vnto the awditorse 
apoynted acording to y* costom of the parishe 

Item deceived of m' foxtou & m' doctter warde that wos dew 

vnto the chorche by thar acownt as aperethe by this bocke xij" ix* x^ 

Item "Received of m' baxter for the bachilers Ivj* viij*^ 

Item Received of m' stockes for the masters of art ^nij" 

Item Received of m' Bay for the Rent of the land vj* 

Item Recett^ of Jhon Goodwin for the Ren of the chamber 

ower the allmos bowses viij* 

Resaived of m' bosom for his palle iiij<^ 

Received of Tomas Jacson for the Rent of the shop at the 

chorch end ... ... ... ... ... iiij' 

Received of wedow dowsey for the Rent of the grownd wher the 

chimni stondeth xij^ 

1576 185 

'Received of goodman Tomaone for the Rent of grownde y* he 

uA V Dell/ OI ••■ ... «,« ... ••• ••• ... TJ 

Rseeived of Qoodman pariahe of chesterton for sartain medow 

in Chesterton xiiij^ 

'St eoeiwd at Eutor em aporothe by the book 

'Received of m** bariaon for the brecking the grownd in the 

chorch for the boriall of his wif vj" viij*> 

17" 2« 2'» 

158 b] The chargis laide owt by m'' baxtter & Jhon Goodwine for all 
shiche Reprasyons the oewrets wagies & wother neseysaries as a{i6rtainethe 
vnto the chorche whar of we a^k alowenoe 

Item paide to the Cewrat for his yers wages viij" xiij* iiij** 

It^m to m' nmiere for maraeymente for the clay that laye 

at the west ende of the chorche iiij^i 

Ittfm for a sance bell Rope iiij^' 

Item for mending of ij bell Ropes xv** 

Item for ix yards of pavinge agenst the west end of the chorche ij" iij** 

Item for ij lode of sande xiiij*' 

Item paid for the mending the ghise in the chorche that 

dawson had ... ij» 

Item for a Rope for the fore Bell ij" iiij<> 

Item paide to the treserowrs for the Rent of y* allmes bans ... xij* 

Item for bromes for y® chorche iiij** 

Item paid to the careriers away of the filthe abowt the chorche 

for the half yer ... iiij« 

Item for nailles at times for the mending of the setes vj^i 

Item for oylle for the bellis ij^ 

Item owr charges at the vesitasion iij" iiij<> 

Item for Eley farthinges x** ob 

Item paid to m' Ridge for the Resait of owr bill iiij'* 

Item paid for iiij pownd of candell xij^ 

Item for oomminion bred for the boll yere viij<* 

Item for wine at m' baxtors xx" 

Item to semer for washing the clothes ij* 

Item to semer for Ringing the bell ij* 

Item for laieng of a gray stone xij<i 

Item for \vli^t to make y" ester bocke and wother paper ... ij<> 

xj" iiij** ob 

159 a] John good win his aocompt 

The full accompt made on lowo sondaye anno 1576 according to the 
olde custome there &, so remanith to the parrissh the Som of xvj" x* vj<* 
the whiche Som is delinerd to the newe churchwardens the daye above 
written which be theise two m' Leonard Taylor & John mosse Also 
ther resteth to be gathered vpp of John goodwins aocompt which hadd not 

186 1577 

paid at his Aocompfc making the Som of zij' v^ The hole Som of all 
that the newe churchwardens are charged wtth ys xvij" ij* xj'* 

by my leonard taylor 
bye me John Moese 

In wytnes of thes mene 

Christofor fletchar 
William burwell 
John Howell 
John pooley 
leonard taylor 
mychaell wolfe 
Thomas brydon 

159 b] The election of the churchwardens of the parishe of great sainte 
Maries iuxta forum had and made on Ester monday anno donuni 1577 
according to the auncient Custome of the said perrishe by the churche 
wardens of the said parishe namely Leonard Taylor hathe chosen 
M^* Christopher fletcher ald<^rman And Jhon mosse hath chosen M^" Iho72 
poolye and these two hath chosen M' fletcher hath chosen 

M'^ foxon 
M' Howell m' goodwin 
and Richard philo 

Jhon pooly hath chosen 

doctor warde 
m' burwell 
and m*^ baxstar 

And these eight hath chosen churchewardens for the yeare following 
Jhon Sheres and Thomas medcalfe 

Auditors for the yeare followinge the electors above namid 

Collectores for the poore wer 
ni' bosan 
m' howell 

The pa/ishe also hathe chosen for the overseers off having off a nett 
and other like Engines for the destruction off vermiue the same i^efsones 
that laAt wer elected for the same purpose and for sessing thos that wer 
Landeil & had tithes in the parishe according to a statut mad in that 
behalf anno Begine Klizahethe 8<* thes vj persons 

John Sheres hath chosen Thomas medcalff hath chosen 
mF burwell m' Leonard 

m' bosoum Thomas manning 

m' pooley lohn howell 

The overseers for y« hye wayes William Chapman Talour 

1577 187 

160 a] The Acountte of m' Lenerd Tayler and John MoHse for all Sucho 
monye and Rentes as they have Reoeyved to the ense of the i>ary8he 
Churche by vertewe of ther offyoe the wyche Acoutite they hav» yelded 
vnto the Audytors ajmynted acordyng to the custome of the fiaryshe the 
21^ of aprelle 1577 and in the nyntenethe yeare of the Rayne of owre 
soverayne Ladye Elyzabethe by the grace of god oft* England france & 
lerlonde quene defendowors of the foythe etc. 
Inprimis we Received of m' Baxter & m' Goixlwyne y^ was 

dewe vnto the cbiux^he by there acounte the soume of ... xvj^' x" vj** 

ReonVeci of m' baxter for the bachelers liij" 

Received of lohn goodwyne for the Rente of the chamber over 

the almes bowses >iij« 

Received of m' Raye for the Rente of the land vj* 

Received of thomas Jacksone for the rente of the shope of the 

churche end iiij* 

Received of goodmane paryshe of chestertone for the Rente 

ofmedowe xiiij** 

Received of Tonisone for the Rente of grounde wAtch he bathe 

' ^3 A tA7 ''&«■• ••• «•• ••■ ••• *•• ••• ••• VI 

Remi^ of m' bosanie for hys i>alle iiij^ 

Receiped of wedowe dowse for the Rente of the chenineye ... xij<* 
more we have Received of the xij* \'^ which we were charged to 

gather v))e ... iiij« v** 

Item oure Easter boke as aperethe comethe to x" vij' 4^ 

20" 8» n^ 

Som of the Resseitts ys xxx" xvj' iij** 

100 b] The Carges Ltiyde oute by m' Lenarde Tayler and John Mosse 
for all suche Repemsyons the ciuatts wages and other nesecaryes as 
aperteynethe to the churche wherof we crave alowance the 21^ of 
aprell 1577 

In primis jiayde to the curatte for hys holle yeares wages viij^ xiij' iiij^ 
Item payd at the xysetacione for oure dyners and supers and 

for horse mette with the queste mene ix* vj** 

Item payde to the Joyner for the seate makine for m" goode xxj* 

Item for gemous ft nayles for the dore x\'** 

Item {wyde to m*" baxter for the makine of the goinge vp into 

the ptilpete wtth the lemge worke v' iiij<* 

Item payde for wyne to m' baxter for the comunyone xvj« viij** 

Item more gevene to semure for wynne one new yeares daye xiiij^ 

Item payde more to m' burwell for wyne for the communyon 

thys ester tyme viij* v^ 

Item for communone brede for the holl yeare xj^ 

Item for oure byll of arteclos at the vysetacion vj<^ 

188 1577 

Item payd to wt^iam waters when we put vp oure byll of 

presentment iiij** 

Item pAyd to a lode of pebells to (Mtve the strete to greme ... iiij* 

Item for the Caredge of the same stone iiij^ 

Item payde vnto Chrystover martyne for v\j loode of sande 

for the paver iij" vj^ 

Item payde vnto Danyell brentte & Edwarde crumpe for the 

pavynge of Ij yards x* 

Item payd to yrUltam semure for washynge of the churche 

clothes Rynginge of the belle for the hoU yeare iiij" 

Item jmyde for sweppinge of the churche over hede to croftes 

lUIUlC ••• .•• ■•• ■•■ ••• .*• ••• >•• J 

Item |)ayd for the hewinge of toe postes wAich standethe by 

the churche walle to Rowlond the carpendowre viij^ 

Item payd to the coleckterers for the skavengers for the holl 
yeare and for carynge awaye of the Rubyshe when they 

LNaV oU ... ••■ •*• ••• ••• *•• ••• ••• 1 A VI 

Item for elye farthynges payde to Rydge x** ob 

Item gevene to the Ryngers one the quenes daye viij'^ 

Item i>ayde to John Shores for a servys boke vij* vj*^ 

Item payd to the tresorers for the Rente of the almes bowses xij** 

Item gevene to m' wells for the mynester y^ dyd heljie hyme one 

chrysmas daye xij<* 

Item geuene to semure for candell for the hoUe yeare 

Item for mendynge of the fframe for the belle . . . 

Item i>ayde to semiu« ffor oyle for the bells 

Item gevene to semure for nayles & bromes 

Item payd to crofte for the mendynge of the churche walle ... ij" 

14. 7. 2 

Item for paper for the easter boke & pai)er at other tymes ... ij^ 

Item to arthore glaser for mendynge all the wyndowes abowte 

the chiux^he savj'nge the stepelle one xxvj* 

15. 3. 4 

Som of the allocac»6ns ys xv^ iij' iiij^ ob 
15. 12. 11 

161 a] The fiill acoompt of m' leonard taylor & lohn Mosse Chim^h- 
wardens taken on lowe Sonday in anno 1577 according to the olde 
costome of the parisshe of great S^ marie, & so remayneth to the forsatd 
parisshe by the fomamed churchwardens the Som of ffivetene pounds 
twelve shillings & tenne pence I saye xv" xij* x** which Some ys delh)ered 
to the newe church wardens the daye & yeare above written, which 
be theise two Thomas medcalfe & lohn Sheres Also there reeteth to 
be gathered vp of theise persons following viz of m' alexander Raye 


m • m • M 



1578 189 

IMiyd for ij yeres jiaat of m" oarr a yoaro m^ Jomoa a yoaro william waters 

ft yoaFO nioholoo woot a yoaro John S tcwcupd a yoorc John Curbusster 

a yeare M' Atkinson for breaking of the grownde for his wife vj» viij** 

cristofer fletchar lohn howell lohn pooley william bosome Edward 


161 b] memorandum ther Remayneth in thands off the new church- 
wardens y'lAdicet Thomas medcalf & John Sheres thes p«roells following 

1 In primis a Silver cupp for the comunion with a cover 

2 Itetn a cope off clothe off Tissew 

3 Item a paule off black velvett 

4 Item a hanging off blew velvett for thalter 

5 Item a frontlett off* blew velvett 

6 Item a quysheu off cloth oft' Tissew 

7 Item one quyshen oft' checkerd velvett 

8 Item a pulpitt clothe off Red Sattin with garters 

9 Item a pulpitt clothe off whight Chamblett 

10 Item Two comunion clothes one off diaper the other off playne 

11 Item two surplices 

12 Item Two Towells 

13 Item an Alter clothe off canvais (y« Clark hath y^ 


14 Item A a bibles thono of geneva 

15 Item the paraphrasis vpon y^ ewAngduts & acts 

16 Item Two old communion bocks 

» 17 Item another new one with psalter and psalms 

18 Item iiij psalters 

19 Item the Organs 

Item iiij prioioiong books 

20 Item the quenes Iuiunc^um« with to other boks the same purpose 
I t em one now St yvyoo book wtth psalms in iol io 

I t e m one geneva bible 
It e m on e 

(2 leaves out out here.) 

162 a] 1678 

The Election on Easter monday (being in the yeare off ower lord a 
tbowsand fyve huudrethe seventie eight & the xx^ yeare off the raigne 
off owr soveraing lady Elizabethe &c) according to thawncient ciistome 
off the iKerishe off greate S^ maries for the church wardens off the same 
parishe for the yeare following was on this manner Thomas medcalff 
being with lohn Sheres churche wardens last yeare, did chose ether off 
them one man that ys to say Thomas medcalff chose m' christoffer 
fletcher k lohn Sheres did chose m' yrULiam burwell whitch Two tooke 

190 1578 

vnto them sixe more as followeth 

^m' foxton 
m>^ fletcher took to him <m' howell 

{Thomas maDDm; 
m' biirwell took to him ^m' baxtare} 

i m' pooly J- 



[m'JameB ) 

And the above named eight elected for the churchwardens for the yearo 
following (Thomas medcalfF 
(lohu Sheres 

and the sayd eight electoiirs to be the Aiiditours off the sayd church- 
wardens accounts at the end off their yeare 

officccers chosen by the churchwardens & the parishe for the yeare 


{QjT uoolev 
m' Leonhard 

r .Li i_- 1. fm' chapman 

overseeres for the highe wayes ■[ , , , 

° '' (John paske 

Also for oversight off vermyne, netts &c thes vj persons that were last 
yeare vidc/tc*?^ 

|m' bur well Im' leonhard 

[m' bosam cm' houell 

|m' pooly (Thomas manning 

162 b] 1578 Thiiccownt off thomas Medcalff & John Sherds, for all sutch 
mony & Bents as the said Two have recey ved to the vse off the parishe 
by vertew off their office, whitch was yelded accowntable vnto thawditours 
before appoyuted as followeth 
lupn'mis we receyved off thold churchwardens, m' taylour & 

John mosse due to the church xv" xij" 

Item Reoeyved off m' baxtar off the batchelers offi*ings ... xxxvij" 

Item ReceiVerf oft'm' Ray for the Land Rent vj« 

Item B^ceived off Thomas Jackson for shopp rent vnder the 

Oveiiie ••• ••• ••• ••• ... •>. ... .•* J 

Item Received of lohn Thomson for the peace off grownd that 

he built vpon vj<* 

Ite;;^ Received off widow dow*sey for the grownd wherupon 

is built a chilmney xij** 

Item Received off goodwine for the chamber over thalmesse 

tlOUlSdl •«. •.• •.. ••• ... •** ••. ••• VllJ 

Item Recetz^ of m' bosam for his pale iiij*^ 

Iteni Received off paris off chesterton for the meddow xvj** 


Item Received ofi' the m' off Arts for the Last yeare v' x<* 

Item Received off m' James for his last years easter book . . . iiij* 



vj« viij* 
vj8 viijd 

vj« viij* 
vij* ix** 

y viij« 

Item Vieceived of m' burwoll for breaking the grownd iu the 

church for his wiff 

Item "Received off m' fletcher for breaking the giownd in the 

church for his doughter mary 

\iein Received off m' Ray for his easter book for two yeares past 

1676 & 1577 ... ... ... ... ... ••. 

Item off m' bastar for the m' off Arts 
Itc^;i Received off lohu Steuard, william waters, mchola^ neast 

for their easter book, the wAtch were chai*ged wi^'th all 
Item Received at Easter as aporeth by ouer book 

Summa totalis Receptorum zxxj*^ xj" vj<* ob 

(A leaf out out here.) 

163 a] Allocations, wheroff the sayd Two churchwardens, request to 

have, allowed them 

IniWmis payd vnto m' wells the minister for the whole 

yeare viij« xiij« iiij<» 

Item at the visitation, at caxton for all charges 

Item iMiyd for wyne for thole yeare 

Item for comiuiion bread for the whole yearo 

Item payd for 2 papers vnto the comissioners, towchiug cathe 

viom*!r ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item payd vnto Seamer for washing the clothes 
Item payd vnto him for Ringing the Sermon bell 

Item for a paper off the degrees off marriag 

Item for glasing part of the steple end, and that was owyng to 

ciu-busher by y old churchwardens 

Item for ij barrs off Iron to fasten the glasse ther 

Item payd vnto the Scavingers for the whole yeare 

Item {Kiyd >'nto the pavier for paving all alonge the sowth syde 

the church & mending other places 

Ite^i for peble to piwe the same place 

Itetn for ii\j loads off' Sand 

Itei7i for carriadge oft* the Sayd peble and avoyding the Rub- 

"■'BUO ... •.• ••« ••* *•* •«. ... 

Item for the almisse howses vnto y« threasurers 

Item paid for a ballrick to y« Sermon bell 

Item to Seamer for laying mistress burwells stone and mending 

the churcho pavement 

I teffi for an englyshe geneva bible 

Item for a table off y^ X comaundenients 

Item payd when Jackson had his Lease Sealed 

Item payd for mending the glasse windows abowt y" church . 
Item for besoms for the yeare 


xxiij* j** ob 



vj« viij<* 

viij" vj** 

xi» vj** 

• • • • • • J 




vij» viij 




• • • ft • 

• • • • • 

• • • • ■ 


• « ■ • • 


• • • • • 


• • « m • 


• • • • • 


• • • • • 

■ ■ ■ • J 


Item for oaudellH & ij candelktiks 

Item for oyle and uayles 

lUini for Ely farthyugs to M' Ridge 

Item to banies for shewing vb y* parishe lond . . . 
Item for paving the Entiy by m' boHoni shopp end 
Item payd at the delyvering owr qtMzrter bilk ... 

Item for a bell rope 

Ite^Tt for paper 8[)ent in the whole yeare 

Sumf^ia totalin alloca^umum xiiij^ ij' 

So re»teth to the parishe in our hands xv\j^ 

163 b] The full accowut ofi' Thomas medcalff and John Sheres church- 
wardens taken on Low sonday anno 1578 according vuto thold custonie off 
the iMzrishe of great S^ marys, and so remayneth to the forsayd parishe in 
the hands off the sayd churchwardens the sum off seventenn pow^nds 
viij* xj**, whitch sum ys delyvered by the awditours vnto the new church- 
wardens being the sayd Thomas medcalff and John Shores the day and 
yeare above wrytten also they ar charged with m' atkinson for laying his 
wyft' in the church vj' 8^ and m^ bak e r his oa s tor book m'' Bay his oaotor 
book Edward gooro and ourbuah e r for Two y e aro s in the presence off 
m' foxton 

christofer fletchar m*^ burwell sent his consent 

lohn pooley 

lohn Howell 

by me william burwell 

164 a] The election being made v))on east^r monday according to 
thawucyent custome off' the parishe in the yeare off off lord god a 
thowsand fyve hundred seventy nine (off the churchwardens) was in 
this manner Thomas medcalff hathe chosen m'' christover iletcher & John 
Sheres hathe chosene m' d' ward and thes two above elected hath chasen 
to them sixe more vid^tce;^ 

im' foxton 
m' fletcher hathe to him <m' leonhard taylor 

(m' howell 

(m^ burwell 
m' d' ward hathe to him <m' baxtar 

Im' pooly • 

And for churchwardens the above named eight have chosen william 

sparrow & John {)ask for the yeare cnsewyng 

^ J. 1 , . 1 fJohn littelchild 

Overseeres for the hmhe waves {. . ,, 

•^ (John matheu 

for the pore John narck & newman Chaundeler 

1579 193 

164 b] the Accownts off thomas medcalff & John Shores churchwardens 
off all suche summes off mony & Rents by them Reoeyvd to thvse off the 
parishe by vertue off their ofiyce w^tch aocownt was yelded vnto the 
Awditours appoynted for that purpose according to the custome off the 
porishe vpon Lowe sonday in Anno 1579 As foUowethe 

Inprtmis Remaining in ower hands at ower last accownt to the 

vse of the parishe xvij** viij" xj* 

tern Receyved off Thomas Jackson for the shopp x* 

tern Receyved off m' baxtar for the batcheleres lij* 

iem Beceived off m"" Stoke* for the m' off Artes yj« viij* 

tern Received off Adison for the chilmney in y* churchyard ... xij*' 

t^fii R^^jeti^ oft* m' boeam for his pale iiij^ 

iem Received off paris off chesterton for y* medow ••. ... xvj^ 
tern Received off m' Qoodwyiie for thalmesse chambers for 

na i f year ••• ..• ••• ... ••• ••• ... J 

tern Received off m' Ray for the lond vj' 

tern Received off thomson for the grownd wAtch he bylt on ... vj^ 

tern Received off m' R^y for his last years easier book . . . iij* 

tem Received off m' Ray for his licence wAtch was gy ven to y* ij* iiij^ 

• • •• • •J 

I'vVJXv ••• •*. ... .a. ••• ••* ••• ..• MA *^'J 

tern Received off m' Ray for breaking the grownd for henry Ray yj* vi\i^ 
tern Received off certayne clare hall men at their Receyving at 

Christmas ... ... ... ... ••. ... ... iiij^ 

tern Received off Curbersher for his oftrings last yeare xij<> 

tern Recett^ At Easter the offerings as apeareth by our book xj" xij* x** 
iem Received off m' nichols for breaking the grownd at the 

buriall off his wyff vj" viij<* 

Item Received off m** goodwyne for y* latere half off his rent 

being on a new covenaunt and he having a lease promised, 

at xiij« iiij<> y« yeare vj« viij** 

the Sum off the Receipts xxxiiij^ vij* xj<^ 

165 a] Allocations demaunded by the said Two churchwardens Thomas 
medcalff & John Shores 

Inprtmis payd to henry Sadler, alias Alcoke, at the taking off 

brabands Sonne xl» 

Item to the smyth for iij barrs off Iron to stranthen the 

window in the weast end xviij«* 

Item to m' wells for serving vs in the ministrie a yeare viij^ xiij* iiij<^ 

Item for a paper book made for the collection off the poore ... xij<^ 

Item for iij casments off Iron for the sowthe syde off y* church xWij" 

Item to the glasier xij*' 

Item to the plumer vj» iiij<i 

Item to carrow for earning ij lodes off filth at j* commensment viij^ 

Item for mending the herse & Iron plates to y* same v* vj<i 

C. A. 8. Octavo Senes. No. XXXV. 13 



Iteni for half bushell off cooles to the plummer 

It<?f/i to the skavingers for the whole jeare 

Item for clay, splents, & workmanshipp to thalniesse homten ... 

Item for a load sand & paving at the weast eand 

Item paper to seamier 

Item for mending the funt cover 

Item for An Iron barr and a lock for the funt 

Item for mending the kay to d' hatyers doore 

Ite77i for Iron to the great bell 

Item for taking downe the whole wyndow at the southe syde 
over agaynst thalmeaae seatee And setting yt vp agayne 
and mending the same 

Item for mending the Jemalls to the seat wheare thaldermen sytt 

Item to the threasoures for thalmesse howse growud 

Item for ower horse hier, to caxton 

Itefn for ower dinner at the visitation 

Item for ower supper & for bills 

Item payd to seamer for Ringing the Sermond bell 

Item for nay les for the plates to the herse 

Item for JemoUs to d' wards seat and m' fletchers 

Item for x bushells lyme to barakar to mend the church yard 


vj" vny' 



xxij* vj<* 


•• • • 



• ■ « • a 


vVcUXC} ••• ••• ... ... .•• ••• *•• 

Item for fowr skoore & tenn bricks 

Item for workmanshipp to barakar & his two men 3 days 
Item for 28^ sodder & workmanshipp on the leades 

Item for wyne all the yeare 

Item for v" candell 

Ite7/i for Sand & peble with workmanshipp 

• • "^ • • • • J 



^f^ viij*^ 

XXV" ^j* 

... xxvuj" nij'* 

• • • ^LJL 

166 b] 


v* ob 
vj* ob 


X** ob 

Item for besomes 

Item for bread 

Item for oyle 

Item for washing the clothes to Seamer 

Item for nales 

Item Ely farthings to m' Ridge 

Summa Allocationum xix" xj« xj* ob 

So ther remayneth in ower hands to thuse off the porishe in mony the 
sum oft' xiiij" xvj* 

the full Accownts off" John Sheres & Thomas medcalff churchwardens 
taken on Low sondaye 1579 according vnto thawncient custome ofi" the 
parishe taken by the Awditours appoynted to that purposse, ther rest- 
ethe in mony wAich ys de^ii'ered vnto the. new churchwardens vfiUiam 
Sparrow & John pask the sum off fourtenn pownds sixten shillings, also 

1580 195 

they stand charged wtth all sutch Implementa as ar named in the 
first yeare off' Thomas medcalf & John sheres. & have to gather the 
easter books & ofirings off m*" provost mistress mordan, m*^ James, good- 
man linse, Arthure leache & m' wolff in S^ edwards yet abiding & also 
off m' Atkinson for breakinge vp the grownd vj' viij^. in the presence off 

christofer fletchar 

John howell 

John pooley Thomas mannynge 

166 a] Item delyvwd to the now ohurohw a rd e ns mor e —, ^<ih 

thes are to paye m * ^ pwvo e t v* 

m*^ James iiij' 

mii)tg0 8 o mordan ij ' 

Arthure Leache xvj* 


m' wolff the butcher 

baylie Atkinson vj* viij'* 

166 b] The Election being made vpon Ester monday accordinge to 
thaunsiente cvstom of the paryshe in the yere of ot«r lorde god 1580 of the 
cliyrche wardenes wtis in this manner william sparrowe haue hathe chosen 
m*^ howell & JoAn paske haue chosen m' baxster & these two haue Ck)een 
these eight as folio weth for the Election for this yeare Anno 1580 

william sparowe hathe Coeen /m' fletcher 

m' howell 

I m*" foxeton 

[Thomas meatcalf 

John pask haue Coeen m' boxtor \ 

m' poly I 

m' brydon | 

m' bossamj 

And for the chiuxihe wardens these eight haue chosen william sparrowe 

& John pask for the year Ensuinge Anno 1580 

_ ...... A xu fCobbe butcher & 

Overseeres for the highe wayes Are these -[, . .„. 

° '' (lavraunch Williamson 

Colecfcores for The pore Are these -([blank] 

167 a] The Accounte of william sparrowe & John paske of all suche 
moneye & Rentes As thaye haue deceived for vse of the paryshe by 
vertew of ther Offes whiche was yelded Accountable vnto Thawditours 
before Appoyntd as folloiceth Anno 1579 

Inprimtf we "Received of the owlde Chorche wardens John Sheres 

Thomas meatcalfe dwe to the church the svm of xliij^ xvj' 

Received of m' Baxster for the batchellers Ofteryng iij" xy« 8* 

Received of m' stoke* for the m" of Arte viij" ix** 

Received of Thomas Jackeson for the Rent of his shoppe ... x* 




'Received of 
Received of 
Received of 
Received of 
Received of 
Received of 
RecetV^d of 
Received at 


m' boBsam for his pale 

m' Alltexandr Raye for the Rent of londe ... 
tompaon for the grownde that he bilte on ... 

m' praveis for the last Easter 

ni" morden for the last yeare 

m' goodwen for the Almes howses Chambers 
the owlde churche wardens the last yeare ... 
£ast«r as apperethe by our book 

of the Recaytes oommeth To the som of xxxj" vj" viij** ob 

« ■ • • J 






xiij* 4d 

xj* ob 


xvj" ij«> 

67 b] The chargis layde out for the churche by william sparrowe & John 
paske for all suche Reparations As belongethe to the chorche as the 
mynnesters wagis & other necessaryes wAtch we Aske alowauns 

nprimts paid to the mynnester for his wagis A yeare Endinge 

at our ladyes daye viij^ xiij" iiij*^ 

ieni ixiid to the treasurers for y® halfe years Rent 

tern patd to semer for Ringingc the sarmon bell & for 
wayshinge the Communion clothe 

tern paid for mendinge of the Chorche Kye to bracher 

tem \xiid for iij gemmeis for seate dores & nay Is 

tern ixiid for (lavinge of the stret next the pompe 

iem pertd to the skeaveingers for the hole yeare 

tem paid for A casement of the northe syde of the chorche 

tem paid to the plom;ner for 2lxxv^* of soder for the chorch 

tem paid him for iiij dayes work & his boye y daycs ... 

tem paid for wood & Coles 

t^m paid for waxe & nayles 

tem paid for iij hordes to laye vnder the leade .. 

t^/i paid for horse hyre to the visitation 

tem paid for our suppers at nighte 

tem paid for y« bill of Articiles 

tem paid for Oyle for the belles 

tem paid for Elye farthens to m' Ridge 

tem paid for paper 

tem paid for nayles to amend a seate & bromes 

tem paid for v** of candills 

tem paid for A baldrycke for the bell 

tefn paid for delyvering vpjie a bill of Articiles 

tem paid for bromes mor Agenst Estr 

tem paid for communion breade 

tem paid for wyne All the hole yeare 

Svmma totalis that we Crave Alowaunce^ for is Just xiij" iij" j<* ob 

So ther Remaynethe in oter hands to The vse of the ^Mrishe the 










xxuj* nij" 




. • • . 


• • • • a 



xvij** ob 


. . . . • 


• •■ • • • J 
xxij* nj" 

som of 

xviij" iiij" vj** ob 
in redy money 

1581 197 

The full aoount made on lowe sonday Anno 1580 aocordinge to the 
owlde cvstom of the paryshe so ther Remaynethe dwe to the chyrche the 
svm of eightne pownds three shillings seven i>enoe of whiche sym of 
xviij" iij* & vij«* ob delyvered to the newe chyrche wardens the daye 
& yeare Abowe Wrytten in the presence of the Avditoris appoynted for 
the same whose names foUowethe chyrchewardenee now these william 
sparrowe John paske 

christofor fletchar 

William foxton 

John bacster 

John pooley > 

168 a] x» aprilis 1580 

Item ther is dwe to the ptiryshe for y* last yeare not yett reoeyved as 
followeth Anno 1580 which is to he gatherd 

In p i^ 'mifl m'^ d*" WO fde rr: m m m m 777 ¥*-HJ** 

m' Raye Alderman iij* 

m' Chadderton 

m' Jeames 

ui (NJsKer ••• ■•■ ••• ••• ••• •-• ••• ••• A 

philltpi)e scarlet vj** 

Arther leache glaser for ij yers to the chorche 

m' d' bright 

m maif neii ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ■•• ••■ ij 

Ryehard mason 

More ohomalMf & his wyffo .n rr? rn -m n-. sij^ 

Lyttill Childe wyffe 

Addiflon for his Chomny — m m wn r^^ zr-, —. «j** 

parry s ho for Bent of modowo tt-. m m rvs m sv^ 

m' atkinson for his wyflSas buriall vj* 8** 

to Recey\'e of m' Reye for his lyseins that shode [be] for the 

• a^ • • • mj^ 

UCIl lU • • • ••• •*• ••• ••• ••• «•■ ••• 11 ^^'J 

more ohoomakor & hio woyffo —, tt-, vn —. tt^ xi j** 

christofor fletchar 
William foxton 
John bacster 
John pooley 

leonard taylor 

168 b] The Election beinge made N^pon Easter mondaye Acordinge to 
the annsient Ovstom of the parryshe in the yeare of ottr Lorde god Anno 
1581 for the chvrche wardens was in this manner william sparrowe haue 



chosen m' foxton Jtiai^ maior & John pft9k lohn pask haue Chosen 
m' haxter & these eight following have Chosen y* newe church wardens 

m' mason m' baxter \ ^v , , -mi * * 

m' fl«tcher m' d' warf *''^„^J "^"^ " Chapm«. fyah- 

m' howell m' bosam | Tk# /x SL«f 

loF meatcalf lohn Sheres; 

oueraeera for the heyghe wayes ar thes Thomas bradshawe Thomas 

Colectorers for the pore are thes edmonde smalwode John fytswicke 

169 a] The Monie of wUliam sparrowe & lohn paske for all suche moneye 

& Rentes As thay haue Received for the vse of y^ parrysh By vertewe 

of ther offes whiche was yelded Accountable vnto The aditories Appoynted 

for y^ same as foUowethe 

AnTio 1680 

Inprimis ther Rest in onr hands As Appereth by our former 

Account y« last yeare the som of xviij^ iij* 7** 

"Received of parryshe of chesterton for y* Rent of Certen londe 

J y*'*""*' ■■* *** **■ ■•■ *■* ••• >•• ••• 
Received of M' Baker for his Easter book by Reson of his 

aX KiXSdjV/ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Received of m' stokes for iiij^' vj taaster of Arte 
Received of Ry chard mason for his offren y* last yeare ... 

Received of m' doctor warde for y* last year 

Received of m' bossam for his pale 

Received of Chrystover Addison for his Chemny ij years 
Received of m*" goodwen for Rent of his Chambers 

Received of Thomas Jackson for his howse 

Received of Thompson for grownd to his howse 

Received for the Easter book As Apperethe bye y tt 

Svmma totalis xxx** xvij« ix<* 


■ • « _ • • • • J 

iij' nij* 
vij" ij^ 


* * * * Jk 


xiij* 4<* 



169 b] Chargis layd owt for The Chorche By wiliiam sparrowe And 
John paske for all suche Reparacions As belougethe to the Chorche As the 
mynnesters wagis And other necessaries wAich we Aske Alowaims for 
As ffoUowethe Anno 1581 

InprimM paid to y* mynnester for his wagis y« hole yeare viij" xiij* 4** 

Item pa»d to the treasiers for A yeare ending at our ladis day xij^ 

Item paid for bromes ij* 

Item paid for A bell Rope 

Item paid semer for Ringynge ye sarmon bell & wayshing y* 

Communon Clothe y* hoi yeare 

Item paid for A baldrycke for y« sarmon bell 

Iteni paid for A book of prayers for y« chorche 

Item paid for A basket 



• • • 9^ 



• • ■ ft J 




It«m for horse hyre at 7« visitasion 

Ittfm paid for oi«r suppers at night 

It«m paid for Elie farthens 

Item paid for A casement of y* northe syd of y* chorche 

Item potd for a bell Rope to willington 

Item paid for iij loods of stonns for y« west End of y* chorche 

It^in paid for makiug Oleane of y« stret at Chysmes 

It^m pa»d for IX loods of sand 

Item paid for pa^'ying of Iviij yeards of y« stret of y« west End 

■■•' 'J WM ■«• ■•• ••« ••• ••• •«■ •■• ••• 

It^m paid fcHT Caridge of iij loods of stonis 

Item paid for Commimibn bred at Easter 

Item paid for delivering vpp of our bill to y^ officiall 

Item paid for ij loods of g[r]eat stones for y® south syd of 

VyUVXV'Uv *«• ••• •»« ••• ••« ■•« aai (aa 

It«m paid for iiij loods of sand 

It^m paid to y« paver for xxxv yeards 

It«m paid for A {tayer of gemmeis for m*" baxsters seat 
Item paid for making Clean of ^'^ stret on Ayshwednsday 
Item paid for making Clcane y<^ stret at Easter ... 
Item paid to y« glaser for newe leading of xij foote 
It^m paid for two foot of newe glasse 

Item paid for mending of v^^ xij holes 

It^m paid for Caiidills for y« chorch 

lU?in iMttd for oyle & nayls 

Item paid for bread at soondry t3rm8 

Item paid for wyne for y« hole yeare 

Svmma totalis which we 

Crawe Alowanns for is xiiij" xix" ix** 

So ther Rest in (nir hands to the vse of y* parrysh in Redy 
mony the som of 

mor m' Baxter is to paye for y* bochellers 

Received all y* soyd mony of hi' baxter So ther Rest in all dwe to 
y*^ parryshe in mony which is delivered to the newe churche wardens 
M^" John Cuthbart & m' Chapman the som of xix" ij" 

• • • ■ 

. • • 

x«* ob 





■ • • • ■ 

ij" nij<* 
vij* iij** 




• ■ '■ 



IX" mj 


xv" xviij" 

• • 'ii • * • •• 
iij" inj" 

170 a] Inprimis there is due to y* paryshe for y* last year & for y« year 
before that as followeth not yet gathered as followeth Anno 

M' Raye for y« Rent of his lond A year dve To the paryshe 

Anno 1580 ... ... ,,. ... ... ... ... vj" 

phillippe scarlet for ij yearis dwe xij<* 

Arthor l e ooh e ij yoaroo 
mf dr Bridght ij ymam i 

V* vij" 

200 1582 

sellers his wyffe j year 

m'-a mytho & hi a wyffo j yoare 
Donynngton & his wyffo j yoftg e 
John Allen & his wyfie 1 year 
g oodwyfFo oookor j ycaro 
Dowes & his wyffe 
LyttiU Childe 

R«owwd of d brytte 

• • • ■ • • 

VIJ" vj" 

lUceived of doryngton 

••• ••• 


Received of John nyxson . . . 

• • • « ■ • 

• • "..1 


Received of elsabethe Cade . . . 

» > « • • • 

Received of John Cotton 

• • • » • • 


Received of m' prouoste t" 

R^ctfitwd of m' baker v* 

Received of m' Thomas for breakynge the grounde for tn*^ John 

soeares ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• < j v iij 

R«cc»Ved of goodwyffe Backer vj** 

170 b] 1582 

The election on easter mundaye beyng in the yearo of our lorde 1582 

aocordynge to the auntiente Ciistome of the jvirishe of grayte saynte 

maryes for the churche wardens of the same perHshe for the yeare 

foUowynge was one thys maner, John Chapman beynge Wf'th John 

Cutbarte churche wardens dyd chose ether of them on man that ys to 

saye John Chapman dyd chose m' Christofier flecher, and John Cutbarte 

dyd chose m*^ doctor warde, wAich two toke vnto them sixe more, as 


M*^ fozton 

M<^ flecher toke to hym - M' medcalfe 

M' fyloe 

M' baxter 

M' docter warde tokeV M' burwell 

M' polye 

And the Above namyd eaight electyd for the Churchewardens for the 

- „ (John Chapman 

yeare foUowynge {j^j^^ ^^ 

And the sayd eighte electors to be auditoures of the Churchewardens 
aocownts for the yeare foUowynge 

171 a] 1582 

The aocounte of John Chapman and John Cutbarte for all shutche 
mony as the sayd Two haue Receyuyd to the vse of the parishe, by the 
yertew of ther offyce, whitche was yelded accoimtable vnto thawditours 
before apoyntyd as followethe 



1582 201 

Inpnmis we Reoeyuyd of the olde Churchewardens wyllyam 

sparowe and John pask due to the Cburche xix" ij' 

M. OBijfV •■• ••• «•• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• 21a IJ 

R«oA«et/ of docter br jtte vij« vj** 

Recetimf of M*^ proiioste of EyngH Colltf^jre v 

Received of 'My hoker v* 

Received of M' Thouias for brekeynge the grounde in the 

cnurcne ■•• •.. •■• ••• •■• ••• ••• ... >j viij 

Received of dyuers persons for ther offerynga the yeare before ij" iij** 

Received of {Kiryshe of cheMterton for certayne lande xvj*' 

Received of John Tomaonne for the grounde he builte on ... vj** 

R«on«0flf of m<^ bosame for hys pale iiij*' 

B«cet'v0cf of m' amythe for hys lande x" 

Received of ni' gamble for brekynge the grounde in the Churche 

and layinge yt Agayne x» 

deceived of m*^ goodwyne for Rente of the chambers ouer the 

Almea howesays xiij* iiij** 

Received of Thomas Jacaon for the Rente of hys 8ho{)e ... x" 

Received of goodman Adyson for hys Chemney xij^ 

Receited of ni' stokes for the Masters of Arte v' 

Received of m' baxter the fyrste of febniarye vj* viij** 

Received of m' baxter for the bachelers iij" vij' 

Received at caster the offeryngs as Apperethe by our boke ... 12^^ xij** 

X saye .«■ •■• •.• *.■ ... •.• •*• ... ^'j J 

Summa totalis receptoriim xxx\iij** xiiij' vij** 

171 b] The Chargys layd out by John Chapman and John Cutl)arte for 

all suche Reprasyons the curatts wagys and other nesasarys as apertay- 
nethe vnto the churche whereoff they aske alowaunce 

as foUowethe 
Inpnmis payd to the mynester for the whole yeare ... viij^* xiij* iiij*^ 
Item to seymer for Ryngynge the sermon bell and washynge 

the clothes ..• iiij" 

Item payd to Artor leche for mendynge the wyudoes viij" iiij<^ 

Item payd seymer for broumes iiijd 

Item payd to father Kendall for xviij^* and a halfe of soder ... xij* iiij<* 

Item for iij dayes worke for hym and hys boye iiij" 

Item for coles for the plumfner xiiij<> 

Item for makynge cleane the churche yarde and caryage awaye xvj*' 

Item payd for iiij pounde of candells x<^ 

Item payd to the Tresiurers for the almes howssys xij** 

Item payd at the visitation for all chargys x* ij*> 

Item for elye farthyngs to M*" Rydge x** ob 

Item to seymer for a baskytt iiij<> 

Item to M' Rydge for our quarter byll iiijd 

202 1583 

Item to seynier for nay les to mende the scttes v* 

Iteu) for paper ijd 

Item for wryttynge the names of the commimicanto in the 

pafjahe to Thomas barbar vj<* 

Item payd for a Casmente ,.. v* 

Item payd to goodman oorb}'tt for myndyng the wyndowes ... iiij'vj<^ 

Item for drynke to the Ryngers on the queues daye at nyghte iij<^ 

Item payde for a six>uto of leade for the uestrye iij* v}^ 

Item payde to father Kendall for soder & workynge ij" iiij*' 

Item payde for a bell Rope xxij* 

Item ffor mendynge the bell whelle ij" 

Item for brede for the whole yeare ix** 

Item f(»r wyue for the whole yeare xxiiij" ij<* 

Summa xiij" iij" x<* 

172 a] 29» Aprilis Anno 1583 

The Aooompt of John cutbart & John chapman churchwardens taken 
the daye above sayde xiddicei 

^iixiina totolis Receptonem xxxviij'* xiiij* vij** 
S7£mma expositoruMi xiij" iij* x^ 

Re7»anet de/ii^ered to there hands in uiooney xxv" x" ix** 

Itewi to be recey^'ed by them fyrst of 

m' provost 6" 

William ward 

christofor fletchar 

vrilliaxQ foxton 

John bacster 

John hovell 
The election on easter mundaye beynge in the year of our lorde 1583 
aocordynge to the auutiente custume of the pcrryshe of grayte Sa»i< 
maryes for the churchewanlens of the same paryshe for the yeare 
foUowynge was on thys maner John Cutbai'te beinge wrth John Chapman 
Churahewardens dyd chose ether of them one man that ys to saye John 
Cutbartc dyd chcjse m*^ baxtere and Jc^n Chapman dyd chose ruF howell 
which too toke vnto them sixe more as followethe 

£' burwell 
' polye 
' bryden 
/m' Medcalfe 
Mr howell toke vnto hym -Im' nianynge 

(m' goodwyn 
And the aboue namyde eaighte electyd for the churchewardens for the 
yeare followynge Jpeter scarlytt and 

(Harye Alcoke 

1583 203 

172 b] Also yt was f^;reyd by the conaente of the ptiryshe and by the 
electors that the Churche wardens beynge Chosen for thys ycare anno 1583 
shoulde put in shuche bonde for the assuerance of the Churche stockc and 
goods of the churche as the paTyshe should lyke ofie 

ouerseeres for the heyghe wayes Are 

thes Jm' goodwyn 
, |m' wolfe 

The Accotinte of John Chapman luid John Cutbarte for all shutche 
money as the sayd Toe haue Receyuyd to the vse of the paryshe by the 

vertue of ther offyce whiche was yelded accountable vnto tbe Auditours 

Hsfore ap|)oyntyd as followethe 

t^m we Receyued at the hands of the Auditoures the yeare 

anno 1582 in money 26" 10« 9** 

tem Received of goodman beyars for brekeynge the grounde 

in the churche for a sckoUer 10* 

ttfm KtrceiVed of m' docter gode 5« 

iem Received of m^ hokcr 5" 

t^m B^ceived of m' stockes for the Mo^^^rs of Arte 8' 6"* 

teta B^ceired of m' drackes for brekeynge the grounde ... 10" 
tern deceived of docler gode for breakeynge the grounde for 

hys 2 chyldren 8" 4*^ 

tern Received of M" bosome for breakeynge the grounde for 

hyr husbande & S^ 

tern Received of m*' watson for bi'eakeynge the grounde in the 

churche for hys doughter 6" 8** 

tern Received of a londenere for brekeynge the grounde ... 10* 

t^m Received of m' parry sse of Chesterton for hys Rente ... 16** 

tern Received of goodman Tomson for hys Rente 6*^ 

t«m R«e«ir«d of m" bosom for hyr pale ... 4'* 

t^m Received of m^ smythe for hys land in the felde 10" 

tern Received of m' goodwyne for hys Chambers ouer the 

almeshowssys ' 13« 4** 

tern Received of goodman Jacson for hys shoi)e Rente ... 10" 

tern Received of goodman Adysbn for hys Chemney standynge 12*' 
tern R^eceived of Alexaimder Clarke for the style in the 

Churche walle 4«' 

Yt ys ab^o agreyd that goodman Tomson shall from hence forthe paye 

vnto the iKiryshe for hys byldynge into the Churche yarde 12** by the 

RtfonWd of m' baxter for the bachelers 4" ?■ 8<* 

Received at caster for the offeryngcs as Apperythe by our boke 

the sum of 12** 8" ij** 

sum 47"" 14" 4* 
173 b] The Chains layd out by John Chapman and John Cutbarte for 



All shuche Reprations the minester hjB wagys and other neaesaryH a8 
Apertaynethe vnto the chiirche wherof they anke alowaunoe as followethe 

tern payd to the minester for hys yeares wagys 8*^ 13" 4*^ 

tern to seynier for Ryngynge the bell and waahynge the 

^ICI vUvQ ■■• ••• •■• ••• ■•• ••• ••• ••• 4 

tern payd at my lord of Canterburye hys visitation for j boke 

ofartycles ^ 6<* 

t^m payd to hys sumner ••. ... 4^ 

tem payd to m*^ Rydge for our byll 4<* 

t^m payd for the layinge 2 graue stones 4" 

tem j>ayd for A bautricke 20* 

tern payd for A supper at the visitation & chargys 10" 

tern payd to seymer for brommes 4*^ 

t«m payd to gaodman barreker for mendynge the place where 

the holiwater stocke stoude 2" 6** 

tmi i)ayd for A bell Rope 16<* 

tem payd to m' stockes for A casment & for mendynge the 

glcVs «•• •»• ••• *.. ••* ..• ... ••• i 

t«m payd for A quarter byll 4** 

tern payd for A smale Rope 9^ 

t<;m |)ayd at Chrystmas for 3 lod&s carying in the streete ... 12* 

t^ra payd to the Treasurers 12* 

tern payd for elye farthyngs 10* ob 

t«m i)ayd at easter for the cariage of the dunge in the strecte 12* 

iem payd seymer for layinge to grauestonos 4" 

tern payd to m' norkotts boye for wrytynge the ConiTiiunicants 

in the paryshe 6* 

tem for wyne for the whole yeare 25» 6* 

tern for bread ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 11* 

t«m for 2 pounde of Candell 6* 

t«m for oyle & Coles 6* 

t^m for pa{)er 6* 

ttfm gyuen to the Ryngers on the quenes daye 4* 

t«m for mendynge the glas wyndowes 2" 4* 

74 a] The Inventorie of all suche goods as remayne in the parishe to be 
remayninge in the hands of henry Alcocke and peter scarlet ^ to lie 
delivered agayne by them at the yeres ende 

mprimis a silver cup for y' comuniou with a cover 

tem a cope of clothe of Tissue 

t^m a paule of black velvet 

iem a hangmg of blewe velvet for the Alter 

tarn a frontlet of bleu velvet 

tem a cusshion of chekered velvet 

tem a pulpet clothe of Red sattyu 

tem a pulpet clothe of whit chamlot 

1584 205 

Itwn two oomunion oloth ea ono of di a p e r & on e of pl a yn ^ cl o th e 

It^m ij surplices 

Itrai ij towelles 

Ittfin one Jeneva bible 

Item J* paraphasys 

Item iij oomunion books 

Item iij saltern 

Item the organs broken 

Ittfm they have recetVed in mony xxxv** x* 

m' baker is to paye his offringe to y* church 

Lennord glaskot is to pay & Jhon Richanlson 

The Tow bounds Rest in y« haunds of m' William foxton and 
m' wiUiauk warde doctor of phessyck 

174 b] The Electioiie one Easter mundaye in the yeare of oure Lorde 
1584 acordynge to the an^tchient ciistome of greate sayute maryes porryshe 
for the churchwardens of the same parryshe for y* years foUoinge was 
one thys maner peter Scarlete beinge weth Henrye Alcoke churchwardens 
dyd chose ether of them one mane that is to saye peter Scarlete dyd 
chose myhell wolfe and henrye Alcoke dyd chose the worshypfuU m' 
foxtoue wAich toe dyd chose syxe more to theme as followeth 

/m' baxter 
m*^ wolfe dyd chose vnto hyme im* Cutberd 

(John moese 
m' fibxtone dyd chose vnto hyme m' filecher 

m' howell 
M' Lenarde tayler 

175 a] 1583 

The Accownt of peter Scarlett and heurye Alcocke (for all sutche 
mouye and rents as the sayd Toe haue receved to the vse of the parryshe 
by the vertew of theyre offyce wich was yeaded accowuptable vnto the 
Audytors beffore apoyuted as ffollowethe 
Inprimis Receved of the chiux;hwardens precedent in monye 

thesommeof xxxv" x" 

Receved of one m' sutton ffor breakyiig the growude vj" viij** 

Receved ffor brckyng the grownd ffor m" moredeu vj" 8'* 

Receved of m' doctor warde ffor the grownde vj» 8** 

Received of m' Baker ffor his Ester booke v« 

Received of m' stookes the mcasters of Arts couunerisemeut ... v» ij** 

Receved of m' Baxter ffor the Batchclers ij himdreth 24 iij*^ xiiij* viij** 

Item of m' goodwyne ffor rent xiij" 4** 

Item of m' smy the for the church land x* 

Item of goodmann Tomson his howse xij** 

Item of M' goodman wrytte for his chymnye xij** 

Item of alexander clark for y« wall 4'* 



Item of m' doctor warde ffor his payle 

Item reoeved of goodmaii Jackson fior shopp 

Item fibr the Easter Booke fibr the hole paryshe 1584 oomtiieth 



Item reoeved of goodmaii paiyshe of chestertou 

Summa totalis Beoeptorum Iv'^ xxij^ 

xiji** ix« 8«» 



175 b] Allocations demanded by peter Scarlett and henry Alcock whereof 

they aske allowans 

Item payd to m' Duck the niynister ffor his wages 

Item payd to m*" Dry wood ffor his wages 

Item to goodman Bracher fibr mendyng the clapper bell 

Item to wyllyngton ffor mendynge a rope 

Item fibr charges ffor the visitation fibr owre suppers and 

norse ny r ••• .«• .*, •.. •,. ... ... xij x^ 

Item ffor owr quarter byll gy vynge vp 4'* 

Item to goodman seamer ffor washynge the clothes and rynginge iiij" 

for ro a kyng ij obligation s — m- 


xliij- 4^ 

xjw xx«* 

4" 8* 


■ r* 

Item to the tresurers ffor towne grownd ... 
Item to the ryugers on the quen/es night 
Item to seymer ffor Bromes and nayles ... 
Item ffor ij loods of peeble and carredge ... 

Item to the payver 

Item ffor vj loods of sande ... 

Item payd to the register ffor artycles ... 

Item payd to goodman Barker glassyer fibr mendyng the 

glasae wyndowes 

It<;m i)ayd at my lord of Cantorberrys visitation to the cowrt 
It«m payd ffor owr horse hyers and dynners ther 
It^m payd fibr canndls and paper ffor the chyrche 

Item payd to the scavingers the hole year 

Item fibr wine to the chyrch for the hole yeare 

Item for the communion Bred 

Item fibr mendyng the Jron of the greet bell 

Item ffor nayles and besomes 

It«m ffor mendynge the seats 

Item fibr ely farthyngs 

Item ffor a boke of artycles 

Item ffor ft oooomont of Iron by m^* otoolco 




viij- 8d 






XX** viij<* 

xxj* ix<* 




x** ob 

— iiij* x*^ 

S?emma totiv aohxtionuni xviij*** iij" iij<* 
Rentauot xxxvj*** xviij* vij** 

1 76 a] 26« Aprilis Atino 1584 

the forsayd swme of xxxvj*^ xviij" vij** was dely verod sealed in a bagge 
to m*^ foxton 

1585 207 

The Auditores for thys yeare followynge were m' flecher m' fozton 
m' faowell m' leonard m' bazter m' wolfe m' moeae & John Cuiborte 

Anno 1685 the 18 of apryll 

The aooounie of Edmiinde smalwode and John Gutbarte Churche 
wardens for all shuche money as the sayd Toe haue B,e4)eived to the vse of 
the paryshe by vertue of thor offysse wAtch was yelded accountable vnto 
the Auditoiirs before Apoyntyd as foUowethe 
Item Baceieed of the Auditoiu*s the yeare anno 1584 in money 

by the hands of m' foxton 17^*ll«e** 

It<mi Reo^Ai^ of m' baker 10* 

lUrvu^ of m' Thomas 6» S** 

Baoeived of mF doctor gpde 5" 

Reoni^ of Rychard loue 20^ 

Receii^ of leonard glascote 6<* 

Beceived of m' stokes for the master of Artes 23*^ 

RecetMx^ of m' smythe for Rente !()• 

Rf*ce»90(/ of m<^ goodwyn for Rente 13" 4** 

R^^ivec^ of John Tomson for Rente 12^ 

KeceCced of goodman wry tte for hys chemney 12** 

Beoeived of John Gutbarte for hys shope Rente 10" 

Beoeived of John Gutbarte for breakynge the grounde for hys 

wyffe in the churche 6» 8** 

RtfceifTecf of doctor warde for hys pale 4** 

Beceived of goodman Glarke for the churche wale 4** 

Recettwcf of m' parrys of Ghesterton for Rente 16^ 

Beceived for the easter boke for the whole yeare 13** 19" 1** 

Beceived of m' bazter for the bachelors of Arte 3** 5* 4<* 

Beceived more of m' fozton for the mynesters wagy s 3** 6* 8** 

Som x^** zj« viij** 

176 b] The chargys layd out by edmunde smalwode and John Gutbarte 
for all shuche Reprations the myncster hys wagys and other nesesarys as 
afierteynethe vnto the churche wherof they aske Alowaunce as followethe 

It<7m payd vnto M' drywode for 3 quarters wagys 10** 

lUrm payd to wyllyam seymer for wasshynge the clothes & 

Ryngynge the bell 4» 

It6m to seymer for hangynge the buckytts and skoupes ... 12** 

It«m a pole to hange them on 2** 

It^m for lyme and nayles for the skoupes 2** 

It«m fore the Garyadge of the laders & buckytts from M' 

vymrKB ••• ■•• ».. .,« ... ... ... m»9 4 

It«m for broumes 3** 

Item for mendynge the baldrycke 3** 

It«m payd to the trestu^rs for the Almes howsys 12** 

It«m payd at the visitation for horsse hyer and owr supers ... 12" 

208 1585 

tcm for elye farryngs IC ob 

t«m for the boke of artycles 6* 

U'm for oiir byll 4** 

tcmi for 2 lode of dunge Caryage 8** 

t^in for mend jiige the bell whelle 8** 

tern for a baltrycke 20* 

tern for beare & brede on the quenes daye at nyghte 6* 

t^m to goodma7i wharton for tymber and bords for the wheles 

oi vue ueiiiS ••• ••• ••* <•• •«• ••• ••• 14 

tcm for nayles for them !. 4** 

tern payd at uawson for our dyuiiers 2* 

te;ni for a ix)unde of Candells 3* 

77 a] Item payd for a pound of Caudells 3* 

Urmforoyle 2* 

tern {)ayd to eoymer for naylos broumes & communion bread 12'* 

v^m lor |ia|^)c?7* •.« «.. ••• ... ... .«* ... ^ 

tern for wryttynge the easter boke S^ 

tem to Mother fryar for Caryage of A lode of dunge 4** 

tern to wyllyam aeymer for nayles, oyle broumes and com- 
munion bred 19* ob 

tem for 2 obligations makeynge 12* 

tern for wyue for the whole yeare 21' 4* 

tern payd for easter quarter to our mynester for hys wagys ... 3** 6" 8* 

Som xvj** xiiij* 
Remanet xiv" x" vj* 

Bsoeived of M' flecher & M' foxton 11" 6* money that was lefbe of the 
collection of the pore delivered by me John Cutbarte one of the chiirche- 
wardens of the sayd sum vnto M' foxton out of the same sum of 1 1" 5* 

5' Reste in my hands & 6* 

payd more 5" 
Aprilis xviijo 1585 all payd 

delyuered to m*" smallwood & m*^ cutbert elected church wardens for 
the yere abovesayed all thyngo deducted twentye fyve pownds ten 
shylly7tgs & sex pence of lawfull mooney of England v^^ettet videlicet 
xxv" xj» vj* 

Item more in mooney sextene pownds vfhich was in the hands of 
m' doct-er ward & m' foxton the w/^tch xvj" is by the consent of the 
[kirishe to be delyuered to such fouer of the p<r7'ishe as had it the last yere 
so they be boviid with g(X)d sureties to the church wardens for the repay- 
ment thereof at & vpon Easter daye next the bonds to be put in a chest 
wtth thre locks & iij keys etc 

177 b] The Elexion beynge made one Easter mundaye accordynge to the 
aimtiente order of saynte marys for the Churche wardens on thys maner 

1586 209 

ynite edmude smalwode & John Cutbarte beynge Chiirche wardens haue 
chosen 2 men to chose 6 more vnto them that ys to saye edmonde 
smalwode hath chosen M' flecher Alderman and John Cutbarte hath 
choeen M' doctor warde & thes 2 hathe chosen vnto them thes foUowynge 
that ys m' docter hathe chosen m' baxter m' polye, m' mosse & m*" flecher 
hathe chosen, m' medcalfe m*^ fyloe & m*^ sparow & Theas eyght of chossen 
for the year to come edmond Smallwood and Jhon cuttbartt Ohurche 
Wardens & theas ellect ar awdytores for y* year to come 

IS** Aprilis 1585 in the middle qwere 
Memorandum y^ the daye & yere above wrytton it was agreed by the 
consent of the parishioners than & there present that there shuld be 
made thre locks & three keys to the great Chest in the vestrye wherin all 
feoffements bonds leasee and other wrytyngs in any wyse pertaynyng 
or bolongyng to the parishe shuld be reserved & kept The thre keys 
to be allwayes kept by these persons folowyng viz one key with m' flctcher 
allderman an other wtth m' doctor warde & the thyrd wtth the church- 

[Pol. 178 blank.] 

179 a] 18 die Aprilis Anno donuni 1584 

— Memo r e m dum this dayo & yere by the cons e nt o f the whole o f -the 
wholo pgrioho a loaoc io granted to Thomas Dradshewe of a pcco of voide 
ground licnge at th e west end of the chu r che f r om th e Anuncacton of ou r 
ladyo laot pao for al ycrca paieing e y er eli e x* duringe the yeres and 
t hat h e shall build e a handsom e sho p \T ) on th e sam e g r ound k«tr l e av e i t 
bttild e d & r g p a yrod And that Thomas Bradshowo shall n e ither sell s h e we 
OP binde e ny books i n th e s a id s hop during the l eas e . 

The elexion beynge made one easter mundaye accordynge to the 
Auntiente Custome of Saint maryes for the Chiuchewardens one thys 
manor fyrste John Cutbarte and edraunde smalwode beynge Churche 
wardens hathe chosen 2 men to chous e the Churc^howard e n s 6 mor e ATito 
them th a t y s to s aye that ys M** wolfe and M' manynge and thes 2 haue 
chosen thes 6 followynge that ys M*^ burwell M' baxter & goodman mathew 
and M' howell M' medcalfe & M' goodwyn and thes 8 haue chosen 
Churchewardcns for the yearo to Cum, peter scarlytt & John norcoke and 
the eyghte to be Auditors for the ye«ire followynge 

Overseers for the hyghe waies 

Alexander Clarke 
Arthure wilson 

179 b] Anno 1586 the 10 of Apryll 

The Aocounte of Edmonde smalwode and John Cutbarte Church- 
wardens, for all shuche money as the sayd 2 haue Received to the vse of 
the poryshe by vertue of ther offysse wAich was yealded acoowntable vnto 
the Auditors as followethe 

C.A,8, Octavo Series. No. XXXV, 14 

210 1585 

It«m "Received of the Auditors anno 1685 in money 25" 10" G* 

R^deiVdJ of m' smythe for Rente 10* 

Received of m* p&rrya of Chesterton 16*^ 

Recetvdti? of m' goodwyn for Rente 13* 4<^ 

R^cei'v^ of gooci^fitan Tomson for Rente IS^ 

Received of goodman clarke for Rente for the style 4^ 

Received of M' Baxter for the bachelers 3" 10<^ 

Received of goodman steme for hys Chemney 12^ 

Rec^t^ of M' doctor ward for hys pale 4*^ 

Bum xxix^ xiJ* ij** 

It«m for Easter booke xiij" iij* j<^ 

Reoept' Bumm^k totalis zliij" ij* iij^ 

Allocat' xix" x« ij<i 

Remanet xxiij" vij" i'* 

180 a] Anno 1585 

The Ohargys layd out by edmonde smalwood and John Cutbarte 
Churche wardens for all shuche Reprations the mynister hys wagys and 
other ncsesarys as Apertaynethe vnto the Churche wherof they nske 
Alowaunce as followethe 

Item to the mynester for hys yeares waggys 13" 6' 8'^ 

Item to wyllyam seymer for wasshynge the Clothes & Ryngynge 

vI16 06JL1 ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 4 

Item payd for makeynge the bell whele 8* 

Item for A bolte of Jron for the bell 12** 

Item for a bell Rope 20^ 

Item for 3 locks & mendynge the cheste 3" 8<* 

Item to seymer for a claye bord for the bell 3** 

Item to mother feld for dunge Caryage 8<* 

Item for broumee 2** 

Item for 4 lode of stones to pave with IG* 

Item for 8 lode & a halfe of sande 5* 8<* 

Item for paueynge of 54 yards 12" 6^ 

Item for Caryage of 4 lode of stone 16^ 

Item Chargys at the visitation and 2 quarter bylls 12" 8** 

Item for elye farthyngs 10* ob 

Item to seymer for Couer^mge of 2 graues 2" 4** 

Item for brommes !•* ob 

Item for 2 lode dunge Caryage from the stroate 8** 

Item for oyle for the bells 2<* 

Item one the queues nyght 1 pounde Candells 3^ 

Item for 4 lode of dunge Caryage one the queue's euyne ... 16^ 

Item for mendynge the wyndows 15*8** 

Item to the Treasurers for the Almes howsses 12^ 

Item to goodman martyn for A 11 lode Caryage at easter ... 3* 8** 


1587 211 

Item fur inakeynge the easier boke G^ 

Item to HCTiuer for nayles & brommes 3** 

Item for bread d^' 

Item for wy ne for the whole yeare 25" 

Item for a seruys boke in foil' 7*6** 

Item for 2 pounde Caudclls 6** 

Item of the quenea nyghto for beare to the Ryngers 4«* 

Summa xix" xv" ij** 

180 b] xjo Aprilifl 1586 

Summa Receptorum xliij" ij" iij** 

&\imma AUocsiUonum xix" xv" ij** 

Remanet in pecuniis xxiij" vij* j^ 

the wAtch sayed w^b delyuered the daye aforesayd to John norcote 
& peter Hcarlett churchwardens for this yere folewyng 
Item they ar to recey\'e more as foloweth 

Inpn'mis of m' doctor warde viij" 

Itewi of m' foxton viij" 

Itnn goodman atkyn & his wife for ij yeres offringe xij*^ 

I tern of Arthure Leache for ij yores xij<^ 

Item of goodman Sargynson & his wife xij<^ 

Item of goodwyfe Scarlet vj'* 

Item of John Richerdson & his wife viij<^ 

Item of goodman gren e & his wife — —, —. —. ij* 

I t e m of m^ Ball m m m m wTT r« -. .-. iij" 

Item of goodman brigham for ij yeres ij* xij** 

Item of goodman bif^n & his wife 8^ 

Item of m' Stringer for y« masters of Arte vj«i 

com' acceptus et probatus die et anno predictis per nos Wile/mt^m 
warde Johannem bacster Johan^iem poley 

181 a] xvij*»» daie of Aprill 1587 

The olectyon beynge made on eoster mondaye Acordinge to the auncieut 
custome of Satnt maries porishe in this nianer ffirst i)eter scarlet & John 
norkot Chiirchwanlens have chosen two men peter scarlet namyd 
michaell wiilfe & John norkot naniyd Thomas medcalfe, & those two have 
chosen to them vj m' Leonard m' chapman & m' sparrow m** Baxter 
m' Dm we ll & m^ B r adshawe m' Mosse m*" harvy & John mathewe & they 
8 haue chosen for churchwardenes this yeare to come ^leter scarlett 
& Jhon norkot And that they are auditors for the yere followenge 

r\ ^ xu I • u f J^*^" Tompson 

Overseers of the highe waies {^ u ^ t. • 

° (Recherd hamson 

181 b] xxiij® Aprilis Anno domtni 1587 

The Accompte of Peter Scarlet and John Norkot Chirch wardens 
for all suche mony as the said 2 haue Resoeyved to thuse of the parishe 




by vertue of the office wAtch was yelded accountable vnto the Auditors as 


Imprimis B^ceived of y« Auditors in mony 

It«m lieeeived for the Easter booke 

It«m Uoceived of m' Smy the for Bent of y« land 

Item of m' Parish of Chesterton for y« meadowe 

Item of m' Goodwyn for y^ Almose howseis 

Item of Goodman Tompson for Rent 

Item of Goodman Clerke for the Chirch stile 

Item of Thomas Sterne for his Chymney 

Item ofBXchard Love for his pale 

Item for the bacchelors of Arte 

Item for the burial] of m' baker 

Item for y' buriall of m' Adam a stranger in y* Chirche 

Item for movers of Arte for the last yere 

Item for the mcM^ers of Arte y« yere before 

Received of Arthure leache & others for oileryngs the last yere 
Item for xvjf ^ wA»oh we must receive of m' doctor ward & 

m' wi//tam ffoxton 

Si^mma of the receipts Ivij" xj" & 4^ 

Stovon n e wman 

xxiij** vy" j«* 

Xlj» XVllj* UIJ" 


• • •— ■ • • • 9 

xiij* mj** 

• • • ■ ^ 



vj» viij'* 

!]■ iir 

iij" x** 



■ ■■ 

m'^ goldisborow e for hi s offoringo 




I H 


. . . • 


m'^ thomoy rr^ m m rr. — 

m^ omalowood & m*^ warron ttt— 

Agnoo potfordo tt^ —. —. — 

Anthony e tt: :t^ m zr-. — 

182 a] xxiij<* Aprilis Anno domi'ni 1587 

The Charges layde out by Peter Scarlet and John Norkot Chirch- 
wardens for all suche Reparactbns The Mynister his wages and Other 
necessaries as apperteynithe vnto y^ Chirche whereof they aske allowance 
as foUowethe 

Imprimis paid to the minister for his whole yeres wages xiij" vj" viij<^ 

Item patld to william. Semer for wasshinge the Chirch Clothes 

the whole yere 

Item paid to the tresorers for the Rent of y« Almose howsee ... 
Item paid to the plomer for mendinge the leads & xix^ of 

ooucr ••• ••• ••• ••• *•• ... ... ... 

Item layde out for nayles bords and fyeringe for the plomer ... 
Item paid to the glasier for mendinge the glasse windowes ... 
Item pat'd more to the glasier for a casement & glasse at 

m" ffoxtons seate 

Item paid for ij bell Ropes 

Item for Oyle for y« bells 

Item paid for candell on y« Quenes night iij* 





. • . • 


xvij" vj*^ 

• • • • _ 


1687 213 

tern paid to y^ Ringers on the Quenes Night viij*^ 

teni paul to y« Ringers at y" Triumph xij<^ 

Um paid for carrienge awaie y^ mier from y*' Chirche wall at 

sundrie tymes iiij» viij** 

t<;m paid for an am^roement for the myre vuder the chirch 

** ttU •■• ••• «•« ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••< VJ 

t6m paid for breade y« whole yere xij<^ 

tern paid for wyne y* whole yere xxiij" vj«* 

tern paid for bromes for the Chirche vj<* 

tern paid for our supper at the visitacion xij" 

ttfm paid for Ely fiirthings x<* ob 

82 b] It^m for a booke of iniunctions x*^ 

t^m paid for mendingo the ueates & nailes xx<^ 

tern paid for a booke of Prayers ... vj** 

t«m paul for our iiij quarter bills xvj^ 

t«m paid for mendinge y« chirch wall ij* viij** 

tern paid to y^' clarke for layenge of a grave stone ij" 

tern paid for makingc y^ castor booke yj^ 

18/89 ob 

SttMima of the laienge out xviij* viij" ix'* ob 

St^mma of the receypts 

And so due to the parishe xxxiij^ xiiij" vij** with the xvj*» 

in the hands of doctor warde and M' ffoxton wAich the 

churchwardens must receive 

William burwell & 
Jhon Goodwin 

John howell 


mychaell Wolffe 

11 17 3 ob. 

183 a] xxiij^ Aprilis Anno domini 1587 

yiemarandum by the consent of most of the parishenors a lease is 
granted to Andrewe Smythe of the parishe land from Michelmas last 
for xiiij yeres fbr the yerelie rent of x' with this condicion that he shall 
not sell awaie his lease to any person but to a porishener and housholder 
of this parishe of great HairU maries in Cambridge. Peter scarlett 

John Norkot 

183 b] xviij^ die maij Anno Regni Begiue Elizabethe &c xxix*^ 1587 

Whereas the master feUowes & schollers of Trinitie Colledge in Cam- 
bridge haue demised & letton vnto Thomas Bradshewe Theire Two 

214 1588 

shoppes lienge at the west ende of SadiiX Maries chirche in Cambridge 
from Michalmas last past for xix yeres vrhich two shoppes are to be 
ncwe biiilded vp by the said Thomas aiid bycause the said Thomas 
in buildinge of the same shoppes did goe about to stopjie the light of the 
wyudowes of the said Chirche & made his frame in the Chirche wall 
to the preiudice of the chirche & parisheners without the consent of the 
said Chirche wardens & i)arisheners & was therefore by them discharged 
from buildinge theire euy further & so the frame dothe sease vufynished. 
Nowe at the ernest request of the said Thomas the said Chirchwardons & 
(Xirisheuers the daye & yere aboue writtou haue given & graunted there 
License consent & good will That the said Thomas Bradshewe shall 
builde the said Two shoppes v^)on the wall & west windowes of the said 
parishe Chirche and the same euioy duriuge the terme afore said vpon this 
Condicion & so that the said Thomas or his oooignoo Executors or 
assignes do well & trulie Paie or cause to be Paid vnto the Chirch 
Wardens of the said jiarisho and to theire successors yerely at the feast 
of Easter the some of fiivc shillings of LawfuU mony of England duriuge 
all the yeres to Come in the said lease the Which the said Thomas 
dothe most willinglie promise to do & paie & will bynde himselfe by 
his Deede vuder his hand & seale to Paie accordinglie 

By me Thomas Bradshaw 

Peter scarlett) , . , , 
T - , . Y chirchwardens 

John norkot ) 

184 a] viijo Aprilis Anno 1588 ^ 

The election bcynge made on Easter mundaie acoordinge to the 
Aunncient custome of Saint Maries parishe in this manner ffirst i)eter 
Scarlet and John Norkot chirchwardons have named two men peter 
Scarlet have namyd m*^ Thomas Thomas & John Norkot hatho namyd 
M"" Thomas modcalfe & They two have cha*jen vj viz m' baxter m' jiayne 
& m*" pooley m' goodwyn m' Sparrowe & m' Smalowood And they viij 
have chosen for churchwardens for this yere to come Rol)ert harvye 
& Jhoti m2ithewe And that they are auditors for this yere to come 

The electon beinge mad of ester monday Acordinge to the Anchon 

184 b] 1688 lowe sondaye 

The accompto of Peter Scarlet and John Norkot churchwardens for 
all suche mony and other things as they two have reccyved to the vse of 
the said |)arishe by vertue of their office w/a'che was yelded & ;iccomi>ted 
vnto the auditors thercunto appoyntod as foUowethe 

IniWmis receyved of the Auditors in monye xxxix" xiiij" vij** 

Item rcceyved for the caster booke xij" xiiij* xj'* 

It<?m of Andrewe Sniythe for the rent of y® jwrishe land ... x« 

Item of parishe of Chesterton for the rent of the meadowe . . . xvj*> 

1588 215 

Item of m' Goodwyii for the rent of the chambers over the 

Almose houseys xiij» iiij'* 

It^m of John Tompson Cordyner for the rent of the paryuhe 

grounde wherevpon he hathe builte xij^ 

It^m of Alexander Clarke for the chirche style before his 

UvUflC ••• ••« ••• ••• «•• •■• ••• ••• ^"^al 

It«m of Thomas Sterne for the rent of the parishe ground 

wherevpon his chymney standythe xij** 

It«m of Richerd Love for the rent of the pale iiij** 

Item rocey\'cd of m' Smythe for the bachelors of arte ... xxxix* viij** 

Item received of m' widfe for the buriall of m' burwell ... vj" viij^ 

It«m receyi-ed of m*" foxton for the buriall of his sonne william vj» viij<' 

Item for the buriall of mz^^res Lo a stranger x" 

Item for the buriall of m' walix)ole a stranger xiij* iiij'^ 

Item of the mcu^ers of arte nothinge 

Item receyved of m*^ Smalewood & stevon newman for their 

ofierings the last yere iiij* iij* 

Item for m' Bradshewes rent for the two shopps v" 

Summ& Iviij" ij» v^ 

185 a] xiiij of Aprill Anno domini 1588 

The allowaunce and charges laid out by the said peter Scarlet and 
John Norkot chirchwardens for mynisters wage« rei>aractons and all 
other chaiges as appertoyninge vnto the chirch of great Saint maries 
whereof they aske allowattnce as foUowethe 
Impremis there remaynithe in the hands of certeyne parisheners 

the somme of xvj^ which the chirchewardens are charged 

withall and as yet colde never receyve xvp* 

Item paid to m' Chapman our minister for his whole yeres 

wage* xiij" vj« viij^ 

Item paid to william Semer for washinge the chirch clothes 

the whole yere iiij" 

Item paid to the tresorers for the rent of the Almose houseys xij^ 

Item paid for ely farthings x** ob 

Item for a booke of articles x** 

Item spent at the visitacfbn for horshire and for our supper ,.. xv' 

Item laid out on the Queues night vj^ 

Item for repayringe the Almose houseys viij" 

Item for the quarters billes xvj** 

Item paid for carrienge awaie donge out of the chirchyard and 

from the chirch wall at seuerall tymes viij" viij*^ 

Item paid for nayles for the mendingc of the seates & bell 

WFU%3X^X} #•• •■• ••• •■• ••■ ••• ••• ••• tJ 

Item for mendinge the bell whcle vj^ 

Item for broomes the whole yere iiij<^ 



Item paid to the plomer for meudinge tho leadeB at two sundrie 

tymes & for Boder 

Item for ooleo spent there 

Item for caudles 




• • •— • • • ■ J 

XVllJ* lllj'" 

XXlllj" VJ'* 

185 b] Item paid to a tyler for mendynge of j^ steple and for 
mendinge the chirch wall beynge broken downe iiij' 

Item for lyme & sande for the same 

Item paid to a glasier for mendinge the windovres in the chirch 
and for newe glasse 

It^m paid to Semer for covering of ij graves 

Item paid for bread & wyne for the whole yore 

Item for makynge the easter booke vj 

Item for makynge of the writinge from m' bradshewe to the 

panshe whereby he is bomid to paie yerelie v« ij* 

Item for a key for the dore into the bellfrey iiij^ 

Stt w tma of the rooeipta -xx 

Stfmma of the laiengs out xxxiiij* ix" ob 

And so rest due to the chircho xxiij^ xiij" iiij*' ob 

B,eceived by me Robart harvey groser & Jhon mathev skinner the 

14 day of Aprell 1588 of m' niuicock & m' skarlet hom war the ovld 

wardens to the parsh of sayut maryes the som of twenty thre povnd 

thirtin shillens & fover pens hapnd I say Reoetiwd by me Robart harvey 

groser & Jhon mathev skinner xxiij^ xiij' iiij^ ob to the ewesse of the 


by me Robart harvey groser 

I M 

186 a] more to receyve of suche parisheners as paid not at easter for 
their offerings 

of m' Andrewe Smythe 


goodman west 


Thomas Addams 


goodman Atkyn 


John Seman , 


m^ Dootor goodo 

• • • 




Johanne glasier 

• • •-■ 

Johanne petford 


Jasper harrison 

Receyved more of Thomas Ji 


• • • •« 


B/ioeived of John Tomson . . . 

• • • • ■ • 


Receyved of Thomas Addam 



Receyved of m** Smalewoode 

• • • • • • 

• • » •« 

Receyved of m' Scarlet for la 

mmes debte 

• • ■ •! 

of m' Scarlet for the tymbe 

ir slate & stone of the old shop ... 




186 b] Thee elecon of gret sant maryes pareshe beinge of ester monday 
beinge the 6 day of Aprell 1589 by Robart harvey & Jhoo matheve chorch 
wtuKlens have named ij m^ foxson & m' poUey and tho» to have named vj 
to them m' docketer ward peter skarlet & Jhon porter chosse m** hovell 
m** goodman mr manyinge & thay viij have chossen the chorch wardneo for 
this yere to Com Robart harvey groeer Jhon mathe the viij men named 
ar Audetors for this yere to Com 

vj of Aprill 1589 

receyved of John norkot & peter scarlet late chirchwardens seaventene 
peces of evidence belonginge to this parishe besyde^ dyvers other letters 
receyved by them of doctor ward 

by me Robart Harvey gros^ 

I M 

187 a] 



Mony Received by Robert Harvy And John Matthewe AnTio 1589 
Churchewardens by vortue of there office to the vse of y^ parishe of Great 
Saint Maries etc. 
Received in pnmis of y* owld Churche Wardens whenas they 

yeelded there accompt to the Auditors beinge the 14^ 

daye of Aprill 1588 in monye Jnst ... ... xxiij" xiij* iiij** ob 

Received mor of m" Alcocke for the biiriall of her husband 

in the Churche the some of 

Received of m' ffletcher for y^ buryaU of his wife in the Churche 

y ooui oi ••• ••■ ••• *•• ... •.• 

Received of Goodman Thomson y^ Shoemaker the some of 
Received mor of Goodman Jcickson y* fletcher the some of 

Received of m' Smalewood the some of 

Received for the maisters of Arte 

Received for the batchellers of Arte 

Received of John Nicholls for the buriaU of him in the Churche 
Received mor of m" Thomas for her husbands buriaU in 

tiie Churche the som of 

3«. 06. 8 Received of m' Andrewe smyth for Rente 

Rtfc&ived mor of m' docter Goad 

Received of m' goodwyn for the Rent of the chambers over the 

^xim Qovsens ••• •.. ... ••• ... ..• ... 

39*^6.00^ RecetVdd of thomas stam for Rent 

Received of good wy fie thomson for Rent 

Received of m^^ skarlatt for tmber ston & slatt 

Rdc^'i^ off m*" skarlet for the mony w^ich lam had 

Som totalis Reoei'^d is) 
Jost xliiij" 00» 00* J 

VJ" vnj 




Ivj" viij** 
vj" viy* 

vj" viij** 







60. 5. 8d 

Itom mor for the ester bocke for this yer 1589 the som 

m'' bradsho for Rent 

m'' love for the pall 

ellysandor dark for rent 

parosh of chesterton for Rent 

mor for to Receive of thomson for mony lent 
thomas Adorns 

le sou 


■ • • 



# * • 


• • • 

■ • « m jm 

• •• 

9« • 


• • • ■ 

• • • 


• • • 


X" vj* 

xiij** ob 

• • m m • J 

XUJ» IJ*" 




187 b] Mony Laid fibrthe by y« Churchwardens of the ^xirishe of Great 
Saint maries Anno domtni 1588 viz Roberte harvic and John Mathewe 
flbr the reprations of y* Churche as foUoweth vnder written 

Inprtniis for 2 loads of Lyme to mend y*' steeple the some of ,,. xij* 

paid for nay les for the Carpenter viij** 

l)aid for a bed corde 

l)aid for 4 loads of sand for y^ steeple 
l^id to morris for workeinge in jwrt 

l)aid for wt\xe for the plumer 

paid for ix** of Leadd 1^ ob per i 

paid for cooles for y® pliimer 

I>ayd mor to morris y« mason for worke ... 

Item for 10* nay les for them 

It(?m for nayles againe for y^ Smithe 

\m\d to the Carpenter for on dayos worke 

paid to the plummer for Soother and ffor woorke the some of xxvij* vij 

paid to y^' Smithe for woorke about the Churche Beames the 

*yKJ iAXV \JL m • • ••« »•• ••• ••• ••• ••■ •«• 

It(?m ffor waxc 

Item for 4 ffoote of Studds and 54 ffoot of Inche hordes 

l>aid mor for chercoles for y" plumer 

paid for nayles for him 

j)aid to mason y« Paynter in parte for his worke ye some of ... 

paid for can vis for him to i>aynte 

mor paid to miisonn y* Paynter in full paymt'nt for his worke 

for paintinge 22 yeards of Can vis y some of 

l>aid for dublc 10* nayles 

paid more for Soother 27 1" qtwirter at 6* i)er lb 

paid more for waxc for the plummer 

Item paid for the ^lummerH wages for iiij dayes work and for 

his man at 12* per daye 

paid for mendinge a keye for the Chauncell dore 

l)aid mor to m' wharton for on Studd of 8 foote and 9 foote of 

Inche horde the some of 

Item paid to m' Chapman y^ minister for his quarter Rent 

at mychaelmus Last past the some of uj 

l^aid mor to m' wharton for 5 foote dim' of timber 


• ■ « ■ ^ 


... ■ 








xiij* vj* 






vj" viij* 
ij" ix* 



Item for 4 pec«« of 9 foote iiij» 

It«m for 9 foote of Inche borde ix<* 

It«m for l-l' of Candells for y« churche iiij^ 

paid to m' button y« mynieter y« 10"» of Januarye 1588 iij" vj" viij** 

The some of mony w^ich Robert harvy church warden hath Laide 
forthe is Just y« som of 14. 3. 2**^ xiiij" iij" ij«* ob 

188 a] Monye Laid forth for the reprations of y« Churche 

niaryes by John Matthcwe Churchwarden of y« same 

dommi 1588 as followethe 

luprimis paid forthe to the workemen 

payed to the Tylers for worke 

l)aid for tymber flfor y*' churche 

paid for Lathes 

l)aid for nayles and tile pinnes 

(laid for A hingell for A dore 

paid to Qoodman seamer y^ some of 

paid for a beesome 

paid for Ironworke and workmanshipp . 

payd to the workman 

paid for 1 C and a half of uayles ... 
paid for Tymber and bords 

Item to the workman 

paid mor to workemen 

paid mor for Soother for j^ ledds ... 

paid to the workmen 

paid mor ffbr soother to the plumer 

l>aid for nayles 

paid to the mynister for his wages 
paid for x bushilles of Cooles 

paid for iij C of nayles 

paid to the workman 

paid mor for Soother and worke ... 

I^aid to the Treasurers of y® towne for the almes howsen 

ixttd for the mendinge of hinge of a seat 

paid for the Articles 

paid for a prayer booke 

payed for Elye farthings 

l^ayd for ij horses to Ryd to the visitation 

paid for our dynners 

paid for bread 

paid for ij bell Roopes and oyle 

paid for ij*** of Candells 

paid t4) the minister for his quarters wages 
l)aid to the Glasiar for work and glasso ... 

of Great Samt 
parish Antw 





a • • • 










IjjH yji vujd 

■ • • ■ • • a « 




■ ■ • • • 





x^ ob 



iij" vj» viij** 

vj" viij* 


220 1589 

paid for Caryinge awaye the myre vj" viij* 

paid for wyne and breadd for y^ whole yeare xx" 

The Bome wAJch J o hn ma t (ih ew e Ohorch w a r d e n 
htt fc h layd for t h is Juafc aciij" six* iij * * ob 

Summa totalis of all y* layeng» out is xzviij" ij* rj** 

188 b] Sum of all the receypta Ix^ v« viij** 

Sum of all the laiengs out xzviij^ ij' vj^ 
And so due to the porishei 
All things allowed V xsutij" iij» ij** 

the vj of Aprill 1589 ) 

by John ho well 

John poley 

William Payne 

Jhon Goodwin 

the marke (mark) of wiUiam Sparow 

memorandum my partner John matthewe hath home the boxe of 
wrightings wtth him 

The elexson mad the 20 day of Aproll 1590 in the parsh of gret saynt 
mayres beinge ester monday by Robart harveey groeer & Jhon mathewe 
chorche wardens and have named ij m' poUey m' medcafiis & thay to 
have chossen vj to them m** doctor ward m' wollfie peter skarlet m' ball 
m' hovell m' goodwin & thay viij have choson the chorchwardns for 
this to Com Robart harvey Jhon mathew & thes viij ar Adotors for 
this yer 

189 a] The affl** of ApriU 15 

The aooouute of Robert harvie and John Matthewe Churchewardens, 
for all suche monye as they haue laid forthe ffor the reprations of y« 
churche and the mynisters wages and ffor the other nocessaryes belonginge 
tbervnto, for this yeare nowe paste Anno 1589 as ffoUowethe 

Inprimis to the brickclayer for workmaushipe v" 

Item paid to the treasurers xij^ 

Item for the quarter bill xvj^ 

paid to twoe carpenters ij" 

paid ffor Ironworke for the sermon bell and the hauginge of it iiij" 

jKtid to the minister for the whole yeares wages the sume of xig^ vj" viij** 
paid to the workemen that hanged the sermon bell and for 

a nowe Bawldricke for the clapper xij<* 

paid for mendiuge of y^ clapper of the sermon bell the some of ij* v}^ 

Paid for beesomes and nayles iij^ 

paid to Goodman Seamer for washinge y^ cloathes iiij" 

paid for mendinge the Locke of A cheste and the makeinge of a 

nowe Keye ■.. .■• •.. ••■ •»• ..• , . , vuj 

paid for ij lockes to a cheste xx^ 



■ ■ ■ • 



ij- vj<» 



■ • • • I 


• • • • ■ 

vj» viij<» 


paid for meDdiiig towe lockes and ij keyes 

paid for yiij'* of soather 

paid for the workemanshipp 

paid for charcooleB ... 

t P» M* 1 lUr WcULf) .•• ••• •■• ••• ■•• ••• ... 

paid for a bnisho 
paid for EUy farthings 

paid at the visetation 

paid for the artickells 

paid for iij sporres to the mendinge of ye steeple 

paid for workenianahipp ij dayes 

paiu lor nay les •.. •.. ••• ... ... ... ... 

paid for tylepinnes ... 

paid for ewsborde ... ... ... ... ••• 

paici lor JLiaLQes ••. ..• ... ••• ••• ••• ••• 

paid for Lyme and sande ... 

paid for the glaaae 

189 b] Item paid for carying awayc of my ere from aboute the 
churche the sume of 

paid ffor hordes to mend the seates rownde about the churche 
vU6 som 01 ••• ••• ... ... ... ... ... 

paid ffor studdes ... ... 

paid ffor nayles 

paid to the workemen 

paid for oylc for the belles and candell and nayles 

paid to A plummer ... ... 

paid ffor Bi-eade and wine for the whole yeare the som of 
paid ffor ou«r Supp^ at the takinge of possession of y* parrish 

Jl^CfcUml «•« *•« ••• ••• «•• m • 9 •■« ••• 

19.10.4'^ paid for ij bondes makinge 

190 a] A note of all such money as we haue ^Received ffor the acooumpt 
of y** parrish 

KeceiveA of y* Proctors ffor y« master of varts 

'Eieeeived ffor y^' Bachelder of vart 

Received of ni*" i&>xton ffor the Buryall of m' foxton 
Received of m" Bridon ifbr the buriall of hir husband ... 

Received ffor Bereing of m' ffreman 

Received of vaF SmytYi ... 

Received of goodwif Tomson for hir rent 

m' Goodingo 

Received of m^ Parris of Chesterton for toe yeares rent 

m LiA'uo •>• ••« ... •*• ... ••• .*. • 

John Hust 

vij" vnj 

xij« vjd 







xiij* x* 

xvij" vnj" 

xlviij^ viij** 

vj« vnj'* 

yf vnj" 

y)* viij** 



' 'm " 'A 

IJ" vnjd 

m' Ledget 


222 1590 

Reckned & a covnted the 26 of Aprell 1590 & all thinges 
ar Aloved & gred V(X)n & thar Remayneth in over handes 
Kobart harvey gros^ & Jhon mathew att this day above 
sayd the Jost soni of thirty on povnd f^'flfleen shyllens 
fypens I say Jost Resteth in over hand xxxj^ xv« v^ 

willm ward John poley 
John howell 
John Qoodwin 
mychaell wolffe 
Thomas maninge 
John porter 
peter scarlett 

190 b] The election made the v^*» daie of Aprill 1591 in the jwrishe 
of great Samt maries beynge Easter monday by Robert harvy and John 
mathewe chirche wardens & have namyd Thomas medcalfe Alderman 
& michaell wiilfe & they have chosen vj to them hos names be her set 
dovne m*" narcok m' hovoU & m' manyngc m»* skarllat m"^ i)orter & 
m' jjower & thes viij have chosen the chorche wardens for this yer for to 
Cora m' edward ball & m' Jhon polley 

191 a] The accoumpe of Robart haniye grocer and John mathewe (for 
this yeare Anno 1590 as ifolloweth ffor all Such money as theay haue 
received and jiaid ought fTor necessaryes Ijolonging to the Church 
luprimis paid to Seamer ffor washinge of the Clothes the sum 

Lay d ought at the visitation v^ 

Ely fiardings xob 

paid to the ringers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

ffor Bromes ffor y« whole yeare iiij** 

l>aid ffor makinge y® ministres seate xx" 

paid to the Treasurers ffor rent xij*^ 

for Caridge of y« durt ffor y« whole yeare viij" viij** 

l)aid to the glosyer for glac viij" 

{laid to the womman ffor the child wAich was layd att doctor 

^v aros gai/6 ... ... ... ... ••• .•« ••• iij 

ffor mendinge of one of the hearse ffeete x* 

paid ffor Candells xij** 

paid ffor a rope ffor the sance l)ell iiij'* 

l)aid to the plummer ffor worke & soder vj" viij<* 

for Caridge of the timber in to the Church and ffor Layinge 

vpe oi It/ ... ■•. •*. ... ••« ■•• ••• 'J 

paid ffor healinge of westes childe his head v" 

\md ffor keepinge of westes daughter which came last the som 

nf ii" vi^ 

1592 223 

paid ffor tho minysters wages ffor y* whole year ... xiij" vj" viij** 

X>aid ought (Tor Tymber xxj^^x'j'* 

paid ought ffor breade and wine ffor the whole yeare the som 

m * * * 'a 

V A ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• •«• ••• A All 11 

paid to M' norook for the wrytingcs ix« 

6om layd fort is Jost 

the aom of xxxix" xix» x^ ob. 

191 b] 26 of 1690 Aprell 

Memorandum that thear rema3med in ouer handes ffor the 

last yeares Accoumpt in money the Ju8t som of ... xxxi" xv« 6** 

Mor that wee haue received of m*" ffrenfie vj" \'iij'* 

R«»»ped of y« ma«fcr of Artes xvij» 

Rtfc^tiwd of the collectors x" 

Ra^Ved ffor buryinge a SooUer vj" viij** 

Received ffor buringe of m" Howell yj» viij*^ 

Raretved for the bachelors of Art xliij" 

R«c«»cd of m' gooden for Rent xiij" iiij* 

R«»iwd of m' love for Rent iij<* 

Received of m" Smyth for beringe of her hvsband vj* viij** 

Ueoeived of m" sm}iihe for the Rent of her land x» 

Received mor for the ester bocke 1591 the som of ... xij** vj" vij*^ 

R«cezV«d of pareshe of Chesterton x\j^ 

Som is of the mony in over handos & the Reseytes Received 

the oil yer Cometh to 1" iij« vij<* 

mony thatt hatthe bynn layd ovght for the hoU yer Cometh xxxix^ xix" x** 

to the som of 39" 19» lOj 

so Reste to the vse of the chorche the som of x" iij" vj*^ 

wilk'am ward (marie) John howell 

mychaell wolff 

peter scarlett 

John porter 

192 a] Received by me John poley churchewarden for the yeare to come 
by the handes of the auditors from the olde churchewardeus viz. M** Robart 
harvey & John matthewe to the vse of great Saint maries Churche The 
Som of Tenne pownds iij" vj*^ 

The eleccion made the xxvij^ daye of marche beinge moonedaye in 
Easter weeke in y® parishe of great Saynt Marries by Edward Ball and 
John Pooly churchwardens and have named m' doctor ward and m' Thomas 
medcalt one of the Aldermen of the Towne of CambnV^e aforesaid 
and they have chosen vj to them whose names be here sett downe viz. 
m' doctor Newcom, Richard Love, John mathewe Robert Harvy Edmond 
Smalewood & John Chapman tlieis Eight have chosen the chirchwardens 
for this yere to come M' Edward Ball & m' John Pooly 



No 161 

192 b] Anno salutis 1591 

The accompte of Edward Ball and John Foley Churche wardens for all 
suche monye as they have Resseved to the vse of the [wrishe by vertue of 

heir ofhce Whiche was yelded Accomptable viito the Audi tours in anno 

591 as hereafter followeth 

nprimis Resseived of the auditors for the acconipt yelded vp 
by Robart harvey & John Matthewe for the yere 1590 as 
before yt doth appere the Som of x" iij» vj'* 

t^m Baceived for the Ester booke xij** xviij" v** 

tern Re(mved of Mr Smithe for rent of the lond x" 

t^m of pan'she of London for rent of medowe at chesterton ... 

tern of m' doodwiu for y« rente of the chamber over the almes 

Uv WCXXf ••• ••• ••• ••• «■■ ••• ■•• ••« 

tern of widowe Tomson for the rent of a peace of grownde ... 
tern John Hurste for rent for a peace of grownde for a chimney 

tern of Richard love for his pale 

tern R^on't^ of the bachelors of arte 

tern B^eoeiwsd for the mcuters of Arte no. 81 

tern Roo e Mwd for buriall of m' dootop lorkyn -m r^r— 



1 ■!■ 

t«m Received for buriall of mts/ris ffoxton 

tern 'Received for y* buriall of m" phissicke 

tern Received of m' leggatt for the rent of his shoppe 

93 a] Item Received of the forsayde M' l^gatt for one yeare 
whiche he was behind in his ofiriuge at ester 

tern Raceived of m' Baxster vintener for his offring for ij yeares 
whiche he was Ix^hinde with the olde chiux^h wardens 

tern Received of Lutte cooke for a yeare paste for his ofTring 

xnj" nij** 


liij" viij** 

xiij« 6d 

vy \'uf 

vj" viij** 

vj« viij«* 



Summa xxix^ v* 
Anno 1591 


The charges layde owte by Edward Ball & John poley Churchwardens 
for all charge* apperteyning vnto the churche wherof they aske allowans 
as herafter followeth 
J nprimis pa«l to m' Barker our minister for one whole yeares 

WttgvD ••• ••• ... ••■ •*• ... ... ... 

Item paid to willusm Seymor for wasshing the churche clothes 
for one whole yeare 

Item paid to the Tresorers for rent for the almes bowses 

Item paid to the ringers on the quenes night .•. 

Item paa'd to Seimor the clarke for candles nayles & Bromes 

Item paid to frickeley for articles at the visytacion 

Item paid for the booke of Iniuntions and a nother boke of 
the bysshoppes articles 

Item paid for caringe away of a lode of myre 

xiij" vj- 8d 



• • • J 




• ■ • • M 


1593 225 

93 b] Item paid for candles 1^ & bromes v^ 

tern paid for Eley farthings x' ob 

tern Spent at the visytacon viij« 

tern paid at Christmas for bredd 

t«m paid for mesuring of the tymber ... 

tern paid to John dowcey for xij fote timber viij* 

tern paid to pasfeilde carpeter for makynge the bell frame ... iij^ xv* 
tern paid to ij Sawyers for Sawinge of the Timber for the 

UOUtS ••• ••• ••• ... «.. .a. ««. ,(( X Vj 

tern to Robert niooLson the Smithe for 14 bowltes & for locks 
for the bell frame poize xiij^ with greate nayles for the 

hingel of the Southe dore of y« churche iij* iiij** 

tern {Kxtd for Asshe to make hooke pinnes for the carpenter ••. viij*^ 

tern potd for a paper booke to wright in aU the names of the 

panshe at ester viij^ 

tern paid to goodman goee for going abought the parishe & 

taking the names of all the communicants ... vj*' 

tern patio? for a bell rope ' ... xx* 

tern paid for binding of this booke & puttinge into yt vj quere 

v/' pSUO/ ... ... •>• ••• ••• ... •«. •.• IJJ < J 

tern paid for iij paste bords to make iij platformes of the 

Steple when we did gather for yt at the commensement ... iij^ 

tern paul for bread at Ester vj*^ 

tern paid to m^^ woolfe for wine for one whole yeare xxj* 

tern paid for a Locke with the keye for the pore mans hutche vj*' 

Si^mma itx" x» jg** ob 
soe dewe to the parryshe for this yeare viij** xiiij* v** ob 

194 a] This accompt was made and y elded vp by Edward ball & John 
Foley vnto the Auditours for the parishe of the virgin marye next the 
markett for the yeare paste 1591 in the presence of theise auditours whose 
names are vnderwritten 

(mark) John norkot 

Thomas medcalfe maior mychaell wolfife 
John howell peter scarlett 

(mark) John porter 

Thomas Manninge his marke 

194 b] The Elecctbu made the xvj of apriU 1593 beiiige Ester mondaye 
in the parisshe of great S^ niaries by Edward Ball and John Foley church- 
wardens and have named M' Thomas medcalfie maior & m' doctor warde 
and they have chosen vnto them those whose names be here sett dowue 
viz m' maior hathe chosen m' norcott alderman, m' harvey Alderman, 
& m' howell and m' doctor warde hath chosen m' doctor newecom 
m** woolfe & m' warren and theise eyght have chosen for churche wardens 
for this yeare to come Richard Love and Richard Qolsborowe 

C, A. S. Octavo Series, No. X2LXV. 15 



Anno domtui 1593 aprilis 16<^ 

Memorandum that the said Electors and all the other parisheners of 
this parish have named and appoynted m' Ball m' Norkott m' harvie 
m' Foley m' wolfe & m' Skarlett to go forwardes in the building and 
fynishinge of S^ maries steple and to their best indevour to procure things 
necessarie, And what they or any two of them shall do the whole parishe 
do promise to ratifie. And that the said persons shall make to the 
auditors of the parishe for the tyme beyng a iust accompte of their 
receipts & charges at suche tyme as the chirchwardens do make their 
accompte And thervpon wee the parishioners have hervnto sette our 
handes the day & yeare aboue written 

wiUtam ward Robert Newcome 

lohn howell Thomas mannyng lohn porter 

195 a] The accompt of Edward Ball & John Foley Church wardens for 
all suche monye as they have Receaved to the vse of the parisshe by 
vertuc of their office which was yelded vp aocomptable vnto the auditours 
for anno 1592 as hereafter followeth 

13> 6 11* 
"Eieceived for the caster booke for this yeare 1592 
Item Received of m' smith for rent of the churche Londe 
Item of m' OoodMrin for the rent of the Chamber over the 

Almes howses ... 
Item of Thomas parres of London for ij acres of meddowe 

Lyinge in Chesterton feilde 

Item of widowe Tomson for a peace of grounde whiche she 

holdeth of the parishe which adioyueth to her howse 
Item of John hurste for a peace of grounde 

whereon a chimney ys sett 

Item of m' Love for his pale 

Item Received of the moe^ers of Arte n'' 108 

Item Received of the Bachelors of Arte n<^ 158 

Item Received for the buriall of m' Leonard 

Item Reoett^ for the buriaU of m' Smallwood 

Item Received for buringe of Richard cheveling of Longe Sutton 

in Lincolne shire in our churchyard 

Item Received for the buriall of James watton 

Item Received for the buriall of John Threder 

Item Received for the buriall of Thomas potto 

Item Received for the buriall of mts^ris warde 

Item Received for the buriall of m^^ alexander Raye 
Item Received of m' Leggat for the rent of his shoppe ... 

xiij** vj« xj* 

Xllj" lUJ* 




• • ■ • Jl 



lij' viij* 
vj" viij<» 
\j« viijd 

yj« vnj* 
vj" viij* 
vj" viij* 

VJ» VllJ* 

vj« viy*> 

195 b] Received of M** Allington of London gent one of the 
cxecutours to laistna magdalen Furvey of Lincohie Shire 



for a legacye whiche she gave towards the repare of Satnt 

mariea Steple in cambridg the Som of xuj" vj* vuj 

iiili vis viiid 

Received of m' John weste Citizen & grocer of London 

Rtfoeti'ed more of the Ladie woodowes 

Recen^Ml of m' Robart Hare of London 

Received of m' alezander dawnoer marchaunt & citizen of 
London mai 9 ... 

Received of two gentlewomen griffinee of Northampton Shire 
majr 10 lOvZ ••• ••• •■• •*• ••• ••• ••« 

Received of M' Richard peme of downam within the Isle of 
£ley the 26 maij 1592 Executota* to m' Andrewe Peme 
doctor of divinite for a Legacye wAich he gave towards the 
repayre or bidding of Saint maries Steple in Cambridg 
the som of 

Received of m' karre of Lincolne shire the 2 Jmiii 1592 the Som 

Received at the same tyme of m' karr brother to the forsaide 

AU ACkftA ■•• ••• ••■ ••• ■•• ••• ••• «■• 

Received of M' Mycaell woolfe vintener of Cambridg Junii 6 1592 
Received of M' Scarlett apothecary of Cambridge 6 Junii 1592 
Reci0t«0d of one m' Deverox 




n« vj 




31" 11« 2* 





196 a] Received more at the Commencement 1592 the 4 Julii of theise 
whose names do hereafter folowe towards the buildinge of Saint maries 

Received of m' Brewdnall of hmitington shire ... 

Rtfcetpcd of m' doctor Bull 

Beont^ of m' Qybbons 

Received of rnJ^ Rigga 

Received of mistriB Sutton of London 

Beont^ of m' haggard of borne 

Recetfed of m' Cheston 

R€oet90d of m' Androwes 

Received of m' Tymothie of wiUingam 

Reoetved of m' withepole 

Received of m' Archer parson of houghton conquest in 
Ouire ... ••• ... ... ••• ... 

Received of m' John Lyne of harleton 

Received of m' Elinge vicar of littleport 

Recent of m' Samuell 

Raoeuwd of m' Coxe 

ReofTMd of m' Bownde 

R«?er00d of m** hickman 

Received of m' Sidney of walsyngam 

Rtfoniwd of m' Tompson 

















Eecewed of m' Stockwood of Tuobridg . . . 
Beoeived of m' Wennan parson of finchfeild 
BMeived of m' overing of Ly nne ... 

R^c^t^d of m' Hawll 

R«mwd of m^ watson of Coonington 

Rcceiwd of m' Cropley 

Bsceived of m^ Ratcliffe of gamlingay 

196 b] Received of m' Thomedike 
Received of m' Aloock parson of ramptou 
Received of m*' Jugge of homingsey 

Received of one m' howell 

Received of m' Edwards 

Received of one m' wilson 

Received of m' Tompson 

Received of m' James 

Received of m^ harrison of London 
Received of m' Emmans of Bamewell . . . 
Received of m' Russell of Cottnam 
Received of m' Barrington of hatfeild in essex 

Received of m' Barnard veysey 

Received of m' mudd chaplen to the lord cobham 

Received of m' Spring 

Received of m'' Wiseman 

Received of m' Skott 

Received of m' Thomas monke 

Received of m' wright sometime of clare hall 

Received of m' walles of lynne 

Received of m' Simons 

Received of m' howsden 

Received of m' wood 

Received of m' Christover Shutt 

Received of m' Shawe of Cambridg 

Received of m' Skott of essex 

Received of one m' kempe 

Received of m' Lancaster of SnffM 

Received of m' Hawes 

40. 3 Received of m^ Sellen of London phiuition 

197 a] Received of henry Slegg 
IXeceived of m' Samuell 
Received of m' fforrest 
Received of m' Cornewalles 
Recdved of m' fibster 








• •d 





ij» vj'> 

• • • ^ • > « • J 

llj" uijd 

* * *« ■ • • ' jk 











40" 3 





RdoetVed of m' ShortuH 

Received of m' newe|x>rt Northampton shire 
Received of m' Cotton of huntington shire 

lUcn^d of m' Gaaset 

Received of m' Peame sometime of peterhowae 

Rtfoerwd of m' aldrige 

BecmVed of m** Sayer 

Rdoetped of m' Risbe 

IUc0ti«d of m' Bladwell 

Received of m' doctor martyn of mourden 

Recetvtfd of m' Orrell 

Received of m' Robinson parson of Somersam 

Received of morris Bownde 

Received of m' Steward of Teversam 
Received of Edward foxton of cambrigge . . . 
Received of m' watbe phesition of walden 

Rec^tvad of m' Robinson 

Ree^n^ of m' Browne 

Received of m' whight of Eley 

Received of m' Bright of London ... 
Received of m' [blank] the quenes grocer 

Rece»t>dd of m' Heme 

Rtfc^'i^ of m' Marcoll 

Received of m' Tjewke of cople of bedforde shire 

Rdo»ped of one m' porter 

Recm't^ of m' Halford 

Received of m' doctor £9emminge 




• • •_ • • • ^JM 

nj" uij* 








• •■ 


• • • J 


viij* vj** 

ij» vjd 
62" 8* 

197 b] R«c^t;«d of m' Pepes of Cottnam 

Received of one of m' Alcocke his sonne of Rampton 

Received of mt8^8 Alice Baker of Cambridge 

Re^^Ved of m' heme 

Raontwl of m' Archer 

Ree^twd of m' Clarke a Straunger 

Received more of divers Straungers at the same time whose 

names we coold not gett to the Som of 

Received more of M' Qressam at an other time being the 14 of 

aprill 1593 the Som of 

42« 4* 61 18» e* Ixj U iiji x«i xiiii vj< 








It«m the remainder of the former accompt viij" xi^S^ ob 

Received more of m' John parker esquier for the chmx;h for 
his offirings & towards the minister wagM & reparations for 



230 1692 

The Som of the monye liecetved this yeare paste 1592 as well laij" aj ' ij ' ^ ob 
by gifte as otherwise dewe to the churche ys ... 71 13 2^ ob 

The holl som B>eceived is Jost thre skore a leven povnd thirten 

shillens ij^ ob 71 13 2^ ob 

198 a] The Charges Layde oute by Edward ball and John poley Churche- 
wardens ffor all suche Reparacu>ns the minister his wages, with the 
provicton of stonne towards the holding of the Steple of great S^ maries 
in Cambridge and other nessesaries appertayning vnto the Churche 
whereof they aske allowance as hereafter foUoweth 

nprimis paid to m' Barker cure minister for one whole yearee 

wages the Som of xiij"vj"8* 

tern paid to willtam Seimor for wasshing the Churche Clothes 

for one whole yeare iiij* 

iem paid to the Treasorers for one yeares rente for the Almes 

Uv TVlsQO ■.. ••. •«. ... ••• «•* •«. ••. ^^J 

tern given to the Ringers on the queues night A4ij<^ 

tem paid at the visitacu)n to pettit the regester for a booke of 

AT bioies ... ... ... ••* .•« .•• •«. ... 2. 

t«m paid for Eley farthings x*^ ob 

tern patd on the the queues night for candles j li and oyle for 

I/U6 ueiiB ••• ... ••• ... ... ... ... •«• vj 

tern paid to Corbett for glasing of the churche zxyj* 

t^m paid for a bell Rope xx** 

t«m paid for Candles j^ at Christmas iiij^ 

tem paid for mendinge of Seates ix* vj^ 

t^m paid for carringe awaye of the mire for one whole yeare v* iiij^ 

tern paid for binding of a large Salter booke xvj^ 

tern paid to mulkester for paving withoute the Churche wall ij* 

t«m paid for pibbles xx** 

tern paid for caringe of them from the castell ende and Caring 

them into the churche v^ 

16" •9«>ob 

98 b] It«m paid to cochie for a lode paving sande viij<^ 

t«m paid for bromes for the whole yeare iiij* 

tern paicf to John Stodder for writing the names of aU the 

communicants in the pofisshe yj*' 

iem paid for breadd & wine for the whole yeare xx" vj<^ 

tern paid to william Lambkin of huntington 3 Aprilis 1592 

for Ragge xiiij Toonne & ij C waight at 3« 4^ the Toonne 

OOIIl ys ••• ... ••• ... ••• .a. «a. «•. XlVlj 

tem at the same tyme paid to him for one Toonne of frestonne vj* viij^ 
iem paid to the fonaid william lambekin the 15 aprill 1592 

for XX Toonne of Ragge iij"vj«viijd 

9" 5'4<> 


XXVIJ' lllj* 


tern patd to him at the Same t^'me for iiij Toonne & ij C 
waight of frestomie at 6* 8^ the toonne 

tern patd to foxe the carter for the earring of the first xv 
Toonne of Stone from the great Bridge vnto S^ Maries 
\^uuiA/Qe •*■ ••• ••• ••• ••• •«• ••• 

tern patd to two Laborers for a daye worke in Removing the 
olde Bagge apon a het^pe 

tern patd to thre Laborers for having in the xv toone of 
Stonne into the Churche 

t^m patd to foxe for the carreg of the xxiiij Toonne of Stonne 
from the bridge ... ... 

t«m patd for two Scuttelles 

99 a] Item patd to thre Laborers for helpinge into the 

churche of the Stonne 

tern patd to two Laborers the next daye for helping in of the 

rest of the stonne ... 
tern given in drinke to .the Laborers that did helpe to waye 

the Stonne at the brigg 
tern, patd to foxe for Carring of viij gret Stones from Qarret 

Hostell grcane ... 
t^m patd vnto foxe for Carring of Ston from m' Slegg whiche 

he did give to the chmx;he a lode & halfe 

tem paid to willtam Lambkin of hunting the 26 aprill 1692 

for Tenne Toonne of asheler or frestone at 6* S^ the 

vOonne oom •«• ••• .*■ •.. ... •*• ««• 
tern patd to the same lambekyn at the same time for xxj 

Toonne & a halfe of Ragg at 3^ 4<> the Toonne Som ... iij" xj'viij** 

tern patd to foxe the carter for the Carriage of this stonne 

from the brigg to the Churche beinge xxxj Toonne & a halfe 
tern patd to thre laborers for ij dayes for havinge in of the 

stonne into the churche 

tern for my charges at London when I Baoeived the monie of 

m' hare and m' dawncer 

tern patd to a paynter for drawing of a plotform of S^ maries 

Steple apon velam parchement for my Lorde arche 

bysshopp of Caunterburie 

tern patd to willtam Lambkin of Hunting the 15 of maye for 

xj toonne of frestonne iij" xiij« iiij^ 

11. 17. 4 

99 b] Item patd vnto the forsatii willtam Lambekin at the 

same time beinge the 15 of maye for xix Toonne of Ragge iij^ iij* iiij"^ 

tem patd to ffoxe for the Carrege of this Stonne from the 

Bridg vnto the Churche beinge xxx toonne x" 




• • 'A 



. . . • 1 

• • • J 



iij-i vj- 8d 

x» vj'* 

vj" \iij* 




14. 1. 

t«m potd to thre Laborers for having this stonne into the 

C#UUx\/Ut3 ••* ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• 

tern for my charge* in goinge by water to Eley to Receive the 
mony gyven by m'' doctor peme towards the building 

t«in paid to willuzm Lambeldn of huntington the 8 of June 
1592 for xxij Toonne of i^tonne 

tern paid to foxe for carridge of this xxij Toonne of Stonne 
from the bridge to the churche 

tern paid to thre Laborers to helpe to waye & lode this stone 

tern paid to two Laborers to vnlade yt & packe yt vpp in the 

OULU\/Uf3 ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ 

tern paid to willuzm Lambekin of hunting the xvj June 1592 
for vj Toonne & a halfe of frestonne from the quarye 

tern paid to foxe for carridge of this vj Tonne dim* from the 
bridg to y* church •.. ... ... ... ••. 

tern paid to two Laborers for helping to vnlade this Stonne & 
to Laye them vpp 

. .^ » m » m 

• *A ■ • • •J^ 



xluj' nij** 

• •« ' 'A 

1J« Ijd 

• •• 



1J» lUJ* 


200 a] Item paid to William Lambekyn the 24 June 1592 for 

vij Toonne of frestonne xlvj* viij'* 

tem paid to foxe the carter for the carreg of the vij Toonne of 

Stonne from the bridge vnto the Churche 

tem paid to laborers for laying vp of the Stonne 

tem paid to willtam Lambekyn of hunting the 23 lulij 1592 

for V Toonne & v C waight of fi^estonne 

tem paid to the forsaide willtam lambkyn at the same tyme 

for Tenne Toonne of Bagge & a halfe ^ ... 

tem paid to ffoxe the carter for the carringe of this Stonne 

beinge xv toonne iij quarter* of a toonne 

tem paid to the Laborers that did carry the Stonne into the 

onurcQe ... ... ... ••• ... ... ••* ... 

tem paid to william Lambekin of hunting* 1592 for xvij 

Toonne of fireston 

tem paid vnto John Towers for layinge of this Stonne in [ij 

severall heai)es agaynste his howse side by the space of 

IHtiT" ck jfWuV ... ... ••. ... ... ... ... 

tem paid vnto vj Laborers that did helpe to waye this stonne 
to lode yt, & to vnlode yt, at the church and to laye 

vi» vpp ■.. .•• ••* ••• «•• ... •■• ••• J 

tem payd to foxe for the Carregg of this Stonne fix>m the 

bridge vnto the churche v' viij* 

tem paid to vmphrey the mason for measuring of parte of the 

Stonn wAich were to heavye to be wayde vj^ 

12. 15. 2 



v" xiij« iiij** 


1693 233 

200 b] Iton paid for making a handebarowe & for Stuff to 

make yt of xiiij** 

It<m potd for a stonne Sawe vij" 

Iton paid to antonj foster for two handles for the Sawe & 

a file to yt vij** 

It^m paid to iij masons for a weake to hewe Stonne xvij* 

It^m paid to two Laborers a weke vij" 

Thacoompt of Edward Boll one of the ohufohoward e ns of the pofisbo 
of the virgin mapy neat y" maricott for two yovoo laot past made th e m}^ 
dayo of Aprill Anno R€ywt Ryiio Eligabotho &o kxev^ 

Aw t the oaid Edward ohargoth himoolf onoly with y^ rooooipt of 
vj' viij * ^ for the buriall of d^ Larlcin for y^ ho rooooivod no oth e r e uwmo op 
s iiwm ee dwe to the ehoroho 

Allooacions wh e r e of h e pr a y e th Allow a nce 

iDprimis payed at y* T a vorno wh e n th e pari s hn e r s wore to 

*jB*me r » ■ p ^-^w^— ■■^^-^^ » ■ ■ ^^^— ^^— ■»^»»^— ^i^-^"^^— ~^^-^r»i^^— ^ u 

Item for two scuttella ^ ,« r,, r^, rn v^ 

I tnw for a bircbin br o ome ,.. , . , ijd 

It m n for m a king e th e sa w e p i tt . . . w^ r*, rr« rr. itv^ 

l Um f o r Level i nge th e cb i rch e y a rd th e r e r^. rr^ wwm iii^ 

Itw > for aa h e w o ^ > d for pynn ea for y^ fe ame m **« rn ^^ 

Su w m e of y* AUooaoona iiij* x ^ 
65.14.4ob & B O thio oooomptant ow e th jmj** 

201 a] The acoompte of John pooley Chirchewarden made & yelded vp 
before the Auditors of the parisbe the first daie of June 1593 as followethe 

The whole receypts Ixxj" xiij* ij'* ob 

The whole allocacions Ixv" xiiij* iiij** ob 

So due to y* parisbe for his owne aocompte v" xviij' x** 

Thomas medcalfe maior willm ward 
Robt Newcome Robart harvey gros^r 

Richard Love (mark) John mathe 

his marke 

201 b] primo lunii 1593 

memorandum that we Richerd Love & Richerd Qoldisborowe Chirch- 
wardens have receyved of John pooley late chirchwarden vpon the 
aocompte aforsaid v'^ xviij* x^ 

They received more of m' pooley for ij yeres rent of Alexancier Clarks 
stile viij* 

Richard Love 

234 1593—6 

The eleocion made the first dale of Aprill 1594 bejnge easter mondaie 
in the porishe of great S^ maries by Rieherd Love and Richerd goldis- 
borowe, m' Love hathe chosen m' D' ward & he hathe chosen m' IK newoon 
m' wulfe & m' warren and Richerd goldisborowe hathe chosen m' harvie 
Alderman & he hathe chosen m' norkot Edward potto & Thomas Cobbe & 
these viij persons have chosen chirchwardens for the yere to come Richerd 
Love & Richerd goldisborowe 

202 a] The election made the xxj daye of Aprill 1595 beynge Easter 
mondaie in the pcriishe chirche of great S^ maries by Richerd Love & 
Richerd goldisborowe chirchwardens videlicet Richerd love did chose 
m' Doctor newcom & Richerd Gk>ldisborowe did chose Thomas mannynge 
& they two did chuse vj more viz. m' Doctor ward m^^ pooley & m' Scarlet 
m^^ Sparrowe Thomas Cob & James Tayler & those viij persons have 
chosen chirchwardens for this yere to come Richerd love and Edward 

The election made the xij^ day of aprill 1596 beinge Easter mondaye 
in the chirch of great S^ maryes by Richard Love & Edward pottall 
& Richard Love dyd choise m' doctor ward & Ed. pottall dyd choyse 
m' Thomas manning & m' doctor ward did chojse m' poolye m' woolfe & 
m' warren & m' manninge dyd choyse James Tayler m' gowldsborough 
& Thomas Cobb & these viij dyd choyse m' Edward pottall & m' Jhou 
I)ortar & these viij audytors for the yeare to come 

Ova*seers of the high wayes this yeare 1596 Thomas Adams wtUiam 

202 b] Anno domint 1594 

The accompts of Richard Love & Richard Goldsborrowe Church- 
wardens, for all such money & other things as they have Receavid to the 
vse of the said parishe by vertue of thiere office vfhich was yelded & 
accompted vnto the said Auditors theire vnto appoynted as foUoweth 
Receavid by the hands of Auditors 1593 and of m' Poolie lat 
Churchwarden to the vse of the parishe of Qreate S^ maries 
in Cambridge the summe of v" xix« vj** I saye Received ... v" xix» vj** 

13" 14« 

Rec^'veci? for the Easter booke xiij" vij » viij** 

B/eceived of m' (Joodwyne for rent of Almesse house xiij" iiij** 

B^ceived of m' Leagget for rent of the shopps 

Heceived of m' Smith for his rent 

B^ceived of Richard Love for his paile 

B/dceived of widdowe Thompson for a pece of ground ... 

Bj&ceived of m' Parris of Chesterton 

Bj&ceived of John Hurste for a pece of ground wherone his 

chimney is sett 

Received of Alexander Clarke for his stile 





• • • • J 

1 594 235 

Beceived of the jneuten of Arte xvj" ij^ 

Heo^mtf of the Bachelars of Arte liij* iiij^ 

BjBceived of m' Qilbard willobie for his buringe in the Church xiij* iiij<^ 
B/ec^ved of m' Cuthbard for hia wyves her buringe in the 

^nurcu •«• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• vj * nj 

Rec«»f0c? for burringe fytts Jeffrey in the Churche xiij' iiij^^ 

"Received for the biu-yinge of m' Chapman y* fishmonger in the 

v^nurcn ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• vj v iij 

Bumm& reoeptorum xxvj" xv« iiij** 

203 a] 1594 

The Aocompe of Richard Love & Richard Goldsborrowe Churchwardens, 
for all such money as they have layd out for the repracions beloninge to 

the Church, and the ministers wages & other duties for the Church for 
his ycre now past 1594 wherof we desire allowance 

n primis payed to m' Barker owr minister for one whole yere xiij" vj« 8<> 

tern to semmer for washinge the Clothes iiij" 

t«n payed for wyne for y« whole yere xxiij« vj^ 

tOTa payed for bread for y« whole yere x** ob 

t«m payed for Candles for the whole yere viij«i 

tern payed to the Traserrers for rent of the almeshowses ... xij^ 

tem payed to John Stoddert for writtinge the Easter booke ... xij^ 

tern payed for 2 bell Ropes aganst y^ Queenes daye iij' iiij<^ 

t^m payed for oyle & nales \\}^ 

tem spent one the Ringers that night viij^ 

tern payed for Bissoms for y« whole yere iiij'* 

tem payed for carringe the dunge awaye aboute the Church 

wawle for one whole yere yj'vj** 

t«m payed to the plummer for sowder 13^ & halfe viij' 

tern payed for workmanshipp for hime selfe & the boy ... iij* 

t^m for fireinge, boords & wax for y« plummer xviij* 

t«m payd to Charles Corbett for glasinge the southe syde of 

the Church windowes ... ... ... ... ... ... xv* 

t«m payed for our Charges for the visitacton att Abbinton ... xv" x^* 

t«m payed for Elie farthins x<^ ob 

tern payed fbr a booke of Artickles v}^ 

tern payed to for twoe lodes of pavinge stones & Carridge ... aj* viij<> 

t^m payed to Cutches for 14 lodes of sand viij* ij<i 

tern payed to goodman moonkester & his Laborers for pavinge 

aboute y« church yard xxiij* vj** 

tcm payed for 4 C & dim' of Brick yj* ix* 

ton for 5 lodes of sand ij* xj'i 

t«m for one lode of lyme ... ... ... ••• ... ... vj* 

tern payed vnto moonkester for worke 6 dayes & half vj* vj*^ 

t«m payed for his 2 Laborers 6 dayes & halfe viij* vj<i 

236 1595 

Item payed for a prayer booke for preservactbn of her madeite x^ 

Item for 4 quarter bills xij** 

xx" xviij' iiijd 21. 2. 10* 

y« receipts 26** 16" 4^ laynge out 20** 18» 4^* so due to y* parishe this 

yere 6» 17" 

John noricot 

wiUiam ward 

John warren 

203 b] Anno Domini 1595 

The Aooompts of Richard Love & Richard Goldsborrowe Church- 
wardens for all such money & other things as theye have Receavid to the 
vse of the said parishe by vertue of theire office which was yelded & 
Aocompted vnto the Auditors ther vnto Appoynted as followeth 
In pn'mis Remaninge in our hands of the kwt accompt the xvij' 

last yere in money v^v^j** 

Recetfee^ for otcr Easter booke xiij" xj« x* 

Item receiV^ of m' Smith for rent x" 

Item "Received of m' Qoodwyne for rent xiij" iiij* 

Item Receti;ec? of Richard Love for his rent iiij<i 

Item Recetvecf of widdowe Thompson for rent ... xij^ 

Item Recetvecf of m' Leagget for rent v" 

Item Recetvec? of Alexander Clarke iiij^ 

Item m' Parris of Chesterton for his Rent for 2 Acres of 

myddowe ground ... xvj<* 

Item Rooew g rf for th e marter s of Art e — rn rr^ m m *iiij» vj^ 

I te m 'Roooived fo r the Baohaloro of Ajto ... vn rr^ 77-, iiij" iiij'* 

Item Received of John hurste for Chimny ground xij^ 

Item Receiwo? for m^ Howell his buriinge vj' viij** 

Item Received for m' marten Gyll his buriinge vj" viij* 

Item Recett^ for good wife Roboock her buriinge vj" viij* 

Item Receti^ for Qoodman Robook his burieng vj" viij^ 

Item Received for m" holland her buriing vj" viij** 

Item Received for m" Smawood her burieng vj* viij** 

Item Recetvec? for m' Covell his Child v« 

Item Receii^ for m' Scarlets Child v* 

Item Received for m' harvy his burininge & his child ... vj" viij<* & v" 

Item Receit^ for the maisters of Arts xiiij" vj** 

Item ReceiVec? of Bachelers of Arte xxxiij" iiij*^ 

Item y^ m' Pottall is to paye xx" more the wAtch m' merriton 

Proctor saith y^ heath alowed m' Pottall for them to the 

vse of the Church 

Sum xxvj ^ ** viij' ix <^ 

Som xxvij" X" viij* 



204 a] 

In this yere the great 
Bell was sett vp & Runge 
& never before 


The Accompts of Richard Love & Richard 
Goldsborow Churchwardens, for all such 
money as they have layd out for the 
Repracons belonginge to the Church & 
the ministers wages & other duties for 
the Church 1595 

In primis payed to the minister for his wages for the whole 
y G^B ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ 

payed to semmer for washinge the Clothes 

t^m payed for wyne for y« whole yere 

ttfiti for bread for the whole yere 

t«m payed for bessoms 

iem payed for Candles for y« whole yere 

t«m payed for oyle for the bells 

xiijw vj» viij* 




yS yjd 


iem spent one the Ringers of the Queens night 

tern payed for 3 bell Ropes to willlugton 

iem payed to the Tresserers for rent 

tem for paper for a book bound with a Cover for the names of 

those that are Crisned & Buried 

tem payed for baldtrape to the CoUermaker 

tem payed for Carriadge of dunge from the Church wawle 

againste the Queenes day 

iem payed for mendinge the Churche door to the masons & 


iem for healinge wests head 

tem layd out att the visitacibn att sarson & a supper 

tem for Elie farthins ... ... ... ... ... , 

tem payed for a booke of Articles 

tem payed to good Craftes for divers parcells as appeareth by 

his bill of particiders & abovt stockinge the bels . . . icxxviij* j^ ob 

tem payed to porter & goodmau sturgis ether of them fyve 

daies for the bestowinge of the Rubbishe & leavelling y* 

v^nurcuyarci ... •.. ... •■• ••• ••• ..« 

tem payed to Cutcher for Carriadge of dunge from the wale 

when the noblemen were here 

tem payed Corbytt for glasinge the window in the Belfrey 

& ouer the north syde ... 

tem to the plummer for solder & worldnge 

tem payed for mending the pulput & a key to the leeds 






viij" mj« 

vj" u/ 

• • • •-! 




\* iij* 





Item payed goodman Teversam for stockinge & makioge j* 

whele for the great bell to riuge 

Item Crafts for Jren woork for the same 

Item for aker to Ringe the great bell 

Item 4 quarters billfl 

Suwma totoZw 23n> vj« 4* ob 

Resteth in hand -k^Mxi^ iiij^ iiij iij^ ob 

willm ward John warren 

John Foley Edward pottowell 

mychaell Woolfe (mark) Thomas cobbe 

his marke 

204 b] Anno domini 1596 

The Accompts of Richard Love & Edward Potall Churchwardens s>{ all 
such money And other things as they have Receavd to the vse of the said 
parishe by vertue of thoire office wAich was yelded & accompted vnto the 
Auditors thor vnto appoyuted as foUoweth 

4^ 4* 3^ Imprimis Remaininge in our hand from the last Aocompt ... 4". 4". 3^^ 


13** !?• 7** Receavid for the Easter booke xi^"-ij* 

RecAve0? of m' Smith for rent 

Item receivecf of m' Gk)odwyne for rent 

Item recett^ of Richard Love for Rent 

Recetvec? of widdowe Thompson for rent 

Recceti^ of m' Leagget for rent 

Item received of Alexander Clarke for rent 

ij" xvij » viij " 

Xllj' lUJ* 

• ■ • • » 


Item of m' Parris of Chisterton for his Rent of 2 Acres of 

myddowe ground 

Item Recemitf of for the ma«^ers of arts ... 
48* 4^ Item Bj&ceived for Bachelars of arte 

Item Recet<^ of John Uurste mackerris for his Chimny 

ground ... 
Item m" Chapman her biuiall 
Item m" Thomey her buriall 
Item for m" maninge her buriall ... 
Item Received for Sharborrow his buriall & for m' Scarlets 

V/UllU ... ... ••• .*• .•• ... 

Received for m^ Chapman the taler for his buriall 
Received of Thomas Addams for his wife her buriall in church 
Item Remaininge of the gatheringe of the Communicants of 
v/nsmasoay e ••• ... •«. ••. ... ... ... 

25 16 10^ 


• • • •• 'A 

xinj" vji^ 
xlviij* iiy** 

vj» viij* 

•« • • 'A 

vj« vuj* 
vj" VUJ* 


'm " 'A 

Yf Vllj" 

•» • • 'A 

vji viyd 


Som xxv** xvj* X* i 



rung out & was never before 

205 a] Anno domtW 1596 

Thia yere all our bells are The Aooompts of Richard Love & Edward 

Pottall Churchwardens for all such 
money as they have Layde out for the 
Repracons belonginge to the Church 
& the ministers wages & other duties 
for the Church 

n (Wmis for the ministers wages for the whole yere . 
t^m payed to semmer for washinge y^ Church clothes 
t«m payed for wyne for the Whole yere 

tern for bread for the whole yere 

t«m payed to Treaserers for rent 

tern for besoms 

tern for Candles 2" 

tern for oyle for the bells .. 

tern for Elie farthins 

tern a books of Articles .. 

tern payed for carringe awaye the dunge from y* Church wale 

t^m payed for a new Hope and ane eke for the 3 bell wayinge 

March 14 

xiij»* vj« vnj« 

• . • . 

xxiij* vj** 

x^ ob 


20" at 3d ob 


ij» xj 


tern payed to goodmon dowsey & his sonne for Stockinge the 

3 bell 3 dayes & a halfe with the hanginge therof 
t«m payed for makinge 2 new wheles for the bells & other 

workmanshipp ... ••• ••• ... ... ... ... 

tern payd Craftes for Ireon werke aboue haingin the bells 

againste the Queens daye 

t^m 4 quarter bills... ... ... ... ... ••• 

tern payed dowsey for mendinge & hanginge vp the S** bell ... 
tern payed for Claye & laborars worke for the Almes howesses 
tern payed for a sheet to mother maninge for a poore boy that 

died in the haknes hous 

tem for Chaiges att the visitacton att Sawson 

tem payed the 16 of march to the plummer for solder 16^ 

halfe quartor at 7^ pond 

tem payed for 3 daies wooke & his boye to the plummer 
tem payed for leed 

tem for more solder & one daies woorke 

tem payed for a 100 of turffe 

tem for yalowe wax 

tem willinton for a new Bope & ane eke 

205 b] Item the 4 of aprill a new Rope & mending the old ... 

tem a Rope for the saunter bell 

tem payd to good wife moonkester for a Child y*^ was Laid 
in the Church for one whole yere 


xxvj" viij* 

■ vd 

X" V 




ijs vjd 

IX* nij** 


ij" vj* 

• • • J 




240 1593—6 

It«m payed to Robert Corbytt for glasing & mend the south 

syed of the Church windowes ix« 

paid to goodman dowsye for mendyng the gr^at Bell wheele ... xij^ 

Som xx" xix* iiij<* ob 

And so remayneth in the hands of the newe Churchwardens ii^^ xvij* vj<^ 
Allowed by vs Auditors 
willtam ward 
John poley 
Peter scarlett 
Thomas mannyng 
James Tayler 
Thomas Cob 

Memorandum that m' Covell is to paye for his Easters booke for twoe 
yeres viz 1603 & 160 4 1604 et 1606 
It g m for buring e his Child in th e chu r ch yt is alowed 
Item y^ Str Thomas North is to paye his Easter booke viz 1604 

It«m m' Parker is to paye his Easter booke this yere 1606 ys 

allowed in the ester boke 

206 a] The accompt of John Poley for all suche sommes of monye as 
hathe bynne 'Received by the sayde John Poley towards the repayre or 
bulding of the Steple of great S^ Maries in Cambridge as yt dothe apeare 
by theire severall names that did contribute or give towards this building 
as here after ffolloweth in Anno 1603 and in Anno 1604 

Inprimis Baceived the 1 Julii 1603 of m' wiUiam kempe of 

fynchefielde in essex esquier the Som of xx* 

Item Received of Batesou Mason for vj. m. viij C of Slates 

whiche were the covering of the steple at the taking downe 

of olde timber roffe at 15" the Thowsande Som v" ij« 

Item Received the 6 Julij of m' Clayburne of lynne vj« 

Item Received the 13 July of Lambart dampes of Cambridg 

duche man the Som of x" 

Item Received of m' Thomas Laighton marchant of Lynne the 

Som of 26 Julij xx" 

Item Received of m' Martin wharton of Cambridg xl" 

Item Received of M' doctor Barro phisition the 10 of August 

the Som of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xl" 

Item Received of Lychfielde barber of Trinete colledg ij" vj'* 

Item Received of M' aunger of Cambridg x« 

Item Received of M' Bradshawe of Cambridg august 28 ... xx" 

Item Received of Sir willtam hatton knight Septembris 3 ... vj" 

Item RecetV-ed of one m' dodge at the same tyme ij* vj^ 

Item Received of M^^ Robart Hare of London gent the 12 of 

September 1603 the Som of xviij" 

1594 241 

Item 'Received of M' fireman of Trenete CoUedg v" 

It«m lieceived of M' Button bayliffof newemarkett one quarter 

of Rye whiche was solde for xj' vj<* 

1594 Item Received of M' Revell of Trinete haull in Cambridg the 

ii of may in Anno 1594 the Som zl* 

Item Received the 27 June of one buntinge of horsheadd by the 

hands of Thomas Ame iij' iiij^ 

Item Received the 21 lulij at the Gomencement of the 

Straungers then that did Contribute the Som of y^xix" viij^^ 

40. 18. 6 

206 b] Item Received of M' Bakon the queues Solister the 30 

Julij 1594 the Som of xx* 

Item Received of M' Nioolson of Cambridg maulster vj* 

Item Received of M' watson of Cunington august 8 the Som of x* 

Item Received of M' doctor Swale august 22 xx* 

Item Received of M' watson of Cimington afomaid the 14 

September the Som of x* 

Item Beoeit^ of M' Longe alderman of the Citie of Bristowe 

xne oom oi ••• ••• ... ... •.. ••• ••• x 

Item Received of M' Tronion Iremonger of London the 16 

Septembris the Som of ..• ... ... ... ... x' 

Item Becen^ed of M' Smith goldsmithe of London the same 

day the som of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... \* 

Item Received of M' Robart Praunce of Cambridge the 30 

Septembris 1594 ... ... ... ... xx* 

Item Beceit^ of M' Knowles of huntington xviij*' 

Item Received of Parker the Brickelayer for the olde Sedge 

that covered the waUes of the Steple the yeare past ... viij* 

Item Received for Halfe a lode of lyme that was Lefte by the 

masons this yeare part made into morter iij' iiij^ 

Item Received of the busshop of LyncoUie his Surname was 

Wickam november 20 iij" vj" viij** 

Item Received of the moe^ fellowes & Scollers of Cbriste 

Colledge the yeare 1594 x^ 

Item Received of the mcw^er fellowes & Scollers of the queues 

Colledg in Anno 1594 vij" xij« 

Item Received of the fellowes & Scollers of the Kinges Colledg vj^ 

Item Received of the maeter fellowes & Scollers of Emanuell 

Colledg the Som of v** ix» viij<> 

Item Received of m' doctor Grimston Steward for Qoonwell & 

Kayus Colledge in Contribution for the whole company 
43.12.2 the Som of v" 

207 a] Item Received of m' fireman Steward of Trinite Colledge 
ffbr the Contribution of the fellowes and Scollers of that 
Colledg in anno 1694 the Som of xxvij" xviij* 8* 

C. A. 8. Octavo Series. No, XXXV, 16 

242 1593—5 

It«m "Received of the Earle of Essex march the first x^ x* 

It^m Receitwd of the Earle of Shrewesburie ... xl* 

Item RtfcetVdd of the Earle of Rutland xx* 

Item Received of the Lorde Rjche xl* 

Item Received of the Lorde Compton ... xx* 

Item Received of Sir Robart Sidney xx* 

Item Received of Sir Qeorge Savell x* 

Item Received of Sir Edmond Huddleston vj* 

Item Received of M' wrathe \* 

Item Received of alderman Bamam of London v* 

Item Received the 4 aprilis in anno 1595 of m' pettit of 

Anno Cambridg regester to m' doctor Cowell x" 

^^^^ Item Received the 13 may of m' pettit for parte of the punisshe- 

ment of mychaell newlyng of melbume xiij" iiij<^ 

Item Received at the Gomenoement in Anno 15d5 of m** doctor 

Wclil'O ... ••• •*. ... ..a ••• ••• !•• JUL 

Item Received of m' doctor Puckering xx* 

Item Received of m' doctor Smith of willingham x* 

Item Received of m' doctor asshepole v* 

Item Received of m' doctor Hutchinson v* 

Item Received of m' doctor Aigent ij' vj* 

Item Received of M' doctor dunkon ij" 

Item Received of m' doctor Corbet ij' vj** 

Item Received of m' Sapcotts of himtington shire ij* 

Item Received of the Countes of Bathe a duble pistolet ... xij* 

Item Received of m' John Cotton of Lan ward v" 

Item Received of Sir Rychard dier himtington shire ij* vj^ 

Item Received of doctor Bounde Colle^rii r^galis v" 

Item Received of Seman Collc^'i Reginad v" 

Item Received more at this Comenoemeut of all other Straungers 

whose names I colde not take the Som of iiij" xij' ij<* 

Item Received of M' pettit Regester to m' doctor CoweU the 

5 decembris 1595 the Som of xx" 

Item Received of m' Comige Lincolneshire in Anno 1596 ... x* 

59. 1. 2 Item Received of the Ladye framingham 1596 the 3 may ... ij* vj* 

207 b] hereafter followethe the Contribution g^ven by the porochioners 
of great Saint Maries towards the buildinge of the Steple in anno 1593 
whose names do hereafter followe 

Inprimis Received of Mr doctor newecome x* 

Item Received of M^^ Qolsborowe Channdler xij* 

Item Recei'ved of MieAris Briden viij* 

Item Received of M' Medcalfe alderman xij" 

Item Received of M' Norkot alderman xij* 

Item Received of M' Craddock xij' 

Item Received of Raphe Parris xx* 



5. &5. 

tern. B^ceived 

tera Received 
leva Received 
tern Received 
ttfin Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
iem Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
iem Received 
teta Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
't«m Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 
tern Received 

of goodman Cobbe 

of arthnre wilson taylor . . . 


of Sterne Shomaker 

of Roger Taylor 

of Mu^s Taylor 

of Stephen newman 
of John Golsborowe 
of M' John Bazster 
of M' harvey alderman 
of James Taylor 

of John Cutbert 


of Thomas addams 

of Mistria Chapman 

of Mackeris Taylor 

of Collison Taylor 

of Edward Pottol 


of abraham durden 

of John Sargeson 

of hewe Bnrwell stationer ... 

of henry Qybbes 

of Raphe Robuck 

206 a] It«m Received of John Symonds 
tern Received of William Scarlett 
t^m Received of M' warren vintener 

t^m Received of M' Smith 

t^m Received of Manasses vanoolier 
t«m Received of waiter Betson Joyner 
t«m Received of M' Thomey 
tern Received of John Pomfrett ... 
t«m Received of harry holland 
t^m Received of M' doctor warde . . . 
t«m Received of M' Phissyck 

t«n Received of M' Porter 

tern Received of John hawll 
t^m Received of M' Leggat printer 
tem Received of Leonard Glascoke 
tern Received of Thomas Jazson ... 
ttfm Received of william Jazson . . . 
tem Received of Rychard Qryffin... 
tem Received of M' Parker esquier 
tem Received of Robart Corbet . . . 





• •• 







• • • •_ 







• •• 



• •• • 


• • • • A 






244 1594 

It«m Rtfcett^ of goodman Qrene Cooke iiij' 

Item "Received of^^ BsM vij* 

Item Rectfu^Ml of M*" Scarlett apothecary zij* 

Item lUc^ved of Robart Turver Smithe iiij^ 

Item Recet'z^ of Larrance Williamson ij* 

Item ReoezWd of Thomas warren iiij' 

Item Receii>ed of M' Goodwin xviij* 

Item Receit^ of M' woolphe vintener zij* 

Item Received of henry Kinge iij* 

Item Received M' Philowe iiij* 

Item Received of John Swetson iij* 

5.14.7 Item Received of John Raiding shomaker ij* 

208 b] Item Received of Hewe Ryding ij* 

Item Received of William Baldwin iij* 

Item Received of Mr ffletcher alderman yj* 

Item Received of Edward Cropley iiij* 

Item Receti^ of Ralfe Hydes iij* 

Item Received of Edward Cowper viij'' 

Item Receii;ed of Gfabriell Cater ij' 

Item Received of M' Love Apothecary xij* 

Item Received of M*" Colvile gent. ij' 

hereafter followeth the Contribution given by the parisshoners of great 
S^ Maries towards the building of the Steple in Anno 1594 whose names 
do hereafter foUowe viz. 

Item Received of Richard Qolsborowe v* 

Item Received of MivMs Bryden iij' 

Item Received of M' Medcalfe alderman x* 

Item Received of M*" Norkot Alderman z' 

Item Received of M' Craddock zz" 

Item Received of Thomas Cobbe iij* iiij' 

Item Received of arthure wilson zz' 

Item Received of miftris alcock zz' 

Item Receiwd of Roger Taylor iij* iiij' 

Item Received of Mitfris Taylor iij' iiij' 

Item Received of M' Harvey alderman zz' 

Item Received of James Taylor iiij* 

Item Received of M' Sparrowe iij' iiij' 

Item Received of Thomas Addams iij* iiij' 

6.6.6 Item Received of mi«A*is Chapman zz' 

209 a] Item Receii^ of mackerys Taylor zz' 

Item Received of Edward Pottoll zl* 

Item Received of m' Howell z* 

Item Received of abraham durden zz' 

Item Received of Hewe Burwell vj' viij' 



ii. 14. 9 
ii. 14. 9 

tern lieeeiffed of henry Qjbbes apothecary 

tern R0o«tv6d of Baphe Robuck 

ton R609ii^ of John Symonds 

t«m lUoetVed of willtam Scarlett 

tern Btfceu^ of M>^ warren 

tern Bsceived o{ "M.^ Smithe 

tern Ra00n^ of Manasses vancollier 

ton Reo0tz^ of water betson 

t«m Rtfo^'ved of John Pomfrett ... 

tern Received of M' doctor warde 

t^m ReoetVdd of M' Porter 

iem Received of Id' Leggat 

t^m Received of Leonard Glascock 

tern Rtfcettwd of Thomas Jaxson 

tern R^ceti'ed of Rychard Gryff)rn ..v 

tern Received of M' Parker Esqnier 

t«m RtfcetVtfd of Bobart Corbet 

t^m IUc«u^ of M' Bawll 

t^m Received of Robert Turver 

t6m Receti^ of Larrans Williamson 

tem Received of henry Kynge 

tern Reotfit'tfd of M' Phylowe 

t«m Received of John Swetson apothecary 

tern R^c^i-red of John Halding 

tern RdO0ti^ of William Baldwin 

tern Received of M' ffletcher Alderman 

t^m Receuwd of Edward Cropley 

209 b] It6m of Raphe Hydes 

tern of M' Love Apothecary 

tem Rectfti'ed of Matthewe Pryme 

tern Received more in anno 1597 of the master fellowes 

lers of Bennet CoUedge the Som of 

tern Received of Robart Story of Chesterton for a legaci 

by Thomas watson of chesterton 

tern given by M' Oder of lanam 1598 

6. 18. 6 

The whole Som of the money Received by me John Poley to- 
wards the bulding of greate S^ maries Steple in Cambridg 
as yt dothe appear in anno 1593 and 1594 the Som of ••• 

• • • * 


. • • . 


• ... 


. ••* 

• • B^ • • • mm 


• ••• 


• . * • 

• * *. • • ■ ^JM 

UJ» lUJ* 

« * • . 


. • • • 

• • •• 

• • v_ • • • •M 

iij* uy* 

■ • •_ ■ • • • J 

nj» mj* 

. • • « 


• • • . 

yy viij* 

. • • • 


• • • • 

. ■ • • 

• « •_ 


• ■ • • 

• • • . 

• ■ ■ ■ 

• • • • _ 


• ... 

• • • • 

• • • • 

> • ... 


llj* IX* 

• • • • 


• • . • 


• • • • 

11J» UIJ* 

• * • • 


. • •• 


• • . • 

VJ» VllJ* 

• ... 


■ • • . 


• • • • 


ij' vj* 

• • • • 

iijM xij* 

ie given 

• • •• 


. ••• 


179" 12« 7* 

810 a] The accompt of John Poley for all suche SomTnes of Monye as 
hathe bynne Layde ought by the sayde John Poley towards the repayre or 
Bulding of the Steple of greate S^ maries in Cambridg as hereafter follow- 
ethe in Anno 1593 

Inprimis Layde ought for two Lodes of Claye June 2 1593 





It«m paid to Simkyn for iij Lodes of Sande 

Item paid to Lylley for vj C 80 Bricks at 15* the M. Som 
Item paid for the Carring of the bricks from the brydge to the 

v^uiircQe ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• 

Item paid for 1 C of Lakingaje Sedge to Laje Apon the Leads of 

the Church to save the Leadds when the slate of the Steple 

was takcui downe 

Item potd for carriage of the sedge 

Item paid to M' wharton for iiij C of Inche bordes at 6" the C 

Item paid for the Carriage of the borde 

Item paid to two Laborers to carry the Sedge vp to the 

Churche Leadds ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Item gyven in earnest to william wesley of west wrattinge 

hurdlemaker ... ... 

Item paid to the sayde wiUtam wesley for v dossen & viij 

hurdles at 8" the doseen 

Item paid for drinke to bateson & his men when they toke 

downe the Slates of the Steple 

Item paid to John wade Carpenter for taking downe of the olde 
4.12.5 Timber frame of the Steple 

210 b] Item gyren in drinke to wade & his man when the toke 

downe the olde frame of the Steple 

Item paid to the sayde wade for making of a Lymehowse 

Item paid for nayles for the lyme house 

Item paid for a payre of hokes & hyngilles for the Lyme howse 

Uvfw ... ... a*. ... ... ••■ ... ... 

Item paid to hawle laborer for sifting of a lode of Lyme & i^ 
louo oi oancie •«. ... ••. ... ... ... ... 

Item paid to parkars sonne for slaking the Lyme 

Item paid for ij Lodes of Saude 

Item paid for Caringe the sande into the lyme howse 

Item paid for a greate Crane Rope to John Taylor of Longstan- 
ton waying nyne stonne and vj" at vj* 8^ the Stonne being 
made all of Sponne lyne 

Item paid to the sayde Taylor for ix^ dim' of Small Lynes or 

V/vAvU) ..• ... ... ... ... ... •«. ... 

Item paid to M' Lankester of owsden in SujQTolk for xvj great 
asshe poles to Stage withall 

Item paid the sayde Lankester for 48 asshe poles 

Item paid to wallee & Brookes carters for the Carringe of theise 
poles from ousden wood being two groat lodes 

Item paid to wesley the hurdle maker for his paynes in going 
to owsden two tymes in bying the poles & Chusing of them 
& seinge them Carted .. . ... ... ... 

6. 8. 0. 


' ' 'A 


* "m 'A 

MJ» Vjd 

■ ■ • •M 





xlv" iiij** 

• • •-! 


• • • _ • • • • J 

uj» mj* 


■ • • B J 






"••II ••*■ 

• • • • • • J 


• • • • • • • J 

xuj* lUJ* 



■ • • «. 




211 a] It&m yaid to m' wharton for two peaces of Timber 

Contejning 32 foote at 7*^ the foote Som 

It«m paid to fox the Carter for Caring of v Lodes of Tymber 

from Jesus Grene vnto the Church 

JuUj 21 It^m paid to. willtam Terroll & his Sonne And John Asheler 

fremasons for one weake 

Item paid to willtam TerraU & his Sonne for v dajes work ... 

Item paid to John Assheler for iij dayes dim* 

Julij 28 Item paid to John martin fremason for iij dayes worke 
Item paid to the sayde John martin for iiij greate Stones 

Item paid to fox for Caring of the iiij stones 

Item paid to ij Laborers for helping to lode them 

Item paid to pinder Carpenter & his brother in makyug 

mortises in the Tymber & setting yp the Crane on the 

Steple for one daye worke 
Item paid to porter & Saunder Laborers for halfe a daye 

worke in helping the Carpenters to fetche the Crane & 

sevu y ii yp ... •.• ».. ... ... ••« ... 

Item paid to kendall plommer for Raysyng the Leadd in the 

mydle lie to take vp stufie with the Crane 

August 4 Item paid the 4 August to william Terrall and his Sonne for 

one weake fremasons ••• 

Item paid to John Assheler fremason for ij dayes 

4.4.8 Item paid for iiij Lodes of Sande 

• • •_ • • 'J 

xvuj" vij[j<* 



'" 'm 'A 

nij* vj* 

iij* \i^ 
« « • • 


• ■ ■ • J 






• •_ • • • • J 

August ii 

211 b] Item paid to parker & his Sonne for iij dayes worke & 
a halfe in Lainge the Bricks apon the newe arche made by 
uocDor X eanie ••• «.. ... ••• ... ••• ... 

Item given in drinke to the masons & Carpenters 

Item paid for 50 Bricks which wanted for the finisshing of the 

CUTvUo ... •■■ •*• ... •»• •*. ... ... 

Item paid to olde watts for Caring the Rubbisshe from the 

masons into the Churche yarde 

Item paid to william Terrall & his Sonne august ij for one 

It OIULO ••• ••■ ••• ••■ •■• ••• *** ••• 

Item paid to Jerrom Butcher fremason for one weaken worke... 
Item paid to John Assheler fr-emason for i^ dayes & dim' worke 

Item given in drinke to the workeme^i 

Item paid to Arthur of Reache lyme burner for vj Chalder of 

Lyme at 5* 8^ the Chalder 

Item paid to fox for Caring of the Lyme from the bridg to the 

V/UU^V/U •«• •«• •■• ••. *•« ••• *•• ••• 

Item paid to pynder Carpenter & his brother for one daye work 
in drawing vp with the Chrane v peaces of Tymber & 
letting downe some of the olde tymber 



• • ■ • J 

• • •■ 


• • • m » 

• • • • — 


"m " 'A 

ly VUJ* 




Item given in drinke to the nuwons & Carpenters y^ did belpe 
3.7.11. to carry the tymber to the Crane 

• ■ V m* 



5. 18. 4. 

212 a] Item potd for 1" of harde Tallowe for the Crane Rope 
to make yt Slyppery ... ... ... ••• 

Item pato? for ij newe Sives for both the kynds of morter 

Item paid for a lyttill grene basket 

Item paid to wiUiam Terrall & his Somie fremasoos 18 August 
for a weake* worke 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote & John Assheler fremasons for 

a TT vCaKvo Vt wa1M7 «•• ••• ... ••. ... ... ... 

Item paid at the same tyme to John martyn fremason for 

iij dayes & a halfe work 

Item paid to Richard Johnson & hewe Taylor laborers for 

V dayes worse «•• «.. .■• ... ... ... •«• 

Item paid to John harris Laborer for iij dayes 

Item paid to william wilson for xx lode« of sande 

Item paid for v foote dim' Inche horde for molds 

Item paid to william Grombole moe^er woorkman & fremason 

the 25 august for iiij dayes 

Item paid to william Terrall & his Sonne fremasons for v 

ciay es wor&e «.. ••• ..• ... «•• ... ... 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote fremason for v dayes worke ... 

Item paid to Ebbes fremason for iij dayes 

Item paid to John Asshelor fremason for y dayes worke 

Item paid at the same tyme to hewe Taylor Rychard Johnson 

& John harris Laborers for V dayes work 

Item paid to John Taylor of longstanton for a Rope of Sponne 

Lyne 38 fieidome long waying iij Stonne ix^ & two bunches 

of Smaller Lynes viij^ of the same makynge 



VJ* VUJ*» 

• •• 




• • "• ••* 


ber 2 

212 b] Item paid to the sayde Taylor for ij Trayse Ropes at 

the same tyme ... ••. ... 
Item paid to Robart Nycolson Smith for making two Iron 

pinnes for the robbenets 

Item paid to the Turner for making of i\j puUes for the two 


Item paid for mending of the Robenets 

Item paid for a pounde of harde tallowe for the newe Rope ... 
Item paid for a honny barrell & two Bowles for water for the 

masons •.• ... ••• ... ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, 

Item paid for Leadd x^' for flasshes for the Steple 

Item paid to Robart Grombole oure moiter workman fremason 

for one whole weake the i Septembris 

Item paid to william Terrall & his Sonne for one weakee worke 



• « • • t 

• * • * J 





Item potd to daniell Lightfoote & ebbes fremasons for one 

Wr QftKB wOaKO ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item paid to william Grombole the other Master Workman for 
one ^« eaice ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ 

Item paid to John Assheler fremason for ij dayes work 

Item paid to George Levins fremason for two dajes worke the 
last weake & YJ dayes this weake 

Item paid to pinder Carpenter & his brother for iij dayes & a 

halfe in making the whole & frame to yt to winde vp ye 

tK »j9 xvi Svonne ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• 

213 a] Item paid for nayles for the whole 

Item paul to John harris Richard Johnson and John kersam 

laborers for one weake... ... ... ... 

Item paid to nycholas wilson laborer for iij dayes 

Item paid to John Sturge« laborer for one day 

Item paid vnto Robart Grombole oure mae^ Mason for the 

daye that he came hither 

Item paid to Harwood of eversden for iij Tonnes of Stonne at 

4» 8<> the Tonne 

Item paid for two Scuttelles 

Item paid for a peace of a planke for to make a new ende to 

one of the bosses 

Item paul for duble x<^ nayles to nayle yt 

Item paid to nycholson smithe for v plates or Oiaspes of Iron 

to Strenghen the bosse and setting them on wayinge viij^ 
Item paid to the sayde nicholson for making the eare of the 

o wiier J30BBC ••• ••• ••• «■• ••• •■• ••• 

Item paid for a Shovell ... ... ... ••• ... 

Item paid for a lyttill Basket 

Item paid for a Trayse Hope for the bosse 

Item paid to pinder Carpenter for mendinge of one of the greate 

Bosses and for making Malletts for the Masons and a 

small bosse for morter... ... ••• ... 

Septem- Item paid to william Grombole the other mae^er workman for 

bns8 one weakes worke 

Item paid to william Terrall and his sonne fremasons for one 

weaKoo w^ur Ke ... ..• ... .«. ... ... ... 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote fremason for one weakes work 
3. 11. 4 Item paid to william Ebbes fremason for v dayes dm* 

213 b] Item paid to John Assheler fremason for one weaken 

Vr V* Kw •.• ... ... ... ... •*. ... ... 

Item paid to georg Levins fremason for iij dayes worke 
Item paid to Robart Jackson fr-emason for one daye work 
Item paid to Kychard Parker Roughe Mason for ij dayes 

... • 



ix» iiij* 









• ■ • • • 




nj« vj« 




bns 15 

6. 13. 

Item patd to Richard vickars Roughe mason for one weaken 

** ^^ HLv ••• ••• ,••« ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••« 

t«m paid to vickars man for V dajes dm' 

t«m paid to John harris, Rychard Johnson, John Kersam, 
Nicholas Wilson & John Sturgis Laborars for one weake ... 

tern paul to Thomas deane laborer for ij dayes worke 

t«m paid to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for v dayes 

t«m g3nren in drinke to the workmen 

tern paid to wilson the Carter for zz Lodes of Sande 

tern paid to Robart Grombole the master workman for one 

TT \3cULv .•• ••• •». *•• ••• ••• ..a <•• 

tern paid to daniell Lightfoote, william Ebbes, Qeorg Levins & 

Robart Jaxson fremasons for one weakes work 

tern paid to william Terrall & his Soonne fremasons for one 

W^OKUJ InTvx IL ... ••• ••• a*. ... ••• *«. 

t^m paid to John Assheler ft«mason for a weke 

tern, paid to Richard Parker Rychard vickers and Emmans 
Jaxson roughe masons for one weke 


• • • •• • Jl 

uj" VllJ* 








bns 22 

bns 29 

214 a] Item paid to John harris, Richard Johnson, John 
kersam, nycholas wilson, John Sturget Thomas deane & 
Myles Parker Laborers for one whole weake 

Item paid for vj C dim* of bricks 

Item paid for Caringe of the bricks from the brigg 

Item paid for fyling of a brasse pulley ... 

Item paid to Robart Grombole ouro master workman for 

V ciay 68 worK •■« ... .»• •*. ... •*• «.. 
Item paid to danyell Lightfoote william Ebbes & Robart Jaxson 

fremasons for r dayes worke 

Item paid to william Terrall & his sonne & to John Assheler 

fremasons for V dayes 

Item paid to Rychard Parker, Richard vickars & Emans Jaxson 

lor V UAy eis ... ••. *•• .•• ••• ••• ••• 

Item paid to John harris, Richard Johnson John kersam, 
nycholas wilson, John Sturgee Thomas Deane & myles 
parker Laborers for V dayes work 

Item paid to James Gates Laborer for v dayes 

Item paid'to Bateson for a thowsande bricks 

Item paid to wilson for Caringe them fh>m the bridg 

Item paid to Robart Grombole the master fremason for v dayes 

TT Ox K ... ... ... .•* .*• ... .•• ... 

Item paid to danyell Lightfoote & william Ebbes fremasons for 

V ciay es worite ••• ... «>• ... ••• «.. ... 
Item paid to Robart Jaxson fremason for ii^ dayes 





xvij* vj^" 

XV" X* 

• • • _ • • • ■ J 

xxiy" nij** 
uj" mj* 



vij" vj* 

xj" vuj* 
li^" vuj* 

1593 251 

It^m paid to willtam Terrall & his Sonne & John aashelor 

fremasons for V dayos work xv»x* 

Item paid to Richard parker, Rychard vickers & Emans 
9.11.11. Jaxson ronghe masons for y dayes worke xv* 

214 b] Item paid to John harris, Rychard Johnson John 
kersam, nycholas wilson, John Stiu^ges, Thomas Deane 

Mylls parker and James Qates Laborers for v dayes worke xxvj* viij^ 
Item paid for iiij great dormans of a foote Square a peace 

Contayninge 76 foote of Timber at 8^ the foote for the 

firste flore ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1* viij*^ 

Item paid to Oroftes Smith for ij hokes of Iron for the dore 

Leading into the Vpper Leads waying viij" iij quarters ... xiiij*! 

Item paid for Sope for the whele and pulles iij<i 

Item paid to Cochie for x lodes of sande V x^ 

Octobris Item paid to Robart Grombole master Workman for one weake ix* 

6 Item paid to danyell Lyghtfoote, william Ebbes and Robart 

Jaxson fremasons for one whole weake xxj* 

Item paid to william Terrall for ij dayes ij" iiij'' 

Item paid to yonge Terrall & to John assheler fremasons for 

one vveaKe ... •.. .«• ••• ... ••. ... ^^J 

Item paid to Rychard parker & Emans Jaxson roughe masons 

for one weake ... ... ... ... •.. ... ... xij* 

Item paid to John harris, Rychard Johnson John kersam, 

nycholas Wilson, John Stiu^ex, Thomas Deane, Myles 
8.12.11. parkar & James Gates Laborers for one whole weake ... xxxij* 

215 a] Item paid to Simkin Carter for the Carringe of the iiij 
dormans from the antillopp vnto the Churche and also for 
bringing of peares Crane thither ij' x'^ 

Item payde to goodman peare CarpeTiter for Craninge* vp 
of the dormans & placing them and Craning downe of 
other Timber ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij' 

Item paid to Simkyn Carter for caringe home of peares Crane ii^j^ 

Octobris Item paid to Robart Grombole the moe^er Mason for one weakes 

TfxtXBk," ... ••• ... ... ... ... •.. ... iX 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote, william Ebbes & Robart 

Jaxson fremasons for one weakee work xig" 

Item paid to John assheler fremason & to Rychard Parker 

roughe mason for a weke xij* 

Item paid to Enums Jaxson roughe mason for y dayes worke v* 

Item paid to John harris, Richard Johnson John kersam, 
Nycholas Wilson, John Sturge«, Thomas deane Myles 
parker and James Gates Laborers for one whole wekes 

*. vA&v •*. ... •.. ... ... ... ... ... XXXjJ 

Item paid to the Turner for a wodden pully iiij*' 

252 1593 

Item patd for Sope for the wheale ij^ 

Item paid for iij C of Lakingaye Sedg to cover the newe 

worke of the Steple xij* 

It«m paid to Church Carter for Carring of the Seadge to the 

x^Durciie ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• ••■ zij 

5. 2. Item paid for one hundred of hrickes xviij*^ 

Octobris 215 b] Item paid to Robart Grombole master workman the 

^ 20 octobris for iiy dajes yj' 

Item paid to John assheler and Robart Jazson fremasonB 

fori^dayes vj»vj<* 

Item paid to william Ebbes fremason for ij dajee & halfe 

worKe •■■ •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• *j ^j 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote fremason for iiij dayes worke iiij* viij^ 
Item paid to Rychard parker and Emans Jaxson Roughe 

masons for iiij dayes work viij* 

Item paid to John Harris, Rychard Johnson, John kersom, 

John Stui^es V dayes xiij« 4* 

Thomas deane, Myles parker, James Qates & Thomas Shepard 

for iiij dayes worke x'viij** 

Item paid to Symkin the Carter for the Carringe of xj peaces 

of grete Tymber from the Chiuxjhe to m' Wharton his 

backsyde being iiij lode« ij* ij* 

Item given in Rewarde to Robart Grombole cure Moe^er worke- 

man when he went home at the end of the yeare ij* vj<^ 

Item given lykewise in reward to danyell Lightfoote the Cheiffe 

Setter of the worke for his gret paynes in saving muche 

scaffolding whiohe wolde have bynne very Chargeable to 
3-0.1 vs yf he had not Layde yt vnderfoote iij^iiij^ 

216 a] Item gyven to william Ebbes fremason in reward at 

his goinge home vj*' 

Item paid to Olyver plummer for ij dayes worke in mendinge 
of the Leaddee where the Stonnes was drawen vp into the 

OvCUaO ••• •«• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• 1| 

Item paid for Soder xyj" qwarter at 7** ix« v^ 

Item paid for Coles to heate the plomers Irons iiij^ 

Item paid to william Seymor the Clarke in helpings the 

0.13.3 plommer two dayes xij* 

And thus endethe the accompt for this yeare 1593 for all suche 
monye as hathe bynne Layde ought by me John Foley towards the 
repayre or bulding of the Steple 
The Som of this yeares account for Laying ought ys 65" 3" 10* 

216 b] The accompt of John Foley for all suche Sommes of monye 
as hathe bynne Layde ought by the sayde John Foley towardes the repayre 



May 4 

May 11 
May 18 

May 25 

June 1 
5. 10. 10 

or Bulding of the Steple of great S^ Maries in Cambridg as hereafter 

blloweth in the yeare of our Lorde god 1594 

n primis patd 20 Aprilis 1594 to Daniell Lightfoote, Bobart 

JaxBon, and willtam henaon fremasons for v dayes work ... 
t^m paid to danyell Lightfoote Robart Jaxaon for v dajee ... 
ton potd to John assheler tomason for ij dayes worke 
tern potd to Danyell Lightfoote & Robart Jaxaon fremasons 

lor V uay 68 ••• ••• ... •*. ... ... .«« 

tern paid to John assheler for y dayes 

tern paid to danyell Lightfoote Robart Jaxaon, & John asshelor 

fremaaona for v dayea work 

t^m paid to daniell Lightfoote Robert Johnson & John assheler 

fremaaona for one weakea work 

t^m paid to John aaaheler fremaaon for iiij dayea worke 

tern paid to Robart Jaxson mason for two dayea worke 

tern, paid to Danyell Lightfoote, Robart Jaxaon & John assheler 

lor one we&e ... ... ... ••• ... ... -.. xx 

xvij» vj^ 

Jf VllJ'' 







■ • • mM 


June 8 217 a] Item paid to Robart Grombole the mcuter mason for 

one weaKOB ^y one ..• ... ••• ... ... ... 

Item paid to daniell Lightfoote Robart Jaxaon and Nicholas 
Drowe for one weake ... ... ... ••. 

Item paid to John assheler for y dayes dim' 

Item paid to william frisbe fremaaon for y dayes worke 

Item paid to Richard Johnson, John Banes, & william bayley 
Laborers for iq dayes ... 

Item paid to John Sturges Laborer for y dayea 

Item paid to Robart Nycholaon & John banea Carpenters for 
making the newe Crane and Joyning yt to the whele & 
letting downe the belles & diuera peacea of greate Timber 
y dayea dim' worke 

Item giyen to the Carpenters & those that did helpe to lett 
downe the belles to drink 

Item paid to Croftes Smithe for newe tothinge and fyling of 
the Stonne Sawe 

Item paid to the sayde Croftes for making the hedd & Jee with 
a forlocke for the Longe barr of Iron that holdeth the 
Crane & whele togither with other boltea & forlockee with 
two bandee for the ende of the Crane waing 17^ 

Item paid to mi»^ria wallea for a Square barr of Jron waing 
23 to make the Barre that holdeth the Crane & whele 

MJKtwUOr ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Item paid to the aayde Croftes for the binding of the great 
woden boxe with a Jron brode bande for the nethermost 
4. 0. 2 greate brasse pulley waight of the Jron work x" .. 




• • •_ • • • •.I 

U}* 1UJ*» 




• • • 




0. 13. 3 

217 b] It^m patd to waiter betson Joyner for dim' Jncho 

borde planed for mowld«« for the Masons 

tern paid for Tallowe for the Crane and for the greate Cable 

FOp6 ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Um paul to Croftee Smith for iij Jron boltes with forlockes & 

one Jron pinne waying viij^ 

tern i^id More to Croftes for the Jron CoUer abought the 

neck of the Crane waiug vij^ and for Lengheninge of the 

greate Jron Barr ••• ... ••. 

iem paid to Croftes for two Jron eares for the water tubbe ... 
tern paid for whoping of a tubbe to carry water in & for the 

whopinge of ij morter tubbes 

t«m paid for vj^ nayles 

tan paid for a peace of timber at Bamewell of viij foote dim' 

at 7^ to make the Crane poste 

t^m paid to donnege of Bamewell for Caringe of the tymber 

from bamwell ... 

t^m paid for Tallowe for the Crane & Crane Rope 

tcm paid for duble x* & viij^ nayles 

t^m paid to John banes carpenter for dim' a day worke in 

Coveringe the worke howse with border for the masons ... 



• • • •M 


• • • mM 





* ■ 9 • ■ ■ • J 

nj« nij* 

• A^ • • • •M 


20. 12. 2 

218 a] Item paid for vj^ nayles j C 

tern paid for Iviij Tonne of asheler or freston from Ramsey at 

vj» 8* the Tonne Som with charges in caring to the Antilop xix** vj' 8* 
tem paid to fox Carter for Caring of x Lodes of the sayde 

Stonne from the Antillop to S* maries Chmt;he 

tem paid to foxe for Caring of vij Lodes of the foraaid Stonne 

fr\)m the antillop to the Churche 

tem paid to brakes for Caringe of iij Lodee of the same stone 

from the Antillop to the Churche 

tem paid to fox for Caringe of xij Lodes of the sayde Stonne 

from the Antillop to S^ maries Churche 

tem paid to bnikes for Carring of yj lodee of the same Stonne 

fr\)m the Antillop to S^ maries Churche 

tem paid to fox for Carringe of xvij Lodes of the same Stonne 

at a nother tyme from the Antillop to S^ maries 

tem paid to brukes Carter for the Carring of xxij great 

fr-estones from the bridg beinge parte of the Iviij tonnes 

de^ii^ered from the Antillop beinge vij Lodea to S^ maries 

>/UUX\/U ... ... ... ... •.. ... ... ... 

Item paid more to brokes the carter for the Carringe of xiij 
Lodes of freston at a nother tyme from the Antillop to 
S^ maries Churche iiij'iiij'* 

. • . • 


y* vuj 

• m^ • ■ • • J 



June 15 

4.1. 1 

June 22 
a 5. 6. 

218 b] It^m patd to Robart Qrombole lacuter mason for one 
weaKOB woFKe ... •.. •■• ■•» «•■ •*• ... 

tern paid to Daniell Lightfoote for vj dayes work 

ton paid to Robart Jazson, nicholas Drewe, & wiUiam frisbe 

fremasons for one weakes worke 

tern paid to John asshelor firemason for a weakes worke 

tern paid to ricbard parker & his Sonne Roughe masons for 

xj QA YoB ••« i.a *.* ••• ••■ ... •.• ••» 

t«m paid to Emans Jazson roughe Mason for ij dayes 

tern paid to Richard Johnson, John Barnes, william bayley, 

John Sturgis Laborers for yj dayes ... • 

tern paid to John Harris, francis Candeler & John Kersam 

Laborers for V dayes ... ... ... ... 

tern paid for ij Scuttelles 

tern paid for tallowe for the Crane 

tern paid for the Carring awaye of zvj Lode* of Rubbishe that 

Came of the Steple 

t«m paid for a nother Scuttell 

tem x>aid to a Laborer that did helpe to lode Stonne at Jesus 

^J*«*UO •« .. ... ... ... .a. ... ... ... 

t^m paid to CVoftes the Smithe for 

219 a] iiij®' payre of Jron whoke« for iij of the windowes and 
one of the dores waing 17^ at 3^ li 

t^m paid for viij'^ of Leadd to soder in the hokes 

tern paid to Crofbes for ij claspes of Jron for the handbarowe 

tern paid for ig C bricks for the Stayres 

tdm patd for Caringe the brickeff 

tern paid for Tallow & oyle for the Crane and Rope 

tem paid for ij Scuttelles 

tdm paid for a bunche of Lyne 

t«m paid for ij Claspes of Jron for one of the Bosses 
wayng uij ••• ... ••• ••* ••• ••• • 

tem paid to Cochie for xxx lodes of Sande at 7^ the Lode 

tem paid to widowe taylor for a trayse rope 

tem paid to her for a tayle Rope of Sponne Lyne to gide the 

DotsBv waxug V... ... ... ... ... ... I 

tem paid for a Scuttell 

tem paid to Croftes Smith for Iron barres for the iij Lowe 

windowes waying Izj^ & a halfe at S** the li 

tem paid to Robart Qroipbole moe^er workman for one weakes 

vv \J iJ^W ••• «•• ••■ »•• ••• ••• ••• • 

tem paid to Danyell Lightfoote fremason for one wekes worke 

219 b] Item paid to Robart Jazson william frisbe & Nycholas 
drewe fremasons for one weakes worke ... 



• • m^ ■ * ■ J 

llj* Vllj'l 



*• • • 


• "A 




mj« uj^ 

• •• 'A 


luj* ^r|* 


" ■ » " - 


• • ■ ■ 

* "A 



zvij« ^d 



*■ *A 


zv* iiij*" 





Ittfxn patd to John asheler fremason for a weaken worke 

Item paid to Rychard Parker & his Sonne and Emans Jaxson 

for one weaken work ... ••• 
Item poul to Rychard Johnson, John bames William Bayley, 

John SturgM, John haris John kersam Laborers for one 

WdUkfl •*• >.. •*• ••• ••• •■• ••• •*• 

Item paid to frauncis Candler Laborer for v dayes & a halfe ... 
Item paid to Oochie for xz lodes of Sande at 7^ the Lode 

Item patd for tallowe & oyle for the Crane & Rope 

June 28 Item paid the 28 Jime to Robart Grombole moe^ workman for 

1111 QAyes ^v orK .«• •*• •.> .*• ... •■■ ••• 

Item paid to Danyell Lightfoote for iiij dayes 

Item paid to Robart Jazson, william frisbe and Nycholas Drewe 

zor I'lj QAyeB ... •.. •.. ... ... ••• *•• 

Item paid to John assheler for iiij dayes 

Item paid to Rychard parker & his Sonne & Emans Jazson 

roughe masons for iiij dayes work 

Item paid to Rychard Johnson, John Bames wiUiam Bayley, 

John Sturge«, Ihon harris frauncis Candler & John kersam 
7.3.0. Laborers for iiij dayes work 

Julii 6 220 a] Item paid the 6 Julij to Robart Grombole the mcuter 

workman for one weake 

Item paid to Daniell Lightfoot fremason & the chieflfe Setter 

tor one we&e ... ... •., ... ... ... ... 

Item paid to Robart Jazson william frisbe & Nycholas Drewe 

lor one weKe ... ••• ... ... ,,, ... •., 

Item paid to John Asshelor for one weke 

Item paid to Rychard parker & his Sonne & to Emans Jazson 

roughe masons for iiij dayes woorke 

Item paid to John Sturge« & John kersam Laborers for one 

WwCU&O ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• «■■ ••• ••• 

Item paid to Richard Johnson John harris, John Barnes, 
wiUiam Baly fraunces Candler & John Osbume Laborers for 

iiij dayes work 

Julij 13 Item paid the 13 Julij to Robart Grombole matfer workman 

for one weakes worke 

Item paid to Daniell Lightfoote for a weke 

Item paid to Robart Jazson wiUiam frisbe & to Nicholas Drewe 
fremasons for one weake 

Item paid to John assheler for one weke 

Item paid to Richard parker & his Sonne for v dayes worke ... 
6. 18. 6. Item paid to Emans Jazson roughe mason for one weke 

220 b] Item paid to Rychard Johnson John Sturge« John 
kersom & John harris Laborers for v dayes & a halfe 


• • « m^ 


• • •^ • • • Jl 

nj» viij* 

ZJ« VllJ* 

m m • mj$ 


V* iuj« 


• • • • _ 


ZJ« Ul/ 

xviij" S* 



ZJ» lUJ* 

• •• 





• • • •■ " 'A 

zinj" vuj* 



Julij 20. 

6. 18 10. 

tern paid to ffrauncM Candler laborer for v dayes 

tern paid to John Barnes John osbume & william Baylye for 

V uay es qitti ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

t^m paid to Cochie for x lode^ of Sande 

tern patd to Robart Qroinbole master workeman for one weake 
tern patd to Daniell Lightfoote fremason & the chieffe Setter 

for one weaken work 

tern paid to Robart Jaxson willtam firisbe & Nicholas Drewe 

fremasonB for one weake 

tern paid to John ashelor for one weke 

tern paid to Richard parker & to Emans Jaxson roughe 

masons for ij dayes 

t^m paid to parker Sonne for a weke 

tern paid to Richard Johnson william Bayley John Harris 

William Goose & John kersam Laborers for one weke 
tern paid to M' Jaxson Baker for xx lodes of whight filling 

o wvXJv ••■ *•• ••* ••• ••• ••• *•• .*• 

tern paid to brooke & hatton for Caring of xiij lode* of the 
same whighe stonne ... 

iij' 111/ 






xxvj'» 8^ 

Julij 27 

August 3 

8. 18. 6, 

221 a] Item paid to the formid m' Jaxson for xxij Tonne of 

Ragg at 3" the Tonne 

Item paid to Robart Grombole master workman the 27 Julij 

for iij dayes work 

tem paid to danyell Lightfoote for iij dayes 

tem paid to Rychard Parker for ij dayes 

tem paid to Parker Sonne for iij dayes 

tern paid to william frisbe nycholas drewe and Robart Jaxson 

fremasons for V dayes work 

tem paid to John Asheler fremason for y dayes 

tern paid to Emans Jaxson for ij dayes 

tern paid to Richard Johnson william Bayley John harris, 

John Kersam & william Goose Laborers for v dayes 
tern paid to John Barnes & John Sturge« Laborers for iiij 

uay CD ... ... * .•• *•• ••. ... ••• ... 

tern paid to frauncis Candler Laborer for iij dayes & a halfe 
tem paid to Robart Grombole his man for ij dayes worke ... 
tem paid the 3 August to Robart Grombole mo^^er workman 

Tor one weaKe ... ■•• ••• ■•• ••• ••■ •*• 

tem paid to grombole his man for a weke 

tern paid to daniell Lightfoote for a weke 

tem to Robart Jaxson william frisbe and nicholas drewe for 

one weajk68 worKc t.* .•• ... •*. «•* ... 
Item paid to John Asshelor for one weke 

CA.S. Octavo Series. No, XXXV, 

iij" vj" 

• • ■ • _ 

• •• 


ij" vjd 

xvij" vj*^ 

xvj' vuj** 

V* mj° 

IJ" lUJ* 


« « • 




258 1594 

221 b] Item paid to John Qrombole fremason & brother to 

Robart Grombole for ij dayes ij* viij<* 

Item paid to Richard Parker roughe mason for v dayes & a halfe v" yj*' 

It«m paid to Emans Jazson & parkar his Sonne for one weake xj" 
Item patd to John Kersam Richard Johnson, willtam Bayley, 

John harris John SturgM & william Ckx)se laborers for one 

WUttJkO ••• ••• ••• •*• •■• «•* ••• ■•• X A IHI 

It^m paid to frauncis Candler for iiij dayes & a halfe iij* 

Item patd to John Barnes Laborer for v dayes & a halfe ... i^* viij*' 
Item paid to Blithe of Reache for xiiij Tonne of Ragg & ij 

Tonne of freston lij*vj** 

Item paid to fox for Carringe of the 16 tonne of Stonne to the 

church v*iiij^ 

Item paid for Tallowe to the crane ij^ 

Item paid to the quarry man of Eversden for vij Tonne of 

Stonne at 4* 8^ the Tonne •. xxxij'viij** 

August 10 Item paid to Robart Grombole master workeman for one weake ix" 

Item paid to John Qrombole for one weake viij" 

8. 2. 6. Item paid Robert Qrombole man for one weko v* 

222 a] Item paid to daniell Lightfoote for one weke viij* 

Item paid to wilham ffrisbe Robart Jaxson & Nicholas drewe 

fremasons for one weke xxj* 

Item paid to John Asshelor mason for a weke vj" 

Item paid Richard parker & Emans Jaxson Roughe masons 

for iij dayes vj» 

Item paid to parker his Sonne for a weake v* 

Item paid to Rychard Johnson, John harris John kersam, John 

Sturgee, William Goose William Bayley John Barnes, & 

frauncee Candler Laborers for one weake xxxij* 

Item paid to the quarry man of Eversden for ij Tonne of Stonne ix* iiij^ 

Item paid for Brickes j C xviij** 

August 17 Item paid the 17 August to Robart Grombole oxire master 

workman for one weake ix" 

Item paid to John Grombole & danyell Lightfoote fremasons 

tor a weaice ••• •.. «.• ••• ... ... ... xvj 

Item paid to Grombole his man for a weke v* 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson, William frisbe & nycholas drewe 

fremasons for one weaken work xxj* 

Item paid to John Asheler mason for one weke vj* 

Item paid to Rychard parker & Emans Jaxson roughe masons 

for ij dayes iiij" 

Item paid to parker Sonne for one weke v* 

8. 14 10. Item patd to Richard Johnson, John kersam John harris 

willtam Goose, John osbume for one weakes work ... xx" 

August 23 

I August 31 



222 b] Item paid to William Bayley for v dayes 

tern paid to the quarrej man of Eversdeu for iiij Toonn of 

O lOUXi\3 ••• ••• ••• •«• ••• ••• ••■ ••• 

tem paid to lylley for dtW M of Brykes 

tern paid for Carring of the Brickef 

t^m paid for sande viij Lodes 

tem paid the 23 August to Robart Grombole oure mooter 

workman for V dayes work 

t«m paid to John Qrombole & daniell Lightfoote for v dayes 

** uriL ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• 

tern paid to Robart Jaxson wilh'am frisbe & nycholas drewe 

fremasons for y dayes ... 
t«m to John Ashelor & Robart grombole his man fremasons 

xor V uay vo ••• ••• ••• •<• ••• ••• ••• 

tem paid to Rychard parker & his Sonne and Emans Jaxson 
roughe masons for V dayes 

tem paid to Rychard Johnson John Sturge« John Kersam John 
Harris, John osburne williorm Goose Laborers for v dayes 

tem paid to frauncte Candler & william Bayley for iiij dayes 

JIaUvlIvB «•« ••• «•• «.. ••• »•• c«c •«• 

tem paid for iij Toonne of eversden stonne 

tem paid for Tallowe for the Crane rope 

tem the 31 august to Robart Grombole ma«^ workman for 

OXlf3 *V O&KO ••• •■• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• 

item paid to Danyell Lightfoote for a weke 

tem paid to John Ashelor & grombole his man fremasons for 
one weaKe ••• ••• ••• ••• •■« ••• 


ni' nij* 

XVllJ* VllJ* 
vij« vjd 

•• 'A 

my viij* 

vijt vj«i 

• ■ • * * * "^ 

xuj" mj** 

xvij» vj^ 

• •• 

ix« ijd 

• • ■ •- • • J 

xmj" ij* 


. .. • 




tember 7 

223 a] Item paid to John Grombole & Robart Jaxson fre- 
masons for iiij dayes work 

Item paid to Rychard parker & his Sonne h Emans Jaxson 
roughe masons for one weake 

Item paid to Richard Johnson John Kersam William Goose, 
John harris, fraunces Candler, John Osburne, William 
Bayley Laborers for one weake 

Item paid to John Sturgis for iiij dayes 

Item paid to Cochie for Sande V lodes 

Item paid the 7 Septembris to Robart Grombole moe^er work- 
man for a weake 

Item paid to danyell Lightfoote John Grombole & Robart 
Jaxson fremasons for a weake 

Item paid to John Asheler & Robart grombole his man fre- 
masons for a weake 

Item paid to william Goose, John Sturgis John Kersam, John 
harris Laborers for iiij dayes work 






• • • 

X* viij* 



tember 14 

8. 1.9 


9. 4. 10 

It6m paid to Rychard Johnson & willtam baley Laborers for ij 
Cut yes Ob o> uftue ••• ••• •>• ••• «•• .•• ••• 

It^m paid to fraunces Candler for iij dayes 

It«m paid to John Osbume for iiij dayes dm' 

It«m paid the 14 Septembris to Robart Grombole master 
workman for a weake 

Item paid to John Grombole & daniell Lightfoote fremasons 

XUa \ Utt VtXI ••• •■« •«• ■•« «•• ••• ••• 

It«m paid to John Ashelor & Bobart Grombole his man for one 

Item pat'd to Robart Jazson for v dayes 

223 b] Item paid to Richard parker & his Sonne roughe 
masons for y dayes work 

Item paid to Emans Jaxson for V dayes & a halfe 

Item paid to william Goose, John Sturge«, John Harris, Richard 
Johnson, william Bayley John Eersam John osburne for a 

V* vCvJkV ••• ••• *•• ■•• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item paid to John dowce Carpenter for a daye & a halfe in 
drawing vp the great dormans into the steple 

Item paid to the sayde dowcey for making pinnes for the whcle 

Item paid to Cochie for V lode« of sande 

Item paid to Cochie for a lode of Claye to save the dormans 
from the morter ... 

Item paid for one Lode of eversden Stonne 

Item paid for oyle for the Crane 

Item paid for a newe woden pullye 

Item paid to m' Jaxson Baker for xxiiij Toonne of Ragg at 3" 
woe X. onne ... ••■ ... *•■ ... ■•• •■* 

Item paid to the a,foT8aid Jaxson for iiij Toonne of Asler or 
frestonne at 6" ... ... ... ... ... 

Item paid the 20 Septembris to Robart Grombole ma«^er work- 
man for v dayes 

Item paid to John Grombole & daniell lightfoot fremasons for 

Y Utt YOB ... *•• ... ••• ... ... ... ••• 

Item paid to Robart Jaxson John asheler & grombole his man 
for five dayes ... ... ... ... ... ... 

224 a] Item paid to Richard parker & his Sonne for ij dayes 

vT Iklv* & ■•• ••• ••• ••• «•• ••• ••• •■• 

Ittem paid to Emans Jaxson for iiij dayes dim' 

Item paid to william Goose, John Sturge«, John Eersam, John 

osbume Laborers for v dayes worke 

Item paid to John Harris Richard Johnson & william Bayley 

Laborers for iij dayes 

Item paid for ij Toonne of Eversden stonne 

• • • _ • • • •'k 



•• •_ ••• • J 
xiij* mj" 


ix" ij** 
ys vjd 



ij" xj<» 


* * * *A * * *«i 

nij" vnj" 

■ • « • J 


iij" xij" 

• • . • 

vij* vj** 

• • •^ • ■ • BM 

xuj« nijd 


nj» vuj** 
. • . •- .J 
nij" yf 

xuj» nij" 

ix' iiij*^ 



It6in paid for whipcorde for the masons to make Lynes for 

theire worke ... ... ... ... ... 

It^m pat'd for a Scuttell 

lUmi paid for Carring vj Tooune of Ragge from Trenete Colledg 
It^m paid for Carring a peace of timber to the King6« Colledg 

BCvIttO piwv .a. ... ... ••• ••• ... ..• 

It«m paid to George man & feUowe for sawing yt into plankes 
It^m paid for dm' C halfe Inche border to make mowldes 

Item pae'd to Cochie for sande iiij lodes 

Item paid the 28 Septembris to Robart Qrombole ma«^ work 

man for one weke 

Item paid to John Grombole for a daye 

Item patd to Robart Gromboles man for iij dayes worke 

Item paid to Robat Jaxson for iiij dayes 

Item paid to John Asheler for a day & halfe 

3. 14. 8 It«m paid to parker & his sonne for iiij dayes 

tember 28 




• • ■ • 


• "m • • • 'A 



ij» vjd 

• • ■ • * * * J 

nij* viij" 

• •— • • • •J 

VIJ* Ul/ 

3. 9. 10. 

224 b] Item paiil to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for v dayes 

" WX JV ... ••* ... ••• ■•• ... ... ... 

Item paid to william Goose John Sturgis John kersam John 
Osbiime Laborers for iiij dayes 

Item paid to firaunce« Candler william Bayley, John harris & 
Rychard Johnson Laborers for iij dayes & a halfe 

Item paid to Emans Jaxson roughe mason for a daye & a halfe 
in makinge vp the wall where one of the dormans was 

AvIUXl/ V wU ••• ••• ••• ••• ••» ••• •■• ••• 

Item paid to Robert Grombole Master woorkman in helping to 
remove one of the greate dormans & to helpe to make vp 
the breache ... ••• ... ... ... 

Item paid to m' wharton for iiij C of Sedge to Cover the Steple 
waUes at 7' the C 

Item paid to brooke & Churche for Carring the Sedge to the 

v/ UVLFCnO •.• ... ... •■* •.• ... ... •.• 

Item paid to porter Saunder Sturge« william Goose & Cotton 
Laborers for iij dayes worke in drawing vp the Sedge to 
the Steple & placinge yt on the Walles 

Item paid to Webbe Carpenter & his man that did helpe hym 
for ij dayes & dim' abought covering the Steple with border 

225 a] Item paid for vj<^ & viij* nayles for the Carpenters to 
nayle the border & Sparres for the Covering of the Steple 

Item paid to portor & Saunder Stiurgis for bringing whight 
Stonne from michaell Church yarde given by m' Jaxson & 
also for removyng of all the Stonne into one place & for 
Carring of all the Rubisshe ought of the Churche & for 

X* viij<* 
ix« inj*» 

• • 'A 






• • • •■ 'A 




264 1600 

willutm Qoose for one dayo in helping dowsej abouglit the 

Den iiauie ■•• ••• •«• •.. ■•• •.< ••• ij 

It«m ixiid to John dowsey the 9 november for v dayes worke & 
his Sonne for iij dayes aboiight the yoking of the Seconde 
& Thirde belles & Letting downe of the olde loffce or flore 
ox J. yiuuGr ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• tIIJ 

Item paid to John Carter Carpenter for v dayes in helping 

viowocy ••• ••« ••• ••• ••• ••• •-• ••( '"J *J 

Item paid to iiij°' Laborers viz. Portar Saunder Sturgis, willuzm 

Goose & Cotton for ij dayes in helping John dowsey ... v" iiij** 

Item paid to John dowsey Carpenter the 16 of November for 
iij dayes dim' and his Sonne for iiij dayes abought yoking 
of the greate Bell withe the olde yoke and drawing vp the 
thre greatest belles into theire frames from the nethermost 

UOXTS ••• ••. ••• •.. ••• ••• (•• ■•• J J 

Item paid to John Carter Carpenter in helping dowsey iiij dayes iij" iiij^ 
Item paid to Porter, Samider Sturge», william Goose and Cotton 

Laborers for iij dayes to helpe dowsey viij" 

Item paid to Reade Carpenter for hanging a dore goinge vp 

into the Steple & setting on a lock with the hingells ... vj'* 

Item paid to Robart Tm-ver for the locke vj'* 

Item paid for nayles for the dore & to a smithe for the widening 
3. 7. i. of the Jes of the hingelles iij*^ 

227 b] given in mony to drinke among those that did helpe to 
drawe vp the Belles into the Steple & place them in theire 
severall Homes viij** 

Item paid to william Covile of SuffoUce for iij newe bell stocks 
contayning 28 foote of Tyniber at 9** the foote & vj<* in 
emest given over the price xxj* vj** 

Item for the Carring of the iij bellstocks from the water Side 

to the Churche viij** 

Item paid to m"^ Nycholson for Castinge of the forbell the fryst 

I/YUIO ••* ••• ••• ••• •«• ••* *•. ... V 111 VI 

Item paid to the forsayde Nicholson for bell mettell in the 

Seconde Casting that wanted v" iiij** 

Item paid to the Carters that did bring the Bell to the Church 

vWO Dy mes ••* ... ... ... .•. ••• ••• x 

Som of all ys v" iiij* vij** 

Received herof in parte of payment of this som above written 

the x^^ of June 1598 the Som of ffiftie Shillings I saye ... 50 

per me JohanTiem poley 
Reoeii^ more in Mony the 21 of Aprill 1600 the Som of fyftie 

ij* viij** of m' waren & m"" King Churchwardens I say ... 62« 8^ 

Rest vnpaid to me John poley ij" viij** 



[Fol. 228 a blank.] 

228 b] Anno DomtVii 1597 

The Accomptes of Edward Pottall and John Porter Chnrche wardens of 
all suche monye and other things as they haue reciued to the iise of the 
})arrishe by vertue of theyr ofice which was yelded and aocompted vnto the 
Auditors there vnto appoynted as foUow^h accordinge to the ancient 

Imprimis Remayninge in our handed from the last accomptes iiij^ xvij* vj<^ 
Reciued for the Easter booke xiij" xiiij* viij^ 

Rec^V^ of m' Smithe for rent 

BjQGeived of m' Qoodwine for rent 

Beceived of m' Loue for rent 

B^eceived of widdowe Thomson for rent 

"RGceived of m' L^att for rent 

Item AUoxandor Olarko 

Itetn m' Parris of chesterton for two acres of land meddowe 
ground ... ••• ••• ••• 

Heceived of mackeris for rent 

^Received for the maystcrs of Aries 

Hdceived for the Batchilliler of Aries 

Itdf/i m' willitea buriall 

It^m m' Sparrowe his buriall 

Item m' Cutberde his buriall 

Item mMA*is ScarlitM buriall 

Item A Bible in folu> to be accompted for ... 
Item of m' doctor goade for his ester booke 

Item of m' Butler 

Som xxvj" x» iiy* 


• • • m • • • J 

xiij« mj* 




xviij" X** 

• • 'ii *« • • • "J 
uj" vj« nij'* 

vj« viij* 

' m '"A 

vj» \uf 

vj« viijd 

vj" viijd 




229 a] Anno Domini 1597 4. 2. 10 

The Accounted of John Porter and Edward Pottall churche wardens for 
all suche mony as they haue layde out for the reparations belonginge to 
the Churche ^ ministers wages and other dutyes to the churche 
Imprimis the ministers wages for the hole yeare xiij" vj' viij<* 

Item for wine for the communicante^ 

Item for wine whiche was lefte vpayd bye the old churche 

wardens at m' warrins ... ... ... 

Item for a baskett for the Almes folkes 

Item for the carryinge of a pore woman to the spittle by 

m' mares appoyntment 

Item for a laige bible for the churche 

Item for a Seruis book in folio host & buft 

Item to M' finckly e for Ely fardi ngs 

Item for ffeee at the visitations 


xxiij" xjd 


• • • • J 

vij« vj* 

x^ ob 




IteTii for Iron for the belle« to Crafbe 

Item for 4 dayes woorke to a Cari)endoui' ... 

Item for a Bell Rope 

Item for Candells 

Item to m' Chaunceler 

Item y* Visitation Supper 

Item at the Pemsinge of our land at chesterton 
Item at the same tyme in another place 

Item to the Tresurers for rent 

Item for Caryinge awaye of the durte for the hole yearc ... 
Item at th e Ohoia e of the chiu r ch wa r dens at m'" w ar r ina ... 
Item to Semer for washinge the churche cloathcs 

Item for Besomes ... » 

It&ni for the Bread the hole yeare 

Item for 4 Quai*ter8 bills 

Item for mendinge the hearse & nayles for it 

Item fo r layiuge 2 gra v e S t ones tt: —, 

Item for makinge & wrightinge the Accounted 

Som xix" xvj** ob 
recepte xxvj" x* iiij* 

And so remayneth in the new churchwardens handes vij^ viij* 

Allo?nd by vs auditors 
willm ward 
John Foley 
Tomas Cob 

• •» • 

ij» vj<> 

* * * A 




• • • • J 




— ss" 


• • ■ • « 




xj<* ob 

229 b] 'Miemarandum that there was remayniug in the chiuch- 
wardens handes gatherid for the poore mens boxe the 
somme of xxij* ij^ 

And yt was ordaynid by the said auditors, that among other necessary 
vses the churchwardens for the tyme being, shold allowe owt of the said 
some 2dj^ more or lesse, in the name of the parish to gatherers or proctors 
of hospitalls and spittles when they come to gather according to the 
discretion of the churchwardens 

by vs willtam ward 

It ys agreed by the whole consented of the gretest part of the parisshoners 
of great S^ maries that Sixe of the Same porissh viz. Thre of the vni- 
uersite M' doctor warde Mr doctor Grimston & John Foley. And for the 
Towne iij viz. W Medcalfe, M>' Manninge. & M' Fottall to make a generall 
Seasement of the whole Inhabitans of the sayde paroche for the Easter 
booke as shalbe thought meate by them or the greater parte of them in 
there discretion, and further yt ys agreed by the coTisent aiorsaid that two 



of the vniu^rsite viz. M' Oraddock & M' warren and two of the Towne viz. 
M^* Nicholson & M' Goodwin Shall likewise Seasse those vj Seassers above 

Dated the 4 Decembris 1597 

Lett by the churchwardens and the consent of the parrishj 
1597 to Robert Ablinson a Chimnye and a yard for 21 yeares)> I say 5" 
payinge yearlye five shillings 

By John Porter & Thomas Cobb 



230 a] The election made on ester monday being the xvij of Aprill in 
anno 1598 According to the auntient custome of greatc S^ Maris parisshe 
for the chusyng of the churche wardens for the yeare to come, this forme 
following that ys M' John porter one of the churche wardens did chuse 
m** doctor warde and Thomas Cobbe the other Churche warden did Chuse 
Edward Pottall which two pc»*sons did Chuse vj persons viz John Foley 
Nathaniell Craddock & Rychard Love M' Nycolson waiter Betsou & 
Thomas Addams and theise viij have chosen Church wardens for the 
yeare to come John warren & henry Kinge 

230 b] Anno domini 1598 

The Accompts of John Porter, & Thomas Cob Churchwardens, of 
all such money, & other things as they haue receaued to the vse of the 
parish by vertue of their office, which was yeelded & accompted ther vnto 
the auditors, appointed as followeth according to the ancient CHistome 
Imprimis Bemayninge in our hande« from the last Accompt6« v\j^ viij* zj^ ob 

Itew of m' Procter for y« mcuters of art 

• . a 

xx« viij** 

for the buriall of m' Dousinge 

• •« 

VJ« VUjd 

for buryall of m' Gibbs his child 


• • "^ • • * • • 

for the buriall of mistm Tayler 

. • . 

VJ» Vlljd 

for the Buriall of mu^s Briden 

. • . 

VJ" vnj* 

for buriall of of a Gentel woman that laye at the 


VJ* vnj*" 

for biuiall of John ward 

• •• 


for the Batchillers of Arte« 

• • • 

Iv" viij'* 

for the Buriall of m' Thomie his sister 

• • • 

VJ* Vlljd 

for Renter due to the Church 

m' Smithe 

• •• 


m' Goodwin 

• • • 

xiy* uij'* 

1X1 jjoue ■*. ... ••• *•• ••• *•. 

• ■ • 

• • • • A 


M' Legatt ... ... ... 

• • • 


• • • • ■ 

for our 2 akars of Tiand Lyingie of Chesterton 

t • • 
• ■ « 

nj« uijd 

Goodman Ablinson 

• ■• 


Received for the Easter booke 

• • • 

xvj" i- 10*1 

xxxj** vj* i<* ob. 



231 a] Anno Domini 1598 

The Accomptex of John Porter and Thomas Cobb churche wardens for 
all such monye as they haue layd out in & for the reparations belonginge 
to y^ church and ministers wages and other duties to y^ churche. 

Impnmis for y« ministers yeares wages xiij" vj" viij^ 

for wine for y« Communicantex 

for breade 

for Expenses at M' Woolfe at y« accompt^ makinge 

Layd out at chosterton when we went about our land 

Layd out at a court Aprill 17^** 

for a i)oore man that gathered 

for Caryinge away y« diurt 

for 2 prayers y^ came from my Lord of Canterburye 

for 4 quarter bills 

for boords and Carying them from y« faiyre 

for y« Visitation at m' woolfcs 

Paid to y« sawyers 

to m' Frickly for Ely fardings 

for Nayles ... ... 

Payd to Carpenters ... ... ... ... 

for a load of clay to fasten y** jxist 

Paid to y« smith for Iron woorke 44 pound 

lor SbUucis ••• ... ... ... ... ••• 

for mendinge y« Bell clapper 

for Bell Rops ... ... ... ... ... 

Paid at y" visitation 

the Tresurers of y * towne for rent 

tor v^anQeies ... ... ... ... ... ... 

for 1 load of sand ••• 
for y* pauinge ... ... 

xxvij^ ij* 




• ■ • • J 



vnj» inj" 





xxviij" vij** 



ix» v<* 


X1J» VJ 



• • 'A 


231 b] Ibidem : 1598 : John Porter & Thomas Cobb. 

for burial of a boy that died in y« street 

for a lock and key for y« church dore 

to y« Clark for washing al y® yeare ... 

for Broomes 

for a man that went with y^ dark to take y^ names of 


for Qibbinson children 14 weke« 

for wrighting out 'EaAter book 

for Coucring Mr Tbomioo oistoro grauo 

for latches and catches for y^ church dores 

Simiwia Totalis ^4^ xxiij" xviij" x** ob 
Suma receptorww xxxj" vj» j<* ob 




• « * • J 






• •■ •••.1 


xxiij" xviy" x^ ob 

1598 269 

And so remayneth vij" vij" iij<* 

of the which remaiiider there was paid to m' pooly towardes 

his steple charges 1* 

And so remayneth iiij" x\tj* iij*^ the which was deliu^rid to the newe 
church wardens and so they do stand acquitid the x of June 1598 

will"* Ward 
Thomas Grimeston 
John Foley 
Richard Love 

more delivered into the hande« of the newe churchwardens that was 
gathered at the communyona to the vse of the poore the Som of xxv* ix^ ob 
wAf ch they are to dispose of to the vse of the poore at theire discretions. 
By the consent of the Auditours 

232 a] The Ellection made on Easter Munday being the ix^ of Aprill 
Anno domtni 1599 According to the Auncient Custome of great S^ Maries 
paridhe for the chusing of the Churchwardens for the yeare to come in this 
forme following viz. M' warren hath chosen for his man M*" doctor ward 
And M' King hath chosen Mr Nicholson and thes two have named M' 
doctor ward hath named M' wolfe Mr Polye and M' Porter M' Nicholson 
hath named M' Pottall M' Maning and the goodman Cobb And thes eight 
have chosen M' John warren and M'^ Henry kinge Churchwardens for the 
yere to come 

232 b] Anno Domini 1598 

The Accompts of John warren & henere King Church warddens of such 
mony & others thiuges as they hav receved of the parishe by vertue of ther 
office which was yeeldod and & accompted ther vnto the Auditors appointed 
as ffolloweth according to the ancient Custome 

In prymvs Receved of the old Church warddens in mony ... 4" !?■ 3** 
It«m Receved of m' Scarlett for the bury all of his davghter & 

(/OUU .•« ... •■« ... ••• ... ■•• ,,. o 

Item "Received of m' Bavll for the buryell of his sonn & 8^ 

Item Reeeiiwd of m' procters for the master of Artes 19" 

Item Received of m' necolnssonn for the buryell of his sister ... 6* 8^ 

Item Received of m' gibes for pesies of old timber 3* 4<^ 

ItCTn Received for the buryell of mistres Croply 6" 8^ 

It«n Received for the buryell of m'flecher 6" 8<* 

Item Received for the buryell of m™ portor 6" 8** 

Item Received for the buryall of m" Allcock 6" 8<* 

Item RecetVed of m' Scarlett for that was geven to the Church 

by on that dyed at glascock 3» 4<> 

Item Received of m' Procters for the bachelers of Artee ... 62" 8* 

Item Received for the Easter bocke 16^* 15» 

Summa 26" 15" 7** ob 



Receved for Rents due to the Curch as followeth 

Itt^m Receved of m' smith 

Itt^m Reoeved of m' Qooding 

Ittem Receved of m*^ Love for A palle 

Itt^m Receved of m^ Leagatt 


233 a] 15d8 

XvvOXO MMfOO^VWtm \*x ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•« «•• " 1111 

Itt^m "Received of m' d' ward for 2 Ackers of Land Lying at 

Chesterton ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3* 4^ 

Itt^m Rec^vai of goodman Ablensome 5" 

Itt^m Received of John wade for timber standing in the Church 2* 

Itt«m Received of M^* Portor for a Rent which M' John bosome 

payeth to the Church 20* 

Ittem R^C0»v«i of widow Tomson 12** 

Itt«m Received of m' Love for the rent of his new lease ... 5* 6<^ 

Svma 47« e<* 
Svmma totalis of o»r this ovr whole years receyt 29" 3« j** 

The Accomptes of John warren & henere King Church wardens for all 
such mony as they have layd out in & for the reparations belonging 
to the Church & minesters wages & others duties to the Church belonging 

In prymvs for the mineeters whole years wages ... xiij" vj" viij<^- 



Itt^m for wine to the comm vnions 

Itt^m for Bread 

Itt^m for the Auditores super 

Itt«m for Carying away of myer from abovt the Church 

Itt«m for a bavlderick for j of the bells 

Ittem payd to m' frecklye for Ely fardings 

Itt«m for taking old timber of the Leads 

Ittem for our visitation super 

Itt^m for bell Ropes 

Ittem payd to the tresewres of the towne for Rent 

Itt^m for a bock of Artycekeles 

Itt^m for 4 quarter bills 

Itt«m to the plomer for lead & sader & for mending the Leads 
in divers playces & for hanging vpon of the great spo\i»8 
& for workmanship for coles & nay lea 

Ittem for a prayer bock 

233 b] Ittem for lome work to Crest abovt the great Bell ... 
Itt^m to the glaysyers for mending all the glas wendows abovt 

the Church above & belowe 

ltt«m payd to m' Portor for laying tow graves stones which 

he was not alowed for in his tyme of his Church warden- 

BOOlf ••• ... ••. .•• ••« «•• ••• 

X** ob 






xxvj" ij* 


yf viy* 
xlvj* viij* 

1599 271 

Ittem payd to m'^ porfcor for a partchement bock for Chrisnengs 

& buryalls & mariges xv« vj<* 

Itt^m to semor the Clark for wasching the Church Lyning ... iiij" 

Itt^m for oyle for the bells ij** 

Itt^m for mending 3 Legis XYJ** 

Itt^m for bromes iiij** 

Itt^m to fransis dowse for mending the timber work abovt the 

UUllo .•* •*. .•• •*. ••• •.. •*• ... * 

Ittem for mending diyvers seates in the Churche & nayles & 

workmanship ij» ij*> 

Itt^m to m' sparow for whntting the Church new bock ad 17" 

annum 1600 xvij* yj<* 

Itt^m for mending & lea\dng & for gravell to the Church ward iiij' viij^ 

Summa xxiiijM xiij' viij^ 24" 3^ 8^ 
24 3 8 
Summa lUcepte 2d" 3» j* 
debite 4" 19« 6* 

Summa totalis of our whol years Beceyts xxix" iij* j^ 
Summa totalis of our whol years x xiiijM xvj" ifi ob 

disburesments 24" 3* 8^ 

And so Remayneth to the 

Church which was delivered v" vj « j.^ ob 

Agayn to vs that was chosen Church wardens 4" 19* 5^ 

'Memorandum that wee make owt our Accommpt this yeare 

for mony gathered for the poore at the Commvnons 
but doe Ackowledg yt in the foote of ot^r 
Account for the next yere followinge 
willm ward John Foley wtlliam nicolson Edward potto 
Richard Love 

234 a] Anno domini 1599. 

The Accounted of John warren and henry kinge Church Wardens of the 
parishe of great S^ Maries of such mony and other thinges as they have 
Reoeiued of the said parishe by vertue of ther office wAtich was yeelded 
and Accounted thear vnto the Auditot^rs appoynted as foUoweth According 
to the Auncient Custome 
Inpnmis Receiued of the Church mony from the yeare going vM yj" x^ ob 

mJlvl" •■• ••. ••• ••• •.• ••• ••• ••• 4^ X if o 

Item "Received for the buriall of M' Hildersome yj* viij<i 

Item liecewed for the buriall of MuMs wolfe vj" viij** 

Item "Received for the buriall of a child wAich died at m*" 

Leggattef iij" iiij*' 

Item Received of M' procters for the "hiaster of Artes Com- 

mencem^ntM ... ... ... ••• ••• ... ... xv* 

Item Received of M' proctors for the Bach^^ors Comencm«nte« iij" 




• • • _ • • • tjt 

Item Received of M"^ Legett for the buriall of his owne child ... iij* iiij** 
Item 'Received of M' Gibbes for the buriall of his child ... iij» iiij<* 

Item R^mt^eo? for the Easter Booke 15" 10" 8<* 

Summa 26" 1» 10^^ 
9 2d 

RentM Receiued due to the 
parishe of great S^ maryes 

Inprimis Ilec^ved of Mis/ris Smith x* 

Item Recet2'6d of M' Good wyn 

Item Received of M' Love for a paile standing in the church 

YcirU ••« ... ..a ... ... •.• ••• ••• 

Item Roeei v ed of M^ 

Item Received of M' doctor ward for two Acres of Londe lyeing 
a w v^uestercon •.• ... ... ... ... ... ••• 

Item M' Legatt ••• ... ... ... ... 

234 b] Anno domtW 1599 

Item Received of the goodman Avelinson for his oven standing 

and his yard Rome 
Item Receiued of M' porter for a Rent which M' John Bosome 

paieth to the Church 

Item Received of the widowe Thomson 

Item Received of M*" Love for rent of his new Lease 

Item Received of John Wade for the Comencement Tymber 

standing in the Church 

SufTima 47* e^ 
Summa totalis of all the Receipts 20" 2" 4*^ ^ 
for this whole yeare 27" 16« 8^ 

235 a] Anno domim 1599 

The Accounted of John warren and Henry kinge Church Wardens for 
all such mony as they have laied owt in and for the Reparacu>n8 be- 
longiTig to the Church and Ministers wages, and other dutyes to the said 
Church belonginge 
Inpnmis to the Minister for his whole yeares wages ... 

Item for commvnion wyne 

Item for Commvnion bread 

Item for the Auditd^fs supper 

Item for Carieing myre awaie from aboute the church for the 

wnoie yoaire ... ••• ... ••• ••• ••• ... 

Item for a Statute booke 

Item for a praier booke for the Earle of Essex 

Item for foure Quarter BiUs 

Item for mending all the bells with Iron worke, Carpenters 

worke & nayles 



* *■ 

xiij" yji* viij* 






1X« VJ 
1J« Ul/ 

• • ■ • J 

xxnj" v|d 



It«m for a booke of Articles 

Item paid to M' firickely for Ely ffarthing«9 

Item for our Mynisteres dynner at the visitacton 

Item to the Thresorers of the Towne for Rent 

Item for glasinge 

Item for Iron worke to the Smith and for mending on of 

Clappers of the bells 

Item for Bell ropes against the Queens daye 

It e m paiod to Rob < ?rt Sparrow for R e g ea tring of all thi s 

yoP B Christningoo Mariadgoo & buriftlls into th e 

19^ 4» ob RogO fl tOr book ... rrr- 






235 b] Item for mending of a seate 

Item to Seamer for washing of the church Lynnen 

Item for Oyle to the Bells ... 

Item for Nayles 

Item for mending of the vestrye 

Item for nayles and mending of the church dore witth the locke 

Item for paper and for one that went abovte wtih the Clarke to 

gather the names of the Comvnicante* for ouer two Yeares 

viji yjd Item for Bromes 

x<* ob 

viij" x^ 

•• '"A 

vij" vj'i 

•• • • 


• • « • J 



• • • • J 

Svmma AUoc* xix" *}"-^ ob 

19" 4" ob 

Allowed by Svmma totalis of our whole yeres Receytes for the Church 

vs Auditors 

willm ward 

John poley 

W™ nicolson 

Edward \ 




28»* 3« 4<4 
27" 16» 8 

Svmma totalis for our whole yeares disbursementes ... 

ix" xj* vj^ pb 
19» 4- 

And so Remaineth to the Church in Mony wAich wee haue 

deliuered to the Auditoi«rs and so they doe stand Acquited- viij" i^-^ 
this iiij"* of Aprill 1600 12« S** 

paid of this too M"^ Poouly 52» 8* 

Memorandum that wheras at our oomynge on wee Received xxv* ix^ ob 
to the vse of the poore wee y* satd John warren and henry kinge did 
Collect more for our two yeares so mutch as made the former somme 
iiij" vij" v^ vrhich wee imploied to the making of ix gounse of firese 
for our Almesfokes viz. vij gownes for wemen and two gownes for men for 
wAich gownes M' Cradock had iij" xj* vij^ for the frese and the goodman 
Rydon had for the making of them xiiij" And so Resteth more in mony to 
the vse of the poore ij* ij<* 

C. A. S, Octavo Series, No. XXXV. 18 

274 1600 

236 a] Anno domtm 1599 

The Ellectiou made on Easter Mvndaje being the xxiiy^ of March 
1599. According to the Auncient custome of great S^ Maries panshe for 
the choedng of the Church Wardens for the yeare to come In this forme 
following, viz M' warren hath chosen for his man M^ doctor ward, and 
M' king hath chosen for his man M' Nicholson, and thes two have chosen 
viz M' doctor ward hath named M' doctor Grimeston M' Wolfe and 
M' Porter and M' Nicholson hath named M' Medcalfe M' Pottall and 
M' Cobb, and thes eight have chosen M' Gibbes, and Luke Curtyse Church 
wardens for the yeare to come 

"Received at the fvte of the laste Church wardens accountes in muney vj" 

It«m for the fute of the acoounte of the pooure Collected at the 

communions & y^ Received at ther beeginning & ther Remayneth in munny 

for the pooure ij" ij^ 

[Fol. 286 b blank.] 

237 a] Anno domini 1600 

The Accountes of henry Gibbes & Luke Curtys Church Wardens of the 
parish of great S^ Maries in Cambridge for such money and other thinges 
as they have receyved of the said parish by vertue of their office wAtch 
was yelded & accounted there vnto the Auditors appointed as foUoweth 
accordinge to ye aunciente custome 
Inprimis receyved of the church money from the yere goinge 

LN7Ii/£V ... «•« ... ... ••• «•. ••• ... V J 11 1] 

Item of M' Scarly tt for the buriall of a straunger vj" viij** 

Item receyved of doctor Newcom for the buriall of his daughter vj" viij^ 

Item for y« buriall of goodman Briers ... vj"viij'* 

Item of M' CVadocke for the buriall of his childe iiij* 

Item for the buriall of Arthiue Wilson vj« viij* 

Item for the buriall of M' Warings soone iij' iiij* 

Item for the buriall of m' Williamsons soone vj» viij** 

Item for the buriall of M' manynge yj" viij* 

Item for the buriall of m" Smyth vj" viij* 

Item for the buriall of Swansons wife vj* viij* 

Item Received of M' Proctors for the moetor of Arte« com- 

mencementef xxvj" 

Item Received of m' Proctors for y^ Bachilors commencement iij^ xij<^ 

Item Received of m' warringe for sparres vj" viij** 

Item Received for the Easter booke xvj^ iiij* iiij* 

237 b] Anno domtni 1600 

Rentes receyved due to the parish 

Inprimis of M" Smyth x» 

Item of M' Goodwyn xiij'iiij* 



Item of M' Love 
lU w of Mr 



Item of M' doctor warde ... 

Item of M' Legate 

Item of Robert Ablinson ... 

It^m of m' Porter 

Itm of widdowe Tomson ... 

Item of M' Love 

Item of John wade for the tymber standinge in the church 
2 9 4 Item at the communions for y* poore 

Summa totalis of the 
receiteff for the whole yere xxxij" 
xxxij** X" iij* 


• • « ■ J 

iij« nij** 





V" vj** 

.. • . 


x« iij** 
«j' V)^ 

238 a] 

Anno dommi 1600 

21. 4 4 ob 

The accounted of Henry Qibbe8& Luke Curtya Church Wardens for all 
such money as they have layd out in & for the Reparacions belonginge to 
the church & ministers wages and other duties to the said church 

Inprimis to the minister for his Whole yeres wages 

Itam for Communion wine 

Item for Communion bread 

Item for the Auditors supper 

Item for glasinge the windowes aboute the church 

Item for a booke of articles 

Item for three keyes and mendinge of a locke 

Item to Cutchy for xij loades of sand 

Item for pavinge rounde aboute the church yard 

Item for stones to pave with 

Item for packinge vp the stones in y« church 

Item for a baldricke for a bell 

Item for Two loades of clay 

Item for lath nailes bindinge and workmanshippe at y* almose 

Qouses ... ... ••• ••• ••• •.. ••• ... 

Item to the Treasorers of the Towne for rent 

Item to doctor Newcom at y visitacion 

Item to M' fi&ickley for Ely farthings ... 

Item for v EUes of Canvys for the borders about the church ... 

Item for paintinge of the borders 

Item to the Begester for j* articles 

Item for carienge the durte of the leades 

Item for carienge away of xxiij loades of dirte in the streat 

against the church ... ••• ... ... •*. 

xiij" vj" viijd 




.. xxvj" viij** 


* *M * * * * Jk 





VJ« VUJ*^ 






* * * J 

vy* vuj* 


• « • ■ — 

• ■ ■ • J 


276 1601 

238 b] 1600 

Item for the visitacnou supper x* 

Item for washinge the church lynnen 

Item for beeoomes 

Item for iiij quarter bylls 

Item for a sky nne of parchment . . . 

Item for nailes 

Item for paper and one that went aboute with Seaman to take 

the names of the communicantes 4j»-vj* 

Item for writinge the Christninge« Burialle« & Mariages fayer 

into the Regester booke of parchement xx^ 

Item for writinge and ingrosinge into parchment all the said 

Christninges Mariages and Burialle« to delyiier into the 

UUlUo ••• *•• ••• ••• ««« ••• ••• ••• 2JL 

1. 2. 10 Item for writinge this account xx<* 

Summa totalis of the whole 
Yeres disbursements xxij" vij" ij** ob 

And so remayneth to the church in money wAich we have 

delyuered vnto the auditors aX the foote of this account x" iij'-iiij^ob 

x" iij" ob 
Lefte to the vse of the poore gathered at the Commvnions ... xiij' vij<^ 
Allowed by vs the Auditors Thomas Grimeston 

Thomas Medcalfe 
W™ Nicolson 
£dward potto 
mychaell woolfe 
Tho: Cobb. 

239 a] Deliuered vnto the Churchwardens for this yeare Anno domtm 
1601 viz. vnto Hughe Biurwell and Edward Cropley. 

Inprimis a Cope of Cloth of Tysew 

Item a pale Cloth for the hearse 

Item a Table clothe of blew veluit 

Item two pulpitt Clothes theon whit and the other Redd. 

Item one Surpliss : 2 towells three table clothes whereof one new 

Item a Bible a Paraphraise with loure two Psalters 

Item the Comvnion Cupp 

Item an Oi^ne Case wtth some pypes 

Item one new sirplisse 

Memorandum ther remaiueth dew to the Church from M' Bale wkich 
was lent vnto him z»*^ great pooles and xj smaler pooles Bemanith to 
the Church. 

Remaining more x ould sparres 
Item one new servies bocke 
Item an AUter clothe of ovld blewe velvett 



It«m a commewnione tabell 
Item the pore manes cheste 

[FolB. 239 b, 240 a, b blank.] 

241 a] Anno doming 1601 . 

The eleccnbn made on Easter mimday being the xiij^ of Aprill 1601 
accordinge to the auncient custome of great S^ maries parisshe for the 
choosing of the churchwardens for the yere to com in this fourme 
foUowenge viz M' Qibbes hath chosen for his man m' Doctor Qrimstone 
and m' Curtis hath chosen for his man m' nicolson Alderman and these 
two have chosen viz m' d' Ward M' Porter -naGaed & M' Warren M' 
Pottalle Thomas Cob, & Edward Dodson & these eight haue chosen for 
churche wardens for the jeare to come hughe Burwell & Edward Croplje 
& these eight ar auditors for the yeare to oon^e. 

241 b] Anno Domm 1601. 

The accountes of Hugh Burwell and Edward Cropley Chiu^hwardens 
of the parish of Greate S^ Maryes in Cambnc^^ for such money and other 
Thinges as they haue receiued of the sayd parish By vertue of there 
office wAtch was yealded And accounted there vnto the Auditors apoynted 
as followeth accordeinge to The auncient custome 
Inprimis receyved of the church money ffix>m the yeare goeinge 

Item Goodman Ablinsou 
Item Goodman Blyth 
Item waiter Betson ... 
of William Baldwin ... 


of widdowe Briers . . . 
of Arthure Browninge 

of M' Gotten 

of Luke Curtis 

of M' Craddocke 

of M' Cropley 

of Abraham Durdeu 

of Edwarde Dodson 

of Marmeduke ffroge 

of Richarde Garrarde 

of M' Doctor Griuustone 


of North Harrison ... 

of Goodman Hollibrande 

of Goodman Hall y* cooke 

of Goodman Heamc 


Jk. J 

ij* vj** 

ij' vj** 

•••_ ••■■J 

' * ' A 



sj- «" 

J" vuj<» 

• • •- 

uj" nij<» 

• • • * 

• • •- 


• • •_ • • • ■ J 

• • •« 'J 


• • _ • • • J 

IJ" vuj<* 




• • • •_ 


• • •- 



• ♦ ■ — 






Af Goodman Hammante . . . 

AT James Hudeson 

Af Thomas Hardinge 

Af John Holdinge 

Af Abell Haukius 

Af M' Hyde 

Af Goodman Halley 

241* a] Af Goodman Pennye 

Af Roberte Rogers 

AfM' Scarlett 

Af Goodman Simons 



Af Goodman Scarlett 

Af John Scott 

Af Roberte Turner 

Af Goodman Taler 

Af Authonye Thompson . . . 

Af Roger Tayler 

Af M' doctor warde 

Af William windle 

Af John Wolfe 

Af widdo we Bonis 

Af Goodman Campin 

Af Goodman Collin 

Af Goodman Harte 

Af Goodman Netherwood ... 

241* b] Goodman Ablinson 

M' Butler 

Goodman Blyth 

waiter Betson 

William Baldwin 

jxL jt)osse ... ••• •■* 

widdowe Briers 

Arther Browninge 

M'CottriU ..'. 

Robert Oo r b e tt —. rv^— 

M' Gotten 

Luke Curtis 

M' Cradocke 


Abraham Durden 

Edwarde Dodson 

Marmaduke fi&oge 

■_ • • ■ • J 






• •• • 


i" viij** 

vj' viij* 


• • ■ • 


•■ • • • •*! 

1" Ulj* 



• • • • 



. ••• 












1. 8. 


3. a 




Richard Qorrard 
M' d' Qrymstone 
Richard Qrjffin 
M'Gibbe ... 
North Harrison 
Goodman Hollybrande 
Goodman Haull y* Cooke ... 
Goodman Heame 
James Hudeson 
Thomas Hardinge 
John Halldinge 
Abell Haukins 

13" 16» 4* bo 

[Fol. 241** a blank.] 

241^^ b] Item giuen to the clarke for washinge the church 

umii ... ... ... ••• •.• 

Item for mendinge the church bible 
Item for a white brush giuen to the clarke 
Item for the Artickles at y^ visitation 

Item spente at y* vesetation 

Item for Elye fardings 

Ite97i to Anthony ffaucett 

Item for mendinge y* seats in the church 

Item for whitinge y* church 

Item for 4 quarter bills 

Item for ouer castinge and whitinge the porch and the place 

vnde the bellfre 
Item to Goodman wisdome for writing and payntinge the 

church ... 

5" 8» Id ob 






242 a] WallterBell 
M' Hyde 
Goodman Hatley 
M' Harison ... 
Edwerde Inkerstall 
Edwarde Jefifeiy 
M' Kinge 
M' Loue 
M' Medcalfe ... 
widdowe Morton 
M' Nicholson 
M' Porter 







10 ob 

1 17. 6. 


6 10. ob 

11 Bsd 


6. a 




John Pumfrett 

M*" Poolye 

M' Potto 

Goodman Payne 
Goodman Pennye ... 
William Richardeeoun 
Robert Rogers 

m' Scarlett 

Goodman Simmons ... 
m' Swetstone 

m' Sparrowe 

Goodman Scarlett ... 

John Scott 

Robert Turner 
Goodman Tayler 
Anthony Thomson ... 
Roger Tayler 
m' doctor wardc 
wiUiam windle 
John wolfe y* butcher 
Good wife bonis 
Goodman Campin ... 
Goodman Collinn 
Goodman Harte 
Goodman Netherwood 
M^ Butler tt-. ttt 

2. a 


6. 8 






Robert Blaze 
Goodman Cobb 
Goodman Earlam ... 
Anthonye fiaucett ... 
Riohord Leonarde Glascocke 

M' Legatt 

waiter Manninge 
Boniamin Payne rr, — 



2 6 


1 6 

■i — 


U s. d 

242 b] 

Anno Domint 1601 

The accounts of Hughe Burwell and Edward Cropley Churchwardens 
for all such monye as they haue layde out in and for the rei>arations 
belonginge to the church and minister wages and other dutyes to the 
sayde church belongeinge 
Imprimis to the minister for his whole yeares wages ... 13^ vj" viij^ 

Item 3 broomes to y^ allmes folkes to swepe y^ church with 






Item to y« Clarke for washitige of y* Chiirch lining 
Item for mendinge y« greate Church bible with 

clasps and bufinge y*' backe 

Item for a longe white brush giuen to Seamer to sweepe 
Item 56 poimdes of Sowder at 6 pence apounde 

Item for y« plummers 5 days worke 

Item for Drinkinge monye for thes 5 dayes 
Item for one to seme him those 5 dayes 

Item for firinge those 6 dayoo 

Item for 30 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for 2 dayes worke more of y« plum6er 

Item for one to serue him those 2 dayes 

Item for 20 pounds of sowder more 

Item for one dayes worke 

Item for one to serue him that daye 

Item for 23 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for a daye and a halfes worke 

Item for one to serue him y^ daye & halfe 

Item for 24 pounds of Sowder moi'e 

Item for 6 dayes worke more 

Item for 9 days worke more 

Item for one to serue him the 15 day 

Item for 27 pounds & a halfe of Sowder more ... 

Item for 44 pounds of Sowder mor 

Item for 3 quarters of a pound of waxe 



• ■ • 




■ • ■ • ■ • ■ ■ 

uy inj«» 

•■ " • ■ 'J 

1" nij" 



xj" vjd 

js vjd 


xiij* ix'i 


243 a] Item Reoeued for y® tymber standing in the church ... 
Rents Receued due to the Church for 2 akcrs of medowe 

Inprimis of M' D' warde , ... 

Item of M' Legate for his shopp 

Item of Roberte Ablinson for the peece of grounde taken owt 

of y« CTiurch yarde 

Item of Jone Smith for 7 Akers and a halfe of Errible Lande 
Item of M' Loue for his Payles standinge vpon the Church 

ya£"vie ».. ••• .•• ••• ••• ••• •*• •*. 

Item of M' Loue for a newe lease made him of the chiut;h 

Ynjruv ••• ••• ••• ••• •.• ••* ... ••■ 

Item of M' Porter for M' Bosomes Rent to the church ... 

Ite«7i of widdowe Tomson 

Item of Good^nan Munckester for the rente of halfe the chambers 

over the almes howsen 

2. 15 10 

11 ssd 

11 ss d 

3 4 





The Summa totall of the whole yeares receats. ... 

x" iiij" xj** ob 



243 b] Beceived ffor the Eater Booke and other ordenarye 

These sig- 

and re- 

dutjse and Rentes due to the Churche 

Received of the foute of the a Counte of the Chorche 
wardeines for the former yeare 

Item Layde out for Chaiges a boute the Chorche and the 
minesters wages and for reparinge the Amse houses as 
a peareth by the perteickeall parselles 

Remaninge to the Chorche by deitt earmentes 

Item of the whiche they are ffor to a loue tordes a nawdite 
Sopeare not payd ••• ... ... ... ... ••• 

Eemaneinge due to the chorche 

[WiUm ward 
Thomas Qrimoston 
W™ Nicolson] 
Qulielmus ward 
Thomas Grimeston 
W™ Nicolson 
John Porter 
Edward Dodson 

[A leaf cat oat here.] 
[Fol. 244 a blank.] 

244 b] HughRidinge 
Manasses vatrollier ... 
M' wolfe the vintner 
M' warren) 
M'Rice J ••• 
Qodfree Coultou 
M' Liles 
Ilunifr e e Rtce 

Goodman Duglis 

Receued for the tymber standinge in the church 
Receued of Pinder for 30 foote of tymber at vj^ a foote 
Receued of the procters for the Mastars Commonsmente 
Receued of the Procters for the Bachelers Commensements 
Receu e d of Ooodm« > t Mupckca t or for the r ent e of his h o us e 
Item of 'MJ' Kinge for burieng of his wife in the chiux^h 
Item of M' Porter for burienge of his childe in the church 

Item Receued for the Easter booke 

TTOAW* M.f\*XM •>. •.. ... ••• ... ... ... 

022. 11. 04 

010. 03. 03| 
032. 14. 07^ 

030. 18. 03} 
001. 16. 04 

000. 10. 00 

001. 06. 04 

11 ss. d 


6. 8 



2. 6. 8. 


6. 8. 

2 & 

4 '. 11. 10^ 

16. 2. 7. 


2 1 13 4 
19 16 6 



245 a] Anno Dominc 1601. 

The accounts of Hugh Burwell and Edwarde Cropleye Church wardens 

for all such monye as y haue layde out in and for the reparations 

helonginge to the church and ministers wages and other duties to the 

sayde Church belonginge 

U ss d 

Inprimis 55 poimds of Sowder at 6 pence a pounde 17 6 

Item for the plummers 5 days works 

Item fo r drinking e mony e th o se 5 day o s fo r the plummer tt: &. 

Item for one to serue him those 5 dayes ... 
Item for ffyringe ... .•• ... 
Item for 30 pounds of Sowder more 
Item for 2 days worke more of y« plummer 
Item for one to serue him those 2 days •.. 
Item for 20 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for one dayes worke more 

Item for one to serue him that daye 
Item for 23 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for a daye & a halfe worke 

Item for one to serue him y^ daye & halfe 
Item for 24 pounds of Sowder more 

Item for 6 days worke more 

Item for one to serue him those 6 days ... 

Item for 9 dayes worke more 

Item for one to serue him those 9 days ... 

Item for 27 pounds & a halfe of Sowder ... 

Item for 44 poimds of Sowder more 

Item for 3 quarter of a pounde of waxe . . . 

Item for 34 foote of Tymber at 7 penc a foote 

Item for bringinge it from y^ fayre 

Item giuen to p. Pinder in eanieste when he was hired 

Item for four score of 6 penny nay Is 

Item for a hundred of 6 pennye nayls 

Item for halfe a hundred of 6 pennie nayls 

Item for 7 days worke of Goodman Pynder at ij* a daye 

Item for 4 payre of Scrues for 6 dayes at ij* a daye 

Item his mans worke those 7 days at zvj^ a daye 

Item for there drinkingo monye thooc 7 days — tvt- 

Item for 3 men more 3 days at xvj^ a daye 

3. 4 



1. 4 


11. 6 

1. 6 







1. 2. 





11 13 5 

inking mony tho s e 3 days 



245 b] 

Item for a loode of Claye 

Item for 3 score & sixtene pounde of Irone worke at 3 pence a 

poviuue ... ••• *•■ ... ... ... •.. ... 






11 10 7 

11 ss d 




jwn. for <=Hrni„go „ ^^^ ,„^ o/wW"-*" '""^* -^ out of 

y (-.'hupoh 

jtain for 3 d«ys worfco o/ J- PJuBiDwr - - 

(toBitofotwtoBorue h.m Oioee3<i«/3 ... 

[wwfonvj poundeofSowderiuore - "• 

Xte«fot SO poundB of Sowdrr more ^"■ 

jtci»f<«'32 pouiida of Sowder mure 16. 

]t«Bi for 4 days woricce mora of J* P'""""^*" ^■ 

jtam for Olio to botuo hini those 4 dayee 2, 8. 

3. 6. 6 
11 3. d 
•Item the charge for the reprations of the leads for tymber 
wurke Iron works and aodringe as it ap]iereth by the 
parsela goiuge before 14 17 1. 

Item receued towards thes chargis 12 6 5 

Item owinge for the leades SO* 8^ 

Item oweinge to the Chorche wardeiace by diuerec that haue 

notpayde 001 13 02 

Item for charges a boute tbo Almeshoiiseas and urdeniric 
" Charges in the chorche 

Itetn for4loado of lymeotviij'a loode 112 

Item for 12 loode of eande at viij^ a loode 8 

Item giuen to Thatcher for poyntin of muncheaters hoiis ... 14 10 

It«m for towe rufFe tiles at 2^ apeec 4 

Item for 3 htmdred of tylee at SO pence a hundred 5 

i'ltem for whitinge of the church 1 IT 6 

tltem for 4 quarter bills S 

* The entriea between the aaterisks are written on a slip of paper which was 
pasted into the book and covered the [ollawing entries which are, it will be 
noted, expsiiBions of pievioua entries in the aeoounta (see page 279). 

i, 4' Item giuen to ;* dorke for washing the Chnrch linin i 

Item for mendinge of y° ohntch bibte with bosses and chasps and 

boffin on the bscke 1 4 

Item for a white brushe to y" slarke to sweepe jr* obnrch with all ... 8 

Item for the artiekles at y< vimtation 1 

Item spent in monye at ye visitation G 

Item for Blye tardings 10 ob 

Item gitMD to Anthouye Sancett when he bounde him selfe to saue 
the parish banneles for a mayde that was suspected in his house 

to bee with childe 3. 

Item for mendinge of y* seats in the church ... 3 4 

t These items have ■Ireadj' at^eared in the aecounte (see pegs 279). A slip 
of papei has been pasted over them, bat it has disappeared. 

1601 285 

Item for a loode & a halfe of stones 6 6 

Item for pauinge of 42 yardes aboute the church at 3 penc a 

jr clKvUs ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• LwO 

Item for 3 lode of sande 2 

Item for one thousand and eighte hundred of brickes 1 10 4 

U 8 d 
11 1 9ob 

U 88 d 
246 a] Item for 15 days, worke of the masons at xiij*^ a daye 16 3 

Item for 2 laborers those 15 days at viij^ a daye a pese ... 1 

Item for there drinking e mony e for y* l a bor e rs tho se 15 d a y s ■ 1,~3- 

Item for brininge vp of a thousand 8 hundred of bricks from 

y* bridge at 6 penc a lode 3. 

Item to Qoodman Atkinson for tymber which was spent of the 

tennents of-y? ouer y« allmes housen 1. 2. 

Item to the Carpenter for 6 days work 6. 6 

Item for pauinge of y* place in Munchesters house where the 

stares went vp before ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Item for houkes and hingels and a locke & a lache for y^ dore 

at y* stars foute 

Item for 2 dores at y^ stayre heade 

Item for 3 lode of claye at x^ a lode 

Item to laborers for clayinge of y* wals 

Item for ouer castinge and whitinge y* porche and y* place 

ouer y^ uemre ••• ... ... «.. ... .•• ••* 

Item for carringe away of 2 lode of nibbishe 

Item for claspinge of y* church booke of accounts 

Item to goodman diuden for laths and lath nayls 

Item to goodman Atkinson for 2 bundle of laths 

Item to Goodman wisdome for writinge and payntinge of the 

v>u IU\/U ... ... ... ■•• ••• ■•■ ... ••• 

Item for Sisinge ouer y** pollers 

Item for wine at y* communions for all y" whole yeare 
Item for bread ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Item to the minister 

U 8 d 

21 15 4 

246 b] Item to Seamer for Oyle to mende y« bells 

Item for carienge awaye of 23 loads of dirte in the streete 

agaynste y* church 

Item for besomes •.. ... 

Item for a Skynn of parchmente 

Item for paper and one that went aboute with Seamer to take 

the names of the Communicants 6. 

3. 4 

4. 4 

2. 6 

5. 6 

2. 4 



6. 8 

2. 6 







6. 8 

88 d 


7. 8 




Item for wrytiuge the Cbriateninges BuriallB and MArisgee 
fyyre iuto the Regeater hooke ofparohmeot -• - 

jtem for writinge and ingrasinge into P^^^fZ^:' to the 
Christeningeei Manages and BuriM to delyner m to en 


1. 8. 

thlB ftOOOIlHt 


1. 8. 


rtam for a PottUe of Sack which was Drunke in the ChaunoeU 
* of the Auditora and othera at the giueinge vp of the laste 

Churchwazdens aoooiinte 

j^0i a typt staffe gi uon to John Lancaster 

rtem ^ ^^® treeurera of the towne for rent 

Item for ^^ Auditora supper and the visetation supper 

17 6 

Summa totallu of the whole yeares disbursments zlvj" iiij* ob 
Soe remajneth due to mee zix* ix^ 

247 a] Item for sisinge ouer the pillers ... 

Item for wine at y« ooT^imunions 

Item for Communion breade 

Item to the minister 

Item ouerplus monye at diuers tims 
Item for browmes giuen to y« almes folkes 

Item other Chargis a bowte the Church and ministers! 
wages as it appereth by the persalls goinge before J 

Item for Charges for the Amse Houses 

Item for Charges in repareinge the Ledes 

Item the sum of the whole yeares disbursments as it 
appereth by the persals goinge before amounteth to 

Item receued of this sum ^ it appereth by the persals 
goinge before 

Soe resteth due to me as it appereth by these accounts 
goinge before 

[FolB. 247 b, 248 a, b blank.] 


U 88 d 

« ■ • 


■ « • 

1. 6. 

• • • 


• • • 

13 6 8. 

• ■ • 

5. 5 

• • • 


16. 2. 11 


ss d 


13 R nh 


11. ob 


07. 03 


17. 01 


ss d 


18. ob 


ss d 



17. 1 

249 a] 

Anno domtni 1602. 

The election made on Easter munday being the 4^ of Aprill 1602 
according to the auncyent custome of greate Sainte maryes parishe for 
the chosing of the church wardens for the yere to come in this forme 
followinge viz. m' Burwell hath chosen for his man m' doctor warde 
& m' Cropley hath chosen for his man m' nicolson Alderman, & those two 
have chosen viz m' doctor warde, hath chosen m' Love & m' warren 




& m' Porter, & m' nicolson hath chosen m' Pottall & goodman Cob 
& m' CarteiB, & these eighte have chosen for church wardens for the yere 
to come antony Tomson & Edward Dodson : And these eighte ar Auditors 
for the yere to come 

249 b] The A Counte of Antonye Tomsonn & Edward Dodsonn for All 
suche monyes as they haue Besawed by vertue of thar offease due to the 
pareishe of gray te S^ mariese in Q^xohridge 
Inpnflits Besawed of m' Slcarlet for the beriall of his Childe ... 

Besawed of m' Poolye for the beriell of his wiffe 

Besawed of the procktres for the ma«tres Commenceente 
Besawed of the perocktres for the Bachelares Conim«ncem«n^ ... 
20^1 7* 5' Besawed for the Ester bocke 

• • • ••• • I 

nj» mf 

vj" vnj** 

xvij« vj<* 

u xij'i 

avjM i» vj^ 

XV* xviij" xj'* 

Bents Besawed due to the pareishe 

Inprimis off John Smiethe 

Itt^mof m'dockter warde .., 

Itt^m of m' loue for m' Bosome 

paid Itt^m of Bobart Ablinsonn 

Ittem of m' Legat 

Ittam of m' Lowe for his pales 

Ittem of m' Lowe for his new Lease 

Itt^m of monckester 

Itt«m of widowe tomsonn 

Ittem of Jhon wade for the tember standeing in the Chorche 

Som total of the resayt«< 
for the whole yeare 
xxiij"* xij» v<* 



• • • • ^ 

xxvj* viij'* 

••• • 

xxiij" xj" xj** 

23 9 11 

m' Cotton owethe vppon this aooomptte for the Easter bocke 1603 
3* 4' as he hathe payd formerlye 

250 a] 

Anno domtni 1002 

The aoounth of Antonye Tomsonn h Edward dodsonn Churchwardens 
for all shuch money as they haue layd out in & for the repara/um« 
be Longinge to the Chourch & ministeres wages and other duties to 
the sayd church be Longinge. 

In primus to the minister for his hole yeares wages . . . 
Item for glaseinge the weindowes a bout the Church ... 

Ittem to the treseres of the toune for rent 

Ittem for the Artickells 

Item for Elye iardeines 

Item to the \Mrde boshipes vescitacione at chesterton ... 
Ittem to m' dockter n«wcome for our visitacione bill... 

Ittem for a Bope for the sances bell 

Ittem for Candelles iiy< 

Xllj" VJ" Vllj* 



X* ob 

• • • « Ji 



288 1603 

Item spent at the vesitacione at sawsone vi^^ 

Item for wine at the Awdeite in the Chanoell ij' iiij*^ 

Item for A vesitacione bill... iiij*' 

Ittem for A prayre for the Kinge viij^ 

Item ffor Carine of the mieare a boute the Chorche xj" ij^ 

Item ffor paueinge the streate ix* iiij^ 

Item for 3 lodes of grawell ij' 

Item for a Lode of stones iiij" 

Item for washeine the Lineinge iiij" 

Item for paper to one that wente with seamer viij*^ 

Item for bromes iiij** 

Item for oyle for the beles j** 

Item for nales to mend theseates j^ 

Item for wine at the Communion xxiiij" vj** 

Item for bred , xiiij'^ob 

Item for the Riteinge Christeninges burrialles and manages 

in to the booke of parchimentes ' ... xviij^ 

Item for Riteinge the same vnto the Regester bocke in the 

vIUkK? •#• •«• ••• •«• ••• ••• ••• •■• Aa 

Item for the vesitacione sopeare wAich is yeat to cvme ... x* 

Item a skine of parchement vj* 

Som totales of the Hole yeares desbirrsementes is xxj^* vij* xj*^ 

And so remayneth to the Churche in monye which we haue delluerid 

vnto the Avditores at the foote of this a Counte xlij* 

willm ward 

John warren 

Thomas (mark) Cobes marcke 

Luke Curtis 

[FoL 250 b blank.] 

251 a] The Election made on Easter Monday being the 25 of Aprill 1603. 
According to the Auncient custome of great S^ Maries parish for the 
Chosing of the Church wardens, for the yeare to come in this forme 
following viz Anthony Thompson hath chosen for his man M' Doctor 
Newcome, And Edward Dodaon hath chosen for his man M' Nicholson, 
And M» Doctor Newcome hath chosen to him M' Doctor ward, M' pooly 
and M' woolfe, M' Nicholson hath chosen to him Luke Curtis and 
Edward dodspn and M' Croply And thes eight haue chosen for the yeare 
to come Robert Sparrow and Christopher Hatley. And thes eight 
are Auditores for the yeare to come. 

[Fol. 251 b blank.] 

252 a] The Aocompt of Robert Sparrow and Christopher Hatley of all 
such mony as they haue Receiued by vertue of their office due to the 
parish of great S^ Maries in Anno 1603. 

1603 289 

Inpnmis Keceiued of the ould Churchwardens at the Audet the 

xxij^^ of May last xlij* 

Item Reoeiued of the Proctor« for the MsAsters Commencement xxiij" vj^ 

Item Hoceived of the Proctors for the 6ach0^« Comencem^nt iij" j* 4^ 

Item B/eceived for the Buriall of Mts^s Baker vj" viij* 

Item R&ceived for the buriall of Thomas Rochell m' Poolyes 

mail ••• ••■ ••• •*• «•• ••• ••■ ■•■ 'J 'i-^j 

Item Bjsceived of M' Scarlett for Sir william Browne who died 

wi^Ain ottr parish yj" viij<* 

Item Received for the Easter Booke ziivj^ xij* 4^ 

Rentes reoeiued due to the said parish 

Inprtmis John Smith ... ... ... ... ... ... x* 

Item of m' doctor ward iij" iiij* 

Item of m' Loue for m' Bosom xx** 

Item of Robert Ablinson ... v* 

Item of m** Leggat v« 

Item of M' Loue for his pales iiij^ 

Item of M' Loue for his new lease v" vj** 

Item of Monkaster xxvj*viij<* 

Item of the widow Tompson xij^ 

Item of John ward for the Tymber standing in the Church ... iiij" 
3. 2. 6 Somme tota^w of the Receiptee for the whole yeare ys xxv" j» viy* 

252 b] The Aocompt of Robert Sparrow and Christopher Hatley Church 
wardens, for all such mony as they haue laid owt in and for the Re- 
paroctons belonging to the Church and Ministers wages and other dutyes 
to the said Church belonging 

Inprtmis to ow Minister for his whole yeres wages ... xiij"yj*viy* 

Item for setting vp a Chimny and Tymber with other necessary 

thinges about Monkasters howse xl" iiij<i 

Item for bread and wyne for the whole yere xxix* v* 

Item for Carieng awaye the Mire in and about the Church ... viij* 

Item for wyne and Cakes at the Auditt ij* i^^ 

Item 'paid to a Carpenter for work in the Church xiiij^ 

Item potc? to the goodman Atkinson for Tymber ij* x^ 

Item paid to the goodman Durden for nayles ... vi^*^ 

Item for the booke of Articles Tj<^ 

Item potd to the Thresorertf of the Towne xij<^ 

Item for the visitacion Bill ii^^ 

Item for the visitactbn Supper wAich ys yet to come x" 

Item to Stodard who went with Seamer about the Cornvni- 

\/vkUl^O ..• ••• ... ... ... ••. •.• ••• J 

Item for washing the lyning and for bromes iiij" iiij^ 

Item for writing of the Christeninge^, Manages & burialls 

in the Regester booke xviij** 

C, A, S. Octavo Senet. No. XXXV. 19 

290 1604 

Item for writing of the presentement of all the said Christninges 
Manages and burialls in parchement and deiiuered into 
tne omce ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• zvuj 

Item for a skynn of parchement iiij*^ 

Somme tota^u of the whole yeares disbursementef ys ... xvi^^ zj* x^ 

And so remayneth to the Church in mony wAich we haue 

deiiuered vnto the Auditors as appeareth vj^ ix* x<^ 

willm Ward Bo. Newcome w"* Nioolson John pam Luke Curtis 

253 a] The EUection made on Easter Monday being the Ninth daye 
of Aprill Anno 1604 According to the Auncient Custome of great S^ Maries 
parish for the Chosing of the Churchwardens, for the yeare to come 
following, viz Robert Sparrow hath chosen for his man M' Doctor ward 
and Christopher Hatly hath chosen for his man M' Nicholsonn. And 
m' doctor ward' hath chosen to him doctor Nwecome, doctor Grimstonn, 
and M' woolfe. And M' Nicholsonn hath chosen to him M^ Pottall, 
M' Croply and M' firohock. And theis eight haue chosen for the yeare to 
come Abraham Durden, and Edward Qefiery. And thes eight are 
Auditors for the yeare to come 

And wee the sayde Churchwardens have B/oceived of the sayde 
Audetters the firste day of may the sume of six powndes nine shillinges 
and ten pence by me Abraham Durden 

[Fol. 258 b blank.] 

254 a] The Aocounte of Abraham Duerden and Edmond Jefirye Church- 
wardens for all such monny as they haue receiued by vertue of ther office 
dewe to the parishe of greate S^ maries. Anno 1604. 

Inprimis "Received of the oulde Churchwardens at the Awdett U s d 

mUSMT. ••• ... ... ... ... ••* ••■ • 

Item "Received of the procters for the masters Comencement . 
Item Received of the procters for the Bache^rs Comencement 
Item Received for the buriall of m' peaps his wyffe 
Item Received for the buriaU of Bobart Qibsons wyffe ... 
Item Received for the buriall of m' John Goodwin 
It«n Received for the buriall of Thomas Williamson ... 
Item Received for the buriall of Thomas Williamsons wyffe 
Item Received for the buriall of m' Cottons Sonne 
Item Received for two hundreth three quarters of leade 

Item Beoetvec? for the Ester booke 

Item Received of Antony Tomson for his child buriall ... 
Item ther is to gather up 

. 6. 







. 0. 
























, 0. 



. 0. 








Rentes Received dewe to the sayde parrishe. 

Inprimis Received of John Smithe 

Item 'Received of M' docter Ward ... 

Item Receiped of Robart Ablenson 

Item Reo^'t^ of m' L^ggatt 

Item "Roceived of m' Love for his pales 

Item Received of m' Love for his newe Lease 

Item Reo^t^ of m' Love for M' Bosome 

Item Received of Robart Johnson 

Item Received of Qoodman monkaster ... 
Item Reo0u^ of the widdowe Tomson ... 
Ite^ii Received of John warde for timber standing in the Church 

3U 2« e^ 

Summa totalis 
33" 16» ^ 

Item there is for m' Tomson m' Sparrowe & M' Jeffiry & 

m' Burwell ech of them x* 

for m' king & m' Warren 




3. 4. 


6. 0. 


5. 0. 


0. 4 


5. 6 


1. 8. 


13. 4. 


13. 4 






2. 6. 

0. x« 


254 b] The Accounte of Abraham Duerden and Edmon Jeffi-ye Church 
wardens for all such monny as they haue Layde oute in and for the 
reparations belonging to the Church and minesters wages and other 
duties to the sayd Church belonging 

Inprimis to the minester for his whole years wages 

It«m for bread and wine for the whole yeare 

Item payd the Scavenger for caring away of myer 

Item patd for wine and cakes at the awdett 

Item paid two carpeters for six days worke & a halffe 
in y* Church 

Item paid for 214 foote of hordes 

Item paid for 24 foote of single quarters 

Item paid for nayles 

Item paid A mason & his laborer for yj days worke 

Item paid for ten boshels of lime 

Item paui for a loode of sandde 

Item paid for dim' boshell smithes coomee 

Item paid for XX brikes 

Item paid for earning away of xvj lods of Rubish 

Itetn paid for a loode of Claye to mend the Almoshowse ... 

Item paid for one days worke of a clayer 

Item paid for mending the glasse winders in the Church 

Item paid for paving the streetee 

Item paid for beesoms to sweepe the Church yeard & 













































































10. ob. 













1. 6. 

0. 1. 6. 




Item paid semer for washing the linen candles & bromes 

Item pat'd to the Treserers of the towne 

Item paul to Stoderd for going wttA seiner to take the 

names of Commu9iioan/« 

Item pawl for a bell roope 

Item patd for the booke of Articles 

Item pawl for Ely farthens 

Item potd for otor doners at the vissetation 

Item paid for our vissetation bill 

Item for the vissetation super wAich is to come 
Item payd for the servisse booke & the cannons . 

Item paid for a newe suiplisse 

Item for writing the cristonings mariages & buriaUs into 

the Begester booke 

Item for writing the presentment of the sayde Christonings 

mariages & burialJs in parchment and delivering of it 

into the office ... 
Item ]p&id for a skino of parchemen 

Somma totalis of the whole years disborsements 23'' 8* 3^ ob 

And so remayneth to the Church in monny which wee 

have delivered to the Awditors as Appeareth ... x^ viij* v^ 

this accounte was sseen & allowed the 26^ of Aprill 1605 by m' docter 
ward m' potto m' Craddoke m' hide m' Gibbes m' Love & water betson 
Christopher hatle 

255 a] The Election made on Easter mondaye 1605 beeing the firste day 
of Aprill according to the cannones for that purposse and ther is chossen 
for Church wardens by generall consente John warren and John wulffe 
Also it is agreed vpon by generall consent that hear afker that the 
election shall bee made vpon tewsday in Ester weeke and alsoe the same 
day and year according to the same cannons ther is cossen for sides men 
waiter beston and John Simonds 

255 b] Anno domini 1605. 

The Accoumptes of John warren and John wolfe Churchwardens 
of the parrishe of greate S^ Maries in Cambridge for suche monye and 
other things as they haue receaued of the said parrishe By vertue of their 
office which, was yeilded and given vpp vnto the Auditors appoynted 
as followethe 
Inprimis Beceaued of the ould Churchwardens at the audite 

ioSv «.. •«• «•* ••« ..a (•• ••• •••X VU1 V^ 

Item Receaued of the Proctors for the Mcuter of Artes Com- 
mensmen w ... ••• «•• ••• ••• ••• •.• 

Item Receaued of the Proctors for the Batchelors of Axtes 

uj» vj 

Commensemeut I'iiu vii 

• . • • • • 



Item of M' Curtice for the buring of John dickonson 

Item for the burying of Mi«^s Porter 

Item for the burying of Qoodman Ryding 

Item receaued of Sir William Hynd whoe dyed in our parishe 
Item Reoeaued of mu^s metcalfe for the buriall of her husband 

Item reoeaued for the buriall of m' Loue 

Item receaued for the buriall of m' Ball 

33" 9* 4"^ Item receaued for the Easter booke 

Rentes Receaued due to the parrishe 
Inprimis of John Smythe ... 

Item of m' doctor warde 

Item of mutriB Loue for M' Boeome 

Item of Robert Abblinson 

Item of m' L^att ... 

Item of mis^ris Loue for her pales 

Item of mifdis Loue for her newe lease 

Item of goodmann Muncaster 

Item of Goodwyfe Johnson 

Item of the widdowe Tompson 

3U 2* 6^ Item of John ward for tymber standing in our churche 

Suma Tota^u of the receiptee! .„ ., ^ 

for the whole yere is J J J 

• _ • • • wi 

VJ" vujd 

•• • • 'A 

vj» viyd 
vj» viij'* 

VJ« V11J<« 

vj« viij** 

• If « B 0^ ■ • • J 






• • •_ • • • • J 

xuy uij<* 

• • •_ • * • a^ 

.. xuj« mj* 

• • • a^— 


256 a] Anno do^nini 1006. 

The Aocoumptes of John warren and John wolfe Churchwardens for 
aU such monye as they haue laid yt out in and for the reparactons of the 
Churche and ministers wages and other duties to the same Churche 
belonging as foUowethe. 
Inprmiis to the minister for his whole yeres wages ... xiij" vj' viij^ 

Item for bread and wyne for the whole yere 

Item for carying awaye the myre from about the Church 
Item to the Carpenter for mending the belles and for naylee 

a no Do^vies ••• ... ••• ... ... ••• ... 

Item to John Scott for writing the names of all the com- 

uiumcanxo ••• ... •■* ... ... «.. ••• 

Item for writing the names of Christeninges manages and 

burialls into the Register book 

Item for writing the presentments of all the said Christninges 

manages and burialls in parchement and deliuered to the 

ouice ••• ••• ... .•• ... ••* ••* ... 

Item for a skinn of parchement 

Item to the Carpenters for taking downe the Craine and 

laborers to helpe them ••• ... ... ... 

Item for making a greate keaye for the Churche dore and twoe 

lesser keayes and for staples and for mending of lockes ... 

xlv* viij** 

« • • 


• • • 'm ■ • j 

UIJ* IJ** 



* • 'A 


• • • •. 


294 1606 


X* ob 


Item to Phillip Scarlett for a seruice booke 
Item to the Treasorers of the towne 

Item for Elie farthinges 

Item for a booke of articles 

Item for a bill 

Item for a paire booke for the deliuering of the King from the 

wl«3aBOU ■•« ••• ••• ••• •■• •■• ••• ••• J 

17" 7* ob. 

256 b] Item for a double guilte boule which was given to 
m' w&ttes our minister for his extraordinary paines taking 
amoungst vs in the parrishe at twoe seuerall tymes when 

the sickness was amongst vs iiij" v« vj^ 

Item given to M' Northe Harrison for writing iiij peticions 

and one letter to my Lord william Howard ... ,.. ij* yj** 

Item paid to the Clarke for washing the Ljrnnen, for broomes 

and candells iiij'x^ 

Item for broomes to sweepe the churoheyard ij<* 

Item for writing thease accoumpttff in this book xviij^ 

Item for Gackes wyne & sugar to the Auditors vppon taking of 

theaccoumptM iiij'j* 

Item for our visitacton supper wAtch is to come x* 

Item for paueing the streete aboute the churche iiij* 

5^ 13" 7^ Item to John Hall for gathering the names of the communi- 

vlUlUCw ... ... .•• •■• *«• ... •«. aaa if 

Suma Totalis of all 

the whole yeres disbursment is xxiij" vij^ ob. 

M> HH And soe remayneth to the churche in monye wAtch wee haue 

^ g* deliuered to y« Auditors as appereth xiij" xj» ij^ ob. 

o o this afoore sayd thirten povndes elleven shillinges two penes ob I haue 
51 ^ reseved in to my handes to be avnswerabell vppon cure next yeares 
? I Acvmpttes maii 22 1606. John warron 
^ ^ This accomptte was seene & allowed the 22 of may 1606 by willm 

B ward Edward potto John poley Ro. Neucome Mychaell woolf nathanaell 
"^ Cradocke Edward Cropley N Harryson, John Swetsonn 

257 a] The election made on est^ teusday 1606 being the 22 day of Aprill 
according to the cannons for that purposse & there is chosen for church 
wardens hy general! consent Jhon warren & Henry Einge Also it is 
agreed vppon by generall consente that hereafter that still the election 
shalbe made vppon teusday in ester weake And also the same daye 
and yere according to the same cannons there is chosen for Sydemen 
Abraham Durden, & Richard Griffin 

[Fol. 257 b blank.] 

1606 295 

258 a] Ano domiai 1606. 

The Aocoumptes of John Warren and Henrie King of all suche some 
and sommeB of monye wee haue receaued of vertue of our Churchewarden- 
shipp dewe to our parrishe of greate S^ maries Anno domtni 1606. 

Inpnmis reoeaued the Churche stocke which dothe appere 

vppon the former yeres accoumptee xiij" xj' ij* ob 

Item Receaued more for ij ould bookee ij* 

Item Reoeaued for the Burieing of m' Pricke vj* viij^ 

Item Receaued for an ould surplisae iiij* 

Item Reoeaued of the Procters for the lacuters of Artes Com- 

mensment ... ... ... ... ... ... ... zx' 

Item Receaued of m' doctor Qoad viceOhancellor for the Batchelor 
of Artes CommeoBtnent wAich the Procters should haue 

piuu ... ••• ••• ••• ... ••• ... •«. A Vll J 

Item Receaued for the Easter booke zvj" zviij<> 

Item Receaued for the Buriall of mts^ris Qoodwyn yj" viij<^ 

Sttm Totalw zzxiiij" ij" viij<* ob. 

258 b] 1606 

Rentes Reoeaued this yere for our parishe as ffolloweth viz. 

Receaued of m' Legate for his shopps v" 

Receaued of Qoodman Abblinson for his Rent v* 

Receaued of m' d' warde iij* iiij* 

Receaued of MistnB Loue for her pailes iiij<^ 

Reoeaued of mutna Loue for her new lease v* vj^ 

Receaued of the widdowe Johnson ziij*iiij^ 

Reoeaued of mounckaster ziij'iiij* 

Receaued of the widdowe Tompeon zij* 

Receaued of John wade (ox Tymber standing in the Churche iiij" 

Item Receaued of m' Plaine for m' Smythes Rent z" 

Receaued for m' Bosomes Rent of m' Porter zz* 

37. 5. 2 ob Sum Totalw iij" y« yj* 

259 a] 1606 

The Aocoumptes of John Warren and Henrie King for all suche 
monye as they haue laid out in and for the reporacibns of the Churche 
and ministers wages and other duties to the same Churche belonging 
as followethe 
Inprimis paid to m' watts our minister for his whole yeres 

r an ri * "H _ _ ' « — — I * *<1 

wages ••• «•• ... ... ... ••• ••. zuj vj viij 

Item for bread and wyne for the whole yere zlvj" 

Item for the durte earring from and about the Churche ... viij* vj* 

Item paid for paynting the pillers in the Chaunoell ij" 

Item for charges for our visitacion ij* iiij* 

296 1608 

Item to Qoodman warde for a loade of pibles v* 

Item for Elie farthingM x^ ob 

Item for a booke of Articles vj^ 

Item for entring the Churchwardens names into the office ... iiij<* 

Item paid to the Treserors of the Towne xij** 

Item paid to Goodman Corbett for glaseing the Churche 

WmCIO n 6B .,« ... ... ••• ••« ••« ••* XXVJ 

Item for a lock and a keye for the belfray dore xvj^ 

Summit Totalis xviij" vj'^ ob 

259 b] Item for mending one of the Almesmens house lockes v^ 
Item paid to Goodman Beatson for fyve yardes and ode 

measure of wainscote wAtch was sett vpp in the Chaunsell 

by hime xiij" iiij** 

Item for a seate mending and nayles xii^^ 

Item for mending a seate iiij^ 

Item for wyne sugar and cakes for the Auditors at the 

Accoumpts iij*vij** 

Item for gathering the names of the Communicant^^ and for a 

book to write them in to John Hall ij* 

Item paid to John Hall for washing the Churche Lynnen ... iiij* 

Item for broomes and Candles j^ 

Item for writing the presentment of aU the Christningex 

manages and burialls in the Register booke xviij^ 

Item for writing the names of the ChristningM manages and 

burialls in parchem«n^ and deliuering them into the office xviij^ 

Item for a skinn of porchemen^ to write those particulars into vj^ 

Summa xxix" ij^ 

260 a] Item for writing thease our accoumpts into the 
Churche book xviij** 

Item for our visitactbn supper x' 

Item for paueing about the Churche Yard 5* 

Item for sand ij load«« xij<> 

^ujnma xvij" yj^ 

Staavna Totalis of the Layings out of this yere is ... xx" vij" ij^ ob 
And soe remayneth in stocke to the Churche this yere derly xvj" xviij* 
There is also remayneng this yere in cleere stocke to the poore 

as appereth by the Booke wAtch is kept for their vse ... ix" xij* ix^ 

This Yere wee gaue to our eight Almesmen and Weomen everie 
of them a newe blacke frees gowne 

This accompt was seene and allowed the xxviij^ of Apryll 1608 by vs 

mlliara ward w™ nicolson 

peter Scarlett Nathanaell Cradocke 

Anthonye thomaon John porter 

[Fol. 260 b blank.] 

160| 297 

261 a] Septimo die Apnlis 1607. 

McinorandMm th a t yt ja a gg eed vpaa by tb a copa e nt of th e whole 
pqwah e th a t h e nc e forth th e Chi i gch a W a r da n a a b a lb a ch o g e n a ccording to 
th e ottld Cuatom e Prouid e d th a t th e Miniet e r b e ono of th e oll e otow 
aooording to the Cannon e. 

The ellection made one Easter Twesdaye being the Seaventh daye of 
Aprill 1607 According To the Auncient Custome of great S^ maries 
parish for the Chosing of the Church Wardens for the yeare to come viz. 
m' warren hath choeen for his man m' doctor ward and in the absence of 
m' kinge by consent was chosen m' potto And m' doctor ward hath 
chosen to him m' Cradocke m' Porter and m' Thomson. And M' Potto 
hath chosen to him m' Nicholson m' Curtis and m' dodsonn And thes 
eight hath chosen for this yeare to come John warren and Marmaduke 
fi&ohocke Churchwardens and thes two haue chosen for the Cidemen 
Tobias Tailer and Robert Rogers. 

Memorandt<m yt ys agreed this zv^ daye of ffebruary 1607 by the 
greater parte of the parish that doctor ward and m' Potto should chuse 
Sixe men three of each body for the seaaing of the whole parishioners for 
the Easter book and thos two haue chosen m' Cradocke M' Qibes 
M' Thompson M' Curtis M' Einge and M' Harison iunior Prouided that 
doctor ward and M' Potto aboue said with M' warren and M' fih>hoch 
Church Wardens shall Cease thos size abouenamed. 

WiUm Ward 
Edward potto 
John Awkstede 
Nathanaell Cradocke 
John warren 
marma Duke ffrohocke 
Sa. Smithe 
John Swetson 
Rarphe hyde 
waiter metcalfe 
Christopher Hatley 
w" Nicolson 

261 b] February 17«» 1607 

An asaeaement made by vs whose names are vnder written elected 
and Chozen by the consent of the greater parte of the parrishoners 
of greate S^ maries parrishe in Cambridge for to cease and rate everie 
parrishioner now Inhabiting in the same for the vse of the Easter booke 
in the same parishe 

AL lUug ... ••• ..• ••• ••> ••. a.. «•• ^'^J 

ilL VT vlUO ••• a.. •». ... taa ..a ••* ..a J» 

298 160| 

John Towneley xviij* 

vyftu uOToll IjOStZ ••• ••• ••• •<• ••• ■•• ••• IJ 

Edward Goodwyne ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' 

M' Harrison senior ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' 

GkKxlman Baker xij^ 

Gkxxlman Campion ... ... ••• ••• ... ... ... zvj^ 

Qeremy Leistreche ij' 

Goodman fbwcett zviij^ 

GkKxlman dowglas zij^ 

James weatherhead xij<^ 

Goodman warren xij<^ 

widdowe Tyffin vj** 

Goodman Battie xij<* 

Goodman Bulman vj^ 

Goodman Cooper vj<* 

Goodman Lambe vj^ 

Goodman Shilbome zij^ 

Abraham Boulton vj<* 

Thomas Gilham ij* 

Goodman Turver xij* 

Goodman Home xij** 

Josias Williamson vj** 

John Harte ... ... ... ... ... ... vj* 

M' Scarlett! .... 

M' Crane J ^^ 

262 a] Mtf^risBall ij" 

ju, xxaie ••• ... ... ... ... ••• ••• ... nj 

Gkxxlman Corbett xij* 

Goodman Colbie xij** 

JXL WlCJkSuCaU ••• ... ... •.. ••• ••. ... ^ 

Richard Griffin ij' vj*^ 

xienne wrajr e ■•• ... ... ... ••• ... ••• xij 

William Williams i^'ilij^ 

Leonard Glascocke iij' iiij^ 

OL Jj^gaL V ... ... ... ... •*• ... ... t.a TJ VUj 

Gkx)dman Johns ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Tobie Taylor iy* iiij^ 

Leonard Greene iij' iiy^ 

lu X orcer «.. ••• •.. ... ... ... ... ... \\/ 

James Heron iij'iiij^ 

m' Legates man ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

m' doctor ward ... ... ••• ... ••. x' 

John Johnson xij^ 

m X ompson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ■•. y^ 



mistrib Claydon 
Qoodman Blythe 
Qoodman Betson ••• 

m' Plaine 

mistriB Mathewe 
Joane Smythe 
Qoodman Symons ... 
Qoodman Scarlett . . . 
Henrie Freest 

John Scott 

m' Qibbes 

M» Burwell 

John Hall 

Qabriell Harrison ... 
Widdowe Harrison ... 
Qoodman Hollibrand 
G^oodman Shilbome ... 
Qoodman Mmickaster 
widdowe Johnson ... 
widdowe Tompeon ... 





* 'm 



• • « v^ 


« • • •^ 


• • • J 



•* 'A 

• • 'J 

4 13 20 

262 b] Qoodman Robinson 

Abraham dorden 

m' Warren 


m' Jefifene ... ... ,. 

Qoodman Netherwood 

Qoodman Bell 

Qoodman Browning 

GkKxlman Campion 

Qoodman Rogers 

Qoodman Hodgson 


John Hurst 

Joane Carr 

Jane Carr 

Qoodman Jermane 

widdowe Bonaoe 
Qoodman Qill 
Gkxxlman Beningfeild 

Qoodman Penny 

m' dodson 

m'firohock , 


••• • 



ij* vjd 


«• • •_ 



* • * J 



■ • • • _ 






• • • 

•• • 

m' NicholaoD 
m' Taylor minister 
Thomas Perkins 
Goodman Puncher 
Qoodman Newman 
Qoodman Preest 
Christopher Hatley 
Qoodman Ramsey 
Goodman Tillett 
widdowe Bryars 

m' Peaps 
James Preest 
Goodman Collins 
Henrie Beeston 

263 a] Goodman Cohb 

m' Cradocke ... 

m»- Pottall ... 

m' metcalfe ... 

James Robson 

m' Curtize ... 

m' Cotton 

m' Smythe ... 

m' Swetson ... 

widow Ryding 

m' Baldwyne 


m' harrison innior 

m' Cropley ... 


Godfrey Twelues 

Goodman harding 

m' Robbins ... 

doctor mowtlowe 

GkKxlman Edward^f 

Goodman Ingershall 

Goodman Abblinson 

Goodman Baker 

Goodman Russell 

Goodman balding < 

Goodman fflower 

m' doctor Goade for his wyfes seate 

goodman Clarke 

ffather Parker 

ij' vj'* 

•• 'A 





• •« 



ij' vjd 
nj« uij* 

• « • a^ 


• • « • _ 


... • 




• • • a^ 



*• *■ 





-wj^ ij* yj* 





• • • J 



ffather Lanfer 
mother Sai^gason 
Anne Petford 
Katherin ventris 
widdowe Sharpe 
mother Cooper 
Alioe Qill 
Katherin haire 




• •• J 


• • 'A 

[Fol. 268 b blank.] 

264 a] 1007 

The Aoooumptefi of John warren and marmaduke firohocke for all 
suche aommeB of monye wAtch wee haue Reoeaued by vertue of our Church- 
wardenshipps due to our parishe of greate S^ Maries in Cambridge Anno 
Inprimis Beceaued the Churche stocke wAich doe appere of the 

last former yerea accoumpte« xvj^ xviij* 

It«m Beoeaued of m' Barton Proctor for the maister of Artes 

Commensment ... 
It«m Beoeaued of m' Cycell Proctor for the Batchelor of Aries 

Commencement ... ... ... ... 

Item Beoeaued for the buriall of muftis Baldwyn 

Item for the buriall of mteftis Twelues 

Item for the buriall of m** wardes child 

Item Beceaued for the buriall of mistris Babbingten that dyed 

at m' wolfe the yinteners 

Item Beceaued more for buring of an In&nt newe borne of 

ui w nxUoB ... ••( ... ... ... ... ... 

Item Beoeaued for the buriall of Misftis Spparrowe 

Item Beoeaued for the buriall of M' Legate* Child 

Item Beceaued for the buriall of m' Potto daughter 

Item Beceaued for the buriall of m' Bogers Child 



•• '"A 

••• • 


•■ * • 'A 

yy yiiy 


•■ • • 'A 

vj» my 


•— • • 'J 

Item Beceaued for the Easter booke 


264 b] 1607 

Bentes Beceaued this yere for our parrishe as followethe 

In primis Beceaued of L^at for his shopp 

Beoeaued of goodman Abblinson for his Bent 

Beceaued of m' doctor ward 

Beceaued of m' d' mowtlowe for his lease 

Beceaued of the widdowe Johnson 

Item muncaster paid noe Bent this yere 

Beceaued of the widdowe Tompson 

xyj** xvji* ix* 

m • •_ « • • • • 

« • •_ • • ■ ■ « 

xiij* nij* 



Beceaued of m' Plaine for m' Smythes Rent 
Beoeaued of m' Porter for m' Bosomes Bent . .. 
Beoeaued of d' mowtlowe for the Bent of his pale 

Summa Totals xlv" ij^ 



■ • • ■ J 

265 a] 


The Aocoumptes of John warren and marmaduke firohocke for all 
suche somes of monye as they haue layd out in and for the roparacions of 
our Chorche and ministers wages and other duties to the same Churche 
belonging as followeth viz. 
In primis paid to m' wattes our minister for his whole yeres 

wages xiij" vj" viij* 

Item for bread and wyne the whole yere 

Item to the Skauinger for carrying away the myer from and 

about the Churche 

Item for Chai^ges at our visitacibn and a booke of Articles 
Item for ij newe flaggons for the Communion table 

Item paid for Elie £Burthinge« 

Item for entering the Churchwardens names into the office 
Item paid to the Treasorors of the towne 

Summa Totals is xvij** yj" vj** ob 



X* ob 

• m m • j§ 


266 b] 1607 

Item paid to John Hall for washing the Churche lynning and 
for bromes and Candels 

Item for mending a bawldricke 

Item paid for mending diuers seates and for mending a lock 
and keaye and for nayles 

Item for iiij loades of sand 

Item for paueing about the Churche yard 

Item for paueing stone 

Item for our visitacion supper 

Item for a newe table clothe for the comunion table 

Item for marking and fiinging the same table Clothe 

Item for gathering the names of the comunicantes to John Hall 
and a booke to write them in 

Item for writing the names of Christining^ manages and 
burialls into the Begister booke 

Item for writing the presentm«nte« of all the Christininge« 
manages and burialls in porchement and deliuering them 
into the office ... ... ... ... ... ... 

mj» X" 






V1J» Vljd 

• • 'A 





Sumrna 3^^ 13"^ 

1608 303 

266 a] 1607 

Item for a skinu of parchement to write those names in ... vj*^ 

Item for writing thease accoumpt«« into the Churche booke ... zviij^ 

Item for writing the asceasment made for the Easter booke 

into this book 000 

Item paid for the Casting of the Santes bell which wayed 55*^ 
wAtch cost 8*^ the pownd in monye xi\i" ix^ and more wee 
aded 15"^ and a halfe of metle at 8^ the pound in monye 
X* iiij<^ and soe the whole Charge of the casting of the 

OeU Id ••• ••• ••• las ■•• ... «(a a »» XXlllj 

Item paid for a roppe for the bell x^ 

Item given to them that did help the bell founder iiij^ 

Item paid to firancis dowsey for a yoake and hanging the 

Saints bell iij* iiij** 

Item paid to m' Burwell and m' Cropley for an arrerage due to 
them when they weare Churchwardens as apperethe vppon 
the foote of their accowmpte« xvij* 

47* 6^ Summa totalis of all this yeres layeing out is xxij^ xv* j^ ob 

266 b] 1607 

Item soe Bemajrnethe in Cleere stocke this yere to our 

Churche xix" xiiy* j** ob 

The wAtch money is deliiiered to m' Scflkrlet & m' Harrisson the 
Church wardens for this yere anno domim 1608 

Ther is also Remajrning this yere in Cleere stocke to the poore 
of our parrishe as appereth by the book wAich is kept for 

their vse 9" 13" 11** 

The which money is also deliu^red to m' Scarlet & m' Harrisson 

the churchewardens for this yere anno domtni 1608 

This yere wee gave to our viy Almismen and wemen everie one 
of them newe shirtes and smockes and to everie one of them a paire 
of newe hose and shooee, and also wee deliuered vpp to the next Church 
wardens in monye for the poore vy« v^ ob 

This Accompt was seene and allowed the 28 of Apiyll 1608 by vs 

wiUm ward w™ nicolson 

John Porter Nathanaell Cradocke 

Anthonye thomson 

memorandum there was deliuered to m' Scarlet & m' Harrisson ffix>m 
m' warren & m' firog being the form^ Churchwardens the summe of 
seaven shillings fyve pence half^)eny which is money left of y^ which 
was gathered at the receiving of the communion I say 7' 5^ ob for 
the poore 

304 1608 

267 a] The election made on easier teiisday being the xxix^ day of 
march 1608 according to the aunccyent custome of greate S^ maries 
Parishe for the'chosing of the church wardens for the yere to come 
viz. m** warren hath chosen for his man m' doctor ward, & m' ffrohocke 
hath chosen M' Pottall ^ m' doctor ward hath chosen to him m' doctor 
moutloe m' warren & m' Gibbs^ & m' Pottall hath chosen to himself 
m' nioolson, m' Cropley, & m' Curteis, & thesse eight have chosen for this 
yere to come m' Scarlit & m' north Harrisson to be church wardens, 
& these two have chosen for the sydemen willtam williams bookbynder, 
& waiter Betson, & this is doone m'' watts the minister gevinge his ioynte 
consente & voyce therevnto 

Also M' Cradocke was chosen Churchwarden for this yere & hath paid 
for his dismission for a fine x" to be spent at the visitactbn supper 

memorandum this 28^ of Aprill 1608 M' Jhou warren late church 
warden deliu^red to the hands of the now churchwardens m' Scarlet 
& m' Harrisson the summe of three pound^f & ten shillings for seaven 
yeres last past wAtch was for the visitation suppers 

267 b] An Inventory of the goods of the church delivered to the church 
wardens for the yere 1608. 

Inprtmis A cope of cloth of Tysue 

Item a pale cloth for the hersse 

Item a table cloth of blu velvit 

Item two pulpit clothes oUe whyte thother red 

ttem two surplus one new thother old 

Item two towells 

Item three table clothes whereof one newe 

Item a bible, & a paraphrasis with two old psalters 

Item a commimion cup with a cover 

Item an orgayne casse with some pypes 

Item two new service bookes 

Item an alter cloth of old blu velvit 

Item a commt^nion table, & the poore mans cheste 

Item two new fflagons 

268 a] The accomptes of Peter Scarlet & North Hanson churchwardens 
of the parish church of great S^ Maries in Cambridge for such money and 
other thingee as they haue recey^'ed of the sayd parish by vertue of their 
office wAich was yelded & gyven vp vnto y^ Auditors appointed as 

Inprimis receyved of the old churchwardens at the audite 

last xix^ xiiij* j** ob 

Item Received of the parishiners by an assessement for the 

reporactbn of the churche x^u xiiij* 

Item Received of the Proctors for the Neuter of Arte* com- 

menoement ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xzij' 




Iton BtfcetVdd of the Proctors for the Bachilors of Aries com- 
mencement ••• ... •.. ... ... 

It«m of goodwife Ridinge for burienge of hir daughter 

It^m for burienge of M' Porter 

It«m for burienge M' Cradocke^ child 

It«m for burienge of M' william Harisons wife ... 

It^m for burienge M' Hyde 

Item for burienge M" Baxter 

Item for burienge the scholler wAtch died at wylliam 
ofthesicknes ... ... ... ... ... 

Item for burienge m' Swetsons man 

Item for burienge one m' Huninge« 

Item for burienge M" Robeon 

Item Received for the Easter booke 

Summa totalis Ivij" ig* iz^ 

268 b] 1608 

Renter receyved this yere for our parish as followeth 

Inprimis Received of M' Legatt for his shopp 

Item Received of goodman Ablinson for his rent 

Item Received of M' doctor warde 

Item Received of M' doctor Mowtlow 

Item Received of the Widdow Johnson 
Item Received of Munckaster 

Item Received of the widdow Tompeon 

Item Received of M' Plaine for M' Smythes rent 

Item Received of M' doctor Mowtlowe for the rent of his pale 

Item Heoeived for M' Bosoms rent 

Stfm-«u^Lx4 xxviij" vj<* 





• • • . . • • 

vj« vnj" 

vj* vnj" 

iij- 4'» 

Tj" viij«* 

• * * * 1 

• _ • • • J 

VJ" VllJ" 
VJ" VllJ** 

•— • • 'A 

VJ* VI ij* 

vj« vuj'i 

'm " 'A 

yj* vuj" 
xvij« xj** 


ig' iiij" 

y« YJd 


• 9 • • Jg 


268 a] 1608 

The accomptea of Peter Scarlet and North Harison for all such 
sommes of Money as they haue layd out in and for the reparacion of the 
church and Ministers wages and other duties to the same church 
belonginge as ffolloweth viz. 
Inprimis payd to M' wattea our minister for his whole yeres 

wages xiijM vj« viij* 

Item for bread & wine the whole yere xliij* x** 

Item to the Scavinger for carienge the durte from & aboute 

the church xv'iiij^ 

Item for a booke of articles 

Item for Elie fSeurthinges 

Item for entringe the churchwardens names into the office 
Item paid to the Treasorers of y« Towne 

Summa totalis xvj" viij« vj** ob 

x<* ob 

C. A. 5. Octavo Series, No, XXXV. 




268 b] 1608 

tern layd out for wine and cakes at the Auditors meetinge ... 
t^m paid to John Smyth for a newe clapper for the saunce 

bell and iron worke for the same and for a new locke & 

key for the great Chest & mendinge a locke to the same 
tern paid to firau^tcys Dowsey for mendinge the frame to the 

vnirQe JDeii ... ... •.• ..t .•• ••« •*. 

t«m pa»d to Edwarde kendall for 9" of soder to mende the 

leades over y* porch 

t^m paid to hym for his dales worcke 

tern paid to John Hall for helpinge hym 

tern paid for two bushells of chareooles 

tern paid to John Hall for washinge the church lynnen & for 

wrooEuoo ••. ... ••. «*• ... •.• «•• ..« 

tern paid to hym for nayles for mendinge the seates 

tem for haspes & staples ... ••• •.• 

t^m for a dogge of iron for the third Bell frame 

t«m for 2 staples and broades 

tern pae'd to goodman Botoon for mokoingo the now ooato 



-wA»ob^ m' wulffo s ottoth in & foF the oovor ov e r it n* 

tern laid out for y« visitacibn supper 

t^m more for that supper 

tern more layd out by M' Scarlet for that supper 

tern for 2 paier of haspee for a seate 

tern paid to John Hall ffor makinge cleane the seates & 

mendinge a grave 

t«m to John kendall for mendinge the leades ... 
t«m to Qarret for mendinge the wheeles of the Belles 

tem for a loade of sande 

tem for 2 sackes of charecoles 

tem to John Kendall for vj"" & vj ounces of soder for the 

UScMJItX) ... ... •*• ••« 

tem to hym for 24" of leade 

tem for iiij C halfe of Turfes 

tem for nayles & candles 

270 a] Item to hym for ^ daies worcke 
tem to John Hall for helpinge hym 
tem to Jeremy Lestridge for lyme to mend the Almose houses 
tem to George Rutlidge for pointinge the Almose houses 
tem for 2 loade of clay to mende the Almose houses 

tem for ij bunches & a halfb of splentee 

tem for nayles 

tem for bindinge 

tem for worckmens wages 


••• • 

xj- vj«» 




iiij" X* 


• •— • • • • J 




iij» 4* 


• •» • • •J 


• • • ■ — 

ij* XIIJ* 

xvj« vj* 



XV" viy* 


ij" xj* 






It«m for 8 loades of lyme to mende y* hatiementes of the church 
Itnn to Jeremy Lestridge for mendinge the decayed places of 

uuO CuUFCQ ••• •• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• 

It^m to Munckaster for makeinge a drame in the church yard 

Item for a barre for j« belfrey 

Item for mendinge the locke & key of the church dore & for 4 

longe nayies ••■ ••• ••• «*• ••• ••• ••• 

Item for a paier of JoyntM for a seate ... ••• 

Item for 2 hold fiiatef ... ... ••• ... ... ••• 

Item for paveinge the streat 

Item for a Rope for the great bell 

Item to Russell for whitinge the church 

Item to Peere the Garpinter for mendinge the church 

Item to Kendall for mendinge the leadee 

Item to Corbytt for mendinge y* windowes 

Item to Doctor Gager for fees 

Item for gatheringe the names of the communicantes to John 

Hall & a booke to write them in 

Item for writinge the names of the Christininge* manages 

& biurialles into the Regester 

Item for writinge the presentmente« of all y« Christininge« 

mcoiages & burialle< in parchment & delyueringe them 

uiuO y Oiuce ... ... «.« ... ... ... ••• 

Item for a skynne of parchment to write the names in 
Item for writinge these accompte< into the church booke 

Item to Jeremy Lestridge for mendinge the steeple 

I tem to John Scott for lynok e j to giuo lightof at th e fi e r a t 

Williams ho s houoo — r^^ ttt— 


' ..I 


16. 18. 1 
25. 6. 11 



xiiy" ij* 
V" vj* 

iiij** XV" 




liij« iiij** 


• • •« 

270 b] Item paid to Roberto Nicholson for a newe plate locke 
& key for the church dore next m' Scarlets 

Item paid to hym for iron worcke to amend the hearse •.. 

Item paui to goodman Betson for a plancke & Studdes & work- 
manshippe for m' Pottos seate 

for mendinge the baldricke of y* a bell 

for mendinge the seated at doctor Somes funerall 

lor nayies •.• ••■ ... ••. ••• ... ... •*• 

lor (][uarterB ..• ... ... ... ... ... ••• ••• 

for mendinge the seatee at doctor Plaifers fiinerall 

paid to two men for fetchinge the stones of the leades which 
were blowed downe wtth the great winde 

for mendinge the baldricke of the fore bell 

for mendinge the baldricke of the great bell 


ij' y}^ 


* *M * * * *^ 

vy" uij* 



. . . . . • I 




308 1609 

paid to dowsey and his man for truasinge vp the first & second 

*JGUv9 ••• ,•« ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• 'J * J 

for breadfv nay les & keyes for y* bells xij*^ 

for oyle for y« bells all the yere xij* 

for a par of hinges for a pue dore zij*' 

for mendinge the great key of the church dore zij^ 

for gatheringe the names of the communicante« to John Hall & 

a booke to write them in ij' 

for entringe 4 qiMxrter byllea zvj^ 

to the almose folk^s for helpinge to make cleane the church ... zij^ 
layd out for the visitacton supper by m' Scarlet over & above 

that wAtch was oollectyd z\j* 

Summa totalu of all xiij* xj<i 

this yeres disbursement^f \jf^ TJ * iiij^ ob 

61> 13« 6* 

The some of the whole receit6« for this yere is Iviij" xij" vf* 

and more for M' L^ats & m' Betsons fines for their dismissions 

from the office of churchwarden xx" 

271 a] And so remayneth in clere stocke to the parish this xviij^ 9^ 
yerederdy vij " ix * vij ' * 

7« 18« 9^ 
There is also remayninge this yere in cleare stocke to the poore 

as appereth by the booke wAtch is kept for their vse -x^ xxxiij* 7^ 
which money is delyvered to M' Simons and M*^ Taylor the Church 
wardens for this yere Anno domini 1609 

This accompt was seene and allowed the xi^ of May 1609 by vs 

willm ward Edward Potto 
henry Gibbs w» nioolson 

Luke Curtis 

[Fol. 271 b blank.] 

272 a] 1609 

The election made on Easter Tuisday beinge the xviij^ day of 
Apiyll 1609 accordinge to the auncient custome of great S^ maries 
parish for the chosinge of the Churchwardens for the yere to com 
viz. M' Scarlet hath chosen for his man M' doctor Mowtlowe & M' North 
Harison hath chosen for his man M' Potto and M' doctor Mowtlowe hath 
chosen to hym M' doctor ward M' Scarlet & M' Tompson and M' Potto 
hath chosen to hym M' Nicholson M' Curtjrs & m^ North Harison and 

1609 309 

these eight h&ue chosen for this yere to oom M' John Simons & m' Tobias 
Taylor to be church wardens and these two haue chosen for the sydemen 
Phillip Scarlet & M' Plaine and this is done M' Hunt the minister 
gyveinge his ioynt consent & voyce there unta 

Also M' Legatt, and waiter Betson were chosen Church wardens for this 
yere & haue payd for their dismission for a fine eyther of them x" to thuse 
of the said parish. 

Memorcmdum it was agreed the Sunday before the feaste of S* Michell 
Tharchangell 1G09 by the consent of the greater parte of the parishiners 
of the sayd parish that in consideracum that M' Burwell hath taken 
Henry firancke the sonne of Henry ffirancke deceased to be his apprentice 
and to bringe hym vp in leaminge yerby to make hym fytt for his trade 
that the Churchwardens of the sayd partsh for the time beinge shall 
yerely for & duringe the terme of foure yeres now next foUowenge pay 
vnto M' Burwell ffyfty shillings at the feast of Easter 

272 b] An Inventory of the goodex of the church deliverdd to the Church 

wardens for this yere 1609 
This Cope Inprimis a Cope of cloth of Tissue 
«<>"W for itOTa a pale doth for the herse 
i^ploi^ It«n a table doth of blue vdvy tt 
in somme ^^^^ U Pulpit clothes one white thother redd 
vtensil to Item ij surplisses one new the other old 
yvseof It«m ij Towells 
y Church i^^^ ^j .p^^ji^ clothes where of one new 

Item a Bible & a Paraphrasis with two old Psalters 

Item a communion cupp with a cover 

Item an organ case with some pipes 
1 blue vd- Item ij new service bookex 
vett table It< w> an altw dot h of o l d v e lvytt 
1 Cushinir ^^^^ * communion table & y« poore mans chest 
cass lost ^^^^^ '^^ ^^^ flaggons 

by John Item a booke of parchment in wAtch is incerted all the evidences con- 
Hall by ceminge the parish 

hisowne j pve Scnplise 

confess- * 


273 a] xxij<^ die Octobris Anno domini 1G09 

Memorandum that the day and yere above wrytton bdng Sunday after 
evenynge prayer of the same day within the chansell of the pariah church 
of great S^ Maries in Cambridge the greater parte of the parishiners 
bdnge there presente with one generall consent of the sayd parishiners a 
Lease was by them granted vnto Walter Betson Joyner one of the 
parishiners of the same pansh of all those seaven acres and a halfe 
of land arable lyenge in the West feildes of Cambridge and of those Two 
acres of meadow ground lyenge in the feildet of Chesterton belonginge 

310 1609 

to the sayd pariah To haue and to hold the same land and Meadowe 
ground vnto the sayd waiter Betson to his executors and asaignes from 
the feast of S^ Michell Tharchungell last past for xxj^ jeres then next 
foUowenge yeldinge and payenge yerfore yerely duringe all the sayd terme 
vnto J* Churchwardens of the sayd parish & to their Successors the 
somme of ffourty shillingef at the feastef of Thannunciacton of the BUssed 
viigyn Mary and S^ Michell Tharchungell by evyn & equall porctons with 
clause of reentrie for none payment of the rent by the space of vij dayes 
next after eny of the sayd feastef beinge laufully demaundyd 

273 b] The x^ of Aprill 1610 before y« ellection 

It is agreed by the Consent of the porishe thes theire beinge that here 
after y« new churchwardens beinge hereafter to be chosen for the tyme 
foUowinge shall hereafter paie towards the breake&st hereto fore accustom- 
ably kept^ as that day x* a man & if theire shall be eny more overplus 
to paie that then euery one beinge then & theire present in the said 
company and att the said metinge that hath borne the office of a church- 
warden or elected to the said office x^*^ & eu^ yat hath not yj<^ 

274 a] 1610 

The Election made one Easter Twesdaie the x^ daie of Aprill 1610 
according to the Auncient custome of great S^ maries parish for the 
chosing of the Chmrchwardens for the yeare to come Jo. Simonde< hath 
chosen for his man m' doctor Moutelow ; and Toby Tailer hath chosen for 
his man m' wickested and m' doctor Mouutlow hath chosen to him 
m' Qibbes, M' Thomson and M' John Simondes. And m' wickested 
hath chosen to him m' Potto m' Curtis and m' Tailer. And thes eight 
have chosen for this yeare to come waiter Medcalfe and yvilltam Scarlett 
to be Churchwardmis And thes two haue chosen for their Sidesemen 
James Robeson and Henry Beeston. And all this ys done in the presence 
and with the consent of m' Hunt Minister 

[Fol. 274 b blank.] 

275 a] The Accompt«« of Tobias Taylor and John Simondes Church- 
wardens of the porishe Church of greate S^ maries in Cambridge for suche 
money and other thinges as they haue receiued of the said parishe by 
vertue of theire office which was yelded and giuen vp to the Auditors as 

Inprimis receiued of the old churchwardens at the audite 

last vij" xviij" ix* 

Item receiued of the proctors for the Mojfer of Arte* Comence- 

ment xxvj* vu[j^ 

Item receiued of the Proctors for the Bachilors of Artes 

Comencement iy" iij« viy** 

Item for Burienge doctor ward vj"viij* 



It«m for Burienge Arthur Browninges wiefe 
Ittfin for Burienge Qoodman Cobb 
Itou for burienge m' wicksteadM Child ... 
It^m for burienge henrie Prise Child 
Item Received for the Easter booke 

Som Total zxix" vij» xj** 

275 b] RentM reoeiued this yeare for our poriahe as followethe 

Inprimis reoeiued of m^ L^gat for his Shopp ... 

Item reoeiued of Goodman Ablinson for his Rente 

Item reoeiued of doctor moutlow for his Rent ... 

Item reoeiued of the widdowe Johnson for Rente 

Item reoeiued of the widdowe Tompson for Rente 

Item reoeiued of m' Bosom for Rente 

Item reoeiued more of doctor moutlowe ... 
Item reoeiued of m' Betson for Rente 

Some Ij'x* 

Somma totalis of Receitte« 

VJ« V11J<» 

'm " •J 


• • v^ • • • • a 

• ■ 9^ * * • • ^ 

uj' nij** 
xv" xij» ij** 



xiy« uij'» 


• • • • * 


• .• ... ... ••. JLXZJ XIX IX^ 

276 a] 1609 

The Acoompte< of Tobias Taylor and John Simondet for all suche 
somes of money as they haue laid out in and for the reporacion of the 
Churche & ministers wages & other duties to the same Church belonging 
as foUoweth viz. 
Inprimis paid to m' Hunte otir minister for his whole yeres 

wages xiij" vj* viij*' 

Item for bred and wigne the whole yeare xlv* iiij'^ 

Item to the Scavinger for Carienge the durte from and aboute 

the Church 
Item for a booke of Articles 
Item for Elye fiarthinges 
Item for entringe Churchwardens names into the office 

Item paid to the Treasores of the towne 

Item for the visitation supper 

Summa Totalis xyj" viij * ij^ * ob 

xyj" xij» viij* ob 3^ 2* ob. 









276 b] 1609 

Item for wigne cakes and died bread at the Awditt 
Item laid out at the visitacion at Harston 

Item for a booke of Articles 

Item for a CoUer for the greate Bell 

Item for mendinge the Almoushowsen 

Item for washinge y« veluit cloth in y* Chanoell 
Item 2 stages to the Bell waienge 15 Poimdet ... 

ij» vj«» 

VJ« V11J<» 




teto. fot Braddes ••. 

t^m for 4 poundtff of Iron for the gudgin 

tern paid to Qoodman dowsey 

t«m paid for the greate bell rope 

t6m paid for mendinge 7^ Almehowses 

tern paid the Plomer for mendinge y* leader 

tern for wood & turfes for the fire 

tan paid for whitinge the Almehowses 

tern paid for fetchioge home the ladder ftom the fier at the 

v^asue j!iDCie ••• ••• ••• ••• !•• ••• •«• 

tern ffor mendinge the Baldnick for y* 3 Bell 

ton for trusinge ypp the Belle* 

Xcrui lor najr ics •■• ••• ••• ••• •«• ••• ••« 

tern for mendinge seates in j® Churche after the comense- 

men V vime ••• ••• ••« ••• ••■ ■•• ••• 

vcrui lor nay 168 ••• ••• •<• ••• ••• •■• •«■ 

taoi for mendinge the hearse 

wdU Wt UoUltSa ••• ••• ••• ••« ••• ••• ••« 

tern for mendinge the seates at doctor Warden funerall 

tern for a rope for the Sanoe Bell 

tem for mendinge the greate Key 

tem for hold fastM for the grote Bell 

tern for mendinge the greate bell whele 

Mfiii ror naiies ••• ••• ••■ ««. ... ... ... 

t«m for mendinge y* rope of the gi'ete Bell 

tern for mendinge y* rope of the third Bell 

tern for Burienge mother Sargison 

tem for naiies for mendinge the seates 

tem for mendinge the second Bell rope 

tem for mendinge first bell rope ... 

tem for naiies aboute the Belles ... 

tem for eoyles for the Belles to JoAn Hall 

tem for washinge the linige & for Broomes 

277 a] Item paper and wrightinge the Comunicantet 

tem for bmienge £bther Lancaster 

tem for gatheringe a Regester of all the manages chrisningee 

and Burialles in all Bill 

tem for gathereinge all thes in the parchement booke 

tem for a Skyn of parchment 

tem for plate to John Smith for the grete bell 

tem for two baldribbes to Beve 

tem to Reve for another baldrib 

tem for a lode of Claye 

tem for mendinge the Alme bowses 

• ■ • m M 





xvij" Y}^ 



y yj 

... *M 


'* 'A 


• • • mM 




• * • *JM 



vij" vj*» 


• • > • J 









iiij* vr 

nj» vjd 
ij' vj* 






• • • • - 

11J« lUJ* 


• •» • • • J 




It6m for a baldrib for the third Bell 

It«m for two baldribbe more 

It«in to dowsey for mendinge the Belief 

Item to John Smith for plates and pinnes 

Item to Reve for a baldribb 

Item to dowsey for mendinge the Belles 

Item to Nicholson the Smith 

Item for the visitacwn Supper 

Item for entring these acoomptei into the Church booke 

Item for quarter billef 

Item for painting the kinge« Armes to Russell 

Item for Roger for Browmes 

Som of viy" vij» 

The Somme totalis of all this yeares 
disburstmentes xxiiiji' xix* vi\j^ ob. 

And so Remaineth in Cleare stocke to the Parish this yeare Clearely vij^^ 
The which monie is deliuered into the hands of Walter medcalfe & 
William Scarlet Church wardons for this yeare Anno domtni 1610 

These accounts was seen and alowed the 18*^ daye of may 1610 by vs 

Edward Potto 

w"* nicholson 

peter scarlett 

henry Qibbs 

Luke Curties 

277 b] The Aocomptes of Walter Medcalfe and William Scarlett Church- 
wardens of the parish Church of great S^ Maries in Cambridge for such 
mony and other thinges as they haue Reoeiued of the said parish by 
virtue of their Office which was yeelded and giuen vp to y® Auditors as 
Inprunis Reoeiued of the ould Churchwardens for the parish 

KIMM^IU? •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item Beceived for the buriall of m' doctor Goad 

Item for the bureing of Miifris Smith 

Item for the bureing of M' Curtis 

Item for the bureing of M' Johnson of St Johns 

Item for the careing away of the Corpes of m' Soame from 

m' Sweihestonnes 

Item for the bureing of Anne Glaaoook ... 

Item for the burieng of Arthurs Browninge 

Item Recenmi^ of John waide for setting the Comencement 

timber in the Church ... ... ... ... 

Item of waiter Medcalfe for ould lomber 

Item Beoeived for 26^ and a halfe of ould Iron taken from the 

vUIAAA %M3mL ••• ••• ••• ... ••• ••■ ... 

• •• 

• •• 

• •• 

yf viij* 

V)« VUJ'* 

•• • • 'A 

vf VUJ*> 

*A * * * J 

v)« viy* 

• * • — • • • « J 


•_ • • • J 

yy viij** 


ij' j** ob 

314 1610 

Item Received of M' Beddell of Kinges for the mctsten of Artes 

Commenoemtfnt being 6«* 18 at ij<* a peece xix« viij* 

It«m Rec6u^ of M*^ Addison of Christes for the Bachelors 

Comenoem^nt being 9" and 12 at 4<^ a bachelor iij^ iiij* 

It^m of ra' Kinge for the ould Coape zxx' 

Summa 15" id* b^ ob 

Rentes likewise Reoeiued this jeare for our parishe as followeth 

It^m Reoeiued of the widow Johnson for Rent ziij* iiij<^ 

It^m of ml* doctor Moutlow for Rente vij*vj<^ 

It<m[i of mF Bettson for his yeares Rente for land zl" 

Iton of Goodman Ablinson for his Rente y' 

It^m of the goodwife Thomson for her Rent xij^ 

item of John Hall for Monkesters chamber nihil 

Item of M' Baldewin for his fine x» 

Item Tiecewed of wUliam williams for M' Leggatts Rentes ... v" 

Item Receiued for the Easter booke xvij" xyj* y}'^ 

Summa xzj" 18* iiij* 
SuTnma totaZu 37" 13* ij<> ob 

278 a] The Accomptes of Walter Medcalfe and William Scarlett: for all 

such sommes of mony as they haue laied out in and for the Ministers 
wages and other duties therto belonging and for all other Reperactbns 
belonging to the said Church as followeth viz. 

Inpnmis paied to M' Hvnt ot^r Minister for his whole yeares 

Wft^OS ••• ••• ••• «»• ••• ••• *•• Z^lj ^ J vUJ 

Item paied for Ely ferthinges x^ ob 

Item paied for a booke of Articles x^ 

Item paied for bread and wine on Whitsonday vj* viij<^ 

Item paied vnto ould Symkin the Skavenger for his whole yeare xvj* 

Item paied to the Treasorers for the Almese howsen xij^ 

Summa xiiij" xij* ob 

Inprimis for wyne suger and Cakes at the Avditt t* vij'^ 

Item for a planke and setting vp of M' Pottall his deske in his 

seate and for nayles ij'vj^ 

Item to John Smith for a new Keye for the chancell doore 

With a locke and mendinge of the Saincts bell ij* x^ 

Item to him for playtes and nayles and for mending of three 

BUHW3B ••• ••• ■■* •*• ••. ••• ••• «.• JUL 

Item for mending of mwAris woolfes seate with two other 

wtSlwuQS ••• «.. ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• VJ 

Item for a Rope for the third bell iiij* vj'' 

Item paied to John Smith for Iron boultes made new for the 

third bell waieng 51" xvij* 

1610 315 

It^m pond to firauncis dowaey for hanging and mending the 

third bell with Nayles ij« ij** 

It6m for bromes and a Rope for the santes bell zvj<> 

I twn a p e nt ou e r and abouo ow ohardgei at the breakfast 

on the Elootion dayo .a rr. rr^^ ^n —, ^^ xlHg^ 

278 b] Item for a new bald-ribb for the great bell ij*ij<> 

Item vnto firavncis Harbie for studdes boardes and making the 

frame of the Ten Commaundements and for nailes ... x* 6^ 

Item to m' Cradooke for new Canvia with threed to aewe 

the Cloathes zvj^ 

Item for a bushell of Chark Cooles & Nailes 2l1j<> 

Item paied vnto Russell for painting and writghting the Com- 
maundements ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2LX* 

Item to ffravncis dowsey to buy halfe Inche boardes to mende 

ail uoe Dells ... ..• •*• •■• ... •■« ... x v 

Item for two longe pooles of Ashe iiij<i 

Item for mending all the bells iiij* 

Item for Tallow Oyle and Nayles xx^ 

Item for Ropes bought of Ckttes the Carpenter to mende the 

bell ropes ij* vj** 

Item to Alice Gill for broomes iiij*' 

Item to John Hall for Washing of the linning and broomes 

witn uaudies ... «.. ... ... ... ... ... v 

Item to goodman Punchard for boardes nayles and workeman- 

ship in y« Chaunsell v»vj<* 

Item paied to goodman Nicholsonn for Iron worke aboute the 

bell and a new Key for the Chancell doare jy}^ 

Item for hinges and nayles with mending of m' wickeeted 

uis soawO ... ••• ••• ... ... ... ••. xij 

Item to m' Atkinson for boardes for m' Butlers seate iij* 

Item vnto firavncis dowsie for the setting of yt yp xviij^ 

Item vnto firavncis harbie for boardes and the mending of 

m' Swetestones seate y' vj* 

Item paied to the goodman Lestridge for new stonn and 

mending the window with lead Cooles and brushes ... xxvij* iiij'' 

Item paied vnto william Simpson the Qlacder for his whole 

worke all this yeare as doth appeare by his owne bill ... xlij* 

Item for a Skinn of Parchement to wright all the Christeninges 

manages and buriall within ot^r pcirishe for this whole 

J' tJftlO ... ... ... ••. ••* ••• ••• *•• VJ 

Item for two boxes for to gather for the poore ij* 

for three quarter bills xviy' 

In July Item for our Charges to London about the parish busnes ... xxxj* ij*' 

S16 1611 

279 a] Item paied ynto fifrauncis dowsey for mending all the 

belles and for nayles iij"viij'* 

Item for the repairing of the widowe Johnsons howse iij* iiij'* 

Item for the visitation Supper x" 

Item to John Hall for gathering of the Comvnicants names ... xij^ 
Item for Ingrossing the Christenings manages and burialls in 

parchmtfiit for the Office ' zij*' 

Item for the like into the parchment booke zij<^ 

Item for wine and bread sithenoe whitsondaye xxxv* xj^ 

Item paied to John Smith more on the 25 of March 1611 for 

mending the bells xviij<' 

Item for mending one of the Spouts belonging to the church 

wtth lead and sawder xxj<^ 

Item for Registring this Aoooumpt a nd oaa t iafrinto this booke xviij<^ 

ij* ob 
Summa totalis xxviij^-vi^M^ 

So remayneth in stocke vppon the foote of this account 19^ Aprili< 
1611 ix" xiij* xj^ wAich said somme was presentlie payd beefore the 
Auditors by the owld Church Wardens, and deliuerd into the handef 
of the new viz. to philip Skarlett and James Robson 

This account was taken and allowed the daye and yeare above written 
viz. Id® Apriltf 1611 by vs the Auditors 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward potto 
henry Qibbs 
Anthony Thomson 
Toby Tayler 
Jhon Simon 

279 b] Marche xxvj«^ 1611 

It is agreed by the consent of m' humfrey none minister and the rest 
of the parishioners nowe prraent at the election of phillip Scarlett and 
William Baldwyne Churchewardens for this yere that noe Churchwardens 
hereafter shalbe of the election vntill they haue given vpp their 

280 a] Anno domim 1611. 

The Elleocton made the xxvj^ daye of marche being Easter Twesdaye 
in the parishe of greate S^ maryes for the Choise of the Churchwardens 
for the yeare to come waiter medcalfe hathe chosen for his man m' Potto, 
and William Scarlet hathe Chosen m' doctor mutlowe, m' doctor mught- 
lowe hathe chosen, m' Qibbes, m' Tompson and william Scarlet, to him, 
and m' Potto hathe chosen to him m*" wicksted, m' Jefferye and waiter 



medcalfe, these the aforesyd eight wtth the oonaent of m' Humfrye 
mmister of the said parishe have chosen for the yere to come Phillip 
Scarlett and willuzm Baldwyn, the said willuzm Baldwyn refusinge payd 
his ffyue X*, after the said ellectors dyd chose James Robson, the said 
Phillip Scarlet and James Robson dyd choise for Sydsmen martiUis 
Pepys and^wflly am williom s Thomas Pirkyns 

280 b] Memorandum that vpon this vj^ day of October 1611 the 
parishoners of Qreete S^ maries parishe in Cambridg assembling to- 
geither did with on assent and consent condicend and agree that the bell 
fl&ame should be Repayred and that the fowre beUes then hanging in the 
said ffirame should be cast into fine tunable belles with expedition/ and for 
the fitt and p^eckting heereof the said parishoners did then and theire 
chouse and authorise Henrie kinge John yorke Henrie Cotton and Walter 
Bettson to be assistant to the Church wardens aoording as theire seuerall 
skills in that buisnis requireth and allso then and theire assented that 
theire should be a leauie made vpon the said poirishoners as the vse hath 
bene heeretofore in other buisineses for the said Chiurch for the perfectinge 
of the said woorkes prouid allwaies that this Chargeies Concerning the 
bells -^mSI and the frame shall not be chargable to the parish aboue the 
some of xlv' which some of xlv^ is to be leuied of the parishoners 

Phillippe Scarlettel /^ , _, 
• ^\, , Y Churchwardens 

James Robson J 

Henrie Mowtlowe 

Beniamin Hinton 

mychaell woolfe 

Nathanaell Cradocke 

Edward Dodsonn 

281 a] The Accomptos of James Robson and Phillip Scarlet Churchwardenes of 
Qreet S^ maries for all Sutch mony as they haue Reoeiued and Layd forth 

A Rate for the seuerall parishoners of greet Saynt maryes in Cambridg for the 
defraying of the Chargeies aboute the belles Ceased by thoose whoose names are 
vnder wrighten apoynted for that purpose 

Reoeuid of M' King 


Receuid of Gooc^man watkinee 


; Beoeiwd of M' Woolfe and his 

Receuid of Gooc^mon Simonds 


, Sonne Phillip 


Received of Philipp Scarlett 

Vijt vjd 

1 Receii^ of M' L^gg 

vijt vjd 

Reoenwl of Goodman Preest 


Beceived of Materius Peapes 

vijt vjd 

Received of Goodman Scott 

BeoMved of M' North Harrison 


Received of M' Gibbes 


Bj&ceived of Goodman Langstafe 


Reoeiiwd of Willtam Scarlet 


Received of Qoodman Lestrige 

vijt vj<i 

Reoenwd of Gabriell Harisonn 


Rec(»i^ofM'WiUiam Harrison 

vijt vjd 

Received of Gooc^man Ingree 

• • • a^ 


Received of Goodife tiffine 


Received of Gootiman Robinson iiij' 

' Received of Goodman Dodd 

ij* vj* 

Received of M' Durdine 




Beceived of Qoodman Warrine 
B/eceived of Qoodman Battle 
B/eceiped of Qoodman Harte 
R&oeived of Qoodman Shilburne 
Beceti^ of Qoodman Laine 
Beoeiutfd of Qoodman Qillam 
R&ceived of Qoodman Turner 
Bcceived of Qoodman Home 
Baceived of M' Scarlet and 

Bj&ceived of Miitria Ball 
Reoeitwd of M' Backester 
Received of Qoodman Hudson 
Receit;«d of Qoodman Moody 
Received of Qoodman Corbitt 
Received of Qoodman Colbie 
Received of M' Wicksted and 

M*^ Downes 
Received of Qoodman Wray 
Received of Qoodman Kent 
Received of M' Pryor 
Received of Qoodman Qlascoke 
Received of Gooe&nafiWilliames 
Received of M'' fiiyeth 
Received of M' Tayler 
Received of M' Butler 
Received of Qoodman Qreene 
Received of Qoodman Heame 
Received of M' doctor Moutlow 
Received of M' Thomson 
Received of Qeorge hinde 
Received of Qoodman Blyth 
Received of M' Bettson 
Received of M' Playne 
Received of MuAris Mathew 

16 16 



of Mis^ris Curtis 
of M' Cotton 
of M' Smith 
of M' Swetson 
of John Toimly 
of M' Baldwine 
of Mr Windelle 

••••— 'A 



• ••■ 



••••« 'A 

lUJ" VJ* 



ij» vj* 


••••■ 'A 

• •■ 








• • • 

ix» vjd 

• ■ • a^ 




xiij* vj«* 

•••• 'A 


••*« 'A 

xuj« vy 

Received of M' Yorke 
Received of M' Qeffery 
Received of y« widdow Browning 
Received of Qoodman Campine 
Received of Qoodman Rodgers 
Received of Qoodiman Aokton 
Received of Qoodman Haruie 
Received of John Flasket 
Received of Gooc£man Hodaon 
Received of (Goodman fihwcett 
Received of M' Sparrow 
Received of y* widdotv Boonis 
Received of Qooc^man Benni- 

Received of Qoodman Nether- 

Received of Qoodman Byam 
Received of M' dodson 
Received of M' Hansom 
Received of Qoodman Perkines 
Received of Qoodman Jury 
Received of Goocfman Punsher 
Received of M' Hattly 
Received of Qoodman Holibrand 
Received of Qoodman Reeue 
Received of Qoodman Tillit 
Received of John Peapes 
Received of James Preest 
Received of Qoodman Collin 
Received of Qoodman Beeston 
Received of Qoodwife Cobb 
Received of M^* Craddoke 
Received of M' Pottoll 
Received of M' Metcalfe 
Received of James Robson 
Received of Abell Hawkines 

16 3 8 

Received of Mistna Bradshaw 
Received of Qoodman Casboll 
Received of Qoodman Edwards 
Received of Qoodman Ingersoll 
Received of Qoodman Clarke 
Received of Qocc^man Ablinson 
Received of Jonas Wilkes 

ij" vj* 

V1J« lUJ* 




•• *A 


• •• • 



• • • • -, 


vij" vj** 


• •• •• • m 

UJ» VUJ«» 



• •• • 


vij» vj* 

• • • • 

vij" vj* 




Vyi vj* 


'*'m 'A 

UJ« V]* 


uy« VJ* 

••••• 'A 

U1J« VJ* 





Receiudd of Henrie Nickolaon 
ReoGiufld of M' Croply 
Receiued of Uistria Hidde 
Receiutfd of Qoodman Hftrdin 
R&oeived of nickolas woUann 
Received of M' doctor newton 



• • • • mm 


Reoetued of Qoodman Pittman 
Reoetudd of Qodman Russill 
Recetu^ of Qoodwife thomson 

8 10 4 






The Whole Some Receuid of this Rate aboue said is xlj^ x* vj^ 
Layde out ffor and about the belles as ffolloweth 

iDprtmu paid to the workmen for leting downe of the belles ... xxj* viij<^ 
Item paid for bred and beere at the leting of them downe ... v* v<i 

Item for great nayles ij"* 

Item paid for lines and traces at the waijng of the belles in the 

Church ... 
Item paid for a linke and candle*... 

Item Spent in Riding to bye mettell vij" iiij^ 

Item to S^ Michell parrish for a bell waijnge 4 C 1 quarter and xiuj' xix* x^ 

lO'' which we borrowd of then at 7** lb paid in oamo s t 

wUcii lor* t«a •*• •.• •.• ••• •*• •*. ••. ▼ 

Item paid for takeing downe and bring of the bell to the 

V/OUTCU ••• ... ... ... «•• ... ••« ... 

Item paid for making of the wrightings betweene us and S^ 
Mitchell parrish ... ... ... ... ... 

Item paid for y linkes at the waing of the belles in the bell 
founders yard ... ,.. •.. ... ... ••• ... 

Item paid for Carring and Recaring the belles 

• • • • • 'jt 
Mj* vnj* 


282 a] Item paid for the wrightings Betwene the bell founder 
and the parrish ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Item paid to the porters for helping to loade and vnloade 
vQe oexies ••• •*• ••• ... *•. *■• *■• 

Item paid for fetching and Caning of waights to waie the 
oeueB ••• ... ■•« .•■ ... ••• •.. ••• 

Item paid for nayles aboute the finime and belles 

Item to the Carpindoores for 3 nue yookes and timber for the 
frame and for their workmanship theirin and for hanging 
of the belles and for making of 3 nue wheeles and for 
mending of the other towe 

Item paid for breed and beere for the Carpindore« whilst they 
wrought in the Church 

Item paid to Qoodman Rulle the smith for his worke about the 
frame and belles and Clapers as apeereth by his bill 

Item paid to the bell foimder for Casting of our fine belles ... 

Item paid for tow nue brases 

ij» vjd 



vy** viij" 

vj" iy* 




li ■ d Item paid for makiDg of on nue baJdrik 

60 13 7 Item paid to Qoodman Pinder the Carpindoore for timber and 
03 00 Remooueing of the lofte from the vestrie into the belfrie 

• •• •" ••! 
1J» llj* 


53 13 7 

282 b] Memorandum that vpon the v^ day of aprill 1612 by Generall 
Consent it was agreed that theis eyght follouing with the Churchwardens 
viz. M' King, M*" Qibes, M' Thomson, M' Sparrow, M' Bettson, M' Windell, 
M' North harrison, M' Dodson, Phillip Scarlet, James Robson, shall haue 
Authoritie to Ouersee the Easter booke and to mend it and the Rates 
theirine as they shall se fite, and further that M' Docktor moutlaw 
and M' Potto shall Cease theis ten Ceasers. 

The Ratte of the seuerall parrishoners made and agreed vpon by those 
aboue wrighten apoynted for that perpoose James Robson and Phillip 
Scarlet Church wardens for the same yoere and accomptable ffor the 

Reoeiued of m' King 

••• ••• 



Reoeiued of m' Wollfe and his Sonne 

» • • 

XJ« UlJ* 

Receiued of m' matterius Pepis 

• • • *•• 1 

• • 

ij" vj* 

Reoeiued of m' Lefifg 

• •• • •• 1 

»• • 

Receiued of m' north Harrison 

• • • • ■ • 

1 • • 


Receiued of Qoodman Longstafe 

• • • • • • 

k • • 


Reoeiued of Qoodman Lestrige 

••• #•• 

» • • 

Reoeiued of m' William Harrison 

• ■ • • • • 

■ • • 


Reoeiued of Qoodman Russill 

• • • • • ft 

■ • ■ 


Receiued of Qoodman Pittman 

• • • • • • 

• • • 


Receiued of Jonas wilkes ... 

• •• ••• 

1 •• 


Reoeiued of Qoodman Walldin 

• • • ••• 

■ • • 


Receiued of Qoodman Ablinson 

• • • ■ • • 

» ■ ■ 


Receiued of Elizabeth Seamer 

■ • • • ■ • 

> • • 


Receiued of Qoodman Dugglis 

• • • • • • • 

• • 

Reoeiued of Goodwife Tyffine 

• ■ • • • • 1 

• • 


Receiued of Qoodman warrin 

• « • • • • 

» • • 


Receiued of Qoodman Dodd 

• • ■ ■ • • 

» « • 


Receiued of Qoodman Battie 

• • • • •• 

R • • 


Receiued of Qoodman Hammond 

« « • • • • 



Receiued of Qoodman Harte 

• • « * • * 

1 • • 


Reoeiued of Qooc^man Williamson 

• •• • • • 

• B • 


Receiued of Qoodman Gillam 

• • • • • • 

t • • 

• •- 

51* 3^. Receiued of Qoodman Turner 

• • • • •• 



283 a] Receiued of m' Scarlet and m' Cranne 

• • • 


Receiued of mtstria Ball 

• « • • •• 

»• • 


Receiued of Gooc^man Hudson 

••* ••• 1 



Receiued of m' Backester ... 

• •• • • • 

k • • 


Receiued of Qoodman moodye 

• • • • • • 

• • • 

ij* vj^* 



Beodued of Qoodman Corbit ••• 
Reoeiued of Qoodman Colbie 
Reoeiued of Rapth warrine 
Reoeiued of Abraham Boulton 
Reoeiued of Goodman Laine 

Reoeiued of Shilbume 

Reoeiued of m' Wicksted 

Reoeiued of m' Downes 

Reoeiued of Qoodman Wraie 
Reoeiued of Qoodman Kente 

Reoeiued of m' Pryor 

Reoeiued of m' Glasooke 

Reoeiued of William Williames ... 
Reoeiued of Qoodman Qreene 

Reoeiued of m' Tayler 

Reoeiued of m' ffiyeth 

Reoeiued of m' Butler 

Reoeiued of Qoodman Joanes 
Reoeiued of Goodman Heame 
Reoeiued of doctor moutlaw 

Reoeiued of M' Thomson 

Reoeiued of George hinde 

Reoeiued of Gooci^»ian Blijth 

Reoeiued of m' Bettaonn 

Reoeiued of m' Playne 

Reoeiued of mufris mathew 

Reoeiued of Thomas Watkines 

Reoeiued of John Huskine and John newton 

Reoeiued of Goodman Simonds ... 

Reoeiued of Phillip Soarlet 

Reoiued of Goodman Freest 

Redued of Qoodman Soott 

6M W 9« Reoiued of m' Gibbes 

883 b] Reoeiud of Qoodman Harrison 
Reoeiued of Qoodman Ingree 
Reoeiued of Qoodman Robinsonn ... 

Reoeiued of m' Durdine 

Reoeiued of m' yoorke 

Reoeiued of Goodman Hwson 

Reoeiued of m' Gefierie 

Reoeiued of Qoodman netherwod ... 
Reoeiued of Goodwife Browning ... 
Reoeiued of Goocfman Campin 
Reoeiued of Goociman Rodgers 

C. A. 8. Octavo 8erie$. No. XXXV, 





•• •_ 

• • • •_ 



• ■ • a^ 


• • • •_ 





.. ._ 

• • •• 

• • •■ 




< • * *• 'A 

iiy* vj* 







Reoeiued of Goodman Ackton 
Reoeiued of Qoodman Hodahin 
Receiued of Qoodman Plaskot 
Reoeiued of Goodman Haruie 
Reoeiued of Qoodman ffawcitt 
Receiued of Qoodman Warrin 
Received of Goodman Hurst 
Receiued of Janne Care 
Receiued of Joane Care 
Receiued of Qood¥dfe Sadler 
Receiued of Goodman warde 
Reoeiued of m' Sparrow 
Receiued of Qoodwife Boonis 
Receiued of Goodman Bennisonn 
Received of m' Dodson 
Reoeiued of m' Hanaom 
Receiued of m' Nickolson ... 
Receiued of Qoocfman Perkines 
Receiued of Gooc^man Jurie 
Receiued of Qooc^man Punsher 
Receiued of Goodman Holibrand 
Reoeiued of m' Hatlie 
Receiued of Qoodwife warre 
Reoeuid of Goodman Webster 
Receued of Goodman Reeue 
Receued of Goodman Tillit 
Reoeued of John Peapes . . . 
Reoeued of Qoo^^man Collin 
Reoeued of James Preest . . . 
3. 18. 7 Receued of Gooc^man Beeston 







■ * 'A 


• ■ ■ 9 









■ •■_ m m 9 • M 









284 a] Receiued of Qoodwife Cobb 
Receiued of m' Craduke 
Receiued of m' PottoU 
Receiued of m' metcalfe 
Reoeiued of James Robsonn 
Receiued of Abell Hawkines 
Receiued of mutria Curtise 
Reoeiued of m' Cotton 
Receiued of m' Smith 
Reoeiued of m' Swettson . . . 
Receiued of John Townlie ... 
Reoeiued of Gkxxiwife Riding 
Reoeiued of m' Baldwine ... 
Receiued of M' WindeU ... 








• • • _ ■ • • • J 

iy» uy* 
uij" vj* 


" "m 'A 

uy» vj* 



Reoeiued of Henrie nickobion 

Reoeiued of m' Croplie 

Reoeiued of Mtslris Hidde ... 

Reoeiued of Thomas Bradshaw 

Reoeiued of Qoodman Harding . 

Reoeiued of Qoodman Clarke 

Reoeiued of Goodman Ingersole 

Reoeiued of Qoodman Edwards 

Reoeiued of Nickolas WoUan 

Reoeiued of mw/ris Bradshaw 

Reoeiued of Qoodman Casboole . 

Reoeud of Qoodwife Thomson 

Receud of Goodwife Gollin ... 

Receuid of Gkxxlwife Johnson 

Reoeuid of mistriB Neanton 

Reoeuid of seruantei Comunicants theire offringe* 

• • •_ • • % 

Munkester and his wife 



Goodwife ElUs 

mother Sharpe 
Annis Pedford 



C^podwife Fox 
Goodwife Cutbiurd 



Goodwife Clarke 

Rodger Wright ... 
6U Robert Burwell ... 


Of tow streingers 

iy* iiy* 



y' vj* 




• * mm 




* *■ 








xxj« iij* 

• • • J 


• • 'A 


284 b] The Acoomptes of James Robsonn and Phillip Scarlett Church- 
wardens of the parrish of Greete S^ maries in Cambridg for sutch mony 
and other thinges as they haue Reoeiued of the sayd parrish by virtue of 
theire office was yeelded and giuen to the auditores as ffolloweth Anno 
domtnt 1611 

In prtmis Reoeiued of the ould Church wardenes for the 

pOr'i'iBn BvOCKe ••• ... ... ... ... ••• *.. 

Item Reoeiued for the buriall of Elizabeth ffi>xton 

Item ILeceived for the buriall of M' Thomas WoolfSa 

Item Received for the buriall of on M' Willan 

Item Baoeived for the buriall of Simond yorke 

Item Beceived for the buriall of on WiUiatn Burman 

Item Recett^ for the buriall of miiinB nickolson 

Item Rec^tVtfd for the buriall of Jane Pryor 

Item deceived for the buriall of doctor wrights Sonne 

Item Beceived for the buriall of on mictris Sauell 

Item Rec0fO0o{ for the buriall of on m' Hammond 

Item Receti^ for the buriall of Edward Scarlet sonne of 

Phillip Scarlet ... 
Item B/oceived of m' nickolson for a ston to laye ouer his wifes 


ix" xiij* 

VJ" viy* 

•_ • • • J 

V|» VUJ* 

VJ" viy* 

• • •— • • • • M 

uf iiy* 

•_ '"A 

yf viy* 

nj» uy* 



• • •_ • • • • J 

uj» iiy* 




to the 
yppon the 
fifoote of 
their Ac- 
compte as 
not re- 
5». 3». 6* 

Item Reoeid of the Prockters for the master of Artes Comenc- 

ment 2<^ eyther of them ... zzTij'iiij^ 

181^ 7' Item Recetwc? of the Prockter for the Batchelers wAtch Co- 

mensed this yeere being in number iz" and ziij at iiij^ 

eyther of them 
Rentes likewise Reoeuid this yeere for Owre parrish as 


Item Receiud of Qoodwife Johnson for Rent 

Item Reoeud of m' doctor moutlow for Rent 

Item Receud of m' Bettson for Rent for land 

Item Receud of Goodman Ablinson for his Rent 

Item Receud of Qoodwife Thomson for hir Rent 

Item Receud of Goodman Hall for part of the Chamber ouer 

the allmis house ... 

Item Receud of william william for the Rent of the shopes ... 
I t e m R e ceid of mf Sparrow for his fine 


■ • v^ * * * * Ji 

xiij* mj* 

vij* vj* 




• • a^ ■ • • • J 

XUJ* Ulj* 

• • B^ * • ■ • J 




xviij"* vj» vij* 

Receyved of the Easter booke 

SumTna Totalis of the Recipt xlj" vij* j* 

285 a] 1612 

THE Accompts of James Robson and Phillip Scarlett Churchwardenes 
of the Parrish of Great S^ Maries for all sutch sommes of mony as they 
haue layde oute in and for the ministers wageies and for all other duties 
and Reprations belonging to the sayde Church as followeth viz. 
Impn'mu paid vnto m' Hinton our minister for his whoUe 

yeereswagies xiy** vj» viij<* 

Item paid for Eellye farthings 

Item paid for a booke of artickelle« 

Item paid for bred and wine for the whole yeere 

Item paid to the skauinger for Carring awaie the mijre from 

aboute the Church wall 

Item paid to Rodger for gathering and sweeping of it togeither 
Item paid to the Tresorers of the towne for Rent of the allmose 

uv WfStXS ... ... ... ... ««• ... ... ... 

19^ 6* 10^ ob Item paid for a nue Byble for the Chiuxjh of the largest voUam 
Inpn'mM paid for mending of the Church walles and for other 

worke at the west end of the Church 

Item paid to dowsie for hanging of the Second bell 

Item paid for nayles a Iron woorke at the same time for that 


*^v*A ... ... ..• ... ... ... ... 1 

Item paid for wine suger and Cakes at the awditt 

Item paid to the mason for stoping of hooles and layeing of 

istones a the West end of the church 

Item paid to the painter for whitting of a place theire 
11 7' 2^ Item paid for nayles and mending of the seates 



xl^' ij* 


• • ■_ • ■ • • J 

11J» lUJ* 

yj» vuj* 


* ■ • UM 


1612 325 

285 b] Item paid for Carriing of Earth awaie oute of the 

Church by at the west end theirof zij*' 

Item paid for broomee iiij^ 

Item paid for a Carter to CSarrie the Earth awaie yj^ 

Item paid to dowsie for mending of the fowre bell wheeles iij' 

Item for nayles and Iron worke at the same time xvj*^ 

Item paid for mending of the hearoe vj<^ 

Item paid for nayles to the Clarke ij' 

Item paid to simson the Qlasier for leading of 29 foote of glace 

at 9<^ ob the foote is j* vj" x^ 

Item paid to him soldering and banding of 130 foote of glace 

at j^ ob the foote is xvj" iy* 

Item paid to him for 16 foote of nue glase at 6^ the foote is ... viij" 
Item paid to him for stoping of 200 holes in the windowes at 

j^ eyther hoole is xvij* viij* 

Item paid for a Roope for the Sanoe bell x^ 

Item paid to the Clarke for washing of the Church lining ... v* 

Item paid for double x** about the belles ij^ 

Item paid for iy bellropes waing 31 1. at 4^^ the L x" viij*' 

Item paid for taking downe of the stones from the tope of the 

BwCK/lO •*• ..a ... ... ••• ... ••. ••* A V 

Item paid for making of tow nue balldrikes and for mending 

theothetowe vj" vj* 

Item paid to Pindor the CaFpindo r o for timber and Bomouing 

of the lofto from the vc o trio in t o t he bollfre rr. rr, ^ 

Item paid for oyle and sope for the belles viij^ 

Item paid vnto m' freckey for crosing of the booke twice once 

for the windowes and agane for y* frame ^j^-x^ xv^^ 

Item paid to Kendall the plumer for Clensing of tow spoutes 

on the north side of the Church ij'ij^ 

Item paid to narthaniell for trusing yp of the belles and for 

keyes and nayles iij'v^^ 

Item paid to him for mending of the seats and nayles ... xvj[^ 

Item paid for ij loodes of pausing sand xvj^ 

Item paid stones and pauein the Church wall iij' iiij^ 

Item paid to narthaniell for mending the fore bell yooke ... xvi^*' 

Item paid for making of goodman numans graue viij^ 

Item paid for Casting of tow brases V 

6» 16* 1^ Item paid for a booke of Cannanes xyj^ 

286 a] Item paid for wrighting of the marige^ Crisning and 

buriall into the office xij^ 

Item paid for wrighting of them into the booke of partchment 

apoynted for the same purpose xij<^ 

Item paid for taking of the Comunicant^a names xij^ 


• •• 

326 1612 

Item paid for the vintation Super z' 

Item paid for the smithdf worke for and aboute the Cloke 

being hindred by taking downe of the belles z* 

Item paid for mending of the hearoe 

Item paid for caringe the earth oute of the steepell 
Item paid to hall for oyle and tallow for the belles 
lU 71 iQd Item for wrighting of the aocompte< into the booke 

Sumi^ia Totalis Reoeptorum' zlj^ zvy' j^ 

Summa totalis expensorum zxyiij^ zvij" zj^ ob 

So Remayneth in the said Churchwardens handev vppon the 

ffoote of this Aooompte xyMxii«jdob 

wherof wantinge for the Rente of John halls Tenement vn- 

payd for this yeare and still owinge by him ziij" iiij^ 

So remayneth xj" xv* iz* ob 

11" 16« d* ob 
Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Potto 
mychaell woolffe 

[Fol. 286 b blank.] 

287 a] 1612 

The election made on Easter Tuisday the ziiij^ day of Aprill 1612 
aocordinge to the auncient order & custome of great S^ Maries parish in 
CAmhridge for the chosinge of the church wardens for the yere to com 
Phillipp Scarlet hath chosen for his man M' Peter Scarlet & James 
Robson hath chosen for his man M' North Harrison & M' Scarlet hath 
chosen to hym M' doctor Mowtlow M' Michaell wulfie & m^ Henry King o 
abraham durden and M' Harison hath chosen vnto hym M' Potto m' 
Wicksted & M' Kinge & these eight haue chosen for this yere to com 
m' William Harison & M' John Swetson to be churchwardens for this 
Yopo to com M' Lynton the minister gyveing his assent vnto them both 
and these two haue chosen for sidemen Henry Nicholson Robo r ^ Rogois 
William windlo & Phillip wulffe 

The Accomptes of william Harryson and John Swetson Church- 
wardens of the parrishe of Create S^ Maries in Cambridge for such 
money and other thinges as they haue received of the said porishe by 
vertue of theire office wAich yealded & guiven vp to y* auditors as 
followeth Anno Domini 1612 
Inprimis received of the other Churchwardens for the Parrishe 

O uOCKe ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• •■■ •«• ZJ ZV" IZ^ OD 

Item received of m' Procter for the master of Artes Comence- 

XU wU IA7 ••• ••« •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• A jfc VI A 

Item received of m' Procter for y* Bachelers Comenoemente ... iij^ z' viij^ 
Item received for the buriall of Mathewe Cradocke vj' viij^ 








,• vj- 



xviijw 1 

:• iij* 

1612 327 

Item received for the buriall of Marie Legg iij* iiij<^ 

Item received for the buriall of Jane Preist 

Item received for the buriall of Edward Mallam 

Item received for the buriall of Edward Legg 

Item received for the buriall of Luce Wrighte 

Item received for the buriall of m' Playne 

Item received for the buriall of m' Scarlett 

Item received for the buriall of mutris Smyth 

Item received for the Easter booke 

Sum97ia Recepton^m Thirty 
seaven pounde« iij* vj^ ob 

287 b] Rentes likewise received this yeare for the said Parrishe as 

Item received of M' doctor Mowtlowe vij" vj* 

Item received of M' Betson zl* 

Item received of widdowe Johnson xiij* iiij* 

Item received of John Hall xiij" iiij* 

Item received of Roberte Ablinson v* 

Item received of Goodwife Tompson xij* 

Item received of Leonard Qreene and william williams ... xiij" iiij<^ 

SumtTia Receptorum iiij" xiij" iiij* 
Summa totalis Receptorum zlij" ij" ob 

The accomptes of william Harrison gent and John Swetson church- 
wardens for all such money as they haue laid out in and for the 
reparactons belonginge to the Church and ministers wages and other 
duties to the Church belonginge 

nprimis to our Minister for his whole yeares wages ... xiij'* vj* viij*' 

tem paid for Elye 0arthinges ... • x<^ ob 

tem paid for a booke of articles z* 

tem paid for bread and wine for the whole yeare Iv* vj* 

tem paid to the Skavinger for carringe awaie the Mire from 

aboute the Church Wales and Some extraordinarie Carriages xviij* 

tem paid for Gravell x* 

tem paid to Roger for gatheringe and sweepinge of it together xx* 
tem paid to the tresorers of the towne for the Rentes of the 

almose bowses xij* 

tem paid for wine suger and Cakes at the audit v* iiij* 

tem paid to Sympson the glasier at two seu^rall tymes for 

glasinge in the Church iiju xij" iiij* 

tem paid for six bell Roopes x* x* 

tem paid to the Clarke for washinge the Church lininge and 

Droouies ... ••« ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• ■ j 

Item paid for oyle and sope for y* belle* ij* 

328 1613 

Item paid to Kendall the Plouiner for mendinge a spoute & 
oiber partes of the Church and zztie pooundes of soder 
and Three dales worke zz* 

288 a] Item paid for wrightinge of the Christiningee marriages 

and bmialles in Parchmente into the office xij*' 

Item for Parchmente therevnto xij^ 

Item paid for wrightinge them into the booke of Parchemente 

appointed for that purpose xij<^ 

Item paid for takinge the Communicates names xij<^ 

Item paid for the visitacion Supper z' 

Item paid for mendinge the hearse z^ 

Item paid for wrightinge the acoomptes in j« booke iij* ii^^ 

It e m p a id for th e broakofa s to moro th e n th e Church w a rd e ns 

iz' came toe — r«« rr« «*« »*, rn r« .,, zz vi i j' vj<^ 

Item paid for mendinge the third bell and Sanoe bell twise ... iig' TJ^ 
Item paid to the Smyth for iij lockes and three kyes for the 

poore mans Boz and other kyes mendinge ziij*iz<^ 

Item paid for Tymber for the boz & to the Carpenter iiij* yj^ 

Item paid for puttingo forth a child of wiloons ... —, m iij** 

Item a Shovell .•• ... ••. ... ••• ... ... zij^ 

Item giuen to one Tompson by m' Maiors appointmente ... z* 

Item paid for repairinge Moncasters howse ij* viij^ 

Item paid to the ringers the ffift of November ij* yj* 

Item for mendinge Seates and makings a porticton zvj* viij^ 

Item paid for makinge a dore in the bellfrye viij* 

Item paid for Tymber wages nayles turfes Rushes a fi&ame and 

ringinge for the Prince zviij* 

Item paid for mendinge the allies in the church iiij' 

Item Shotinge of bell ropes y* 

Item paid for carringes stones of the steple and spredinge sand zvj<^ 
Item paid for makinge cleane the Church and for ringers when 

Prince Charles was here ij" vj* 

Item paid for Scouringe the ffiaggons viij<* 

Item a newe Croch Cotterille^ and for trussinge the fiellM iij' 

Summa totalis Beoeptorttm zlj U zvij* ob zlij" y* ob 

Smnma totalis of all this 

yeares disbursementes zzz^ ij' v^^ ob. 

288 b] And soe Remayneth in Clere stocks to the parish this yeare 
Clerely zj" vj'j* 

The wAich money is deliuered into the handes of Samuell Smyth 
& leonard Grene Church wardens for this yeare Anno domini 1613. 

1613 329 

These acoomptes were sene and allowed the last daye of Aprill 1613 by vs 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edwatd potto 
mychaell woolffe 
North harison 
Abraham DuerdeD 

Ther is arrerages of ziij* ii^^ due to the parishe for the Tenement 
which John Hawle holdeth of the parishe, and the newe Churchwardens 
are to receyve to the vse of the panshe. 

289 a] 1613. 

The election made on Easter Tuesdaye the Sixt daye of Aprill 1613 
acoordinge to the anciente order and custome of Greate S^ Maries parrish 
in Cambridge for the chousinge of the Churchwardens for y* yeare 
to come m' william Harrison hath chosen for his man m' North Haryson 
and m' John Swetson hath chosen for his man m' John yorke and 
M' North Haryson hath chosen m' Hatley m' Metcalfe and m' Betson and 
m' yorke hath chosen m' Thompson m' wyndle and m' legg and these 
eight haue chosen for this yeare to come m' Samuell Smyth and m' John 
Crayne the said John Crayne refusinge paid his ffyne x« whervppon 
the said Electors did Chouse leonard Qrene m' Hynton the Minister 
giuinge his assente the said Samuell Smyth and leonaid Qrene did chouse 
for Sidemen John yorke & Abell Hawkins 

The accountei of Samuell Smythe And Lenord Qreen Churchwardens 
of the parishe of Great S* maryes in Cambridge for such money and 
other thingM as they have receved by vertue of their office wAtch was 
yelded & gyven vp to y* Auditors of y* same parishe in manner as 
followeth this of Anno domini 1614. 
Inprimu "Received of y* praoedent churchwardens as apeares by 

the ffoote of there account xj"TJ«j* 

Received of m' Byrd senior proctor for the masters of ArtM 

Comwiensment xxvj-j* 

Received of m' Angwish Junior proctor for the bachelers com- 

mensment ... ... ... ... ... ... ... lix* 

Raoniwcf for y* biuryall of Alice wolf .., vj'viij* 

Received for y« burying of mother Tompson vj« viy* 

Received for y* burying of m' harrysons Chyld iy* iiy* 

Received for y* burying of m' nichollson vj* viij^ 

IU00tvMf for y* bunying of m' Tayler vj'viy* 

Received for y* hurrying of goodnuui Turver vj" viy^ 

Received for y* hurrying of Susan Swetson vj* viij^ 

Received of y* porisheners for the Easter booke xix^ xiy* j<^ 

Received of m' pawle Tompson for the Oargan case xx* 

Received of phy Uip Scarlet for stones owt of y* Churche ... v* 

Stimma Reoeptorwm xxxyiij^ xij* vij<^ 



289 b] Bentei likewise Reoeved this yeare as ffolloweth 
Inprimu of m' BatBon for Land and loaft he hath by leasee ... 
ofd'mowtlow ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

of widdow Johnson 

of John Hall 

of Robert Ablinson ... ... ... ... ... 

of Lenard Qreen for his shop at the south side of y* steple ... 
of William williams for his shopp at the north side of y* steple 
of Goodman Chapman for a Rent lately payd by mother 

X UU1U(K/U ... ... ... ... ••• ... ••■ 

Sum Receptorufn iy"* vj» x* 

Bumma totaU Receptorum is x\ju ziz* v^ 

The disbursmente* by them layd forth whereof they crave allowance 


vij« vjd 



vj» vuj* 


In primis y* minister for his whoU yeres wages ... 

Ely farthingM to M' Tabor 

a service booke for y« minister 

a Regyster for y« booke 

wyne & Cakes at y* Audyt 

mending the great bell clapper 

mending seates ... ... ••• 

mending the vpper loaft in y* steple 

a Dcu xMXjpe ... ••• ... ... ••• •■• 

for sweping the church wall all the yeare 

the Carrying a waye the dyrte all the yeare 

for mending the Bells 

to the plummer for 50^^ and a half of sodder at d^ & his worke 

lyering and helpers 

for glasing to Corbyt 

for mending the seates on the north side of y* churche 

bread & wyne all the yeare ... 

mending a spout y* ffell downe 

Rent for y« Almes bowse 

iij bells Roopes 

shoting of other Roopes 

oyle for }'« bells 

baldricke« & stayes for y* bells 

makyng cleane the leader after the plummer 

fyering at the mending of the spout 

290 a] mending ladder y^ standee on the leadM 
washing the Churche lyninge all the yeare 

skewering the flagons 

for gathering the names of y« Communicants ... 

writing the names of Christininge« marryages & buryalls in 

parchment and putting into the office 

• ••It 'm ?•••! 

xnj" vj* viij* 

X* ob 


X" vj** 
V* vj* 

ij* vj* 

•• •- 


Tvuy viij* 





viij" ij» xj* 

lix- V* 

xj« vij* 

ix" vj* 


X" viij* 




1614 331 

writing the same into the parish booke xij^ 

to y« Ringers y« v*** of november ij'yj* 

to y* Ringers yppon the newes of the pawlsgraves chyld . . . iiij' 

to y* Ringers on the Coronactbn daye ij* 

given to m' Cutberd« daughter sometyme of the parish being 
in great want by y* apoyntment of m' Pottall deputy 

• *^ • • •^ 

LUAlOr ••• ••• ■■• •«• ••• «•• ••• ••* vj ▼ i^J 

a wheele barrow wA^h is for y* vse of the churche viij' yj^ 

a shovell to Roger xij^ 

K^poomeB ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••« ••• •■• ••• * J 

puttii^ into the office a prasentment byll iiij^ 

exspended at the visitation supper • z* 

wryting these acoountM and for pap«r ezspended this yeare iij" vj^ 

ezspended of y* workemen when they mended the seates ... iiij" 

payd to m' hatley by consent of y* parishe for a dett dew to 

him from y^ parishe viij'yj** 

Sum totall of this yeares disbursement is xxzyj^ iiij" ob 

And so Remaneth in stock Cleerly v" xv" iiij** ob 

The which is delivered over to y* new Churchwardens this 18^ of maye 

This account was taken the day and yeare above by us 

Anthony Thomson 
willm windle 
waiter Betson 
waiter metcalfe 
Christopher Hatley 

290 b] The elecctbn made on East^ Twesdaie the zzvj^ daie of Aprill 
1614 accordinge to the Ancient order and custome of greate S^ Maries 
parrish in Cambridg for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens for the yeare 
to come M' Samuell Smyth hath chosen for his man m' wickstede maior 
and Leonard Qreene hath Chosen for his man m' doctor Moutlowe and 
these two haue chosen m' Potto m' Kinge and M' william Harrison m' 
woulfe Mr Gibbes and Mr Tompson And these eighte haue chosen m' 
Hatley and m' windle wtth the consent of m' Hinton minister. The daie 
and yeare aboue written the said m*^ Hatley and m' windle are dismissed 
paienge theire fines And the former electors haue chosen in theire places 
Robert Rogers and william williams. The said Roberte Rogers and william 
Williams haue chosen for theire Sidsmen m' william Harrison and m' Robert 

The accomptes of william williams and Rob«rte Rogers Churchwardens 
of the parrish of greate S* Maries in Cambridge for such monies & other 
thinge« as they haue received of the said parrish by vertue of theire office 
wAich yealded and given vpp to the auditors as followeth Anno Domini 

332 1614 

The re- In primis reoeved of the ould Churchwardens v** xv« iiij** ob 

oeiptes j^j^m peoeived of m' Johnson Prockter for the Mcuter of artes 

atmidsomtfr xxiiij'vj^ 

Item received for Bachilors at midsomer yj' 

Item received of m' Dodd Prockter for the Bachilors oomence- 

ment in Lente ... ••• ... ... ... ... ... iiij 

Item received for the buriall of m' warren ScargiU x* 

Item for the buriall of m' Nicholson vj" viij^ 

Item for the buriall of m' Luke vj» viij* 

Item for the buriaU of M' william harrisons wife vj' viij*' 

Item for the buriall of Phillipp Scarlet his Child iij' iiij^ 

291 a] Item for the buriall of m' durden vj* viij<* 

Item for the buriall of m' Michaell woulfe yj* viij* 

Item for the buriall of Gkxximan Ellis of Gransden x* 

Item for the buriall of m' Blithes wife vj* viij* 

Item received for the whole Easter booko xviij" xvj* vij* 

Item received more for the reparactbns of the Church xvj^ xvij* iij<^ 

Summa 50U 3" ob 

Rentes likewise received this yeare for the said parrish as foUoweth 

Item received of m' doctor Moutlowe vij* vj* 

Item of m' Betson xl* 

Item of Roberto Ablinson v' 

Item of william Casboule xij* 

Item of William williauis and Leonard Qreene xiij* iiij* 

Item of John Hall for his rent 
Item of Goodwife Johnson 

Summa Receptoncfit iij*^ vj" x* 
Summa totalis Receptorum 53*^ 19* 10* ob 

The accomptes of william williams and Roberte Rogers Churchwardens 
for all such monies as they haue laide oute in and for the reparactbns 
belonginge to the Church and ministers wages and other duties to the said 
Churche belonginge since the xij^^ dale of may 1614 till this present daie 
beinge the eighte of may 1615 
Inprunis to Mr Hinton out minister for his whole yeares 

wages xiij" vj* viij* 

Item to m' Tabor for Elie farthingef x* ob 

Item at the auditt for Cakes and wine v* vj* 

Item for two warrantes xij* 

13. 14. ob 

291 b] Item for the pavinge rounde aboute the Church with 

stones gravill and workmanshipp x^ xxg* ob 

Item for seaventene pounds and a halfe of soder at eighte pence 

thepounde xj* viij* 

1614 333 

Um for workmanshipp 2 dales and halfe iij* 

Um to Goodman Corbet for glasinge xviy'vj* 

tern to m' Atkinson for stuffe aboute the belfry that was 

bought when m' Bobson was Churchwarden vij* iiij^ 

t^m more to m' Atkinson for stuffe to build a scaffold for m' 

Hoskins worke ix» ij* 

tern a service booke for o«<r Church vij'yj<^ 

tern gravellinge the Churchyeard at the Eingea comjnge ... xv\j' ij^ 
tern to laborers for 6 daies worke when the kinge was at 

Cambridge ... ... ... ... ... ••• ... yj* 

tern for Carrienge awai ice and snowe at the same time ... zxiij* 4^ 

tern to the Carpenter for settinge ypp the scaffold iiij* iiij^ 

tern for nailes and lyne prickes and trashes and to a Laborer 

for two daies worke iiij'vj* 

tern to Qoodman Preist and Benison for whitinge the Church iij>' 
tern to Qoodman wisdome for wrightinge the sentences in the 

v^nurcn ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ux 

and breade and beare for him & the whiters 

t0m to paid goodman Russell for guildinge and paintinge diall xxyj* vig^ 
tem to goodman Benison for whitinge the porch the belfry 

and mendinge the Church walkes when the kinge was here 2d\j' iiy^' 

t«m to Qoodman Hall for makinge the Clocke goe and for ropes zl* 
tem. for mendinge workemanshipp ropes and other necessarie 

reparacM>ns aboute the bells 3ug« ij<* 

t«m paid for a booke of articles x^ 

tem to Roger for his wages three quarters of a years for 

Sweepinge aboute the Church xv* 

ton for a shovell ... ... ... z^ 

tem to the ringers the fiyfb of August to drinke ij« 

tem for mendinge the wheele barrowe ij« 

tem to the Treasurers for the rente of the almoshouses ... zij<^ 

tem for a loade of sande ... ... ... viij^ 

.292 a] Item for Tymber Iron worke & workmanship for y* 

gab«eB ... ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... nil 

Item Bread and wyne for the whole yeare zlvj* z^ 

Item for nyne bushells of Charcoles for m' hoskins vj' 

Item for bringinge stones oute of the Regent walko into the 

Church yearde ... ... ... ij* 

Item for mendinge Seatcs and naOes ^'j^i 

Item to Goodman Benison for workmanshipp lyme and bilckes zii\j* j^ 

Item for mendinge the Almose house Chimney ij* viij*^ 

Item for hiringe hares x* vj* 

Item for trashes prickes and takinge downe the scaffold ... ij'vi^'^^ 

Item for makinge Cleane the leades vj* 



Item for firinge for the plummer 

Item for a bord and nailes for the vestry windowe 
Item to the Carpenters for sinkinge j* beU 
Item for the ringers when the kinge came 
Item to the ringers vppon the Crownacion dale 

Item for a rope for the sance bell 

Item for wrightinge all the names of Christenings marriages 

and burialls into the office 

Item to John Hall for washinge the Church Lininge all this 

jVSu W ••• •«• ••• •■• ••• ••• 

Item to him for scowringe the fflagons 

Item oyle for the bells all the yeare 

Item for shoutinge the broken ropes 

Item for mendinge the herse 

Item to m' Hoskins at the first time 

Item for the visitacton dynner 

Item paid to Seamier for lime 

Item for wrightinge these acoomptes 

Item for a skin of writing parchment 

Item for Carying away the durt for the hole yeare 

Summa totalis reoeptorum 
Summa totalis of the 

So-P Mnayn e th in s tock to th e pori s h ..* 

ij' vj* 








llj" UIJ* 


liijB ixi xd ob 

xliij^ iij* V * 

Ixiij" iij* V* 

i* v*^ ob 





Thi s Aooompt t a k e n & c Jlow e d th e d a y a nd y ea r s afore sa id by -va 

So in detryment«« ix" xiij« vj* ob 
Henrie Mowtlowe 

N Hanyson Anthonye Thomson 

henry Gibbs Christopher Hatley 

Henry King 

292 b] Th e e l e ction mad e on E a st e r Tu es d a y th e S e oond of Aprill 1616 

The election made on Easter Twesday the Eleaventh day oT Aprill 1615 
According to the amicient order and custome of greate Saint Maries 
parish in Cambridg for the Chusing of the Churchwardens for the yeare 
to come M' Rogers hath chosen for his man M' North Harrison and 
m' Williams hath chosen for his man Robert Sparrowe and these two 
haue chosen M' Einge M' Jeffery M' hatley M' Windle M' Green and 
M' Williams and these eight haue chosen M' William harrison and Robert 
Prior wtth the consent of M' Hinton our minist^ the day and yeare aboue 
said to be Churchwardens for the yeare follo¥dng 

And the said William Harrison and Robert Prior haue chosen for 
theire sidesmen Henry Preist and Christopher Adams 

The accounts of william Harison and Robert Pryor Churchwardins 
of the parish of greate S^ maries in Cambridge ffor such money and other 

1615 335 

thingeB as they haue Reoeiued of the said parish by vertue of there ofSce 
was giiieo and yelded vp to the Audytors as followeth 

Anno domini 1616 

rhe Re- Inprimis receiued of The old churchwardines nihil 

iptes B£oeived of m' Citchin Senu>r Prockter for The maisters of 

srtes commencenierU xxiij* iiij^ 

Beoeived of M' Smith Junior Prockter for The batchellers of 

saia oommencement iij** yj" 

Bsceived for the buriall of Roberte Chesson x* 

"Eieoeived for the buriall of Bob^te Rogers child iij* iiy<^ 

Ree^tveo? for the buriall of M' Sans x« 

Beoeived for the buriall of M" Qillam yj» viij* 

Recen?0(i for the holl estar bouke xx"j"vy* 

Suma totalis zzyj" j" iij^ 

293 a] Rents Likewise Received This yeare for the said pansh as 

In pr»mis R^oett^ee^ of m' dockter Moutlow vij" vj* 

It«m "Received of m' Betson for his rent xxxx" 

It^m Received of Roberto Ableson for his rent v* 

It«m Received of William Caysball for his rent xij^ 

It«m Received of william wiUiams & Leonard Greene xiij* iiij<^ 

It«m Received of John Halle for his rente 
It«m Received of Goodwife Johnson for her -rent 

iij" yj« X* 
Summa Receptorum xxix" viij* ix^ 

The accounts of william Harison and Rob^rte Pryor churchwardins for 
all such moneyes as they haue Laid out in and for the reperations belonginge 
to the Chiurch and ministars wages and other duties to the said Chturch 
belonging since the viij^ day of may 1615 vntill the present day 
Inprimis paid to m' Hinton and Mr Roberts cure ministars 

for ther wages xiij** vj» viij* 

ItAn to m' Tabor for Elie farthinges x^'ob 

It^m at the audit for wine & cakes v* x^ 

It^m for two warants ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Item for the Archbishops booke of artickles ij* iiij<i 

Item for stones to pane with vi^' 

Item for fiue Loade & a halfe of Sand iij* viij<^ 

Item for two & thirtie yardes pauinge vi^* 

Item to Corbit for glassinge xij<> 

Item for scoiinge the Eenill and cariinge durt U' zj^ 

Item for mendinge the ChurchwaU and for a new poste ... v* iij<^ 

Item paid for a bell rope ii^* vj<^ 

Item for mendinge the bell yokes ix* yj<^ 



It^m to Rule for leme worke for the bels 
It^m for rent of tho Almee howseis 
It^m for a bell wbeele mendinge ... 

293 b] It^m for mendinge of a locke 

It^m for a hinge and a Key for the Church gate 

Item to Roger for makinge cleane the streote side next m' Crane 
ail uiie yeai%j •>> ••• ... .■. «•• •«• ••• 

It^m to Corbit for glassinge the Church windowes 

Item to Roger for a quarter Keepinge Cleane the street side 

Item for mending the hearse 

Item to M' Betson for mendinge seats in the Church 

Item for carinnge a way durte and deansinge the kennill two 

Q UAiri^x o •.• •«. •«• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item for bread and wine at the Communion for the hole yeare 
Item to John Hall for nayles plates and for m' Betson worke 

mendinge sets ••• ... ... ... ... ... 

Item to the ringers the fift of Aguste ' ... 

Item to the ringers the fift of nouember 

Item to the ringers one Crounnacion day 

Item for nayles and mendinge the seats 

Item for a baldricke for the sermon bell 

Item for a saunce bell rope 

Item for washinge the Church linnen all the yeare 

Item for skoringe the flagons and communion cup 

Item for shootinge old bell ropes 

Item for two new bell ropes for the 3 and 4 bels 

Item for oyle for the bels all the yeare 

Item for gatheringe all the name of all the Communicants in 

uue pafiBu ••« ... ... ••• •.. ■•• «sa 

Item for brou^nee ... ... ... ... ... ••• ... 

Item for the visitation dinner 

Item for writinge these accounts 

Item to goodman hall for Keepinge the clocke and findinge 

ropes and other thinges 

Ittfm to m' Williams in detriment's for the last yeare 

lU'm a booke of ieweUs workes Cheue and deske 


xxvy" vj* 





lij* iij* 







Remaining in stocke 

These accompt^s were seene and allowed the xzyj of Aprill 1616 

Henry Kyng Rob: Sparrow 

Edmond Jefirey william williams 

North Harison Leonard Green 




iij* iiy* 


... xvij'vuj* 


xrviij" !■ vy* 

XVllJ* 1J« 



294 a] The election made on Easter Tweaday the second of Aprill 1616 
accordinge to the auncient order and custome of Qreate Saynt Maryes 
parrish in Cambridg for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens for the yeare 
to come M' wiUiam HarriBon hath Chosen for his man M' North harrison 
and M' Prior hath chosen for his man M' Sparrowe and these two haue 
Chosen M' Je£Pery M' Hatley and M' Betson M' williams M' Scarlet and 
M' ffirithe and These eight haue chosen M' Phillipp woulfe and Abell 
Hawkins with the consent of M' Roberts our Minister the daie and 
yeare aboue said to be Church wardens for the yeare followinge 

And the said Phillipp woulfe and Abell hawkins haue Chosen for theire. 
Sydsmen hemy Beeson and John Russell 

Septimo die Maij Anno predtb^o 

It was this daie ordered and agreed vnto by the assent of the parrish- 
ioners of this parrish that the churchwardens shall bestowe from hence- 
forth yppon the daie that the parishioners do goe the perambulation fiue 
shillings and noe more 

yicesimo quinto die Augusti Anno ^^redicto 

It was alsoe ordered and agreed yppon the daie and yeare aboue 
written by the assent of the parishioners of this parrish then present in 
the Chancell that the Churchwardens with the consent and assistance 
of m' William harrison m' Anthonie Tompson m' North Harrison and 
M' Williams shall haue authorise to ouersee the Easter booke and to rate 
and assesse all the parishioners and to levie of euery parishioner the halfe 
of such sums by them soe rated for the amending and speedy repairinge 
of the church of greate S^ Maries which said Sessors haue rated and 
assessed the said parishioners as foUoweth. 
M' Henry Kinge Maior 
M' Bartholomew woulfe 

M' Phillipp woulfe 

M' Cantrell L^;g 

M' North Harrison 

widdow Langstaffo 

Edward Armyn 
M' William Harrison 

294 b] Henry Bursly 
Qeorge Tiffin 

Gfoodman Palmer 

Goodman Batie 

Qoodman Hamond 
Elizabeth Seamer 
widdowe dodd 

Goodman North 

dorothie Williamson 

C,A,8. Octavo Seriei. No, XXXV. 




ij* vj- 


• •• 








M' Edward ffoxton 
James Preist... 
Qoodman Collin 
Henry Beeson 
widdowe Cobb 
M' Cradocke ... 
M' Potto 
M' Medcalfe ... 
M' John Pepis 
M' Hawkins 
Mis^ris wright 
M'Cotten ... 
M' Smith 
M' Swetson ... 
Henrie Stockdale 
widdow Ridinge 
M' Baldwin ... 
Robert Kendall 
M' windle . 
John Tenant ., 
M' Cropley 
Misttia hide 
Thomas Birt ., 
Edmund Porter 
Simond Robucke 
Qoodman Hardinge ... 
Qoodman Ingersoule 
Qoodman Edwards ... 

m' Pepis 

wiUiam Casebone ... 
MtsA:is Bradshawe ... 
Qoodman Ablinson ... 
Qoodman Clarke 
Qoodman Waldinge ... 
M' Hearon 
Anthony duglas 
Henry Bement 








• •.•_ 


iij* inj* 

• a •_ • ■ • • J| 



••••■ 'A 

•* *j 

. •••_ 







•• • 

• •■ 



296 a] Ezechiell woolward 
Simond Hutchinson 
Walter Williamson 
Abraham Boulton 

Mother Clarke 
Mother Cutbert 


The Almose folkes 




• * 'A 



Mother Lambe 
Mother Leader 
Mother Collin 
Qoodwife Johnson 
Mother Marten 
Annis Mare ... 
Robert and Roger ... 
John warren & his wife 

Jone Carr 

Jane Carr 

Goodwife fflasket 


• • • 

* ■ * J 

• • » • 

• •• • 

• • • J 

* * *^ 





• • • J 

• • "J 

The Accomptes of Phillipp woolfe and Abell Hawkins Churchwardens 
of the parrish Church of Greate S^ Maries in Cambridge for such mony 
and other things as thej haue Receiued of the said parrish by vertue 
of ther office wA»ch was yealded and giuen vpp to the Auditor* as followeth. 

Reoeiptes Inprimis Receaued of the parrish in mony of the last Church- 

^vnlueilo ••• •.« ... .•• •.• ... ••. ••• Xvllj II 

Ittfm Recaued of m' Proctor Peame for the master of artes 

at midsomer xxvij* viij** 

It^m Recaued of m' Proctor Ramsey for the batchilors Comence- 

menii •■« •.. ... ••• ... •.. ... •.. iij viij 

I ton Recaued for the burienge of m' Rudstone xiy* iiij^ 

Item Recaued of m' wicksteade for the burieng of his wife ... vj" viij<^ 

Item Recaued of Goodman Colby for burienge his sister ... vj* viij<^ 

296 b] Receaued of M' Kinge Maior for burienge his sonne ... 
Receaued of mistria Hearon for the buriall of her husband 

Receaued of william Leader for the buriall of his wife 

Remayninge in our handes of the mony that we gathered 

for bucketee & Ladders 

Remayninge in our handes of the mony y^ was gathered for 

the reparaou>ns of the Church the halfe Leuy 

vj* viij** 
vj* viij<* 

'm " 'A 

vj* vnj* 



iiju X* ix** 

Receaued for the whole Easter booke 

Summa xxxj** xviij* xj* 

• • •— • ■- 

XIX" XVllj* IJ 

Rentee Likewiise receaued this yeare for the said parrish as foUoweth 
Receaued of m' doctor Moutlowe vij* vj** 

Heceaued of m' Betson 

Receaued of Robert Ablinson 
Receaued of M' Greene & m' williams 
Receaued of Goodman Casbone . . . 



xnj* uij* 

342 1617 

Receaued of John Hall for his rent 
Beceaued of Goodwife Johnson for her rent 

Sum9iia iy" vj» x<* 

Sum totalis xxxv" v" ix<* 

297 a] The accomptes of Phillipp woulfe and Abell hawkins Church- 
wardens for all such monyes as they haue laide oute in and for the 
reporactbns belonginge to the Church & ministers wages and other duties 
to the said Church belonginge since the second of ApriU 1616 vnto 
his present day beinge the xx^^ of Aprill 1617 

nprimts wyne and Cakes at the audytt yj" x<> 

tern for a booke of articles x<^ 

tern spent by the appointemevit of the parishioners v* 

tern paid for the exhibiting of a qttarter bill iiij"^ 

tern paid for a shouell ••• xij*^ 

tern paid to M' Chaunoelor for deSaultes of the Church and 

veBuIjr ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• J»V1J 

tern for a baldricke for the great bell i^'v]"^ 

tern for mending a Key and a locke xij*^ 

tern paid m' Robert for his last quarter iij" vj« viij'^ 

tern paid for mendinge a locke for the belfry dore vj<* 

tern paid for Ely farthings xxj<^ 

tem paid to m' Sympson for the other three quarters of a 

y eaiv ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ »•• ••• a 

tem paid to Roger for sweeping & carrienge a waie the dirt 

the whole yeare xxxxiij* 

tern, paid to the Glazier for mending the Church windowes ... xxj* 

tern paid for breade & wyne for the whole yeare liij* 

tem paid for a new Communion Cupp waieng 23 ounces & at 

5» 8* the ounce vj" xv» vj** 

Paid for beare for the ringers August the fiifb g* 

Item paid for turffes when the spought was mended ^^ 

297 b] Item paid for breade and drincke at that tyme for the 

woricenxen •■• ••• ••• •.. ••• ..• .•• luy 

Item paid to BridgM for trussinge vpp the bells that were loose 

m voe ••• ••• (•• •.• •*• ••• »•• v^ 

Item paid for a new baldricke for the Sermon bell iij* 

Item paid for a new Croutch to the same bell x^ 

Item paid for nayles the same tyme vj*' 

Item paid for new strapps for y« ropes xvj** 

Item paid for bear the 5 November ij* 

Item paid for turffes when the plummer mended the leads ... xvi^^ 
Item paid to a Carpenter for mendinge the stalls that wear 

bi'oken and uailes xvj^ 

1617 343 

Itffm paid for two new belropes for the ffirst and second bells 

waienge 8 pounds a peece at 4<^ ob the i)Oiinde vj" 

Item paid to four porters for removinge the greate timber that 

lay at the vpper end of the Chancell viij^ 

Item paid for a kybe for the greate bell Clapper vj*^ 

Item paid for ringinge on the Coronation day ij* 

Item paid to the workemen for hanging vpp the bucketee & 

IHttCfco ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• J 

Item paid for 3 yards lininge Cloth ij* 

Item paid the painter for whitinge ij' 

Item paid for makeing a dore yp into the steeple v* 

Item paid for a locke & key and hingels for the dore < ij' vj<> 

Item paid for mendinge seates & nayles zvj^ 

Item paid for gatheringe the names aboute the parrish & paper 

to write them in xviij** 

Item paid for washing the lininge all the yeare v" 

Item paid for scowring the flagons & Cupp all the yeare ... ij' 

298 a] Item paid for shootinge the bellropes ij' 

Item paid for oyle for the bells all y« yeare ij' 

Item paid for broomes for the Church all the yeare ij* yj<^ 

Item paid for keepinge the Clocke xl* 

Item paid for the visitation dynner x* 

Item for wrightinge these accomptee iij'iiij^ 

Item for a skinn of parchment wherin was written the Christen- 

inges Marriages and burialls xij^ 

Item paied more to Roger for whiping the dogges viij' j*^ 

Summa xxxy" xvij' viij<* 

Remayning in stocke to the parish in the new Churchwardens 

nancis •«. ••• ••• ... *■• ••• ••• ••• ^^ 

These Accoumpts were seene and alowed this 8^ daye of May 1617 

By vs 

Edmond Jefi&ey 

Bob: Sparrowe 

Walter Betson 

Phillipe Scarlette 

wiUiam williams 

298 b] The Eletion made on Easter Twesdaie the zzij^ of Aprill Anno 
doffuni 1617 accordinge to the auncient order & Custome in greate 
S^ Maries parrish in Cambridge for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens 
for the yeare to Come M' Phillip woolfe bath Choeen for his man 
m' doctor Moutlowe and m' Abell Hawkins hath Chosen for his man 
M' Edward Potto and these two haue Choeen m' Harrison m' Jefiery 
m' Marterius Pepis m' Tompson m' S3rmondee & m' Legge And these 
eight haue Chosen m' Tobias Smith and m' Beston with the Consent of 

344 1618 

m' Sympson ottr Minister the daie & years abouesaid to be Church- 
wardens for the yeare followinge 

And the said Tobias Smith and Henry Beaton haue Chosen for their 
sidsmen m' Marterius Pepis & m' Thomas Perkins 

The Acoomptes of Tobias Smyth and Hcniy Beston Churchwardens of 
the parrish Church of greate S^ manes parrish in Cambridge for such 

mony & other thingM as they haue receiued of the'said parish by vertue of 
ther office which was yeilded & giuen vpp as foUoweth 

Beceiptes Inprimis roceaved of the old Churchwardens zl* 

Item receiued of M' Proctor* Browne for the xacMer of artes at 

midsomer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xx' ij*^ 

Item received of m' doctor mowtlow for the Church vij» yj* 

Item received of goodman Ablinson v* 

Item received of m' Betson xl* 

Item received of m' greene & m' Williams xiij" iiij** 

Item received of goodman Casbone xij** 

Item received of m' Proctor for the batchelor« iiij" iiij* 

Item receaved of mistria Sparrow for the burienge her husband vj* 8^ 

Item i-eceived for the burieng m' Tompson vj» viij** 

Item received for the burienge of mistnB Scott vj» 8^ 

Item received for the burienge of mistna Cropley vj» 8^ 

It^m for the biuyinge of a London^ that died at Ablinsons ... xig* iiij^ 

Item for the buryinge of m' Potto his sonn vj» 8** 

Item received for the buryinge m' Croplyes Child iij'iiij** 

Item receiued for the buryinge M' Glascocke vj" 8*^ 

Item receiued of m' Prockter Ramsey for the Batchilors y^ did 

Comence at Midsomer vj" 

299 a] Item received of John Hall for rent for the Chamber 

over the Almshouse xiij'iiij*^ 

Item received for the whole easter booke xix^ ij* j<^ 

Sum^na Receptorum xxxiij^ ix" j^ 

The disbursmente< by the said Churchwardens laide forth wherof they 
Craue allowance 

Inprtmis layde oute at the Audyt v}*x^ 

Item for mendinge the seates in the Church ij' vj** 

Item for a pair of Hinges for m' Harrisons pue dore xiiij'* 

Item for mendinge the locke & key of the belfrey dore ... xiiij** 

Item for breade and wine for all the yeare lij* vj^ 

Item for mendinge the seates & nailes to them xv}"* 

Item for mendinge the little Bell xviij^ 

Item for mendinge the hearse xij^ 

Item for mendinge the partishion where the Lumber lyeth ... luiij** 

Item for mendinge the third bell iij» iij** 

1618 345 

Item for a baldricke for the Sermon bell iij« 

Item for a baldricke for the second bell iij' 

Item for a new Crotch & trusainge vp two bells ij* vj<^ 

Item for mendinge the greate bell wheele and Iron worke 

in March ••• ..• ... ... ... ... ... vj*> 

Item for mendinge the third bell wheele v^ 

Item to John Hall for gatheringe the Comuuicant^s names and 

^N*LWi& •.• ... •.« •«. ••• ••• ••• ... JL VIJ^ 

Item for washinge the Church lining all the yeare v« 

Item for scowringe the flaggons and Cupps ij" 

Item for broomes for all the yeare ij* vj*^ 

Item for ojle for the beUs for all the yeare iy 

Item for shootinge the belropes & mendinge them ij" 

Item for beare for the ringers the fifb of August and the fift of 

November ^ Coronation daie vj" 

Item to John HaU for sweepinge and Carrienge away the dirt 

aboute the Church three quarters of a yeare xxx" 

Item paid for makinge cleane the Church ground the other 

u lUuuer ..• ••* ... ••• ... ... ... .•• JL 

Item for nailes iron & workmanshipp for the seates of the 

VyUUfwU ... •■« ... ... ... ••■ .«« •.. 'U 

Item for the visitacton dynner x" 

Item for makinge new battlemente< of free stone for the belfrey 

& mendinge the walls of the Church xviij* yj*^ 

Item paid to our minister for his wages for y« yeare ... xiij" vj« v'nj^ 

299 b] Item for stone and sand to paue the Church ground 

and workemanshipp :£xj" vj^ 

Item three belropes xiij* iiij** 

Item for mendinge the sermon bell wheele and iron work to itt iij* 

Item for the booke of articles z^ 

Item to John mynote for parchme;it & wrightinge the Christen- 
ing's marriages & burials ij" 

Item for writinge them into the Church booke ij" 

Item to John Hall for keepinge the Clocke xl* 

Item for wrighting the accomptes iij* iiij'^ 

Summa xxvij^* xiij** 

Remayninge in stocke to the parish in the new Church wardens 

OttUUB »«a ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• \J VIIJ 

These Accomptes were scene and allowed this xxij^ of Aprill by vs 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Potto 
W Harryson 
Edmond Jeffrey 
Marteriua pepes 



300 a] The eleocton made on Easter Tuesday the vij^ daie of Aprill 
1618 accordinge to the ancient order and Cnstome of greate S^ Maries 
pamh in Cambridge for the choosinge of the Churchwardens for the 
yeare to come. M' Tobias Smyth hai^ chosen for his man M' Edwatd 
Potto and M' Beeston hath chosen for his man M' doctor Moutlowe, And 
theise twoe haue chosen M** Ringe M' Cradocke M' Harrison M' Jefl&ey 
M' Legg and M' Williams And theise eight haue chosen M>^ Henry 
Preist and M' Christopher Adams with the consent of m^^ Ashton otcr 
Minister the daie and yeare aboue said to be Chiux;hwaidens for the 
yeare followinge 

And the said Henry Preist and Christopher Adams haue chosen for 
theire sidesmen M' Thomas Crabb & M' Jefiery flinch. 

The receipts of such sommes of money as the said Heniy Preist 
& Christopher Adams haue gathered towardea the reparacions of the 
church Sc ministers wages since the vij^ daie of Aprill 1618 vntill the 

[«» of Aprill 1619. 

Receiptes Inprimis of M' ^Linge 

1 • • • • • 1 

1 1 


Item of Jeremy Brookes 

• • • • ••• 


Item of m' Wolfe 

1 ■ • • • » • 1 


Item of Richard Craffces 

1 i 


Item of m' Legge 


Item of m' Goodwyn 


Item of Robert Jenkinson 



Item of Timothy Higney 



Item of Goodma?^ Goslinge 

ij« vj<» 

Item of Edward Armyn 


ij" y}^ 

Item of m' william Harrison 


Item of Henry Bursly 

k 1 

ij' yy' 

37»ed Item of widdowe Tiffinge , 



Item of George Tiffinge 

«•• ••• 


300 b] Item of Goodman Palmer 


Item of Goodman Batty 


Item of Philip Hamond 


Item of widdowe Seamer 


Item of Symon North 


Item of dorothy wilhamson 

• • • a^ 

Item of Joane Bush 


Item of William Wolfe 


Item of Moyses Home 


Item of M' Crane 


Item of Mu^ris Ball 

• • ■ J 


Item of Mts^ris Baxter 

• • • J 


Item of Henry Gunnell 

• • * J 

Item of Henry Moody 




Item of Robert Corbett 


Item of Richard Maiden 


Item of John Perce 

' ' 'A 


Item of Qoodman Marson 

• ■ • 1 


Item of Gfoodwiffe Lambe 

• • •.! 


Item of Thomafl Bouty 


Item of Henry Rodery 


Item of m' Wickstead 


Item of Mr Spaldingo 

Item of M<^ Downes 


Item of M' Wray 

• • • "„ 


Item of M' Roebuck " 


Item of Uenry Allum 


Item of m' Pryor 


Item of m' Winiam Wright 


Item of m' Williams 

. •• . 

Item of Robert Sanders 


Item of Goodman Jones 


Item of widdowe Ward 


Item of m' Hall 

•• . « 


Item of m' Cademan 


Item of m' Qreene 

• • ■ •_ 


Item of goodman Hieron 

• • . • 

Item of Thomas Watkins 


Item of m' doctor Moutlowc 

... x» 

Item of m' Stevenson 

• • •- 

Item of m' ffirith 

• .. • 

511. 2« 7«> Item of John Collen 


301 a] Item of goodman Turner 

• • •.! 


Item of John Newton 


Item of m' Betson 

. • • •_ 


Item of William Leader 


Item of m' Crabb 

* • • •- 


Item of UistriB Mathewe 

• • • j» 


Item of Michaell Martin 


Item of goodman Symonds 

• • • •_ 


Item of Philip Scarlett 


Item of m' Henry Preist 


Item of m' Scott 


Item of m' Qibbes 


Item of goodman Harrison 


Item of Charles Dawson 

• • • • 


Item of William Colby 


Item of goodman Ingrey 




4" 6» 10* Item 

of William Beeston . . . 

of mtifris durdin 

of m' Toby Smyth ... 


of m' Jeffrey ... •.. 
of goodwifie Netherwood 

of m' Adams 


of m' Rogers 

of Hemry Charlton . . . 

of ffiuncis Benson 


of AUin Barker 

of widdowe West 

of Thomas Hieron 

of Martin Crispe 

of John Cumber 

of Anthony ffawsett ... 


of Jerman Warde 

of Thomas Bradshawe 

of danyell Boy oe 

of goodwife Wright . . . 

of goodwife Robinson 

of John Hurst 

luj* vj* 

• • • •- 


. . • . 

ij» vj* 

" 'm 

.. . • 





• • 'A 









301 b] Item of Henry Howe 
Item of goodwife Rogers 
Item of widdowe Carre 
Item of Thomas Parker 
Item of Mis^ris Sparrowe 
Item of widdowe Boneaoe 
Item of m' Penny . . . 
Item of m' dodson . . . 
Item of m' Robert Scott 
Item of mistna Caluert 
Item of Jefi&ey ffinch 
Item of m' Barton... 
Item of Henry Essex 
Item of Thomas Perkyns 
Item of Noy Peere.., 
Item of James Hunter 
Item of Robert Qray 
Item of m' Jewry . . . 
Item of m' Allin 









ij« vj* 


ij" vj* 


• • •« 




5" 11«9 Item 

of William Bridges . . . 
of goodman Hollebrand 



of William Whiskin . . . 

of Hemy Beamood . . . 

of John Turner 

of Thomas Tillett 

of Edward Gibson 

of Jonas Wilkes 

of m' Knuckle 

of James Preist 

of goodman Collin 

of M' Henrj Beston ... 




of M iftris Medcalf 
of M' John Peepes . . . 
of M' Hawkins 
of Mtifris Wright 

of m' Cotton 

of M' Edward ffoxton 

902 a] Item of Thomas Cotton 
Item of m' Samuell Smyth 
Item of m' Swetson 
Item of Henry Stockdell . . . 
Item of Robert KendoU 

Item of m' windell 

Item of m' Baldwyn 

Item of John Tenant 

Item of m' Cropley 

Item of Thomas Atkinson ... 


Item of m' Porter 

Item of goodman Hardinge 
Item of widowe Blisse 
Item of goodman Walden . . . 
Item of Anthony dowglas ... 
Item of waiter Williamson ... 
Item of Esechiell Woolwaid 
Item of goodman Ablinson 
Item of goodman derke ... 
Item of goodman Ingersole 

■ • • 1 

• « • 

■ • a t 

• • • 

• • • i 

»• • • 

• ■ • 

• •• • 

• • • 

• *• • 

* • ■ 

* • • m 

• • • 4 

• • • 

• « • 

1 • • • 

• •• « 

• • • 

• « • I 

>•• • 

■ • • i 

»•• • 

• • • 

i • • • 

• • • * 

• • • 

• • ' • 

■ * • 

• • • 

1 • • • 

« • ■ 

1 • • • 

• « • ■ 


• • • 1 

• • ■ 

• • • 

t • m • 

« • • 

■ • • • 

• • • 

1 • • • 

■ . • 1 

• • • 

• • • 

1 • • • 

• • • 1 

► • • • 

• • • < 

1 • • • 

• • • • 

• • • t 

• • • 1 

1 • « • 

• •• 

• • • 

• • • 

» • • • 

• ■ • 

» • • • 

• • • 1 

• • • 

• • • 1 

• • • 

• • • t 

1 • ■ • 

• •m < 

» •• • 

• •• « 

• • • 

• • • • 

• • Si 

• • • t 

• • • 


« • • • 

• • • 

• • • ■ 

• • • 

• •• fl 

• ■ • 

• «• 

• • • 

• • • < 

• • • 

• • • 

k • • • 

• • • 

* • • m 

ij» vj* 





. • •_ 

ij* vj«» 

• • • m^ 





• ••_ 

• • •_ 

llji vja 

• • • _ ■ • • • J 

wj* nij* 

«• •_ 



« ■ t^ * • • ■ J 

iij* mj" 



• • • •_ 

• »• • 

• • • 



• . ._ 





. . •_ 




Item of widowe Edwards 
Item of widdowe Hudson 
Item of Marterius Peeps 
Item of William Casebone 
Item of mtf^ria Bradahawe 
Item of Heary Copinge 
Item of Grace Hall ... 
3U xQi 4d Item of Qoodwifie Peere 

Item of the Almeefifolke and of servantM 

• Summa xxj" viij« 





302 b] The Aocompta of m' Henry Preist and Christopher Adams Church- 
wardens of the parish Church of greate S^ maries in Cambridge, for such 
money and other things as they baue received of the said parish, by 
vertue of their office wAtch waa yeilded and given vp as foUoweth 

Receipts Inprimis of m' doctor Mowtlowe , 

Item of m' Betson 

Item of m' Heron 

Item of goodman Ablinson 

Item of goodman Casebone 

Item of goodman Hall 

Item of the old Churchwardens , 

Item of the senior Procter for the tncuter of artes 

Item of the Bachelers at Midsomer 

Item of the Bachelers at Lent 

Item for the buryinge of Sir Thomas -GirteB- 

Item for the buryinge of Sir John Parker 

Item for the buryinge of m' Bartons child 

Item for the buryinge of m' Medcalf 

Item for buryinge of m' Pryors Child 

Item for the buryinge of mistris Ball 

Item for the buxyiuge of muftis Ridinge 

Item of m^ doctei* Richardson for the old pidpitt 

Item for the bturyinge of m' Baxter 

Summa xx" xiiij^ 
Summa totalu Receptorum xlj" ix* iz^ 

yjjt YJd 





xiij" inj" 

vj** viij* 

XXX" iiij* 
• • •_ • • • J 

VUJ» V11J«* 

• • • «ta « • •^ 

uij" llj* 

••• .... I 

XUJ* 111J«> 

•• '"A 

vy viy* 

• • •— • ■ ■ a^ 

Mj» nij* 


Vj« viijd 

'm " 'A 

VJ« %11J'' 

903 a] The disbursemmte< of the said Church wardens, whereof they craue 

Inprimis laid out at the Awditt vj* x^ 

Item for puttinge vp a stone by docter Qagers seate ij* 

Item for mendinge a step to the Ministers seate vj<^ 

Item for mendinge the third bell wheele with iron worke ... ij* 

Item paid to our Minister for the whole yeare xiij" vj" viij** 

1619 351 

Item for mendiDge the glasse windowes the whole jeare ... ij^ v" vj^' 

Item to the pavers for their worke xv* vj* 

Item for three tuD of stone & fiue loades of sand xzvij" iiij<^ 

Item for densinge the painted workes vpon the gates next the 

SvIlOOlctS ... •(. ••• «•• ••• ••■ ... ■■• T J 

Item for fine new baldrickes xiij* vj<^ 

Item to the masons for mendinge of the Churchwall on the 
north side & for stopping all the holes within and without 

the Church to keepe out the birdes xxviij' 

Item for sweepinge downe the Cobwebbs in aU parte* of the 

v^u«u vii ... ■«. ••• •*• ••• .*• ••• ... V 

Item given to the said masons in bread & beere ij* vj<> 

Item to Noah Peere for puttinge vp a peece of tymber wAtch 

was readie to fall xvj*^ 

Item to the smjth for a barr of Iron for the Church doore, for 

keyes & lockes and for the stiles for the diall ix" 

Item for makinge of m' Craddockes seate and other seates in 

the ChHrch iiij* ij** 

Item to Roger for sweepinge the streetes roimd about the 

Church and the Churchyard and whippinge the dogg«9 out 

of the Church ij** v« 

303 b] Item to the high Constables for the ma3rmed souldiers x* 

Item to m' mayer for m' Minate ... x* 

Item for ponder and shott to kill the starlinge« xx*^ 

Item to the Clayer for mendinge of the Almes bowses xij<^ 

Item for the visitacon supper x" 

Item for a booke of Articles x^ 

Item for Elie i&rthinge« , x^ ob 

Item for flowers and hearbes in the Church on Christmas and 

Easter dales iij* vj** 

Item to the Plummers for newe lead & soderinge and for sweep- 
inge the vpper & lower leades Ivj* viij^ 

Item to John Newton for renewinge of m' warrens monument xx* 

Item to the Carpenter for mendinge of widowe Lambes bowse xij*^ 

Item paid to the towne treasurer for rent xij<^ 

Item paid to m' woolfe for wine for the whole yeare xlij* vj^ 

Item paid for the sun dyall to John Newton and other workemen xv* vj^ 
Item paid to John Hall for the keepinge of the Clock the whole 

years ••• .«. *•• *•• ••• ••• .•* ••• ^* 

Item paid for bread the whole yeare for the Communicants* ... iiij' 
this never Item to Joane Bush and other poore ffolke for making cleane 

^ ** the Chviroh the whole yeare xviij" vj** 

^ Item for ringers the fift daie of August, the fift daie of November 

& the Coronation day vij" 



Item for makinge of the steeple dore with iron worke 

Item for three newe ropes and twoe ropes for the Satntes bell... 

Item for gatheringe the Comunicant«« names and for paper 

ror me uooice ••• •■• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• 

Item for wAshinge the lynnen the whole yeare 

Item for skowringe the flaggons all the yeare 

Item for shootinge the belle ropes 

304 a] Item for oyle for the bells the whole yeare 

Item for a bill written in parchment of Christningei manages 

a pu na ii h ••• .«« •«• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item for writinge the Easter booke wtthall the rest of acoounte« 

the whole yeare ... 

Summa xxxvij" xj" xj* ob 

The Receipt«« of the said Church Wardens for the poore 
Reoeiptes Inprimis of the Comniunicant«« at Whitsontyde Christmas and 

•CmIb vor •■• ••• ••• ••• ••. .< 

Item of Sir Thomas -Qivtoft at his buriall 

Item of m' ffoxton and m' fbnn 

Item of Trinity Colledge 

Summa iiij" xvij« viij<* 

This money given to theise parties vnderwritten 
Inprimis to widowe Martin 
Item to widowe Leader 
Item to Mother Clerke 
Item to old ffiraunces 

Item to goodman Hall 

Item to goodman warren 

Item to widowe Carr for Punchers child 

Item to widowe Carr the elder 

Item to widowe Lambe for Gibsons child 

Item for a child at Chesterton 

Item to Elizabeth Basse for a Child 

304 b] Item to widowe Reynold6» 

Item to goodman Hamond ... 

Item to widowe Williamson 

Item to Joane Bush... 

Item to Nurse Corbit 

Item to Roger 

Item to Robert 

Item to widowe Russell 

Item to goodman douglas 

Item to the prisonens 

• • • • • « 4 



• *■ 


ly" nij** 

Ivj- ij« 




lllj* VllJ^ 


IX* lllj* 







• • • • J 

uj" inj« 



Item to Mother Lambe in the Churchyard 

Item to Grace Hall 

Item to Gkxximan HalLs twoe sones 

Item to Qoodwifie Blisse 

Item to Goodwiffe Collin 

Item to Elizabeth Seamer 

Item to an old man for a losse by fire 

Item to twoe poore women 

Item to a poore travalinge woman & her child 
Item to the poore in Coles 

S* • • 'IS • •• •• *A 

uma liy" xvij* iij^ 






•• 'A 


9 • • * J% 


• • • 


Remayninge in stocke to the parish of greate S^ Maries in 

Cambridge in the newe Chiuchwardens hands ... iij" xvij" ix<^ ob 

There is alsoe remayninge in stocke to the poore as appeareth 

by the booke wAich is kept for their vse xliij" 

WAtch two Soms of money is deliuered to m' ffinch and m' Uearon the 
Churchwardens for this yeare 1619 

305 a] Theise accomptes were seene and allowed this xxi^^ daie of Aprill 
1619 by vs 

Henrie Moutlowe 
Edward Potto 
Henry Kyng 
w Harryson 
Edmond Jeffrey 
William williams 

Greate S^ An Inventarie of the money and goodes of the said Church received by 
Manes yg^ Jeffrey ffinch and James Hearon, the newe Churchwardens, of the old 

Church wardens for this yeare 1619 

Inprimis received in money for the parish stocke 

Item a pale cloth with the hearse 

Item twoe tables of blewe veluett 

Item one surplice 

Item twoe towells 

Item one newe tablecloth 

Item a bible & a peraphrases 

Item twoe old pshalters 

Item a Comunion Cup with a Cover 

Item twoe service bookes 

Item a Comunion table and a poore mans Chest with twoe Keyes 

Item twoe newe flaggons 

Item a booke of parchment wherein is incerted all the evidences conoem- 
inge the parish 

Item the poore mans box and throe Keyes 

C.A.S. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 23 

in Cam- 



Item a booke of CaimoDfl 

Item a box wherein the parish evidences are inclosed 

305 b] Item a booke of parchment wherein is conteyned all the Christ- 
ningor manages and burialls 

Item a greate black booke conteyninge all the accompts of the said parishe 
Item a newe Commiion Cup with a Cover 
Item twoe newe ladders & eighteene hxickettes 

Henry Preist Christofer Adams 

306 a] The election made on Easter Twesdaie the xxx^ daie of Marche 
Anno domini 1619 aocordinge to the aundont order & Custome in greate 
S^ Maries parish in Cambridge for the Chusinge of the Churchwardens for 
the yere to come M' Henry Preist hath chosen for his man M' Doctor 
Moutloe m' Christopher Adams hath chosen for his man Mr Edward Potto 
And theise twoe haue chosen M' Kinge M' Cradocke M' Jefifery M' 
Simontex M' Betson & M' Philip Wolfe And theise eight haue chosen m*" 
Jefferey ffinch & m*" James Heron with the consent uf m' Ashton ottr 
Minister the daie & yeare aboue written to be Churchwardens for the yeare 

And the said Jeffery ffinch & James Heron haue chosen for their sides- 
men John Tennant and William Bridge 

Memorandum that vpon the second daie of Aprill Anno domi'ni 1620 by 
the consent of the parishioners of this parish then present in the ChanceU, 
that theise six, following with the said Jefferey ffinch Churchwarden, viz. 
m' Edmund Jefiferey, m' John Pepis, m' Nicholas firith m' william williams 
m' Robert Pryor & m' Christopher Adams shall haue authoritie to oversee 
the Easter booke and to mend it & the rates therein as they shall thincke 
fitt and further that m' doctor Moutloe and m' Potto shall cesse the said 

M' Kinge 

M' MarteriuB Peapes 

M' Wolfe 

Richard Croft6« 

M' L^g 

M' Goodwyn 
Robert Jenkinson ... 
Timothy Higney 
Goodman Gostlinge ... 
M' Edward Armyn ... 
M' William Harrison 
M' Collins 

306 b] Henry Biu^ley 
Gkxxlwifie Tiffen 
George Tiffen 

iij" vj<» 



ij' vj<" 

• • •■ 




ij» vj* 

1620 355 

Goodman Palmer xij** 

Goodman Batty xij* 

Philip Hamont vj<* 

Goodwifie Seamor vj** 

Goodman North xij** 

Dorothy Williams iiij^ 

Robert Wataon ij" 

Moaes Home iij* 

Henry Moody iij" 

Gabriell Harrison ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij' 

Robert Gorbitt xviij^ 

Richard Maiden ij* 

V oon Jl earso ... ... .•« ... ••• «•• ... ... ^^J 

Goodman Marson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij' 

GoodwiiSe Lambe viij<^ 

Thomas Boutey vj** 

Henry Rodery viij* 

111 W ICKBuOOClQ ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• X 

&U xy\/lnrU^X9 ■•• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ■■• ••• ••• ▼ 

&u vv fcir y w ••• ••• ••• ••■ ■•• ••• ■■■ ••• 3 

Henry Allom ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

jXx. jl jl y \Jk •■• ••• •■■ ••• ••« «•• •■• ••• ' «J 

M' Wright iij* iiij** 

M' Williams iiij* 

Robert Sanders xij** 

Goodman Jones xij** 

widowe Ward xviij** 

'^XL v/fttUO •«• ... ■•. ... ... ... ••• ... <& 

i^M. XI cUX ... ... ... ... ... ... «.« ... J 

JXL vvreene ... ... ... ... .»• ••• ... ... ^^J 

Mu^ris Heron ij* 

John Heron ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij** 

Thomas Watkyns xij* 

M' doctor Moutloe x» 

M' Stevenson iy" 

307 a] Thomas Rickerd & Matthew Hadway ij" 

m uriwH ... ••• ... •«. ••• ... «•• ... u| 

XU ULcM/O ••• ••• .•• ... ... ... ... •«• ^ 

Goodman Turner xviij^ 

JU JDOUM/U ... ... ... ... ••* ... ... ... .1 

Willtam Leader y« vj** 

mL vjraDD ... ... ... ... ... ••• ... ••• uij 

TAistris Mathewe xviij^ 

MichaoU Marten viij<^ 




M** Simondef 
M' Scarlett ... 
M' John Soott 
M' Preiat ... 
M' Gibbes ... 
M' Porter ... 
Charles dawsoii 
Mu^ris WilloweH 
William Colby 
Goodman Ingrey 
William Beeston 
'MiisenB Durden 
William Casebone 
Thomas Atkinson 
Widowe Buffe 
M' Hewson ... 
M' Jefierey ... 
Goodwifie Netherwood 
Ambrose Butler 
M'^ Addams ... 
Henry Charlton 
widowe Stevenson 
Goodman Chappell 
John Loader ... 
widowe Barker 
widowe west ... 
M' Rogers 

307 b] Goodman Smyth 
Gkxxlman Kempe 
Thomas Heame 
Robert Moore 
Martin Crispe 
Goodman Comber 
M' Samuell Smyth 
John Harte ... 
Goodwifie Rogers 
Daniell Boyce 
Thomas Bradshawe 
Goodman ffardell 
Goodman warrin 
Henry Howe... 
widowe Wright 
John Bigg 

• •• ■•• ••• 1 


• ■• •■• ••• 

••• ••• ••• 

» . • _ 

•■■ «•• ••• « 


• «• •■• «•« 


•«• •«« ••• 


••• ••• ••• 


••• ••• ■■• 


••• ••• •*• i 

• • •- 

•■• ••• ••• 


■•• ••• •*• 


••• «•• ••« 

• • • •- "J 

«•• ••• «•• 

ij" vj* 

••• ••• ••• « 

• • •« 

••• •■• ••• fl 


••• ••• ••• 1 


••• ••• ••• 


• •• ••■ ••• 4 


•«• ••• «•• • 


••• ••• ••« 

y" vj<i 

••• ••• ••• 

• • •■ 

••• ••• ••• 


••• ••« ••• 


••• ••• ••■ i 


• ■• ••• ••■ 


■•• ••• ••• I 


••■ ••• ••• • 


• •# ••• ••• 1 

• • » •_ 


••• ••« ••• « 


• •• ••• «■• 9 


■ «• ■«• •«• 1 


• •• ••• ••■ 


• •• ••« ••• 


• •• ••• ••■ 


• «■ •«• ■•• ■ 

• • •— • • • •J 

• •• ••• ••• 


• •a •« ••• 1 


■ «• ■•• ••« « 


••• ••• ••• 4 


• •• ••■ ava a 


• •• ••• ••■ 1 


••• ••• ••• « 


*•• ■•• ••• « 


• •• ••■ ••• 


1620 357 


Goodman Ivatt , viij* 

James Akers ... xviij<* 

widowo Carr ... ... vj** 

Jarman Warde vj^ 

John Hust vj<> 

MisMsSparrowe iiij» 

Qoodman ffawcett xviij^ 

M' Penney iiij* 

M' Dodson ij" vj** 

M' Robert Soott iij» 

MwAris Calvert xij^ 

M'ffinch ij" vj<* 

John Ansill xviij<' 

Goodman Essex ij* vj^ 

Mu^ris Matthewes j» 

Thomas Pirkins xij'* 

Goodman Peare ij'vjd 

James Hunter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

Robert Graye xij** 

iUL V UXjf ... •■• ••* ... ••• .«• ••• ... J 

Mr Allin iii* 

^^A&ilaJ ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• ••• J 

TO P rm ^B^^— r n 1 1 1 mww ■■• ■■■ y nmw ^ww i ij 

M" Bridff iii" 

31 2« 4d 

308 a] Goodman HoUibrand xij^ 

M' Hatley ij'^j'* 

M'Sedgewicke iiij<* 

Oliver Woolfe xij** 

Thomas Howsden ij" 

Goodman Whisken ij* yj** 

Arthur Hiurst xviij** 

Henry Bemont .. ij" 

Thomas Tillett iij* 

GoodwiiSe Briers vj^ 

Edward Gibson ij* vj** 

Jonas Wilkes iy" 

M' Knuekells iiij" 

(I ames xreis » ..• ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ^^j 

Goodman Collin xij^* 

w iQowe jseeswon ■•• ... ... ... ... *•• ... ij 

Thomas Woodes xviij** 

Widowe Cobb xij<* 

M' Cradocke ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij' 

JUL Jk V vuv ••■ ••• ... ••• ... ... ••• ... A 

Mif^ns Medcalf iij" 



M' Godfrey ... 
M' John Peepis 
M*" Hawkyns ..« 
MistriB Wright 
M' Cotton ... 
Thomas Cotton 
Jeremy Brookes 
M' Swetson ... 
Henry StockdeU 
Robert Kendall 
M'Wyndle ... 
M' Baldwyn ... 
M' Tenant ... 
Mr Cropley ... 
MisAis Hide ... 
John dayntry 

908 b] Goodman Hardinge 

widowe Bliaae 

Joane Bushe ... 

Goodman walden 

Antony duglas 

Goodman Netherwood thelder 

John Netherwood 

Ezechiell woolward 

Goodman Ablinsou 

Widowe Gierke 

Goodman Ingersall 

widowe Edwardes ' 

willtam woolward 

widowe Hudson 

mUtris Bradshawe 

Henry Copi>en 

v^race xiaii ... ... ... ... ... 

Qoodwiflfe Peare 

22 7 Received fibr the Almes ffolckes & seniantes 


iij" nij'* 


• • • 

... - 



v» 12« 8*» 

• • • « J 











• •• 





• .4 . . 


21 2" 2** 

S umfa xxij^' xij ' xj'^ 
Some is xxj" xj* 

309 a] The accomptes of Jefferey fiGinch and James Heron Churchwardens 
of the parishe Churche of greate S^ Maries in Cambridge for such money 
and other thinge« as they haue received of the said parishe by vertue of 
their office, wAich was yeilded & given vp vnto the Auditors appointed as 


• • • •- 


v» iij* 



• • * J 



• • • Jl 



■ • * J 

1620 359 

Receiptee Inprimia of m' doctor Mowtloe vij» vj* 

It^m of m' Betson xl* 

It^m of Mt«/ri8 Heame ... ... xx" 

It^m of Goodman Ablinson v* 

It«m of Goodman Casebone xij<^ 

It^m of Goodman Hall xiij" iiij** 

Item of the old Churchwardens iij" xvnj» ix* ob 

Item of the senior Proctor for the master of Artes & Bachelers 

at Midsomer j"xv«ij<* 

Item of the Junior Proctor for the Bachelers at Lent 

Item for the old Clapper of the fourth bell ... 

Item for the buriall of Joseph Sedgewicke 

Item for the buriall of m' Beeston 

Item for the buriall of mu^ris Betson 

Item for the buriall of m' Heame 

16. 2. 4 ob Item for the buriall of Goodwiffe Tillett 

— ^3. 4 Summa xvj" xv* viij'* ob 

16. 15 8 ob Summa totalis xxxviij" vj* viij<> ob 

909 b] The di8biu*semente of the said Churchwardens whereof they craue 

Inprimis laid out at the Auditt V xj* 

Item for Elej farthinge« x<* ob 

Item for a booke of Articles x* 

Item to m' Aston our Late minister for the first quarter ... iij" vj» viij*' 

Item to M' Watte« our minister for three other quarters ... x^* 
Item to Roger for sweepinge about the Church & Church- 
yard & caryinge awaie the dirt from hence and whipping 

the dogge« out of the Church all the yeare ij^ V 

Item for mendinge a Bald rope j" iiij^ 

Item for mendinge the Clapper of the treble bell and the Keyes 

and other iron worke ij" iiij** 

Item for mendinge our Ministers peue & a bourd for the same ^'se iiij" x* 

Item for Caryinge dust out of the Church ix^* 

Item for a loade of pibbells to mend the Church ground ... vj» viij** 

Item for caryinge of them viij** 

Item oorryingo awaio the Rubbioh 

Item to the workemen for pavinge the Church ground xiij" iiij*^ 

Item for nyne loades of sand for the said pavinge vj" 

Item for carr}'inge awaie the Rubbish that the pavers left ... xviij<* 
Item for a newe wheele for the saunce bell and mendinge the 

TOUxvQ 06U »*• *•• ... •.. •.• ... ••• V 

Item for foure neue bell Ropes xv" 

Item for makinge a newe seate and mendinge other seates ... vj" x<i 

Item for matts for the Communicantes to kneele on vj" 

19" 9" e^ ob 

360 1620 

310 a] Item for a rope for the sance bell x^ 

Item for braces to hange the ladders on and for putting them 

into the wall bj a workeman ij* xj^' 

Item for a broome and makinge cleane the seates when the 

braces were putt into the wall v^ 

Item for nailes to mend the seates ij'iiij^ 

Item to the Treasurers of the towne for the rent of the Almes- 

UOWIHJB ••• ••• ••■ ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• J 

Item for pavinge a place against the R^^nt walke viij<^ 

Item for mendinge the glasse windowes about the Church all 

vU V jfVUS ••■ ■•• ••• ••• ••• •■• •«• ••• A I IX 

Item for trussinge the third bell, & nailes and mendiuge the 

greate bell wheele ij* iiij* 

Item for lajinge of pavinge tiles in the south side of the Church iiij*^ 
Item for raysinge vpp the roofie of the Church porche and 
puttinge in a stone into the wall to staye the greate 

sommer vp and for workemanship iij" 

Item for a presentment for not keepinge the ffont in repayre... zvij^ 
Item to m' william Harrison for makinge a deed of feoffment of 

the Church land in the occupacion of m' Betson x' 

Item for Inrollinge the said deed, in the Chanoerie, to m' 

^'l aU^O ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• •*• 2 a 

Item to m' Bridge for his ffee for the same iij'iiij^ 

Item for the visitactbn dinner x« 

Item for a newe Clapper for the fourth bell xxiy'ix^ 

Item for hanginge the waytes of the Clocks vp & nayles & 

Iron worke and workemanship iij* vj* 

6"— 14— 10 
310 b] Item for mendinge the fourth bell wheele & trussinge 

1 W vp ••• ••• ••• »»a ,,, ,,, a. a ,,, IJ ly 

Item for writinge in the Church booke the mariages Christin- 

inge« and burialkf, and for parchment to write them in ... iiij* 

Item for wyne all the yeare ij" iiij" 

Item for bread all the yeare iiij" viij<* 

Item to the Ringers of Coronation daie the v^ of August .& 

the v*** of November vj« 

Item for mendinge the baldricke of the second bell v}^ 

Item for mendinge the Clapper of the third bell xviij** 

Item for a pesse for our Minister vj** 

Item to the Ringers when the Bishop of Elye came by our 

V/UUFCn ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... a.a XIJ 

Item for mendinge the bucketts xvj^ 

Item for gatheringe the Communicantes names xij<^ 

Item for washinge the lynnen all the yeare v" 

1620 361 

Item scouringe the Oupps & fiOagons all the yeare 

Item for oyle for the helles all the yeare 

Item for shootinge the belief ropes all the yeare 
Item for kepinge the Clocke all the yeare 
Item for mendinge the Almes howses Chimneyes 
never to Item for the writinge of theise accounted 
l>ee a loud item payde to Jhon hall for swepeing the Church 



• • ■ II 

« • • A. 

6 13 1 

Suma totalis xxxij" xvij^ v* ob 

311 a] Remayninge in stocke to the parish of greate S^ Maries 

in Cambridge in the newe Churchwardens handea ... v" ix" iij^ 

There is alsoe remayninge in stocke to the poore as appeareth 

by the booke wAtch is kept for their vse xiiij* 1*^ 

WAtch twoe somes of money are deliuet^ to Mr Crabb & 

m' Bridge Churchwardens for this yeare 1620 
Theise aocompt«« were seene & allowed this eleventh daie of Maie 1620 
by vs 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edward potto 
Edmond Jeffrey 
the marke (mark) of m' bettson 
Greate S^ Maries An Inventorie of the money and goode« of the 

parishe in Cambridge said Church received by vs the newe Church 

wardens of the old Churchwardens for this 
yeare 1620. 
Inprimis received in money for the parish stocke 
Item a pale cloth with the hearse 
Item twoe tables clothes of blewe veluett 
Item one surplice 
Item twoe towell«« 
Item one neue tablecloth 
Item a bible & a paraphrases 
Item twoe old pehalters 
Item a Comunion with a Cover 
Item twoe service bookes 

311 b] Item a Comunion table & a poore mans chest with twoe keyes 
Item twoe newe flaggons 
Item a booke of parchment wherin is incerted all the evidences conoeminge 

the parish 
Item the poores mans boxe and three keyes 
Item a booke of Cannons 

Item a box wherin the parish evidences are inclosed 
Item a booke of parchment wherin is conteyned all the Christningef 
manages & burialls 



Item a greate black booke conteyninge all the aocompte* of the said 

Item a newe Communion Oupp with a Cover 
Item twoe newe ladders & zij buckette* 
Item a booke of Jewells workes cheyned 
The Receipts of the said Church wardens for the poors 

Receiptee of M' Beeston at his fiunerall \* 

of Trinity CoUedge on Trinity Sunday xv* 

of m' Greeke in bread at his fixmerall iiij* 

of the ComunicantM at whitsontyde ... xj'iiij^^ob 

of the Comunicante« on Christmas daye xj" x*^ 

of the Comunicant«« on Easter daye zviij* ij^ 

of the Comimicant«s on Lowe Sundaye vij* ix<^ 

312 a] The disbursem^nte* of the said Churchwardens to the parties 

hereafter named 
nprimis to Qoodwiffe Martyn 
tem to €k)odman Loader 
tem to Gkxxlman Clerke 
tem to ffrancis 
tem to Goodman warrin 
tem to Goody Lambe 
tem to Groody Renoldes 
tem to Joane Bush 
tem to Roger 
tem to Robert Burwell 
tem to Goody Collyn 
tem to Goodwiffe Semor 
tem to John Hall 

tem to Goody Richarde« of Chesterton 
tem to Elizabeth 
tem to 

tem to Tomson in Kinges Colledge lane 
tem to Goody Wright 
tem to grace Hall 
tem to Launcelott 

tem to Goody Haruey in the spitlehowse 
tem to the prisoners of the tolbooth 
tem to poore fiblkes on Easter day by M' Preist 
tem to a poore woman. 

312 b] The election made on Easter tewsday being y« 18^ of Aprill 1620 
according to y* ancient order and custome of Greate S^ Maries Parish in 
Cambridge for y« chusing of the Church wardens flFor y® yeare to come m' 
Jefiry ffiuch did chuse M' doctor Moutloe and M' Potto, and doctor Moutloe 
hath chosen to him M'^ Craine M' Philip Wolfe and M' John Symons and 

1621 363 

M' Potto hath Chosen to him M' Wicksted, M' JefFery, M' Huteson, and 
these eight haue chosen for Church wardens for the yeare to come M^ 
Thomas Crabb and M** William Bridge with j^ consent of our minister M' 
Watts the day and yeare aboue written 

And the sayd Thomas Crabb and William Bridge haue chosen for there 
sidesmen Henry Preist and Christopher Adams. 

The receipts of such summes of money as the sayd Thomas Crabb & 
William Bridge haue gathered towards the reparacions of the Church & 
ministers wages since y« 18^ of Aprill 1620 to the 26 of Aprill 1621. 

M' Materius Peepes .. ... iij'yj'* 

JXL T T UUXXC ... •>. ... ••« ... ... ... ... JLU 

Richard Crofts ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' o 

ilL XA^gKO ... ... ... ... *.. ... ... ... lllvl 

M' Goodwine ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' o 

M' Short ... •.. ... ... ... ... ... ... iij' o 

-JXL xxiguuy *•• ... ... ... ... ... ... •*. iju 

JXL VJiOsUIIjk ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... IJ Vj 

M' Arminge ... ... ... ... ... ••• ... •.. iij'o 

Joseph Sedgwicke j*o 

1 — 14 — 6 Henry Bustly ij* vj<* 

313 a] Widdowe Clarke o iiij* 

widdowe Tifiyn ... ... ... ... ... ... ... o vj** 

George Tiffyn j" vj<* 

Goodman Palmer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j* o 

GoodmaT^ Batty j" o 

Philip Hamond o vj** 

Elizabeth Semer o vj^ 

Qoodman North ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j' o 

Widdowe Brotherton o iij* 

Robert Watson ij' o 

Moses Home iij'o 

JxL X ayior ... ... ... ... .•■ ... ... ... iij o 

Edward Spencer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' o 

€k)odman Allum ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j' o 

Goodman Mody ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij" o 

Goodman Harison ... iij' o 

Goodman Corbet j" e^* 

Goodman Maiden ij' o 

John Peerce ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... j' o 

Goodwife Lambe ... o viij* 

Goodman Marshall j' o 

Thomas Bowtell o vj** 

Goodwife Shittleworth o iiij*> 

Goodman Roderyth o viij<i 



m' wickested 

••• ••• ••• 

• • ••• 

x* o 


•■• ••• «•• 1 

»•• ••• 


M' Peepes 

•■• ••• ••• 

B • ■ « • • 

IJ' o 

M' Downed 

■•• ••• •■• 

■ • • • • • 1 

v« o 

M' Wray 

••• ••• ••• 

■ ■ • « • • 4 


nij* o 

William ffishep 

••• •■« ••• 

ft •• « • • 

j- o 

Oliuer Marehall 

• * • • « • ••• 

• • « • • 4 

j' o 

M' Pryor 

■•• ••• ••• ■ 

• • •• • ■ 

• •«_ 

uj" o 

M' Wright 

••• ••• ■•• 1 

1 • • •• • 4 

• a •_ • a ■ ft J 

nj" uij* 

M' Williams 

••■ ••• ••• 

• ■ ■ • • 1 

» ft »•_ 


Robert Sanders 

A«B ••• ••• 

mm • • m • 


M' Haddon 

• ■■ •*• ••• 1 

• • • • • 4 


Goodman Jones 

■•• ••• ••• 

*•• ••# 


313 b] M'Hall ... 

■ •• ••« ••• i 

I * • • • « 4 

• • a •_ 

UIJ* o 

M' Greene 

• •• •■• ••■ « 

■ ■ ■ a • m 


Widdowe Heme 

■•• •■• ••• 

K • ft • • • 

ij* o 

John Heme ... 

• •• ••• ••• 

■ • • • • 


Thomas Watldns 

«•« •■• ••• 

• • • • ■ • 


M' Craine 

• •• ••• ••• I 

• « • • • 


Widdow Jenkinson ... 

• •• ••• ••• « 

• • • • • ■ 


Robert Gray 

••• ••• ••• 4 

k •• • • • 


M' Loiiington 

•■■ ••• ••• « 

• • ■ • • ■ 


M" Pamphling 

••• ■•• ••• ■ 

• • ft • • ■ 


M' Steuenson 

••• ••• ••■ 

• • • • • • 


Jonathan Pinder 

■ •• ••• ••■ 

■ ft • • ■ ft 4 


M' ffrith 

• •• ••• ■■• 

9 • • • •• 


M' Mace 

■ •• •«• •»• 

1 * • ft « • 


Arthm* Turner 

••• ••« «•• 1 

» • • ft • • • 

j- yj^ 

M' Betson 

••• ••« ••• 

» • • • ■ « 

UIJ" o 

William Leader 

••• • m • ••• • 

• ft ■ • • • 

m •_ mm 

M" Mathew 

••• ■•• ••• ■ 

• • • • • » 

j* 'j" 


• •• ••• ••• 

I • ■ • • « 1 

a a • a _ 


M' Symons 

••* ■•• •«• « 

> ■ ft • • • 


M' Scarlet 

••• ••• ••■ • 

• • • •• 

nj« o 

M' Gybbs 

••• •■• ••• 

■ ■ ft • ■ • 


Edmund Porter 

••• ••• •■• 1 

« « ft • ft 

iij" o 

M' Preist 

••• ••• ••• 

I ft ft ft • ft i 

nj« o 

M' Scott 

••■ ••* ••« 1 

1 •• • • ft 

a • • _ 


Charles Dawson 

••• ••« ••« 

k • • • • ft 


M" WiUowes 

»•• ••■ ••• m 

• ft ft • ft • 

• •• 

1J« o 

Goodman Colby 

••• •«• ••• • 

■ • a • • a 

iij* o 

Goodman Ingery 

••• ••• ••• 

• ft ft • ft 

j* o 

Goodman Beston 

■•• ••• tap i 

•• ft ftft « 


W iddow Durdan 

••• 9 % • «•• 1 

• ft • • • « 

• •• •- mj 





M' Smith 

Thomas Atkinson ... 
William Gasaubon ... 

M' Huteson 

M' JeflRery 

v" iiij* o Qoodwiflfe Netherwood 

o o 

ij" vj^ 

* * * * JM 

lllj* o 

y* o 

314 a] Ambrose Butler 

M' Adams 

M' Sleg^e 

M' Rogers 

Harry Charlton 
Gkxxlman Chappell ... 
Gkxxlman Loader 
Widdowe Crisiw 
Goodman Lacke 

Rose Barker 

Jone Bush 

William Smith 
Mother West 
Goodman Carpenter 

M' Smith 

John Hart 
Goodman Mating 
Danyell Boyse 
Widdow Rogers 
Widdow ffarthell ... 
Goodman Clarges ... 
John Warren 
Henry Howe 
Gk)odma» Biggs 
Goodman Aores 
William J uet 
Thomas Parker 
Widdow Carre 
Widdow Jarmin 
John Hurst ... 
M" Sparrow 
Anthony faucet 

M' Dodson 

M" Caluert 

M' Penny 

M' Robert Scot 
M' ffinch 

ij" vj<» 

• • • • 

111J» o 

o viij** 





* • 'A 

O UJ* 

o vjd 


nj« injd 




o vjd 

o vj 

o vj' 




o vj** 

o viij** 








O vj** 

lUJ" O 

ij" vjd 

• • • • 

nij« o 


ij« vjd 



Henry Essex... 

• •• 

\ mm m mm ••• •«• 

ij' vj^ 

M" Mathew ... 

• •• 1 

»•• ••• ••• •«• 


M' Perkins ... 

• •• 

■•• ••• ••• ••• 


v^ xvij" xj** 

314 b] Noy Peere 

• •• 

•• ••• ••• •«• 

ij" vj^ 

John Ansel ... 

• •• 

■•• ••• •«• ••• 

J' vj*^ 

M' Jewry 

• • • 

•■• ••• ••• ••• 


M' Allen 

• • • 

»•• ••« ••• ••• 


M» Steward ... 

• • a « 

»•• »•• «•• ••• 1 


m' Bridge 

« • • • 

•• ••• ••• ••• 1 

• * • 


Goodman Holybrand 

i«« ••• ••• •■• 


M'Hatley ... 

• • • i 

!•• ••• ••• •«• 


Edward Cieyton 

• • • • 

!•• ••• ■•• ••• 


OUuer Woolfe 

• « • 1 

>•• ••• ••• ••• 

o vj* 

M' Housden ... 

« « ■ • 

•■ ••• ••• ••• 

IJ" o 

Goodman Whiskiu 

• • • ■ 

•• ••• ••• ••• 4 

ij" vj^ 

Arthur Hurst 

• • • • 

•• ••* ••• ••• 


Henry Beomand 

• « • I 

■• ••• ••• ••• i 


Thomas Tyllet 

• « A 

»«• ■•• ••• ••■ 

llj" o 

Goodman Gybson 

• • • I 

•• ••• ••• ••• 


Jonas Wilkes 

■ •• « 

•• «•■ ••• ••• 1 



■ • • i 

•• ••« ••• ••• I 

. • • ._ 


Jeames Preist 

• •• 

!■• ••• •■• ••■ 


Goodman Collen 

« • • 

>•• ••« ••• ••• 


M" Beston ... 

• ■ • i 

■» ••* •«• ■•■ 4 


Thomas Woods 

• •• 

»•• ••• ••• ••• 


Mother Cobb... 

• A • 

••• ••« ••• ••• 



• • • 1 

•• ■•• ••• ••• 


he is a M' Potto 

• ■ « 

!•• ••• ••• ••• 


soiumir. M"^ Qodfery ... 

• • • 

»•• n • m m m % ■«■ 

o o 

M' John Peepes 

• » • 

■•■ ••• ava ••« 


M' Hawkens ... 

• • • 

iv* ••• ••• «•• 

iij" vjd 

M" Wright ... 

• • • 1 

!•■ «■• «•• ••• 


M' Cotton ... 

• • ■ 1 

»•• ••• ••• »«• 


Thomas Cotton 

• • ■ 

»aa ••• «•• «•• 


Jeremy Brookes 

• ■ • ■ 

•• ••• ••« ••• 1 


M' Swetson ... 

• • • « 

•• ••• *■• ■•• 1 


Henry Stockdel 

• • • • 

•• ••• ••• ••• 1 


Rob^ Kendall 

% 9 m i 

■• ••• ••• •■• i 

• • • 


M' Windle ... 

■ • • 1 

»•• •• ••• ••• 1 

• • • •- 


M' Tenant ... 

• • • 1 

\ m m • 9 m ••• •■• 4 


v" iij« xd M' Cropley ... 

• ■ • 

»• ••• ••• ■•• 4 


315 a] M'Byrt 

■ • t a 

■ • ••• ••• ••■ « 


ffather Harding 

• « • 

!•• ■•■ ••• •«■ 

ij» o 



Goodman Wollward 

John Netherwood 

Anthony duglis 

Goodman Walden 

Widdow Hearoe 

Robert Ablinson 

Goodman IngersoU 

William Woodard 

Widdow Edwards 

Widdow Hudson 



Henry Copper 

Grace Clarke 

'Received for the Almes folkc and seruants 


j- o 



o vj<* 


. J'o 


V" o 


O lUjd 

xvij« iijd 

211 ij» iijd 
20" 11" Id 

The acooimts of Thomas Crabb and William Bridge of the parish 
chiuch of greate S^ mariee in Cambridge for such money & other thinges 
as they haue Receiued of the sayd parish by Virtue of there office wAtch 
was yeilded and giuen vp vnto the auditors appoynted, as followeth. 

InprimM of doctor Moutloe 

It«m of M' Betson 

Item of M" Heame 

Item of Goodman Ablinson 

Item of John daintry 

Item of John Hall ... 

Item of y<> old church wardens 

Item of y* senior Proctor for the master of arts & Bachelers 
at midsumer ... •.. ... ... ... ... 

vij" vjd 

XX* o 

V" o 

• • • • • • • • 

XUJ» Uljd 

vii ix* iijd 


■ iid 

xv" xiiij" xjd Item of y« Junior Procter for Bachelers in lent ... 

J' xuij- ij 

inj" inj* vnjd 

316 b] Item for y« buriall of M' Baldwin 

Item for y« buriall of M" Rogers 

Item for y« buriall of M' William Harison 

Item for M** Killingworth d3ring in the -parish and caried away 

Item for M' Cradocke a scholler 

Item for duties of M' Browne fellowe of Kings CoUedge 

Item for m" Spalding and her child burial 

Item for y« buriall of m" Ryne 

Item for y® buriall of m" Hide 

Item for y* buriall of m' williams child 

vj« viijd 
vj» viyd 
vj» viijd 

VJ« Vlljd 

vj« vnjd 


•• "'A 

vj« vnjd 

•™ • • 'A 

y}* vnjd 

• • •— • • • • J 

iij' nijd 



368 1621 

The disburHment of y* sayd ChurchwardenM whereof they craue 

ImprimM layd out at y* Auditt vij*o 

Item ffor wiue aud cakee at y* preambulatioD yiij*o 

Item fifor herbs and stroingB all y* yeare iij'o 

Item for y« booke of Articles o s^ 

Item payd to y* treasiirers j*o 

. Item payd to M*" Wats for his whole yere xiij* vj« viij** 

liejn payd to Roger Wright for sweeping y^ street round about 
the church and Churchyard and keeping out dogs y® whole 

ySeU^ ••■ •■• ••• ••■ >•• ••• •«• ••• AJ * V 

Item payd for laborers worke and leuelliug y Churchyard and 

fine gutters j" x« o 

Item for Grauel for y« Church yard vj« o 

Item for Ely farthings o x* ob 

Itetn for a booke of articles at y^ B. B visitation s** 

Item payd for spreading of monies y^ was brought in to heigh- 

then y« ground and for spreading Rubbish on y« Causey iij* o 
Item for 3 load of sand to pane y^ gutters and to pane by y^ 

gates & to mend the streets v* o 

Item for 6 loade of grauell to make Causeys in y* Church yard 

& spreading >•■ vj«* 

Item Raysing y* porch with stepps and playstring y^ walls & 

19* 9" 4** ob mending y« pauement vj« viij'' 

316 a] Item for Tressing 12 buckets vij"o 

Item payd for y« belfounders two bonds ij« o 

Item for a roule, post, a pole & nayles v« vj** 

Ite^m for y« Carpenters worke ij* vj** 

Item for bread and beare to helpe downe the bell for them y*^ 

tookepaines j" vj** 

Item a locke for y« ministers pew doore ... j» iiij'* 

Ite?^^ for mending y« steeple & y" belfrey locke j* iiij** 

Item for mending y^ south doore o vj** 

lte7n for a staple to y« doore in y* vpper leads o vj** 

Item for altering y* clocke Hammer and a new spring & altering 

y^ cariages vj» o 

Item for 10 new sheeres for y« bell j» iiij** 

Item for 4 spiles to fasten y« bell o iiij<* 

Item for mending 3 bolts for y« bell j* iiij** 

Item for 2 poles vsed about y« bells & roule o viij** 

Item for bringing home y« timber o iiij** 

Item for a baldribb for y« new bell iij» iiij** 

Ite9/i for paueing some places in y^ Chiux^h and Chanoell ... j" viij** 

Item for mending 4 seates in y« Church j" ij*i 

1621 369 

It^;i for a new eye to a bell clapper aud for mending a baldribb vj* o 
Item for 10 foote of new glasse to mend y* windowes about y* 

v/nurcn ••• *., ,,. •*. ■•• ••• ■•• ••• vo 

It^m for 86 of new quarries of glasse vij" ij^ 

It^m for 16 foote new leaded iiij' o 

Item for 5 foote soddered & bsuided o vij<> 

It^m for lathes o ij* 

Ittfm for mending M' Crains seate ij' o 

It0m for enlarging j^ seate where M" Sparrow setteth ij' vj<* 

It^m for y* visitation dinner x'o 

Item for bread for y* Communion all y* yeare y* o 

It6m for wine for y« Communion all y« yeare ij" iiij* vj** 

It^m for 4 ropes for 4 bells xj* xj^ 

Item for ringing one y* Coronation y« 6*^ of Nouember & y« 

6* of August vj»o 

Item for halfe a dayes worke of a Carpenter & nayles to mend 

y seaiies «•• ■•• ««• •■« ••• ■«• ••• v i a 

Item for washing y« Church linnen all y« yeare v»o 

Item for Scouring y« fflagon & y« cup ij" o 

7» 10- 11* 

316 b] Item for gathering y« Communicant names j' o 

Item fiPor oyle for y« bells all y« yeere ij* o 

Item fiPor shooting y« bell ropes all y* yeere ij* o 

Item ffor keeping y« clocke all y* yeere xl" o o 

Item ffor digging & sowing with hay seedes y* Chiux^h yard on 

both sides o iiij" o 

Item to Bridge y« Carpenter for bread & beere i'v}^ 

Item for a payre of Indentures for the widdow Benison ... -j^-^ 

Item for 3 bookes to gather by o ij* o 

Item for entring y« Christnings manages & burialls in y« Church 

booke & for writing of them in parchment for y« Court ... iy* x** 

Item for y« writing of these accounts iij* iiij* 

Item to be allowed to John Hall for Sweeping y* Church 1 .y 

Item to John Hall for opening & shutting y* gates J 

Item layd out for mayne souldiers to Moses Home y« Constable xv« o 

^lil^^Item for y« deliuery of quarter bills oviy* 

3% 10*. 9* 

^ % « A, ' Summe is xxxj" xt« viij* 

317 a] Remaining in stocks to y« parish of great S^ Maries in 
Cambridge in y^ new Churchwardens handee 06" 12* 11* 

There is alsoe remaining in stocks to y* poore as apeareth by a 1** 10" 0* 

booke which is kept for there Tse j*ob: 

Which two summes are deliuered to M' Wiudle & M' Mate- 
rius Peeps Churchwardens for this yeere 1621 

C. A. 8. Octavo Seriet, No, XXXV, 24 

370 1621 

Greate These acoountn weere seene and allowed this 27 of April 1621 by va 

S^ Maries whoues names are vnder written Edward Potto 

Pariah Phillip Woolfe 

»° ^*°^- sigiium James (mark) hutson 


An Inuentory of y« money & goods of y« sayd Church receiued oy vs 
William Windle & Materius Peeps the new Churchwardens of y« old 
Churchwardens for this yeare 1621 

Imprimis receiued in money for y« Parish stocke 8. 12. 11^ 

Item for a Pale cloath wt^h y« hearse 
It^m two table cloath of blew veluett 
It^m one suiplise 
It^m two towells 

317 b] Item one new Table Cloth 
Item p. Bible & a Paraphrases 
Item two old Psalters 

Item a Communion Cupp with a Couer 

Item two seruioe bookes 

Item a Comunion table & a pooremans Chest with two keyes 

Item two new fflagons 

Item a booke of parchment wherein is incerted all y*' euidences concerning 

y« Parish. 
Item y* Poore mans Box & 3 keyes 
Item a booke of Cannons 

Item a box where in y* parrish euidences are enclosed 
Item a booke of parchment wherein is conteyned all y Christnings 

mariages & burialls 
Item a great blacke booke conteyning all y* accounts of y^ sayd Parish 
Item a new commuion Cupp with a Couer 
Item two new ladders & twelue buckets 
Item a booke of Jewells workes cheyned. 
Item a Boucle 
Item two Newe Service bookes 

M.emorandum that M' William Balden late of this parish haberdasher 
deceased, by his last will and Testament the said yeare, did gyve the sum 
of x" to be distributed by the Churchwardens of this parishe, for the better 
putting foorth of poore Children of this parish to be Apprentices. wAich 
said sume was accordingly paid by his Executor. 

318 a] Aprill the third. 1621. 

ffor that wee fynde much trouble from yeare to yeare in choosing of 
Churchwardens, and that few men of sufficiency will vndertake the same, 
in regai-d of the smalnes of the fyne heretofore payd and thereby breedeth 
a great inconvenience and distast to the Parishioners. 



Wee therefore all conclude, agree and ordeigne, that whosoever hereafter 
according to the ancient custome of the parish shalbe chosen Church- 
wardens, and any of them doth refuse the Office ; Every such person shall 
paye for his fyne to the vse of the parishe fiPorty shillings presently vppon 
such refusalL 

Also it is agreed by the generall consent of y* Company of this Parish 
then present; That whereas it hath bene a custome for the Church- 
wardens new elected to paye the overplus of the charge of the breakefiftst ; 
Every man that hath borne office of Churchwarden & being present at 
the said breakefSut paying xij^ and the others that have not borne that 
Office paying vj<* 

That from henceforth the said overplus above the mony receaved of the 
particuler persons as aforesaid shalbe borne out and allowed to the Church- 
wardens for that yeare, of the generall stock of the parishe, So that the 
charge of the breakefast, doe not amount to above the summe of fower 

Edward potto 

John Swetson 

PhilHp Wooife 

PhiUipe Scarlette 

wiUm windle 

marterius pepes 

Timothie Hignie 

Henrie Stockdalle 

Willm Short 

Christophr HaUey. 

318 b] Aprill the thiid 1621. 

The election made then being Easter Tewsdaye according to the 
ancient custome of the said parish, for the choosing of Churchwardens, for 
the yeare following William Bridg hath chosen for his man M' Potto, and 
M' Crab for his man M' Crane, and M' Potto hairh chosen to him M' 
Jeoffiry M' Betson M' Hatly and M' Crane hath chosen to him M' Philip 
wolfe Mr Swetson and Philip Scharlet and these eight have chosen for this 
yeare to come M' william windle and Marterius Pepis, for Church wardens. 
And the foresaid Churchwardens have chosen for sydes men Edward 
Armin & Timothy hignye. 

Great S^ ^^^ ^] 1^^ Accompt of William Windle and Marterius Pepis Church- 
Maries wardens for theire Receipts and disbursments for the said yeare 1621. 

in Cam- 


Marterius Pepis 

M' Wolfe .. 

M'Croftw .. 


M' Goodwin .. 



• ••*■ 





• •• 

WiUiam Short 
M' Higney ... 

M' Lee 

Thoffuu Shilbom ., 

M' Sedgwick 

M' Buraley ... 
Qoodwife Tiffin 
Qeoig Tiffin ... 
Thomas Parke 
Qoodtnan Baity 
Elizabeth Semer 
Philip Hamond 
Simon North... 
Margaret Broaderton 
Robert watson 
Qoodman Home 
M' Taylor ... 
Edward Spencer 
Henry AUum 
Mathew Had... 
Henry Moody 
Gabriel Harrison 
Robert Corbet 
Samuell Done 

iij" vij« j^ 319 b] Qoodman Maiden 
Qoodman Rothoiy . . . 
Goodwife Lambe 

John Peirse 

Goodman Marshall ... 

M' wicksted 

M' Spalding 

Mr Downes 


Groodman ffisher 
Goodman Martin 
Oliver Marshall 

M' Prior 

M' Wright 

M' Williams 

Robert Sanders 
Gtxxlman Jones 
Goodman Hitch 

M' Hall 

M' Greene 


. .. • 

«• •« 

>• . ai 



• *• . 

*a aa 

• «. < 

1 . . • 

I. a .1 


. . • 

> .. •< 

• • .ai 


. .. ■ 

.. .a 

a . aa 



• .. . 

• a a a 


... i 

1.. . 

1 a . aa 


. .. 

■ .. . 

f .. 


• •• 1 

I*. • 

• « ••< 


• •. 

■ .. • 

> . ••< 


. .. 

• .. . 

> . .a 


• •• 

• *. . 

• a aa < 


• •• 

• •• • 

a. aa 


. . • 

>.. •< 

»• .a 

. . . 

• .. . 

p. . a 4 


. .. 

• . • . 

a . a a 


• a. 

■ a. . 

a. .. 



• •• • 

• a •• 


. .. 

>.. • 

• a . a< 


. .. 

• •• . 

K a . a < 

aa a^ 



• *. . 

• a •• 

• . • < 

1 . • . 1 

>a ••« 

• • •_ • a V •J 

• •• 1 

> .. • 1 

• • ••< 

• • • J 

• a. 

».• . 

■ a Sai 


« •* • 

a. .< 

a • . • 


. . . i 

>.. • 

ta .ai 


. . • 1 

1 .. .< 

a ••< 


. . • 

• a. a 

• a a a 


. . . 

k . . % 4 

> a a at 


• • • 1 

• a. . 

• • ..< 

• • •— • • • • ■ 

iy« uij« 

. • . 

• •• • 

> a a ai 


• • • « 

>.. •• 

>a .ai 


• •« < 

a. .1 

>• m» 1 


.. • 

• a. . 

• • • a ■ 


• •• 

1.. . 

• a «a< 



u • m • 

• ■ •.< 

• • • a^ 



■ •• • 

• • •• 



• •« 

> a . •< 

• • ••< 


• •• 

I a a •< 

■ • ••! 


.. * ( 

la. a 

• a ••! 


. .. 

• • •• 

>• .ai 

■ • a ^i 


... 1 

!•• •! 

I* •.< 

• « « •_ 


... 4 

t a. . 1 

• • . ai 

• • B •_ 



Goodwife Hem 

••• ••• 1 

!•• • 

• • •• 

• ■•• 


Thoman Watkins . . . 

•• • ••• 1 

■ •• • 

>• ••< 

1 ■ a. 


M' Crane 

■ • • • • • ( 

• •• • 

a* .a 

• •• 


M' LovingtoD 

••• • •• < 

• • .< 

• a v.a 

» • a a 

• ■ • •• 'A 

Qoodman Gibson ... 

• • • •«• 

> • . * 

■ a a • 

• a. 



MiitTis Pamplin 

••• . * . 

• *• . I 

>. .a 

1 aaa 


Jonathan Pinder 

. • . . • * • i 

• «• • 

l* . . 1 

> •mm 

ij» vj* 

M' Scarlet 

. • • ... a 

• • .a 

1 • • a a 


• ■ • • _ 


Arthur Turner 

••• ••• 

> . « • a 

1 • ..a 


Peter Scarlet 

••• . . ■ 

>•• • 

a. .a 

• a a. 

• *• 

Simon Rowbuck 

■ • . ... 

• a. . 

aa •» 

* aaa 

ij* vj*i 


... ••• 

• •• . 

• • • a 

1 aaa 

••••« 'A 

lllj* VJ*" 

WiU Leader 

••• ... 1 

1 •■ • 

»■ a.a 

1 ... 


• .. * • ■ t 

1 «. .a 

>• ■ . a 

• •• 

a«aa_ ma 

my vy 

WiddofT Mathew 

• • • ... 1 

• . * I 

a a a< 

• . a 


v" j« mi* John Hem 

• . . . • ■ 

> .. • 

• • • . 

> a •. 

a •- 


6. 4. 1 


320 a] Widdotff Simons 

a ■ . ... a 

> a . . < 

>• •■ a 


• •• 


M' Preist 

• . . ... a 

a a .a 

. • •• 


UJ« VJ"" 


• .• ... 

la. .a 

I* • . a 

• •. 


M' Gibbe 

... ■ •■ 

» mm • 

>• •mt 

f ... 


M' Porter 

... ... 

a. a • 

• • a ai 

• . a • 

Charles Dawson 

. • p ... 

a a a a 

a a a a 

> aaa 


Goodman Richardson 

» • • • • . 1 

■ ■• a 

1 a a a 

i aaa 


Goodman Colby 

... ••■ 

• a • a 

1 . .a 



Goodman Ingry 

• . . • .. a 

>• a a < 

I a • aa 



Goodman Beeeton ... 

... ... < 

> •• .a 

1. ••! 

. a a 


Widdoiff Durden 

• • • ••• 

1 a a • 1 

>. a a ■ 


uy" vj^i 

Vtilliam Oasebon ... 

< (t ••• a 

>.. ■ a 

1 • ■ a< 

• a . 

a • a_ 


Mother Peere 

. • . • *• • 

m • mm 

t ••* 

• •• 


M' Atkinson 

••• •.. a 

. . .a 

1. a.a 



. >• •*• < 

• • •• 

• .at 

. • ■ 


James Hughson 

• •1 • • • < 

»•• •< 

>• •.< 

> ••• 

• • • «^ 

M' Jefiry ••• 

• • • ... ■ 

a • . • 

a • a. 

■ a. 


Suzan Netherwood ... 

... ••■ • 

• • . • 

• •a. 

• •• 

aa mJt 


Ambrose Butler 

... • •• 

■ a. a a 

a . . a 



M' Adams 

••• ■ • . a 

a. . • 

. . a • 


aaa aaaaj 


••■ ••• 

• .. . 

• . •*■ 

» ••• 



M' Rogers 

..• ••• < 

• •• •« 

• • aaa 

• a* 

••••a *A 


• . . • • • 

1 . . . 

> . • . 1 

» ... 


Thomat Levet 

.*■ ••• 

t •• • 1 

■ • ••! 

> • •. 

aaa J 


Goodman Loader ... 

••• ••• 

■ a. • 

• • ■ . 

• m mm 


Widdov Crisp 

... • . • 

R . a a a 

la • •■ 

m mm 

• • • J 


WO^tom Smyth 

•.. ••• 

• • . a 

• a a • 4 



Goodman Mittin 

... ••• 

• a a a 

mm mm 

1 aaa 


874 1621-2 

Widdoto yreBt iiij* 

Gk>odniAn wrattam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Gk>odma?t Carpenter xviij*' 

lir Smyth ... ... ... ••• ... ... ••• ... ii^ iiij* 

V omi uaTv ... ... •*. ... ... •«• ... ••■ juj^ 

Richard Tooly zij<' 

iij" xvij" o Richard Lowde vj«* 

320 b] Daniel BojB ij» 

widdiw Rogers vj* 

Goodman Johnson ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

Qoodmon Martin ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... yj^ 

John warren ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... yj^ 

Gfoodman Sanders ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• vj'^ 

xxeucy JCIOW ... ... ... .«• ... ... ... ... XJJ 

John BiggM ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

V oxnoB xLcres ... ... •• ... ... •■« ••• ••* z\ iij 

vu vor ^v oixe ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj 

widdoir ward... ... ... ... ... ••• ••• ... vj' 

M' Claydon ij« vj* 

Gk)odman ffawcet ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... xviij^ 

jSUL X oEUl y ••• ... ... ••• ••• a.. •*. ... J 

JXL J^vlvUMIU ... ••• ... ... ... ••• •*• ... U VI 

jXL UXUCU ... ... ... ... ■•« ... «.. ... ^\i 

Henry Essex ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... U YJ*^ 

MwAis Mathewes xij^ 

JK oan ireero ... ... ... ••• ... ... ... ••• ij vj 

Thomas Perkins xij* 

Thomas Jury ... ... ... ... ••. ... ... xij*^ 

XEL ^xXlcU ... ••• ... ... ••• ... ... ... *'J 

M' Sndg ... ... ... ... ... ... »•• ••• iij* 

Gkxxlman Hollybrand xij*^ 

Mr Hailv ii" vi<l 

XXOklMV ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... •■• *J Tj 

Edward Claye xij*^ 

Thomas Howsden ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij* 

Gk)odman Whiskin ij* vj** 

Arthur Hurst xviij* 

Henry Beaumond ... .•. ... ... ... ... ..• ij* 

Ju. X XUeb ... ... ... a». ... ... ... ... Uj 

John Ansell ... ... ... ... ... ... xviij^ 

Jonas Wilkes iij" vj'* 

iiju 00 yj^ M' Knuckle iiij* 

321a] James Preist xviij<^ 

Qoodman Collin xij<^ 

Obediah Perkins iij* 

1621-2 375 

Thomo* WoodM xy* 

iZL xU V vO «•■ •■• ••• ••• >«• ••• ••• «•« Jk. 

Mu^B Metcalf ij' vj^ 

M'JoAnPepis iiij« 

JXL XXoi^v JblUjIS ••• •** ••• *•• ••• ••• ••• «•• 111 VJ 

MuAis Wright iij" iiij** 

Anthony Wright ... ... ... ... ... ij' 

Henry Cotton ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij" 

izL o we w8 uon ••• ••• ••( ... ... ••• ..• ... ii 

M'Stockdale iij* 

M'Qodfiney iij" iiij** 

Robert Kendall ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

M' Windle ••• ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• iiij* 

jiuL X e imn w «•• ••• ... ... .•* ... ... ... u j 

JjH. v/IaJUXwV •■• •.■ ... ... ... ... ••• ... ^ 

Richard Soper ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' 

JKLr MSUilv ... ... ... •■• ... *•• ... ... Uj 

widdotr ffia,yr6brother ij" 

Eilizabeth Bath ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

widdoi9 Hudson vj^ 

Robert Bendall xij^ 

Anthony Douglas vj^ 

John Netherwood ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Ezechiel woollard zij^ 

Goodman Ablinson iij" 

widdcnr Jenkenson vj^ 

Qoodman Edwardes 

Mr Manv ii" \H<1 

I I I n t I j r ... ••• ... ... ... ... ••• ... ijvj 

Thomas Browne «, xviij'' 

M' Doctor Moutlowe x* 

iiij" xvj* viij*> Henry Coppin xviij<> 

321b] RecM'vftf for servantea oiferinge« xiiij* v]j<> 

Grace Clerck iiij'' 

Mury Clerck ... ... ... ... ••. ••• •.. uij** 

Goodman Inkersole ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ij' 

Widdow Hem 

iiy" ij<* William Woodward xviij* 

S umm a tot a lis m ^ viji oo ix* vj^ 
Summa x^" iiij" j** 

Rente* received & due to the parish 

Of M' Doctor Moutlowe vij" vj** 

M' Betson ... ... ... ... ••• ... ... •>• xl* 

widdow Hem ... ••• ••• ..• ••• ••• ••• xx" 

Goodman Ablinson ^ 



Thomiis Bfown6 ... ••• ••• ... ••• 

Of the Senior Procter for the Masters of Art 

Of the Junior Proctor for the Bftchelers 

x" vij» X* Of John Hall for rent 

Reoeiptei for burialls 
Mu^ris Bayly ... ... ... •.. 

Mufns wn§[ht •>• ... ... 

WiUiam Gk)Btlin r.. 

Jttoifuor v/OO ••• ••« ••• ••• ••• «•• ••• •• 

^U> V vU^TD ••• ••• •«• ••• ••• •«• ••• ••< 

M' ESdward Potto ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 

ij** xiij" iiij* M' Simons 

ILoceived more for Church stock 

Summa Reoeptorvm totalis xli^j^ * xj » ij*' 

xlij** xviij* ij* 

382 a] Disbursmentei whereof wee crave to be allowed 

Inprimis paid for the overplus of the election dinner 

Iton a bever for the Auditors 

It«m spent in wine at the prtfoeesion 

Item for mending seatM in the Church & hanging the Ladders 
Item for paving the Churyard & about the Church 



iiij"* vij* 

XllJ* UIJ* 

vj" viij** 
vj* vijj* 

VJ" Vllj* 

vj* viij* 

Xllj* lUj" 
▼J* VllJ*" 

viij" xij« xj* 

Item for belropes 

Item to the Tresurers for the Almes houses 

Item for y* booke of articles 

Item to the Minister for his wages 

Item to the Scavinger 

Item to Roger the Dogwhipper 

Item to M' Lovington for mending the Leades & for sother fier 

w worcjk ... ••• •.. ... ... «•• ... ..a vj Ar ij 

Item for mending of the Clock and other iron worck about the 

Church and steeple 





lvj« iij* 

... xxxiiij* vj** 


xiij" vj« viij^ 

... a^ 


Item for a Key & mending a lock ... xvj<^ 

Item for timber worckmanship & nailee for repayring of the 

frames, & for new wheeles v"xix*v\j* 

Item bestowed vppon helpers at the taking downe & hanging vp 

01 wQe oeus ... ... ... ... ... ... •.. 

Item to John Hall for washing the Linnen, scowring the cups 

& flagons, gathering the Comimicante* names oyle for the 

bells & writing of Christninge* manages and burialls . . . 
xlj^ ij" x' Item for cloning the Church and opening the gates 

322 b] Item for keeping the clock 

Item for mending of a bucket 

Item the fyft of November and the Coronation gyven to y* 

Ringers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij* vJ 

xij" vuj 





1622 377 

It^m for ehn settM & haye seedeB yj* 

It^m for bread & wine xlvj* ij* 

It^m for writing of this aocompt iij'iiij*^ 

Item for the visitac^on Dinner x* 

Item for writing the Indentures for the bells to be new cast & 

abend vppon them ... ... ... ... ..• ... iiij' 

Item paid to one for going to S^ Ives to take bond of the Bel- 

v"xvj«viij'' founder with twoe suertyes ij" 

Summa totalis of Disbursments xlvj^ xix" vj^ 

"Received in collection for the new casting, of the bells ••• xlviij" xix* iiij*^ 

Siimma est ^predieta 

Disbursed for casting, mettle, added to the new casting, and 

for other charges expended about them xliiij" xiiij" x^ 

Summa totalis Reoeptorum Ixxxxj'' xrij" v}^ 
Sttmma Expensarum Ixxxxji' xiiij" iiij^ 

So that there remayneth in parish stock to be delivered to the succeed- 
ing Churchwardbu i^' ij^ 

yrhich was preMutly payd vnto them, by Willuim Windle & Marterius 
Pepis the old Chim^hwardens, & so -hem- vppon these Aooomptei 

323 a] These Aocompt^ were sene p^nrsed & allowed the xxj^ of Maye 
1622. by vs whose names vnder written, being Auditors appoynted for this 

Edward potto 
John Swetson 
Phillip: Woolfe: 
Phillipe Scarlette 
Christopher Hatley. 

323 b] Aprill the 9S^ 1622. 

Greate The election made then being Easter Tusdaye According vnto the 

St Manes aunohient custome of the saide pamhe, for the choosinge of Church- 
P* j^ ' wardens for the yeere followinge William Windle hath chosen for his man 
m' Swetston & m' materius Peape* m' John Peapes and M' Swetston hath 
chosen to him m' Smythe M' Jurie m' Tennantt & m' Peapes hath chosen 
to him m' Clayton m' Hattlye m' Addams, and these Eighte haue chosen 
for the yeere to come m' Stockdale and m' Hignye for Churchwardens 
and the afore said Churchwardens haue chosen, for Sidaemen Henry 
moodye & Marterius Peapes 

378 1622-3 

Eocleoa ^^ a] ^^ Aooompt of Timothy Higney and Henry Stockdale Church- 

Sancta wardens for theire Receipts and DisbuFBmentei for the said yeare 1622. 


iuxta Receipts 

forum in M' Marterius Pepis iiij» 

v^anta" 'w-, Tir^if^ ._.■ 

Richard Croftes ij' vj^ 

BIL X^Sf^ ••• ■■> ••■ ■•• ■•• ••• ■■• •■■ *^U 

JXL VXvVU nTlU ••■ •■■ ••• ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• ^^3 

WtUiam Short iij* 

M' Higney ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

Mr Laa iii* 

****** ... •.. ... ... ... ... ■■• ... J 

Thomas Shilbome ij« 

JiL kSeugWlCK ... ... ... .., ... ... ... ... IJ VJ 

M'Bursley ij'Yj* 

Geoig Tiffin xviij* 

widdow Tiffin ... ... ... ... ... yj^ 

Thomas Parke xij<* 

Qoodman Battey xij^ 

Philip Hamond yj** 

Elizabeth Seamer y}^ 

Qoodman Roberta* iij^ 

Qoodman Lamb ... ... ... yj^ 

John Peaice ••• ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Thomas Botilter yj** 

7 3 Qoodman North xij* 

Qoodwife Botherton yj*^ 

2 8 3Bob^watson ij* 

324 b] M' Home iij* 

xu. X ayior ... ... ... ... ... ... ■.. *.. iij 

Edward Spencer ... ••• ij* 

Qoodman Allam ••• ... ... ... ••• ... ... zij^ 

JXL JXLmJUY ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... J 

M' Harrison iij'iiij* 

Gkx)d97ia9i Corbet xviij* 

Samuell Doane xij** 

Goodman Maiden ij' yj** 

JxL W iCl^B ueQ «.. ... ••• ••• ... •.. ••• •*• X 

M'' Popio 

AL J<rO WUvB ••• ... ... ... •*. ... ... •■• V" 

JXL w raye ... ••• ... •*• ... •«• ... •.• ^^ •! 

Richard Earlome U' ^ 

Qoodman ffisher ... ... ••• ... ... ... ... XYiij^ 

Oliver Marshall xij*^ 

JXL JT i^ior ... ..t ... ... ... ... ... ... J 



M' Wright ... 


Robert Saunders 

Groodman Joanes 

Qoodwife Ward 

M' HaU 

M' Greene ... 

Widdott^ Hem 

Thomas Watkins 

M' Crane 


M" Willtam Goade 

M' Lovington 

MiatriB Pamplyn 

ffiuncis ffinch 


. ■ ■ • A 

• • • m^ 





• • •_ • • • •J 
ly" nij* 

• ** *• 'A 



* 'm 



325 a] M' Gibson 

M' Finder 

M' Scarlet ... 

Arthur Turner 

Simeon Roebuck 

Abraham Pahner 

M' Betson ... 

Good9?ian Leader 


M' Wodenote 

M' Hamond 

Widdow Mathew 

Widdotr Simons 

Richard Parker 

Phillip Scarlet 

Henry Preist 

M' Scot 

M' Gibs 

M' Porter ... 

Charles dawson 

Qoodman Richardson 

M' Coleby 

Goodman Ingry 
Goodman Beeston .. 
Mttfris durden 
Mistna Smyth 

M' Casebon 

M' Hughson ... 





ij* vj* 


111J« vf 

ij« vj* 
nij« vj** 


'"m *A 

UJ« VJ* 


« • • 




nij" vj'" 

•• •- 



• • • 9^ 



325 b] M'Jeoffiy 
danid Whitfeild 
Ambroae Butler 
M' Roflsington 
M' Adftms ••• 
MutnB Slegg ... 
Mtitria Rogers 
Mtctris Wrickaon 
Henry Howe 
Qoodman Loader 
flhther Milton 
Qoodwife west 
Qoodman Smyth 
Goodman Ivet 
Qoodman Wrattam 
Qoodman Potter 
Nicholas Carpenter 
M' SamiM^ Smyth 
John Hart ... 
William Tooley 
John Hurst ... 
Widdow Ward 
Jane Carr 
James Acres ... 
Oliver Wolfe... 
Thomas Parker 
William Bradshaw 
1 — 18 — 2 John BiggM ... 




m • •_ a • • • J 


nij" vj* 





• • • m9 





• "A 





•• •J 






2 — — 6 Daniel Boys ... 



326 a] John Warren 
Willfom Johnson . . 

M' deydon 

Qoodman £fawcet 
M'dodson ... 
WiZ^tam Qoodwin 
M' Penny 
M' Jeoffiiy ffinch 
M' Essex 
MM^ris Mathewes 
M' Perkins ... 
Noah Peere ... 
Widdow Bartiet 
M' Jury 
M' Allen 



• .• 





ij« vj*> 










M' Steward 


Goodman HoUybrand 


Edwaid Claye 
Thomas Howsden .. 
Wi^tam Whiskin .. 
Arthur Hurst 
Heury Beaumont 
Thomas Tillet 
John Hansell 
Jonas Wilkes 
M' Knuckle ••• 
2 17 6 James Preist 









* ■ 'A 


•"•» 'A 

nj« vj*> 

• • • • . 


326 b] Goodman Collins ... 

Obediah Perkins 

Thomas Woode« 

Misfris Oradock 

M' Potto 

Mtr/ris Metcalfe 


M' Hawkins 

Mufris Wright 

Anthony Wright 

M' Cotton 

Thomas Cotton 

M' Godfirey 



Robert Kendal 

M' Tenant 

M' Windle 


Goodman Soper 

M' Birt ••• ... ••• 

Widdoicr Jenkinson 

Qoodman Evans 

Robert Lendall 

Anthony Douglas 

Widdotff Hem 

Goodman Paynter 

Ezecheel WoUard 

3 15 10 Robert Ablinson 


• •• 

•*• • . • 

••t ••• ■■• ••• 

••• ••• 

••. ••• 





ij" vjd 

• • • •_ 

llj" vj« 

* * *M • • ■ * Jt 



nj" luj" 


•« • 

. • • • 







• • • • . . 

• *• •.. 


•• •_ 

382 162&-3 

327 a] QoodmanGee ij' 

Goodman Inkeraole ij* 

WUliam Wooddaad ^j^ 

Widdow EdwardM • ... vj^ 

John Watson 

doctor Moutlowe ... ... ... ... ... ... •.. x* 

Thomas Browne xviij** 

Henry Coppin xviij* 

Bec^'v0(i for servanteff offeringes xzj* 

Ueceived for BuriaUs. 

Jane Swetston 
Mis^ris wolfe 
M' Rogers 
M' Cheyny .. 
M' Thurstone 


vj« viij* 
vj" viij«* 
vj» viij'* 
vj" viij«i 
yj* viij** 

Rentes recewed & due to the parishe 

Of M' Doctor Moutlowe vij* vj* 

OfMrBetson xl' 

OfWiddowHem xx« 

Goodman Ablinson y* 

ThofiuM Browne ... ... ... ... ••• ... ••• xij* 

John Hall for rent xiij* iiij* 

Of the senior Procter for the masters of Artes zxziiij* iiij* 

Of the Junior Prpcter for the Bachelers iiij** xiij" iiij** 

14 10 6 Recdtvec? more for Church stock iij"ij*' 

Summa totalis 1 ..... .. .. 

-, . y xxxiij" xvj* xj« 

Receptarum J i# i» .» 

327 b] DisbursmentM wherof wee crave to be allowed : 

Inprimis paid for the overplus of the election dinner ... iij" xviij* viij** 

Item for a boire for the Auditors vj'viij'* 

Spent in Wine at the perambulacion viij" 

Item to the Carpenter for timber nailes and worckmanship for 

the Ch\u*ch gates ij* viij** 

Item to the Smyth for mending the lockee and other Iron 

worckee about the Chuich gates v"j«* 

Item for new hanging iij bell6s iij* iiij** 

Item for the visitactOTis bill & booke v« iiij** 

Item to Roger for nayling y« paynted cloth ij* 

Item for 4 locked and keyes for the bele xiiij*'^ 

Item for a bawdrick for y« great bell iij« 

Item to James Preist for paynting the gates postee & Church- 

WiUio ... ... ... «,a ,,, (,, ..." ... li V J 

Item for Iron worck & worckmanship for hanging y* great bell ix" x* 

1622-3 383 

Item to Goodman Corbet for mending the glasing of y* Church 

W luQOWGS ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ llj VJ 

Item to the Carpenter for a new doore & mending other doores iiij* 

lO 7 11 It^m for mending the ALnes houae xij*' 

328 a] Item to Noah Peere for mending 2 se&tes and boorde« 

lor unem»*« ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• x viij 

It^m for a Keye for a lock iiij** 

Item to Noah Peere for aboord to mend a seat xx^ 

Item to Goodman Hall for mending the pillers and sweeping 

the roofe and piUers in the Church xiyj" x^ 

Itam for Ely fiurthinges x^ ob 

Item to the Tresaurers of Cambrige for the Almeshouses ... xij** 

It^m for a rope for the great bell iiij* 

Item to the Minister for his wages xiij" vj" viij<> 

Item to Roger Wright the dogwhipper for his wages the whole 

yoaxe ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• »•• xutj xij \ j 

Item to Mittin his wages for cleaning the street by the Church- 
walls for this year xxxvj* 

It^m for writing ig quarter biUs xij*^ 

It^m for writing of this Accompt iij'iiij*^ 

Item for the visitacion Dinner x" 

Item for bread and wine for the whole yeare xlix* iiij*^ 

Item to the Ringers 5o November 5^ Augue^ & the Coronation 

Uc*yw ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• *'%! 

Item for mending the 2 bell wheeles ij' 

Item for mending the hearse and some seatee ij* 

Item for 2 paire of hinges xij*^ 

Item for a new Cricket for the Ministers pue xij^' 

22 4 ob Item for mending a wheele xij<* 

Item for gathering the Comunicantes names & paper xiiij^ 

328 b] Item for writing the names of all marriages christninges 

& burialls in parchment ij« 

Item for Registring the same into the booke xi}^ 

Item for washing the Church Linnen all the yeare v" 

Item for scowring the flagons and cups the whole yeare ... ij* 

Item for oyle for the bells the whole yeare \j" 

Item for cleaning the Chiurch and opening the gates xx* 

Ite^n for mending a bucket & hanging them vp with a peece of 

Hinpcr a.* ••• •*■ ••• ••• ••• ••• •«• J J 

3 14 2 Item for keeping the clock the whole yeare xl" 

Summa totalis Recepton«m xxxi\j" xvj« xj^ 
SttmmA Expensarum xxxvji' ija yd ob 

So vppon this Accompt there resteth due to these Accomptantes 

wAtch they have layd out more than they rooeived ... xlv" vj*^ ob 

384 1623-4 

The AccompUc were seene pervsed & allowed the ix*^ daye of Maye 1623, 

hy vs whoee naineB are vnderwritten, being Auditors appoynted for this 


John Swetson 

John Pepis 
Christopher HaUey 
Thomas Jewry 
Christofer Adams 
[Fol. 839 a blank.] 

339 b] ApriU : 15. 1683. 

Great S^ Mariesl The election then made being Easter Tuesdaye ac- 
in Cambridge j cording to the ancient custome of the said parishe, 

for the choosing Churchwardens for the yeare following Henry Stockdale 
hath chosen for his man M' D' Mowtlowe and Timothy Higney hath 
chosen for his man M' Alderman Wicksted, Doctor Moutlowe hath chosen 
to him M' Philip Wolfe, William Williams and Leonard Greene, M' Wick, 
sted hath chosen to him M' Jeoflfry, M** Adams and M' Bridge, and these 
eight haue chosen with the consent of our Minister M** Goldfinch for the 
yeare to come John Pepis and Henry Moody for Churchwardens 

And the Aforesayde Church wardens have Chosen for Sydsmen Henry 
Stockdale and Timothy Higney 

Memorandom the last of februarye 1623 It was agree ^'ppon by the 
whole consent of the poritionaivs of this parish of greate S^ Maries in Cam- 
bridg then present in the Chancell of the same Church That m' Alderman 
Potto and m' Docter Moutlow shoulde Choose syx men, three of each 
bodye, to, and wtth the new Church wardens, Henrye Moodye, and John 
Pepis, To oversee and mende the Rates in the Easter booke as they shall 
see fyt And thouse two have Cliosen for that purpose m' Jefrey, m' Swet- 
son m' Williams, m' Greene, marterious Pepis and m' Jefrey ffinch. pro- 
vided that m' Docter Moutlow & m' Alderman Potto shall have power to 
Rate (as to them shalbe thought fyt) thouse syx men by them soe Chosen 
as allsoe the Chiux)h wardens 

330 a] Great S^ Maries) The Accomptes of Henrie Moodye and John 
in Cambridge j Pepis Churchewardens for their Receipts and 

Disbursments for the sayed yeare 1623 


Marterious Pepis 
Jonas Scot ... 
M' PhilHp Woolfe ... 
George Mathew 
Mr Legge 

Mr Edward Goodwin 
ould m' Higneye 
M' Tymotiiie Higneie 

« ■ « "^ 




• • " •« 




1623-4 385 

M' Short ... iij" 

John Jollye ... iij** 

goodwyfe Lamb vj* 

Edmond HoUiedaye xij* 

Thomas Bouttell ... xij* 

John Pearce xij<* 

goodman Rodrie xij** 

Thomas Shylbome ij' vj^ 

Joshua Sedgwiecke iij' vj'^ 

Henrje Bursleye xij<^ 

George Tyffin ij* 

Wydow Tyffin xij* 

Thomas Parks xvj** 

goodman Batteye xij** 

Phillip Hammon ... vj** 

Elizabeth Seamor vj'* 

goodman North xij'^ 

Robert Watson ij* 

Moyses Home iij" iiij** 

ixL X ay ler ••• ... ... ... ... ... ••• ... nj * j 

330 b] Henry Allom xij«i 

m' Henrye Moodye iiij" 

Qeoi^e Taylor new com to the parish xij** 

Qabrill Harrison iij" vj** 

goodman Corbet xij** 

goodman Mauldin iij' 

M' Alderman Wyckhtod x* 

iu JL/O wues ••• ... ... ... .•• ••* ••• ••• * 

Henrye Wraye iiij" 

Richard Carloome ij" ^'j** 

goodman fisher ... .• ... ••• ... ... ... ij' 

M' Fryor ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• mj 

M' Wylliam Wright iiij* 

John Heame ij* vj* 

Edward Spencer ... ... ... ... ... ... #•• iij* 

M' Wyliams vj" 

Robert Saunders ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij 

goodman Joanes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Daniell Evington xij'^ 


M' Leonardo Greene iiij' 

Wydow Heame ij" 

Thomas Watkins xij*^ 

siL v^rayne ••. .••« ... ••• ••• •*• •.* ••• ^ 

C.A.8. Octavo Series. No. XXXV. 25 




M' VfiUiam Ooade ... 
M' Louingeton 


fhuicls finch 
M' EdfMxiti Gybsou ... 
Jonathan Pynder ... 
Peeter Scarlet 
Arthur Turner 
Symond Bobeck 
5 6 2 Abraham Palmer ... 

331 a] Richarde fletcher 
M' Walter Betson ... 
goodman Leader 
M' Thomas Crabb ... 
Wydow Mathewes ... 
Wydow Symonds ... 
Richard Parker 
Phillip Scarlet 
Henrye Preist 
M' John Scot 


M' Edmonde Porter 
Charles Dawson 
Henrye Coppinge ... 
Wydow Richardeson 
Wyliam Colbye 
Goodman Ingreye ... 
Goodman Beeston ... 

M" Durdaine 

M' Smlthe 

Wyliam Casboull . . . 
Wyidow Peare 
Wydow Buffe 
M' James Hutson ... 
M' Edmond Jefireye 
Daniell Whitfeilde ... 
Ambrose Butler 

M' Addams 

Goodman Yaxley 


3 17 M" Rogers 

331b] M'Wrickson 
Henrye How 

• • • • •« mm 

nj« mj* 



iij' vj<* 


ij* vi* 



nij" vj« 



... - 







iij" Vf 

■ • • > 


lUj" VJ^ 


uj* yf 







. •• • 





1623-4 387 

John Pew xij* 

Goodman Loader xij^ 

father Mjtten xij* 

Wydow West iiij<> 

Wyliam Smyth xij** 

John Harte viij<* 

goodman Ivat vj** 

goodman Rust vj*^ 

goodman PottaU xviij** 

Nycholas Carpenter y" 

Samuell Smyth iij' iiij*' 

goodman Lacke 

John Huste vj** 

Wydow Warde vj* 

V a ue v^arre ••• •*• «•■ ..■ ••• ••• «•. ••• vi 

Thomas Martyn vj^ 

V ames t\ KHrs ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• jl v ly 

OUiver Woolfe vj«> 

Thomas Parker ••• * vj<^ 

V OuO JDyiCI^B ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• ••• ■■• VJ 

Joseph Mytten vj*^ 

goodman Booker vj^ 

X/anieii ^)oyse ••• •■• ••• ••• ■<• •■• ••• ij 

Olliver Marshall xij^ 

Wylliam Johnson vj** 

Wydow Roger0« "• vj*^ 

Thomas Wylliamson vj^ 

John Warren ... ... ... ... ... ••• ... yj 

M" Clayton ij* vj** 

Qoodman fosset zviij^ 

1 15 4 M' Edwarde Dodson ij" vj*i 

332 a] Wylliam Goodwin xij*^ 

JXL xreuuey ••• ... .•> ... ... ... •*• ... J 

Samuell Taylor y* 

M' Jeffireye fjmch ... ... ... ... ... ... ... nj' 

Henrye Essex ... ... ... ... ... *•• ••• ij' 

M" Mathewea ^j** 

Thomas Pyrkyns xij* 

JN oane ir eare •■• ... ... ... ••• ... ... •«. \} *j 

Wydow Bartlet ... YJ^ 

Thomas Jewrye ... ... ••• ... ... ••• ••• xviij 

M> Allen ... ... ... ... •.. •.• ... ••• "J 

M"* Stewarde ••• ... ... ... ••• ••. *.• ••• xviij 

Wylliam Bridg iij* 


388 1623-4 

Goodman Hollybrand xij** 

M' Hatleye ij'vj** 

Edward Claye xij'* 

Thomas Howsdou ij« 

(theise Hhould come in at thitt mark * * 

W™ Whiskyn iij" iiij** 

Arthur Hust zij^ 

Henry Beomvnd ij* 

Thomas Tyllet iij» 

Somm ix" iiij^) 

John Hansell xviij<> 

Jonas Wylkes iiij* 

M' Knuckle iiij» 

James Preiste • xviij* 

goodman Collyn xij^ 

Obadia Pyrkyns iij'vj* 

Thomas Wood xij* 

M' Alderman Potto x» 

M" Medcalfe • ij' vj** 

John Pepis iiy* 

Richarde Crofbes iij* 

Abell Hawkyns ij« 

M" Wright iij" iiij** 

Anthonye Wright ij» 

M' Gotten ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

4. 08. 02 Thomas Gotten 

332 b] M' Thomas Godfreye iij* iiij'* 

ijx k^lV^VuCK/ll ••• #•• ••• •■• ••• *•• ••• ••• V 

M/ Henrye Stockdall iij" yj* 

M' John Tenant ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

Sj±. w y ncue ... ••• ... ... ... ... ... ••■ *J 

Richard Inman xviij** 

M' Allderman Gropley x» 

Richard Soper ij* vj^ 

Thomas Bert iij* 

Wyddow Jenkenson xij** 

goodman Herbert xij** 

goodman Toolye xij* 

Wylliam Evans xij* 

Robert Kendall xviij** 

Anthoney Dowglas vj<* 

Wyddow Heame vj«* 

goodman Payntor xij* 

Ezechiell Woolward xij** 



Robert Ablinson 

goodman Qee 

goodman IngersoU ... 

Wylliam Woodward ... 

Wyddow Edwards ... 

John Watson 

M' Docter Moutlow ... 

Thomas Browne 
3. 6. 10 Servantef offeringes ... 
4.7. 1^ 

• • • m»i 

• • •« 




• *■ 


Somma xxij" xvj" vij'* 

333 a] Receites for biirialls 

M" Hall for hir husband 

M" Clayton for hir husband 

M' Greene of trenetye coleg for the Biiriall of Sir Omer of 

'*'t^U . V/V/iX • ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Rents receved and due to the parishe 

Of M' Docter Moutlowe 

\jk m iseuSon ••■ ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Of the wyddow Heame 

Of goodman Ablinson 

Of Thomas Browne 

Of John Hall for Rente 

Of M' Addams Procter for mcu^ of Art«« 

Of M' Reddinge procter for the Bachelors 

Receiued more of the paritioneres vppon Tusedaye in Easter 

weeke theire xij^ and yj<^ a man y/fith our owne xij*^ a peece 
Received of M" Heame towardev the paving before hir shop 

doore she hath of y« parish 

Somma xiiij" yj* 
The whole Somm received is xxxvj** xvij" j* 

Monyes due to the parish not yet vnreoeyved 

M' flick for 40 mydsomer bachelors 

M' Job a So o tt f o r h i s Eftotor boolt m m rrr— 


Thomas Gotten for his Easter book 

Soma zvij* iiij^ 

333 b] Disborsments whereof wee craue to be allowed 
Inprimis Payed for the election dynnsr vppon Tusedaye in 
jBmBver wecKe ... .«• ... ... ... ... ... 

Item paide for a bever for y« Auditors 

Item paide for pavinge at the pvmpe and for pyble and sande 
Item Spent vppon the paritioners in wyne at the perambulation 

yj" viij^ 
vj" viij** 

yiji vjd 




xnj" nij*» 

XXXV* vj** 

xxvj* vj** 


xuj* ny»i 


... .fi 

Yf vaj** 



390 1623-4 

Item paied vnto Noah Poare for mendinge a faulte in the south 

porch of the church viij^ 

Item potd to John Syll for a Balldreck for the fourth bell ... iij* iiij^ 
Paied for two Keyes and locks mendinge for the Chansell and 

jseiirey uoores «.. •*. ••• ..* •«. ... ... ivj 

Payed for our first bill into the archedeaoons Courte and a 

booke of articles i^ 

Paied to Qee the carpenter for mending two seats in the Church, 

a payor of dovetayles and nayles xv}^ 

Payed to John Hall monye that he sayeth he spent vppon the 

Ringers the vj*** vij**» and viij**> dayes of October when the 

prince returned from Spayne iiij* 

Item more paied vnto him (as he sayeth) monye that was com- 

aunded to be laied for fagotes for a bonefyer the same tyme iij* iiij<^ 

Payed to Akers the Carpenter for mendinge seats viij^ 

It«m paied at the Archdeacons offic at the viaetation for our 

bill and booke of articles ziiij^' 

Item for the visetation supper x' 

payed to the treasorers of the towne for the Almes houses ... xij*' 
payed for pyble, sand, and workemens Labours, in pavinge the 

Streete one the south and west of the Church xxxix" iiij*^ 

Payed for 4 bell RopM waigheng 30" x" 

8. 16. 4 Item for mendinge the wheele of y« tryble bell ij" 

334 a] Item for a payre of Joynte* for m" Taylors pew dore... vj** 

It^m for trussinge the great bell and nayles xij*' 

It^m payed to M' Daye y* Smith for Iron worke for the same 

hAll ii* 

t^OM^ ... ... ... ... ••• ... ... .•• IJ 

Item payed to John Royes for Ely farthings x** ob 

Payed to James Akers for mendinge two seated, and for naylas 

and uearers %%t ... ..■ «•■ ••• ... ,.« ^JJ 
Item payed to m' Lovington for his worke and stuffe in mend- 
inge a window one y* south syde of the Church ij* 

Item payed for mendinge the payement«< within the Church ... xij^ 
Payed to m' Qouldfynch our minester for his whole yeares 

wages xiij" vj* viij* 

It^m paid to Mytten for his wages for the whole yeares making 

cleane and carieng awaye the dyrt about the Church ... xxxvj* 
Item payed vnto Roger wnght the dogge whipp«r his wages for 

the whole yeare ix* iiij<* 

Item for bread and wyne the whole yeare Iij* 

payd for a new Baldreck for y« second bell iij* 

18.16. lOj payed for owr last quarter bill iiij*i 

Payed to John Hall for a Sainted bell Rope xij*^ 

for two lockM and Keyes mending vpon the comencement daye xviij*^ 

1624 391 

for the Ringers vppon the three Rynging dayes yj" 

for washinge the lyninge all the yeare v« 

for Wrightmg a Reiester of Christenings mariagM and Burial! 

this yeare and parchment into the office xxj"^ 

for wrightinge the same into the booke of parchment kept for 

the same purpose xviij'* 

Item for gatheringe the oomunicantes names * xij^ 

Item for shootinge the bell Ropes the whole yeare ij" 

Item for oyle for the bell ropes the whole yeare ij* 

Item for broomes and makinge cleane the Church the whole \ 

yeare ••• ••• ••• ,,. ,,, ,,, ,,, ...^ xx 

Item for openinge and shutting the gate8 ) 

Item for keepinge the Clock xl' 

Item for wrightinge theise aoooumpteff iij" 

334 b] Payed vnto Heniye Stockdall and Tymothey Hygneye 
Churchwardens for the yeare 1622 monye due to them 
vrhich they layed forth more then they Receved as appear- 
6.10.3^ eth in theire aoooumpt68 xlv« vj** ob 

Somma totalis Received is xxxyj^ xvij* i^ 
Som expended is xxxiiij" ig* yj^ 

Soe theire remaineth in the parrish Stock to be delivered to the Suc- 
ceedinge Churchwardens the som of liij* vij^ wAtch was presentlye payed 
vnto them by M' Moodye and John Pepis the oulde Chiu-chwardens and 
So theise accoumptant^ are acquitted 

There Rested as in the acompt of the Receits apeareth the som of 
xvij" iiij<> vfMch the Succeeding Churchwardens are to gather vp 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
Edwaxd Potto 
Edmond Jeffrey 
Phillip : wooUe : 
Leonard Greene 
Christover Addams william Bridge 

336 a] Greate S^ Maries in Cambridge 

The election made the xxx^ daye of march 1624 beinge Easter tusedaye 
accordinge to the ancient Custom of this parish for the ChooB3mge of 
Churchwardens for the yeare followinge Yidelioet M' Henrye Moodye hath 
chosen for his man, M' Phillip Woolfe. John Pepis hath Chosen for his man 
m' Edmond Jefreye. M' Woolfe hath Chosen to him M' Wyndle, M' 
Legge, M' Henrye Preist M' Jefreye hath Chosen to him, M' Hatleye 
Christover Adams, Marterious Pepis. And theise eight with the consent 
of M^* Gyll deputed minester in M' Gouldfinch his absenc) hath Chosen 
Churchwardens for the yeare to com m' william wylliams and Edward 



Qybson. And the aforesayed Church Wardens have Choaen for Sydes men 
M' Louington and M' Bridg 

Memorandum the 10^ day of Aprill 1625 it was agreed vpon by the 
whole consent of the paritionars of this parish of great S^ Maries in Cam- 
bridg then present in the Chancell of the same Church that m' J> Moutlow 
and m' Alderman Potto should chuae six men, there of each bodye two 
and wtth the new church wardens wiUiam williams and Edward Qibson to 
ouersee and mend the Rates of the Easter booke as they shall see fitt and 
those two haue Chosen for that purpose m' Leonard Qreeneand M' Heneiy 
Preist and m' Gwalter Betson and Henery writson : provided that m' I> 
Moutlow and m' Alderman Potto shall haue pover to Rate as to them shal- 
be thought fitt, those six men by them soe Chosen as alsoe the Church- 

[Fol. 835 b blank.] 

336 a] Great S^ Maries 
in Cambridg: 

m' Adams 
Henery Allum 
Jeames Acars 
Widdowe Ablinson 
goodman Boston 
Robert Batty... 
widdowe Biursly 
Thomas Bowty 
m' Betson 
Widdowe Boyse 
Daniell Boyse 
John Bigges ... 
Robert Bell ... 
m' Bridg 
Jeames his man 
Henery Beamon 
m' Birt 

Elizabeth Bath 
Richard Bagshaw 
Thomas Browne 
goodman Brigges 
widdow Bartlet 
m' Crane 

The Accompts of William Williams and 
Edward Qibson Church wardens for there 
Receipts and disbursmeuts for there yeare 


• . . 

... • 


* ■ * I 




• •■ 


. • . • 

... • 


• • •■ 








Robert Corbet 


goodman Clowdes 
William Colby 
William Casbone 
goodman Carpendore 
goodman Collen 

m" Cradock 

Richard Craftes 

m' Cotton 

Thomas Cotton 
4. 13. em'Croply 


• • • • 

iij« irj* 






336 b] goodman Campion 
Marcy Clarke 
goodman Coote 

m' Downea 

Charles Dawson 

m" Durden 

m' Dodson 

goodman Duglis 

John Danby 

Henery Essex 
f&ther Evans 
William ffisher 
m^ ffabin 
f&ancis flinch 
goodman ffaucit 
m' ffinch 
m' ffletcher ... ... 

m' Gfoodwin ... ... , 

m*" Greene 

m' Goade 

m' Gibson 


William Goodwin 

m' Qodfery 

Thomas Gee 


f!ather Higny 
Philip Hamond 
goodman Home 
Henery How 



* • 'A 




UIJ« Vjd 



• • •■ 



y vjd 

ij* vjd 


iij" vj* 




ly luj* 

.. 3- 4ijLvjd 

• ■ • a^ 




• • • • _ 



* * *M * * * * J 

uj" inj^ 




Gabrell: Harrison 

• • • 

• • 


John Hieron ... 

• •• 

• • 


Widdowe Hieron 

• •• 

• • 

• •• 


Widdowe Huston 

• • • 

• • < 


Henery How ... 
Widdowe Hart 

• • « 

• • • 

• • 

• • 1 




John Hirst ... 

• • • 

• •4 


Thomas Housden 

• •• 

« • • 



4. 15. 8 Arther Hirst 

• • • 

• m 


337 a] widdowe Hieron 

• •• 

• • 1 


m' Hay ward ... 
widdowe Hall 

• • « 
• « • 

• « I 

• • 



m' Hartleib ... 

• « • 

• « « 


m' Jolly 
R. Ireland 

• •• 

• •« 

• • 

• • • 


Qoodman Jones 

• • • 

• • « 


Qoodman Ingery 
VViUiam Ivett 

• • • 

a « • 
« • • 

• • 1 

• • 

• • < 







« • • 

• • 1 


m' luery 
Richard Inman 

• • • 
• • • 

• • 
• • • 



goodman Ingersole 
widdowe Knuckels 

• • • 
• • • 

• • 



m' Knuckles... 

» • • 

■ • 


m' Legg: 
WiddoK' Tjambe 

• • • 

• • • 

• • « 

• • 

• • • •_ 



m*^ Lovington 
William Leader 

• • • 

• • • 

• • 1 



Goodman Loader 

• • • 

• • 


Goodman Lindall 

• •♦ 

• • 


Goodman Mathew 

• • • 

• « i 


Hen. Moody ... 
Richard Maulden 

• •• 

• • • 

• • 1 


• • • _ 


m" Anne Mathew 

• •• 

• • 4 


Gregory Marsam 
Goodman Mitten 

• • • 

• • • 

• • i 



m" Mathewes 

i •• 

• • 


m" Metcalfe ... 

• • • 

• • I 


m' doctor Moutlow 

• • • 

• •< 


Goodman North 

• • • 

• • * 



• • • 

■ •! 


John Nickolson 

• • • 

• •* 


1624-5 396 

Anthony Nickolson z^j' 

lU X oulMJIS •■• ••• ••• ••> ••■ ••• ••• i»( '^Vl J 

John Presley xviij** 

John Perce xij*^ 

u* * rvwr ••« ••• ••• ••■ ••• ••• ••• •■• V 

m" Pamplin xij* 

4. 11. 6 gooefoian HoUiday xij*^ 

337 b] m'Pinder iij" 

m' Henery Preist iiij» 

lu f ua wtsr ••■ ••• ■•• «(« «a« ••• ••• ••• 111 

widdowe Peare vj*^ 

ni X Ouber •,, ••• ... ••■ ••• ,«• ••• ••■ x 

X CaA KCA ••• ••• ••• ■•• ••• ••• ••• •*• \j 

m' Matterius PeapH iiij" 

Goodman Potto: j« x^ 

Gk)odnian Painter xviij*^ 

m jrouuy ••• «•» ••• ••• ••• ••. ■•• ... *^^J 

Thoma« Perkins ... ij« 

J^ . X CmEu .•• ••• ••• ••• «■• ■*• *•* ..a 11 T J 

m' Pahner ••• ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

Jeames Preist xviij** 

Obediah Perkins iiy» 

Goodman Rhodery xij<* 

m' Robuck ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . iij* 

widdowe Richardson xij* 

widdowe Rogers iiij" vj^ 

Ul jMX«^lUK<f U ... •*• ... ... ••• ... ... ... 1r V^ 

Thomas Rust xij** 

X'A'VKtJ ... ••• ... •• ... ... ••• ... VJ 

m" Randell xij^ 

Jonas Scott iij" iiij^ 

Thomas Shelbome ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij' 

m' Sedgwick iij" vj* 

Robert Sanders ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Peeter Scarlet ij" vj<> 

widdowe Symonds ... xij* 

M' Philip Scarlet iiij« 

m' Scott ... ••• ... ... ... ... ... ... iij* 

m" Smith ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij*^ 

william Smith ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij^ 

Samuell Smith iij" iiij^ 

m tspoucor ••• ••• ••. ••. ••. ••• ••« ••« iij 

m' Swetston ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... v" 

m' Stockdell iiij* 

LU k3\^ K/wa ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^ bI 

396 1624-5 

Elizabeath Seymor yj^ 

6. 6. m" Stimrd ... xviij* 

338 a] m' Taylor iij* vj* 

George Tiffin -aijiij" 

Arther: Turner iij'iiij* 

widdowe Tiffin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xij' 

Samuell: Taylor: iij* iiij* 

Thomas Tillet: iij* vj* 

m' Tennant ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iij" 

Richard Tooly xij** 

m' Williams vj» viij<* 

m' wolfe 


m wicics weou ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x 

■ ■ ■ •_ 

ZQ ^Wnj ••• «•• ••• •«• ■«• •■• «•• ••• J 

m' Wright ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... iiij* 

Thomas watkins 

Qoodman whitfeild xij^ 

oliuer Wolfe xij** 

jxLOuiier wes w ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..• vj 

william woeworth ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj^ 

wiUiam whisldn iiij* 

Thomas: woodes xij* 

Jonas wilckes iiij" 

Anthony Wright ij* 

m'windle iiij- 

Achill: wolward xviij** 

william wodward xij** 

John Watson xij"* 

Thomas Williamson: vj«* 

Gfoodman warren vj^ 

Qoodman Yaxly ij* ^'^ 

Roger Wright ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vj** 

old Lance ... ... ... ... ... ... ... yj*^ 

Mother: Leader vj** 

Mother Raynolds vj** 

Mother Rogers y}^ 

EUlin Welch vj* 

Mother Lambe vj* 

Elizabeth Clayton .. yj* 

Mother Martin .vj** 

Mother Spencer vj^ 

Mother Jackson "vj^ 

ffor Servants offerings xx" ix^ 

6. 6. 7 Su9»ma Totalis of the whole booke for the Communicants is 24^* 12* 3^ ob 



338 b] Receipts for burials 

flfor m' Gibbes 

fibr m' Huston 

fifor m' Thorogood 

ffor: m' Wilson at m' Crabbs 
ffor ToJ^ Sedgwicks Child 

ffor m" Mathew 

ffor m' Smiths Children 
ffor m' Williams: his Childe 
ffor the Burying of m" Barton 

Summe of the ffunerals is 

vj» viij'* 

•« • • 'A 

VJ« VUJ'* 

vj» viij* 

• • •— ■ • • "J 

XUJ" U1J<* 
VJ* Vllj'* 

• • •_ • • • • J 

nj" mj'i 

vj» viij* 

Rents Roceaued 

Of m' D' Moutlow 


of The widdowe Hieron 

of the Widdoweablinson: ... 

of Thomas Browne 

of John Hall for Rents 

Receiued of the parishoners vpon Teusday in Easter weeke 

there xij* & vj** a man with our owne xij** a peece 
Receaued of m' Procters for the mcuter of Artes at Midsomer 

Receaued of m' Scott for his offering last yeare 

Roceaued of m' Boule Proctor for the Bachelors at Lent iiij^ xiij" iiij^ 

Receaued of m' Ryding the Beadle for the Midsomer Bachelors xiij* 

Summe Receaued of the Proctors & for Rents is ... 12 . 15 . 10 

Svmme Totalis Receaued is 

vij« vj^ 



25* vjd 
34* ij** 

Receaued of the former church wardens the summe of 

totales 42.18.4ob 

339 a] Disbursments wheareof we craue to be alowed 
Imprimis paid for the Election dynner vpon Teusdaye in 

r o as ter weeKe •.• ..• ... •.. ... ... ... 

Item payd for a beauer for the Auditors 

I te^n layd out for paueing the Church side 

Item spent vpon the parishoners for wine at the preambulation 

Item payd for boarding a seate in the Church 

Ite97i payd for two formes for the poore to sitt on 

Item payde to John Hall for scowring the fl^goiis vrhich 

m' Peapee forgot the last yeare 

Item for 18 yardes of Matt for the parishoners to kneele on at 

the Communion 

Item for vnderlayinge for one Seate 

Item for fire to mende the Leads 

40" 4* 9^ ob 
2" 13* vijd 

vj* viij*i 



ij* yd 

• • • ■ 







398 1624-5 

Item for mending the Locks and Keyes one the Church gates... j* viij' 

Item for two baldrihs for two bells vj* 

Item to Roger for whipinge the dogges z* 

Item paid to goodman Mitten for makeing cleane the streete 

before y* Church 40« 

Item payd to m' Qouldfinoh for his whole years wages 13^ vj* viij' 

Item payd to John Sell for mending the wheeles of the Bells ... viij* 

Item Layd out to Nathaniell Bridg vj^ 

Item payd to the Smith vj^ 

Item Layd out for Bell Ropes 17" 

Item Laid out for quarter Bills j' viij^ 

Item for Clasping the Church Bible z^ 

Item payd for Ely £farthing8 x** ob: 

Item payd for the Articles at the visitation ... x*' 

Item paid for Incloseinge the Clock wtth hordes and studdes ... 32* 

Item for mending the Almeshouses j'ij** 

Item payd to mother Martin for glasse in one of the Ames- 

UvLUSUl!! ... •.» ... •.» ••• a.. ... ... ^^U 

Item for two Service bookes for the Church xv* 

339 b] Disbursments 

Item Layd out for Remooueing the 4^ bell iij* 

Item Layd out at the visitation xj^ 

Item payd to m' Sheward for exhibiting the bill j* 

Item payd to the Treasurers for the Almes Houses j* 

Item for mending the Seats in the Church and Chancell ... iij* 

Item for Triming the Church against Christmas ij' vj<^ 

Item Layd out for the glasse windowes & our quarter biU ... ij* vj^ 

Item for the Visitation Supper x" 

Item to the Smith for Bsmres for the windowes xij" 

Item payd for glaseing the windowes xxvj* iiij*^ 

Item payd for mending the Leads yj" 

Item for bread and wine for the whole yeare for the Com- 

• •_ 

UHmiOU ••• ... ••• ••• •<• ••• ... ... aJULa2L VJ 

Item for Repayreing all the Seates wtth wainescott and dores \ --u •« 

& Iron worke and Nayles J ^ ^ 
Item to goodman Hall for the Ringers vnpon the 3 Seuerall 

utty vxi ••• •.• ... ... (.. ••• *•. •*. T 1 

Item to him for Ringeing at the Kinges being heere and at the 


procklamation of the King vij* 

Item to Gk)odman Hall for makeing Cleane the Church and 

opening and shuting the gates all the yeare xx* 

Item to him for the Lyning washing all the yeare v* 

Item ffor keepeing the Clock the whole yeare xxxx* 



44. 4. 7d 

Item for soowring the fflagons 

Item for oy le for the belles 

Item for shootemg the bell Ropes 

Item for writeinge the Communicants names 
Item for wrightinge the Regesters to the Office 
Item for writeing it in the parchment booke 
Item for writing these Acoompts 

Summe Totalis of the exspences is 44^ 04* 7*^ 


• • *■ 

May 17"» 1626 

340 a] 

Summa Reoeptorium 42" 18" iiij** ob 

Summa Ezpensarium 44" iiij* vij<* 

Soe vpon this Acoompt there Resteth due to the Accomptants 

w^tch they haue layed out more then they haue Receaued xxvj* 3** 

Edmond Jeffrey 
willm windle 
Christopher Hatley 
Henry Preist 
Marterius Pepes 
Christofer Adums 

[Fol. 840 b blank.] 

341 a] Great S^ Maries in Cambridge. 

The election made the nineteenth day of Aprill in the yeare of our 
Lord 1625 being Easter tusday according to the ancient custome of this 
parish for the chosing of Churchwardens for the yeare following vide- 
licet M' William Williams hath chosen for his man M' Doctor Moutlow 
Edward Gibson M' Alderman Potto. M' Doctor Moutlow hath chosen 
to him Phillip Scaret M' Greene M' Henry Preist M' Alderman Potto 
hath chosen to him M' Jeffery M' John Pepis M' Higny and these eight 
wtVh the consent of M*^ Goldfinch minister of the said parish hath chosen 
Churchwardens for the yeare to come M' Robert Prior and Jonas Wilks 
and the said churchwardens haue chosen for Sidesmen M' Leonard Greene 
and Edward Gibson 

[Fol. 841 b blank.] 

342 a] Memorandum that vpon the 30^ day of October 1625 at a publique 
meeteing of the parishoners of great S^ Maries in Cambridg it was ordered 
concluded and agreed vpon by the parties whose names are hecreafber 
named as foUoweth 

That Robert Pryor Churchwarden of our parish and Leonard Greene 
& Edward Gibson shall in the name and behalfe of the parishoners vse 
all such meanes as shalbe Requisite for defending the Reputation and 
Right against Anne Mathew about the seate shee striueth for, & 
wAatsoeuer they shall doe or Cause to bo done heerin, we doe and 

400 1625-6 

will acknowledg as our owne act & for the defence of the parish & wAat 
Chai^ges shall growe thereby, shalbe borne by the Common Chai^ of the 
parish, prouided that nothinge be done by them without the special! 
Allowance of m' Edward Potto Alderman 

Robert Pryor: Leonaid Qreene. Edwaid Oibson William Williams 
William Windle John Peapes Marterius Peapes Christopher Hatley Thomas 
Ivery Edmund Porter Richard Ireland Richard Sopcr John Heame Daniell 
Boyse Abraham Palmer Jeffery ffinch William Brig Jeames Taylor Jonas 

These woare alsoe at the meeteing m' d' Moutlow m' Cropley m*" Crane 

Philip wolfc Jonas wilkes Jonathan Pinder & Henery Preist This we 


Thomas Bert 

Edward Spencer 

with them At the meeteing did consent likewise we whose names are 
vnderwritten m' Edward Potto Alderman : John Swetston Henery Cotton 
Charles Dawson Henery Rickson Henery Moody Richard Mauldeu. 
Henery Wray Josua Sedgwick william Goode Richard Crofte 

342 b] Greate S^ Maries ^ The Accompts of Robert Pryor and Jonas 
in Cambridg / Wilckes Church wardens for there Reccapts 

and dissbursments for there yeare 1625: 
Inprimis Receaued for the whole Easter booke of the parish- 

onoFs ••• ••« «•« ••• ••• ••• ••• xxziiij ziij 

Item Receaued at the Church Wardens dinner by xij«* & vj'* 

u I mm ••• ••• •*• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• " M " 

Item Receaued of the Senior Proctor for the ma^er of Artes 

Commencement xxxiiij» ij«^ 

Item Receaued of m' Boule Proctor for the Midsomer Bachelors xij" viij** 
Item Receaued of m' warde Proctor for the Bachelors Com- 
mencement iiij" XV* 

Iteni Receaued for Burials 

Imprimis for m' Loveington vj" viij*" 

Item for the Buriall of Robert Rogers vj* viij** 

Item for the Buriall of m' Gbstwick xiij* iiij** 

Item Rec^'t^ for the Buriall of m' Jea^ie xiij'iiij^ 

flbr Receapt of Rents 

Imprimis RecetVeci? of m' doctor Moutlow vij" v/ 

Ite^n RecetVecf of m' Betson xxxx* 

Receaued of Widdowe Hearne xx" 

Receivec^ of Widdowe Ablinsou v« 

Rec6tv«c7 of Thomas Browne , j» 

Recetvdc^ of John Hall ... ., xiij«iiy** 

Recett^etf for seniants offerings xx* 

examinat' Summa totcUia Recept is 39^ 0* S^ 

1625-6 401 

343 a] Disbursments for the parish wheareof we Craue to be alowed 
mprimis payed at Churchwardens dinner on Easter Teusday iiij" vj" viij<^ 
te»i payed for the ministers wages the whole yeare . . . xiij" vj" viij* 

tem payed to Mitten for the whole yeare xlj" 

tem payed to Roger for whiping the Dogges z" 

tem payed for wine and Cakes at the Accompt of the old 

Churchwardens vj" viij<* 

tem for wine and Cakes at the Precession ix* 

tem for Bonefiers and Ringers at the Queenes Coming ... vj* vj^ 

tem for paueing against the Church viij" 

tem for two bookes for the fiistst ij*iiij^ 

tem payed to Nathaniel] Bridg for mending the Seatee ... ij'ij*^ 

tem for Ely £&rthinge8 ... x<> ob 

tem for two bookes of Articles ... •• xz^ 

tem for a booke of Homelees vij»vj* 

tem for Trusinge a Bell & Ironworke iij* vj* 

tem for 33 poimde of Iron 1 Staple & 24 greate Nayles ... xj* viij^ 

tem to Gkxxlman Pinder for Timber & worke xlvij* vj*^ 

tem for 47 pounde of Soder & worke xlix« ix<* 

tem for a ffirame for the Kinges Armes ij* y}^ 

tem for seting vp glasse & takeing downe j* 

tem for Paueing against the Church xj" 

tem for two Baldropes v« x* 

tem for Ringing the 5* of Nouember & when the Bishop was 

J.Lf^3aw ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^ 

tern for Soder and mending the Porch xiij* vj*^ 

tem for a bell mending & Ironworke x* 

tem for the visitation Supper x* 

tem for mending the Porch & Hearse ij* viij*" 

tem for 5 New Bell Ropes 4 stone 2 pounde xix" iiij<^ 

tem for a Smnts Bell Rope & mending the wheele v* 

tem for the Sute about the Heate in the Church against Anne 

ALaLnew ... ... ■•• ... ••• ••• ••• ...v iij viij 

tem for presentment BiUes xvj'' 

ffor Beare for the Ringers march 27^ 1625 ij" 

tem for wrighinge the Regester of Christnings mariges & 

jjunaus ... ... ... .«• ••• ••■ .«. ••• 'J 

tem for wrighting the same agine into the Church booke ... xviij^ 

343 b] Disbursements for the parish more 

tem for shooting the Bell Ropes & Oyle for the Bells iiij" 

tem payed my partner m' wilkes for part of the Seates ... xiij" iiij<^ 
tem payed John Hall for scowring the fflagons and washing 

the Lynnen ... ... ••• •.. ••• ••• ••• ^ij' 

Item for gathering the names of the Communicants j* 

C. A.S. Octavo Series, No. XXXV. 26 

402 1626 

Item for wrighting these aocountes iiij* 

Samma Reoeptorium is 39^ 3* B^ 
Summa Ezpensarium is 38" 19* iiij^ ob 
So the Resteth due to me iij* viij<* ob 

flfor the Seates in the Church xxxij* viij* 

ffor the Church dore Key and Nayles ix** 

1. 13. 6 
30. 1 9 . 1 

ezamin' Sximma Expensart^m 40. 16. 6^ 
Soe rest to y« old churchwardens 1. 16 | 

May 3 1626 These accounts haue beene aeene 

Thes accounts alowed, exoeptinge and allowed by us whose names 

that charge of Suite, agaynst Ann are under written. 

Mathewe : the alowance of which is Edward Potto 

denied by those whose names are Edmond Jef&y 

vnder written John Pepis 

Henrie Moutlowe Leonard Greene 

Thomas Goldfinch, minister. 

Phillipe Scarlette 

Henry Preist 

344 a] An Inuentarie of goods belonginge to the church May 3. 1626. y** 
day on wAtch y^ account was giuen up. 

1 A Bible for y* church 

2 Bishop Juells workes 

3 a Booke of Homilies 

4 Erasmus Paraphrase 

5 two seruice bookes in fo^io 
qy where it is 6 a Booke of Canons 

7 2 Flagons for y Communion 

8 2 Communion Cups of siluer wtth Covers to y™ 

9 a communion table cloath of blew velvet ymbroydred 

10 a blue Carpett wrought 

11 a surplice 

12 a fringed table cloath 

13 two towells 

not deliuer«^ 14 a parchment booke of y* parishe euidences 

15 a blue veluet Quishion giuen by Richard Streatch. alsoe a blue case 
for it 

16 two ladders 

17 a church hooke 

18 ten bucketts 

Thes goods were deliuered by Robert Pryor and Jonas Wilks late 



churchwardens, to Phillip Scarlett and Edward Dodson the present church- 
wardens, in the presence of us the auditours 

Leonard Greene. Henry Preist 

345 a] Greate S^ Maries 
in Camhridge 

P S. 1626 E. D. 

[Fol. 844 b blank.] 

The accounts of Phillip Scarlet & Edwarde 
Dodson Churchwardens for theire receits & 
Dusbursments for theire yeare 1626 

M' Allen 

••• • * . a 


M' Adams 

• • ■ ... I 


Widowe Ablinsonn 

••• ••• 


Troyles Adkison 

... •• • ■ 


M' Beatson 

• ■• . • • • 


M' Broadstreate 

• • * . • • 



. • • . • • 1 


M' Bridges 

* • * • • • • 4 


Goodman Batty 

» « • . • • • 1 


Goodman Bowtle , 

» . • • • • • 1 


Qoodman Browne 

• • • ... * 

2 6 

Danell Boyes 

• • • • • • 1 


Goodman Briggs 

■ • . • • • • 


Widowe Buflfe 

■ a . • • • ■ 


Widowe Boyse 

■ • • • • • 


Goodman Beasone 

> • • « • • • < 


Goodman Beamont 

• • • . ■ • 


M' Braidshawe 

» • • • • • • i 



. • a * « . 1 


M' Burton 

• • . • • • 


Elsabeth Batt 

• * . • • • 1 


John Biggs 

> . • • • • • 


John Ansell 

1 • • • • • • 



• • • ••• • 



» « • • « • • < 

4 6 


1 • ■ • . • ■ t 

3 6 

M' Cotton 

1 • *• • • . 


1 M'Craftes 

» • ■ • • • • 


M' Crooply 

» * » • « * . 



■ . • ■ » ■ ■ 

3 6 

Goodman Coote 

k « • • • • ■ 

1 6 

Goodman Carpenter 

• «■• • «. 


Goodman Clearke 

• • • • • • • 


Gkxxlman CoUeine Abraham 


Goodmayi Corbett 

1 • • • • • • 





father Collen 
M** Cradocke 
4-18-6. Mary Clearke 

346 b] WiddoweCarr 
Qoodman Doane 

M' DowneB 

John Cheuter 
Goodman Dawson ... 

M" Durden 

M' Dodson 

Goodman Duglia 
Goodman Euit 
Qoodman Esex 
Goodman Euans 

James Elet 

M' Fabian 

Fransis Finche 

M' Finche 

M' Fletcher 

Widow Fisher 
Widow Fawcet 
Fransis Sheldrope ... 

M' Greanne 

M' Goade 

M»" Gibson 


Goodman Godwin ... 
Good?7ian Gee 


Father Higny 

3 4 '. 6 M'^Higny 


346 a] Goodman Hamond 
Goodman Hailden ... 

M' Harison 

Goodman Hugglle ... 
Goodman Hieron 
Widow Hieron 
Widow Hudson 
Goodman Howe 


Goodman Howsden ... 
father Hiist 










4 6 







3 4 

2 6 

3 6 

2 6 


1 6 



3 4 

3 6 



1 6 






3 6 

2 6 



1 6 






Arthur Hust 

•a* ••• ••• •«• •■■ ••• 


Widow Huitson 

••« ••• ••■ ■•• ••• ••• 


Widow Hierou keaper 


M' Haiward ... 


Grays Uall ... 




M'lrelimde ... 

2 6 


2 6 

Qoodman lugrie 


Widow Johnson 


Good^nan Inkersollc 


Goodman Jee 

William Inett 


Widow Knuckle 


Nicholas Kelly 


m** Logg 


Widow Lamb 


Qoodman Lasaby 


M' Louinton... 


Goodman Leader 


Goodman Looder 


Goodman Leate 


Goodman Leandeall 

1 6 

2-18-, Jearot Leatton 


346 b] M' Moody 


M' Maulden ... 


Goodman Morley 


Widow Morton 


m* Mathews 


M' Mendham 

2 6 

Goodman Mallin 


M' Mathews ... 

2 6 

M' Doctor Moutlow 


Gregory Marsani 

M'Medcalfe ... 

2 6 

Goodman Noarth 


Anthony Nicolson 



4 6 

Goodma7i Prestly 

1 6 

Goodman Prime 


M' Pinder ... 


M' Pamplin ... 




M' Porter ... 




Qoodman Potto 
Qoodman Parker 
Mother Peare 
Noiae Peare ... 
Widow Perkina 
Jams Preist ... 
M' Perkins ... 
M' Pottoll ... 
M' John Peps 
Goodman Paynter 
Goodman Roadrey 
Widow Bichardson 
M' Robuck ... 
Widow Rogers 
M' Rickson ... 
Thomas Rust 
Widow Rux 
4-13-6. Goodman Royston 

347 a] Widow Shilbownio 

M' Sedgwicke 

Jonas Scott ... 

Goodman Sanders 

Peter Scarlet 

Widow Simonds 

Phillip Scarlet 

John Scott ... 

M' Smith 

M' Spenser ... 

M' Simpson ... 

JVP Swetson ... 


M' Sooper 

Widow Tiffen 

M' Arthur Turner 

M' Taylor ... 


Goodman Toolie 

M' Underill ... 

M' Woolfe ... 

M' Wicksted 

M' Williams ... 

M' Wealkes ... 

Goodman Watson 

Goodwian Wakefild 

C) 6 


2 6 

1 6 


4 6 





4 6 





3 6 







3 4 



5 <) 




3 4 


3 6 





6 8 


2 6 




Goodman Whitell ... 
Goodman Whitefild ... 

Oliuer Wolfe 

Widow Warren 
Goodman Whiskins . . . 
0-3-10 Thomas Woods 


1 6 




1" 9« 9* 

2-0-9 347 b] Goodman Woolwarde 

Good^Tian Woodwarde 

ixL T ¥ X c% y V •■• ••« ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••■ 

Goodman Yaxley ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Mr ViAA 
• *v>i# ... ... ... ... .a. ... ... ... 

Good^ian Coob 

Summa xxj^ ix* iy<* 

Mony gatherd of the Amoue foolkes & the seruants of y* Parishe 
Mony receued for Burialls 

JXL rT lIlUvU ... ••• ... ... ... ... aa« .«« 

JjJL TT Xin&Il w ••* ... ... ... ... ... ... ••■ 

Rents receued & dwe to the Parishe, 

Of M' doctor Mowtlowe 

\Ji Ju jjeuson ... ... ... ••• ... ••• ... 

Of Widow Heame 

Of Widow Ablinson 

Of Jarrot Letton 

Of John Mall... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Of M' Norton Procter for 221 the Master of Artes at 2* 

Of M' Warde Procter for y« Midsumer Bachilers 

Of M' Wacke Procter for y« Bachilers at 4*" 

Receued Moore of the parishieners for the Electione Diner on 
Easter Tusdaie ther xij<^ a man and vj^ a man with our 
own xij a peace. •■• ... •«. ... •■• ... 

Receued for the halfe Easter Booke of the Parishe for y* 
22-1^-4 Reperations of y«chiigh 

Summa xxiiy'* ij" j^ 
Summa omnium Recep^orum xlvU xj- iiij«^ 













1 16 




4 13 


1 7 


348 a] Disburments for the Parishe we desire to be alowd. 
Item payde for the Election Dinner vpon Tusdaie in Easter 

^v cAKe ... ... ... ... »•« «.. ... ... 

Item for wine and Sugar 

Item for a Beauer for y* Auditors 

Item for y^ Second Beauer 

11 • d 



6 9 




Itoni Spent vpou the parishinors for wine and cakes at y^ pre- 

ambulation 10 6 

Item for mendinge the church yarde dooreu in y« church yarde 

Item payde to John Sell & y« Smithe for trusine y« Bell 

Item for y« church poorche for plastoringe & in y® church 

Item for Barrs and staies for the Windowes 

Item for 3 Hoods a Morter 

Item for staies for y^ stepll window 

Item for mendinge a place by y« fiiut 

Item for Help to remow y« lader oft 

Item to John Sell for a wheall mending 

Item for Mendinge y*' Seats 

Item for staies for Windowes 

Itef7i for two presentments 

Item for our oaths when we wear sworn 

Item for two faste Bookes 

Item for two Books Articls » 

Item to John Roys for Ely Farthings 

Item A Yisatatione Supper 

Item payd to M' Mayore for a warrant he sent 

Item payd to M' Amont for a warrant 

9-13-9 Item makinge cleane the church many Times when it was a 
wnyxinge •«• •.. ••• *«* ••• ••• •■• 

348 b] Disburments. 

tern payde to y« ringers for the whole yeare 

tern payd y* town Leate, for Anoyanses against y® Church ... 

tem for Coales and Turfes for ther workemen 

tem for Bread and Beare for y^* Glasier and ^taynter when they 

TT votr Otv Tf"nsi" ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• 

iwn Mendinge two places about the church wall 

tem payd to Mitten for his whole yeares swepinge 

tem Roger for whipinge the doges a yeare 

tem two Bell Roapes 

tem for Bread and Wine, for the whole yeare 

tem payd y« Tresurer for the Amows Howseu 

tem two places mended in y' Church 

tem payd to M"" Gouldfiuch owr Minister for his whoU years... 
tem payd to James Preist for whytinge the Church & 

writinge y« Tabells 5" 7 

tem payd to Robert Corbet & Robert Harrow Glasiers for y* 

Chiurch Windowes 8" 8 

tem for a Schine a parchment 6 

tem for 4 presentment Bills 14 

















2 10 






00 10 ob 





9^ 14 












3 7 



13^ 6 
















2" 0-Od 


2 00 

Ite»t for writinge thes acownts 

Item John Hall for washinge y^ Linnen 

Item for writinge y* Burialls & ChristningB 

Item for Writdnge all the parishners names 

349 a] Disbursments 

Item for Scowringe y^ Plate and y^ flagones 

Item for oyle for y« Belle 

Item for Bromes and swepinge the church 

Item for openinge and shuttinge y^ Doores 

Item for shotmge y^ Ropes 

Item for the sants BeU roape 

Item for mendinge two places in y^ church y^ was sunk 

Item for keapinge y** clocke 

Item £for burieing of one John Harrison a poore man ... 

Item for pavinge before the Church wall disbursed by M' Preiste 00 7 6 

3" 18« 8^ 
Summa totalis ezpensan«m xlvj^^ xiij' vj<^ 

vnde recept' xlv^* xj« iiij<* 

Sic remaned Computatts Computandis xxij* j<^ 

Henrie Mowtlowe 
John Wickstede 
John Crane 
Christopher Hatley 
Henry Preist 

[FolB. 349 b— 350 b blank.]« 

351 a] The Election made vppon Easter tewsday beinge the xxvij^ day 
of March Anno domtni 1627 accordinge to the anchient order and custome 
of the parish of greate S^ Maries within the Towne of Cambridge for the 
choseinge & electeinge of the Churchwardens for the said parrish for the 
yeare nexte followeinge viz. M' Phillipp Scarlett one of the late Church- 
wardens hath chosen for his man m' Henry Moutlaw Doctor of Law And 
m' Dodson another of the Churchwardens hath Chosen for his man John 
wickstedd gent' one of the Aldermen of the towne of Cambridge, And 
D' Moutlowe hath chosen vnto him m' Craine, m' woolfe, and william 
Goade, And Alderman Wicksted hath Chosen vnto him m' Adams m' ffinch 
and m*^ Brigges And thease eight with one geudrall consent haue Chosen 
m^ Obediah Perkins and m' Samuell Bradstreete to be Churchwardens of 
the parishe aforesaide for the yeare following And m' Gouldfinch minister 
of the said parishe hath given his consent and approbation to the same. 
And the said Church wardens haue Chosen for their Sydesmen Jonas 
Wilkes and Edward Dodson 

[Foi. 861 b blank.] 



352 a] Greate Saint) The Aooouiupte« of Obediah Perkius 
Maries. J Broadstreete Churchwardens for their 
disbursments for the said yeare 1627. 

A M' Allen 

M' Adams 

Troylas Atkinson 
Widowe Ablinson .. 
John Ansehne 

B. M' Bradstreete 
Qoodman Battie 
Thomas Bowtle 
Thomas Browne 
Richard Bagshott 

m' Betfion 

Daniell Boyse 
Widdowe Bnflfe 

John Biggs 

Robert Bell 

Widdowe Boyse 

m' Bridges 

Henrie Beaumont .. 
Thomas Birte 
Eliasabeth Basse 
wiUiam Beeston 
GUxxlman Biurton .. 

C Robert Corbett 

m' Crane 

Thomas Crabb 
William Casebone .. 
Goodman Coote 
Gfoodman Carpenter. . 
Goodman Clarke 
Abraham Collin 
Widdowe Carr 

352 b] m' Cotton .. 
m*" Cropley 

D. Samuell Doane 
Charles dawson 
Robert durden 
Edward dodson 
Anthonie douglas .. 

E William Edmuud6« .. 


• a. t.. ... 
«■■ ••* .■. 
... ••• ••• 

• •• •»» ••• 
•■• •«• ... 
•*■ ••§ ... 

• •* ..« ••• 

• .. ... •«• 

and Samuell 

Receipts and 


















2 6 






























4 6 


3 6 


1 6 









13 6 










3 6 









Henrie Essex 

James Eliott 

ffather Euans 
ff. widdowe fiSsher 

Qilbert ffalber 

firancis ffinch 

Jefiery ffinch... 
G Leonard Grene 

William Goade 

William Gibson 

William Goodwyn ... 

m' Godfrey 

Thomas Gee 

H m' Higney 

widdowe Hamond ... 

mosesHome... ... 

Gabriell Harrison . . . 

m' Hewghee 

John Heron 

widdowe Heron 

widdowe Hutson 

John Hurst 

Christopher Hatley ... 

Thomas Howsden ... 

m' Hurst 

James Hunter 

widowe Hudson 

widdowe Heron 

m' Howard 

John Jolley 

J. Richard Jreland 

Goodman Jngrey 
6-1- Thomas Juiy 

353 a] Edward Jngersole 
Groodman Juate 
M. Nicholas morley 
John millisent 
Thomas moodie 
Richard maiden 
widdowe metcalfe 
Goodman malen 
mistriB mathewes 
George mathewes 
Goodman mendham 































































Doctor mowilowe ... 

M' Moodie 

N. Symou Northe 

Anthonie Nicholson... 
P* Marteriius Pea|)6 

John Pryipe 

mistriB Pamplin 

Jonathan Pinder 

Henry Preist 

Edmund Porter 

John Preistley 

Goodman Pottoe 

widdowe Perkins 

Noath Peere 

Goodman Puncher ... 

James Preist- 

M' Perkins 

Alderman Potto 

John Peapes 

M' Prime minister ... 

Goodman Painter ... 
R Thomas Rust 

Goodman Roddery ... 

widdow Richardson ... 

Symon Robuck 

widdowe Rogers 

mw^ris Randall 

Goodman Royston ... 

widowe Knuckells ... 
5-7-0 nicholas Kelley 

L. 353 b] Widowe Lambe 

Goodman Lasingbee 

William Leader 

John Legg 

ffiither Loader 

Robert Leete 

Robert Lendall 

Jarratt Litton 
S. M' Sedg^'ick 

Jonas Scott ... 

Katherin Sheward ... 

Robert Sanders 

Peter Scarlet 

John Sayres 


























































widdowe Symons 
John Scott ... 
Samuell Smyth 
firancis Sheldrak 
Rowland Simpson 
Edward Spencer 
m' Swetson ... 
Henrie Stockdall 
Richard Sober 
PhilUp Scarlett 
T. widdow Tiffin 
Arthure Turner 
Samuell Tayler 
Henry Turkinton 
Christopher Tingey 
Robert Euans 
Thomas Tillet 
Richard Tooley 
Qoodman Tauemer 
W. m' Phillip woolfe 
widdowe weathered 
Alderman Wicksted 
not paid Henrie wray ... 
M' Williams ... 
Gregorie whillock 
5-11-0 Thomas watkins 

354 a] Edward wakefeild 
nathan whitle 
Josephe watson 
Oliuer woolfe... 
Goodman wooworthe 
widdow warren 
William whiskin 
Jonas wilkes... 
Thomas woodes 
Ezechiell woolward 
William woodward 
John yaxley ... 
Roger Wright... 
mother Reinolds 
maigarett Gilbert 
mother Spencer 
widdowe Jackson 
mother west ... 












































. . 10 




















































Child Launce 

mother Hart 
marie Gresham 
Elizabeth Claydon ...•* 
1-6-0 widdowe Joanes 

...0 6 

...0 4 

Sum Totall xx" xviij* ^-j** 

Bents Receaued and Due to the Church. 

Receaued of Widdowe Ablinson 

Receaued of doctor Mowtlowe 

Receaued of m' Betson 

Receaued of John Hall for seruants offeringe* 

Receaued of m' Proctor wake for midsomer bachelours 36 
Receaued of m' Proctor Higson for 232 ma^^er of Artes 

Receaued of Proctor ffludd for bachelors 

Receaued of John Hall for Rent 

Receaued of the widdowe Heron 

13-0-0 Receaued of Jarratt Litton 

354 b] Receaued for Bu nails 

Receaued of m' John Payne 

Receaued of m' Dodson 

Receaued of m' Higney 

Receaued of mtfAis Pamplin 

Receaued of m' wilkes 

Receaued of m' Williams for 2 postes 

Receaued at the Election dinner 

Receaued of m' Broadstreete for his child«« buriall 

Summa Receiptonim xxxvij" xij" ij** 


Disbursments wherof wee craue to haue allowance, viz 

Inprimis paid for wyne and Cakes at the Precession 

Item paid for Stoanes, sand and pauing about the Church yarde 

Item paid for a Rope for the Saint^f Bell 

Item paid for hingers for the Church Gate and bolter for the 

jjmi p OM/ ••• ... ... ••. .•• ••. ••* ••• 

Item given to a Breife to one Constalin Aden 

Item given to one Cattlin RusseUs an Irishe woman 

Item more given to a ministers wyfe hauing the Vice Chauncellor 

and maiors hand 

Item paid to "Eioger for his quarteridg at midsom^ 

Item paid to mitton for his quarter ending at midsom^ 
Item to John Sill Carpenter for new Rolls Trussing of Bells and 

Timber about the Bells 

Item given to a Poore woman by appoyntme^i^ 




















































Item to a mason for laying stones about the ffount 

Item given more to a Breefe 

Item paid to Roger for his 2^ quarter 

4-18- Zi^ Item paid to Mitton for his second quarter 



2 6 


366 a] Item paid to m' Gk>uldfinch for his whole jeares wages xiij" vj» viij* 

Item paid for 3 newe ropes for the bells October 26 11 6 

Item for Elie farthing«8 10 

Item for a book of Articles 10 

Item to Rattham for bricked morter & masons worke 7 

Item for newe Trussing the smale Bell 4 

Item for a Rowle for the second Bell ^ ...020 

Item to the Ringers the 6^ of Nouember 3 6 

Item for Iron worke 6 6 

Item pud mitton 3 quarter 

Item paid Roger 3 quarter 

Item paid to the Plummer for mending the le&des 

Item paid to the Glasier for mending the sjdes windowes by 

the Chauncell & others 

Item for the visitation dinner 

Item given to mother Collin 

Item given to a BreefSe 

Item to 2 poore folktfs Strangers by a,\)^jntment 

Item paid for a Lock and a key for one of the Almeshouses , 

Item paid to Mitton for his 4^ quarter 

Item paid to Roger for his 4^ quarter 

Item to m' woolfe for wyne ^ also for bread at the Comunion 

Item for the Election dinner 

Item for wyne and sugar 

Item for 3 bookes for the faste 

Item for paving and stones ouer against the Churchdore and 

BcUJU •«■ ••• ••• ••• ••• 

Item paid for Iron work for the Church gate 
J : H. Item for mending the Baliffes Seate in the Church and hanging 
Lne ijraii68 ••• ■.« •■• ... •.. 

Item for washing the Lynnen for the whole yeare 
Item for SGOwring the Plate and fflaggons 

Item for shooting the Bellropes and oyle 

33ii ix« s^ Item for broomes for the Ch\ux)he 

33 11 8 

356 b] Item for shutting the Qates 

Item for a Saintet Bell roope 

Item for bread for the Communions 

Item for writing the Register in the parchemen^ book...' 
Item for gathering the names of the Comunicants 





2 6 

19 4 

10 2 


2 6 
1 6 


1 2 

2 6 
14 10 


2 6 

2 8^ 

4 2d 














1 2 1** 

Item for writing them faire in a booke 

Item for a Keye for the Gates 

Item for writing thease accoumptM 

Item paid to the ould Churchwardens for Arrerages due vnto 
them vpon the foott of their Accoumpt 

13 6 Summa Totalu of all the disburmentex is xl" xV vj** 

12 4 Summa Totalis Beceptorum xxxvij" xij* ij* 

Summa Ezpensart^m xl" x\* vj* 

So there is due to thease Accoumptantes to be paid by the parrishe the 
sofTime of 3" 3^ 4^ from the next Churchwardens 

This Accompt was seene perused and allowed the ix^ of Maye 1628 by 
vs whose names are vnderwritten being Auditors for this accoumpt. 

Henrie Mowtlowe C A 

Tho : Goldfinch Minister the mark of Christopher Adams. 

John Crane William Bridge 

Phillip Woolfe 

Frsse Finch 


356 a] Anno Domini 1628 

The Election made on Easter twesday the 15^ of Aprill according to 
the Auncient Custome and order in great S« maries parishe in Cambridge, 
for the Choosing of the Churchwardens for the yeare to come, Obediah 
Perkins hath chosen for his man d' mowtlowe, and Samuell Broadstreete 
hath Chosen for his man, Alderman wickstedd, d' Mowtlowe hath Chosen 
to him m' Crane, m' Hewghes, and m' woolfe, And Alderman wickstedd 
hath Chosen to him m' Betson m' Higney and m' dodson. And these 
eight with the Consent of M' Gouldfinch minister of this parishe haue 
Chosen Chiu-ch Wardens for the yeare to come William Casebone and 
Arthure Turner, And the said Churchwardens haue Chosen for Sydesmen 
M>^ Perkins and M' Broadstreete 

357 a] Great S^ Maries. 

[Fol. 866 b blank.] 

The Aocoumptes of william Casbone and Arthure 
Toumer Churchwardens for their Receipts and 
disbursments for the yeare 1628. 


M' Allen 
M' Adams ... 
Troylas Atkinson 
Bamabe Amye 
widdowe Ablinson 
Goodman Ansell 
John Aspland 
















162a-9 417 

m' Broadstreete 5 

Goodman Battie 10 

Goodman Bowtell 10 

Thomas Browne 2 6 

Richard Bagshott 10 

waiter Betson 4 

widowe Boyse 10 

daniell Boyse 2 

John Biggs ... ... ... ... ... ... 6 

Robert Bell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 4 

william Bridges ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 

Henrie Beaumont ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 

ju Jtsert; ... ... ... ... ... ... ,., ... u <5 u 

Goodman Burton 3 

Elizabeth Basse ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

Goodman Brichener 10 

Robert Bright ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

M' Crane 10 

M' Crabb ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 4 6 

william Casebone 3 6** 

Gk)odman Coote ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 6 

Nicholson Carpenter 2 

Abraham Collins ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6 

m' Cotton ... ... •.. ... ... ... ... ... 3 

4r-9-6 Alderman Cropley 10 

357 b] Samuell done 2 

Charles dawBon 2 

Robert durden ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 6 

m ClOuoOu •.• ... ... ... ... ... ... ... KJ 4 \J 

Goodman dowglas 6 

m' Edmunds ... ... ... ... ... ... .,• ... 2 

Goodman Essex ... ... ... ... ... 1 

James Eliott ... ••• ••• ... ... ... ... 2 6 

Goodman Euans 10 

Gilbert ffabian 3 4 

Jefiferie fi&nche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 6 

fiErancis fi&nche ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 

Gk)odman ffordham ... ... ... ... ••• ... ... 1 

m ijrreene ... ..• ... ... ... ... ... ••• u 4 ii 

william Gfoade 3 4 

m \jt\ udou ••• ... ... ... ... ... ... ... \j o o 

III VTvCLUwY ... ••• ... ... ... ... ... ••• V *k VJ 

william Goodwyn ... ... ... ••• ### ... ... 1 

firancis Greene ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2 

C. A. S. Octavo 8eHe$. No, XXXV. 27 

418 1628-9 

X QOUlaB VJCV ••• •<• ••• ••. t«* ••• ■•• ••• 

ui xxiibUt? V ■•• ••• ••• •*• ••« ••• ••• ••• 

Ku xjLu <* OB •«■ ••• ••• ••• *•• ••• ••• ••• 

Gabriell Hftrrison ••, 

€k>odman Home 

Christopher Hatle J ... 

widowe Hamond ... ... ... ... ••• 

«i ouQ xieAroe ... ... ... ... ... ... .*• 

wiQowe xiorou ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

widowe Hewtaon ... ... ... ... ... ... ..• 

Thomas Howsden ... 

Axximre xiurs v ... ... ... ... ... ••• *■• 

James Hunter ... ... 

ui xiev Wouu ... ... ... ... ... ... .•* 

V ames xiau ••• ... ••• ... ••• ... ... ... 

V ouii xiumu •■• ... ... ••• ... ••• ... .•• 

wiuOwe fxtxSBOB' XSUiiC ... ... ••• ... ... ..I 

4-6-0 John Halden ... ... 

358 a] John Jolley ... ... ... 

Richard Ireland ••• 

Goodman Ingrey 

Thomas June ... 

widdowe Ingersole ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

vjiOOQman Luau v ■.. •.. ... ... ... ... ..< 

Nicholas Kelley ... 

Widowe Knuckles 

Goodman Lazenbie ... ... ... ... 

William Leader 

■I onn .ijegg •*• ... ... ... ... .•* ... ••■ 

AODerx xjeeiie... ••. ... •*• ... ... ... ..< 

Robert Kendall - ... ..• ... 

Goodman Leighe ... ... ... ... ... 

Doctor Mowtlowe ... ••• 

Mis^ris Metcalfe ••. ... ,.. ... ... ... .. 

John millesent 
Henrie Hoodie 

Thomas Moodie ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Gkxxlman Malyn ... ... ... ••• 

vjreoi^e juLavnewes ... ... ... ... ... ••• •. 

Richard Mendham ... 

Symon Northe ... 

Anthonie Nicholson ... 

Alderman Potto 

«i onn xoans ... ... ... <•. ... ... *.. .. 


























































Obediah Perkins 

ft ... • . . 


Marterias Peapes 

1 ... ... 

2 6 

Jonathan Pinder 

. « « • • • < 

aaa 3 

Henrie Preist 

... « ■ » 

aa. 4 

mis^ris Pampline 

••. • t • 


Edmund Porter 

k • • • ... 


John Piyme ... 

• • . • • . 

2 6 

Qoodnum Potter 

* * . * • • 1 

, 2 6 

Qoodman Parker 

• • > . « < 


4-17-6 fl&ther Loader 

• • . * a . • 


368 b] John Preistley 

k « * • ■ • . I 


Nojah Peere 

1 ... ... t 

... ... 2 6 

James Preist 

••■ .•< 

1 ... ... 


Widdowe Perkins 

••• . . 

■ . « • • > * 


Goodman Painter . 

■ « • * * < 

1 ... ••. 


Thomas Parke 

• . . • ■ 

... ••• a 

2 6 

Symon Bobuck 

■ . . • • < 

. ■ • ••• < 


widdow Bogers 

• * • •• 

... ... • 

4 6 

widow Richardson 

> • . . •< 

1 a • • ... 


Qoodman Roderie 

■ > > •• 

• ... ... 


migtna Randall 

. • ..1 

• a • a • a ■ 



■ ■ . * • 

••• ... < 


Qoodman Ruste 

1 . . ■ . 

ft m mm . a . 


M' Sedgwick 

>•• ••< 

• a . a « . 1 

• a .•• .aa 3 6 

Phillip Scarlett 

* • • . 1 

a •. ... 


John Scott ... 

■ *. . .1 

ft »•• • ■• 

3 4 

Samuell Smythe 

k • . . .« 

• •■ m mm t 

3 4 

Rowland Simpson . 

• «. . • 

I a . a a . . 


Edward Spencer 

■ ■ . . . 1 

••• ••• 1 


m' Swetson .•. 

■ • . . « 

aaa ••• 


Henrie Stockdale 

■ a. * . 

i ... a a . 


Richard Sober 

> « « . . 

i ... ... 


Jonas Scott ... 

1 •. . • 

ft aaa aaa 

3 4 

Peter Scarlett 

1 . • . < 

ft aaa aaa 


widow Shilbome 

1 •• ••) 

» ••• aaa 1 


Robert Sanders 

> ■ ■ . «< 

ft aaa aaa 


widow Symons 

t a . . a 

ft aaa • • • i 


ffiunds Sheldrak 

■•• ••« 

ft . a . •■• < 


Arthure Turner 

• . . a • 

> aa* a.. 


Samuell Tayler 

> .. • . 1 

k ... ... < 


Henrie Tiu-kington 

. * . • • 

■ . a a »• m < 

2 6 

Widowe Tyffin 

1 •. . *■ 

aaa a .. 


Robert Tauemor 

aaa ••• i 


Qoodman Toolie 

>.. ••■ 

> ••• .•• « 





Ck)odman Tyngie 
George Taylor 
Jonas wilkes... 
Qregorie whillocke . 
4. 14. — John Y&xlej Senior 

359 a] Alderman wickstedd 

m' Phillip woolfe 

m' Williams 

Joseph watson 

Edward wakefeild ... 

Thomas watkins 

Goodman whiUe 


Goodman woworthe 

widowe warrin ... . 

Gk)odman whiskin ... 

Thomas woodd 

John warren •.. 

2 Q Q Goodman woodward 
2. 7. 2 John Yaxley Junior 

Summa Totalis 

Rents Receaued, and dueues due, to the Church and Parrish. 

Inpn'mis Receaued of the widdowe Ahlinson 

Receaued of doctor mowtlowe 

Receaued of m' Betson 

Receaued of the widdowe Heame 

Receaued of John Hall 

Receaued of James Hall 10 

Receaued of the parishioners for halfe an Easter booke granted 
by consent for & towardes the repairations of the seat^x & 
Onurcne... ••• ... ... ... ... ... •.. 8 4 3 

Receaued of the Parrishioners vpon Twesday in Easter weeke at 
13_18_7, the Church wardens dynner toward6« the feast 1 7 6 

• ■ ■ 


• • • 


■ • • 


• ■ • 


• * • 


• • ■ 


• • • 


• • • 



• • • 


• • ■ 


■ • ■ 


■ • • 


■ • • 


• •• 



• • • 


• • 1 


• ■ • 


• • ■ 


■ ■ • 



■ • • 



20 14* 




1 and Parrish. 

• • • 


• • • 



• • • 


• ■ ■ 


• • ■ 



359 b] Receaued of Proctor Loue for 215 master of Artes at %^ 

a ptoCo •.. *■• ... ... ... ... ««. ... 1 lo lu 

Receaued of Proctor ffloud for 30 midsom^ batchelors at 4^ ... 10 

Receaued of Procter Hunniwood for 227 batchelours at 4<^ ... 3 15 8 

Receaued for seruantM offerings 10 

Receaued of mistris Penny for her daughter buriall October 6 . . . 6 S^ 

1628-9 421 

Beceaued more of her for another buriall October IS® 6 S"^ 

Reoeaued of mu^ria Wray for her husbands buriall 6 8^ 

Summa Receptorum Totalis is zlij^ ziiij* iij<^ 

42U 14 3 

Disbursments made hj the said Churchwarden wherof they craue to 
haue allowance 

Inprimis paid to m' Gk>uldfinch and M' Medhope ministers for 

one whole yeare xiij" vj« viij* 

Item paid to the ould Churchwardens for the foote of their 

accoumpts allowed at the Audite iij^ iij* iiij'* 

Item paid to m' wolfe for bi'ead & wyne expended by Jonas 
wilkes and Robert Prior in their yeare for the vse of the 
Communion by m' vice Chauncellors appoyntment doctor 
vvreene .»• .•. ,,, ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ij xix 

Item paid for Jbnad-& wyne this yeare for the Communion vse iij" vij" 

Item paid for the Election dinner at m' Dodsons iiij" 

27-16- Item for wyne spent at the said tyme xx» 

360 a] Item paid for wyne and Cakes at the Audite vij« 

Item for bread beere wyne & Cakes at the perambulation ... xv« 

Item for a booke of Cannons xiiij*^ 

Item for the visitation supper x' 

Item paid to the Treasurers of the towne for Rent xij*^ 

Item for fowre quarter bills xvj** 

Item for two bookes for the faste ij' 

Item for a branche of an Article for bowes and Arrowes ... xij<> 

Item paid for Elie farthinge« x*^ ob 

Item paid to mitten for his whole yeares wages xl* 

Item paid to Roger for his whole yeares wages x* 

Item paid to Noah Peere as appereth by his bill for the seates 
and Pewes raising & mending on the southsyde of the 
Church which the Parrishe consente should be done and 
because they were not formerly done the Churchwardens 

were presented x" xix* vij** ob 

Item paid more to the said Peere for a newe hearse makeing ... xl* 

Item paid to the Smyth for Iron work for the same x" 

Item paid to (Goodman Heywarde the Plummer for mending 

the Leades and for Solder as appereth by the bill lix" v^ 

Item for mending of seates in the Churche iij" 

Item paid to John Sell for drawing vpp the great Bell frame 
mending the frames and Belfraye Rooffe as appereth by 

nis Dill ... ... ... ••• ••• ... ••• •.. xij 

Item more to Sell for trussing a newe wheele broken as the 

Sermon bell was in ringing to the Sermon xxx* 

422 1629 

Item paid to Sell for drawing vpp the 4^ Bell and hanging yt 

as appereth hj his bill zij* 

Item for mending the third seate next the pulpitt iij" 

Item for a Bonfyer by m' vice Chaunoellor & m' maiors 

appoyntmen^ for Joy of the Queenes oonoeiption iij* iiij^ 

Item given to the Ringers for Ringing at seiurall tymes ... vij' vj^ 
Item paid for 5 newe bell roapes weighing together 62" dim* 

at 4* the li xvij« x* 

Item for laying 2 graues stones in the bodie of the Church 
taken upp vnder the seates lately repaired and for pauing 
brick & workemanship as appereth by byll to Qoodman 
2^1-11* marrett xiiij* x** 

360 b] Item paid to Goodman Trowell for Iron worke for the 

4**» bell as appereth by his bill v» ij<* 

Item paid for a Baldrick for the 5^ bell ij* vj<^ 

Item for a boult & lock for the Church dore xvj^ 

Item for a Keay for the Churchdore viij** 

Item for mending the Churchdore lock viij*' 

Item to Painter the Smyth of a newe lock & wardes vj*^ 

Item for the Southdore lock & keay mending iij* 

Item paid to Trowell for Iron work for y« 5^ Bell iiij» x* 

Item for bread & beere to the Carpenters working 15 dayes 

about the seates in the Chiux)h 4'^ eche day v* 

Jo : Hall Item for the Clock Keeping the whole yeare si* 

Item for shotting the Churche dore and gates x" 

Item for washing the Communion lynnen v" 

Item for broomes spent all the yeare about the Church ... x" 

Item for gathering the names of the Comunicante^ xy<^ 

Item for oyle for the Bells ij" 

Item for writing and Registring the names of all the marriages 

Christininges & buriall & a skynn of parchment ij' vj<^ 

Item for writing the Communicantet names in a booke ... xij^ 

Item for shooting the Bell roapes ij" 

Item for writing the ChnstningM manages &c into the Paruhe- 

ment booke xviy'* 

5. 2. Item for writing thease accoumptex into this booke iy* iiy* 

Summa totals of all the disbursmente^ is Iviij" xix* xj*^ 

Summa totalis Receptorum xly" xiij* iij** 

Soe ypon this accoiunpt there resteth due to the aocoumptantM 

more then they haue reoeaued the some of x-vj" vj' vig^ 

Thease accoumptes were seene perused & allowed the last of aprill 1629 

1629 423 

by V8 whose names are vnder written being Auditors for to receaue this 

Henrie Mowtlowe 

John Crane 

Phillip : Woolfe 

Edward dodson 

waiter W B Betson 

361 a] This Election was made the 7^ of Aprill 1629 for the Choyce of 
the Churchwardens for the yeare insuing according to the Auncient Cus- 
tome of the parishioners of great S^ Maries poiishe in Cambridge William 
Casbone hathe Chossen m' Phillip woolfe for his man And Arthure Turner 
hath Chozen for his man Edward dodson m' woolfe hath Chozen to him 
Henrie Moodie Phillip Scarlett and Henrie Preist ; Edward Dodson hath 
Chozen Christopher Adams Christopher Hatley & Samuell Smyth And 
thease eight haue Cboaen with the consent of m' Thomas Medhope minis- 
tor of the said Church haue Chozen Churchwardens for the yeare ensuing 
William Casebone and Arthure Turner. And the said Churchwardens 
haue Chozen for Sydesmen Henry Preist and Walter Betson. 

Memorandum that is a greed by the consent of the parishioners the 
third of Maye 1629 that at noe Churchwardens election feast hereafter 
shalbe allowed by the parrishe to be expended aboue the soT^ime of ffortie 
shiUingtfs vppon the Common stock & parishe Charg But that euery one 
that is present at the said feast that is a parishioner shall pay xij^ a peece, 
and the Churchwardens shall beare & defray the rest 

Item yt was also agreed at the same tyme that for and towardes the 
Arrerages and debt due vnto the said William Casebone and Arthure 
Turner Churchwardens at the foote of their acooumpts amounting to the 
some of xvj^ vj' viij<^ which was allowed by the Auditors for the last yeare 
the parishioners shall pay to the said Churchwardens halfe an Easter 
booke according to the rate now to be made for the Easter booke for the 
yeare 1629 

Memorandum the day & yeare aboue written yt was also agreed by the 
said Parrishioners of great S^ Maries in the Chauncell of the said Churche 
That D' Mowtlowe and Alderman Cropley should choose sixe men three of 
each bodie to and with the now Churchwardens William Casebone and 
Arthure Turner To ouersee and amend the Rates in the Easter booke as 
they shall see fitt and those two haue Chosen for that piupose m' Williams 
m' Greene & m' Scarlett m' Dodson m' Sedgwick & m' watson Prouided 
that d' Mowtlowe & Alderman Cropley shall haue power to rate as to them 
shalbe thought fitt thease sixe men by them soe chosen & also the Church- 
wardens and that these eight or the greater parte of them shall doe the 

424 1629-30 

361 b] We whose names are subscribed acoording to the order afore- 
said haue p^rvsed the rate for the Easter booke and haue rated as 

■ d 

JUL A lien ••• ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• ••• ««• o %j 

jju. Ax oamo ■•• •«• •■• ••• ••• ••• ••• •*• 4v 

Troylis Atkinson 3 

Bamaby Amy ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 6 

Widdow Ablinson 3 

John Aspland ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2 

Goodman Ansell 1 

Daniell Boyce 2 

M' Broadstreet 6 receued parte 5* 0^ 

Goodman Battye 1 

Qoodman Bowtell ... ... ... ... 1 

Thomas Browne ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2 6 

Richard Bagshott 1 

iXL .DdoUU ... ... .f. •■• ... ... .•■ ... 4\/ 

Widdow Boyce 1 

Rob^ Bell 4 

William Bridges 2 

Henry Beamout 3 

JjcL IjOTXi ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... oU 

Willtam Burton 4 

Elizabeth Bath 1 

Goodman Brechinor 1 

Widdow BuflTe 10 

John Biggs ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

M' John Crane 10 

I ' JL VyXcwMV ... ... ••. r.. •■• ... ... ... 4 V 

Willtam Casbome 4 

Gilbert Coote ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 6 

NicAo^as Carpinter 2 

Abraham Collins ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

M' Cotton 3 

Alderman Cropley 10 

Seath Collins 1 

Samuell Doone 2 

Charles Dawson 2 

Robert Durden ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3 6 

JXL Xi/UUcKIU ... ... ... ... ■•• ... ... ... 04 

Anthony Duglis ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 

James Elliott 3 

5" 10" 10* M' Edmunds 3 



362 a] Henry Essex 
flbther Evans 
GObert j&bian 
JeSery fi&nch 
firancis ffinch 
Gkxxlman ffordham .. 
Goodman Qraues . . 
Ckxxlman Glasenby 

M' Greene 

William Gk>ade 

M' Gibeon 


Willtam Goodwin 
f&ancis Greene 

ThoTiuu Gee 

M' Hughes 

M' Higney 

Gabriell Harrison .. 
Goodman Home 
Widdow Hamond . . , 
Widdow Heme 
Widdow Hewson 
Thomas Hewson 
Arthur Hurst 
James Hunter 
M' Seyward ., 
John Heme 
James Hall 
John Halden., 
John Jolly 
Richard Ireland 
Thomas Jury 
Widdow Ingersole 
Goodman Ingrey 
Goodman Ivat 
'Nicholas Eelley 
Widdow Knuckle 
M' Lyle 
Widdow Lambe 
John L^gg ... 
Robert Leete 
Goodman Lee 
Robert lindall 
ffiither Loader 
M' Lane 


1 6 
3 4 

2 6 

3 6 




3 4 



1 6 

3 6 
3 4 


1 6 



2 6 


3 6 

2 6 
1 6 


1 6 

1 6 





Doctor Moutlowe ... 

M" Medc&lfe 

John MiUisent 
6. 3. 6 M' Moody 

362 b] Thomas Moody 
Goodman Maljn 
G^rge Mathewes ... 
Richard Mendham ... 
Symon North 
AnthoDy Nicholson ... 
Alderman Potto 

M' Pepis 

M" Pamplin 

Obadiah Perkins 
Marterius Pepis 
Jonathan Pinder 
Henry Preist... 
Edmimd Porter 
Qoodman Potto 
Goodman Parker ... 
John Prestley 

Noah Peere 

James Preist 

Widdow Perkins 
Thomas Parke 
Symon Robucke 
Widdow Rogers 
Widdow Richardson 
Goodman Rotherie ... 

M» Randall 

M" Raye 

Thomas Royston 
Goodman Rust 
Joshua Sedgwicke . . . 
PhiUip Scarlett 

John Scott 

Samuell Smith 
Edward Spencer 


Henry Stockdell 
Richard Sober 

Jonas Scott 

Peter Scarlett 

• •• .< 



• « • • 

3 6 

• • • • 


■ • • • 


• • • • 


• •• • 


■ • • • i 


• • • « 


• • • • ■ 


• « • • < 


« • • •« 


• • • • 


• »• • 


■ • ■ • « 

2 6 

« •• •! 


• • • • 


• • • • 


• ■ • • 1 

1 6 

• • • • 


• • • • 


• • ■ « 1 


■ • • • « 

1 6 

• • ■ • < 


• • • • 

1 6 

• • • • 


• • • • 


• • • • 


• •• • 

1 6 

• •• • 


• • • • 

2 6 

• • ■ 


• • « m 


• •• • 


• • • • 

3 6 

• ■ • • 


« • • • 

3 4 

■ • • • 


« ■ • • 

6 8 

• • • • 

3 6 

• • • ■ 


• •• • 

3 4 

• •• • 




Widdow Shilbome 

. . 1 

. . ... 1 

. . 1 


Rob^ Sanders 

i . a 

> . a ... 

• a a 


Widdow Symons 

• •• 

••• ... 

. . . 


f&ancis Sheldrake 

• • 

I ■ a . a . < 

> ■ a 

3 4 

Arthur Turner 

• • 1 

>■• ... • 



Samuell Taylor 

1 . . 

"• ••• 

■ .a < 


Henry Turkmgton 

» . • 

■ . . ... 

• a . 

2 6 

6. 11. 2 Widdow Tiffin 

. . . 

. . . a .a 

a a . 


363 a] Robert Tavenor . . . 

t a • 

• .a a a . 1 

1 a a 



• •• 

» a • ... 1 

■ aa < 


Christofer Tingey 

• •• 

■ . a a a a i 

k a a 1 


Qeorge Taylor 

• • 

a . a a a i 

a a 


Jonas VVilks 

k . . 

1 a . • a a 4 

a a 


Gregory Whellocke 

■ . « 

a a a a . ■ 

a a t 


John Yaxley senior 

• • 1 

a . ... « 

.a < 


Alderman Wicksteed 

. . • 

. . . a a . 

k a a 


M' VVoolfe 

■ a • 

■ a a • . a 1 

• a a 


M' Williams 

« . 

• • a.a 

» • 4 

6 8 

Joseph Watson 

• ■• 

> .. ... 1 

. . 


Edward Wakefeild 

1 . . t 

la. ... 

k . . 1 


Thomas Watkins 

la* 1 

■ a • a a a i 

• a 


Nathan Whitle 

» . . 

■ a a a a a t 

» a a 


Oliver VVoolfe 

a . . 

•• ... a 

. . a 


M.' Jfist ••• ••« ... 

a . f 

. . . a a 

a . I 


John Smith ... 

■ a . 1 

1 •• . a a 1 

. . 1 


Goodman Woeworth 

• • 1 

1 a a a a . ■ 

a . 1 


Widdow Warren 

» •• 

1 a a • a . « 

1 . . 


Goodman Wbiskin 

a a a 

a.a a.a 

a a . 


Thomas Woods 

la. 1 

t • • ... 

a a 1 


John Warren 

. . 1 

•a ... i 

> aa I 


Umfrye Waterman 

• a . 1 

t . a ... I 

. . < 

1 6 

Robert Bright 


» a • a a a t 

. . 1 


Goodman Woodward 

k a a 1 

1 • . • . . 1 

. . i 

1 6 

John Yaxley iuntor 


I a a . a . 

>•• < 

1 6 

Edward Woolfe 

a a 1 

1 •• • aa 

. . 


Peter Collins 

• • 

. • • aa a 

. a i 


Goodman Woolward 

• a 

.• ... < 

1 . a 1 


Thomas Ship 

. . 1 

.a ... 1 

• a 

1 6 

Goodman ffiurechild 

• . • 

»•» •»• 1 

. a < 


Widow Hodson 

1 . a 

1 a . » m* t 

»a» < 


Elizabeth Seamer .^. 

• . . 

> .a • . a 1 

1 . a < 


Widdow Lamb 

Thomas Holmes 

• a * 

• a a aa a 

. a < 

1 6 


Richard Qlasenbye 
4. 1. 8 Thomas Qlouer 

1 o 

1 6 

Sum of the whole Easter 
booke is— 22" 7» 2^ 

Honrie Mowtlowe 
Edward Cropley 
Edward Dodson 
Pbillipe Scarlette 
Leon : Greene 
William williams 
Joshua Sedgwicke 

363 b] The names of all such parishioners as are behind & not paid the 
whole Easter & half Easter book for the yeares ending the 30^^ of march 

the whole Rate 

the half rate 

Bamabj Amye 

!■ 6* 


Richard Bagshott 



Goodman Brichcnor 



widdowe Boys 


widdowe Buffe 



John Biggs 



Abraham Collins 



m' Hewghes 



widdowe Hamond 



John Halden , 


Goodman luat 


Goodman iLelley 





widdowe Lambe 






mis^ris Metcalf 

• • •• 


George mathewes 

• ••« 


m" Pamplin 



Gkx)dman Parker 



James Preist 


widowe Perkins 



Goodman Rust 


widdowe Tyffin 



Christopher Tyngey 


m' williams 

VJ" VllJ** 


Gkx)dman watkins 


Goodman whitle 



Goodman woworthe 


Goodwifis warren 


Goodman waterman 



Goodman Bright 




Goodman wolf 

. •• 



Qoodman wolward 

• •• 


widdow Hudson 

. •• 



widdow Seamer 



Thomas holmes 

• •• 


Thomas woodes 

• • • 


Thomas howsden 



William Bridg 

• •• 



Arthur Hurst 




Alderman wickstedd 

• V V 


Qoodman Lee 

t •• 

• • • 

1. 17. 8 


Sum total yet 

to reoeaue is iij" 

xvj* ix^ 

364 a] Great Saint The Accompt«< of William Casebone and Arthure 
Maries Turner Churchwardens for their Receiptee and dis- 

bursmentM for the jeare 1629 ending the 28^ of 

March 1630 


The whole Keceaued for the whole Easter Booke of the parishioners 
Rate was Reoeaued for the halfe Easter Book of the parishioners 
£^ ? ^ Receaued for 230 mcuter of Artes & one bachelour extraoriitnar^ 
Rate was I^o<^e&ued of Proctor Roberts for 209 bachelors of Artes at 4<^ ... 
1 li' 3* 1<^ Receaued for the buriall of a stranger that dyed at m' Taylors 

Receaued for the buriall of m' Watson butcher 

Receaued for the buriall of m' Broadstreete* Children 

Receaued for the buriaU of William Leader 

Receaued for the buriall of William Casebon Chmxsh warden ... 

Receaued of the parishioners at the Churchwardens dinner ... 

Receaued for the Seruants offerings this yeare 

Receaued of John Hall for Rent 

Reoeaued of the Widdowe Ablinson for a fiyere 

Receaued of Doctor Mowtlowe for Rent 

Receaued of the Widdowe Abblinson for Rent 

Receaued of Walter Betson for Rent 

Reoeaued of the Widdowe Heron for Rent 

Reoeaued of James HaU for Rent ... 

Reoeaued of M' Godfrey for his fyne at the election for Reftise- 
ing to be Churchwarden 

Receaued of John fireeman for his offering 

Receaued of the Widdowe west for his offering 

Reoeaued of Goodman Hopkinson for his offering 

Reoeaued of James Warde for his offiaring 

Summa Reoeptorum xlix^* vj* 

xxj" 14« X* 
ix" iij» vj* 
xliij* viy* 

v" iij- 

• • ■ - » ■ • mj% 

Xllj" lUJ* 

•- »• .J 

VJ« VllJ* 

•- • • .J 

yj« viijd 

V]* VUJd 

xxviij* vj** 


... *• • • • 

xiij« injd 

11J« UIJ* 

vijt vj* 






a • ■ • 



480 1629-30 

364 b] DiBbursments of the said ChurchwardenB whereof they craue 

Inprimis paid to m' Medhope for his yeares wages ... xiij^ vj" viij^ 

Item paid to m' Dodson for the election dinner iiij" 

Item paid for wyne at m' Dodsons the same daye zviij* 

Item for trussing of the great bell ij* 

Item for stayes for the fowrth bell vuj<^ 

Item for twb boxes for the triple bell zyj"^ 

Item to Trowell for Iron worke for the greate bell ij» iiij^ 

Item for Iron worke for the Triple & fowrth Bell iij* 

Item for making vandalls of all the fyve wheeles & an Iron 
Rowle for the tenure and newe stayes to all the wheeles 

which, amomited to 36* shillings whereof the Schollers)- xviij* 
that were Ringers^ paid 18" and soe the parishe paid the I 
other half which was / 

Item for fyve bell Ropes weighing 53" at 4<' ob xx« ij^* ob 

Item for another Rope weighing 2" 11 omices xij*^ 

Item to goodman Corbett for mending the windowes zij^ 

Item for newe glasse 30**« quarreUs ij* vj* 

Item for 2 foote of newe glasse beading Yjl^ 

Item for 8 foote of newe glasse bynding & souldering zij^ 

Item for 70 quarrells of newe glasse v' z^ 

Item for 24 foote of ould glasse banding & souldering iij' 

Item for a ladder ij" viij* 

to Noath Item for mending the Church gate next the Rose ij* t^ 

Peere Item for mending the other north gate iiij** 

Item for mending the south gate zvj^ 

Item for a staye to the Steeple dore & a staple for the south gate zij^ 

Item for a key to the Chauncell dore vj<i 

Item for Iron worke for the Church gates iiij* \)^ 

Item for mending the Lock on the Chauncell dore z4 

Item for mending the lock of the gate next to the lilepott ... vj<^ 

Item for pauing the north Island zviij*^ 

Item for pauing the streete next to Doctor Mowtlowes xij^ 

- Item for pauing about the Church Walls & other places ... iij" iiij^ 

Item for 4 quarter bills xvj* 

Item to Goodman mittin for his 4 quarters wages xl" 

Item to Roger wright for his whole yeares wages x^ 

365 a] Item paid to father Hall for his whole yeares wages as 
appereth by his bill ii^" ij^ 

Item given to twoe Gretians that brought a breefe by the vice 

Chauncellors appoyntm69it iij" iiij* 

^ There was a company of soholar ringers. 

1680 431 

Item a poor man that came with a passe vj<^ 

Item given to Good?7yfe Holiday at 2 seuerall tymes x** 

Item to the Ringers at 4 seuersJl tjmes viz. 19^ of June 5^ of 

October, 6**> of Nouember & the 27*** of march viij« 

Due to M' Casebone for the last yeares arrerage as appereth at 

the foote of his accoumpts xvj** vj« viij«* 

To Scott the Qlassier for mending the windowes against Easter 

as appereth by his bill z*vj<^ 

Item to the Treasurers for Rent xij<^ 

Item for a paire of Joynts and nayes for mis^ns wolfb seate ... xiiij^ 

Item for making cleane the Church yard at Easter y)<^ 

Item for the visitation supper x* 

Item for a book of Cannons xij<^ 

Item aUowed m' Cropley out of his Easter book wAich he layd 

out to m' wilkes xij<^ 

Item for writing thease Accoumpts iij* iiij<^ 

Item for Comunion wyne for the whole yeare iij" xvij* 

Item for a book of Articles -sij^ xiiij^ 

Item for Elie farthinges ... x^ ob 

Item for whiting the pillars in the Churche iij' vj<^ 

Item for a prayer for the Queene ij<i 

Item to goodman Qraues the smyth for mending 4 lockes &) ...^ .^ 

making one keye one hindge & nayles for the Church gate/ ^ ^ 

Item more for one hindge for the gate next Doctor Moutlowe ... xvj^' 

Item to Gk)odman Qee for setting vp the Church gates and) ..^ .^ 

mending of them & 3 seates in the Churche J ^ ^ 

Item paid to m' Scott for writing diuers thinges extraordinariel ^ 

this yeare as will appere J 

Summa Totals of all the disbursementef is Lj" xvj* viij** 

365 b] Summa Receptorum is xlix" vj* 

Summa Expensarum is Lj^ xvj* viij<^ 

Soe ther is due to the Accoumptant to be paid by the parrishe L* viij<^ 

This Accoumpte was scene and aUowed the xxix^ of Aprill 1630 by vs 
whose names are vnder written being Auditors for to receaue y ^ Accoumpts. 

Phillip Woolfe 
PhOUpe Scarlette 
Henry Moody 
Heniy Preist 
Christofer Adams. 

366 a] The Election made vpon Easter Twesday being the thirtith daye 
of march Anno domtni 1630 according to the Custome of the parishe of 
Qreat S^ Maries within the towne of Cambridge for the Chooseing and 
electing of the Churchwardens for the said parrishe for the yeare next 

432 1630 

following (viz) for as much as William Casebone one of the late Church- 
wardens of the said parrishe is deceased in the last yeare before the 
election, Arthure Turner another of the late Churchwardens hath ac- 
cording to the custome of the said parishe Chosyen for his man Alderman 
wickstedd and m' John Crane and Alderman wickstedd hath Chozen vnto 
him W Wolfe Samuell Broadstreet Tymothie Higney and Walter Betson ; 
and m' Craine hath hath chosen vnto him m' wolfe m' wiUiama and 
Henry Preist and thease eight haue with one genu^rall consent chozen 
Thomas Qodfrey and Gabriell Harrison to be Churchwardens of the 
parishe aforesaid for the yeare following m' Thomas Medhop minister of 
the said parishe assenting therevnto. And the said Thomas Godfrey at 
the said vestry then houlden hath come in and before the said Electors 
and the rest of the vestrey declared his refiisall of the said office and hath 
paid downe into the handes of the said late Church Warden the fyne of 
fortie shillings according to a certaine late order of the said parishe in that 
case made & prouided And therefore the said Electors wi^h the consent of 
the said m' Medhope haue Chozen Josuahe Sedgwick to be one of the 
Churchwardens of the said parishe for the yeare following in the stedd & 
place of the said Thomas Qodfrey And the said Churchwaidens haue 
chozen for their Sydesmen Henrie Preist and John Peaps 

366 b] An Inventorie of all the goodes belonging to the Church April! 
the 29^ 1630 on Yfhtch day the account was made 

In primis a Bible for the Church 

Bishop Jewells workes 

A booke of homilies 

Erasmus paraphrase 

Two seruice bookes in folio 

A booke of Cannons 

Two Communion Cupps of silver with covers to them 

A Communion table cloath of blew vellvett linned 

Imbrothered Carpett wrought 

A Surplice 

A ffiringed table cloath 

Two towells 

A parchmdTit booke of parish evidences 

A blue velvet Cushi6n for the pulpit wi^h a couer for it given by Richard 

Two ladders 
A church hooke 

A crimson Cushion and cloath of vellvet for the pulpitt 
A nedle worke Cushion for the Maior 

These goods were deliu^red by Arthur Turner late Church Warden to 
Gabriell Harison and Joshua Sedgwicke the present Churchwardens. 

163f 433 

MemoFandtcm it was coucluded and agreed May the 16^*^ 1630 by the 
panfihioners that thirty shillings parte of the forty shillings wAtch Arthur 
Turner Reoeiued of M' Godfery for his fine for not holding the Church- 
wardenship within the said ponsh to wAtch he was lately elected the 
30^ of March 1630 vpon the said M' Godfeiyes petictbn to the partshioners 
shall be payed vnto him the said M' Qodfeiy by the now Churchwardeus 
and shalbe aUowed to them at the time of their account 

Memorandum it is concluded and agreed the 28^ of May that foras- 
much as John Hall Gierke of S^ Maryes parish for abueseing the Church- 
waidnes was dismissed from being Sexton by the whole assent of the 
367 a] parish & Richard Bagshott of the said parish admitted Sexton in 
his rome yet vpon the submission of the said John Hall the parishioners 
wii^h the Churchwardenes are contented that the said John Hall vpon his 
good behauior towards the present Churchwardens for euer hereafter 
and all other the parishioners for time to come shalbe restored to his said 
place of Sexton and that the said Churchwardens shall pay vnto the said 
Richard Bagshot^or his paynes fiue shillings wAich is to be deducted and 
allowed out of the wages of the said John HalL 

Memorandum whereas the 24^ of August last past Richard Bagshott 
was by the Churchwardens appointed and made Sexton for that John 
Hall was accused for some misdemeaners about the Church and soe the 
keyes taken from the said Hall and committed to the said Bagshott who 
hath performed the office of Sexton untill this 28^ of November, Now vpon 
the submission and earnest petician of the said John Hall vnto the whole 
parish assembled the parishioners are content that the said John Hall 
shalbe restored to his place soe as there be deducted and payed out of the 
wages of the said John Hall by the Churchwardens vnto the said Bagshott 
twenty shillings wAich is to be allowed at hes account 

The sixt day of March 1630 

Memorandum the day and yeare aboue said the parishioners of great 
S^ Maryes parish in Cambridge assembled in the Chauncell of the said 
Church haue elected and Chosen \nito the two Churchwardens Gabriell 
Harison and Joshua Sedgwicke three of either body videlicet M' Woolfe 
M' Williams M' JoAn Pepis M' Preist M' Higny and M' Adams wAtch 
eight or the greater number of them haue hereby power to reveiw and 
amend the Easter booke before the feast of Easter next comeing and also 
it is agreed and concluded that M' Doctor Moutlow and M' Alderman 
Cropley shall haue pother to rate the aforesaid Churchwardens and the 
other persons before named. 

367 b] Memorandum that the day and yeare aforesaid it is agreed by the 
whole consent of the parishioners assembled in the Chauncell of the 
parish Church aforesaid that whreas the custome hath been and still is of 
the parishioners of the said parish yearely to pay their rates (comonly) 
there called the Easter booke at the feast of Easter only Now for that it 

C. A. 8. Octavo Seriei. No. XXXV. 28 



doth appeare vnto the parbhioners that great inoonyeniencie & loese doth 
thereon arise by such as goe out of the parish or die before the end of 
the yeare It is therefore fully agreed concluded and confirmed that the 
said Easter booke be from henceforth foreu^ payed by the parishion«rB of 
the said panshioners and other occupiers there vnto the Churchwardens 
for the time being at the fow^r Tsuall feasts in the yeare namely Midsomer 
Michalmas Christmas and Easter by equall porcK>ns that is to say at 
euery of the said feasts a fourth parte of that which they shalbe rated in 
the said booke and that for non payment as aforesaid it shall be lavrfull for 
the Churchwardens of the same parish to take such order against the 
oflSanders after euery offence as the haue formerly done 

Edward Cropley John Wickstede John Crane 
John Swetsonn 

Henry Moody 
Henry Preist 
John Peaps 
Edward Dodson 
Christopher Adames 
Timothie Hignie 
Edward Gibson 
Samuell Taylor 
Jonas Wilkes 
Henrie Stockdall 
William Rovton 

Phillip Woolfe 
william williams 
PhiUip Scarlett 
John Scott 
Richard Irland 
Troylas Atkinson 
Francis Greene 
John Heame the x 
Thomas Royston 
John Seamer 
Thomas Holmes 

368 a] According to the order before made the partyes therein ai)poiuted 
haue reveiwed and amended the Easter booke as foUoweth 

U • d 

Thomas Glover 2 6 

not received Thomas Turner for parte of his house . 


Marterius Pepis 

... 2 6 

M' Woolfe 

... 10 

Thomas Nicholson 

... 3 4 

not received M" Legg 

... 16 

Samuell Broadstreet 

... 6 8 

John Aspland 

... 2 

Timothy Higny 

... 4 

John Jolly 

... 4 

M' Lane 

... 2 6 

Joshua Sedgwicke 

... 4 

Jonas Scott 


John Milicent 


Anthony Duglis 

... 10 

Widdotc^ Ablinson 


Widdow Tiffin 




Willulm Glaseuby 
Robert Batty ... 
Thomas Bowtell 
Hillaiy Rothery 
Widdow Hugins 
Widow Hamond 
Symon North 
Richard Bagshott 
firancis Greene 
Edward Woolfe 
MoBee Home 
George Taylor 
M' Stwetaon 
John Halden ... 
Thomas Moody 
Gabriell Harison 
Samuell Done 
Robert Corbett 

368 b] M' Alderman Wicksteed 
M' Hughes & M' Wakefeild 
Isendase Clarke 
Richard Ireland 
Widd<w Wray 
Jeffery Ablinson 
John Heme sen' 
Thomas Browne 


Henry Moody 
flfrancis Setle 
M' Williams ... 
Robert Sanders 
Gregory Whelooke , 
Troylas Atkinson 
Peter CoUins 
Widdow Richardson 
Richard Glasenby 
M" Greene ... 
John Heme mnior 
William Edmonds , 
Thomas Watkin 
Widdotr Knuckle 
M' Crane 

Widdow Goade 





















.. 10 











































.. 10 












Edwaid Wakfifeild 

M" Pamplin 

firancifl ffinch ,.. .., 

Ed. Qibeon • 

Jonathan Finder 

Peter Scarlett 

John Yaxley iuniar 

Symon Robucke 

Water Betson 

John I^gg 

Thomas Crabb 

Henry Turkington 

Thomas King 

Widdatff Symons 

369 a] Thomas ffordham ... 

Phillip Scarlett 

Henry Preist 

John Scott 

Samuell Taylor 

Edmund Porter 

Heniy Coppin 

Charles Dawson 

Anthony Nicholson 

Waren Ingry 

Qeoi^ Hopkinson 

WiUtam Graves 

Thomas Ingry 

James Hall ... ... ... 

received 1* Thomas Broughton 

ThoffUM Atkinson 

Thomas Durden 

M' Ingry •.. ... •.. 

Widdotr Huson 

Bobtfft Durden 

John Day 

John Prisely 

Sam Watson 

Widd<w Watson 
received 1" Michaell Story 

M' Adams 

WiUtam Parker 

John Yaxley senior ... 

Widdotr Rogers 

M" Medcalfe ... 


• a. 

• •• 





















































1631 437 

••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

• •• 

• •• 

Vmfry Wolworth 
NicAo2a8 KeUey 
John Loader 
Widdw West 
Widdina Buffe 
Widdoiff Mirton 
not recewed John Pettit for diudrse tenements in his occupactbn 
Thomas Rust ... ..« 

Willtam Ivat ... ••• 

Widd{w Potter 

WicholaA Carpinter 

Samuell Smith ... 

John fireeman 

Edmund Hallidaj 

JaUWflHTflt jjOe ... ... ... ••• ... ... 

Richard Tooley 

4. xo> xtOOi^rt jjoet ••• ••• ... ... ■■. ••• 

not received 2&Q h] M' Rose for his maulthouse 

V^lATKO •■• .*• ••• ••• ... 

<nr IU\* .(* a«( .*• .«• •». 

Widdote' Warren 
Thomas Maling 

John Biggs 

CAmtofer Tingej 
Widdoiff Stacy 
Widdote' Hurst 

Robert Bell 

Oliver Woolfe 
Willtam Gkxxiwin ... 
Edward Dodson 
received 2* Thomas Buckle 
Widdote' ffinch 
Henry Essex 
John Smith ... 
WiddoK^ Perkins innier 

Noah Peere 

Thomas Bugby 


M' Allen 

Willtam Bridge 
fifrancis Sheldrake ... 

Robert Tavan 

James Hunter 


••• ••• 


























































• •• 

Thomas Houtiden 

WillMzm Whiskin 

Arthur HuTBt ... ... ... ••• 

not received Willuzm Empson for parte of the flfalcoii... 

Henry Beiunont 

Thomas Woods 

NicA<>^a8 Litle 

Joiias Wilkes 

M' Stasemore. . . • ... ... ... •.. 

James Preist 

Widdcnr Perkins senior 
John Ansell ... 

Edward Spenoer 

'Sathanid Sally 

James Elliot 

M' Alderman Potto 

Thomas Royston 

5 6 Thomas Holmes 

370 a] John Pepis ... 

Widdo» Gotten 

Thomcu Qodfrey 

not rec^Vtw? Doctor Moutlow 

John Watson 

M' Howard 

William Burton 

Thomas Bert 

Richard Soper 

M' Alderman Cropley 

Phillip Webb 

Thomas Shipp 

vooeived A * Richard Mendham ... 

Stephen ffortmie 

Henry Stockdell 

Robert Lendall 

Ezekiell Wool ward ... 

William Evans 

Thomas Gee 

Widdou^ Ingersole ... 

Widdcw Morley 

Ellen Skinner 

William Woodward ... 

Elizabeth Hudson 

Elizabeth Seamor 

received 2* Arthur Turner 
3" 15 10 


• at 

• •• •■ 



« > • • ■ 



• • • • « 


• • • • « 



• • • •* 


• • • • 


• •• •■ 




• •• « 


■ ■ • • 


• • • * 


• • ■ • 


• • • • 



• •• 


• > • • 1 



• • • • 



• •• •« 



• • > • 


• •• • < 




• • « • 



• • « ■ 


• • * • * 



• • • •* 



• • • * 



• • • • 1 



• • ■ • ( 


• « • * 



• •• • 



• • • • 



• • • • 




• « • • 4 



• •• • 



• • • • * 


• > • •! 




• • ■ • 


• •• • 

• • • • 

• •• •i 


• • • • • 

• • • • < 

• ■ • • 


• • • ft 

• •• •< 


• • • ■ 

• • • tl 




The totall of this Easter booke is twenty fiue pounds thirteen shillings 
and fower pence whereof not collected as appeareth before sixteen shillings 
and tenn pence : soe that the monjes collected of this former rate is twenty 
fower pounds sixteen shillings and six pence for which the Church- 
wardens account as foUoweth in the next page 

370 b] The accompts of Joshua Sedgwicke and Gabriell Harison Church- 
wardens of the parish Church of great S^ Maries in Cambridge for such 
monyes and other things as they haue receiued by vertue of their said 
office which, was yelded and given vp as ffoUoweth 

Inprimis received of the paWishionars for the whole Easter 

LHJvKc ••« ••• •■• ••• ••• ••• 

Received for 200 master of Arts & 12 bachillars ... 

Bec«»2;0G? for 300 Bachilers of Art 

Bjeceived of the parishioners at the election dinner 

"Rdceived for the servants offerings 

Received for the BuriaU of M' Penny 

Rec^t^ for the buriall of M' Spencers child 

Bjeceived for the buriall of M' Steward 

Received for the buriall of M' Croplyes sonne ... 
Received for carrying M' Hobson through the parish and for 
his funerall sermon ... 

Received for the biuriall of M" Potto 

Received for the buriall of M' Michael Watson •.. 

Received for the buriall of M" Moutlow 

Rec^i^ for the buriall of M" Durden 

Received of John Hall for rent 

Received of Widdoi^ Ablinson for rent ... 

Received of Doctor Moutlow for rent 

Received of Walter Betson for rent 

Received of Richard Pate for a post standing in the Church yard 

Received of John Heme for rent 

Received for buriall of M' Leonard Greene 

The totall Sum of the receipts are 40>i 12 
Disbursements whereof the said Churchwardens craue allowance 

Paid to M' Watts minister for his whole yeares wages ... 
Paid to m' Dodson for the ellection dinner 

ffor Wine the same day at dinner 

ffor Wine and cakes at the Auditt 

To Thomas Godfery by order of the parish in parte of his fine 

formerly by him paid 1 10 

Paid to Bagshaw when he was first put on Sexton out of John 

Halls wages ... ... ... ... ... •*. ... 5 


li • 


24 16 


1" 17 



1 8 






























m 12 


U I 


13 6 


4 5 






371a] To Sell for mending the bells 

ffor a thankogiueing for the Queens deliu^ranoe of the Prince 

ffor a booke of Articles 

To the Plumer for mending of the leads 

To the pavier that paued the north side of the Churchyard ... 

fhr three tunn one quarter & eight bushells of pebles ... 

To Bagshaw the second time he was appointed Sexton 

Paid to the Scavinger for clensing the streets agatn^t the 

Churchyard aU the yeare 

To three men two dayes for winding vp the leade & laying vp 

the timber of the vestry 

ffor two bellropee weying 20" at 4*J the pound 

To Noah Peere for mending the Church gates timber naylcs 

& workemanship ... , ••• 

To the Treasurers of the towne for rent for parte of the Almes 

U\/UIH3kI ••• ... ... •.• ... ... •«. ••• 

To Bridges for mending the stayes of the bells ... 

To the ringers the 6^*» of November 

ffor Ely farthings ... ... ... ... ... ... ••• 

To Bagshaw for clenseing the leades 

ffor 24^ Loades of sand 

ffor Comimion wine all the yeare 

ffor bringing the pebles from the bridge 

To the dogwhipper for his wages all years 

To Graues the smith for lockes keyes & Iron worke about the 

Church, dores, chest bells & gates 

To Ivatt for 5 day Worke makeing dores and the Chest 
ffor nayles then ... ... ... ... ... .•. 

To Ivat three dayes to mend the Almes houses & some seates 

in the Church ... ... ... ... ... ... ,.• 

To M' Atkinson for boards to make the dores and chest 

ffor nales and binding to mend the Almeshousee 

Paid to a Clayer, to mend the same houses 

371 b] ffor a pare of side hinges for a seato in the Church ... 

no* UHiXt/B •*. ... •«. ... ... ••• ... ... 

To James Preist for painteing in the Church 

ffor two new service bookes 

ffor the visitacion supper 

ffor two fiast bookes ... ... ... ... ••• 

ffor Writing the former and last rate & some other writings ... 

ffor writing these accounts 

ffor parchment, writing the regester of Christnings marriages & 
burialls for this yeare past 

2 9 



2 6 

18 8 

1 5 4 



4 6 

7 6 

7 6 






































2 6 

1631 441 

Paid to John Hall the remaynder of his wages for keeping the 
Clocke washing the Comunion Linnen Comunion bread 
shuting the gates bromes oyle'for the bells shooting the 

ropes and mending some seates & the bell stajes 2 15 8 

The sume receiued is 40"12" 

The sume disbursed is 41" 1« 8 

Soe that there is due to these acoomptants aboue their reoeipts 

to be payed bj the parish 9 8 

This aocompt was seene and allowed the zzvij^ of Aprill 1632 by vs 
whose names are vnder ?mtten Auditors to receiue these accompts 

John Crane 
Phillip Woolfe 
Henry Preist 
William williams 

372 a] The election made vpon Easter tusday being the 12^ day of 
Aprill 1631 according to the ancient custome and order in great S^ Maryes 
parish in Cambridge for the chooseing of Churchwardens for the said 
parish for the yeare to come. The Churchwardens haue chosen as 
foUoweth Yidelicet Gabriell Harison hath chosen for his man M' Phillip 
Woolfe and Joshiia Sedgwicke hath chosen for his man M' John Pepis 
Phillip Woolfe hath chosen to him Phillip Scarlett Henry Moody Henry 
Preist and John Pepis hath chosen to him Timothy Higny Edward Dodson 
and Marterius Pepis and these eight with the consent of M' Watts 
minister of this parish haue chosen Churchwardens for the yeare to come 
Joshua Sedgwicke and Qabriell Harison and the Churchwardens haue 
chosen for sidesmen Henry Preist and Ckrittoter Adams 

The one and thirteth of luly 1631 

Memorandi^m it is agreed by the gen^raU consent of the parishioners 
of the parish of great S^ Mary in Cambridge assembled in the Chaimcell 
of the said parish Church that M' Alderman Cropley M' Crane M' 
Williams M' Adams and the two Churchwardens or the greater parte of 
them shall veiw the ground lying behind the Chancell and parte of the 
Churchyard and to meeeure the lenght and bredth thereof and to certifie 
the same to the parwh at the next meeting before any lease be thereof 
renewed to Doctor Loue, whereby the parishioners may know what is 

Item it is agreed that the Churchwardens shall accept of three 
pounds as a gift from M' ffrancis Martin towards the new building of a 
ffonte and that the same be built by the Churchwardens according to 
direction from Doctor Porter and the charge thereof over and aboue the 
three pounds to be borne by the parish 

Item it is agreed that whereas the pcerish lands and meadow hath been 
formerly vniustly taken from the parish and is now layed out by a Jury 



at ChestertoD that M' Ald^nnan Croply M*^ Crane M' Williams M>^ Adams 
M' Moody M' Preist M' Higny M' Betson & the two churchwardens shall 
veiw the same lands and doe cause the same to he dowled and hounded 
out at the parish charge 

372 h] It«m it is also agreed that whereas parte of the Inn called the 
fifalcon doth lye in our parish and only such as are poore that liue therein 
are putt vpon this parish to releiue and such as are able and occupie 
parte of the same house lying in this parish refuse eitho* to pay to the 
repare of the Church or maintenance of the poore therefore it is thought 
fitt and agreed that the Churchwardens shall aske Counsell and be 
advised what doe for them and all others that doe occupie any lands 
houses or tenements in the said parish and will not pay to the repayre of 
the Church and maintenance of the poore and as they shall be advised to 
proceed in the law against them & euery of them and this to be done at 
the parish charge 

The eight and twentith day of March 1631 

Memorandt^m that the day and yeare abouesaid Edward Potto 
gentleman one of the Aldermen of the towne of Cambridge and a 
parishioner of this parish did loueingly and freely bestow vpon the parish 
a new Communion tablecloth of diaper being three yards and three 
quarters in length and two yards in breedth to be and remayne to the 
parish : 

^ The rate of the parishioners vnto the Easter booke 
comonly soe called for payment of ministers wages 
repayre of the Church and other neoessaryes about the 

373 a] Great S* 
Maryes parish in 

Thomas Glover 
Marterius Pepis 
M' Woolfe ... 

received V Percivall Seacoale 
M" Legg 
M" Broadstreete 
received 7^^ John Walker 

Timothy Higney 
John Jolly 
Widdow Cannam 
Joshua Sedgwicke 
John Millioent 
Robert Andrewes 

received 2* Jonas Scott ... 
received 1" 3 Thomas Halfehead 
Widdou' Ablinson 


--- — ^ 




• • • •« 




• * • ■ < 




• •• •< 



. .. • 



• •« . I 




* ■ • • 




• • . . 




• • « . 



• •• . 



• • « . 



■ • * • 



• •• • 




. • . • 1 




■ .* . 



• •• •< 




• • . • 





Widdotr Tiffin 
William Lasenby 
Robert Batty 
Thomas Bowtell 
Hillary Rothery 
Widdow Hamont 
SymoD North 
Richard Bagshott 
rec^'M«l 2" John Dod 

QeorgB Taylor 
Moees Home 
M' Swetson ... 
John Holdin ... 
Thomas Moody 
Qabriell Harison 
M' Jackson ... 
Samuell Done 
Robert Ck>rbett 
M' Alderman Wicksteed 
M' WakefeUd 
Richard Ireland 
Widdow Wray 
Jeffery Ablinson 
John Heme senior . 
Thomas Browne 
^13-6 Henry Moody 

••• f .•• 

373 b] WiUiam Williams 
ffrancis Setle... 
Robert Sanders 
Gregory Whelocke , 
Troylas Atkinson 
Peter Collins... 
Widdoiff Richardson 
Richard Lasenby 
Thomas Royston 
firancis Qreene 
M" Greene ... 
John Heme Juntor . 
received^ William Edmunds . 
Thomas Watkin 
Widdoir Knuckle 
Widdow Woods 



























































444 1631-2 

Elizabeth Seamer 

JIL V/TUIO ••• ••• •■• a** ••• ••• ••• 

>JillDOFu unDQjr*** ••• ■•• ••• «•« •■• ••• 

Widd<n& Goade 

Doctor Moutlow 

Edward Wakefeild 

JSH i WXjr ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

flirancifl fGjich 
Edward Qibson 

Jonathan Pinder ... 

Peter Scarlett 

John Yaxley ... ... 

Simon Robucke ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Water Betson 

wonn i^of^ •.• ... .«• ... ••• ... ••• 

Thomas Crabb «•• 

Henry Turkington ... 

Thomas King ... ... ^ ... 

Widdotff Symons 

Thomas ffordham ... ... ... ... 

Phillip Scarett ... ... ... 

£i.enry xreiSv... ... ,.. ... ... ... ... 

John Scott ... ... 

Samuell Taylor 

Edmund Porter 

Henry Coppin 

Charles Dawson 

Anthony Nicholson 

Waren Ingry ... ... ... ..• ... ... ••• 

vames j>aii ... ... ... ... ... •*• ... 

Thomas Ingry ... ... ... ... ... ••. 

William Graues 

6-14-6. Thomas Broughton 

374 a] Robert Durden 

1* 3*^ John Seamer 

Widdotff Huson 

John Day 

John Prisely 

Ralph Hatley 
Widdoir Watson 
Michaell Story 
John Holdin 













































6 14 

















William Parker 
ChriMoter Adams 
John Yaxley seutbr 
Widdou^ Rogers 
M" Medcalfe... 
Vmfery Wolworth 
Widd<w Potter 
John jSreeman 
Widdow West 
Widdat<^ Gotten 

Willtam lyat... 
Widdot(^ Warren 
James Ward ... 
^icholaA Carpinter 
Widdour Smith 
Edmund Halliday 
Edward Lee ... 
Richard Tooley 
Widd<w Story 
Rob^ Leet ... 
Chriaiofer Tingey 

not received Ahimaz Ranew 

Widdotff Malin 

Biggs ... 
ChrUtof&t Parker 
John Loader ... 

Widdow Hurst 
Widdoir Mirton 
Robert Bell ... 
Oliuer Woolfe 
Edward Dodson 
William Qoodwin 
Thomas Buckle 
ffirancis Sheldrake 
Henry Essex 
John Smith ... 
Widdotff Perkins 

374 b] Thomas Bugby 
Noah Peere 


••• ••• ••« 


■•• ■•• ••• 


••• •■• ■•• 


••• ••• ■•• 


• ■• ••• ••• 


••• ■•• •■• 


■•• ••• ••• 



••» ••• ••• 



••■ ••■ ••• 


••• •■• ••• 


•■• ••• ••• 


■•• ••• ••■ 


••■ ••• ••• 


••• •«■ ••• 


••• ••• ••• 


••• •«• ••• 



■ ■• ••• ••• 


••• ••• »•• 



••• ••■ ••• 


••• ••• ••• 


••• ••• ••• 


••• ••• #«• 



to the repayrel 


of the Church. 

■•■ ... ..a 


••« ••* .«■ 


••• ••• ... 


••* ••• ••* 


*«■ ■•• •*. 


••• •«* •*• 


• •• ■•• ••« 


•*• .«■ «•• 


••• •■. ••* 



•■* ••• ••• 



••• .•• ••■ 



••• ••• ... 


•■• •*. ••• 


■•t •** •.. 



••• .*• ... 


••■ •.• ••• 


• •• ••• • • . 





••• ••■ ■•• 


••• ••■ •«> 






M' Allen 

William Bridge 
William ffinch 

received 6** John Hallam 
Robert Tavan 
Thomas Houaden ... 
Willuzm Whiskin ... 
Arthur Hurst 
Henry Beamont 
Thomas Woods 
NicAo^as Litle 
Jonas Wilkes 

i-ecc'iVerf 3» 4 M' Mercer 

M' Stasemore 

M' Melvin 

James Preist 
John Aspland 
Widdow Perkins 
Robert Bright 

reixived G^ Richard Midlton 
Nathan iell Sally 
James Elliot 
M' Alderman Potto 
Thom«M Holmes 

John Pepis 

Henry Wright 
Thomcu Qodfery 
Thomas Nicholson ... 
Henry Stockdell 
Stephen ffortune 
Richard Menham 
Thomas Ship 
M' Alderman Cropley 
Richard Soper 
Thomas Bert 
William Burton 
Hellen Skinner 
Wilh'am Evans 
Ezekiell Woolward ... 
Robert Lendall 

Robert Gee 

Widdow Ingersole ... 
Widdcwr Morley 


• . * ... 



. . . . • • 



• . • ... 



• .• . • ■ 



. . . ... 



••• ... 



. * . • . . 



. a . • . • 



. *• • . . 



a • . • . • 



. • . • . • 



. . . • ■• 




. • . . •• 



... ... 




. ft • . . • 



• . . ••• 


. .. ... 



• • ■ ... 



* • ■ • • . 



. • • . • ■ 



. •* ... 



• • . . . • 



. . . ■ . . 




... • a • 



. • • • . . 




... ... 



... •*. 




.«• • • • 



. • . ... 




• .. ... 




... ... 



■ »• . • . 



... ... 




... ••■ 



... ... 




. .. ■ ■* 



. . . ... 



. *• ••• 



• • . •.. 



. . • . • 



. . * ... 


• . . ... 



* . . ... 



• •• t •. 


. • . ... 






























. ... 





.Willuzm Woodward... 
William Howard 

M' Ingry 

John Hales 

Owin Price 

Widdow Rogers 
Widdow Hart 
Widdou' Beynolds ... 
'E]izabeth ClaydoD ... 
Mary Johnson 

375 a] Widdotr Jackson ... 

Widdow Joanes 

Isabell Lane 

^^ viesoe ... ... •.. 


The accomits of Joshua Sedgwicke and Gabriell Hanson Church- 
wardens of their receipts and disbursements for one yeare begining the 
12^ of Aprill 1631 and ending the third of Aprill 1632 

Receiued of the parishioners for the whole Easter booke 
Beceived for 260 Masters of Arts and 37 Bachellers 

Recetveci for 262 Bachellers of Arts 

"Received for the buriall of M' Bradstreet 

Beceived for buriall of M" Penny 

Recetv0(f for buriall of M' Smith 

"Received of the parishioners at the election dinner 

Receu^ec? for servants offerings 

Received? of John Hall for rent 

Receuvc? of Widdotff Ablinson for rent 

Received of Doctor Mowtlow for rent 

Received of Richard Pate for a post standing in the Church yard 
Receti^ of John Heme for rent of the shopps at the west end 

of the Church ... 

Received for the buriall of M' Willis 

Received for carrying of vriddow Watsons child to be buried in 

S^ Edwards Church 

24 14* 


2 15 


4 7 








1 10 

1 1 













Sum total of all the receipts 

38U 5. 7d ob^ 

375 b] Disbursements whereof the Churchwardens craue allowance 

u 9 d 

Paid to M' Watts our minister for his whole yeares wages ... 13 6 8 

Paid for the election dinner 3 10 

448 1631-2 

Paid for wiue aiid sugar then 19 

Paid for Wine and cakes at the auditt 7 1 

Paid for mending the glasse windowes in the niidle lies ... 1 10 

Paid for Ely ffarthings 10§ 

Paid for Comuniou wine all the yeare 2 18 

Paid the glasier for mending all the lower windowes in the 

Church as appeareth by his bill 2 10 

Paid for wine sugar bread beare and cakes at the perambulacibn 15 
Paid vnto Wilson the Joyner for mending the seates in the 

Church and for capping two seates , 

ffor one side hinge ... 

ffor two pare of side hinges 

ffor nailes to mend the seates 

ffor mending the great bell clapper being broken in two places 7 
Qiven to the Jury at Chesterton to spend after they had sett 

out the parish land ... ... ... ... ... 

To Phillip Hall for mending the Almeshouse Chimnies 

ffor stakes and spent on the company that went to se the 

parish land sett out ... 
To the pavier for paueing on the south side of the Church ... 

ffor seauen Loades of sand 

ffor a tunn of pebles ... ... ... ••• 

ffor carriage of them ••• 

ffor two bell roopes ... 

ffor boardes to make a dore in the steple 

To a Carpinter to make the dore mend the stayes and two 

Dell wneeies ••• ... •.. ••• ... ... ••• u z 4 

376 a] ffor boards to mend the seates 18 

ffor quarters to make the cappings and a fi^irbord 6 1 

ffor parchment and writing the regester of christnings marriages 

and burialls ... ... ... ... ... 2 6 

ffor writing fewer quarter bills ... 1 

ffor the visitactbn supper 10 

to the scavinger for his wages all the yeare 2 

to the dogwhipper 10 

to John Hall for keepeing the clocke ... 2 

ffor bread for the Co97imunion 6 

ffor shutting the gates 10 

fibrbroomes 10 

To Sell for mending the bells as appeareth by his bill 7 

ffor two bell ropes 8 8 

ffor mending the Chiuxh gates and two seates in the Church... 8 

To the treasurers of the towne .^010 

Rest due to the Churchwardens of the former yeare 9 8 


























• •• 

•f • 













d Ob 






10 i 



ffor more quarters to make the seateB ... 

ffor writing these accounts 

ffor mending the clarkes seate 

ffor a pound of wire for the clocke 

ffor washing the Commmiion Linnen ... 

ffor scoureing the plate & fflagons 

ffor oyle for the bells 

ffor shooteing the ropes all the yeare ... 
ffor the ringers on the Coronactbn day ... 

Sum totall 

The sums reoeiued 

The sume disbursed 

The remaynder 

which remayndflr was payd to Henry Preist 

Seene and allowed by vs 

Henry Preist Phillip: Woolfe: 

Phillipe Scarlett Edward Dodson 

Henry Moody 

376 b] The election vpon Easter Tusday being the third day of Aprill 
Anno Domini 1632 according to the ancient costome and order in great 
S^ Maryes parish in Cambridge for the Choseing of Churchwardens in the 
said ponsh for the yeare to come. The Chiu*chwardens haue chosen as 
followeth viddltbst Qabriell Harison hath chosen for his man William 
Williams and the said Joshua Sedgwicke hath chosen for his man John Pepis 
William Williams hath chosen to him M' Crane M' Woolfe & M' Swetson 
and John Pepis hath chosen to him M' Ald^man Cropley M' Dodson 
M' Higney and those eight with the consent of Mr Watts minister of 
the parish haue chosen Churchwardens for the yeare to come Joshua 
Sedgwicke and Henry Preist and the said Churchwardens haue Chosen 
for sidesmen Henry Moody and Timothy Higney. 

377 a] According to an order made within the parish of Great S^ Maryes 
we whose names are subscribed appointed to revew and amend the Easter 
booke haue accordingly vewed and a mended the same as followeth 

Thomas Glover 
Marterius Pepis 
M» Woolfe ... 
PercivaU Seakill 
M" Legg 
M" Bradstreet 
M" Limber ... 
John Walker... 




u • 












C. A. S. Octavo Striu. No. XXXV. 




Timothy Higny 
John Jolly ... 
Widdow Cannam 
Joshua Sedgwicke . 
John MiUioent 
Robert Andrewes 
Thomas Halfehead 
Widdow Ablinson 
Widdow Tiffin 
William Lasenby . 
Robert Battey 
Thomas Bowtell 
Hillary Rothery 
Widdott^ Hamond 
Henry Ward... 
Symon North 
Richard Bagshott 
John Dod 
Qoorge Taylor 
Beceived !■ John Meller ... 
Moses Home... 
M' Swetson ... 
John Holden... 
Thomas Moody 
M*^ Jackson ... 
Oabriell Hanson 
Samuell Done 
Robert Corbet 
M' Alderman Wicksteed 

377 b] Richard Ireland 
Widdew Wray 
Jeffery Ablinson 
John Heme senior , 
Thomas Bro¥me 
Henry Moody 
firancis Setle... 
William Williams . 
Robert Sanders 
Gregory Whelocke , 
Troylas Atkinson 
Peter Collins... 
Widdcnr Ridiardson. . . 
Richard Lasenby 





3 4 

1 6 







1 6 





2 6 






3 4 


3 6 






3 4 



3 6 


1 6 

6 8 









ffi*ancis Greene 
John Heme iumbr 
Thomas Watkins 
Widdotff Knuckle 
Widdow Woods 
Elizabeth Weatherhead 
M' Crane 
Gilbert ffaber 
M' Doctor Moutlow 
Edward Wakefeild 
Received 3^ M' Perry 

firancis ffinch 
Jonathan Pinder 
Peter Scarlett 
John Yaxley iuntor 
Symon Robucke 
M'Betson ... 
John Legg ... 
Thomas Crabb 
Widdow Marton 
Henry Turkington 
Thomas King 
Widdaw Symons 
received 1* James Tompson 
Phillip Scarlett 
Henry Preist... 
John Scott seniior 
Samuell Taylor 

878 a] Edmund Porter 
Charles Dawson 
received !■ Anthony Nicholson 
Warren Ingry 
James Hall ... 
NicAo2as Moody 
Thomas Ingry 
William Graves 
Thomas Broughton 
Robert Durden 
John Seamer... 
Widdow Huson 
John Day 
John Prisely... 
Ralph Hatley 
Michaell Story 
















































































John Richardaon 
WUliain Parker 
Christofer Adams 
John Yaxley senior 
Widdow lumpers 
Widdoiff MedcalfSd 
Vmfry Wollworth 
Widdow Potter 
John fireman... 
Widdaw West 
Widdoiir Gotten 
fiasaet ... 
Robert Bright 
Widdaw How 
NicAo^as Carpinter 
Widdaw Smith 
Mary Smith... 
Chrittofer Parker 
Edmund Halliday 
Edward Lee ... 
Richard Tooley 
Robert Leet ... 
Christofer Tingey 

Widdot^ Malin 
John Biggs ... 
Widdcmr Warren 
James Ward ... 
John Loader... 
Leonard Clarice 
Widdotc Hurst 

378 b] WiddmrMirton 
Robert BeU ... 
Oliver" Woolfe 
Willtam Qoodwin 
Thomas Buckle 
Edward Dodson 
firancis Sheldrake 
Henry Essex... 
Mary Puncher 
John Smith ... 
Widdot^ Perkins 
Thomas Bugby 
Noah Peere ... 








































Widdow Jury 
M' Allen 
William Bridge 
Widdotff ffioch 
Widdou' BarUett 
John Hallam... 
Robert Tavan 
Thomas Howsden 
Received 1' Richard Hawkins 
Arthur Hurst 
Henry Beamont 
Thomas Woods 
"Nicholas Litle 
Jonas Wilkes... 
M' Stasemore 
M' Melvin 
James Preist... 
John Aspland 
Widdow Perkins 
roceived 1« S'* Marke Hatley 

Nathanaell Sally 
James Elliott... 
received 2* James Sadler... 

M' Alddrman Potto 
Thomas Shipp 
Thomas Holmes 
John Pepis ... 
Henry Wright 
Thomas Qodfery 
William Bryan 
William Crane 
Thomas Nicholson 
Henry Stockdell 
Stephen fibrtune 

379 a] Richard Mendham 

PhiUip Webb 

M' Alderman Cropley 
Richard Soper 

Thomas Bert 

William Burton 
Hellen Skinner 
Margaret Skinner ... 
William Evans 


































































454 1632-3 

John Shimmy 

Ezekiell Woolward ... 

Robert Lendall ... ... 

X uOmAo vxOO ••• ••• *•• ... ... ... ••• ••• 

Widdotr Ing[6rBol6 ... .«. 

Widdoir Morley ... ... ... ... *.. ••• 

William Woodward 

William Howard ... ... ••. ... ... ••• ••• 

Received ii" 6^ M' Botewright 

tJ ODu xXaiOB ••• ... .•• ••• ••. •■• ••■ .•• 

V/WiU X fiCv ... •«■ ... •.• ••• ... •■• ••• 

Widd(w Rogers 

Widdotff Hart... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

^L wiGseo •.. ... ... ••• ••• ... •*• 

Mary Johiifloii ... ... ... ... ••• ••• ••• 

Widdoiff Jackson 

Widdou^ Joanes ... ... ... •>. 

JLSauGu JjcUlO ••« ... ... ... ... ••. ••* ••* 

Widdot^' Reynolds 

Summa total 25» 2« 9* 

The 14^ day of Aprill 1033 

Memorandum whereas the Churchwardens haue expended and dis- 
bursed about the reparacions of the Church more monyes then they shall 
receiue by the Easter booke or otherwise It is therefore this day by a 
generall consent of the panishioners agreed that the said Churchwardens 
shall make sale of the lead and timber left in the place called the vestry 
towards the raysing of the said monyes and that the Churchwaidens doe 
call vnto them John Pepis and Henry Moody to se the said lead weighed 

379 b] The accounts of Joshua Sedgwicke and Henry Preist Church- 
wardens of their receipts and disbursements for one yeare begining third 
day of Aprill 1632 and ending the three and twentith of Aprill 1633 


Receiued of M' Pepis for the buriall of M" Tidiswell 

Reoeiued for 208 Mo^^ers of Arts 

Receiued for the buriall of Samuell Taylor his child 

Rec^t^ for 20^ midsomer Batchelors ... 

Recdiiwf for the buriall of M' Betson 

Receit^ for the buriall of M' Stasemore his child 

Rec^M^ for the buriall of M' Ald^man Potto 

Baoeived for the buriall of M" Bradstreets child 

lieceived for the buriall of Henry Moodyes sonue 

Rec^'t^ for 250 Batcha/ers of art at Lent 



























B/oceived for the whole Easter booke 

Received for servants offerings 

"Received of John Heme for rent . 

Received of John Hall for rent 

Received of M' Doctor Moutlow 

Received of Widdow Ablinson 

R&ceived of Joshua Sedgwicke for rent of the porishland 

Received of Thomas King for the remaynd^ of the lead 

Rec^'veo? for the old timber 

Receiued of the last accoimt 

Received of Richard Pate for a poet in the Church yard 
Received for the buriall of M" fiGsiber 























Sum total of all the receipts 54 14 2 

380 a] Disbursements whereof the Churchwardens crauo allowance 

Paid to M' Dodson for the election dinn^ 

Paid for wine and cakes at the auditt 

Paid to George Tompson for the makeing the fimt 

ffor bread and beare spent on him and his servants 

Item for killing of starlings and stopping their neasts 

Item to the almes women for clensing the Church below after 

it was clensed aboue 

ffor fiue new ropes ... ... ... ... ... ... ,.. 

ffor timber bought of M' Atkinson to vse about the diall 
Paid to John Hales for cleneeing the steple from topp to 

tJ\/UwvUlw ... ... ... ... •.. ... ••• 

Item paid to M' Newton for paynting and gilding the diall and 
rayies over il ... ... ••• ••. ••• ... ... 

To the dogwhipper for his wages all the yeare 

To the Minister for his wages all the yeare 

To the Chaunoellor for a booke of Articles for our selues & the 
minister and deliuering in of the visitacibn bill 

Item to the Joyner for mending the crevises in the belfree 
wtth halfe inch board ... ... 

To the Clayer for worke about the Almes houses 

ffor sweeping and clensing the vpper, lower and porch leades ... 

To the scavinger for the whole yeare 

A booke of Articles and a bill giueing in at the Archdeacons 

VlolUliCM/Il ... .•• ... ... ... ... ... 

Item to John Sell for hanging the second bell and remoueing 
the 4^ bell wheele and a new baldricke 

Item to the pavier for mending the 8ti*eet at the belfrye end ... 

ffor a barren of Lintseed oyle to paint the fonte the porch and 
church dores ... ... ... 











1 6 
















6 6 

14 4 

456 1632-3 

ffor fower loodes of gravell and to a laborer to lay it and 

rubbiflh out of the Church in the Church yard 3 10 

380 b] lUm to the fireemaaons when the paued the Chaucell 2 6 

tern for setting vp M' Warrings tombe 10 

t^m to David Bhsse for paynting the fonte Church dores, the 

porch & finding colors 10 

t^m to m' Woolfe for Comunion wine for all the yeare ... 3 8 

t«m to John Hall for keeping the clocke 2 

tern to Edward Woodrooffe for worke done about the dial] ... 17 1 

tern for makeing the rayles about the fonte and making M' 2 7 9 

Crane & M' Woolfes seate 13 4 

t^m to James Preist for clensing the Church within 13 

t^m to M' Qray for hanging the litle bell and trusiug the 

othtfr bells ... ... ... ... ... 16 8 

tern payed for weyghing the lead the first time & second time 5 

tern payd M' Stirop to free vs of the procuracion 3 4 

t«m for the visitacu)u supper 10 

t^m for writing the regester of the christnings marriages and 

DunaiiB ••« ••. ... ••• ... ... ••• «•• vf z o 

ttfmpaydtotheRyngerBNot;em6^tVandvponthe27^*'of March: 2 

t^m for making six bills of presentments 10 

tem for writing these accounts 3 4 

tem to John Hall for scoureing the flagons 2 

tern to him for washing the Comunion linnen 5 

t^m for broomes to swepe the Church 10 

fifoi: bread for the Comimion 6 

tern spent at the p«rambulact6n 8 8 

tem for shutting the Church gates 10 

tem for oyle for the bells 2 

t«m for shooteing the bell ropes 2 

Um for laying lead on the steple since Easter w/^tch was stoUen 12 

Paid to the smith as appeareth by his bill 2 10 5 

Paid the Carpinter as appeareth by his bill 19 5 

Payd for Ely ferthings lOj 

381 a] Paid to the mason as appeareth by his bill for worke 

and materialls 5 9 5 

Paid to Thomas King for pluminge and glazing 3 9 9 

To the Treasurers 10 

fibr a booke on the Kings day for thankesgiueing 4 

The table of marriages 8 

Sumtotall 55" 2 5^ 

Siun total of the receipts 54^* 14* ^ 

• Siun total disbursed 55 2 5^ 

1633 457 

There is due to these accountants aboue their receipts to be 

payed by the parish 8 3^ 

Edward Cropley John Crane 
Phillip: Woolfe: William Williams 
Edward Dodson 

381 b] The 23^ day of ApriU 1633 

It is this day ordered and agreed by the whole consent of the 
parishioners in the Quire assembled that M' Phillip Woolfe and Joshua 
Sedgwicke shall in the name of the parish prosecute and follow all 
businesses for Charitable vses concerning the parish and that all monyes 
by them expended therein shall from time to time be payed vnto them by 
the Churchwardens of the parish for the time being and shall be allowed 
vnto them vpon their account 

The election of the Churchwardens of great S^ Maryes pansh in 
Cambridge was made the 23^ of Apnll 1633 for the yeare ensueing 
according to the ancient custome of the said parish The Chmrchwardens 
have chosen as followeth videlicet Joshua Sedgwicke hath chosen for his 
man M' Alderman Cropley and Henry Preist hath chosen M' John Crane 
and the said M' Cropley hath chosen to him Edward Dodson Timothy 
Higny and Christofer Adams and M' Crane hath chosen to him PhiUip 
Woolfe William Williams and Phillip Scarlett and the said electors wtl^ 
the consent of M' Ceorge Watts the minister haue chosen Thomas Starese- 
more and James Elliot for Churchwardens for the yeare to come and the 
said Churchwardens have chosen for Sidsemen Jonas Wilks and Richard 

382 a] An Inventorie of all the goods belonging to the Church June the 
20^ 1633 on wAtch day the accoimt was made : 

Inprimis a bible for the Church 

Bishop JeweUs workes 

A booke of Homelies 

Erasmus paraphrase 

ffower service bookes in follto 

A booke of Cannons in the ministers hands : 

Two Communion cupps of silver with covers to them : 

A Communion table doath of blew velvett lined 

An imbroydered carpett wrought : 

A Surplice 

Two fringed table cloathes 

Two towells. 

A parchment booke of parish evidences 

A blew vellvet Cushion for the pulpitt with a couer for it given by Richard 

Two ladders 



A Chiirch hooke 

A Chest to locke writings in : 

A Crimson cushion and cloath, of velvett for the pulpitt 

A needle work cushion for the Maior 

A box of eA'idences and aprentices Indentures : 

A table of marriages 

ftbwer other Cushions 

September the 22 : 1633 

Memorandiim, it is agreed by the consent of the parishu>uers of the 
parrish of Greate Saint marys att a meeting in the chausell of y^ saide 
Church, that the churchwardens Thomas Staresmore and James Elliott 
should haue Joyned with them m' Henry Moody m' Henry preist m' 
Christouer Adams and m' Edward Dodson to vew and a mend the easter 
booke and alsoe it was a greede that M** Alderman Cropley and m' Crane 
should haue power to rate them, as they shall thinke meete 

382 b] Anno domini : 1633 : 

The Rate of the parishinars to the Eastar booke for 
wages and Repars of the Church and othar nesesarey 

Tho?iMM Glouar 

Matterias Peapes ... 


Persiphall Secoall 

iXL Xiegg ••• ••• ••• •<• ••• 

M" Broadstreet 

M" Lymbart 

John Walkar 

Tymothey Higney 

John Jolley ... 

William Cranne 

JosAtM Sedgwick 

Joh9i Myllisaint 

Robert Andrews 

ThomcM Half head 

widdatr Ablson 

widdow Tyfianey 

wiUiam Lafienby 

Robert Battey 

Thomew Bouttall 

gon widdottJ Hugins 

Henry Rodrey 

Wilh'a?/i Hamaut 

Henry Ward 

the ministars 




B d 


2 6 


2 6 









3 4 

1 6 








1 6 







Richarrf Bagsh* 



George TayDor 

1 6 

William myllard 






m'SwettBton ' ... 



Joh^i Haldyn Jum'or 



ThofTMU moody 


3 4 

m' Jackson 



Gabriell Harisou 

3 6 

Samwill Doann 



Robert Corbit 



Aldarma9» wickstead 






14 8 


8 d 

383 a] Richard larland 





3 4 




John Hem senior 



ThofiMM Browne 


3 6 

Henry moody ... ... ... ... ... 



Frances Settell 


1 6 

AVilluim Williams 


6 8 

Widdoi9 Sandaro 



Gregpey whillick 


Troylas Atkinson 



Pettar Collins 



Widdoi0 Richardson 



Richarof Lasenby 



Frances Green 


3 4 

John Hem Junior ..*. 



Thomcv watkins 



widdotff knnckell 


1 6 




elizabeM wetharhead 



m' Cranne 



Gylbard Fabin 


3 4 




Frances Finch 



Jono/han Pindar 



Pettar Scarlit 



John Yaxley Jmiibr 



Symon Robuck 



John Bettson 





John Legg 




yriddow martyn 


widdou; Turkdnton 


Thomas Kinge 


widdotr Symants 


gon Jamos TompsoD 


Phmtp Scarlet 


Henry Priest ... 


John Soott senior . . . 


gon John Scott junior ... 


Samwell Tayllor 


Edmtinc^ Portar 


Henry Rull 


Charles Dawson 


383 b] Antoney Nicholsoi 

warin Ingrey 

James Hall 

Nicholas moody 

Thomas Ingrey 

William Qraues 

Thomas Broughton ... 

willia/n Fullar ... 

Robert Durdin 

John Semar ... ... 

widdoK' Hewson 

John Presley 

Ralph Hattley 

michell storey 

Goodman Richardson 

William Parkar .«. 

Christo^A^ Adams ... 

John Yaxley senior ... 

widdoic Rodgars 

m" Medcalf 

Humphry woolsvorth 
ded widdozr Pottar 

John Freeman 

widdoi^ Cotton 

widdoic West 


gon Robert Bright 

6 7 8 

U < d 

2 6 




































ded widdow How 

Nichoto Carpintar ... 

vnddow Bmyth 
gon WiUitim smyth 



edmund Hallidaj ... 

edward Lee 

Richani Tooley 

Cbnatopher Tingey ... 

Thoma$ Barkar 

John Biggs 

gon James Ward 

John Lodar 

Lenard Clarke 

vriddaw Morton 

widdour Bell 

384 a] OliuarWoolfe 

William goodwin 

Thomas Buckell 


Franoee Sheldrake . . . 

Henry ESssix ... 

John Smyth ... ••• 

widdoir Perkins 

Thoma« Buckbee 

m' Allyn ... ... 

Robert Newton 

widdoiff Finch 
gon Edward Bobison 

John Hallam 

BolMft Tauan 

Thomas Hewsden ... 
gon Richaiti Haokins 

Arthur Hurst 

Henry Beamant 

Thomas Woods 

Nicho2a« Settle 

m' Johnas Wicks . . . 

m' Staresmore 


James preist 















4 03 








































John ABplain 

■•• ••■ ••• ••• 

2 6 

widdow PerkinH 

••« ••■ ••• ••• 


GkxMiman whitheac 



marie Hatlej 

••• ••• ••• ••• 

2 6 

NathanM? Solley 

»•• ••• ••■ •"• 


James Elliott 

••■ ••• ••• ••• 


James BadUr 

••• •■• ••• ••• 


Thomoi Shipp 

••• ••• ••• ••• 

3 4 

goD Thomoi Houlms 

••■ ••• ••• ••• 

3 4 

m' John Peapes 

••■ ••■ «•• ■■• 


ThowMW Godfrey 

••• ••■ ••■ ••• 


wiUtam Bryant 

••• ••• ••• *■ 


Thomas Nicholson 

•■■ •■• ••■ ■•• 


Henry stockdell 

••• ••• ••■ ••• 

2 6 

Stephan Fortyn 

■•• #•• ••• ••• 


Richard mendham 

••• ••« ■•• ••• 


Phillip Webb 

•■• ••• *•• ••• 


6 00 10 


1 d 

384 b] Aldarman 



widdiw Sopar 

••• ••• ••• ••• 


Thomas Bert 

•*■ ••• ••• ■•• 


William Berton 

••• ••• •■• ••• 


gon Hellin Scinar 

••• ••• ••• •«• 


William Euing 

■•• ••• ■•• ••• 



•ftfl ••• • ••• 


ded eseakell woolward 

•■• ••« ■•• •#• 


Robert Lendall 

>•• ••• « ••• ••• 

I 6 

Thomeu Qee ... 

■•• ••• ••• •■• 

1 6 

widdoK^ Ingarsoall 

••• «•• ■• ■•• 


widd(nr morley 

••• ••• * ••• 


William woodward 

••• ••• ••• ••• 


William Heward 

••• ••» ••• ••• 


m' Boatwright 

••• ••• ••• ■•• 


Owen Prise ... 

•■* ••« ••• ••• 


widdaw Rodgars 

••• ••• ••• ••• 



widdcnr Hart 

••• ••■ ••• ••• 



••• ••• «•■ ••• 


ded marey Johnson 

■•• ••« ••• •«• 



widdotr Jackson 

••• ■•• •■• •■• 


mldow Joans 

••• •■• ••• ••• 


Isbell Lann ... 

■•• ••• •«• ••• 

... • 


ded widdotr Renolds 

••• ••• ••• ■•• 


Joan Uodgkins 

•*• ••• ••• *»« 








1633-4 463 

m' Burts sistar 
ded widdott^ Hurst 

chnsto^AfiT Fordom ... 
gon Joan Hudson 

JonTt Haldin ... ... ... 

2 09 9 

Som totall of the hole Easter Booke from 1633 to the jeare 1634 comes 

toe 24M 16» Id 

386 a] The Accounts of Thomas staresmore and James Elliott Church- 
wardens of their Resaits and desbursmmts for one year beginmg the 23*^ 
of Aprill : 1633 : and ending the eight of Aprill : 1634 : 

Resaits Becewed for the biu*iall of m" Gybbs 

Rec^'t^ of the senyar Procter for 249 mcuter of Arts 

"Received of the Junior Procter for 21 midsomar Batchalars . . . 

for the buriall of Frances Qreens Child 

for the buriall of Edwortf Wackfield 

Hoceived of m' pearson of King CoMege for 2 parsalls of wood... 

for the bturiall of m' sopar 

for the buriall of sybiU Sedgwick 

'Received of m' sedgwick for y« years Rent for his Land hee 
houlds of y^ parish ... ... ... •.. 

Rjeoeived of the Junior Proctor for 146 batchlars 

for the buriall of m' woolf 

Rec6tveei? of widdot(^ Ablson for her Rent 

Rec^r^c^ of D' Loue for his Rent 

Recent of John Hem for his Rent 

Rec^'pec^ of John Hall for his Rent 

Received for the wholl Eastar booke 

Rec^i^ for the half Eastar booke 

Rec^i>ec? for saruants offaringB 

Rjeceived of the panshioners for y « eastar dinar 

Received for the post in the Chiuch yard 

Som totall reeeaved this yeare 1623 coms to 62^ 6* 6^ 

Deebiuv- PAy<l to m' watts our minstar for his wholl years wages 
menta payd to m' woolf for 18 buckets at 3* 4^ 

for the Cariadg of them to y* end at london 

for the Cariadg from london & to y« Church 

for a dusson half of scoops 

To m' Dodson for the eleckson dinar 

payd to m' woolf for Communion wyne for the whoU yeai* 

hauing one Communion extrardarey 318 

U 1 




2 1 













2 8 










24 16 


12 19 


1 4 

1 9 


62 06 


li •